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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  January 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> wcvb newscenter 5 at 11:00 starts right now. heather: cracked tracks. derailed trains. bitter cold blamed for a nightmare commute. massive delays and standing room only here at north station. the failures. the frustration. and what to expect tomorrow. ed: another bitter cold night. but a temperature rebound is on the way. how much we'll warm and how quickly it will happen. the two thieves targeting gym goers in several towns. heather: just in time for those new year's resolutions the new ranking of best diet and why one is the clear winner. ed: it is another frigid night. gripping new england. temperatures are dipping into the teens. even single digits in some spots. good evening, everyone. i'm ed harding. heather: i'm heather unruh and get ready for another bone chilling morning. from team 5 harvey leonard and how long it will last. harvey: not that long but we have to get through another cold start to the day tomorrow. you cheick the readings behind me it's already very cold. teens and low 20's and even some single digits.
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cold it was this morning when boston got to eight. worcester to three. way back to last winter before it was that cold. or since it's been that cold. so the story of how we're doing tonight is fascinating. because boston's 22, the urban areas, not quite as cold. but the outlying areas are still very cold. like nash with a is nine. -- nashua is nine. and check this out. the coldest readings are preliminary olingt, falmouth and the vineyard. why is that? because of the snow cover. that's where the ocean effect snow fell. and that helps you get even colder at night. with a clear sky and the dry air and light winds. in boston, you'll be waking up to about 20 degrees tomorrow morning. but elsewhere it will be single digits and teens. but notice, by 11:00 a.m. in the morning it's already above freezing in boston. that's encouraging news. more about the temperature recovery coming up in a few minutes. heather. ed: t riders hope more of the same is not coming down the track tomorrow. heather: we're talking about trains broken, canceled or delayed during both commutes.
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newscenter 5's mary saladna at north station with a tough ride home for many. mary: it sure was, heather and plenty of riders worried that the winter rider woes have already begun. what started as a bad morning ended much the same way for many commuters. >> i don't want to hear about fare hikes and if you can't make the trains work everything mary: evening riders at north station say cancellations and delays after self trains broke down. desperate commuters rushed to get onto those that were running. >> i couldn't get on two trains because they were so packed. it wasn't even just standing room only. it was beyond sardines. mary: employees handed out rider upexplaining why a derailment earlier in the day on the haverhill line affected so many trains on other lines. >> it's frustrating. having to wait for the delays and especially since it's not even snow. it's just cold. mary: riders took to twitter at wunt point showing the t
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>> i don't know how they're going to fix it. mary: by 7:00 p.m. north station had started to move again. and some commuters were trying to be optimistic. >> a little backed up. but it was -- more -- for sure. >> they promised that most of it will be cleared up tomorrow. mary: and transportation secretary stephanie pollack did apologize for today's problems. but she also insisted that preventative measures sort of took care of other things that could have gone wrong and did not. with fare hikes looming, many riders seem unimpressed with live at north station tonight, i'm mary saladna. wcvb newscenter 5. heather: breaking news on a spike in tensions on the korean peninsula. north korea saying it has just successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. which is generally more powerful than a nuclear bomb. this was the announcement that was just made on state tv. north korea calling it a self-defense measure against the united states. the u.s. has not commented on the development or confirmed its authenticity.
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thieves. they are wanted in several police say that they are going in a local gym and stealing people's car keys. and then they head outside and they unlock the car. and steal whatever is inside. you're looking at video that shows them crashing and then cashing in at a target store in stoughton. it's believed that they have been in stoughton, in norwood, in dedham and take a look. real closely. if you know these guys, call police. heather: new at 11:00 we are hearing from a 65-year-old new hampshire woman who fought back against the man trying to rob her. shooting him in the chest. >> last night was the first time that i ever, ever shot that gun. in all the time i've owned it. heather: and she's owned it for more than 10 years. but never thought she would actually have to use it. but when a suspicious man followed her to her manchester apartment building and confronted her, she took action. >> but then when i saw him reach his left arm out to try to grab me, that's when i pulled the gun out and i shot him. heather: the 23-year-old
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hospital bed today. bail set at $5,000 cash. ed: an infant left alone in a freezing car in a mall parking lot. right now, the boy's mother is facing charges. and there may be more trouble coming for her. let's get to newscenter 5's reid lamberty. he's live in wrentham with how that little boy was found, reid. reid: another shopper alert to the cries of the screaming infant and never all right to leave a child alone at any point but more so when it's cold out. 22 degrees and an infant just 8 months old alone and crying. >> i looked around and saw a car parked in the handicapped parking spot. looked into the back of the car and saw an infant in the rear facing seat. reid: how the good samaritan heard those cries coming from a car and she called 911. by the time officers responded the infant's mother was outside and confessed she had gone into
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>> was not familiar with the laws regarding leaving a baby in the car. reid: the 27-year-old mother police said is asian. not from here. and there was a language barrier. two factors they considered while speaking with her. >> most of us are parents and i think regardless of where you're from, you don't -- it should pretty much just be instinctual that you don't leave a child in the car. reid: the infant checked out at the hospital and the mother not arrested but charged with child endangerment. common sense here, the rule of thumb. >> regardless of the weather, even if it was a perfect temperature, leaving an 8 month old in a car on its face is just not acceptable. reid: the infant was not hurt and we tried to get in touch with the little girl's mother and the good samaritan but neither was home. live in wrentham i'm reid lamberty. wcvb newscenter 5. heather: new at 11 cloak a grisly discovery on the side after massachusetts highway appears to be no accident. sources telling 5 investigates a man's body found in auburn is suspicious. sky 5 over the sal: this afternoon.
