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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  January 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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harvey: and ocean affect snow makes it very cold and the northeasterly wind over the warm waters deposits it as snow equals. slightly over the water and slightly inland. anywhere from the south shore down. so marshfield on down to plymouth and sandwich is where the assisteddest snow is -- the assisteddest snow is -- steadiest snow is falling. nothing in boston north and west, but the bands will continue right along plymouth county and moving on to the cape in bands thrgh the night, most of the night anyway. it should be a done deal by early tomorrow morning. snow amounts are not really the big story, but the slippery roads are. one to four inches of snow south shore down to cape cod. and as far as temperatures are concerned we are already in the teens north and west of boston and right now the windchill are in the single digits in worcester and below zero in orange and pit field. we'll let you know cold
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digits to the low teens across most of the boston area. rest of the weather story in a little while. jc? jc: several students were injured when their car collided with a utility van. it crashed with the national grid van and another vehicle. at least five children were taken to area hospitals and their injuries are not life-threatening. it happened as light snow was falling during the morning commute. and the police are now investigating. phil: 5 on the opiod crisis. there is a deadly batch of heroin available in massachusetts. ed harding is here. ed, police in western mass made a huge bust. reporter: huge. before the bust was made two people died of over doses. three in chicopee. a batch of what is called "hollywood heroin" is to blame. springfield police seized thousands of bag on saturday night. they followed several accused dealers and it lead them to
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it was a vehicle with the fake bumper with all of the heroin you see. that doesn't mean all of the heroin is off the streets. the worcester d.a. says it is heading east that worcester county and beyond, and it is dangerous. >> right now it has killed five people within 48 hours. this is as bad as it gets. what we know is it is affecting people from worcester county. it is getting into the hands of people in worcester county and it has gotten as far east as boston. phil: they don't know yet what is in this batch of heroin that makes it so deadly. police remind us if you know someone addicted to heroin and they have over dosed, call 9-1-1 without being charged with drug possession. the good samaritan law will protect you. jc: police need help. they are looking for a man who held up two honey farms markets. in both cases he showed a handgun and took off with cash. the robberies took place just 10 minutes apart and detectives believe the same man is responsible for both.
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underway at a new hampshire ski area after a young boy there. doug said he could not hold on to his son as the 11-year-old sliped from the lift at rag ged mourn -- ragged mountain on saturday. the chair started to move before they could get the bar down and no one was watching so he had to ride to the top to alert ski patrol about the accident. >> i don't want any parent to have to make the choice or have the situation i had and to watch your child fall and not know if he is going to be okay. that's the thing that will traumatize me forever. phil: the boy is expected to be okay. a spokesperson for ragged mountain says the lift was properly staffed, but they will investigate the claims that no one was manning the stop button. jc: national security is a major issue in the 2016 election. phil: and one where candidates disagree.
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where candidates stand. jc: and the $500 million investment that the car maker just made. phil: and an incredible rescue of a deer stopped on the ice. look at this obstacle that the good samaritan over came to save it. let's get you out and look at the roads. the boppinger -- the bunker hill bridge is starting to move. let's see what we have. the upper deck to route 128, 18 minutes right now. out west on the pike, 17 minutes from i-93 to newton corner. farther west 24 minutes from the western tolls to 495, and once you get on 495 that stretch between the mass pike and 290 looks okay in both directions.
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are you watching newscenter 5 at 5:30. phil: over the next eight weeks leading up to super tuesday we will look at some of the major issues in the campaign. jc: recent terrorist attacks have moved national security to the top of the list. terrorism. >> this threat is magnifying. >> expanding beyond iraq and syria. >> we will strike america. >> eliminating isis or at least preventing the next attack as viewed by many as the greatest national security challenge the next president will face. >> there is a strategy and it is clear. >> our isis strategy is not working. >> it has become a key question for the candidates. how to take on isis and roll back its territorial gains in iraq and syria. >> paris underscores the
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europe, the degree of vulnerability in the united states and so i think we have to step up our game. >> some americans seem to agree. several recent polls show growing support for increasing military forces including deploying ground forces against isis. concerns and questions about strategy extend to the homeland. >> indications of radicalization -- reporter: where an apparent isis-inspired attack left 14 dead in san bernadino on december 2nd. the fbi says it has nearly a thousand active investigations into possible terrorist sympathizers in all 50 states. >> despite the best efforts of our security and intelligence professionals, there will be plots that succeed. we have to accept that. reporter: from the terrorist threat to nuclear concerns who ever -- who ever wins the white house will oversee the iran nuclear deal and deal with nuclear ambitions. another critical certain? >> we have huge vulnerabilities.
