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tv   World News Now  ABC  December 28, 2015 2:30am-4:00am EST

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good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." it's been a weekend of extreme weather in the south with devastating tornadoes in north texas. snow in west texas and oklahoma. flooding in the deep south. storm system now moving up toward the great lakes. >> the head of isis in iraq and syria speaking out after months of silence. abu backer al baghdadi said air strikes by the international coalition increase his groups determination and resolve. he renewed his there's against israel. >> peyton manning says he'll probably sue al jazeera for the
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night alleging he used human growth hormone after neck surgery four years ago. force. the movie "the force awakens" makes movie history cracking the $1 billion in 1 days. those are some of our top 28th. "world news now." good morning, everyone. we begin this half hour with the extreme weather in the south. the series of tornadoes ripped through the dallas area destroying homes and tossing around cars on the highways just like toys. at least 11 people are dead descended. >> winds up to 1 0 miles an hour were recorded. experts say these are the deadliest twisters to hit the dallas fort worth area in nearly 90 years. one official says it will be maybe years before everything is fixed. >> walking around and driving around the area, you can see it is total devastation over there in the area. >> we're very grateful that
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all this can be replaced. >> and to the north in missouri, at least eight deaths reported because of flooding. the governor has declared a state of emergency in that state. a flash flood watch remains in effect in many parts of that state. that same powerful storm system is producing blizzard-like conditions in oklahoma, western texas and new mexico adding to the post christmas travel woes. with more, here's abc's phillip mena. >> reporter: millions of travelers trying to make their way home on one of the busiest travel days of the holiday season. blizzard conditions in the oklahoma panhandle causing whiteout conditions. freezing rain and sleet making for slick and dangerous conditions. slow plows working to clear the road. in lubbock, texas, snow drifts drivers stuck on i-40 after the snow fell. the road from amarillo to the new mexico border closed through the night. trucks out of control, resting
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>> that nasty winter storm sweeping much of the country throwing a wrench into those flying home, too. travelers frustrated. yes. that's a good way to put it. i would call it living hell is what it's been. >> long lines at airports. more than 1,000 flights in the u.s. canceled, more than 4,000 delayed. >> our flight to puerto val yart ta has been cancelled. >> in dallas, just getting to the airport was a struggle. >> a lot of accidents when we got here. like ambulances and everything, rushing through the freeway. >> reporter: here in dallas, we're seeing long airport lines and with all of those flight cancellations, thousands of travelers will be spending at least one more night on christmas vegas. whether they like it or not. phillip mena, abc news, dallas. >> thank you so much. big airline hubs, chicago, atlanta, all of them could see major delays today. >> here's a look why. the storm system is moving up mississippi river valley and
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our coverage continues now with accuweather's paul williams. how is it looking? >> thanks, reena, kendis. unfortunately, it looks like mother nature is going to target mississippi, alabama, as well as tennessee near the nashville area and into kentucky for the next round of storms. it's over as far as texas and over towards louisiana is concerned. but the folks in new orleans will still possibly see severe storms there and why i, there's a real possibility and likelihood of tornadoes. scattered showers over towards atlanta and then actually rain to the point of flash flooding to occur in the ohio valley region reaching towards portions of st. louis. now, that's not the only concern. we have a storm that's advancing throughout the midwest with a chance of wintry mix hitting chicago and snow hitting minneapolis. kendis, reena. >> thanks to paul at accuweather. now to the growing demand for answers after another deadly police involved shooting in chicago. one of the victims bettie jones remembered at a vigil yesterday. investigators are admitting she
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when police answered a domestic violence call. abc's alex perez is in chicago. >> reporter: calls for justice in the death of bettie jones. >> why do you got to shoot first and ask questions later. >> reporter: her family wants to know why she died from a chicago police bullet. the mother of five opened her door as cops confronted 19-year-old college student quintonio legrier. >> while i'm tempted to feel hate, for all check police officers right now, we've got to show the officers and family a lot of compassion. >> reporter: police say jones was accidentally and tragically killed. officers were responding to a domestic disturbance at legrier's home, a two-story house shared with jones. the teen reportedly threatened his father with a bat. >> seven times my son was shot. this needs to stop. no mother should have to bury her child. no mother. >> reporter: this shooting
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already beleaguered police and city officials. days ago, protests shut down parts of the magnificent mile, the high end shopping district of chicago. the demonstration part of the backlash against other deadly police shootings including black teen laquan mcdonald. >> if you're afraid of these streets to the point that you got to shoot first, you need to turn your badge in. >> so far mayor rahm emanuel resisted calls to resign, responding to the deaths of jones and legrier released this statement. anytime an officer uses force, the public deserves answers and regardless of the circumstances we all grieve anytime there's a loss of life in our city. >> i want the mayor to understand that this is a message to you. you failed us before. but now it's your time to step up or step down. >> reporter: alex perez, abc news, chicago. it could cost south carolina taxpayers millions to display the confederate flag removed
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the flag was removed after nine people were gunds down during a bible study last summer at a black church. lawmakers voted to have the flag displayed in a history museum along with other confederate symbols, part of a $3.6 million plan. >> pricey there. so three men in custody after leading authorities on a wide speed boat chase in the gulf of mexico. the suspects were accuses of stealing the speed boat in the ft. myers, florida. they fled after trying to ram the sheriff's department boat. get this. the coast guard got involved. it lasted 20 hours this pursuit. the chase spanning more than 300 miles. they were finally captured about 70 miles from the coast of cuba. well, if you just can't wait to buy the iphone 7, you have to be patient. it's unlikely we'll see the new version of the smartphone till september. and you'll actually see less of it. reports say that it will be thinner than ever. the rule mores also say it will be more dust and water
