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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 30, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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that wind is bringing in cooler air r the end of the week on friday. look at this. the upcoming weekend. temperatures warming up again. lots of sunshine it appears through the first weekend of december. we have a flurry at the coast. we're going to break down that forecast right now as the "eyeopener" continues. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: breaking overnight. a late game blow for the pats. the injury taking gronk off the field before a heartbreaking loss to the broncos in o.t. randy: the trial picks back up today for the danvers teen accused of killing his math teacher. now. emily: we hope to learn more today about the shooting rampage at a colorado planned parenthood clinic. the message from the family of a fallen officer with massachusetts ties on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: it's 5:00 a.m. also on the eye this this morning. this little guy should not have been in the water.
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he struggled down under. that's this morning in eye poppers. good morning to you. thank you for joining us on this monday. i'm randy price. emily: i'm emily riemer with cindy fitzgibbon. friday was mild. saturday started mild and then it was like wait a second. cindy: it is almost december, isn't it? back to work and school after the long holiday weekend. it's starting out on the chilly side. teens now showing up from orange to keene. you can see 20's out in worcester. north of boston, the north shore, you're in the 20's but boston is 30 degrees. we've got mid 30's from plymouth out to the cape. we have a wind which is light but notice coming in from the north and the northeast. that is a flow off the ocean. here. in terms of the cloud cover, a deck of clouds is kind of working on in from the ocean. most prevalent right now in southeastern massachusetts but those clouds are backing in. along the coastline today i think even though we have high pressure in control, that flow off the ocean is supposed to give us some clouds. the system in the middle of the country will bring in some rain.
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that doesn't come until later tomorrow. today is a dry day. for the most part. look real closely here. you see this little cluster of white here on future cast. not out of the question that there's a brief passing flurry or two along the coastline here through early this afternoon with that moisture coming in off the ocean. otherwise we're talking about clouds. a few breaks of sunshine. but it is going to be a chilly day. temperatures struggling to hit about 40 degrees at the coast with upper 30's out through worcester county. a chilly start to the week. make sure you're bundled up as you head back to work and school on a monday. kech brenna in for olessa this morning. hi, kevin. kevin: back to work and school is right. so far though we're in pretty decent shape. we'll see how that commute plays out early on this morning. a live shot of route 1. everybody is kind of looking like this. very light volume through that saugus stretch. let's go elsewhere to the maps. much of the same. clean and green we'll call it up to the north. up around the 128. still a nice ride. lynnfield down to lexington. you're looking good on 95 and 93, new hampshire down through that 128 stretch. out to the west, no troubles yet
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pike itself from 495 to the westin stretch take you about 15 minutes. so far so good along the expressway. pretty much wide open braintree to boston. that will take you about 10 minutes. and south of town, routes 3, 24, 95, all wide open heading up to 93. and 128. emily. emily: kevin, thank you. breaking overnight. a welcome sight for pats fans. tight end rob gronkowski standing on his own before leaving the stadium in denver. he was carted off the field late in the fourth quarter after this hit. and while the team's perfect record is now gone, that play was the bigger concern for many fans. randy: the eye's sera congi is live at gilette with what we know now. sera: randy and emily, it seems that hit looked a lot worse than it really was. the tight end walked out of the stadium in denver overnight without crutches or a limp. but he's still due to get an m.r.i. today, which is standard procedure. take another look at the play.
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seconds left in the fourth quarter when gronk was hit by denver defensive back darian stewart. gronk's right knee while they were both in the air. gronk rolled around in pain before he was taken off the field. such a hard sight for many fans to see. again, new reports indicate it was not as bad as it seems. that's a relief for tom brady who doesn't want to lose another brady: he's been through a lot. he's a tough guy. serious. we'll see. all of our fingers are crossed. sera: indeed they are. the broncos won 30-24. gronk himself did not talk to reporters after the game, but he did walk onto the team bus himself. coming up in our next half hour, tom brady on whether that hit by stewart was a dirty play. live in gillette this morning, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: the pats are already shorthanded because of four key injuries.
