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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  January 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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heather: breaking tonight, the president' s new gun control plan. ed: ny mayor walsh will be along his side when he announces it. harvey: the bitter cold keeps moving in. what it means for your morning commute. ed: whitey bulger' s girlfriend admitting to new crimes. and her twin sister' s plea to heather: the judge. >> i miss her. ed: a possible new life for the home of an iconic local restaurant. harvey: the coldest air we have felt in months right now. the bitter cold will get worse overnight. heather: there is also snow falling tonight at harvey leonard is tracking it. harvey: you are right about the coldest in months. austan tonight will drop to about 12 here last time it was this cold was early march of last year.
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then there is the snow that has been hitting plymouth county and moving on to cape cod. kingston has had two point five inches of snow already. let' s show you that right now. doppler radar is digging of these bands of snow, this ocean effect in plymouth county and moving on to cape cod. here is a closer look. it is like a little snow machine, like what happens at the great lakes. plymouth is involved in this. those are steady bands of snow at this time. the westernedge is around new bedford. now as you see that area moving on to the cape, those bands have reached to hyannis, and the outer cape is getting involved. see those bands eventually shift to the cape. the northerly winds will diminished during the course of tomorrow morning. elsewhere, perfectly clear when you wake up tomorrow.
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plymouth county will have slippery roads. one sequester inches of snow lightening up in that area. down to 15 ed: boston. 7 in worcester. the windchill is 11 below in worcester, and one below in boston. you can expect below zero in boston as you head out tomorrow morning. ed: right now, president obama is taking executive action on gun control. heather: and new tonight, boston' s mayor will be there for tomorrow' s announcement. newscenter 5' s john atwater is live in boston with the action being taken. john: maher walsh has been very vocal on the gun issue. he has supported gun buybacks in boston, just out load -- outlawed state guns in the city. he said the country cannot wait for congress. mayor walsh has long been frustrated by the scars can violence has leapt on the city but tomorrow joins the president as he takes decisive and controversial executive action. press top -- president obama:
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violent crime in the country and will not driven deadly mass shooting. it will not keep every gun out of the hands of criminals. john: expanded background checks are an attempt to close the so-called gun show loophole by more strongly enforcing existing laws, which would prompt more checks at shows and online. the fbi would also hire more than 200 examiners to process background checks. in the white house plans to ask congress for-or million dollars to improve mental health care. >> a lot of people are buying small guns, so they are easy to put in their pockets. john: the president ' s announcement has fueled gun cells as people anticipate more obstacles. >> now the president wants to act like he is a king. john: republicans are blasting with a call dangers executive overreach. for this contract owner who has seen sales surged 50% over the last month, gun control is a delicate balance of freedom and safety. >> it is an infringement on our freedom.
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are getting out of hand with this terrorism stuff. john: background checks were done when the guns used in the most recent mass shootings in this country were purchased. john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5 . ed: the president will outline his plans tomorrow morning starting at 11:40. we will carry it live. heather: new at 11:00, one person seriously hurt after being hit by a car. police said the victim was it at -- on salem street to her the driver stayed at the scene and has not been charged tonight. the hospital. ed: amendment 2015 -- donald trump brings his campaign to massachusetts. most cheering, some jeering during the event in low will tonight. the republican front-runner is looking beyond if -- the primaries. heather: reid lamberty is in lowell.
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republican record crowd at a political rally in massachusetts. the donald trump drew supporters who risked a frigid temperatures and filled the seats. tromp was unscripted and unapologetic. his welcome was akin to a rock rockstar -- rockstar. the republican frontrunner was front and center in a building named in honor of a prominent massachusetts democrat. mr. trump: people are tired and washington. capacity crowd at the tsongas center, launching attacks against the obama administration' s policies in iran and promising to have mexico pay to build a wall that would stem the flow of illegal immigration. mr. trump: and i want people coming into our country, but they have to come and legally. reid: trump also promising to heavily tax u.s. companies that shut down plants in america, only to re-open them in another country. mr. trump we' re losing our jobs : to china, to vietnam. you look at what' s going on in japan. reid: there were voices of opposition. hundreds demonstrated outside protesting trump' s proposal to
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country. inside the arena, scrutiny from groups like black lives matter, who call the billionaire a racist. but each time he was interrupted, trump laughingly shrugged it off. mr. trump isn' t this more fun : than a regular boring rally? reid: even tom brady made it into the speech after trump spotted a supporter wearing this t-shirt. brady -- look, together. i love tom brady. reid: trumps first rally of 2016, a record-setting crowd setting the tone for a busy year iowa caucus in new hampshire primary. million a week in those states. reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5 . ed: former president bill clinton on the campaign trail for his wife in an answer tonight. he spoke to a packed house this evening after stops in nashua and manchester earlier in the day.