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but you may need different headphones. can you believe that? route. >> they will not be, there not be an audio jack. what's up there? it's hard enough when they switch out those cords. the audio jack? >> they might switch it out which will completely freak out the world. take a look at this though. times swear here in new york city getting ready for its big moment on thursday night. on sunday, workers installed 288 new waterford crystal -- thingsing are quiet right now the. >> i don't see the waterford crystal. >> that's the calm before. >> there's a piece. >> this is the waterford crystal triangle panels on the iconic ball. >> it will fall as the world counts down toub 2016. all told, the ball has 2,688 sparkling crystals, 1 million revelers expected to pack times square especially given the weather. supposed to be warm and dry in new york city. >> join the fun on new year's
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as we pan across times square at this hour, it is quiet. >> uh-huh. >> but a million or so fans will be there in a matter of days. >> everybody on the nightshift will be asleep well before midnight on new year's eve. >> will you be out there at midnight? >> we need our sleep, kendis. >> absolutely. coming up, the nba star takes a hit, a victim of a costly crime. >> also ahead, a renowned artist and his take on the old masters. his remarkable vision in a "world news now" special report. >> and later, transforming justin bieber from heard partying bad boy into something else. who is responsible for the big change? that is after today's forecast map. i wonder if they drop a big ball in great falls? what do they do at midnight in month mountain? >> maybe you should go there for new year's. >> announcer: "world news now"
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tragedy along the southern california coast. investigators say a 33-year-old man from indiana fell to his death. he was walking alongside a cliff florida san diego and lost his balance while taking a photo. eyewitnesss say they saw the man using an electronic device moments before he fell. the new york city police are on the lookout for a pair of brazen heist. >> they met a pro basketball player at a nightclub. they partied with him and then allegedly made off with three quarters of a million dollars can worth of jewelry. abc's marci gonzalez with the latest. >> police are can looking for these two women they say may have pulled off a racy heist stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from new york knicks player derek williams. >> fantastic acrobatics. >> according to police, the 24-year-old nba forward met the women at new york city's up and down club last weekend,
2:43 am
footage of the two women leaving the club just before investigators say williams brought them back to his home. after an hour and a half, the women left and williams later noticed $617,000 worth of jewelry including a $50,000 rolex, three diamond rings and three gold clans all gone. >> he should have had this locked up. you shouldn't just bring any random girls home, especially if you're a celebrity. >> reporter: police still haven't identified the women calling them persons of interest. but investigators believe this may not be the first time they've pulled off this kind of crime. >> i'd be shocked if this is the only robbery this pair has done. >> reporter: the nypd explains they're seeing it more often, women intentionally targeting men in bars and clubs to get into their homes. >> a large majority of the time it doesn't get reported because people have been caught in a compromising situation. and they don't want anybody to
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>> reporter: marci gonzales, abc news, new york. >> very scary. you never know when it could happen. >> yeah, i mean, you just try not to bring home some randoms from the club is what you shouldn't do. >> you know, when you have your bottle full of bub -- yeah. >> when you've consumed this much and two ladies say they want to go home with you, you make the wrong decisions? but i can't really feel sorry for him. >> you don't feel bad for him. >> he had a good time. exactly. >> oh, boy. >> all righty. williams makes $5 million a year. i'm sure it was insured. but man, everything looks better after a bottle of this. >> coming up, redefine ing art appreciation. the artist creating a whole new kind of art by reimagining the
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you're watching "world news
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resentment among minority groups at what defines classic art has historically been the void of diverse voices and expressions. >> one young artist is changing that but reimagining the great masters. here's abc's mike bickell. >> artist ca hin day wiley made
2:47 am
his spin on art history. for 15 years, he has taken to the streets all over the world to ask men and women of color to model for his portraits. while contemporary, the works have an historical air to them because he draws inspiration from classic paintings, posing subject who's often appear in street clothes to mimic paintings by the old masters. he has carved out a place for a community that has traditionally been ignored throughout art history. a disparity he's been wear of since his youth. >> you saw the works of gainsboro, reynolds, constable. what effect did they have on you? >> my mother sent me to a school that allowed me to see some of the best art institutions in los angeles. among them were examples of some of the great french and british portraits. gilded frames, powdered wigs, jewels and lap dogs, all of the sort of strange code for class. and in a strange way, what i did
2:48 am
most underserved communities in california into one of the most resplendent rooms florida los angeles. i was here able to picture things that i wanted to see. i was able to imagine what i would. and the only limitations within that field were my imagination. >> reporter: despite having pained people of color almost exclusively for over a decade, his training began like so many other artists in art classes painting nude mostly white women. >> i was wondering if the challenges of moving what i would assume is mostly painting white women in theard studio, nudes and transitioning almost 180 to clothed black men. >> it's arguable i know how to paint white women better than i do black men because so much of my educational history came from the tradition of having nude female models in live art classes. and to that degree, i think it's really fascinating to know there is very little in the way of a rule book on how to get the
2:49 am
greens that go into shadows and highlights of black skin. even if the paintings aren't nude portraits of white women, in a strange sense they are. in a strange sense, they're indicting the ways in which we code for masculinity and femininity. >> for wiley who identifies as gay, masculinity as it relates to race and class is very much at the center of his work. in 2012, he shifted had his focus to a subject that has always been central in painting naturalized. women. >> by and large women have been there for male connion. even when we change account subject matter, the history has been presupposed in such a way that even and structurally, the way of looking is directed towards a male gay as creative creatures, we have to sort of know that habit. we have to criticize it, poke
2:50 am
>> so how does he see his own work in relation to the paintings he saw as a child? you are sort of re-creating poses of old masters. is it parity in a sense? >> what you end up is this type of parallel commentary. it's neither something completely new nor is it the original object. it's the third object that sits on its own plane that at once critiques and celebrates a history. i want to be able to create paintings that are mysterious and snarky but i also want to make paintings that are sincere and able to change the world. you're not able to get all of that, and my job as an artist is to continue trying. > mike bickell, abc news, new york. well, there is no trying. he's doing. he's definitely doing well with that, and props to mike bickell that piece. as well. >> is that right?
