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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  December 19, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." doug: breaking overnight a political brawl is over. to the fight between candidate bernie sanders and the danielle: grab your coat. it finally feels like december. but not for long. when the heat makes a comeback. sera: children struck while crossing a street. the witnesses who rushed to help. tom brady listed as questionable. the undisclosed illness that has kept him off the field. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." sera: hello, hello. it is saturday, december 19. good morning, everyone. i'm sera congi in for antoinette along with danielle vollmar. of course, we want to welcome doug meehan to the weekend "eyeopener."
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doug: how about them apples? this is great. although, as i walked out the door this morning, i said to myself, you are no longer in arizona. it is 30-some-odd degrees out. it felt like winter. sera: it has been a great december for you to return home because we've had great weather. this weekend though it sounds like it will take a turn. danielle: it feels a lot mover like wintertime out there. that's what we're talking about. i want to show you what's going on currently if we can. temperaturewise we are in the 30's and 20's across most of the region. most of us this morning checking in in the 30's. 31 degrees in worcester right now. it is 36 degrees in boston. 40 on nantucket. but it's not just the air temperature this morning. we have very strong winds out there, folks. wind gusts in excess now of 31 miles an hour in pittsfield. very strong winds coming out of the west-northwest. it makes it feel more like 19 degrees in pittsfield. more like 25 in orange.
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so it's that wind chill value. we haven't really talked about it all that much this winter but we are talking about if it for today. in fact, the next 12 hours in boston, you see temperatures feel like the 20's and low 30's all day long. we're looking for a mix of sun and clouds with temperatures only really warming into the low 40's, but big changes are coming we'll talk about the major warm-up and when we could see some much-needed rain ahead. sera. sera: danielle, thank you. breaking overnight. there is a deal in the bitter battle setting off a firestorm between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. that comes just hours before the democratic rivals prepare to face off on the debate stage. doug: the eyeopener's frank holland is tracking new information as it comes in. frank, good morning. frank: good morning, doug and sera. this morning we're told there is a deal after the democratic committee blocked the sanders campaign from getting access to voter information. the sanders camp sued the d.n.c. after the party withheld
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voter database. that database is the lifeblood of any campaign-- a massive list of voters names, addresses, and past voting habits. each campaign can add its own data for their eyes only-- how people might vote, whether they will vote, and which voters they want to win over. the sanders campaign was accused of exploiting a software glitch that allowed them to access voter information collected by hillary clinton's team. >> you not only know their supporters and donors but now you start to know their strategy. that is certainly an unfair advantage. frank: the sanders's staffer responsible has been fired nothing wrong. deal that will allow the sanders's camp to regain access but everyone will certainly be watching what happens between these two candidates tonight. that showdown in new hampshire is tonight right here on channel 5. coverage starts at 8:00. doug: frank, thank you very
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after being hit by a car in lowell. police say the family was crossing fletcher street last night when they were hit. witnesses tell newscenter 5 that they were in a crosswalk. the father who was pushing a the windshield of the car. neighbors say this stretch of fletcher street is notorious. >> it's a bad street to cross. times out here. it's a terrible, terrible, terrible intersection. doug: everyone in this incident is expected to recover. the driver did stop after the crash. no word yet on if charges will be filed. right now two people are under arrest after plowing into a man in somerville and taking off. 18-year-old arthur woods and 19-year-old elvira sanchez are facing a slew of charges including drug possession. state police say they were in a stolen jeep when they hit a man on mystic avenue yesterday. that victim is now at mass general. he is expected to survive. state troopers caught up with woods and sanchez as they ran from the scene. they'll be arraigned on monday.
