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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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inches of snow. all the way up to cape ann and parts of plymouth county. it lookses like a coating to an inch. the cold is widespread for everyone before temperatures start to warm up midweek. we'll time out just how cold it gets right now as the "eyeopener" continues. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: new revelations expected today in the case of a babysitter accused of the unthinkable. but one thing has to be decided first. the factor that could change the entire case. emily: a rough day for the patriots won't keep them out of the playoffs. but they're not in the spot they'd hoped for. the fallout from yesterday's loss. randy: a militia occupies federal land in oregon. the cause they're fighting for as they defend arson suspects. it's on the eye for this monday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: also on the eye this morning. it's cold enough out there for this. crews at the blue hills ski area were making snow overnight. but these brisk temperatures
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won't last too long. good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price with cindy fitzgibbon. it's going to be cold for a little bit. cindy: you need cold to make snow. we have plenty of that to go around the next couple of days. you don't want to dress for what you're seeing this morning out the door because these are probably going to be our high temperatures for the day. right now it's not so bad. it's in the upper 20's to around the freezing mark. and the winds aren't all that active just yet but they are shifting around to the north and that is going to start to pull in much colder air. there are a couple of flurries out in the western part of the state right now. but these are associated with an arctic frontal boundary that is moving on through. this is the leading edge of much colder air. sing single digits near zero to our north. that's what is coming in as the day wears on. temperatures hold steady this morning. by late morning and noontime we're down a few degrees. it's noble the mid 20's by early this afternoon. sunshine this morning with some built-in clouds at the coastline this afternoon. look at the wind chill as we head towards this evening.
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it is down in the single digits and teens. you want to dress for those dropping wind chills as the day wears on. those wind chills going down below zero tonight. in terms of any snow today, there will be some but it will be very localized right along the immediate coast and the cape as those northerly winds set up ocean-effect snow bands that will hover through plymouth county and also on the cape especially the mid and outer cape and nantucket. that is where we do have a winter weather advisory. it gets started late this morning and is with us through tomorrow morning. there could be several inches of snow which will create reduced visibility and slipper erodes down this way as well. the cold is a concern for everyone this morning. let's get you out to the roads. you're going to want that heater going as the day wears on. jeff larson in for olessa this morning. jeff: good morning, everyone. it's a quiet start to the commute in terms of instance dentsz but here's the promise. it will be a very busy rush hour this morning. if you're going to work give yourself that extra time that you haven't needed over the last couple of weeks because everybody is coming back to work and school this morning. we can already see that here as we look at the southeast expressway.
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not jammed but an indication of that heavier volume we're going to deal with this morning. 93 southbound is a speed-limit ride at the moment. 10 min fritz 128 to downtown. across the zakim bridge. and that expressway ride is also only 10 minutes again at this point. that will get much busier and quite soon. route 24 and the turnpike are both moving very nicely. the mbta is is starting off with no reportedelays as services get underway. randy, back to you. randy: jeff, thank you. right now we are preparing to learn new details about a truly bizarre case. a babysitter accused of snatching a little girl right out of her home in the middle of the night. and that was just the start. emily: in just hours that suspect is expected back before a judge. the eyeopener's todd kazakiewich is live in newburyport with what we hope to learn. todd: emily and randy, good morning. we are hoping to learn where this bizarre case goes from here. as you may remember at the arraignment back in november, abigail hanna was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation after her arraignment in november to determine if she's competent to stand trial.
