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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 10, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, uproar in chicago. protesters storming a police meeting, city streets and a crowded store. the mayor getting emotional. new calls for him to step down. terror investigation. new details about the husband and wife who went on a shooting rampage in san bernardino. the pictures on a cell phone showing what could have been another target and investigators trying to unravel the couple's encrypted messages. dramatic collapse. inches from people on the swaublg. a roof comes crashing down. long shot. an amazing winning basket from
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other. well, good thursday morning to you. we begin with angry protests erupting in the streets across chicago. >> demanding a federal investigation into mayor rahm emanuel's administration, intensifying their calls for his resignation. >> their anger centering the on the release of this video showing 17-year-old laquan mcdonald walking away from white police officer jason van dyke who opened fire hitting the black teen 16 times killing him. van dyke now facing murder charges but it's the alleged cover-up of the tape by emanuel's office that's fueling overnight a call for accountability. >> our next speaker -- >> inside chicago's police headquarters protesters disrupting a meeting. >> they should fire him.
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every officer associated with the murder of laquan mcdonald. >> reporter: inside a crowded macy's people storming through the doors running past christmas decorations making their voices heard. >> all: shut it down. >> reporter: a day full of protests across the stir. in some of chicago's busiest streets. >> who got to go. >> all: rahm emanuel. >> reporter: coming after his apology for the city's handling of the deadly police shooting of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. >> i take responsibility for what happened because it happened on my watch. and i'm sorry. >> reporter: critics have reportedly accused the mayor of keeping the shooting under wraps term. >> what did you know? how much did you know? tapes? >> reporter: trying to calm the outrage but his comments falling on deaf ears with protesters
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>> we just witnessed the mayor basically put a band-aid on a gunshot wound. >> the justice department is investigating the chicago police department and mayor emanuel as appointed his own task force to recommend police reforms. now to the investigation into the couple responsible for the san bernardino california massacre. the full details about the lives of syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik are far from clear. >> but there's now evidence about their violent intention going back years to suggestions of other attacks. with more here's abc's lana zak. >> reporter: survivors and mourners gather to remember the victims of the san bernardino shooting on wednesday. while new details are emerging about the killers responsible. >> our investigation to date indicates that they were actually radicalized before they started courting or dating each other online. >> reporter: fbi director james comey told congress syed farook
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about jihad back in 2013 before they were married. raising new fears about whether terrorist matchmakers have figured out a way to gain access to the u.s. >> so far as we can tell they have not succeeded in penetrate penetrating our borders with their operatives. that's an aspiration of theirs. >> reporter: now word of an earlier plot. members of congress tell abc news farook's friend enrique marquez who's accused of purchasing the assault silent rifles claims they planned an attack in 2012 and looking at the san bernardino area high school of the photos of this school were found on farook's cell phone. authorities are still trying to unravel the information left behind by the killers but encryption is keeping so much hidden. >> there's no doubt that the use of encryption is part of terrorist trade craft now. it is a feature of especially of isil's trade craft. >> reporter: lana zak, abc news, >> thank you. breaking news in the war on terror this morning from
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a 20-year-old somali-american terrorism. said to help charged men that their attempts to leave the u.s. isis. a new poll indicating donald trump isn't losing support following his muslims. it shows trump with a 20-point lead over his nearest rival dr. ben carson. some of the polling was done after trump unveiled his controversial proposal. trump slightly changed his defense of the plan yesterday saying it's about safety not religion and on cnn last night, he defended himself against claims of bigotry. >> i am the least racist person that you have ever met. i am the least racist person. >> a petition calling for trump to be banned from entering 400,000 signatures. that means members of the british parliament must consider
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muhammad ali weighed in while not mentioning trump by name, ali says political leaders should use their position to bring understanding about islam. in a statement the former heavyweight champion says true muslims know that the ruthless violence of so-called islamic jihadists goes against the very tenets of our religion. >> bernie sanders' lead over hillary clinton is increasing. the former senator from neighboring vermont now has 50% of democratic primary voters, 10% more than clinton who has not led in the new hampshire polls since august but in south carolina, clinton has a commanding lead. more than 40 points in the latest poll. a federal judge in texas cleared the way for the last of 21 syrian refugees to resettle in houston. state officials were trying to block the move saying they were concerned about terrorists infiltrating the group but the judge dismissed their argument
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well, the powerful storms in the pacific northwest turned deadly. a woman was killed when a tree fell on to her house while asleep in bed. another drowned when the car in which she was riding drove into standing water. rainfall records all over the northwest have been shattered. abc's neal karlinsky shows us some of that damage. >> reporter: the power of these landslides just incredible. not just the house that's been taken out but there's a pickup truck in there and a car that's been swept down into the water over there and it's these unstable hillsides that they'll be worried about because they're so saturated over the coming days out here. >> the ground will stay saturated because of another storm slamming into the northwest by today bringing more heavy rain, strong winds and high waves. there will also be more snow in higher elevations. at least ten locations in oregon and washington have already gotten more than a foot of rain this week. still ahead, a major american airline bringing back free snacks. >> you're excited about this.