2:51 am
>> beautiful work. >> i love the twist. very interesting twist on art. >> coming up, another young
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it was a really tight race there at the box office. really close. >> you like your "star wars." >> yeah. >> an entire generation has witnessed the rise of justin bieber, the pop sebization to hard partying trash talker who has had scrapes with the law. >> those are the good things. that's not correct. scrapped it out with the law. ooze duked it out. is that what i want to say. >> now we're finding out how far
2:54 am
here's abc's rachel smith. >> reporter: he's the boy with the golden voice. yeah, i can't be the only one >> reporter: turned platinum superstar. i'll be platinum, i'll be silver >> with a tarnished record. but this year, justin believe ser polishing his reputation. rehabilitating his image and apologizing to his loyal believers. >> is it too late now to say sorry sfleets merck scooter braun telling "the new york times" people don't realize just how bad the situation was two years ago. he wanted to tour and honestly, at that time felt if he toured he could die. the megasuperstar couldn't seem to stay out of legal trouble. >> don't ask me about it again. >> reporter: from allegedly egging his neighbor's home to a dui arrest in miami which led to a night behind bars. >> his life was kind of spinning out of control and it was about everything but the music. >> reporter: the once fan
2:55 am
image far enough to be booed off stage at a fashion event. but less than a year later, making an emotional comeback at the 2015 vmas. >> well. >> reporter: and now his latest album "purpose" smashing it records beating out the beatles for the most songs on the hot 100 at one time. >> we finally saw it turn around when he came out with a great song, a great album, and his fans responded in kind. >> reporter: and whatever fans or critics may think. what do you mean >> it looks as though the biebs is back. rachel smith, abc news, new york. he can also be a very graceful loser, too. he congratulated the hospital. he congratulated me. >> now we know who he's been hooking up with or meeting up with late at night. >> i love this photo. i look like a glamorous kardashian girl. >> is it too late for him to say
2:56 am
>> never too late to say. sorry
2:57 am
this morning on "world news now," holiday disaster in north texas. >> nine tornadoes slammed the dallas area before barreling to the east. the climbing death toll, the property loss and the snowstorm that's not far away. travel delays from accuweather. >> under fire the chicago police department in deeper trouble after two shooting deaths. the heart break and what's next for this police force in crisis. fighting back, denver star quarterback peyton manning accused of doping. now the accuser is changing his story and manning is taking action. and later, movie money. "star wars" fans problem to hollywood "the force awakens" is a blockbuster. the box office records and the
2:58 am
it's monday, december 28th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." hey, good morning, everyone on this monday after christmas. did you have a good christmas? >> it was a good christmas. it was a fantastic weekend. i should point out my biggest christmas gift so far. >> well, hello. >> this huge bottle. >> i'm surprised you made it into work today, kendis. >> and it's empty. >> yes. >> and you didn't think to take the day off today. >> i didn't need it. sad part it was empty boxing day, the day after christmas. what does that say? somebody that knows the true way to my heart and also knows how to order this sort of gift. >> a little bottle. more than a little bottle. >> anyway. your christmas. >> i'm sure you did, as well with the family. >> it was such a great christmas. breaking. >> we've been following this throughout the weekend. the storms relentless throughout
2:59 am
the holiday heart break, thanks to mother nature. at least 11 people are dead after nine or more tornadoes tore through the dallas area. >> police spokesman describes the scene as total devastation. winds up to 180 miles an hour. it will be months before everything is rebuilt. >> reporter: the christmas twit twisters gouged their way across mile after mile of the texas landscape turning neighborhoods into debris fields and towns into disaster zones. >> we pray and support those who have lost a family member. we pray and support those who have had their homes destroyed. >> get back inside? >> >> reporter: for residents, it was a night of terror. >> you could see all the transformers blowing up. >> reporter: the tornado that tore apart garland, texas was clocked as an ef-4 in the neighborhood of rowlett, the ferocious gusts made play things of large trucks like these and
3:00 am
as the death toll rises, those who survived the devastation are giving thanks. >> just very grateful that we're all safe. all in this can be replaced. >> reporter: in missouri, flooding like this led the governor to declare a state of emergency sunday night. the same storm system is dumping heavy snow from new mexico to michigan. and spiking the misery index for holiday travelers. >> i would call it a nightmare, yes. that's a good way to put it. i would call it living hell. >> reporter: more than a thousand flights in the u.s. canceled, 4,000 delayed. that weather is on the move. chicago with a winter storm warning facing the teens was winds reaching 60 miles per hour. and with those storms taking big aim at hubs like chicago, atlanta, it's discouraging to travelers. >> impacting a huge area. from the gulf coast to the midwest and onto the northeast, paul williams is tracking it
3:01 am
paul, good morning. >> thanks, reena, kendis. unfortunately it looks like these storms that caused such mayhem over the weekend will take another swipe at the deep south. this time targeting all of alabama, mississippi, down towards louisiana, primarily the new orleans area and to the north hitting nashville, central kentucky, and then just a little small southern tip of indiana. wraned around this, we'll have heavy showers which could cause localized flooding around raleigh towards atlanta. >> our thanks to paul there. those weather worries just up the coast from los angeles, as well. firefighters now have the upper hand on a brush fire in ventura county. it's now 75% contained. the fear is that if heavy rainfalls on the more than 1200 burned acres causing a landslide. that could again close some busy whiz.