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at that time, a court clinician said she was experiencing hallucinations, expressed thoughts of suicide, and could not participate in her own defense. as you may remember, hanna is charged with kidnapping hamilton home, beating her, then dumping her by the side of a road. a couple driving by found the toddler even as a desperate police say she had cigarette burns on her body. the little girl's parents told police hanna had babysat for them before they fired her. we hope to learn more about this case in court today. reporting live, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: right now president obama is preparing for a critical meeting on gun control. today the president will meet with attorney general loretta lynch. he's expected to discuss potential executive orders to strengthen the nation's gun laws. that includes beefing up background checks required for gun purchases. on thursday, the president will participate on a town hall
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virginia. emily: several developments to watch for today in the race for the white house. republican front-runner donald trump will hold a rally in lowell tonight even as he takes aim at a big name hitting the campaign trail. former president bill clinton will kick off a push in new hampshire on behalf of his wife. trump calling it the worst thing she could do as the war of words between the two front-runners heats up once again. hillary clinton took shots at trump over his comments on muslims in america. and trump fired back brushing off his appearance in a recruiting video for the terror group al shabaab. clinton: you hear all of this muslim americans. it's not only shameful and offensive-- which it is is-- it counterproductive and dangerous. trump: hillary clinton created isis with obama. emily: trump's rally at umass lowell is scheduled to start at 7:00 tonight. as for bill clinton, he will be in nashua at 11:30 this morning before heading to an early evening event in exeter. also today, the trump campaign
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will hit the airwaves for the first time. "the washington post," which has seen the t.v. ad, says it focuses on islamic state militants and one point promising trump will, quote, "cut off the head of isis and take their oil." trump has vowed to spend $2 million a week airing the ad in early voting states like iowa and new hampshire. randy: six minutes after 5:00. right now a tense standoff on federal land in oregon. an armed militia taking control of a wildlife refuge. the eye's erika tarantal joins us with the move today that may ease tensions. erika? erika: randy, that's right. the takeover began saturday to rally support for two oregon ranchers facing extended prison sentences for arson. those ranchers are expected to turn themselves in today peacefully. the armed militia says this is a battle over federal land. some want it freed from federal oversight after dwight and steven hammond were sentenced to prison for lighting the land on fire to protect their own property from invasive plants. the government says they were
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trying to cover up an incident of poaching the armed protesters say they want to restore rights to the people. >> it is the duty of the people to put that government back in its place. >> bringing in a militant view saying we're going to rise up if we don't get our way, we're going to used armed resistance, that's just not right. erika: it's unclear if the ranchers' move today will stem the issue. protesters say they're prepared to use force if necessary. schools in the area are closed for the week, and the sheriff is urging people to stay away. randy? randy: today the mbta control board will be talking fare hikes. the group already voted to allow fares to be raised as much as 10 percent. but they haven't settled on a final number which is expected this month. activists and lawmakers argue a 2013 law was intended to cap fare hikes at 5 percent every two years. house speaker robert deleo is making a pledge for the new year-- no new taxes.
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he tells "the globe" the house won't propose any additional taxes or fees for the upcoming fiscal year. the state is facing an estimated billion-dollar budget gap. but deleo says residents should not pay more for state services. emily: the patriots are moving on to the postseason, but they're doing it in the number-two spot. and that loss to miami was painful. just ask tom brady. number 12 is now on the list of pats players who will have injuries monitored during the bye week. another thing we learned last night-- that first playoff game will be january 16 in foxborough. and some big additions could come with it. doug meehan will be live with that part of the story in our next half hour. a connecticut man arrested outside of gillette stadium with a slew of weapons is expected in court today. police say matthew bromson was drunk and acting suspiciously friday in an off-site employee parking lot. they found a stun gun, a sword, and a slingshot inside his car. bromson, who was was also the
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charges. randy: thousands of bags of a more lethal batch of heroin are off the streets in western massachusetts. 9,000 bags of so-called "hollywood heroin" were seized this weekend in springfield. police say they were hidden in a fake car bumper. police had stepped up patrols after eight people overdosed on that batch of drugs. a massachusetts man is dead after this crash on a new hampshire highway. 24-year-old eliecarmiche alvarado of rockland was killed saturday night after he veered off route 89 in grantham and crashed into several trees. a female passenger was airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries. a child in a car-seat suffered minor injuries. emily: right now in waltham, investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire that damaged several businesses on moody street. the flames broke out yesterday afternoon inside a laundromat. firefighters say the fire moved quickly through a space in the ceiling. at one point firefighters were
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because it wasn't safe. >> my daughter and i were over at shoppers cafe to watch the football game. the next thing you know, we saw the fire trucks pull up. the smoke was so thick billowing out of the building we couldn't even see the building from across the street so it got ugly kind of quick. emily: crews eventually got the fire under control. no one was hurt. right now a lawrence man is behind bars accused of dragging a state trooper with his car. police say it happened during a traffic stop along 93 south in medford. that's when the driver robert aybar allegedly took off dragging the trooper for a short distance. the trooper -- who was not seriously hurt -- jumped back in his cruiser and managed to chase aybar down. randy: the new carrier for "the boston globe" says it could take four to six months for home delivery to get back to normal. readers are angry after the paper shifted to a new delivery vendor. many subscribers haven't gotten a paper in over a week. "the globe" emailed customers,
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listing more than 100 zip codes with delays this sunday. a half-dozen zip codes were in boston even after "globe" managers and staffers volunteered to take on the deliveries themselves. even neighbors have a story to tell. >> my neighbor got one on saturday. right after christmas. we didn't. i'm not quite sure what's going on. >> now it's eight days, and i'm just wondering if we're ever going to get our paper again. randy: in a statement, "the globe" says a.c.i. media took new staff of 600 carriers who need to learn new routes and new addresses. emily: 5:11. this morning we're getting a first look at the tragic "el faro" shipwreck. randy: the images from 15,000 feet under, and the mission they could revive. an armed robber gets the tables turned on him at a 7-eleven. the handy object a customer used to defend the store. emily: new this morning. germs where you least expect
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them. restaurants' dirty secrets ahead. cindy? cindy: i am expecting some snow for the cape today. how much in those localized bands and the big cold blast on the way for everyone. that's ahead. first take a look at what you can expect when you head out the door this morning. temperatures in the 20's to around 30 degrees. don't dress for that. as the day wears on, wind chills will be dropping down through the teens.