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receiver julian edelman and danny amendola are both hurt. running back dion lewis's season ended when he tore his a.c.l. and aaron dobson is on injured reserved because of an ankle injury. without any receivers to choose from, tom brady still had three touchdown passes in the game. this 23-yard pass to rob gronkowski. nepg up 14-7 at the half. early in the fourth, brady with the pass. he's gone. 63 yards. the pats with a comfortable 21-7 lead. denver rallies in the fourth. gostkowski forced overtime with a 47-yard field goal. the broncos handed new england their first loss of the season 30-24. >> this is really a law enforcement officer's worst nightmare. emily: an arsenal of weapons discovered in leicester. right now the suspected owner is just hours from facing a judge. our erika tarantal joins us with
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the intense manhunt it took to bring him in. erika? erika: investigators spent hours searching for the man who's accused of using unique ways to evade police. neighbors say this is the boat dean largesse stole early saturday morning as he tried to escape. the 32-year-old was wanted for a domestic violence incident in worcester. leicester police showed up at his home, but largesse was already on the run. >> the neighbors said they heard a shot. he jumped a fence in the field and i'm assuming he went through the field and came down this way and through the backyards and stole their boat and rode away through the pond. erika: largesse was eventually arrested in the woods by state police. officers say the stash in his apartment included a loaded ar-15 assault rifle with what appeared to be blood on it, a handgun, a shotgun, and plenty of ammo. they say he didn't have a license for any of it. he's expected in court in east brookfield today. emily: the man accused in a deadly shooting at a planned parenthood in colorado heads to court today. that's as the family of a
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massachusetts native, killed in the attack, honors the victim's memory. officer garrett swasey, a melrose native, was one of three people killed in friday's shooting. jennifer markovsky and ke'arre stewart, an iraq war vet, were also killed. we're learning the alleged gunman, robert dear, kept mostly to himself, living in a remote trailer for the past year. police say he made hostile comments about planned parenthood during his arrest. friends of officer swasey say he died doing what was right. >> he would have gone into that clinic, you know, to just serve those people because their lives matter. emily: in a statement, swasey's wife rachel writes, "in the end, his last act was for the safety and well-being of others and was a tribute to his life." randy: the philip chism murder trial resumes today for the first time since last monday. the eye's todd kazakiewich is live outside court in salem with what to expect. todd?
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today jurors will hear more testimony and see more exhibits in a trial that is is already moving faster than expected. the trial was in session just one day last week due to the holiday. and last monday the jurors saw the jeans that chism was wearing while police say he killed danvers high school teacher colleen ritzer. surveillance video from inside the school showed those jeans appeared to have been covered in blood afterward. jurors also saw surveillance video, including images of chism at a movie theater just hours after the murder. prosecutors say he was using ritzer's credit card. chism's attorneys admit that he did kill ritzer but they plan to use an insanity defense in this case. the jury could get the case by the end of next week. reporting live in salem, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: eight minutes after 5:00. a prestigious university is closed right now because of safety concerns. the university of chicago has cancelled all activities and classes on its main campus today because of an online threat.
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the school says the f.b.i. alerted it to the threat which mentions a shooting on the campus quad at 10:00 this morning. students living on campus are being told to stay inside. emily: commitment 2016 with a key fundraiser for democrats. hillary clinton and the party's other presidential contenders stopped by manchester, new hampshire, for the annual jefferson jackson dinner. bernie sanders talked health care while martin o'malley attacked republican front-runner donald trump. >> we have a major crisis in opioid addiction. we need a revolution in mental health treatment so that all people, regardless of their income, can get the help they need. >> to that immigrant bashing carnival barker donald trump let us stand up together and say the enduring symbol of our nation is is not the bashed wire fence. it the statue of liberty. emily: polls show clinton and sanders locked in a primary battle in new hampshire.
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clinton now has a key endorsement from right here in boston. a show of support from boston mayor marty walsh at a rally yesterday at faneuil hall. he says nobody comes close to the democratic front-runner's experience. clinton also outlined a jobs plan focusing on improving the country's infrastructure and providing opportunities for the middle class. clinton. i am i'm the only democratic candidate in had race who will pledge to raise your incomes not your taxes. >> i'm working at a farm right now. it's a tough life making ends meet. but she wants to make it better for everybody. emily: as president, clinton said she would increase federal investment in infrastructure by $275 billion over the next five years. many of the supporters at yesterday's event were union members. randy: three republican candidates are making their way to the granite state this week. florida senator marco rubio will make two stops today-- one in laconia and one at former
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brown's home in rye. christie is starting off a in portsmouth, concord, and loudon. and donald trump is holding a rally in waterville tomorrow. a big endorsement for republican candidate chris christie. "the new hampshire union leader" chose the new jersey governor as its pick in the 2016 presidential race. they say christie has the experience and the ability to work across the political aisle. he'll be campaigning in new hampshire today along with republican hopeful marco rubio. emily: 5:11. right now retailers are counting on cyber monday after a disappointing holiday shopping weekend. randy: the figures just coming in and the big deals to cash in on today. new this morning holiday eating is in full swing. the warning from nutritionists if you're watching your weight including the foods they won't touch. emily: breaking overnight pats tight end rob gronkowski injured in the fourth quarter of the match-up with the broncos. gronk was walking on his own last night.
