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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 29, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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making news in america this morning, winter weather. snow and ice finally hitting parts of the u.s. after record-breaking december warmth. the massive system on the move right now. we're tracking it all. breaking overnight man hunt over. ethan couch and his mother taken into custody. his new look, darker hair. the so-called affluenza teen back on his way to the u.s. a drone hovering over the president's motorcade. secret service stepping in. the pilot's explanation. gigantic game in the record books. dropped from a blimp, the supersized version of a
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good tuesday morning. after record-breaking december warmth the first major winter storm battering several states right now. >> absolutely. let's get right to the radar. that system stretching from wisconsin to maine bringing everything from snow to ice to heavy downpours. this is the scene right now overnight outside of boston. the snow and ice snarling traffic and delaying flights on one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. >> all this after the same system spawned deadly tornadoes in texas. abc's megan hughes has the latest. >> reporter: after an unusually warm december, the first snow falls in maz this morning. ice melt and shovels fly off the shelves. >> it was kind of like black friday-ish. >> reporter: plow trucks are ready. >> hopefully accidents will be minor. >> reporter: from high winds and icy roads creating treacherous conditions in wisconsin to
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state's death toll climbed into the double digits. a snowdifficulty in new mexico trapped this couple in their car for 20 hours until rescuers broke the windshield to free them. >> my wife was shivering and shaking so i got into the passenger seat because the driver's seat was full of snow from us trying to dig out so we cuddled up together. >> reporter: air travelers had nothing to do but wait. >> i've been stranded in the airport for 50 hours. >> reporter: almost 3,000 flights canceled across the united states yesterday according to flight aware. the weather system spawned more tornadoes bringing terror to florida and arkansas. >> drive. get on the gas and go. >> that's it. that's a tornado. >> reporter: while cleanup began near dallas where a 40-mile scarf splintered homes and debris show the aftermaths that took 11 lives there. washington. >> thank you.
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>> this morning, it will be a slick commute for most of the northeast on the map here albany, hartford, boston, all cities in that pink icy area. mostly rain for new york city and south. 6 to 12 inches of snow from wisconsin to maine when it's all over with. okay, let's get to the other overnight. the capture of the so-called affluenza teen, ethan couch. >> this is the first image of couch since he was detained in mexico. note he's dyed his hair black in an obvious attempt to avoid detection. >> couch and his mother are on their way to guadalajara eventually transferred back to texas. couch was found responsible for a crash that killed four back in 20 2013. >> but his lawyers claimed his upbringing prevented him from being able to distinguish right from wrong.
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for him since december 12th. the race for the white house and donald trump is on the attack. he's taking aim at someone new. new jersey governor chris christie and mr. trump still firing shots at possible rival hillary clinton and her husband, the former president. donald trump's new target. >> chris christie. >> chris christie. >> christie. >> going after chris christie last night in new hampshire ripping the new jersey governor for embracing president obama after hurricane sandy. >> it was unbelievable. he was like a little boy, oh, i'm with the president. >> reporter: the republican front-runner also blasting christie for the bridgegate scandal suggesting the governor knew about the lane closures. >> they're closing the biggest bridge in the united states, the most traveled on bridge, one of them in the world and most traveled in the united states. you're doing that and you're not telling the governor. and you're with him all the time. >> reporter: the latest attack coming after the new hampshire union leader endorsed christie. >> what a pile of garbage that newspaper is.
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the paper's publisher comparing trump to biff in "back to the future" movies. >> also a failing newspaper. going down the tubers. >> reporter: trump also going after not just one clinton, but two tweeting if hillary thinks she can unwleesh her husband with his terrible record of women abuse while playing the women's card on me, she's wrong. that tweet coming after hillary clinton accused trump of sexism in an interview last week. and in an interview with abc news back in 2013, trump seemed proud to consider bill clinton a friend and told cnn back in 2008 that his infidelity was totally unimportant. >> only five weeks till the caucuses in iowa. new this morning, family members of a little syrian boy who drowned while seeking freedom have arrived in canada. the image of alan kurdi drew international outcry. he died with his mother while
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his aunt and uncle and five children arrived in canada to start a new life. they're among 25,000 syrian refugees the canadian government has pledged to welcome by the end of february. a potential security breach during the president's vacation in hawaii. a drone briefly flew next to his motorcade before secret service agents approached the man controlling it. it was in traffic driving slowly. no charges will be filed since it was apparently an dent. and speaking of president obama, we're getting our second glimpse of him on the golf course during his current vacation in hawaii. there he was on the 18th green unable to repeat the successful 40-foot chip into the hole that we saw a couple of days ago. eventually he got the ball in the hole. good going, mr. president. >> so the president possibly wanting to say good riddance to that round of golf right there. exactly what a lot of people here in new york city's times square did during the ninth annual good riddance day.