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embattled child welfare agency. "the herald" reports a d.c.f. manager is on leave after it was discovered she'd surrendered her license nearly ten years ago. an investigation is underway. the paper reports she signed an agreement in 2006 admitting providing clinical services and supervision were, quote, "beyond the scope of her license." last week d.c.f. fired ten workers who failed to get their licenses. a new indictment claims the mother of a toddler found washed ashore on deer island continued to collect welfare for months after she and her boyfriend allegedly killed the little girl. rachelle bond and michael mccarthy were indicted by a grand jury in bella bond's death yesterday. the body of the child, who became known as baby doe, was found in a plastic bag in june. investigators worked for months to identify her. if convicted, mccarthy faces
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bond faces up to seven years. doug: the weapon used in a notorious murder will not be given back to its original owner. a new hampshire man asked a judge to release the gun his son flynn was convicted of using the gun to kill greg smart at his wife's request. not be released because it could be evidence if pam smart continues to fight her life sentence. stoughton town leaders are calling for immediate action after an elderly woman was almost hit by a bullet in her home. it's still not clear where they shot came from. but there are two gun clubs nearby-- one in stoughton and one in neighboring easton. selectmen in both towns are trying to set up a meeting with both clubs. sera: right now a boston sports security after a deadly shooting. and its license is on the line. the city of boston's licensing problems related to "who's on first." a hearing was held yesterday. 29-year-old jephthe chery was shot outside the yawkey way bar on thanksgiving morning, caught in the middle of a gunfight. three others were wounded.
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wednesday. arrest charged with robbing a medford bank, threatening a teller, and trying to punch a police officer. police say michael moran was caught with money in his pockets while trying to run from police near the eastern bank on locust street yesterday. he allegedly made threatening and sexual remarks to a teller during the crime. moran was arrested as he tried to climb a fence to get away from police. a new hampshire postal worker is facing a felony charge. police say she was caught on camera opening mail and pocketing cash. they set up surveillance cameras in the meriden post office after people complained their mail was being tampered with. police say kim smith was opening envelopes, taking out cash and gift cards, and using a glue sticks to reseal them. >> the minute she puts them on the table, she starts going through and sorting them and pulling out individual pieces of mail and holding it up to the light while she's feeling it with her fingers, manipulating the envelope with her fingers. when i think of stealing money
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cards and birthday cards, i see nothing but evil. doug: police say smith is a part-time, flexible employee meaning she travels from post office to post office as needed. other police departments are now investigating. sera: parishioners of a closed scituate church are taking their case to the country's highest court. members of st. frances cabrini will ask the u.s. supreme court to review a massachusetts judge's ruling that they have been trespassing since the church closed in 2004. the group of roman catholics have continued to occupy the church for the past 11 years. the state's highest court doug: a sniffle and a sneeze isn't news unless you're tom number 12 is on the sick list this morning. "questionable" for tomorrow's brady's missing practice is almost unheard of. so, for the pats to send the q.b. home yesterday means he rob gronkowski also missed practice yesterday. his absence was not related to injury or illness. it was a personal matter.
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organizers trying to bring an indycar race to boston are sweetening the deal. sera: what they're now willing to do to bring the race to the seaport. and president obama making a stop in san bernardino. his visit with the victims of the shooting rampage ahead of his holiday break. doug: and it is super saturday. what it could mean for all of those last-minute shoppers. danielle: and a chilly start to your saturday. even a few snow showers. just how long its going to stick
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sera: new this morning. organizers trying to bring an indycar race to boston's seaport will cover all costs for the event. that's according to a deal that boston and the state signed yesterday. mayor walsh tells "the herald" the agreement calls for organizers to pay for construction, fire and police details along with security. the race would be held labor day weekend along a 2.2 mile temporary race course along the waterfront. doug: stores across the country are getting ready for what's
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today is usually the second-biggest day for sales and traffic in stores lagging only behind black friday. get ready for this. this year, many retailers are throwing in free gift cards trying to lure in last-minute shoppers. others are extending hours with kohl's promising to stay open 24-7 until christmas eve. if you prefer to do your last-minute shopping online, watch out! christmas delivery from amazon was yesterday unless you have a "prime" membership. those folks get until december 22, but they also pay $99 a year for the privilege. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist danielle vollmar. sera: big, big shopping weekend. i know a lot of people who won't wear their coats when they go into the mall. they leave them in the car. the walk from the car to the mall. danielle: it will be a little frigid, i think. it definitely feels more like december this weekend. this is our really first taste of it. 10 degree degrees above normal