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the pats would go on to lose in overtime cindy: a chilly start to work week, but a mid-week warm-up is in sight. plus rain on the way. i'll time it all out for you ahead. first what you can expect when you head out the door this morning. a few of us in the 20's right now. low 20's in worcester with clear skies. more clouds though but still only in the 20's in catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees. after 12:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. twe live in a pick and choose world. love or like?tnaughty or nice? calm or bright? but at bedtime... why settle for this? enter sleep number. r don't miss the ultimate
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we wish you a merry christmas arch a happy new year merry christmas, "eyeopener." >> this is the minister of natural resources to the province of nova scotia. i'm urging you to join us on wcvb to see holiday lights. happy holidays, everybody. enjoy the season. randy: thank you so much. same to you. a wonderful holiday message from our friends in nova scotia. the tree they sent to boston common is now in place and ready to go. emily: you can watch boston's official tree lighting right here on channel 5. holiday lights is this thursday at 7:00 p.m. randy: a big tree. cindy: huge tree, right. the last day of november around here. it's the first tomorrow. we lucked over the weekend weatherwise. emily: we did. cindy: a little rain on saturday. i want to show you what's been happening through the middle of the country.
5:16 am
this is in oklahoma. you see the trees. they are coated in ice. there was actually up over an inch of ice across parts of that state. devastating that area. and actually a state of emergency has been declared. a lot of power outages there in addition to the ice. they had wind. mess. that whole system is lifting north ward now out of oklahoma, but that pink coloring out through parts of iowa and into nebraska and you can see snow on the backside. this is a mess. west. to rain. that will get in here as we head toward the middle of the week. it should be a chilly start to the week here. but dry overall outside of a today. tuesday into wednesday. we are going to see the of it. a few more days here where i think we're going to sneak up into the 50's. that is not happening today. we're starting out in the 20's north of boston. upper 20's. teens right now orange to keene. worcester clear skies and 30 degrees. but clouds over boston right now
5:17 am
where it's 30. and a lot of clouds here with mid 30's in southeastern massachusetts. you can see the wind is coming out of the north and the northeast. i point that out because that flow of air over the ocean is creating some cloud cover. you can see how those clouds are kind of working on in backing in from the coast. not out of the question that there could be one or two flurries that develop here. we've got high pressure to our north. that flow is coming around it. notice on future cast as we go through the morning hours here, clouds are most prevalent here right along the coastline. there might be one or two snow showers or flurries that develop here. they're not going to amount to anything but don't be shocked if you see a few flurries flying in the air right through midday into the early afternoon that threat is is with us. some of those clouds may back up well. not expecting a whole lot of sunshine today. a fair amount of clouds. maybe a break or two of sunshine. we'll call it partial sunshine. it's chilly with those flurries possible at the coast. look at these highs. upper 30's through worcester county. closer to 40 degrees right along the coastline. below average today. chilly tonight.
5:18 am
we're down most flee the 20's to around the freezing mark. and tomorrow we do actually sneak back up into the mid 40's so not as chilly tomorrow but that warmth comes in with this system right here that is going to bring in some rain. notice that rain is with us right on into wednesday as well. so we've got wet weather to get i don't think it's a big impact commute. notice how that rain is pushing in on the lighter side through the afternoon hours. the heaviest downpours may come in tuesday night. on wednesday we'll see the rain in the morning diminish and then a break andate a band of showers may come in in the afternoon. maybe half an inch to an inch of rain through wednesday. we'll clear it out on thursday. breezy. cooler by friday. notice next weekend there, see what that is on sunday. randy: bam. cindy: 50 degrees once againment it's like after a brief cooldown, a little milder. kevin: this morning chilly out there. a couple extra minutes. warm that car up. monday back to work, back to school. you can see those cars coming up the expressway here.