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and the body was found in the hoods between the highway and auburn park offices. the identity has not been released. ed: also new at 11:00 this barn fire in spencer is considered suspicious. a neighbor giving us this video at newscenter 5. the three alarm fire erupted on cherry street earlier tonight. firefighters were able to stop the flames from moving to the home. how it started is under investigation. >> every time i think about those kids. it gets me mad. heather: president obama brought to tears talking about young victims of gun violence. it was a rare show of emotion gun violence. ed: jorge quiroga here with how it would work. jorge? jorge: it was perhaps the most obama has given in office his his tears, however, not persuading opponents who call it an overreach. the president wiped away tears. remembering his saddest day in office. president obama: every time i
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me mad. jorge: those kids the victim of along with families from other shooting rampages at the white walsh there, too. >> my heart went out for him. and certainly what he put forth is common sense. jorge: the president's executive action will require licensing for all gun dealers. and background checks for all gun buyers. including at gun shows and online. it also calls for hiring more agents to conduct background checks and half a million dollars to provide better access to mental health services. the backlash quick. >> these orders today, i believe, are not worth the paper they are written on. >> if there's an issue related to federal gun laws and you ought to go to congress and forge consensus to make it happen and he doesn't have this happen. jorked from the n.r.a. a statement saying the proposals would not have prefrpblted the horrific incidents the president mentioned and mayor walsh said part after larger puzzle.
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state. jorge: and new polling showing background checks. even as gun sales hit record highs, every time there is a mass shooting. ed: tonight 5 investigates looking into the impact of the president's plan could have on gun crime in boston and throughout massachusetts the state has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. but a.t.f. data obtained by 5 investigates shows more than half of the guns linked to crimes here were bought out of state. most from new hampshire. unlike massachusetts, most states have no requirement to document private gun sales. >> if you're in the business and you're not licensed, that's a problem. and that's really where this executive action is heading. they want those people to be licensed and to do what every other firearm licensee -- licensed dealer has to do. ed: about 50% of all gun sales are done by private dealers who don't have to run background checks or even show i.d. heather: there is a mystery tonight and it's connected to the san bernardino shooting massacre and the f.b.i. needs help in solving it.
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put together a time line of the day of the attack. after the shooting at 11:00 a.m. the suspects escaped and made several stops. zigzagging through the san bernardino area. but no where of those suspects between 12:59 and 1:17 p.m. an 18-minute gap and investigators want to know what they were doing during that time. just two hours later, at 3:16 p.m., the suspects were both dead in a shootout with police. an american soldier is dead. two others hurt in afghanistan. fighting in the area still going on at this hour tonight. rescue helicopters that were sent to help were forced out because of taliban fighters taking aim. u.s. and afghan forces have been pushing back against taliban gains in the area over the last few weeks. the name of the victim has not been released. ed: bill cosby's wife will not be forced to testify against him in massachusetts at least for now. camille cosby had been scheduled to be deposed tomorrow. by lawyers for the women who say that bill cosby's sexually assaulted them decades ago.
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hearing until camille cosby can appeal. last week the judge rejected her ruling to throw out the subpoena. prestigious rhode island boarding school are demanding an investigation they say more than two dozen students were sexually abused by six employees of st. george's in newport in the 1970's and 1980's. >> it was absolutely horrible. and i became known as the slut of the school. >> the shame and the begin with. and then to be publicly humiliated. ed: there is no statute of limitations on rape in rhode island. and state police are investigating. >> next on newscenter 5 -- heather: just in time for those new year's resolutions. the new ranking of best diets. and why one is the clear winner. ed: a new hampshire soldier's surprise homecoming and the family reunion at his son's school. harvey: clear skies now but our next precipitation producer.