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we can't complain but the temperature is dropping. that's the big impact as we head through the day today. yesterday's high was 52 degrees in boston. 49 in worcester. and today we'll only warm up to about 40 degrees in boston and stay in the 30's in worcester but it's not just the air temperature today. we're also talking about those winds making it feel even colder outside. that's that wind chill value which is what you're going to dress for. so i want to show you what's happening. we do have an area of low pressure and a cold front that is is really churning up our winds as we head through the day today. some of these showers you're seeing is actually lake-effect snow showers coming off lake ontario and lake erie making it all the way out into parts of western mass and southern vermont. you can see keene down to three miles visibility. a couple of flurries or light snow showers there. we're going to continue to leave that in the forecast at least through the morning hours. i think. even into the foofn we can't rule out seeing a couple of
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notice on the future cast once we get towards about 6:00 or 7:00 tonight, the skies will beginning to clear out. we will see a clear night overall. temperatures this morning starting out at 36 in boston. it is 31 degrees in worcester. for you folks up in southern new hampshire, mid 30's and for you folks down on the cape and the islands, upper 30's, low 40's. but we do have pretty strong winds. they're out of the west-northwest and they're gusting upwards now of 31 miles an hour. so you're going to feel them. no wind advisories have been issued though. but they are going to make it feel even colder through the day today. and notice they are sustained through the afternoon at about 19 to 20 miles an hour. we are keeping clouds around through the morning hours and seeing more sunshine later today. so it feels more like 19 degrees in pittsfield. worcester. it feels like 29 degrees in boston. so it's a chilly start. it definitely feels like december out there today.
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but remember with the winds, it's going to feel more like the upper 20's and low 30's pretty much all day long. tonight it's another chilly night. temperatures will fall back inthoo the 20's so tomorrow morning, it's really cold out there. especially with some wind. and then that wind will back down through the afternoon. it will make it feel a little nicer outside with a little more sunshine too. but really only the low 40's for highs so we're cold pretty much through sunday. high pressure starts to build in and then the warm frontal boundary lifts through our region on monday bringing us a lot more clouds, milder temperatures, and a chance for rain beginning monday, also into tuesday and wednesday. in fact, we're getting into a wet period. i want to go back to this weekend because it's a pretty big weekend. the pats are taking on the tennessee tight. it looks pretty good. temperatures will be in the 0's although it will feel cool out there. make sure you dress
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we are going to see a lot of sunshine for the 1:00 tonight. we're going to stay in the 50's for the upcoming holiday week. sera: 50's on christmas. my goodness. doug: it's a green christmas. sera: it is 5:17 this morning. time for some of the other stories we're tracking right now. doug: frank is following information as it comes in, including the president making a somber stop before his annual vacation to hawaii. frank: good morning again, doug and sera. the president and first lady had an emotional meeting with the loved ones of the 14 people who lost their lives earlier this month in the shooting rampage in san bernardino. after the evening visit, the president said they represent the strength and the unity and the love that exists in this country. president: we have to remind ourselves of the overwhelming good that exists out there. if you met some of these folks, despite the pain and the heart
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could not have been more. frank: after that emotional meeting, the president left california for hawaii for his annual christmas getaway. he is expected to return to the white house in early january to begin his final year in office. right now lawyers for bill cosby say they'll fight attempts to require his wife to give a sworn deposition. seven women are suing the comedian for defamation accusing him of sexually assaulting them decades ago. lawyers for the women want camille cosby to answer questions next month in springfield as part of the case. cosby's attorneys say his wife has no first-hand knowledge of the issues involved. workers at a houston company are getting quite the holiday bonus this year-- $100,000 each! hilcorp energy will hand that amount out to more than a thousand employees. the company is one of the largest privately held oil and gas exploration companies in the nation. it ranked 20th in fortune's "best companies" list. i think we can see why. frank holland, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloraon. bob: tom brady missed practice
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illness and was immediately lists on the injury report as questionable for tomorrow's game against the titans. early indications are that he will be all right in time to play. the bruins played in pittsburgh last night. brad marchand steals the puck along the boards and beats patrice bergen. he snaps home the short-handed goal. bruins had a 3-2 lead after 2. bergeron got his second of the night here, his 11th of the year. the b's had a 4-2 lead. two for bergeron. three for bay stater frank pe tran owe. he's fighting hard for this one. he would get the hat trick three minutes later. the bruins beat pittsburgh by a final score of 6-3. not as much for the celtics last nightment home against atlanta. jay crowder did enjoy a double-double. 24 points and 10 rebounds. coming off his career-high 38 points on wednesday isiah thomas had 29 points. a three-pointer falls. it's a four-point play giving the celtics a two-point lead late but the celtics stumbled down the stretch. they lose their third in a row. the final last night 109-101.