5:19 am
a live shot up by the gas tank. that's your northbound lane right there heading up there. no real big delays as you work your way up. but that is is sure to change within the next couple of minutes. let's go to the maps. i'm looking downtown and seeing extra company inside the ted williams tunnel heading towards the airport. if you have friends or family coming back and you're going to pick them up at the airport nonetheless expect minor slowdowns there. route 3 is in pretty good shape so far. hanover right up into the braintree split, take you about 10 minutes. no troubles on 24 or 95. you're looking good out to the west on the mass pike. 495, weston and beyond up to the north much of the same. 3. and if you're taking the trains this morning, we're starting randy. randy: a big day for shopping. holiday shopping is now a little less standing in line and a lot more surfing online. the sales numbers are in from black friday. and they're down from last year. emily: the eye's erika tarantal is here with what that means for retailers during today's cyber
5:20 am
monday sales. erika: today's deals are more important for retailers than ever. this black friday, in-store sales fell more than a billion dollars. meanwhile we spent $2.7 billion online. that's a big jump, up 14% over last year. and today, consumers are expected to shell out even more. retailers, like walmart, already started matching black friday deals online over the weekend and will extend those deals all week. >> it's quicker. it's easier. lifestyle. most of us are doing on-line shopping on a regular basis. erika: this cyber monday is expected to be a record breaker, the biggest online shopping day ever. americans are expected to spend nearly $3 billion. emily: thanks. new moves from amazon this holiday shopping season. new drone prototype as part of its prime air service. amazon says the unmanned devices, which can carry up to five pounds, will deliver packages in under 30 minutes. the drones seen here are not the
5:21 am
final design, but the company says it's getting much closer. asian stocks fell today as investors look ahead to the u.s. federal reserve for signs of an interest rate hike. right now, dow futures are down on wall street. the index losing almost 14 points at the close after disappointing black friday sales. randy: many trainers and nutritionists live by the old adage that you can eat "everything in moderation." but there are some foods they never eat, even during the holidays. even in moderation. topping that list of bites on the blacklist-- fruitcake, soda, layered cheese dips, and cheesecake. fitness experts suggest that when you are indulging you should think about the long-term effects. foods that are naturally fatty are easier to shake off than foods that are processed with artificial ingredients. and of course, don't forget to factor in the calories you're drinking. emily: those three pepper mint
5:22 am
martinis are not going to help your waist line. is is that what you're saying? still ahead, something for nothing. but what about nothing for something? randy: the black friday idea that a lot of people bought into. that's ahead in eyepoppers. erika? lawyers for the boston marathon bomber back in a boston courtroom this week. trial. president obama in france. his message for the people of 's and we continue to follow new developments in gronk's injury last night against denver. the pats tight end set to undergo an m.r.i. later today.
5:23 am
cindy: 5:25 on your monday morning. notice this right now. a lot of clouds especially in southeastern massachusetts. if you take it in a little bit tighter, see this? these are snow flurries near the canal-and-sandwich. not even amounting to much of anything. you can see where there could be a couple of flurries along the coast. temperatures will hold mostly in the 30's throughout the day. the sun is up at 6:52. more clouds at the coastline today. temperatures topping out near 40 degrees. warming it up though for the middle of the week. we have rain coming in later tuesday throughout the day on weds we. emily? emily: cindy, thank you. 5:25. time for eye poppers. erika in this morning with
5:24 am
those. erika: so, black friday was a bit of a bust this year, but cards against humanity fared well. give them $5 and get nothing. they tweeted that while a lot of companies promise you something for nothing, they're the only company offering nothing for something. and more than 11,000 people actually bought nothing for $5.00. they made over 71,000 in profit from the deal. a third of that money is going to charity. the rest going to their employees at imoan ugs. emily: so weird. erika: hanging on for deer life. two fishermen reel this in. the father and son and that little guy having a rough time. after 20 minutes they got him into the boat. the wombat went into the woods. i didn't know what they looked like. cute. apparently they're not good swimmers. i don't know how he got out there in the first place. emily: but he's back on dry land.
5:25 am
there you go. randy? randy: changes could be on the way for the seal of harvard law. the new action amid controversy. breaking overnight, and breaking overnight, a scare on the field for pats' fans. the eye's sera congi at gillette with signs of hope this morning. the lights of boston at this early hour. the "eyeopener" continuing on
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: breaking overnight. another hit to the patriots offense. what we know about the injury that took gronk out of the game. emily: right now questions surrounding a murder in new bedford. the new information we are learning about the victim. randy: new video of a bold crime in methuen. the hunt for a convenience store robber on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: 5:30 on this monday morning. the last day of november. taking a live look here at the zakim bridge. things seem to be moving along nicely. at this point. good morning, i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price with cindy and kevin in for olessa this morning. cindy: back to work and school. the cold and even a couple of flurries right now. emily: oh, my. cindy: down toward the canal. you have to be ready for a feel of winter today even on this last day of november which has been a mild month overall. starting out with teens right now.