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>> small actors could create disproportionat harm in the united states against our insphraw structure and -- against our infrastructure and could bring our economy to a halt. reporter: and that's why the next president will have to develop better defenses to deter cyberattackers before they strike. congress is working to finalize a long delayed cyber information sharing bill this week. the legislation allows companies to share more cyber threat data with the government. reporting from washington i'm sally kidd. jc: president obama stepped up calls to approve an organization for use of military force against isis. lawmakers are divided over a proposal to congress he september in february. for more log on to and click on politics. next week we will get the candidates' positions on immigration reform. phil: when you are flying
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would suspect to come across. jc: the discovery that sent the plane back on an emergency landing. phil: and the rescue being called a self-less act. a deer saved from the icy river. the good samaritan who risked his own life. harvey: bitter cold is settling in and bands of snow along the south shore. how long that will be going on and how long the bitter cold for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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it was forced to turn around because one of the doors was open. the boeing 737 was at an altitude of 10,000 feet when crew members realized the door was not completely shut. a noise alerted them to the gap. the plane was able to land safely. no one was hurt, and some passengers did complain about feeling nauseous during the return flight. phil: general motors is making a generous investment into the ride company lift. gm will develop an on ton muss -- an autonomous network of cars. they will set up the rental hubs across the u.s. at the hubs people who don't own cars can pick up a car so they can work as lift drivers. gm is investing $500 million in this project. phil: folks who signed up for the carnival cruise seuss at seas may feel like the grinch intruded on their vacation. carnival slapped a $6 per plate fee on room orders
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wings and pizza, but cold sand witches and -- sandwiches and desserts are free. up until now it was all free. it applies to the entire fleet. mcdone willed thats rolled out the budget -- mcdonalds rolled out their new menu. you can choose two items for $2. it is the mcchicken mcdouble, the mod -- mozzarella sticks. jc: a man goes out on to a frozen river to help a deer in trouble. steve peterson spotted the animal in trouble while driving in his home in minnesota. it would take too long to call for help. so he grabbed the log and then used a trailer strap to pull the deer out of the water. >> if i would have ignored it and dismissed it, it would have eaten at me. i would have felt a sense of guilt. i would have kept thinking for
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have rescued the deer. jc: after the rescue he nicknamed the animal miss ice river. that's a lot of effort to go through. phil: a good outcome. jc: good for him, but good thing nothing happened to him. you may think the ice is frozen, but it is not always solid. phil: and it is a good reminder, harvey, that we have seen people go through the ice already. you have to be careful. harvey: we have to remember as recently as not so many days ago it was mild. we were reaching the 40s in the day. christmas was in the 60s. even though it is cold now, it doesn't mean the ice is safe, far from it. let's talk two things, snow and cold. the snow right now is along the south shore and cape cod. we do have a winter weather advisory for the cape and the islands. the bands will last the longest down on the cape through the overnight and first thing to tomorrow. they are all along the south shore and moving on down to the cape as i spook. this is all what we call ocean affect snow. you take this cold air that is
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northeast wind and pass it over the warmer waters of the ocean and still in the mid40s, and you pick up moisture and you deposit it right on the other side there. you can see which is the cape and as wind is initially more north, northeast, the band and south shore gets the bands as well. as the winds are more northerly, it will become island. but for now the south shore is still involved especially plymouth county. place. and that will continue into early tomorrow, very early. and then that leaves. the clouds will take alt while to -- will take a little while to exit. morning. so anywhere from a thin coating to half an inch has fallen like boston and southwest to millis, you will get into the accumulations. a lot of hairy driving along parts of 3 and 3a and the south shore moving on toward the cape. anywhere from one to four inches in these bands of snow are accumulating.
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part of the story. it is down to 7 degrees right now in pitsfield and wind gusts to 23 miles an hour. it is already 9 bayy low swreer -- 9 below zero. in boston tomorrow we could be around 12 degrees with a 15 mile per hour wind. that is a wind chill of 4 below. worcester is 5 degrees and even with a 10 mile per hour wind and that's enough to create a windchill of 10 below. make sure you are dressed warm with the kids because we haven't had that in the region. at least we will have the benefit of full sun. it is not as windy in the afternoon. it will be in the 20s. we are going to see a turn around. even though we are so cold tomorrow, as early as wednesday afternoon we get back into the 40s as the jet stream shifts around. thursday will be mild too. a few degrees cooler on friday and then we start to introduce some clouds. the winds come in off the ocean. and then as far as the weekend
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as the storm tries to come up the coast. but it looks like we can have milder ocean air to have mainly rain along the coast. inland areas maybe a mix. it is early and all of that. we will stay on top of it for you. that's the threat on saturday. possibly an additional storm which is more likely to be liquid than frozen. windy and colder by the beginning of next week and then after that period of time it looks like a colder pattern awhile. so that's how things are shaping up. have to bundle up for now. phil and jc? jc: no kidding. first the snow squalls today and then the bitter cold. it is like, hey, you are back from vacation. phil: people are opening up the drawers to find their hats and that kind of stuff. do you want to live like a founding father? crone national found a property you would like. jc: all you need is 4.9 million to own your own montecello. reporter: look familiar?
