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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  January 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> the cemetery hit again by vandals. >> wyatt keeps happening so often and what makes this worse -- why it keeps happening so often and what makes this worse. >> and the fans who found getting to the game to be a big challenge. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] reporter: some snow squalls will be moving to the area over the next few hours. >> our meteorologist joins us. it is finally starting to feel like winter. >> encounter changes and so does the weather pattern here. we have readings pretty much into the 30' s, cold enough to support some snow. little disturbances coming to the atmosphere right now. let me take the cloud cover away and i will show you where the snow is falling. you can see what' s happening is, it comes through, like snow
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more intense. then as you look out to the west , that is where we have been seeing most of the activity. this is getting a little more together. you can see what' s happening on our local radar. perhaps a snow squall right there. a little bit of intensity right there and perhaps a little bit of mix. this is marching its way eastward. i think we will be in the boston area around 7:00 tonight. he will push its way to the south shore by 9:00, and certainly in the overnight hours looks like the skies will be clearing away. you' re driving along some try roads, suddenly get one of these snow showers, and it can make things slick very quickly. we will talk about the ocean affect snow in our forecast, all coming up in a few minutes. jc? jc: a deadly attack at a popular bar in tel aviv is caught on camera and newscenter 5' s john atwater is live at the breaking news desk with the video of the
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john: right now, police are still looking for this gunman who killed two people in this attack. the video is chilling. this first video is from inside a pub in tel aviv. you can see people eating and drinking, and then out on the side walk, you see the gunman approach from the right hand side, and he just starts spraying the street with an automatic weapon as people run for their lives. there is a second video and this comes from a shop next door. the gunman walks up to a cart, putting down a bag, and then within moments it appears he pulls a gun from that bag and then runs out to sidewalk where he begins shooting. police say he fired more than 15 rounds. again, two were killed and police are still investigating the motive as they look for the killer. live at the breaking news desk, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: isis is behind the new year' s eve terror threat that forced the evacuation of two train stations in munich. a german security official says islamic state extremists planned to blow themselves up at
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there are no longer any concrete indications of an attack. anchor: year' the victim, 24-year-old aaron gant was shot on grinnell street near pleasant street just after 7:00 last night. he was rushed to st. luke' s hospital, but they were unable jc: right now, three people, from serious injuries after a crash involving two all-terrain vehicles. one of the victims had to have his leg amputated. s juli mcdonald is live in fitchburg. juli: i just got off the phone with the police department. less they heard, the youngest victim in this atv crash was in stable condition. everyone is alive but they' still recovering from serious injuries. s a tragedy. enjoy new year' s eve and just unfortunate. reporter: a tragic end to the year for families in fitchburg -- two men and two young boys were badly hurt in an atv crash on ashburnham hill road.
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night. neighbors in the densely wooded area could see emergency lights flashing through the trees. >> they were all parked right here. they stayed here til midnight. we knew it was something bad. juli: a 32-year-old and a 6-year-old had to be flown by medical helicopter to umass medical center. the child was in respiratory arrest, the man had suffered a serious leg injury. >> one of the patients had his left leg amputated. taken to the hospital by ambulance. deputy fire chief dateo told newscenter 5 when it comes to atv' s, riders unfortunately don' t have to be driving fast for something bad to happen. >> they' re like a motorcycle. no seat belts, i don' t know if any of them wore helmets or not. a minor accident could be a severe injury. juli: part of this police investigation looks to determine whether alcohol was a factor in the crash. next that 6:00, hear from a
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crash and called 911. live in fitchburg, julie macdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. anchor: a firefighter and one tonight after this 5-alarm fire in spencer. in a barn on main street. both victims suffered minor injuries. boston firefighters are mourning the death of a beloved brother who is the longest serving member of the international association of firefighters. former boston firefighter michael mullane died early friday morning after battling a brief illness. the 68-year-old represented iaff members in the 3rd district for more than 30 years as district vice president. boston fire department spokesman steve macdonald says mullane was a legendary union official in both the u.s. and canada. jc: it' s happened again. vandals, toppling dozens of gravestones and monuments at a west bridgewater cemetery. newscenter 5' s jack harper is there live. families must be heartbroken. reporter: they are. we' ve been here before. the last time was back in november.