5:29 am
orange to keene, we've got lower 20's worcester. some 20's up through the north shore. but notice boston 30 degrees with mid 30's on the cape down to plymouth this morning. you can see here we've got some cloud cover. that's been backing in off the ocean. we've got flow coming around an area of high pressure to north and east. it's fully provided a little bit of flurry activity here that is actually working on in. you can see sandwich back toward bourne. we're talking just a couple of very light snow showers and flurries here. really minimal impact. the fact that they're out there is something that you need to be aware of. high pressure sitting to our north right now giving us that flow around it. throughout the morning hours, the clouds will be most numerous right along the coastline. should be a little bit brighter over the interior but overall those clouds kind of fill in and back up through lunchtime. along the coastline we may see a couple more of these snow showers and flurries. that threat is is there. otherwise we will see the temperatures struggle out of the lower 30's only into the upper 30's by lunchtime. looking for a high today barely of about 40 degrees at the
5:30 am
coastline with mid to upper 30's out through the worcester hills so it is a chilly day ahead. let's get you out to the roads right now. a lot more out there as folks get back at it. kevin: back to work, back to school. the volume is picking up coming downtown over the zakim bridge and that leverett connector. no troubles yet on the tobin bridge as you work your way over the bridge and to the loop ramp. the tunnels are okay. seeing extra company inside the ted williams tunnel eastbound heading into the airport. now south of town, the expressway is getting a little busier out of the split and then again after granite avenue. those pockets are filling in very quickly. give it a couple more minutes and it will be all filled in. 93 on the brakes approaching route 37. route 3 is getting a little busy. rockland and weymouth stretch approaching the braintree area. 24 not too bad from brockton up to randolph. that will take you about nine minutes. 128 and route 1 still clean.
5:31 am
overall, from 495 down to boston, about 23-minute ride for you right there. if you're taking the trains all lines are running on time. randy. randy: thank you, kevin. breaking overnight. another injury scare for the pats' offense. emily: the eye's sera congi is live in foxborough with an update on rob gronkowski. sera? sera: emily and randy, the good news is this morning several reports say that gronk did not suffer a serious knee injury during the denver broncos' game last night. he will get an m.r.i. today. take a look at the play that is causing so much concern. quarter when denver's darian incomplete pass. but when asked, pats quarterback tom brady stopped short of brady: i mean it's really the only way for defenders to hit now. i'll bet you if you asked quite a lot of people, they'd rather you go high than low. when you go low, that's what happens.
5:32 am
football is being played now. sera: gronk has had season-ending injuries before with a broken forearm in 2012 and a torn a.c.l. in 2013. but again, nothing that serious seems to have happened here. in fact, gronk walked onto the bus after the game without crutches or a limp. the sad news is, even more sad news though, the pats' perfect record is, of course, broken with the broncos winning 30-24 last night. live at gillette this morning, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: thank you, sera. 5:34. a leicester man will be in court found an arsenal of unlicensed weapons in his home. dean largesse had been wanted for a domestic violence incident. emily: the man accused in a deadly shooting a a planned parenthood clinic in colorado heads to court today. robert dear is accused of killing three people, including melrose native officer garrett swasey. randy: the murder trial of former danvers high school student philip chism resumes for the first time in a week today. he's accused of killing teacher
5:33 am
colleen ritzer inside the school two years ago. emily: a murder investigation underway in new bedford right now. police are investigating the death of a veteran's agent. 66-year-old donald depina was found shot in the parking lot of brooklawn park around 11:00 saturday night. the vietnam vet was later pronounced dead at the hospital. anyone with information is asked to come forward. new this morning, we're hearing from the family of a man shot and killed in the fenway on thanksgiving morning. jephthe chery was shot near the bar "who's on first." he would have celebrated his 30th birthday on friday. instead, his family is planning his funeral. his mother telling "the boston globe," quote, "no one can be like my friend. you may find someone, but no one will have the same heart like my son." chery will be laid to rest on saturday. randy: lawyers for convicted boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev will be back in court tomorrow. they're trying to get him a new trial. his attorneys will request it be
5:34 am
life in prison. emily: harvard law school's controversial seal could be changing. the dean has set up a committee to look into the possibility. the crest belongs to a former slaveholding family that endowed harvard's first law professorship in the 19th century. earlier this year, some students demanded it be removed in light of that connection to slavery. randy: honoring a local teenager killed in israel. emily: the special tribute to the sharon teen who was trying to help overseas. a special fundraiser for a baby in the fight of her life. the community support she is receiving after a cancer diagnosis. randy: and ahead in news to go, a disturbing discovery inside a family's chimney. the man who tried to get in the
5:35 am
kevin: good morning, everybody. welcome back to the "eyeopener." i'm kevin brennan in for olessa roadways. off to a busy start. getting busy on 93 in that somerville stretch. also south of town on the expressway and a crash reported down in the rockland stretch of route 3. heating up on the roads. not so much in the weather department. cindy: you're going to need your that's for sure. we're starting out right around 30 degrees in boston but it's colder in the sub suburbs. average high is 47. we're barely going to crack 40 a chilly day. a lot of clouds. even a couple flurries possible at the coastline. otherwise a warm-up coming for the middle of the week but it does come in with some rain. heaviest rainfalls later tuesday into the overnight hours.