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heather: right now a would-be kidnapper is behind bars caught -- officers in an unmarked car when they say roy bautista drove up to a boy who got off the school bus. police say bautista tried to lure that boy into his car. the boy said no. and took off. bautista floored it when officers chased after him. he sideswiped a few cars before getting away. but police have caught him tonight. look at this daring escape. this is caught on camera in pennsylvania. she's a woman who was carjacked and kidnapped. but she broke free after being held hostage in her own car for hours. she had stopped at a gas station last week when police say a man jumped into the driver's seat. he forced her inside. and took off driving 150 miles
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for gas and that's when she made her move. >> i really -- and didn't know what was going to happen. i was just saying like please, stop. and i definitely was scared. but i wasn't ready to give up. heather: as soon as that car stopped, the woman made a break for it. she sprinted over to a bystander as the carjacker peeled away. he was arrested after a high speed chase. ed: the mother of that so-called affluenza teen is being hauled back to texas to face charges. take a look at the video from her extradition hearing today. she was in california. that's where the extradition took place. her name is tonya couch. and her 18-year-old son, ethan, were taken into custody in mexico last week. accused of fleeing after he allegedly violated probation. it was back in 2013 that ethan was sentenced to probation. not jail time. for a drunk driving crash that killed four people. ethan couch is still being held in mexico at this hour. activists occupying a national wildlife refuge in oregon say they are not leaving until they get what they want. the small armed group wants the
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land over to locals. they say ranchers, loggers, farmers should have control of the property. this is the third day of a so far peaceful occupation. heather: just in time for those new year's resolutions there is a new ranking on the best ways to lose weight. the dash diet tops the u.s. news and world report for a sixth consecutive year. a popular plan that emphasizes healthy grains, vedgies and lean meat. it was designed to help cardiac patients lower their blood pressure. they have not hugged in nearly a year. and it's a reunion that one little boy never saw coming. surprised in his classroom by his soldier dad. national guardsman just back after his third tour of duty. and it's a return his son will not soon forget. >> i think just going to probably maybe yell and hopefully hug me. and -- >> dana osborne has been back since friday. but his 6-year-old son has no idea. he thinks it will be another
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>> and he's been very supportive. and -- of my deployment. and just thought it would be a great idea to do it here. heather: the class thinks they're having a special guest reader and that's why a tv camera is there. the teacher is in on the surprise. >> give me a hug? i missed you! heather: a hug that goes on and on and on. declan's teachers say it is the quietest he's ever been. >> be with me today? >> the words in your heart to describe how you're feeling. >> it's good. >> are you surprised? is this the happiest surprise ever? yeah? ed: i want to see more. so sweet.
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two skipped out of school early today. and they have a whole lot of catching up to do. ed: i don't think anyone has to write a note or anyone has to -- them for doing that. heather: takes your breath away. ed: and speaking of taking your breath away, the cold will break. 16 in needham and 22 in boston, harvey. when is it going to get to 62 again? heather: june? [laughter] ed: what was it at christmas? harvey: it only happens at christmastime. but the private little snowstorm that occurred down over southeastern massachusetts and the cape did produce almost four inches of snow. around plymouth and a couple of inches on much of cape cod. but in boston, we didn't get any measurable snow. so we're still under one inch for the season so far. now, last winter's season, we were over four inches. and of course you know what eventually happened. the average for this time is over 11 inches. so far it's way below. i don't see that changing in boston.
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temperature, though s. 36. so this was finally a day that was well below the average. we haven't had many. but now it has taken this young that's how it's gone. december, of course, was the all-time record by a long shot. in terms of warm decembers. all right. 22 in boston. boston of course is an urban area. and what happens is -- not that it's hot but the heat of the day, whatever it is, tends to get retained in the city. but if you look at the wind, now, worcester's 13 miles an hour but that's at the airport 1,000 feet up. at lower levels there's no wind to speak of. so the cold air could really settle down in the outlying areas. that's why we see some of the low temperatures like nine in nashua. six in orange. nine in keane. and nine in springfield.