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for the families affected, it is devastating. >> this is the 5th time for 2015. this is the worst. there were 33 stones affected this time. >> most pleasant hill cemetery graves are those of veterans -- many date back to the civil war. >> that one was previously broken. these are the oldest stones in our cemetery. reporter: going back to? >> 1751. reporter: this lot of time and went through the tiny cemetery. >> when i pulled in i had no tears. reporter: west bridgewater police have checked out the damage but the earlier cases are still pending. t sure how many repairs can be made,or how they will pay for
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>> i have to contact the living relatives if there are any and welcome their new year. and if there are no living relatives i have no idea what we are going to do. reporter: the police are looking but they have looked before. it could be the same people who think this is some sort of funny thing to do our something like that. people here cannot understand it. jack harper, wcvb newscenter 5. anchor: new laws take effect today in massachusetts. minimum wages now $10 an hour. that will go up to $11 in january of next year. the wage hike excludes certain employees, including tipped workers. the state' s attorney general said the wage increase provides more security to workers, but that there' s still work to be done to fight poverty. an uncertain start ot the new year for many emc employees. the hopkinton-based data storage company has said it would cut jobs this year amid a massive takeover bid from dell. it' s unclear how many employees would be cut. emc is attempting to shed up to $850 million in annual operating
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the job cuts would take place in the first three months of this year. jc: commitment 2016, two of the top candidates for president are soon visiting massachusetts. on saturday, democrat bernie sanders is planning two rallys, one at umass-amherst and at north high school in worcester. on monday, republican donald trump will headline a rally at the tsongas center at the u mass-lowell. a less than ideal start to the new year for two fantasy sports websites. the new york attorney general wants fanduel and boston based draftkings to turn over profits made in the empire state to the gamblers who lost the money. that number is around 200 million dollars. the a.g. filed a lawsuit that would also require the sites to pay a hefty fine to the state. it' s the latest move in new york' s attempt to shut down the popular sites. phil: new at 5:00, a travel nightmare for some winter classic fans today. a single commuter rail departed from south station to gillette for the big game this morning.
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because the train was full. that did not sit well with many who travelled all the way from canada only to be stranded 3 miles from the stadium. taxis and ubers eventually showed up. >> got to the station at 10:45 and they told us the station was at 10:15. one train to the stadium, that' s it. there' s no timing on it, no station location. >> i' m a season ticket holder. the mbta failed us. >> we' re supposed to rely on uber or we walk. phil: taxis and ubers eventually showed up. a spokesman for keolis says they had no complaints about service today and the train was not sold to capacity. meantime, a baystate native
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in place of the bruins. >> the bruins are not feelin' good, uninspired by the energy surrounding them, the bruins get the new year off on the wrong skate. here' s what the home of the patriots looked like today with 67,000 fans filling all the seats and the standing room only. bruins and canadiens ready to go -- holliston native mike condon' s goalie mask reminding him to do his job. tuukka rask also looking for inspiration from the champion patriots. but it' s montreal' s big day up 2-0, max pacioretty bats a puck out of the air and brendan gallagher re-directs it home 3-1 montreal, and they definitely handled the ice conditions better than the bruins, skating better and handling the bouncing puck better.
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family here tonight. i don' t think you could script it and a better. -- any better. >> it will have more coming up at 6:00. jc: she was truly unforgettable. phil: natalie cole dead at just 65. the outpouring of love for the grammy-winnig singer. jc: historic flooding in the midwest. people trying to cope, as hundreds of homes and business
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jc: natalie cole, the voice behind unforgettable music, is dead at the age of 65. the grammy-winning singer died last night after complications from on-going health issues. the singer' s 1991 album "unforgettable, with love," sold nearly 14 million copies.
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cole' s best-known songs inlcuding "unforgettable," in father' s track. to the news of cole' s passing on twitter. singer patti labelle says, sending prayers and condolences to all the liked ones of my buddy nataliecole. she will be genuinely missed but her light will glow endlessly. and the legendary tony bennett saying, she was a lovely and generous person who will be phil: trapper john from tv' s "m.a.s.h." has died. 82-years-old. he appeared as an army surgeon alongside alan alda for just the show, but he was one of the show' s most loved characters. in the years after "m.a.s.h.," rogers returned to tv regularly, including a recurring role on he was also a successful money manager and investor. jc: pope francis weclomed the new year by urging people to overcome indifference. the pontiff also said it' s time to stop what he calls false neutrality regarding the injustice, persecution, wars and
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he also wondered aloud how long human evil will keep sowing violence and hatred. the catholic church dedicates new year' s day to the theme of peace, and this year pope francis is stressing mercy as the path toward reconciliation. take a look, flames lighting up the sky, as a three-alarm fire rips through a nearly 200-year-old church in west orange, new jersey this morning. firefighters were called to the scene around 5:00 a.m. it' s not clear how the fire started, the church, which dates back to 1827, was listed as one of the 10 most endangered historic sites in new jersey. phil: investigators in dubai still trying to determine the cause of a spectacular fire in a luxury hotel. flames engulfed the 63 story building just as crowds were gathering for the city' s new years eve fireworks display. crews are on the scene today assessing the damage. 14 people suffered minor injuries when they were evacuated from the hotel. a photographer stuck on the 48th floor made a frantic plea for