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army guards with assault rifles, a university's plan sparking a new debate about guns in america. plus courtroom outburst. bizarre behavior in front of a judge from the man accused in
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a chipotle restaurant. more than 120 students have been sickened. a restaurant spokesperson says these illnesses appear to be isolated and there is no evidence that they're related to the e. coli cases that have turned up in nine states. frjts has removed hoverboards from its website saying safety concerns are the issue. the government is investigating incidents in at least five states of the hoverboards bursting into flames after their batteries overheated. those lithium-ion batteries burn so hot they can be difficult to extinguish. >> a study finds an added benefit to mcdonald's from its new customers. a third of the customers buying breakfast foods later in the day hadn't been to mcdonald's for awhile. sales are up, as well. the skies will get friendlier for united airline
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free snacks are coming back for economy class passengers. the airline says it realizes flying hasn't been much fun lately. united did away with free snacks ten years ago. >> wow, that's a long time. i hope it's not just peanuts. a lot of people have peanut allergies. >> february, a croissant. >> i can guarantee you it won't be a croixant. >> it's way too fancy. >> february is a long time to wait for a fairly underwhelming snack. >> people walking down a city street when a roof suddenly collapses. angry bird, new video of donald trump's photo shoot with a feisty bald eagle. when hollywood's premiere jewelry designer, neil lane, creates a ring for today's biggest stars... he designs it to look fabulous from every angle. and for his collection at kay jewelers... he does the exact.same. thing. yes!
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northern californians are getting ready for wet weather by preparing sandbags. they're already getting rushed by those storms but weather forecasters expect the el nino storm pattern to be strong this year. it will peak in the next 30 days. meanwhile, drivers in much of the western united states will find wet roads today with snow in the higher elevations. roads may be slippery around the northern lakes and wet in south florida. in you're heading out up in the skies delays likeliest in san francisco, los angeles and salt lake city. in the wake of the san bernardino massacre one university in boston announced a
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>> northeastern university says it will arm its campus officers high level threats. that decision was made despite opposition from the boston police department. boston's police commissioner says northeastern police already carry handguns and in the event of an emergency highly trained officers can be on the campus within just minutes. well, the accused gunman in that rampage at a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs appeared in court erupting into a series of outbursts. outbursts. >> protect babies. >> robert dear accused of killing three people wounding nine others in a five-hour gun battle told the room he's guilty and declared himself, quote, a warrior for the babies. his lawyer says dear may not be mentally competent to stand trial. >> you're trying to silence the truth. you're trying to make me go -- you want -- >> i think the problem is obvious, judge. >> dear's currently facing 179
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degree murder. dear has not pleaded -- entered a plea and prosecutors have not yet decided whether they'll seek the death penalty. it could be up to four months before a natural gas leak in an area of los angeles is fixed. experts claim this infrared video shows a cloud of methane lingering over porter ranch showing up as a purple color leaking from a natural gas plant operated by southern california gas company for weeks and it's already forced hundreds from their homes. >> there's no threat to public safety. the area is closed off. >> in the fact is they should have evacuated these people a long time ago. >> the city is now suing the gas company over its handling of the leak. lawyers representing residents say they've been complaining of headaches, nosebleeds and other ailments. a first look this morning at a frightening situation in london. a security camera captured the
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it is, sending debris on a busy sidewalk. it happened last spring caused by high winds and fortunately nobody was hurt. >> incredible. researchers at cornell are celebrating the first ever litter of test tube puppies. they implanted 19 lab created embryos into a surrogate female dog then she gave birth to these seven healthy cute puppies in july. they're beagles, labradors and cocker spaniel mix. the successful canine in vitro fertilization should help to so cute. you're likely to see a change at baseball stadiums when the season starts next year. several injuries to fans sitting close to the field this past season has the league recommending them install netting between the dugouts in all 30 ballparks. that would mean protection for fans sitting within 70 feet of home plate. most are expected to comply. >> that's a great idea, right? >> absolutely. >> it's amazing it didn't happen