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>> from norwood, good morning, "eyeopener." randy: you've heard "sweet caroline." well, that's sweet callahan. awesome job, kids. emily: very creative. you can always sing your own tune in your own wake-up call. we appreciate that. just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. if you're singing something this morning, it would be something like brrrr. cindy: all right. this isn't so bad this morning, but by this afternoon, brrrrr. coldest air of the season is moving on in right now. it is going to send the temperatures dropping and wind chills below zero tonight and into tomorrow morning. all the while, that northerly wind bringing in the cold is going to help to induce some
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will likely set up most prominently here on the cape and nantucket. that's where we do have a winter weather advisory, reduced visibility, slipper erodes, all the result of this snow that gets going later this morning. on radar this morning a can couple flurries west of worcester through the berkshires. not amounting to much at all. it's associated with that arctic front that is pushing through right now and and allowing that wind to shift around to the north and pull down much colder air. it is nine right now in syracuse. we just dropped below zero up in ottawa. and that's the cold that is going to pour on in. this morning not so bad. it's in the upper 20's in worcester. 31 in boston. 29 in beverly. it's got mid 20's in plymouth. we're right around freezing on the cape. not a lot of wind yet though. that wind is going to increase from near 10 miles per hour this morning up to close to 20 miles per hour this afternoon. that wind is just pulling in the cold so the temperatures hold steady or drop a few degrees as the day wears on with a mixture of sun and clouds. the wind chill is really what you want to dress for because by
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is down in the single digits and teens. that's where it holds through the afternoon into the evening hours. during the overnight hours, this is 8:00 tonight, notice that wind chill is dropping below zero and that's what it will feel like out the door tomorrow morning. yes, serious cold coming on in. you can see by late morning, it's a blend of sun and clouds for most areas but there are clouds along the coast. and these are those ocean-effect snow bands setting up here mid and outer cape. as the wind goes more northerly, they may start to pivot back. cape ann, coastal parts of plymouth county and of course the cape and nantucket especially going to see these bands through the overnight hours and they'll really hang on at times into tomorrow morning as well. so that is going to allow the snow to accumulate. i think it's just a coating to up to an inch. cape ann through most of coastal plymouth county. once you get on to the cape here to the outer cape and nantucket, there is where we could see one to possible up to four inches of snow and localized bands. low temperatures tonight single digits around 11 in boston. 20's on cape cod. the cold is with us first thing tomorrow morning and that high
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pressure settles right on top of us by wednesday. that is is going to shut the winds off and allow the temperatures to start to moderate as we head towards wednesday afternoon. we should be back up around 40 degrees gefnlt it's a milder stretch here through the end of the week. i just want to show you tomorrow morning out the door first thing wind chill s are are going to be sub zero. and through about 9:00 a.m., wind chills are still in the single digits. it's going to take us until noontime tomorrow to push those wind chills into the teens. so cold stuff throughout the entire day on tuesday. cold morning on wednesday. and then the warm-up begins. we're going to warm it up to around 40 degrees here by the weekend. we've got another system coming in so this one could bring us some rain mixed with snow especially in the higher elevations, something we'll watch. looks like a messy weekend after the cold blast the next couple of days. jeff: back to work for everybody on the roads too. cindy: that's one shock to the system. i think the weather will be the other one, jeff. jeff: look at the heavier volume on the expressway. it's been fairly light the last couple of weeks through the holidays. it's back to work, back to school and folks are hitting the roads. there's the southeast expressway. it's not a bad ride. we have no incidents to talk
5:18 am