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prosperity is one of the major challenges facing the country and the next president. mr. -- president clinton : if everyone has a job and something to look forward to in the morning, it reduces the tensions and increases the hope in a country. >> hillary clinton started a two-day river-to-river tour of iowa today. the former president will also head to iowa tomorrow. heather: a guilty plea is coming from whitey bulger' s longtime girlfriend. catherine greig faces more time in prison on top of what she' s already serving. newscenter 5' s phil lipof is here with why she' s making the move. phil: simply put she refuses to , talk to a federal grand jury and this was her way out. ,>> she' s ready to move forward. i' m ready to move forward. phil: margaret mccusker was in federal court but her twin sister, catherine greig did not , attend the hearing. she' s not going to talk to the >> federal grand jury and so she is going to come -- going to plead guilty. to a contempt charge her phil: attorney told the judge
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a grand jury whether other people helped her boyfriend james whitey bulger during his 16 years on the run. mccusker says her sister should not receive any more prison time , and she is already serving in a type in your sentence for conspiracy to harbor a fugitive and identity fraud. >> she' s been in there for enough time. i mean, longer than one of the guys that killed five people. phil: and then she became emotional. >> yeah i miss her. , i had, don' t forget, not just this time in jail but for 16 years she was gone. i didn' t know where she was. in fact, at one point, i told myself that i was going to have cannot go on like this. and so i miss that. i really do. you want her home? >> yes. >> i want her home where she belongs. phil: relatives of some of bulger' s victims say they also believe greig could help authorities find money he is suspected of stashing around the world. it seems that will not happen now. heather: riding the t is likely
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expensive this year. the cash-starved mbta is moving forward with different ideas to two raise fares. one would hike them by more than 6%, and the other by almost 10%. the t' s fiscal board will schedule public hearings and vote on a proposal in march. any resulting fare hikes would go into effect during the summer. the mbta is nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in the red. wall street' s first day of business in 2016 was one to remember -- for the wrong reasons. this is the dow' s worst start to the year since 1932. by the end of trading the dow , was 276 points lower. the nasdaq was hammered also, losing 104 points. overnight losses in china and a flare-up of tension between iran and saudi arabia were the ed: it' s called hollywood heroin. dangerous drug that' s already killed several people. right now police are sending an saving lives.
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with what makes it so dangerous. jorge: a lab analysis is not yet completed. but the potent batch of heroin with a catchy name ravaging western mass is quickly moving east. the worcester da warning it' s already been seen in boston there is nothing glamorous about it. >> it is a bad batch. but that would indicate that there is a good batch. right? i have never seen a good batch of heroin. heroin kills. jorge: this one is linked to multiple deaths in chicopee and right now, it' s killed five >> people in 48 hours. that' s as bad as it gets. from mexico, police in springfield seizing 9,000 bags with the hollywood stamp and $20,000 cash. for addicts, its lethal chase. >> so in all reality, that
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s what people in addiction are looking for, even if it is going to cost them their lives. jorge: at everyday miracles in worcester, addicts in recovery following the deadly trend on social media -- >> on new years day, i lost my brother, one of the closest people to me, to this drug. jorge: clean for two years. >> the thought of dying never scared me once. what scared me was the idea that i had to wake up and do everything that i was doing again and possibly stay sick, and, like, i was not afraid of dying. jorge: in springfield, four suspected drug dealers are being held on half $1 million bail here in massachusetts, last year, it is estimated that the opioid epidemic claimed well over 100,000 lives. those in recovery say the most potent weapon is education, letting addicts know help is available. wcvb newscenter 5 . heather: a stand of with our militia members and an oregon
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the group could -- the group took control of the federal and over the weekend to show their support for a father and son convicted of our center just. today, the two surrender to authorities, but their supporters are holed up on the refuge. >> they turned themselves in. it is time for you delete our community. go home to your families. end this peacefully. heather: the occupiers were calling themselves citizens for constitutional reform and have ironed no shots and taken ostriches. ed: bill cosby' s wife is fighting an attempt to force her to testify against her husband here in massachusetts. camille cosby is scheduled to give a deposition in springfield this wednesday. her lawyers want the judge to delay it while she appeals the order forcing her to testify. this case is separate from criminal charges filed against cosby in pennsylvania last week. wcvb newscenter 5 announcer: next onwcvb newscenter 5 -- and, a mother' s anger after her
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>> starbucks showdown, the after getting ripped off.