3:02 am
fires at two muslim houses of wore shin have been called intentional. near sacramento, a fire bombing after islamic center, members of that mosque demanding a hate crime investigation. attack. >> we're going to turn our focus overseas to iraq where there are reports of fierce battles between isis fighters and iraqi forces in the city of ramadi. the baghdad government has been trying to retake the city for several weeks now and the head of isis in iraq and syria speaking out after months of silence. abu bakr al baghdadi said air strikes by the international coalition only increase his group's determination and resolve. >> isis is under a lot of pressure. he felt the need of sending a message to his followers. we're still here, we're still strong, we're undefeated. >> the pentagon says the united states hit isis targets in iraq and syria with 17 air strikes on christmas day alone. well, there's growing demand for answers after another deadly police involved shooting in
3:03 am
one of the victims bettie jones was remembered at a vigil yesterday. investigators atbly the she was killed by accident when police answered a call. alex perez is covering the violence and the controversy. >> reporter: the chicago police department again under scrutiny after another controversial shooting. 55-year-old bettie jones and 19-year-old college student quintonio legrier dead. >> we got two people shot. shots fired by the police. just to confirm. >> yes, they were. they were. >> reporter: early saturday morning, police responding to a domestic disturbance call on the top floor of this two-story home. legrier reportedly threatening his father with a bat. >> upon their arrival, they were confronted by a combative individual. >> reporter: jones lived on the ground floor. loved ones say she was opening the door for police when legrier began to make his way down the stairs and she was caught in a spray of bullets fired by police. authorities saying jones was accidentally and tragically killed. the police department extending condolences. frustrated loved ones demanding answers.
3:04 am
and ask questions later? >> she should not have to come outside open the door and be shot down by a police officer. >> reporter: an emotional vigil for the victims. let it shine let it shine let it shine >> reporter: legrier's grieving mother says her son had mental health issues but studied engineering and had a bright future. >> he was an honor roll student, he worked hard, he cared about people. >> reporter: the shooting coming after protesters on christmas eve shut down shopping at parts of chicago's famed michigan avenue calling for mayor rahm emanuel to resign in the wake of the laquan mcdonald shooting. emanuel, on vacation in cuba, says the shooting raises serious questions, and the department needs to review how they respond to mental health cases. chicago police have not yet explained why exactly the responding officers opened fire. they are now on desk duty while the shooting is investigated.
3:05 am
>> the family of tamir rice believes it's unlikely a police officer will face charges for his deaths. rice a 12-year-old black boy was playing in the park with a pellet gun when he was shot by a white police officer. the incident captured on video. a decision by the grand jury is expected soon. that grand jury has been meeting since october. this morning sad news from the pro baseball world. former major league baseball player dave henderson perhaps best known for his postseason heroics las died. he played 14 years in the majors with boston and oakland a's. after a kidney transplant in october, he suffered au heart attack on sunday at a seattle hospital. he was only 57 years old. michael phelps is looking to make another career splash. the most decorated olympian in history plans to join arizona state university as a volunteer assistant coach. phelps is expected to start his coaching career sometime after
3:06 am
the now 30-year-old phelps briefly retired after the 2012 london olympics but he resumed training last year. >> time now for john madden's playbook otherwise known as "sports with reena," and a look at sunday night football. >> john madden's playbook. i like that one. >> he learned a lot from you. >> minnesota vikings, meaningless for the new york giants. he had had already been eliminated from the playoffs. the vikings on the other hand needed this game to clinch at least a wildcard spot and maybe even the division title. that's how the two teams played with minnesota taking out the giants. we're talking 49-17. wasn't even close. and it was the overtime. >> kenny: toss that decided the jets/patriots game. new england won the flip and surprisingly decided to kick off to new york, figuring we'll get the ball back quickly and score. instead the jets drove straight
3:07 am
for a 26-20 win. that improves this new york team's chances of getting into the playoffs as well as the chances of a week of second-guessing the patriots' decision. >> that was such a silly decision by the patriots coaching staff. >> you never know how it's going to turn out. >> you take the ball in overtime. you're the patriots. have you tom brady. >> i'm not going to make a deflate joke. withhold myself for today. >> exactly. we've gone through deflategate. so your significant other may second-guess the decision to spend $20,000 on a hoverboard. >> is that what it costs? >> this one. this one really hovers. it's the arc board and uses a fan to boost a person almost a foot off the ground and goes about 12.5 miles an hour. >> why are people doing this. >> because you can. >> just watch the "back to the future" movie and reval in that. the batteries only last for six minutes and it takes six hours
3:08 am
the arc board isn't available yet. the company propses to begin slipping next april. i don't understand why people are so into this. >> it's $19,000. boys need toys and that helps. >> all right. >> coming up "the mix," the high cost of cloning a beloved family pet. we're introducing you to one very special puppy. >> also ahead, a football superstar peyton manning accused of doping. a strange twist in the story and how manning is taking action. counting the movie money as "star wars: the force awakens" perks up hollywood bank accounts thanks to a block buster. >> collect us out on facebook you're watching "world news now." poh, right then i'll swing by in like 4 hours. forget the tacos! one pill lasts 12 hours. i'm good all day. wait!