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>> i need help. i already posted i am here, 48 floors up. if this is my last chance, so be it. firefighters about 2 hours later. jc: rare winter flooding has devastated much of the midwest people still missing. while some communities are still bracing for the mississippi river to crest others are , dealing with a big clean-up. reporter: two main higways, flooded and shut down for days, are now back open in missouri, a welcome sight for residents, . including the millers, calling flooding this severe, a first. >> flash floods, the 141 corridor usually floods a little bit, but it' s usually opened in a few hours, but this has been like this for what, four dyas
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reporter: dwight davis captured this video of his flooded neighborhood, and these pictures of his home, saved by the sandbags. he was one of hundreds in the suburbs of st louis, told to evacuate, many still not allowed to return home, with authorities warning the danger isn' t over yet. this flooding was historic for the meramec river, cresting in valley park, 4 feet above the record set back in 1993. the water is starting to recede, but with the clean up, just beginning, the national guard will remain activated until at lease saturday -- least saturd ay. jc: if you look at the weather here, it' s chilly. reporter: a little disturbance moving through, barely any moisture. do because cautious as you are traveling. there'
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it' s kind because the nation of a couple things but a little disturbance moving through is creating this band of snow. it' s going to be offshore probably by 9:00 tonight. as you look around 128, we' re seeing a pretty good-looking band. just about moving into woburn and just about ready to move into waltham as well. again, there' s not a lot of moisture with this one. but it may put down a coating onto the untreated road. 495, picking up a band here. mount watch use it. as you look off to the west, towards athol. we are seeing a broken line from worcester down through hartford.
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hours, see how it slowly works its way right through boston. by 8:00 it is pushing its way through the south shore. by 9:00, 10:00 is moving out of here. there may be a few flurries left over. overnight tonight, skies clear away. we have changed our weather pattern. where talking more temperatures which are typical for this time of year as opposed to warm temperatures. evening snow showers and clearing overnight tonight. tomorrow it' s a sunny day. like today, we will see some clouds. i don' t think we will see any flurries either. westerly winds 10 to 15. here are the high temperatures tomorrow. struggled to get out of the 40' s. 34 degrees, look what happens over the next couple of days. stays consistent on saturday. look at this drop-off. high on monday only 20 degrees.
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again, 39 degrees in bridgewater tomorrow. new bedford, staying in the 40' s. notice how i' ve added some clouds here on monday afternoon. check out what happens over the cape on monday. we may be seeing some ocean effect snow. cape cod, cape and are in line to see some ocean effect snow as a look at monday' s forecast and there could be some accumulation out of it. basically a quiet they out there, a few clouds. a shot of cold air may trigger a few flurries. more important is this, we start monday. that will set us up for seeing some ocean affect snow. it' s possible 1 to 2 inches of snow could fall in isolated areas. temperature, just 28 degrees. tuesday, 26 degrees. the cold air is in place.
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s up a bit. we could see some mixed precipitation coming back into the forecast. the big event to look for is monday. if you' areas, that' seeing a little bit of snow. phil: celebrations of the new year continued in boston today with first day festivities. events kicked off in copley square at 11:00 this morning , night. they included performances by various music and dance groups as well as a photo op with mary poppins and a magic show. this is the first year boson has held events on new year' s day. jc: more bad news for bill cosby and his family. phil: the embattled comedian' s wife will now be forced to testify in a case brought against him here in massachusetts. when and where she will give her deposition. jc: some celebrate the new year with champagne on ice. others in icy water.
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phil: bill cosby' s wife will now have to testify about what she knows about her husband' s alleged sexual predatory behavior. and it will happen next week, in a springfield courtroom. jc: abc' s brandi hitt reports, for the first time since his arrest on criminal charges. the comedian is also speaking out online. reporter: all eyes are now shifting to bill cosby' s wife of 50 years, camille. a judge has ordered her to testify in a defamation lawsuit. the couple' s attorneys losing the argument that the cosby' s private conversations were protected under marital privilege. more than 50 women have come forward accusing the comedian of sexual assault and/or drugging
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the ame documentary, "cosby, the women speak." >> i don' t know how i ended up in his hotel room. >> i was in a bed, no clothes. the allegations and sat down with abc news last may. >> i been in this business 52 years. i' this. reporter: following his arrest wednesday, he posted on twitter, friends and fans, thank you, only to be blasted with several angry responses. >> we have confidence in his about justice for him. reporter: camille cosby has stood by her husband, calling him a kind and generous man last year. the comedian is back in criminal court the following week. jc: is your new year' s
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moves to get you started. also new at 5:30, starting the new year off in the arms of their loved ones. a very happy homecoming for 100 new hampshire national guardsmen. jc: and he may not be the brightest lightsaber in the galaxy.
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