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baseball doesn't tart till april but nfl week 14 starts with minnesota facing arizona. as for last night's action guys at -- >> like these guys. espn. >> good morning, america. he's stan, i'm neil. we're talking basketball. stan is talking first. >> spurs and raptors. good matchup. san antonio, playing great defense this season. as a matter of fact, limited opponents to about 88 points per game, best in the nba. danny green scoring three but down against toronto. manu ji ginobili, air ball. raptors up three. de rosa, 28 points for him. nice win. 97-94. >> family of greg monroe, likely
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oh. no, he didn't. >> the bench always on dunks like that. >> deandre jordan, wow. that's his version of the jordan. j.j. redick healthy. clippers are wealthy. chris paul had a huge game. reddick, 31, doc's happy. clippers win. >> three in a row for them. >> is that right. >> >> getting momentum. >> all right. >> that's all we got. >> we got more but that's all you get. >> i'll take it. >> good news. up next in "the pulse," full court shot. the game-winning basket going viral. >> amazing. photo shoot surprise. a deployed dad comes up. t the flu virus. r it's a really big deal. and with fever,r aches, and chills, mom knows it needst a big solution: t an antiviral. don't kid around withp
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time now to check "the pulse" starting with at least one american who won't be voting for donald trump. >> the republican candidate still apparently smarting from that "time" magazine snub choosing angela merkel as person of the year. now the magazine released video from its previous trump cover shoot. >> you see him there. trump sharing the camera with the nation's symbol, a bald eagle. at one point he tried to bite the billionaire's finger. better the finger than the hair. >> what must surely be the greatest moments in the young life of a high school basketball player in minnesota. he's the hero not to mention being understated. >> his team down by two. less than two seconds to play. a missed free throw and full court -- boom. there it went. >> it's so good and these scenes of celebration are so infectious. the kids from austin high school win it by one.
4:24 am
saying afterward it kind of surprised me. >> wow. omar omar is going to get upgraded on the team from jv to v. plenty of parents are busy dragging their kids to the mall to take a picture with santa, of course. >> much like the stellar sibling siblings posing for this fairly ordinary scene until somebody photo bombs their picture. that's no surprise, it's their dad rob who has been deployed in the middle east. for the last year. >> he's just making me cry. that makes me cry. >> exactly how i feel. in. almost too much for 10-year-old maddie. here's the final product. we got to show you a touching greeting card. it's what's important around the holiday season. >> that image of your daughter hugging and crying so lovely. daddy's here. we will be back in a second. >> so touching. look at that. forget how many folks are serving and are away for the holidays so good reminder to
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wow! checking our top stories, more protests are planned for chicago today after hundreds of protesters stepped up their demands for mayor rahm emanuel to resign. amid a growing police scandal and allegations of a cover-up. the fbi says the couple responsible for last week's san bernardino massacre was radicalized before they even met. authorities are looking into whether a local high school may have been an intended target. another severe storm in the pacific northwest today where some areas have already seen a foot of rain there week. >> looking at today a weather mild temperatures and dry in the east and south. cooler but still warmer than usual in the midwest and as we mentioned rain in the west. even reaching all the way out to los angeles by evening. and finally, a pizza delivery woman in washington
4:28 am
what she usually earns in two weeks. >> and lucky for us that customer's generosity caught on camera. reporter aliza jaffe of our station in seattle has the details. >> it's a juggling act. >> reporter: nicole carol is a master juggler between job, kid, college and homework, the pizza delivery gal was unknowingly part of a pastor's master plan in let me tell you about preaching. you get hungry. >> reporter: he knew his church wanted to surprise somebody so prayed for the right person. >> a single mom or student working full time and trying to pay for school. >> pizza time's manager told him nicole fit both bills. he sent her to the cornerstone community church with a pepperoni pie for the pastor. is here. >> thank you, nicole. >> i was like, oh. i figured you'd wait till you were done but that's okay. you know, and so i took his
4:29 am
>> all i have is 100. do you have change? >> i do. >> give it to her. >> i can hear people say let her keep the change. that's a huge tip on a $14 pizza. >> reporter: the surprise doesn't top there. the whole congregation took up a collection and even though they don't know how much nicole is about to receive. >> god has chosen you for this evening. >> amen. >> give you a tip of $1300. [ cheers and applause ] >> church elders chipped in even more money giving nicole the biggest tip of her life. >> $1,886. >> nicole plans to pay it forward but she's not the only one who received a gift. the whole congregation learned it's a blessing to give rather than reef. ee elisa jaffe. >> a lot of positive stories around. that's what's making news in


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