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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 5, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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breaking news tonight. the showdown after the president breaks down. the president taking executive action on gun control, and begins to cry with victims families standing beside him. but tonight, the opposition, swift and sweeping. also breaking at this hour, the new plea from the fbi tonight. after the terror attack in california. they have just revealed an 18-minute mystery. they need your help now. the major storm. the passenger jet off the runway. the emergency evacuation and the bitter blast now gripping the country. armed and dangerous. the young woman, at least six stores now, barrelling in, leaving nearly nothing behind. the feds now releasing this surveillance. and the breaking headline at
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wife. the new turn in the case. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. and we begin with something we have not seen. president obama, breaking into tears at the white house today. taking executive action. the families there with him wanted it, but many in this country did not. there is now outrage, some calling it overreach. the president wiping away tears as he talked about the youngest of victims, among them, the children of newtown. some of their parents at the white house today. the president's action will bring more background checks amid polling, 85% of americans support more checks. but there is also that backlash tonight, and we begin with abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas. >> reporter: tonight, the president making headlines for this controversial move. but his tears, as well. >> and for every family who never imagined that their loved
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lives by a bullet from a gun. every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. >> reporter: those children, the victims of sandy hook, and behind the president today, families of victims from countless shooting rampages. he remembers them all and the daily carnage, as well. >> and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> reporter: when the tear was coming down his face and -- what did you think when you saw that? >> i thought that was authentic. i think he has met his fair share of survivors like us. >> reporter: but his tears drawing fire, too. today, mr. obama taking executive action on his own. narrowing the loophole that allows weapons to be bought without a background check at
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hiring more agents to conduct background checks, and asking congress for $500 million to pride better access to mental health services. but opponents were equally determined. the national rifle association issued a statement, saying, the proposals would not have prevented any of the horrific events he mentioned. and gop presidential candidates were denouncing the president's actions. >> president obama's executive actions limiting gun rights will restrict our law abiding citizens. >> these orders today, i believe, are not worth the paper they are written on. >> if there is an issue related to federal gun laws, you ought to go to congress and try to forge consensus to make it happen. >> and pierre thomas with us now live from the white house tonight. and pierre, we mentioned that poll number, showing 85% of americans want more background checks, but there is also this tonight. look at this chart. gun sales spiking after president obama was first elected. and jumping every time there is a mass shooting. so, pierre, it is clear that many argue that guns are not the problem here.
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after the san bernardino terror attacks, the fbi saw a record number of people attempt to buy guns. >> pierre thomas on the story all day. pierre, thank you. we turn now to a headline breaking late today from the fbi now, a new plea tonight, as they investigation that terror attack in san bernardino. they are laser focused on that couple turned killers, but tonight, they have revealed there is an 18-minute mystery. and that window of time could provide crucial clues. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross now. >> reporter: the fbi knows when the attack began and almost everything until it ended, when the husband and wife terrorists, sigh yesterday syed farook and tashfeen malik, were shot dead in their black suv. but in between officials said is today, there is an 18-minute mystery, an accounted gap in their whereabouts not detected by traffic cameras or witnesses. >> we can account for three hours and 42 minutes of their time. we are missing 18 minutes of
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>> reporter: and the fbi today made a plea for the public's help to solve the mystery, showing pictures of their vehicle. >> we want to ensure that if they made contact with anyone that we don't already know about that we're able to fully investigate those matters. >> reporter: and the fbi also wants to know what happened to the hard drive removed from the killers' computer at their home, the morning of the attack. the two were tracked to this san bernardino lake around 11:45 a.m. by the fbi, but a search by divers did not turn up the hard drive or any other evidence. >> and brian ross with us now. and brian, you were telling us, that window of time is so important, because it could uncover their digital trail? >> reporter: that's right, david. authorities believe the killer couple may have ditched the hard drive during that gap in time, which could reveal other possible targets and others who may have helped them either in this country or overseas, david. >> all right, brian ross with late reporting tonight. brian, thank you. we turn overseas tonight, and to afghanistan.