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heather: new at 11:00, a little boy left all alone on an empty school van. ed: his angry mother is demanding answers. newscenter 5' s mary saladna is live in cambridge with how it happened. mary pops : it happened here at the peabody school in cambridge. the boy told his mother it felt like five hours he was left alone in the van. here is what is believed to have impaired the bus driver was running about 40 minutes late this morning. he tried to drop off another youngster here at the school, but the doors were already locked in classes had begun.
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van to a score that child into school, whereby leaving the little boy who is five years old and has asthma all by himself. >> i think it was a mother that saw him. a mother saw him in the car crying and went into the school and got a teacher to come out and get him. the door was unlocked, and the engine was not on. he could have had a severe asthma attack or to he is five his asthma. heather: the boy put -- mary pop that up boy' s mother said the district is working to investigate. it is unfortunate what happened, i feel terrible for the child in the family, the school said. the bus company did not return our calls or call that little boy' s mother today. partly says her son is ok, but she has a lot of questions and wants answers. wcvb newscenter 5. ed: the former held up steakhouse may soon reopened
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via conic restaurant closed for good two years ago. but it may rise again. owners want to open up a new venue at that spot. as of right now, there is no offer on the table. heather: showdown at a california starbucks beard and angry mother pulling into the drive-through window to confront an employee who went on a shopping spree with her credit card information. >> you know what you did, right? >> i am sorry i took money from you and your kids. heather: the young cashier charged over two hundred dollars in groceries after she is the high-tech method to forge the women' s credit card, and they are called skimmers. they' re tough to detect. quite it is very difficult to prevent somebody from having one of these readers, which are small and affordable. heather: the starbucks cashier has been fired. ed: a live look over the city. it may be difficult to understand that it is bitter
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degrees in the city right now. 12 here in needham. heather: yeah, it is cold. >> can we just say it is not feeling christmas eve or christmas day anymore? heather: that ship has sailed. harvey: all of us are experiencing the cold. you see visibility reduced three to five miles of the cape. everybody else has great visibility. that is because of the lake effect snow that we have as ocean effect snows. the cold north, northeast winds, bitter cold air, and waters still in the 40' s,' picking up moisture. you can see this on the radar. from the south shore around the northern edge of the snow, down to plymouth county, moving on to cape cod.