5:36 am
we will see that rain linger into wednesday as well. randy? randy: cindy, thank you. 5:39 on this monday morning. tears and prayers for a sharon teenager, killed in israel while trying to help others. loved ones held a candlelight vigil last night in honor of ezra schwartz and others affected by recent attacks. the 18-year-old was shot and killed in a terror attack in israel earlier this month. he was delivering food to israeli soldiers. emily: a very special fundraiser in manchester for a little girl fighting leukemia. athena's thanksgiving for living. athena nakos was diagnosed at just nine months old. she is a high-risk patient required to be in the hospital for days and sometimes weeks at a time. athena's mom kalee says treatments are expected to last for at least three years. so her friends and family gathered yesterday to raise money to help the family. >> i see athena being sick. it breaks my heart. i just love her so much. i wanted to see the kids raise money for them and help them out
5:37 am
can be home with her daughter and just care for her. >> i'm so thankful for everybody coming out and helping me. i just appreciate it a lot. emily: the restaurant also donated 50% of their proceeds to athena and her family. randy: breaking overnight. gronk injured in last night's game with the broncos. tom brady's message this morning after the first loss this season. also president obama in paris. his action as that city deals
5:38 am
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randy: good morning. the "eyeopener" team ready with your news to go in foxborough and in salem. emily: and erika is here with the latest with this weekend's intense manhunt and arrest of a leicester man. we'll get to those. first cindy with your forecast on this last day of november. cindy: such a mild month, right? thanksgiving was so warm and friday was so warm. it's not so warm this morning. it's chilly. there's a storm in the middle of the country right now. as this approaches it will drop warmer air. we'll warm up again before that storm arrives. and it will bring some rain which we need. not today and not tomorrow morning but as we get into tomorrow afternoon and especially overnight tuesday night, that is when the rain is going to be heaviest but it does linger into wednesday as well. so impacts here certainly on several commutes as we approach the middle of the week. this morning it is chilly. that's what you're noticing as you're stepping outside. 17 in orange. 23 in worcester. we've got 20's on the north shore as well. notice boston 30 degrees.
5:40 am
the mid 30's from plymouth down to the cape. high pressure anchored to our north. it is the flow around this high that is actually bringing moisture in off the ocean in the form of clouds. yes, look at that here. right along the coastline. see this? these are snow flurries. these are backing in toward the coastline. so don't be shocked here in the next few hours if along the coast you see a couple of flurries. we're seeing that now up toward marshfield and down here toward the cape cod canal. really no impact here. just a few flurries flying around in the air. those will be possible along the coastline through early afternoon. otherwise partly sunny skies. temperatures coming up only into the upper 30's to around 40 degrees. you can see those clouds hugging the coast but then expanding westward through lunchtime. the brightest skies will be out across western massachusetts today and there will be just a few breaks of sunshine close er to the coastline. overnight though the skies clear out. temperatures drop back down mostly into the 20's to around 30 degrees. milder air floods in tomorrow. out ahead of this system which does bring in this rain. temperatures in the mid 40's tomorrow. we'll be in the lower 50's here
5:41 am
the full timeline on that just ahead. let's get you out to the roads right now though. it is a chilly start, kevin. kevin: get the heat cranking. a live shot of the expressway by the gas tank. close to about 20 minutes now from braintree right up to the o'neill tunnel. a couple trouble spots to watch for. let's go to the map. one of them south of town along route 3. a crash reported by derby street in that hingham stretch slowing things down a little bit out of rockland on up towards that route 18. you're in it again approaching the expressway. 93 north or 128 south. delays out of randolph get into a crash reported just before the braintree split. now 24 northbound getting a little busier out of the brockton stretch but no troubles yet up to the west on the mass emily, randy. randy: thank you. overnight. patriots tight end rob gronkowski will undergo an emily: the eye's sera congi is live at gillette with the hope for fans this morning.