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one u.s. service member has been killed and two were injured taliban. one medevac helicopter landing amid incoming fire was grounded after being severely damaged. all three americans, members of the u.s. special operations forces. afghanistan, of course, a major issue in the race for 2016, and tonight, new words from one front-runner aimed at another. donald trump doubling down on bill clinton, arguing his past clinton. trump indicating there's one question he'd like bill clinton to answer. all of this comes as trump makes headlines overseas tonight, after his proposed ban on mud limbs coming to america, word the uk will debate a ban on trump? abc's tom llamas, on the campaign trail in iowa. >> reporter: for donald trump it is now, quote, open season, on bill clinton and his sex scandals. >> he was impeached. he wasn't allowed to practice law. he's settled for a tremendous amount of money. i mean, you know, there's things
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trump's answer when asked if there's a difference between bill clinton and bill cosby, who's been accused of rape by dozens of women. >> you'd almost have to ask bill clinton that problem, that question. it would be a very interesting question to someday ask him. certainly, he has a lot of very strong charges against him, and it's pretty bad stuff. >> reporter: trump says the clintons started it when hillary called him sexist. >> i'm going to let him live in his alternative reality and i'm not going to respond. >> hillary clinton. >> reporter: but today there was no mistaking her target -- >> we should not reward people who use inflammatory rhetoric, who use the kind of derogatory comments, whether it's about muslims or mexicans or women or people with disabilities, whoever it might be. >> reporter: but as trump mocks the clip clintons -- >> let's say hillary is the president. ah. >> reporter: the trump team now doing some damage control over their first campaign ad. >> he'll stop illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border that mexico will pay for. >> reporter: we now know the people running in that video nowhere near our southern
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instead, they were 5,000 miles away in morocco. >> that was just video footage. it's a display of what our country is going to look like. rar however, this morning, trump's attorney calling it a mistake. >> yeah, i'm going to have a conversation with whoever made the mistake. >> reporter: but tonight, that that longtime trump staffer eating his words, saying the campaign didn't make a mistake after all. >> and tom llamas is live from the campaign trail in iowa. and tom, we're hearing tonight, the british parliament will soon debate a proposal involving donald trump? >> reporter: that's right, david. that proposal involves banning donald trump from coming into the uk. now, it will largely be symbolic, but tonight, trump firing back, saying that if he's banned from coming into the uk, he's going to withhold more than $1 billion in investments in his golf courses in scotland. david? >> tom llamas live in iowa. tom, thank you. meanwhile, less than 24 hours after we saw former president bill clinton hitting the campaign trail, trying to seal the deal in new hampshire for his wife, tonight, bernie
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there, has come out with a tough new message for wall street. quote, greed is not good, saying it's time to blow up the banks that are too big to fail. abc's cecilia vega, one-on-one with sanders tonight, as a crowd of his supporters grew right behind them. >> we need to have the another democrat in the white house. >> reporter: hill little clinton now enlisting the big dog of democratic politics, her most trail. but there is one man standing in their way. >> secretary clinton is wrong. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders, the democratic socialist from vermont, drawing those massive crowds. and twice as many donors as president obama had at this stage in 2008. also beating clinton in the polls in his own backyard, new hampshire. today in new york, sanders bringing his fight against corporate america directly to wall street's front door. >> if a bank is too big to fail, it is too big to exist.
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pledging to dismantle the nation's biggest banks and financial firms within the first year in office. we met up with the senator. >> hey! thank you. >> reporter: the mob of supporters there every step of the way. you sound like you despise corporate america, you sounded angry. >> what -- what i despise is the greed, is the contempt. >> reporter: so i asked about that pledge to break up those banks deemed too big to fail. a lot of people are going to hear this promise for you today and say, there is no way, it hasn't been done before, this sounds like an election-year promise. how can you really do this? >> when enough people demand change, we get change. that is the history of america. that is the history of the civil rights movement, of the women's movement, of the gay movement, of any movement that's brought about change. >> reporter: that blunt talk a sanders trademark. >> will corporate america love a president sanders? >> no, i think they won't.