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minnesota on monday. the bruins host the devils tomorrow. that's a look at sports. have a great day. doug: bob, thank you. a massachusetts state trooper is a hero to a little girl who lost her best friend. sera: emma mather was riding the car with her family along 495 in milford when she accidentally dropped her polar bear out the window. her mother called the state police for help, and trooper dan mather came to the rescue. he retrieved the bear from the busy highway. >> the trooper was really understanding. he said he had kids of his own so he knew exactly what we were dealing with. him. he was definitely the hero of the night for miss emma. when we were driving to go see the lights, i said to emma, you know, it was really nice thing that he did for you. you're a very lucky little girl. sera: he really did such a wonderful. emma sent the trooper a drawing along with a thank you note. he says it made his day. adorable and wonderful.
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danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. this morning, we're tracking cold temperatures and also some light snow showers or flurries up in parts of southern vermont
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you can see a little band much snow showers ongoing near keene. visibility down to three miles. it's 36 in the city. now we're going to stay cold not only for sunday but then as we head towards monday, warm frontal boundary will cross our region bringing us a chance for some showers and bringing in much milder air by monday afternoon. so our rain chances on the way up for this. doug? doug: you will do your homework. a touch of the dark side greeting students at hanover middle school but don't worry. it's just the principal dressed up as darth vader. teachers, staff, and students all got into the act celebrating the release of the new star wars movie. the festivities were for a good cause. in order to wear their costumes to school, students had to donate a toy to "toys for tots." sera: love the buns there. doug: clever, smart. sera: and they're far from the only ones feeling the power of the force. the new movie is taking a light sabre to the box office record books. "the force awakens" was on track to make more than $100 million
5:23 am
studio estimates. that tops the last harry potter movies take in $91.1 million, a record set in july 2011. it also makes the star wars flick the first triple-digit movie day ever. to be the biggest opening of all time, it has to beat jurassic world's take of $208.8 million. doug: probably will have no problem. globally speaking. sera: the f.d.a. is trying to make changes when it comes to tanning beds. the move dermatologists have been urging for years, with two boston cold case why the murder of an unknown girl nearly 1,500 miles away is hitting close to home. take a live look outside. you can't tell. it's dark but it's also a little chilly out there. if you're heading out for that early morning christmas gift-buying on this super saturday, bring in the gloves
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sera: bundle up. >> this is an editorial by wcvb-tv channel 5 president and general manager bill fine. bill fine: in just the few weeks since governor baker's pledge of much better service on the mbta, substantial problems are piling up. commuter trains are overcrowded with more limited seats than contracted for; a runaway train barreled down the red line; also, what looms as, a mistake in our mind, the elimination of late night "t" service; and on top of all those issues, some expansion plans are being scrapped, changed, or potentially eliminated altogether. even a lack of snow can't help stem the tide of bad news. all of this indicates commuters are unlikely to see a well oiled, much-improved operation in the months ahead. we remain hopeful; but as we have said before, hope is not a strategy. the governor may take a hit on "t" issues, but he deserves more cooperation from the legislature and the medical community on his plans to deal with the opioid crisis. a public service campaign begun
5:25 am
staggering extent of the problem, but the surge of abuse has not diminished. baker's plan to limit initial prescriptions of opioids to just a 72-hour supply for new patients is one of many ideas worthy of discussion. the initial reaction of lawmakers and doctors was unfavorable to that drastic step. but surely there is a middle ground between 72 hours and the frequent over-prescription of 30 to 90 days' worth of pills-- medication that often goes unused and is a potential source of supply for addicts whose growing number includes those patients baker is seeking to protect. the governor has signaled a strong willingness to discuss his proposal with all stakeholders and has an open mind to a mutually agreeable solution. he shouldn't be left hanging. this ongoing and still growing crisis demands forceful and
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: it's going to feel a whole lot more like december but i'm tracking changes for the week ahead. when warmer air will make a doug: a car slams into a father pushing a stroller across a busy street the injuries and the people who rushed over to help. the battle between the democratic leadership and bernie sanders is over, the new twist after a data doug: g.o.p. hopeful ben carson's message is going viral this morning. the new milestone he's passed. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning!