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a little girl from maine who is battling cancer has had her number one christmas wishful filled. she got to the meet patriots quarterback tom brady. haily steward met with him over the weekend. it started with this video invitation. >> i heard you had a special christmas wish that you wanted this year. and i've got one, too. >> what did you think when he said your name? >> i'm crazy. >> that's great. haley said she will never watch the spot on her head where brady gave her a kiss. number 12 signed her jersey and gave her a hat to match his, as well. >> that was very sweet. very, very sweet.
3:13 am
making headlines. denver broncos star peyton manning now describing the doping allegations allegations against him as defamation. telling nbc "football night in america" he will probably sue. >> he's fighting back controversy follows a documentary that aired last night and al jazeera. abc's mary bruce with the story. >> it's a joke. it's a freaking joke. >> star quarterback peyton manning is furious and fighting back telling abc's sister network espn that allegations he used performance-enhancing drugs are simply not true. >> it's completely fabricated. complete trash, garbage. it's more adjectives i'd like to be able to use. but it really makes me sick. >> explosive allegations against a member of the first family of football. the denver bronco is a five-time league mvp. a new al jazeera documentary claims his wife was supplied human growth more mone a substance banned by the nfl while manning was being treated
3:14 am
neck surgery in 2011. the report features someone it identifies as a former pharmacist, charlie sly who reporter >> all the time we would be sending ashley manning like growth hormone all the time,er from, florida. it would never be under payton's name, always under her name. >> he says it never happened. >> have you ever used hgh or any performance enhancing drug? not. >> reporter: sly is recanting his story in this video. >> the statements on any recordings or communications that al jazeera plans to air are absolutely false and incorrect. >> reporter: he tells espn he made up the story to test the undercover reporter and according to the clinic, sly did not intern there till two years after manning was treated. al jazeera is not commenting on sly or manning's claim that their report is false. mary bruce, abc news, washington. >> coming up in our next half
3:15 am
the faa estimates about 1 million new droughns ended up under christmas trees this year. this morning, what users now need to know to keep from flying into trouble. but first "the force awakens." what the new "star wars" movie did this weekend that no other movie in in galaxy has ever done before. you're watching "world news now."
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ne test text1 italics test text1 plain >> oh, one of my favorite graphics. "world news now" "star wars" edition.
3:17 am
i'm still thinking it's emeril la gas see coming back to "gma." i'm still on that. we don't know. millions of excited "star wars" fans have been cramming themselves into packed theaters for a taste of the "force awakens." >> the proof is in the box office receipts. the force raking in $1 billion in 1 days. here's kayna whitworth. >> nothing will stand in our way. >> reporter: "star wars" the force awakens in hyper drive. $1 billion at the box office in 12 days. >> it was really good. >> it was amazing. >> reporter: beating last summer's blockbuster "jurassic world" by a day in the billion dollar race. catapulting the film into the record books. the dinosaurs, no match for a galaxy far, far away. the biggest christmas day showing in box office history. $49.3 million. fans all over the world breaking out their lightsabers, making the biggest worldwide debut, at
3:18 am
and it hasn't even shown in china yet. disney, the parent company of abc, purchased lucasfilms in 2012 for $4 billion. experts say surpassing the $2 billion mark and overtaking "avatar" as the highest grossing movie of our time is a real possibility. >> if any movie has the chance to beat that number, it would be "star wars: the force awakens." >> reporter: and the good news, fans, two more films are in the works. kayna whitworth, abc news, los angeles. you were saying you haven't seen this yet. >> i haven't seen it yet. i'm going to go see it this weekend when i head to disney. one thing i find fascinating and will tell you how much money then movie has potentially made, it has not opened in china yet, the world's second largest movie market. it opens on january 9th in china. then boom. >> it's hard to get any film into china.
3:19 am
don't you think so? you know all about the wookiees getting into china, don't you? >> it's like looking in the moir. >> number one, chinese likely to turn us around. >> that's awesome.