about this morning but there's going to be a lot of company so keep that in mind if you're heading out this morning. you may need extra time since that's the case. now the ride at the moment on the mass turnpike is still in good shape. there aren't any delays of significance. it hasn't started to slow down too much. there's a lot of company out there. same story on 28 from 93 down to the turnpike. only 15 minutes which is close to the speed limit and route 3 is in fairly good shape as well. at the moment no incidents to talk about. again we can promise you a very busy commute as things get underway. emily, back to you. emily: jeff, thank you. in the right place at the right time. an armed robber at a convenience store in new york had no clue what was coming. as he's demanding cash from the clerk, a customer with a large flashlight rushes into store and starts hitting him in the head. this was all caught on camera at a 7-eleven just outside of buffalo. the robber managed to stumble away; police eventually caught him. randy: we are getting our very first look at the "el faro" cargo ship on the bottom of the atlantic ocean. this is new video of the wreckage, 15,000 feet deep in
5:19 am
the waters off the bahamas. the ship went down after the engine lost power during hurricane joaquin. 33 crew members were killed. the ntsb released the footage of the debris last night. cars that were part of the cargo are seen twisted and crushed along with office equipment on the sandy bottom. the video was captured by a deep-water, remote-controlled sub. three crew members with local ties were killed when the ship sank-- jeff mathias, keith griffin, and mariette wright. the ship's black box was never recovered. federal investigators are considering a new mission to try to find it. emily: economic headlines this monday morning. asian stocks plunged today, forcing markets in china to stop trading for the day. weak manufacturing data and tensions in the middle east weighing on the markets and driving up oil prices. right now u.s. stock futures are
5:20 am
down more than 250 points. randy: health insurance rates around the state are on the rise right now, and some premiums are soaring by rates in the double digits. "the globe" reporting that blue cross/blue shield premiums will go up an average 5 percent this year. fallon health premiums could go up as much as 17 percent. this comes as more and more insurers are dealing with the cost of expanding coverage under the affordable care act. the division of insurance will hold a public hearing on the issue next week. trying to stay social and healthy this new year? if you're dining out, here are three surprisingly dirty places in your favorite restaurant. first, the table. experts say significant numbers of bacteria, including e-coli, can live on tabletops. second, ice. cold drinks can be refreshing, but ice makers aren't cleaned nearly as often as they should be and may harbor bacteria. last, table condiments. things like salt and pepper shakers and ketchup bottles are
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and if they are, it's usually with a rag used to wipe tables and seats. emily: i think i'll be dining in for a while. randy: very discouraging emily: you've heard of christmas sweaters, but one guy is upping the ante when it comes to festive and fuzzy. randy: the accessory he grows himself, ahead. morning. erika? a wedding ring lost at store has some distinctive features. the markings that could get it back to its rightful owner. and new information on the boy who fell off a ski lift this weekend. his father's claims about the safety risks at the mountain. and police say this man's license has been suspended 88 times. how he's accused of trying to p find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich.
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5:25 am
especially where winter weather advisories are in effect through tomorrow morning. randy. randy: cindy, thank you. 5:25. erika back now with this morning's eye poppers. erika: a little boy in australia is becoming the latest internet sensation for this feat. he was caught on the big screen at a cricket game devouring an entire watermelon skin and all. i believe it's more like a rind, not a skin. he's being dubbed the "watermelon boy" by his fans. "hashtag watermelon boy" started trending on twitter. and of course there are not plenty of memes. who knows what it tastes like. i don't know if anyone else has ever eaten it. this, not and tieing. it's either very disturbing or very clever. an idaho man is raising money with his back hair. mike wolfe has his back shaved to match the month of the year and then creates a calendar. here the month is january.
5:26 am
patriotic, right? wolfe calls the project "calend-hair." some proceeds go to the "gates of hope," a charity through wolfe's church to benefit an orphanage in kenya. randy: i'm glad it's something positive in the end there. he's got so much back hair going on. erika: impressive growth though. he must take his vitamins i guess. randy: maybe too much. emily: thank you so much for sharing. still ahead. new data shows some doctors are not recommending a cancer-fighting vaccination. the concern that could be holding them back. and the playoffs outlook for the patriots. the teams they could face and the players who could soon be
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." (no audio) >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: patriots one of the disappointing stories we're covering this morning. 5:30 as we look at traffic moving across the zakim bridge. pretty nice on this monday morning. of course this is a day when people head back to school and back to work. good morning to you. i'm randy price.