5:42 am
sera: emily and randy, that m.r.i. is standard procedure. the good news is gronk walked out of the denver stadium without crutches or a limp. tom brady talked about the injury after the game. brady: i mean he's the best tight end in football so i -- it's so hard to see these guys get hurt like this. i always have a lot of respect for players who play this game because you risk a lot to play. sera: the injury happened in the fourth quarter when gronk was hit by denver defensive back darian stewart. gronk rolled around in pain before being carted off the field. but after the game he got onto the team bus on his own. no crutches or limp. reports are it was not a serious injury. again he'll be undergoing an m.r.i. later today. the broncos beat the pats 30-24. live at gillette, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: without too many receivers to choose from, tom brady still had three touchdown passes in the game. rob gronkowski. new england up 14-7 at the half.
5:43 am
pass to brandon bolden and he's gone 63 yards. pats up with a comfortable 21-7 lead. denver rallies in the fourth. stephen gostkowski forcing overtime with a 47-yard field goal, but the broncos handed new england their first loss of the season, 30-24. we're following breaking news out of afghanistan. the u.s. embassy in kabul is on high alert right now, after receiving "credible reports" of an imminent attack. the threat is for a possible attack within the next 48 hours. the embassy is urging all americans to be extremely cautious in the city right now. erika: a leicester man will face a judge today on weapons charges after an arsenal of unlicensed guns were found in his home. >> the damage or carnage that could be inflicted by the firepower before you is almost unthinkable. erika: dean largesse sent police on quite a chase when they arrived to arrest him on domestic violence charges. they say he stole a neighbor's boat and evaded them for hours before finally being caught by state police.
5:44 am
in his apartment, a loaded assault rifle with what appeared to be blood on it, a handgun, a shotgun, and plenty of ammunition. he's expected in court in east brookfield today. todd: testimony resumes today in the philip chism trial here in salem. last week, jurors saw the jeans chism was wearing when police say he killed his math teacher, colleen ritzer, at danvers high school. video from inside the school shows his jeans were covered in blood after he walked out of the bathroom. jurors also saw video of chism at a movie theater just hours after the murder, using ritzer's credit card. chism's lawyers are planning an insanity defense. jury deliberations could begin by the end of next week. reporting live salem, todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: the family of a massachusetts native, killed in a shooting at planned parenthood in colorado, honors his memory. officer garrett swasey, a melrose native, was one of three people killed in friday's
5:45 am
the alleged gunman, robert dear, heads to court today. in a statement, swasey's wife rachel writes, "in the end, his last act was for the safety and well-being of others and was a tribute to his life." emily: president obama is in paris this morning to attend a u.n. conference on climate change. last night, he made an unannounced visit to the sight of one of the terror attacks two weeks ago. walking with french president francois hollande, president obama placed a single rose outside the bataclan concert hall where dozens were killed. randy: the university of chicago is cancelling classes today because of an online threat. the school says the f.b.i. alerted it to the threat which mentions a shooting on the campus quad at 10:00 this morning. students living on campus are told to stay inside. emily: jury selection begins today in the first of six trials against the baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. officer william porter is charged with assault, misconduct in office, and manslaughter after gray died from spinal
5:46 am
injuries he sustained while in police custody. that was cell phone video of the incident. porter faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted. randy: four more women have joined a defamation suit against bill cosby which heads to court in massachusetts today. the 2014 lawsuit claims the comedian defamed several women after they accused him of sexual assault. the case is being heard in springfield near cosby's shelburne falls home. today's scheduled conference meeting takes place in worcester. emily: retailers hope to see a boost today from cyber monday after lower-than-expected black friday sales. billion dollars this friday from last year. meanwhile we spent $2.7 billion online. that's a big bump, up 14%. today consumers are expected to shell out nearly $3 billion. randy: students heading back to school in manchester, new hampshire, will experience some changes. its hours based on a new contract. high school will start at 7:45
5:47 am
this morning. middle school begins at 7:35. and elementary school students will be in class at 8:45. the new academic calendar also builds in three snow days. emily: police are searching for this robber who threatened to stab a clerk at a methuen you can see the man rush into the store on lowell street saturday, heading right behind the counter. he got away with a cigar box with money inside. police say the crook was last seen running away from the store randy: a burglary suspect has died in california after getting stuck in a chimney. authorities say he was conscious when help arrived but he stopped responding 10 minutes later. investigators believe he got stuck in the chimney friday night after rummaging through stuff outside. but it wasn't until the homeowner lit a fire that the man was found. investigators are now trying to determine exactly what killed him. tomorrow, the mbta will begin its new ban on all political ads debating moral, religious, and