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"eyeopener." sera: a big day here on the "eyeopener." it's saturday, december 19. i'm sera congi in for antoinette with, of course, the lovely danielle vollmar. danielle: good to be here. sera: but we want to welcome 5's "eyeopener." doug: it feels good. i felt i should have brought the donuts. maybe tomorrow i'll remember to do that. you know what it was. a little too cold. danielle: i don't blame you. you want to get inside as quick as possible today because it's cold. it hasn't felt like this in a long time. it feels a lot like december out there. look at these temperatures in the 30's this morning. but it's not just the air temperature we're talking about. it's those really persistent winds we've had all morning long out of the west making it feel even colder. we're in the 30's. the mid 30's and upper 30's down along the cape and islands. over the next 12 hours, you should warm up into the low 40's. notice even though we have clouds this morning, we'll see
5:28 am
but because we're in the 40's with those winds, it feels more like the 30's pretty much all day long. i want to show you those winds are gusting upwards of 24 miles an hour on nantucket. 25-mile-per-hour winds on block island making it feel like 29 in boston. 29 on the cape and in the teens out in western mass. so that is the idea as we go through the afternoon. we're going to warm up into the upper 30's. the other thing we have going on right now, a couple of light snow showers breaking out in southern vermont and southern new hampshire. and there's going to be good or better chances for some rain. in that seven-day forecast. we'll talk about when ahead. sera. sera: thank you. breaking news right now. this is video just in of a close call in cambridge. a car crashed into the railing just off memorial drive near the longfellow bridge leaving it dangling over the charles river. everyone inside was able to get out okay.
5:29 am
lost control. doug: four people, including two children, are recovering after being hit by a car in lowell. police say the family was crossing fletcher street last night when they were hit. the father, who was pushing a stroller, rolled right up onto the windshield of the car. no word yet on if charges will be filed. sera: right now one person is dead after a shooting in roxbury. the victim is believed to be in his late teens. he was shot and killed on annunciation road last night. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. doug: the patriots say tom brady is questionable for tomorrow's game against the titans. he was sent home sick from practice yesterday. gronk was also a no-show, but we're told that was a personal breaking overnight. fight between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. tracking information as it comes in. frank: that deal comes after the sanders campaign from getting access to voter information. the sanders camp sued the d.n.c. after the party denied that campaign access to a crucial voter database. that database is a massive list
5:30 am
past voting habits. of exploiting a software glitch that allowed them to access voter information collected by hillary clinton's team. the sanders' staffer responsible has been fired although he claims he did nothing wrong. that deal also comes just hours before sanders, clinton, and the debate stage in new hampshire. debate scheduled by the d.n.c. in the granite state. and analysts say there is a lot at stake. >> there's a great deal at stake for all three candidates. this is the beginning of the closing arguments. this is that time they have to make a connection to voters. this is their last opportunity before the so-called holiday freeze when everybody pays attention to a bunch of other things for the next ten days. frank: you can watch the democrats debate tonight right here on channel 5.