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emily: back to reality. emily riemer. cindy. jeff in for olessa. a lot of company on the roads this morning. keep that in mind and bundle up. cindy: we haven't seen cold like this yet this season. it's coming. the kids will need heavy jackets and the coats out at the bus stop this morning. not so much for the morning temperatures as they'll be in the upper 20's but look at this getting off the bus this afternoon. it's in the lower 20's but wind chills are going to be in the teens so the temperatures tick down as the day wears on. it's really not terrible out there this morning. upper 20's worcester. 31 boston. around freezing on the cape. the winds are starting to shift around to the north now and pick up in speed. that is signaling a front pressing through our area right now. on the other side of this front, that northerly wind is funneling down much colder air from canada. it is below zero right now in ottawa. single digits in syracuse. and that's the air mass that is working on in. so as that wind picks up, wind chills are going to be dropping. by noontime it's going to feel like it's in the single digits and teens. that's where we sit through the afternoon.
5:30 am
is just one in worcester. it will feel like nine in boston. so this is why you need to bundle up today. all the while we're going to see a mixture of sun and clouds for the most part. notice how the temperatures slowly tick down. by 5:00 there will be some snow along the coastline. you can see that developing right around lunchtime mostly on the cape. some of those ocean-effect snow bands may pivot back toward cape ann. coastal plymouth county as well. snow bands likely to set up heaviest on cape cod. we have a winter weather advisory through tonight and tomorrow morning. there will be some accumulation. slipper erodes could result here. everybody will be dealing with the cold. let's get you out to the roads. back to reality, jeff. jeff: it is. we're sit ing there waiting and watching for the crush of volume to hit us. we're looking at the southeast expressway. we're seeing the heavier traffic coming in toward the city. not a bad ride at this point. we don't have any big incidents. that's always good news. let's go to the maps and see where things are happening on our roads. up toward the north on 93 southbound there's a tire changer off to the side on the
5:31 am
not yet causing any big back-ups. those concerns that we're working with as things get busier. the ride is only 11 minutes between 495 and 128. again it will be a much busier morning. it is is starting to slow down getting on to the expressway both route 3 and 128 start to go get slow. it's only seven minutes from derby street up to the split. emily, back to you. emily: jeff, thank you. some of the stories we're tracking right now on the eye. a babysitter accused of kidnapping a hamilton toddler from her home-- beating her, and dumping her by the side of a road-- is expected in court today. abigail hanna has been undergoing psychiatric evaluation since the november incident. today president obama will meet with u.s. attorney general loretta lynch about new gun control measures. he's expected to use executive action to, among other things, tighten background checks. emily: right now the connecticut man arrested outside gillette stadium with a slew of weapons is getting ready to face a judge. police say matthew bromson was drunk and acting suspiciously friday in an off-site employee parking lot. a painful loss for the patriots
5:32 am
now revealing new information about their playoffs battle. randy: the eyeopener's doug meehan is live at gillette stadium with the good, the bad, and the ugly. doug: hi, emily and randy. and there is plenty of all of that to go around this morning. the bad news-- the patriots will head into the playoffs as a second seed. they will face one of these three teams on saturday, january 16, in foxborough-- the bengals, the texans, or the chiefs. now to the ugly, and that's certainly what that loss in miami on sunday was. oh, my goodness. tom brady now nursing a sore ankle. the q.b. now on the list of players being monitored for injuries during the bye week. >> it's obviously a tough sport, and you know you see where you're at after 16 games. just keep fighting on. doug: the good news-- julian edleman, dont'a hightower, sebastian vollmer, and chandler jones are all possibilities for the playoffs.