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will these crowds turn into votes. if you don't win in new hampshire, does this spell the end of the bernie sanders campaign? >> absolutely not. we're in this in the end. >> but are they concerned about bill clinton campaigning there, trying to shore uphillry clinton, who is behind? >> reporter: the sanders team says they expected bill clinton to be on the trail. they say, they know they are the underdog in this race, but you heard sanders say it right there. they plan to win new hampshire, they think they can win iowa. they are not going away any time soon. >> all right, cecilia, thank you. we turn now to the extreme weather tonight. the big chill in the east. a conveyor belt of storms slamming the west tonight. in santa barbara, take a look at this. drenching rain. a dangerous commute on highway 101. further north in spokane, washington, a united flight skidding off the icy taxiway, landing in snow. a real scare for passengers. and meteorologist rob marciano with more. >> reporter: scary moment at spokane airport a united flight bound for denver with 166
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off an ice is taxiway, right into the snow. >> as we were turning to take off, kind of just went side the ways. >> reporter: passengers tweeting photos from the plane, thankfully, no injuries. it's part of the same el nino-fueled system that's slamming the west. from the flooded bay area, to van nuys, this man forced to climb out of his car, above the rushing waters. in areas burned by wildfires, residents are shoring up homes in case of mudslides. abc's indra petersons is in izuza, california. >> this homeowner has boarded up the side of his home. hoping this time with another storm on the way, this house will be saved. >> reporter: meanwhile, in the east, after a record-breaking warm december, a sudden burst of the coldest est est air so far this winter. even derailing this train near boston. and taking this new yorker's breath away. >> i was shocked. i was like, the world's ending. that's my first thought. >> reporter: that cold air over the warm atlantic ocean even bringing snow to the outer banks
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>> and rob marciano with us now, in a frigid commute home here in the northeast. he's in new york city tonight. rob, how long does this last? >> reporter: luckily, it's going to be short-lived, david. it's been such a warms winter, it does kind of shock the system. look at the temperatures tonight. the wind chills are going to be well bell low freezing in many sports. 11 in boston, 6 in burlington. 17 in chicago and 22 degrees, it's what it will feel like later on tonight, all the way down to atlanta. we go to the west, where the damage is being done. three more that will come in. let's time out the next one. very similar today. hits san francisco first in the morning, then spreads down to los angeles. and we'll see similar amounts, maybe lower snow levels, but three to five inches, with several more waves coming in. so, flash flooding, debris flows are going to be an issue. they do need the rain, but too much too soon is a problem. tonight. rob, thank you. there are major developments this evening on the mother and son who became international
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before that dramatic takedown. ethan couch is still in mexico tonight, his mother is back here in the u.s. and appearing in court today. headed back to texas now, as we learned stunning new details about their final days of freedom. abc's matt gutman in mexico on where they were together. >> reporter: when ethan couch visited this mexican strip club last month, sources tell abc news tonight he brought someone with him. his mother. staff at the harem strip club say that the 18-year-old affluenza teen two seeded to order beer after beer. and when his mother left, he stayed for lap dances in the v.i.p. room. ultimately wracking up a $1,000 bill. when he couldn't pay it, sources say a waiter brought him to this resort, where his mother also didn't have the cash. he left his rolex as collateral. he's now in this mexican detention center. his lawyer meeting him for the first time today. >> everything's okay. >> reporter: his mother, whisked to the u.s.
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courtroom, waving her right to fight extradition to texas. politely answering the judge's questions. >> yes, i do. >> our biggest concern is that this has become less about the law, whether she broke the law and more about retribution. >> reporter: tonya's attorney says her client has broken no texas law. it's been a hard fall for the suburban mom. she hasn'tn't be been allowed to change her clothes since she was taken from mexico on wednesday. her attorney tells me she will likely remain in jail once in texas, because she won't be able to make that million dollar bail. david? >> matt gutman in mexico for us again tonight. thanks, mat mat. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. armed and dangerous. watch this. the female jewel thief striking again. now wanted for six robbery ies across five states. the new surveillance just released coming up here. also, the late-breaking headline involving bill cosby's wife. the new turn in the case. and, the powerball jackpot,
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we're going to text next tonight to the woman wanted for six robberies in five states. armed and striking again in the last 24 hours. here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: police say she's armed and dangerous. the young woman with a gun and a five-finger discount, seen here on monday, allegedly robbing her sixth jewelry store in the last several months. this one in north carolina. tonight, state and federal authorities are releasing surveillance video from what they say is her biggest robbery of all, in panama city, florida, on august 10th.
6:49 pm
with nearly 400 grand in jewels. they say her m.o. is always the same. that she likes to take down outlet stores where she ties up the salespeople at gunpoint, and then steals watches and diamonds, wearing gloves to prevent fingerprints. the day before, in florida, police say this is her, in the same store, casing the joint. seen here wearing a black dress and looking directly into surveillance cameras. she's also accused of robbing stores in georgia, south carolina and this one in tennessee on october 16th. the fbi says she's probably getting help from this man, seen with her in images from the first two robberies in georgia. >> there's definitely accomplices. they're going to do it again and they're going to get caught. >> reporter: tonight, a u.s. jewelry store security association is offering a $1,000 reward, hoping someone might turn this young woman in. david? >> steve, always great to have thank you. when we come back here tonight, what are the fans going to say? the three nfl teams that want to move to l.a.? also tonight, the new
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to the index tonight. a last-minute reprieve for camille cosby. a judge in massachusetts today granting an emergency motion, deposition. she's appealing a ruling forcing her to answer questions in a defamation case involving her husband. the nfl may soon have a team in los angeles, but who? the chargers, the raiders and the rams filing requests to relocate to l.a. next season. no word tonight on what the fans have to say about rooting for those teams all these years in their hometowns. america strong tonight. the officer being hailed a hero in albuquerque, searching for a 3-year-old, missing after a carjacking the officer later finding her left in a parking lot. >> hi, sweetheart. are you okay? come here. come here. >> found in 20 degree weather.
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