5:31 am
doug? doug: on the republican side, several candidates are making swings through new hampshire today. chris christie is kicking off a jeb bush is holding five town hall meetings today starting in contoocook and ending in nashua. and lindsey graham wraps up his granite state trip with several stops throughout the state. this image posted by the ben carson campaign is going viral this morning. the facebook post just shows the g.o.p. candidate showing a "merry christmas" sign, but it gained thousands of likes in just hours. at last check it has grown to more than half a million. carson is now the most popular presidential candidate on facebook. sera: there could be seven massachusetts next year. secretary of state william galvin passed those questions along to the legislature for consideration last night. they include a proposal to legalize recreational marijuana, an additional tax on anyone making over a million dollars, and repealing common core education standards in schools. a chinese national is facing sentencing after being convicted of export equipment to iran that
5:32 am
nuclear program. sihai cheng pleaded guilty in boston on friday. prosecutors say he and two other people conspired with others in china and iran to export the equipment manufactured at a company in massachusetts. that company is not a target of the investigation. doug: "5 on the opioid crisis" this morning and a grim new record. nearly 50,000 americans died of drug overdoses last year. most of those deaths involved painkillers like oxycontin according to the c.d.c. it's also twice as many deaths as the nation saw less than 15 years ago. sera: right now donations are pouring in for a milton family who lost everything right before the holidays. the home on hudson street went up in flames on thursday night. an eight-year-old girl was home alone after her mother walked across the block to pick up her toddler twins. d.c.f. is investigating. the fire was ruled accidental. an online fund to help the family has now passed $8,000. we now know the name of the man
5:33 am
marion earlier this week. police say 23-year-old fred wilson dossantos was a passenger in a van that crashed on 195 east on wednesday morning. four other people were injured. a pick-up truck was also involved in the crash, but that driver wasn't hurt. the cause is still under investigation. doug: more than 1,400 boston area muslims had a surprise visitor at this week's prayer service. as janet wu reports, massachusetts supreme chief justice ralph gants delivered a janet: chief justice gants's visit was quiet, quick, and affirming. he ruefully admitted this was not his usual friday afternoon stop. justice gants: i asked to speak with you here today because i know that this is a difficult time for persons to practice the islamic faith in this country. and i am here to assure you that you do not stand alone. janet: the response was thunderous, filled with gratitude. justice gants: we remember who we are and where we came from. the vast majority of americans
5:34 am
muslim-americans, and together we will get past these troubling times. lalarulch malik: honest to god, it brought tears to my eyes. janet: why? lalarulch malik: because he meant it from his heart. salma kazmi: it was a really kind and generous thing to do-- to reach out to the community at this time. i think there's a lot of fear and concern. yusufi vali: for him to speak as a jewish-american and speak about the history of, you know, discrimination and just say how he stood with us i thought was deeply affirming. janet: gants later said he was grateful for the personal outpouring of thanks from so many but declined to answer any media questions saying he did not want to politicize his appearance. his reaffirmation that laws protect everyone was juxtaposed to the message in today's sermon. shaykh yasir fahmy: we have to turn off the news, turn off the noise, turn off this constant bombardment of thoughts and ideas, and just be recommitted.
5:35 am
wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: a nice gesture. wasn't it? a meeting with santa going viral. sera: the shopping trip one little girl will never forget. "5 investigates" closing in on a murder mystery that started nearly 1,500 miles away. why it's hitting close to home. frank? frank: new calls for chicago's mayor to step down. the new round of protests hitting the streets. and a legal loss for uber. the setback for the ride-sharing company and the win for its drivers, danielle? danielle: the rain has cleared although some snow showers are around but cold air is settling in. how long it lasts and a look
5:36 am
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and i approve this message. doug: the time is 5:42. and time for some of the stories making economic headlines this saturday. sera: frank is back with that. frank: stocks finished down on friday continuing a week-long trend. here is a look at the numbers. the dow dropping 367 points to finish at 17,128. the nasdaq falling 79 points the s&p 500 dipping 36 points. falling oil prices and the fed's decision to raise interest rates for the first time in a decade viewed as major factors in the decline. a new contract between uber and its drivers will not stop a
5:39 am
ride-share company. a federal judge ruled those drivers suing the company are exempt from the agreement uber sent drivers last week. that agreement has a clause blocking drivers who are technically contract employees from joining the current class action lawsuit or any future ones. if uber loses the case, they could have to pay full employee benefits to as many as 100,000 drivers. nearly six million people are now enrolled in health insurance through the affordable care act. that's compared to 3 to 4 million at this same time last year. earlier in the week, federal health officials extended the enrollment deadline because interest was running so high. in the week ahead the report on existing home sales for november comes out on tuesday. and the new home sales report on wednesday. short week for wall street with the christmas holiday on friday. frank holland, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist danielle vollmar. sera: big shopping day. big shopping weekend really.