3:20 am
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3:21 am
helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day. and now it's time for "the mix." you know, very big now and apparently boxing day which is big in england. >> december 26th. >> there was a cloning of a dog. got to take a look at this couple who spent over $1,000 to clone a dog that passed away. their favorite dog dylan. this one you're looking at is chance. they named is after the character in their favorite disney movie homeward bound. that's dylan, he passed away almost two weeks after he died. the couple decided to go through with the cloning thing. there's a rule you can only do
3:22 am
but a south korean company is involved with doing this. it's going to cost you $100,000 if you want to clone your dog. they were overjoyed when they felt like their old dog was brought back to life. they say they look exactly alike. >> fascinating. stephen king showed us how it's done in pet cemetery. i'm worried about what that dog going to come back as. might be a freaky attack dog. you know what's a scary scene? something we don't get to see too often, what earth looks liking from outer space. you see all those dots? that's the amount of space junk that is orbiting the earth since 1957. this new graphic shows all the crap that's out there right now. there are about 20,000 pieces of spent rocket parts alone. about 500,000 bits the size of marbles floating around earth. >> that's a relief. >> nasa tracking a lot of them. >> i thought this was what
3:23 am
world sneezes. during cold and flu season. >> that is exactly. that's a completely different commercial. >> different commercial. so you don't think -- yeah. thank you. you don't think of sugar free when you think of weddings. food is important when you go to weddings. >> so is alcohol. >> one couple decided to go the healthy route. the gorgeous, gorgeous couple decided this he were going to make this the healthiest wedding you won't believe some of the different -- isn't that like -- they just had incredibly delicious food. >> where is the fried chick. >> and there's no chicken. that's the thing. kale, steamed vegetables, fresh fruit for dessert. you could have a thai green papaya salad and even had yoga. there was two certified chardonnays from organic one. it's supposed to be better for your body to break down.
3:24 am
take a look at this quickly.
3:25 am
this morning on "world news now," holiday storms from tornadoes in texas and arkansas a snowstorm seen there threatening to ruin the holiday travel plans. the big threats in the hours ahead from accuweather. >> defiant terrorists. the first message from an isis leader in seven months. his threat and what it means as isis face heavy losses. >> new this half hour, a high 300 miles. >> the coast guard capturing the scene as crews spent 20 hours in a relebt relentless chase of a and saying hello to even more success. adele just broke a record in the music business, and it's a
3:26 am
he already set herself. that's in "the skinny" on this monday, december 28th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> hey, good morning. for many people. >> we say hello. i'm kendis gibson. we do thank you for joining us. it was a rough weekend in the lot of people who are hurting this morning. devastating tornadoes in the nation's midsection. there was just damage in arkansas with a twister tearing off the roofs and uprooting trees. this video just into us this morning. >> in the dallas area, at least 11 people are dead and several hundred homes destroyed. furz our coverage begins with abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: those tornadoes exploding over these north texas suburbs. >> get back inside. >> reporter: this one turning into a pillar of fire as it blew up transformers.
3:27 am
that's a tornado! >> reporter: and sparking panic. those 11 people killed in separate locations at least five died as the storm descended on i-30. >> i see it. it's crossing the highway right there. i can see it. >> reporter: in the pitch black saturday night, those flashes of lightning. >> gosh, it's big, illuminating that monster. the sirens blared as that wedge darkened the sky. that same system bringing flash floods all the way to missouri. the tornado that crashed down in garland, texas, clocked in as an ef-4. in the morning light, the devastation revealed. >> walking and driving around the area, you can see it is total devastation. >> reporter: from this aerial footage, you can see that line of damage a football field wide. as if a giant claw had raked semis and trucks tossed like toys. trees uprooted, ancient oaks snapped. the winds so strong they tower. authorities evacuating everyone
3:28 am
power lines twisted around the shattered neighborhood like yarn. hundreds of homes and structures damaged, dozens completely destroyed. and in the wreckage, we met norma jimenez. she and five family members clustered in a bathroom as the storm ripped down their house. >> we're just very grateful that we're alive and that we're all safe. all this can be replaced. >> reporter: the clean-up has already begun in earnest. people have come through to try to pick out the few belongings they could still find. it has gotten 40 degrees colder with this rain coming down, making the clean-up that much more miserable for the families here. matt gutman, abc news, garland, texas. >> that powerful storm system is producing blizzard like conditions a little to the west of there. travelers found the roads impassable with white out conditions and numerous accidents, hundreds of flights were canceled. and thousands more delayed. and there are more flight cancellations already today.
3:29 am
yes. that's a good way to put it. >> our flight to power toe val they can't find our bags. we have to drive to houston now. minneapolis, chicago, and detroit area can expect snow and here's meteorologist paul good morning. reena. yet another round of deadly storms expected in the deep south, but instead of texas, this time we're looking for it to hit portions of mississippi, eastern mississippi, all of alabama, tennessee up towards the nashville area with much cooler air to the north and rain wrapping around with the possibility of flooding over towards raleigh and scattered showers slowing down traffic in atlanta. as far as the north is concerned, bracing for a hit of real snow for the first time in awhile. we're expecting, get this, 6 to 12 inches of snow hitting the extreme northern tip of new hampshire and then covering a good portion of maine and 6 inches of snow covering montreal. brace for old man winter to come
3:30 am
back to you. kendis, reena. >> paul, thank you. it's not just people in danger from the extreme weather. more than a dozen horses had to be rescued from rising water pasture flooded. they didn't want to move. the owners say they have limited depth perception. so workers led them to safety. much of central indiana was under flood warnings after and major flooding problems in northern england. weeks of heavy rain have put cities and towns underwater. hundreds of people have to be evacuated in york about 200 miles north of london. extra british soldiers were sent into the area to help. more heavy rain is expected this week. the head of isis in iraq and syria is speaking out. after months of silence. abu bakr al baghdadi urging muslims worldwide to join the fight. he made renewed threats.
