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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  January 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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island, where th live. i' m reid lambey, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: an emotional president obama repeatedly wiping away tears. he insists he is not plotting to take away everyone' s guns. ed: he just wants to do something to tackle the frequency of mass shootings that have become the new normal. rhondella richardson has this from braintree. rondell it? president obama: every single year, more than 30,000 americans have their lives cut short by guns. 30,000. rhondella: the president boldly takes action. impressed, but not sure it will work. >> criminals have guns. they are able to get them. >> it might cut down on crime. it' s a good idea.
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for new technology to make guns safer. >> it' s not at an affordable price. people want to spend $600, seventh out -- $700 on a gun, not $7,000. >> it almost put a gun shop out of business. rhondella: the national alliance for mental illness is thrilled the president announced treatment money. >> there' s a giant correlation between gun access and suicide. rhondella: but advocates worry that talking about mental illness does not move away from traditional stigmas. >> some of the higher visibility shootings involve people with mental illness, but that is not the prevalence of most gun violence. rhondella: the retailers we spoke to really like the plan to require background checks even when you are buying a weapon at a gun show. they say that that levels the
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newscenter 5. heather: thank you. massachusetts already has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. karen anderson is looking at this. karen: some hope that tighter restrictions in states with looser laws could help in fear. he knows about gun violence. he has buried five teens from the dorchester youth collaborative in the last deed of years. >> we find a lot of guns come from states with weaker gun regulations. karen: more than half of the guns linked to crimes in massachusetts and 2014 were originally bought out of state, most from new hampshire. most states have no requirements to document private sales of guns. five investigates went
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found a private seller more than willing to break the law. >> this is an italian -- [indiscernible] karen: unregulated sales will come under increased scrutiny. >> if you are in a business and you are not licensed, that the problem and that' s really where this executive action is heading. they want those people to be licensed and do what every other dealer has to do. karen: 50 -- >> 50% of gun sales are done by private sellers you do not have to run background checks or show proof of id to gun buyers. karen: some fear that gun buyers will find another way. women will be pressured to buy guns for loved ones who cannot buy for themselves.
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to work on. karen: 70% of the guns used for crime in the city come from out of state. they try to trace the history. karen anderson, five investigates. ed: on this utterly frigid day, many commuters were left out in the cold. s sera congi is live in boston, where the apologizing but also pointing out some successes. right? sera: some of the problems that were prevented today were issues that cropped up last year. the transportation secretary is still have more work to do. >> they were supposed to be here be until 10:00. >> it was like, just the feeling of, great, here we go again.
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meant -- derailment. no one was injured, but it clogged up the system, forcing delays and cancellations of other train lines. >> this is not unexpected. we do not wait until we' re constantly inspecting. passengers had to be boston. the transportation secretary stephanie pollock apologized for the problems today, but said the preparation avoided other potential problems. s events demonstrate some of the benefits of the winter resiliency preparation that has been done. sera: today' s derailments, the heels of proposed fare hikes. >> the issue of fare hikes is an
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s chronic budget operating problems and focus more resources and attention on maintenance and fixing our assets. sera: the secretary also points out other trains experienced problems today. like the long island railroad. they, too, had tracked breakage problems. heather: and bill cosby' s wife has gotten a last-minute reprieve, the judge agreeing to delay her deposition tomorrow. camille cosby' s lawyers are appealing and order forcing her to testify against her husband. in the lawsuit, bill cosby is accused of defaming seven women. ed: former students of a prestigious rhode island boarding school calling for an investigation. they say more than two dozen students were sexually abused by six school employees in the 70' s and 80' s. newscenter 5' s kelley tuthill is live in boston. kel? kelley: they called that news
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re concerned because data two of the alleged abuser still have access to children. katie wales fights back tears describing sexual abuse by a now deceased athletic trainer. >> it was horrible. i became known as the slut of the school. kelley: and in rhode island in the late 1970' s. >> if you are sexually abused, the shame and humiliation you feel is enough to begin with and then to be publicly humiliated on top of that. kelley: they joined lawyers to call on st. george' s for an independent investigation of abuse that they say spans decades and it falls seven former staff members. >> there is no explanation, quite likely for an environment like st. george'
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allows these predators to pray like fools on the children at the school. kelley: the children were abused and incidents never reported to authorities. the head of the school alumni -- the head of the school road to alumni, more could have been done. there is no statute of limitations on rate in rhode island and state police -- onrape in rhode island estate police are investigating the allegations. >> it was an taken over by evil. kelley: life in boston, kelley tuthill, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: a rough day at work. office workers sent scrambing, as the impact of a car into their building sends furniture flying. plus -- >> hello. no, i' m not going to sing it. can' t find concert tickets?
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harvey: so cold earlier today and the temperatures are dropping. milder times are ahead. ed: speaking of milder times,
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 it 6:00. ed: and new at 6:00, a wild morning for workers at a nashua new hampshire dental office after a car crashed into their office building. police say an 88-year-old woman hit the gas instead of the brake and slammed into the outside of the reception area. three workers inside heard the collisions and quickly got out of the way. >> we heard a big, big bang. we thought it was an earthquake. or i thought it was an earthquake. the cabinet started falling. ed: there were no injuries reported and police say the
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repair work started today and the dental office is open for business. heather: 20-year-old frankie kingston is cursed with robberies. several children and adults were threatened to turn over their money and minutes later, kristin was surprised getting into her car. >> the car pulled up in front of me and the gentleman got out and he came over in the, give me all your money or am going to slash your tires are worse. heather: her car was ransacked as she ran into the store and called 911. ed: today was our coldest day since last march. heather: harvey' s tracking how big of a warm-up we can expect tomorrow. plus -- fans tried, too but rumour has -- rumor has it getting adele tickets was nearly impossible.