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is getting it right now, places like sandwich and falmouth. inland of the coast line, it is like a machine. it just keeps coming because of the bitter cold air. around the northern edge, plymouth on down to where him. that is where the snow is most significantly the roadways are covered. fan which is now in steady snow. it is now in east into hyannis and trying to get toward the outer cape and nantucket. in winter weather advisory for the cape until 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. the air he will shift from plymouth county onto the cape with time. the wind will become more northerly to the the air mass will moderate a little bit after sunrise tomorrow morning. that will diminish the effect. it will come to an end on the cape by noon time. the rest of us will have a lot of sun tomorrow, but it will be cold sunshine. the one to four-inch pocket and bands that are a little heavier within that range and smaller
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that is what happens. it gets in their obedience, and in between it does not snow is hard. there is the great visibility in boston. bitter cold. 15 degrees. a 16 mile per hour wins. that is before you factor in the wind gusts. look at these temperatures right now. single digits. concord and worcester, only 7 degrees per 4 degrees and jeffrey. into the 20' s on the cape, but you are paying the price by getting this snopes wells. wind gusts over 20 miles for our. the windchill is 11 below and worcester and 1 below in boston. below zero windchills tomorrow morning. around four below tomorrow morning in boston. worcester, the windchill will still be about 10 below. these are the low temperatures, actual readings, to start tomorrow. and the afternoon, mid-to-upper 20' s. it will feel a little bit better with the sunshine and went
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as quickly as wednesday, back to the upper 30' s and mid-40' s during the afternoon. so the cold is not going to last that long. a very cold day tomorrow. my older late in the week. by the time we get to friday night or saturday, precipitation allston moving our way as a storm comes up the coast. that it will be too warm to support snow. at ground level, rain along the coast, borderline rain and some icing heading north and west, perhaps towards 495. that is four or five days away. we have the bitter cold for tomorrow morning. but it does ease for wednesday afternoon and through the balance of the week. ed: most fans were not happy with tom brady yesterday. heather: but one fan definitely was -- how the quarterback scored big points from this deserving fan.
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uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. heather: the fans. ed: but let' it is far better than the game was. it was a dream come true for this guy. this 13-year-old miami teen battling a rare abdominal cancer got to meet patriots quarterback tom brady before the game. his name is ernesto. has been undergoing chemo, so this was a big pick-me-up. brady posed for pics with him and even gave him his hoodie. the teen also got some quality time with patriots owner robert kraft. you can see in this picture. ernesto met other members of patriots and dolphins and some of the dolphins cheerleaders. that is a very young
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announcer: now sportscenter 5. >> we are not seeing the best the nba has to offer as the celtics wrap up to seven-game stretch in which they did not faze him and went in the playoff picture. celtics go 5-2 against flotsam and jetsam nea -- in the end be a.
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t appear but crowder had none of that tonight. crowder had 25 points. amir johnson double-teamed underneath that finds room between the bodies and skips one up and ed:. isaiah thomas scored 19, 7 assists to drive to make it a then that' s rolling the ball up the floor so the clock will not marcus smart, he dives on the he forces a jump ball. jared sullinger running the his dozen tonight. celtics with five in double-figure speared the nets in the lead in the fourth quarter. close. here comes smart again. a great move for the celtics snap a two-game losing streak, winning the tom brady were playing hokie pokie, he' d be able to put his right foot in, but he wouldn' t be able to shake it all about. an mri reveals brady has a high ankle sprain. and when you see a man named suh roll over the ankle, you may conclude a high ankle sprain is the best possible outcome -- that'
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dry land. brady took that blow, and many others after the game, he is happy to have some extra healing time. >> we have a week off to her that obviously helps. i wanted tuesday end there and play yesterday to help our team, but we just cannot make enough plays. it is the last six weeks, but we will have to make plays offensively to keep it dancing. it is a challenge. >> right this down, but here are the patriots opponents in a year. at home, they get the afc east, ravens, bengals, rams, and seattle. on the road, afc east and another trip to denver. dates of all the games are yet to be determined. tom coughlin has 173 wins, two super bowl rings, and right now, zero jobs. coughlin beat the giants to the
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coughlin has led the giants to three consecutive losing seasons. the bruins head coach putting fail. hard lessons learned. >> we have some hockey games here. we slipped a little bit and have to get our game back on track. we have some challenges, so we have to overcome those kind of things. that are playing pretty well. >> from the blackhawks shoot the puck contest last night and this participate slides the puck through the a hole the size of a mail slot. s the usa women' goaltender. so she' before, but that' s still a tough shot. she was not randomly selected. that was still random. it was the second time she did that, and they all did that for charity out there in chicago.
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ed: wow. heather: impressive. ed: someone mention, why are we shocked? it is winter and should be cold. harvey: it is what has not happened prior to this that is shocking. it is bitter cold but not for too long to just get through tomorrow. heather: the do bundle up
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