5:40 am
within a week of christmas. hopefully you have your gifts. if you haven't yet, it's on the doorstep. it doesn't feel like it or hasn't felt like it in the last several weeks. sera: that's true. danielle: but today it feels very cold out there. it's a big change. it's windy and cold this morning and through the afternoon. but you don't have to get too used to that because another mild week is ahead beginning on monday and also some chances for some much-needed rain. we really do need it. that's coming pretty much all week long. we'll detail that in just a second. but first this morning, if you're stepping outside the door right this moment, it is 36 in boston, 34 in plymouth. 31 degrees in worcester right now. and 30 degrees right now in keene. but then you have to factor in those winds. those winds are pretty strong out of the west. anywhere from 9-17 miles an hour sustained. gusts 25 to about 30 at this point. and it makes it feel even colder. that's that wind chill value
5:41 am
so it feels more like 29 degrees in boston, like 21 in worcester. and like the teens out in western massachusetts. and that's going to be the case pretty much all day long. temperaturewise we only warm up into the upper 30's and low 40's but with those very strong, persistent winds, all day long, i don't think it's going to feel more like the lower 30's or even upper 20's. this morning because of those strong winds we're getting lake-effect snow from ontario and erie coming closer to our region. you can see a couple of snow showers here out towards southern vermont. these are towards parts of southern new hampshire near jaffrey, for example, where visibilities are down to about two miles so there could be some heavier bands of snow trying to make their way all the way down to the ground. if they're making it to the ground that is one thing but we're watching it. it's all due to this cold front. this cold front has really turned up the winds for the day today. the future cast, we're going to leave a couple of flurries in the forecast at least through the morning hours, i think, especially western mass,
5:42 am
but then we start to clear out as we head towards afternoon and evening pretty much everywhere. tonight dropping back into the 20's for overnight lows and then tomorrow we're going to do it all over again but we have a little less wind and that wind starts to turn to the south and west tomorrow so it will feel a little better outside. we're still cold in the morning. by the afternoon we're moderating just a touch. then this warm frontal boundary will push on through on monday especially monday afternoon and evening. that's going to bring in much milder air as we head towards monday and even tuesday. in fact, what's also happening too is that jetstream is really retreating back into canada this week. so for our holiday forecast, it is not going to feel like christmas time out there because we're in the 50's and even upper 50's by the time we head towards christmas eve and christmas itself looking pretty nice in the low 50's. very mild. unfortunately it doesn't look like we'll have a white christmas here but we could have
5:43 am
stevment era. sera: thanks, danielle. some of the other stories we're following right now. doug: more protests in chicago as hundreds call on the city's demonstrators took to the streets last night, angry over allegations of abusive police and a lack of accountability. there has been growing frustration since police released a video of a white police officer shooting a black teenager more than a dozen times back in 2014. one woman is dead after a landslide near the oregon coast. storms barreled through that region yesterday. a couple and their dogs were inside a home that was swept the man managed to get out with one of the dogs. crews evacuated three other homes in the area. the f.d.a. is proposing a ban on indoor tanning beds for minors. the proposal would also require tanning bed users to sign consent forms acknowledging the risks of the radiation-emitting devices. the feds have regulated tanning machines for more than 30 years
5:44 am
action to restrict their use. for years dermatologists have urged bolder action amid rising rates of skin cancer among teens and young adults. boston police hunting down new clues in a decades-ld murder mystery, and" "5 investigates" is hitting the streets with them. karen anderson reports more evidence in the decades-old cold case in baltimore is pointing right here to boston. sgt. det. bill doogan: i grew up in this neighborhood. karen: for these two boston homicide detectives, the case of an unidentified girl found drugged and tortured nearly 40 years ago 1,500 miles away is now personal. sgt. det. bill doogan: the tip that came in to baltimore indicated that their jane doe came from forbes street. karen: that tip followed "5 investigates" stories in november about the 1976 murder of a girl found near the woodlawn cemetery outside of baltimore. the tipster believed she had moved from puerto rico to jamaica plain, went to a catholic school, and grew up
5:45 am
forbes street-- the same street where boston police sergeant bill doogan and detective jack cronin both grew up. sgt. det. bill doogan: what was going through my mind is who can i call? who do i know? karen: they're now using their hometown knowledge and old-fashioned police work-- sgt. det. bill doogan: foot work, gum shoe stuff. karne: --checking old records including from the blessed sacrament school. as connections to boston keep building, a grassy bag pulled over the girl's head and stuffed in her throat was sold in only five stores all in massachusetts. she was carrying two keys-- one labeled fitchburg. and recent high-tech tests of pollen on her clothes found it was rare and could only come from a site in new york or the arnold arboretum in jamaica plain. sgt. det. bill doogan: this was a place for young people to go and hang around. they'd do all kinds of things-- bike ride, play sports. karen: this girl, now known as woodlawn jane doe, has a home-made tattoo that may have been the letters j.p. possibly for the jamaica plain neighborhood. tattoos like that not uncommon