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the iconic home of the third president. but no, virginia, we are not in virginia anymore. this spectacular home is a replica in somers, connecticut. >> we are five miles from springfield. reporter: bill la plant heads up the team that built this historical recreation. the vision of s presley blake, founder of the friendlies ice cream chain. >> it was such a fun project. this 10,000 square foot home is currently on the market for $4.9 million. >> it is an awful lot of house for that number. reporter: the exterior is true to the original, but the interior makes concessions to modern tastes. today's pam terred home -- pampered home buyer may have quibbles with jefferson's kitchen. >> the kitchen in the original montecello con -- consisted of a fireplace in the basement
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you can light a fire under the vessel. . reporter: instead the home has the latest gadgets and gizmos. heat, light, sound and security controllable by iphone. state-of-the-art energy efficiency and luxurious finishes throughout. >> they wanted people to have that wow factor in every room. jc: i say wow. i'll take it. phil: we can pool our money and get a bathroom. jc:potbelly pigs, a round housekeeps out the devil and a home in jamaica plain. unusual on "chronicle" at 7:30. phil: and one week from today newscenter 5 will launch two new newscasts. a fast-paced look at the news of the day at 4:30 p.m., and then more in depth coverage at 7:00. it all starts on monday right here on newscenter 5. jc: chris rock will return to
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he shows a promo of what he will bring to next month's show jie. i am chris rock and i am hosting the oscars. much like new year's eve it is a night that will end with drunk disappointed people swearing to do better next year. jc: you can watch the academy awards here on channel 5 on sunday february 28th. this is rock's second time hosting. he first hosted in 2005. >> hello from the outside phil: adele's album "25" was the biggest seller of the year. it closed out with 7.5 million copies sold. that album was just released on november 20th so it weeks. doing. adele starts her world tour in february and she plays boston in september. jc: in three weeks "star wars" "the force awakens" has become the second highest grossing movie of all time.
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"star wars" saga took in $88.3 million just over the holiday week end. so in 19 days it has racked up a total of $740 million. it blasted past "jurassic world" and" titanic." the top domestic film of all time is "avatar" with $760 million of lifetime earnings in the united states. of that $740 million it earned, $11 and change was from me just so you know. i contributed a small part to that. phil: you and a couple hundred thousand others. jc: new stories involving breast cancer. phil: the sweet additive that could increase a woman's risk. reporter: and then tonight at 6:00 we are following breaking news. the girl friend of james "whitey" bulger, katherine craig will plead gel -- guilty jie. what will they do, stop the manufacture of guns?
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phil: there is a potential new link to tell you about regarding sugar and breast cancer. detectives found a higher level of sugar intake had a bigger risk for tumor growth in mice they tested. they also found a higher risk of the cancer spreading to other areas. particularly the lungs. researchers say this shows controlling sugar intake is an important part of staying healthy. jc: another study shows having a good social life could potentially add years to your actual life. reporter: celebrating with family, friends and close work colleague, we have known for years that being connected to other people what researchers call having a high degree of social integration is linked to a lower risk of dying early. why this is true has been more of a mystery until now. researchers at unc chapel hill are collaborating with researchers in china and they looked at data from four large nationally representative databases to compare levels of social connectedness and
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of health. what they found is having high levels of social integration was linked to inflammation earlier and later in life. we know inflay you mages is -- inflammation is linked to chronic health issues and they also found in older adults social isolation appears to have a detrimental affect on health than diabetes does. jc: so more support that the idea of the quality of the relationships could affect your physical health. phil: newscenter 5 at 6:00 starts right now. reporter: near whiteout conditions on some local road. harvey: how the snow bands will shift tonight and the kollest weather of the season is settling in. how long it will last. ed: and a new guilty plea from whitey bulger's girlfriend. >> i miss her. ed: her twin sister explains why it is time to set her free. >> new at 6:00, president obama is getting set to crackdown on gun violence
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here in massachusetts. >> from boston's news leader this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. ed: almost a whiteout. snow squalls making it difficult for drivers in plymouth. heather:back to work and back to school and back to winter. ed: and back to harvey leonard who is tracking it for us. harv? harvey: the concentration is down in plymouth county. it is centered on plymouth county and about to move on to the cape and the islands. notice how the wind is coming just that way? that's the cold air over the warmer waters and depositing the snow. that's what happens with ocean affect snow that we can sometimes get. if you look right here you will see plymouth on down to sanwich so that's where it is. route 3, route 3a, 44 has been impact #ed and up toward duxbury earlier. the snow has ended in marshfield. it looks like this is the concentrated area. eventually it will sink
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cape and the islands. that's why there is a winter weather advisory overnight until 7:00 a.m. for the cape and the islands. notice additional bands in plymouth county and then shifting to the cape and that could last into early tomorrow before that ends. the rest of us will be clear and the other part of the story is the cold. so after that one to four inches for the lower south shore to the cape, then we deal with temperatures already down to the teens and the low 20s. it is only 5 degrees right now in pits field in the birkshires where the windchill is 9 below. the actual temperatures to start your day, single digits to low to midteens. how long the cold will last coming up. ed: whitey bulger's girlfriend will plead guilty to contempt charges. there was a refusal to testify. let's go to kelley tuthill. reporter: there is no plea agreement, so the question is what will this do to her
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there will -- the judge will
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