5:33 am
beefing up the ranks for the injury-plagued pats. by the way, denver earned home field advantage in the afc playoffs after beating san diego. live outside gillette stadium in foxborough. doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. getting new information about chairlift. the eye's erika tarantal is here with the serious scare for a new hampshire family. erika: it certainly was, emily. the dad said watching his son fall 20 feet was one of the scariest moments of his life. the father couldn't hold on. he says the chair lift started the bar down. he said there was no one watching the lift to shut it down so he had to ride all the way to the top to alert ski patrol about the accident. >> i don't want any parent to have to make the choice about this situation that i had and to watch your child fall and not know if he's going to be okay. i mean, that's the thing that
5:34 am
erika: the boy is expected to be okay. he was treated for a concussion. a spokesperson for ragged mountain says the lift was properly staffed. he said they're investigating the claims that no one was manning the lift stop button. randy? randy: councilors at northeastern university will be available today after a missing student was found dead. the school's president says the body of 21-year-old dennis njoroge was found in the charles river on new year's eve. there's no further information right now on how he died, but his death is not suspicious. he had been missing since late november. this 21-year-old from laconia, new hampshire, is facing charges this morning after police say they clocked him driving 105 miles per hour in new hampshire ton. the state police called paul kimble with reckless driving. he'll be in court next month. emily: stranded sea turtles rescued off the coast of cape
5:35 am
cod. the wellfleet bay wildlife sanctuary captured this loggerhead at breakwater beach in brewster. experts say the stranding season usually ends in december, but warmer waters are keeping turtles here longer. since november, rescuers have recovered 520 turtles from cape cod beaches. 21 were saved since january 1. something will soon be missing from the grocery store. randy: the labels getting dumped. and a wedding ring lost inside a store could soon be reunited with its owners. the distinctive marks making it easy to identify. emily: and ahead in news to go, bill cosby's wife could be forced to testify against him. the rule that won't work in her favor, ahead. p with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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provided by luna. jeff: good morning arch welcome back to the "eyeopener." i'm jeff larson with an eye on traffic. it is back to work, back to school. we're dealing with much heavier volume now as people are going back to the roads as well. cindy: jeff, we have cold moving back in. the coldest air in the season working in as the day wears on. 30 in boston but the temperatures actually drop down to the lower 20's by day's end. wind chills will be in the single digits by this evening. so you want to descres for that. there will be some ocean-effect snow on cape cod. that winds down tomorrow. the chill is with us into your tuesday. not as cold midweek. notice 40's are back by the end of the week. emily. emily: that will be welcome, cindy. thank you. a mystery in plainville. police are searching for the owner of a wedding ring found in a local store bearing some unique marks. the 14-karat gold band was found at t.j. maxx on december 30. police posted the image of the
5:38 am
ring on their facebook page. it is engraved with the initials "a.j. to d.b." and a date of "nov. 27, '74" on the inside. >> we put it on facebook yesterday. there were a few telephone calls last night but nothing didn't match this at all. emily: if anyone is missing this ring, or knows someone who is, call plainville police. randy: bad news for "globe" subscribers. the paper's new estimate on when deliveries could get back to normal. and data showing some doctors don't recommend the h.p.v. vaccine. their reason why. plus police say this man had his license suspended 88 times. how he's accused covering it up
5:39 am
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with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena. randy: good morning. the eyeopener team ready with your news to go in newburyport and foxborough. emily: and erika is here with that tense standoff in oregon. we'll get to all of that. first though cindy here with your forecast and some temperatures we haven't seen in a while. cindy: are you ready. emily: no. cindy: you need to brace yourself for this. take a look with me. 31 in boston. not so bad. look to the north. it is sub zero. that's pouring in as the day wears on. you need to bundle up as you're heading back to work and school. coldest air of the entire season is working on in today. wind chills are going to be down below zero here. by tonight into tomorrow morning. all the while we're going to be tracking ocean-effect snow that
5:42 am
particular the cape, nantucket. this is where we have a winter weather advisory late morning through tomorrow morning. slipper erodes, reduced visibility, and minor accumulation as well. you can see that cold just sitting to our north right now. arctic front is coming through allowing that wind shift to the north. so the cold is going to pour on down as the day wears on. radar is actually picking up on a couple of flurries here. you may see one or two flakes in the air out in metro west this morning and west of worcester as well. but the air is very dry. so likely these are being detected by radar but not reaching the ground. nonetheless clouds will be mick ed with sunshine much of the day here. this morning. drop into the mid 20's midday. they keep dropping. by 5:00 p.m. it's down in the lower 20's. that's only part of the story too. by lunchtime, these are the wind chills if you're heading out on your lunch hour. single digits, teens. they get even lower by this evening down below zero tonight. so this is some serious cold working on in. that northerly wind is also going to blow that colder air
5:43 am
you can see some ocean-effect snow bands setting up here throughout the afternoon. they're very persistent on the cape overnight and even into early tomorrow morning before the relax. accumulation. cape ann through the coastal part of plymouth county. on the cape one to locally up to four inches of snow could set up. more of those persistent bands through tomorrow morning. the winds start to taper off and shift direction tomorrow so it's a windy start, a cold day. mid 20's the best we do. not as cold by wednesday. it looks like we're back to around 40 degrees in the afternoon. back to work and school though this morning. jeff larson getting busy. jeff: it is. a lot of folks on the roads this morning unlike the last couple of weeks. there's the southeast expressway. we've been talking about the heavier volume we're expecting this morning. that's a 25-minute ride from braintree to boston. the volume is pushing back on route 3 and 128 just trying to get to the expressway. we have a couple incidents to talk about. first of all, down on the south shore in duxbury at the ramp to route a exit 10 there's a crash there as the ramp restriction.