3:31 am
of isis after seven months of silence and for only the second time, abu bakr al baghdadi appears desperate to rally his beleaguered fighters who have lost ground and leadership. iraqi forces backed by u.s. coalition air strikes have taken the strategic city of ramadi. 2015 has not been a good year for isis. losing its second in command to american bombs, its territory in both syria and iraq shrinking. >> isis is under a lot of pressure. and he felt the need of sending a message to his followers. we're still here, we're still strong, we're undefeated. >> reporter: in this message, baghdadi issues a call to arms among the world's 1.5 billion muslims. quote, "waging this battle is a duty upon every muslim and no one is excused." he also threatens israel directly, promising to liberate palestine. the president here in hawaii did not interrupt his vacation to comment on the isis message or its authenticity. the defense department did issue a statement congratulating iraqi forces for their success in ramadi. jim avila, abc news, with the
3:32 am
thank you so much, jim. the families of two people shot the weekend, they're demanding answers. investigators admit one of the victims, a 55-year-old mother of five was killed by accident. bettie jones answered the door when officers arrived about a domestic dispute. >> why you got to shoot first and ask questions later? >> she should not have to come outside, open the door and be shot down by a police officer. >> the other victim quintonio legrier was a 19-year-old college student. he was shot seven times. three men are in custody after leading authorities on a wild speed boat chase in the gulf of mexico. this is insane. the suspects were accused of stealing a speed boat in ft. myers, florida. they fled after trying to ram the sheriff's department boat eventually joined the 20-hour chase. the pursuit spanned more than 300 mice. they were captured about 70
3:33 am
>> we'll go the extra mile. in this case, we had to go an extra 344 miles. >> they weren't worried about anything other than getting away. >> police say the stolen boat is valued at $350,000. include burglary and grand larceny. the owner of the boat says he's proud how hard law enforcement worked to catch the suspects in >> that's right. they deserve something a little extra for that. 340 something miles? >> the long arm of the law. they were so far. so close to cuba. >> wouldn't you worry about your gas running out? there's no way to fill up. >> i think that's probably what happened in the end. >> okay. now we know. and this is a fish story about the one that got away. thank goodness. a fishing charter off the florida coast was visited by a great white shark. it took a bite out of the bait, circled the boat a few times and decided to move on for another snack somewhere else. >> the charter boat captain says he often sees sharks but not great whites.
3:34 am
12 feet long and says you never know what you're going to see out there in the water. >> just like to remind everyone this took place in florida, my home state where all the excitement, entertainment, and animal activity takes place. >> home to all of our theme music, as well. all the excitement. if we only did a news cast about florida, seriously. >> i would love to do that. i would love to anchor that. call it the floridian. >> call it "world news now" because that's what the case is. all the interesting stuff that happens. >> you're right. >> coming up in "the skinny," the high-priced celebrities that want you to know sesame street is making a big move. >> also ahead, the hottest christmas present of the year. kendis, you got one of these. drones taking off and crashing. the safety concerns and who is sounding an alarm. >> later, a life-saving gift for a newlywed couple. the groom finds out after exchanging vows he's set for surgery. after a look at our florida forecast map because we're florida all the time. 86 degrees in orlando.
3:35 am
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3:37 am
a frightening scene captured on camera in new rochelle, new york, as a car plows right into a convenience store. police say an 88-year-old woman who was driving and lost control. one man inside the store was hit. he was taken to the hospital but expected to be physically okay. the cause of the accident under investigation. let the record show that was not in florida. >> true, but she was probably a floridian visiting family. >> oh, boy. atlanta is marking a milestone at the airport. the hartsfield-jackson airport
3:38 am
passenger sunday. this is the busiest airport and the first to handle 100 million passengers in a year. traffic at the airport is up 5% this year. that 100 millionth passenger was picked up at random from a delta flight. >> i was stunned. you know? very surprised. had no clue. there was no way, no way i could be the one. >> yes, there is way, mr. larry kendrick. guess what, you won a new car. two round trip tickets and $500. not thousand, 500. only one downside. for mr. kendrick. the celebration caused him to miss his connecting flight. that's worth it, though, come on. >> wow. who knew flying delta would result in that. and speaking of really large numbers, how about this one. one million drones getting set to invade our skies. >> that's how many drones the faa estimates wrapped under the christmas tree this year.