5:48 am
social issues. the decision was made at a meeting last week focused on an ad in the red line's davis square station that angered members of the jewish community. the new policy is consistent with policies in the new york and chicago transit system. emily: the celtics down in orlando against the magic. but they needed a little magic of their own. isaiah thomas led the c's with 20 points on the night, but that didn't help chip into orlando's lead. the celtics lose 110-91. they're in miami tonight to take on the heat. randy: lakers legend kobe bryant says his 20th nba season will be his last. the 37-year-old will retire at the end of this season. he made the announcement yesterday in a post on the players' tribute. he says his heart and mind can handle another year but his body can't. bryant has earned five nba titles, ranking third on the career scoring list with more than 32,000 points. emily: kensington palace releases two new photos of prince william and kate middleton's youngest child,
5:49 am
princess charlotte. the six-month old was photographed by her mom at the family's home in eastern england. this is the first time she's been seen since her christening in july. the palace posted the pictures to twitter yesterday. randy: loves that little pup. cindy: so sweet. last day of november. there you go. it's been a mild month. temperatures right now are the fifth warmest on record in boston. we're running about 4.5 degrees above normal. today though is going to be a chilly day so it will actually bring down our average just a little bit. look at these temperatures right now. teens out in orange. 18 we just changed to. 23 worcester. 20's on the north shore in beverly. you head from boston down through the south shore and the cape and it's mostly above 30 degrees this morning. we have high pressure sitting to our north. the flow around that high with this chilly air has actually induced ocean-effect clouds and drawn in clouds here off the ocean. you can see those are spreading inland.
5:50 am
even these right here are flurries trying to back in off the ocean. as we go through the morning hours, can't rule out one or two of these ocean-effect snow showers and flurries hugging the coast from boston especially down through the south shore and the cape through about early this afternoon and then thereafter i think they're going to diminish. but a fair amount of clouds. just breaks of sunshine. temperature s are going to struggle. upper 30's out through the worcester hills. elsewhere, it's right around 40 degrees for a high this afternoon. that means we're spending most of the day in the 30's. tonight partly cloudy skies. we fall back into the 20's in the suburbs. right around freezing downtown. tomorrow we are in the 40's but cloudy skies. rain coming in in the afternoon. a system in the middle of the country approaches. it will bring a slug of rain in by the evening hours. heavy downpours overnight and then that first batch tapers off but another round comes in as we afternoon. a dutchal of rounds of rain coming on in. should get about a half an inch to an inch of rain out of this system. i don't expect big impacts for the morning commute tomorrow. notice how that rain comes in heaviest during the overnight hours tuesday night.
5:51 am
by wednesday some showers around in the morning and then a break. and a few more showers come in in the afternoon. it's kind of a spread-out thing. it will clear out around here on thursday. it's a breezy day. notice how we go from the lower 50's with that rain on wednesday only into the mid 40's on friday but right now next weekend is looking dry with a warming trend. it could be back around 50 by sunday. all right. goetz get you out to the roads, kevin. backback to work. busy out there. kevin: look at that. all jammed up here along the expressway now. close to 20-25 minutes to get from braintree up to the o'neill tunnel. let's take a look at the maps though. a couple trouble spots to watch for. one of them south of town. route 3 northbound we had reports of a crash by derby street. delays coming out of the hanover stretch already, just about 23 minutes to get up towards the expressway. 93 northbound slowdowns out of randolph due to a crash reported before that braintree split. 24 you're on the brakes coming out of brockton already. 93 slowdowns through the methuen stretch. getting by 495.
5:52 am
down towards montvale avenue. if you're taking the trains, all lines are running on time. emily, randy. randy: thank you. breaking overnight. gronk carted off the field. the pats dealing with their first loss of the season. emily: we're at gillette with the concerns of patriots nation. commitment 2016. the democrats running for president all under one roof. the event bringing them together. randy: new this morning, watching your weight this holiday season. the snacks and treats that nutritionists won't touch. emily: and at 5:57. take a live like here. 28 degrees. bring your jacket today. it is not getting much warmer than that.
5:53 am
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