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they needed to get out of their lives. they put into a shredder. it shed redded paper and will be used as confetti to help ring in the new year. >> so all comes full circle come january 1st. >> better to rain down on someone else. still ahead, taking our news feed, the facebook post, now confirmed a hoax. >> lost in the wood, in their zero temperature, teenager found with no time to spare. plus, caught on camera. dangling high in the air, skiers and snowboarders forced to rappel down a ski lift. right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days
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snowboarders at a ski resort in canada. this snowboarder seen dangling among a group forced to climb down a ski lift that broke down. 2015 is going out with a whimper on wall street. both the dow jones industrial average and s&p 500 are lower year. it's the first time either could end the year in the red since the recession. the dow yesterday lost 24 points, s&p was off 4 1/2 and the nasdaq slid 7 1/2 yesterday. whole foods is paying a hefty fine to settle claims it overcharged new york city customers for prepackaged foods. the grocery chain is paying $500,000. it's also expanding policies to prevent mislabeling and incorrect pricing. regulators initially demanding $1.5 million. just last year whole foods paid $800,000 to los angeles, santa violations. so apparently getting hacked may be the best thing that ever
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dating site. the site which specializes in arranging extramarital affairs says its membership has spiked since the data breach. there are more than 4 million additional members. there's still class action lawsuits pending as a result. what's in your investment portfolio. stocks, bond, gold. maybe you should put money into legos. the set of popular children's building blocks have increased in value 12% each year since 2000. gold just missed 10% but that's only for lego sets that have never been opened. you got to have the box. >> what we have to tell our financial adviser. >> he'll probably think you're crazy. >> he would be right. when we come back, right place at the right time. a driver saved after a fire chief jumped in action. fined for watching his daughter's halftime show. the nfl player forced to pay
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flooding in the south right up the east coast icy roads in nuclear later. flying, airport delays likeliest in minneapolis, philadelphia, new york city, boston and atlanta. no criminal charges are being filed against the two cleveland police officers in the death of 12-year-old tamir rice. >> he was carrying a toy gun when he was shot dead last year. a rookie police officer killed rice within seconds of arriving at the scene. family members furious over the grand jury's decision called the investigation a charade. >> simply put, given this perfect storm of human error, the state's miscommunications by all involved that day, the evidence did not indicate criminal conduct by police. >> prosecutors say there is a long list of mistakes. >> trying to lose the case, that he was trying to exonerate the officers. >> prosecutors say there's a long list of mistakes which led to the tragedy, among them, they say dispatchers failed to relay
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scaring people at the park was probably a juvenile with a toy gun. heavy metal fans are mourning the loss of motorhead front man lemmy. the ace of spades >> even i lemmy kil mister died after learning he had an aggressive form of cancer. they're urging fans to have a drink or two and listen to his music. a utah family thankful to have their son home after a harrowing ordeal. he became separated from friends during a hunting trip and wound up spending nearly 30 hours in the frigid wilderness. during that time he walked 11 miles believing if he stopped he would have died. he was hyper thermic when he was finally rescued. a daring rescue in the meantime, in pennsylvania.
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dash cam here, this car slammed into a pole and unconscious driver is trapped inside the burning vehicle. within seconds that is yorktownship fire chief nate jumping out of his truck pulling the driver of the vehicle to safety. the chief didn't even put on his firefighter jacket before racing into action. a favorite player among the fans of the san diego chargers has been slapped with a rather odd fine. safety eric weddle now fined $10,000. his offense staying on the field at halftime during their recent game against miami so that he could watch his daughter perform in a dance program. a team spokesman says players are required to be in the locker room when game plan adjustments are made. give me a break. >> bad moves all rpdz the year. every nfl team will play next sunday the regular season's final day and that's when all the outstanding playoff issues will be decided.
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the highlights from our guys at espn. he's stan, i'm neil. >> we have the broncos and bengals. bengals already in the playoff, broncos trying to get there. they went to overtime. tied at 17. brock osweiler, the backup quarterback in for the injured peyton manning to demaryius thomas. how does he make that catch? unbelievable. so, that led to this. field goal attempt from brandon macmanus who missed one earlier. >> badly. >> knocked that one down so it's 20-17 denver. a.j. mccarron and a shot, the broncos got a field goal so the broncos get their chance and broncos are in the playoffs. steph curry did not score a point in the first quarter and riley curry wants to know why. that was against the kings, war
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his first of the game. see, he shot with 3:16 left in the half. dude's made six in a row after that. 17 by half. this omri cast kaspi doing his best imitation. 29-1. they win again. >> terrible shots for anybody else but routine for steph curry. >> back to you. >> thank you, gentlemen. up next in "the pulse," scary moment on live tv a pregnant anchor fainting and what she is saying this morning. netflix has the perfect solution to get your kids to bed early on new year's eve. need new theraflu expressmax. theraflu expressmax combines...