5:44 am
it's on the southbound side so it shouldn't be a major problem for people coming in toward the city. we've been talking about this tire changer at 93 southbound in andover. that is now leaving strask slow through andover before 495 down toward that situation. everything else is fairly good shape. just very busy. emily, randy, back to you. randy: a hamilton babysitter accused of kidnapping a little girl she once cared for is expected in court. emily: the eyeopener's todd kazakiewich is live in newburyport with what we hope to learn about this case today. todd: emily and randy, we are hoping to learn more about the motive for this shocking crime in addition to if the baby-sitter is indeed competent to strand trial. as you may recall, at her arraignment in november, abigail hanna was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. at the time, a court psychologist testified that hanna was experiencing hallucinations, was suicidal, and could not participate in her own defense. hanna is charged with kidnapping a two-year-old from the girl's home in hamilton, then beating her, and abandoning her by the side of the road. reporting live in newburyport,
5:45 am
todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. erika: an armed militia continues to occupy a federal. wildlife refugee along with a building there in rural oregon. the armed protestors angry over the newly extended prison sentences of two local ranchers set to turn themselves in today for arson. the government claims the two were trying to cover up poaching on federal land. they claim they were trying to control the spread of invasive plants. this standoff is the latest in a decades-long conflict regarding the use of public lands. the f.b.i. is now involved. locals are being urged to stay away from the area, and schools in the area are closed all week. doug: after losing to miami yesterday for the patriots it's all about moving on to the 16th, saturday the 16th here at gillette stadium this morning. who are they going to play? it could be the bengals, the texans or the chiefs in the second round of the play-offs with sunday's loss the pats are the second seed. with the next couple of weeks
5:46 am
it's all about getting healthy. tom brady nursing a sore ankle. we could see julian edelman, dont'a hightower analyst of others returning just in time for the play-offs. as far as that number-one seed, that goes to denver. that's because they beat the chargers yesterday. live outside gillette stadium in foxborough, doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: doug, thank you. 5:49 on this monday morning. police say the surveillance cameras here show 23-year-old andrew bowman punching a boston police officer while he was in his cruiser on new year's day. the officer called for help, chased down the suspect. police say bowman told them, quote, you're all doomed and you're going to die. emily: at least six people are dead and 100 more injured after a powerful earthquake in a remote region of northeast india. the 6.7 magnitude quake hit just before dawn there this morning. it damaged several buildings leaving large cracks in walls,
5:47 am
and a portion of a popular market building collapsed in the state capital. randy: the site of the deadly san bernardino terror attack is set to reopen today. nearly 600 employees of the inland regional center will return after a husband and wife opened fire there killing 14 people. leaders of the center say employees will meet in small groups this morning so they can discuss their feelings about returning. the conference center where the massacre happened remains closed indefinitely. emily: today the president will meet with attorney general loretta lynch. he's expected to discuss potential executive orders to strengthen the nation's gun laws. that includes beefing up background checks required for gun purchases. on thursday, the president will participate in a town hall meeting on gun control in virginia. randy: a man charged in connection with the worcester armory theft will be back in court today. tyrone james is charged with possession of some of the guns taken from the lincoln stoddard army reserve. james allegedly helped this man, james walker morales, sell guns
5:48 am
that police say morales stole from the center. a third suspect, ashlee bigsbee, is charged with unlawful possession of a stolen firearm and lying to authorities. emily: the boston globe's new carrier says it could take four to six months for home delivery to get back to normal. many subscribers haven't gotten a paper in over a week even after "globe" managers and staffers volunteered to take on the deliveries themselves. in a statement, "the globe" says a.c.i. media took over distribution last monday with a new staff of 600 carriers who need to learn new routes and new addresses. bill cosby's wife will be deposed in a lawsuit brought by seven women who accuse the comedian of sexually assaulting them decades ago. a federal judge denied a motion by camille cosby trying to block the deposition saying she and her husband are not protected by the marital disqualification law. she is set to be deposed wednesday in springfield.