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heather: think you are having a bad day? look at this poor guy. that is a coyote spotted this , weekend in pembroke, new hampshire, a jar stuck on its head. it' s unclear whether he was able to get free. if you see this animal, you are asked to call new hampshire fish and game. ed: lots of adele fans saying hello from the outside. even though they tried, tickets to her boston shows sold out in less than an hour. now, some are being re-sold for more than $10,000 dollars. heather: unbelievable. new tonight at 6:00, newscenter 5' s pam cross found disappointed fans are still hoping for a little music. >> i love adele. pam: would you go to her concert?
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pam: adele is flying high, her "25" album topping the charts. concertgoers could not order tickets from the internet fast enough. this site offers two garden seeds, nearly $12,000. >> i have heard that people are selling them. >> she has quite a voice. i do not know how much of a performer she is rid i don' t know -- i don' t think it would be worth it. pa m: already there is disappointment on twitter. "every time i listen to adele, i cry on the inside because i can' t see her concert." "hello from the parking lot." in
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supposed to the licensed and ticket prices cap. >> it' s just a seat. i do not even know. pam: bottom line, ticket professionals grabbed a lot of seats, and you will pay. heather: all right, stuck in boston children' s hospital for christmas. a boy battling cancer said all he wanted was cards. you delivered, folks. rows and rows of cards. he is 10 years old. he has down syndrome. he was unable to go over christmas as he fights his second battle with leukemia. world. filled the whole room. a simple thing like a card.
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some kids have big requests. it boils down to simplicity. ed: harvey, it' s wonderful. harvey: a panoramic view of love from a lot of people. all right, if you were in plymouth or take god, you had a snow event. plymouth picked up almost four inches of snow. but no accumulation in boston where we are still under one inch for the season. last year at this point, we were not that impressive. of course, we know what happened before the season was over and the average would be 11.5. we are way below average so far. from one in jeffrey to eight in boston, three in worcester, 10 in plymouth and on the cape it was snowing at 10. as the day wore on, it was tough to warm it up for a while.
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boston finally got in the mid 20' s and now we begin to go back a little bit. so far january is about average, but i think by the end of this weekend it will be back above average. not as much as december, but it will certainly be above average by then. a breeze out of the southwest, a good sign the next two days will be milder. teen center means now. about 20 or so in boston. late noontime, midafternoon, right around 40 degrees, a little higher to the south. of course, the snow has ended on the cape and the last of the clouds are exiting the cape and nantucket. we are forecasting total sunshine tomorrow and thursday as well.
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weekend looks gray and dismal to start, rainy to finish. we have seen the cold side. now we will see the milder side for the next couple of days. here we go. cold start, pleasant afternoon tomorrow. look at thursday. it should be milder on thursday. i' m looking at low-to-mid 40' s or high temperatures around the region. we reintroduce the clouds on friday. we have freezing drizzle. after that, it turns milder with steady rain possible. we go back to the warmest aside of the jet stream for the weekend, especially sunday. it takes the low-pressure west of us, meaning we will be on the mild side of that. after it goes bias, it turns colder. when we get our next to
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a full update on the weekend coming up at 11:00. i am meteorologist harvey leonard. >> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. bob: back to work for the patriots getting ready for the , bengals or the texans or the chiefs. let' s just say an opponent to be named later. mostly, the patriots need to work on themselves 2-and-4 down the stretch this year while in their last six in six trips to the super bowl they were a combined 33 and they usually go three. in hot. this year, not. >> i think we are still confident in who we are as a s just about execution. we need to talk about what we need to do differently, what has happened, what has not happened. saturday.
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just try to figure out what your weaknesses are, try to make those weaknesses not as weak and become a better player. b ob: tom coughlin held his exit news conference today nice things to say about his time with the giants. nice things to say about eli manning and many of his players, and this to say about today' s players in general. >> how tough are we? we have lost a little bit of that. i' ve got a toothache, i' m out of the game. you' ve got what? a stiff neck question mark i' ve got a stiff neck joint four hours a day every day of my life. bob: i got a hangnail, i' m in. after a few days of rest, reflection, and kicking themselves with the sharp side of their skates the bruins are
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the bruins putting everything behind them. >> we want to move forward. i just move forward and that' s the approach. >> i think we need to do some of that work. we have not had that much time in the last month or so. we seem to be playing every second day. this was good for us to have quality practice time. bob: i just assumed wally the green monster was adopted by the red sox maybe as a baby or , through monster foster care but it turns out wally has a , family, an entire back story , and a sister. there is a video. for reasons unexplained, even though wally' s parents are well
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is still living with them. wally has a sister and her name is -- bob: that is tessie. and she is coming to boston where she will be available for memorial service. didn' t name her caroline. ed: spanning the globe from the constant variety and sports. heather: new tonight on newscenter 5 at 11:00: just in time for those new year' s resolutions. the new ranking of best diets just out, and why one is the clear winner. you will find out tonight at 11:00 after "beyond the tank." on chronicle, what is it like to die? many say they have been to the other side. feel?
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which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. heather: hey, we want to remind you. make an appointment next monday. newscenter 5 launches two new newscasts. a fast-paced look at all the big news at 4:30 p.m. and more in-depth coverage at 7:00 p.m, it all starts next monday right here on newscenter
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ed: everybody in the building will be on the air. it' s terrific. heather: and powering the jackpot -- ed: say that williard -- will you question mark heather: $450 million. ed: there has been no winner for 17 drawings. the winner is tomorrow night.
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