3:39 am
government initiative to help keep our skies safer. here's abc's marci gonzales. >> reporter: across the country this weekend, drones barely out of their christmas wrapping, already crashing and colliding. these unmanned aircraft, causing more than just mishaps. they can be downright dangerous. just last week at this world cup event, a drone narrowly missing a champion skier. and last month, one barreling down onto a race in massachusetts, cutting two of the runners. >> i heard some commotion, so i quickly looked over and i just saw the drone coming down. >> reporter: in an effort to track down anyone whose drone goes rogue, the faa now requires all unmanned aircraft weighing more than half a pound to be registered. anyone who doesn't could face up to a $27,500 civil fine. >> think about that this is not just a toy, that this is something that could endanger other people's lives if you use it irresponsibly. >> reporter: people using drones as a hobby don't have to be trained or certified to fly. but with so many potential
3:40 am
spiecher's dart drones are popping up nationwide. >> i think it's irresponsible of people just to go out and launch these without any none, preknowledge of what they're doing, where they're flying, and what the situation is around them. >> reporter: teaching everything from the rules to how to keep this from happening to you. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. wow. >> i got one of those useless toys for christmas. i have no idea what i'm going to do with it. >> it's a high end one. it's a really nice one that you got. >> it is a pricey one that i got. i don't really like taking that many pictures of myself. did bring it in here though, clearly. >> and you can't find it. we'll track the audio and see exactly where it lands. >> where it goes. >> it's ridiculous. i lived in d.c. technically. you can't fly a drone in d.c. it's a wonderful thought about you, >> you have to register it. then you can fly it, right? >> not in d.c. it's illegal. >> okay, d.c. folks, go trade it in for a gift card. >> coming up, adele breaks yet
3:41 am
her own. and the three most pirated movies of 2015. is your favorite on the list? "the skinny" up next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
3:42 am
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3:43 am
topping our headlines this adele is breaking her own record. >> her new album "25" continues to rewrite recording history selling more than a million copies in its fifth week of release and enjoying its third platinum selling week. >> sales of "25" apparently enjoyed a holiday bump increasing by 46% over last week's total. the album has sold a total of 7.13 million copies. >> 7,130,000 copies. that's incredible. >> did you purchase? >> i did buy it. >> okay. you're one of those people. >> i thought i was going to get a record player for christmas. >> that's what you wanted. >> and bought the adele record. >> you should have given us hints about that one. >> yes. so next, we all know how to get -- how to get to sesame street. and it's not via pbs anymore.
3:44 am
show announced its moving from its home of 45 years to fancier richer diggs. we're talking hbo. now we're getting a sneak peek of the season. a new trailer with cameos from pharrell and jon hamm and tina fey. sunny day >> shouldn't there be applause? >> yeah. >> excellent. on my way to where the air is sweet >> you're just in time. >> yeah. >> exciting. >> oh, the 46th season of "sesame street" will air two new half hour episodes on saturday, the 16th of january at 9:00 a.m. followed by one new episode each saturday nine months later, they'll be aired for free on pbs. they didn't completely sell out. >> you can still find them on pbs, but just not the latest episodes. >> they'll start out on hbo. it's not hbo. it's tv. >> next to some fresh buzz from another series set to start next
3:45 am
>> we have been amazed at the teasers for the "people versus o.j. simpson" showing off the uncanny transformation of john travolta into defense attorney robert shapiro. and now fx has quietly been sending out streaming links to journalists to binge watch the first six episodes. >> so far the buzz has been generally positive mostly in regards to the cast, sarah paulson in particular for her portrayal of prosecutor marcia clark. the series begins its run on february 2nd. >> finally, speaking of dvds and streaming, we're learning which movies were the most popular to pirate in 2015. >> pirate sit tracking firm xcpo has pegged the top three most pirated movies. number three "avengers: age of ultron." >> and number two "furious 7" at nearly 45 million downloads. >> and drum roll, "interstellar" 47 million illegal downloads and
3:46 am
ten, jurassic world, american sniper," " 50 shades of grey"." the surging numbers are an indication film piracy continues unabated. pay for it. people worked hard for this stuff. coming up, giving the gift of life in a very big way.
3:47 am
p we've been changing things up with k-y love. oh yeah. rit's a pleasure gel that magnifies both our sensations. it gives us chills in placesp we've never gotten chills before. yeah, it makes us feel like... dare to feel more with new k-y love. i take prilosec otc each morning because you can't beat
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ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. finally this half hour, two american couples, they were separated by hundreds of miles and brought together by two extraordinary acts of kindness and generosity. >> total strangers now connected forever by a gift exchange unlike any other. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: the day that jay matuska and jackie sitkowski married in milwaukee, they had
3:49 am
news they'd ever hear. >> we were doing the rehearsal and then we both looked at our phones. >> reporter: and heard this message. >> so your test looks good. very good. >> reporter: meaning that for jay, who needed a kidney transplant, a match had just been found. found, hundreds of miles away in georgia, where a man they had never met, blake underwood, had volunteered one of his own kidneys for the newlyweds. >> i was just great fwl to be able to be in a position to help. >> reporter: here's the twist. blake was hoping to give a kidney to his own mother, who needed a transplant, too. but he was not a match for her. guess who was? jay's bride, jackie, in milwaukee. >> she's very passionate about helping others and she stepped up right away and volunteered. >> reporter: and so, the two kidneys traded addresses, and saved two lives. now, two families who couldn't be more connected, have connected for the first time. >> thank you. i definitely thank you and i appreciate you. >> we share that same feeling,
3:50 am
>> i'm just so grateful to them for coming forward and thankful that a match was made. >> reporter: and from us, congrats on your marriage, your mom, and the new future for all four of you. since not all gifts this time of year come in through the chimney. john donvan, abc news. oh, i love that story. also the fact that what an unexpected twist that they were both able to help each other. so important. it's also important, folks, if you're interested in helping someone else to check off that little box when you sign up for your driver's license that you donate. you're willing to be a donor in the case of a tragedy or death. >> you forget how difficult of a task it is for so many people on those lists. >> a match, right? >> exactly. good for them. >> what a great way to start the year. don't miss our updates on facebook at >> coming up, more news from abc. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. "world news now," informing
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