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with a scare from a news anchor while on the air and happened to cnn's poppy harlow. she's six months pregnant and was talking about the war on terror when she appeared to pass out on air. her words slurly as the cnn graphic aired. >> bad news for the obama administration. we have this new cnn/orc poll which is quite a -- quite a turnaround in -- >> that's really scary to hear. >> it really is even though you know she's okay. the network quickly cut to a commercial while the twitterverse exploded over the news but harlow was back reassuring viewers that all was okay saying she's just got a little hot. >> sometimes when you're pregnant you can have low blood sugar but headed to the hospital and she tweeted she and her baby girl are just fine. >> so you may have seen the
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that, you know, mark zuckerberg is going to give away millions to regular people because he's just great even mentioning it was on "good morning america." >> but only problem is it's all a hoax. to be eligible to be among the 1,000 winners they say you have to copy and paste the text and post it in your own status. facebook quickly responded saying zuckerberg's pledge to give money to improve the world is real unlike everything you read on the internet. i never fall for those cut and paste things. >> that was my get rich quick plan. back to legos. >> back to lottery tickets. if you try with your kids begging to stay up until midnight on new year's eve netflix may have a solution. you can call up a countdown any time you want. that's the key, you can do it at 7:00 at night. there's a choice of hosts drawing from their favorite shows. >> the streaming service says nearly half the parents in english speaking countries would like to put the kids in bed by 9:00 and more than 40% already
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it this year. netflix promises it will not tell the kids it's not midnight if you don't. you can tell the kids it's going to be christmas tomorrow and put them to bed early and tell them in the morning santa forgot. that's mean. don't do that. i'm kidding. finally a unique way to crank up some hype. a giant board used for cornhole set up at the goodyear blimp base in florida. >> that is huge then cheerleaders -- did somebody say cheerleaders from michigan state and alabama took turns tossing giant bean bags from the window of a blimp. some 200 feet above the board. the spartans and crimson tide mascots were there. the school's football teams play on thursday night. >> you know the whole thing was an attempt to set a guinness world record for the largest ever cornhole game. >> even if they didn't get that.
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medicine. checking our top stories the so-called affluenza teen from texas has been captured in mexico along with his mother. ethan couch had been on the run since earlier this month and is wanted for a probation violation. two people have been arrested in belgium on suspicion of planning attacks in brussels during the holidays. prosecutors say they found military-style uniforms and isis propaganda. belgium has now raised its terror threat level. the severe storms in the post-christmas travel a nightmare. thousands of flights canceled or delayed. g at ing at today's weather, snow in new england, local thunderstorms and showers in the south and still more snow west of the great lakes. well, it's one of the most popular gadget gifts this year and possibly the pose dangerous.
4:28 am
saying that. everybody is talking about hoverboards and clearly timed for this year's 30th anniversary of the "back to the future" s you might say people are falling head over heels for the two-wheeled devices and heading back not to the future. but to the emergency room. >> abc's gio benitez has that story. >> reporter: as many reveal what they got for christmas, one of this year's hottest gifts leaving many in the hospital. wipeout after wipeout. even professional athletes like baseball player dan uggla hitting the ground. and this u.s. representative taking to twitter to show off his hoverboard injury. we've seen the fires linked to hoverboards. the consumer products safety commission now investigating 21 fire incidents across the country. even tweeting this warning got a hoverboard for christmas. might want one of these. major airlines even banning the
4:29 am
the batteries catching fire. >> i was surprise. i didn't think i would get injured that badly. >> this goes so fast. >> reporter: xavier terrell documented his first hoverboard ride. falls twice bloodying his knee. the cpsc says it received dozens of reports of injuries and is expecting that number to grow. experts urge everyone to wear proper safety gear before taking one for spin. >> if you want to be someone taking care of yourself get wrist guards and a helmet. >> reporter: gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> i hope you have wrist guards and a helmet. you got one. >> i got a drone but it really is everywhere. i saw a church choir on christmas day using it as part of their performance. >> what? >> the hoverboards. that's incredible. >> i thought you got a hoverboard and a drone. >> no. >> fly up in the sky. >> no, both are scary and dangerous. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great tuesday.


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