5:46 am
sergeant doogan. sgt. det. bill doogan: a lot of people had these home-made tattoos that they used to do with a pin and ball point pen. you can never say 100%, but it's looking more and more like this is a j.p. girl. karen: despite their efforts so far, they haven't been able to determine her real name. if alive today, she would have been between 55 and 65 years old. sgt. det. cronin: hopefully someone will know something and we can give her identity back. sgt. det. bill doogan: i really think that this girl was in jamaica plain. how she got down to baltimore we don't know. and we won't know until we figure out who she is. karen: state police as well as the center for missing and exploited children are also helping with this investigation. anyone who thinks they may have any kind of information to help identify this girl is asked to call baltimore county or boston police. karen anderson, "5 investigates." sera: patriots fans are looking for number 12 this morning. the patriots say tom brady is questionable for tomorrow's game against the titans. brady missing practice is almost
5:47 am
so, for the pats to send the q.b. home yesterday means he probably felt pretty bad. rob gronkowski also missed practice yesterday. his absence was not related to injury or illness; it was a personal matter. doug: the bruins notched their 10th win in 14 games. rookie center frank vatrano came up big with three goals for his first career hat trick as the b's faced the penguins. patrice bergeron scored twice. the bruins are just three points behind the atlantic-division leading canadiens. not so good for the celtics. the c's led the atlanta hawks by two after three quarters, but that's where it ended. the hawks piled it on outscoring boston 22-4 in the fourth. 109-101 the final at the garden. i don't know if you can feel it at home, but, people, the force is strong. sera: it indeed. though. no spoilers.
5:48 am
but the force might be even stronger with these folks. take a look at this video. thousands of star wars fans took to the streets of los angeles and san francisco last night taking part in a massive light saber battle. organizers gave out 8,000 of them. they were trying to break a light saber battle record. who knew that one existed. doug: that's my question. who knew there was a light sabre battle in the books. sera: very pretty though. doug: festive too as well. how about this? a stranger lends an ear to a little girl who believed he was santa claus. i want to make sure i get that right. sera: the chat they had in a mall that's making it's way around the internet. take a look. a live picture over the city of boston. still dark outside. a little chilly out there. if you're getting ready to go shopping today, you do want to bring a jacket.
5:49 am
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leadership matters. jeb bush.
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danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. well, local live radar picking up a couple of light snow showers pushing through parts of southern vermont and southern new hampshire. a little flurry activity for this morning. temperatures start inning the 30's but feeling like the 20's and teens out there. due to those winds that are very strong out of the west. now rain chances on the way up this week as well as the temperatures, back in the 50's on monday. the best chance for rain coming midweek i think wednesday and thursday which is is christmas eve. we could really use that rain
5:52 am
for the year in boston and down over nine inches for the year, of course, in worcester. so let's talk about the first chance for rain which is coming on monday. it's all due to this warm frontal boundary. and this cold front that is going to bring in some showers. as we head through the afternoon and evening, the best chances for steady rain coming wednesday into early thursday and then drying out just in time for christmas. lots of little kids talk to big kids, too. but one little girl's message is going viral this morning. take a look. >> have you been a good girl this year? doug: how great is this. sophie was shopping with her mom when she spotted the real santa at a west virginia walmart. "santa" talked with her for a few minutes. sophie told him all about her rainbow christmas tree and promised to leave out cookies for him and the reindeer. santa told her he had to go back
5:53 am
sera: he's busy. doug: very casual up until the big night, you see. sera: exactly. doug: first comes black friday, then cyber monday. sera: but today it's super saturday. what it could mean for those last-minute shoppers. and a new hampshire postal worker is facing a felony charge. what police say she was caught doing on camera. doug: and a live look outside for you on this super saturday. a beautiful saturday morning out in winthrop. looking across boston harbor towards the city. if you do have plans to get out there early this morning, you may want to grab a little more than that sweater. you actually might need a jacket this morning.
5:54 am
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