5:49 am
miracle. a man walked into the church armed with a gun wanting to hurt someone. pastor larry wright says the gunman asked for prayers so he took the rifle and hugged the man, praying with him. police say afterward, the man was voluntarily committed to a mental health facility. emily: this pennsylvania man has his license and he could be caught speeding through the long island expressway on sunday. suspensions on his new york license after trying to dodge traffic tickets. when police pulled him over yesterday, officers say he gave them his pennsylvania license trying to hide his past infractions. randy: three people, including a minor, are under arrest in the murder of a newly inaugurated mayor in central mexico. gisela mota was found shot to death in her home on saturday. the former federal congresswoman had just been sworn in the day before. the state's governor is blaming
5:50 am
organized crime for the killing. a new survey is finding that a number of pediatricians and family doctors are not strongly recommending the cancer-preventing h.p.v. vaccine to preteens and their parents. that's contributing to low vaccination rates right now. third of doctors are more likely to offer the vaccine to girls and boys who are older than the recommended 11 or 12 years old. discussing the vaccine because emily: next time you go to the supermarket to buy meat, the label won't tell you where it is from. last month, congress repealed a law that required retailers to include the animal's country of origin. lawmakers say the moves comes after the world trade organization repeatedly ruled the labels violated a requirement that canadian and mexican livestock be treated the same as u.s. livestock. randy: an exclusive interview with one of the contestants at the center of a miss universe flop. miss philippines, the winner of the 2015 contest, will be on "good morning america" today. she'll talk about the mishap over her title which was initially given to miss
5:51 am
colombia. you can catch the interview this morning at 7:00 right after the eyeopener. emily: that was so cringe-worthy. that was brutal. cindy: speaking of brutal. emily: yes? a nice segway. cindy: there you go. we've got serious cold moving on in. you're thinking really? it's 31 degrees out there right now. how cold can it be today? this will be our high temperature for the day. notice that wind out of the north-northwest under 10 miles an hour. that will be picking up. and you can see that the dew point temperature is 23. i point that out because there's a good distance between the temperature and the dew point. the air is dry enough. but even though we're seeing some flurries right now on the radar through metro west, these probably are not reaching the ground. maybe a couple of flakes out there. otherwise, we're talking about this frontal boundary coming on through this morning. you see the winds out of the north, north of the pike, and more out of the northwest, south of the pike. that's our frontal boundary coming through triggering those flurries this morning. it's just basically opening up the door for that northerly wind to drain down the cold. it is two below zero in ottawa right now.
5:52 am
single digits back in syracuse. so that's the air mass that works on in. so even though right now we're in the upper 20's to around 30 degrees, by this afternoon, we're still in the 20's. those are our high temperatures today. so colder air working on in. however, the winds pick up so notice how the wind chills drop into the teens by late morning. the afternoon. so you want to dress for wind chills in the teens today. also notice by late morning, that northerly wind kicking up some ocean-effect snow bands. initially they're focused primarily on the cape. they may bend back to cape ann and coastal plymouth county as well. they'll be most persistent through the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning on the cape. that's where we could see one to possibly up to about four inches of snow. otherwise just a coating to up to an ench. you get away from the coastline you're dry. overnight low temperatures tonight. single digits around 11 in boston by morning. that wind will be active so the wind chill coming up tomorrow morning. take a look with me out the door 5:00 a.m. could feel like it's below zero. wind chills will hover in the
5:53 am
it will probably take us until noontime to feel like it's in the teens. that's about where the wind chill stays throughout the day. temperatures moderate on wednesday. notice what happens as we head toward next weekend. a little unsettled with some rain or snow in the forecast. this morning's forecast traffic and plenty of it. a lot of people out there. jeff: a lot of company on the roads as we expected. leverett connector has filled in. 9 southbound slow coming in towards the city. let's talk about some of those slow areas where we are looking at that heavier involve euvment first of all very slow on 128 getting toward the expressway. route 3 is a slow run as well. to expressway ride is over 17, probably about 20-25 minutes at this point for that trip in toward the city. up in andover tire changers leaving traffic slow coming 93 southbound down toward after 495 where that is located. then it's quite slow on 93 southbound coming past route 128 as well. final finally a crash working on the south shore in duxbury. southbound on the ramp to route 3a. emily, randy, back to you randy: new video of the "el
5:54 am
faro" shipwreck. emily: the debris spotted on the ocean floor, and the mission that could follow the sighting. and new this morning, avoid germs when you dine out. the surfaces you shouldn't touch at restaurants. randy: a few flakes coming down. our live camera here in foxborough on this monday
5:55 am
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