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is down on southeastern mass and the cape. just where the snow fell because that aids in the cooling during the nighttime hours. so it's only eight in plymouth. seven in falmouth and three on martha's vineyard right now. last of the clouds have exited the cape. now it's nice and clear everywhere. we've got a couple of terrific days in terms of sunshine. both tomorrow. and thursday. now, it's going to start out very cold again early tomorrow. in some areas like boston, not quite as cold as this past morning, other areas almost as cold. but there will be a nice temperature recovery. because high pressure moves off and that allows us to see its milder side. so the temperature will be breaking freezing by late morning. in boston. and should be up around 40 in much of the area foam. you can see if you're north of boston, bedford, lowell, lawrence, all around 40, 41 the day tomorrow. if you look at bedford over the them will be right around 40 degrees. so that is pretty good stuff.
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south, you see the same kind of thing. to the west. close to 40 in worcester. a little bit above 40 to the south of boston. and on cape cod. all areas with plenty of sunshine. to enjoy tomorrow. next activity is still well west. we'll get some clouds on friday. and then some precipitation over the weekend. we've covered the next couple of days for you. that's looking mighty nice. now, notice saturday is cloudy. there's a little precipitation early in the day. it could be a bit of drizzle but it could be some freezing drizzle north and west of boston. as the jet stream puts us on the warmest side so that by sunday, that storm, believe it or not as cold as it is now will be a rainstorm around here. along the coast it could be pushing 50 degrees. but another change early next week. to a windy, blustry colder weather. and next week looks like the entire week could be averaging below normal. so lots of topsy-turvy weather. but no significant snowstorms yet that i can see. heather: not everywhere. ed: was the key word ask yet"? heather: yes. ed: and he asked and did he
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heather: the children's hospital patient who only asked for cards for christmas. just how far does it reach? and next week newscenter 5 launches two new newscasts. a fast paced look at all the big news at 4:30. and more in depth coverage at 7:00. p find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories. america runs on dunkin'. rannouncer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush.
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ed: and man did he get it. he asked. he received. his name is jack. jack christianson and his mom sent us this video showing rows and rows and rows of cards that line the walls of the hospital room. he's 10 years old and he has down's syndrome and he was unable to go home for christmas and fighting his second battle with leukemia. his mom tells us that cards to jack came from all over the world. the farthest that she could see was from france. heather: and what's special about that? all handwritten cards. and just the gesture alone. it's so touching. and i'm sure the words of encouragement. ed: took a lot of time to do that. way to go. you're all angels out there. bob: the bruins up next and a hit that the league is going to be looking at on adam mcquaid right there.
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>> now spornt -- bob: you would say great effort, kids and a gold star in the show's improvement box but praise for pros is reserved for winning which the bruins have not ton in five of their last six games now. home tonight against the caps and a couple of zack attacks. one legal and the other suspendable. that is zac rinaldo with a hard legal hit on tom wilson and this is zach stills with a hit the league is looking at. he hits a vulnerable adam mcquaid in the back. looks like mcquaid hit his head on the glass. and he did not return to the game. no penalty on the hit but there wasn't one on brad marchand last week, either. and he got three games. caps up 2-0 right there. second period. still. patrice bergeron to brendan connolly fakes and feeds willie ericsson. 14th of the year. earlier the caps regained their two-goal lead and the puck hit the post and marcus johansen poked home the rebound. the bruins need more bergeron.
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eight minutes to go. bruins down 3-2. but when time ran out it was bruins lose. head out on a five-game road jersey. down the stretch, the patriots were stumbling and bumbling and fumbling. and their fans were grumbling. about a season that was tumbling and crumbling. and a bit humbling. but now there is mumbling about the patriots possibly rumbling through the playoffs. once you get started you might as well use them all. play well the last six weeks of the season. losing to the broncos and three nonplayoff teams so lost four of their last six. so what? six of the last nine super bowl the stretch. final six games. a lot of 3-3's and the ravens, 2012, like the patriots this year, were 2-4. notice the 2009 saints lost their last three games. super bowl. >> there's a lot of football
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and there's a lot for us to play for. and obviously we don't feel as though we've done anything yet. and we still feel like we have a lot to prove. so we're excited about the challenge. >> just business as usual. everybody just trying to make sure, you know, we go into the negotiation game ready to go. and we're just trying to make sure we're focused on ourselves right now. bob: tom coughlin said he's a better person because of the players he's coached. praised the giants' organization but watch him slide by giants co-owner john mara. looked like mara was ready to hug it out. but coughlin kept on going. before departing, he made eli manning cry. >> he's extremely bright. he's extremely competitive. he's what -- you what want a son to be made out of. because what -- he thinks he's the reason. he's not the reason that i'm -- eli, not you. we win and lose together. when we lose, i lose. when we win, you guys win. that's -- that's the way it is. that's the game.
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i got it. bob: and coughlin said he's not that's sports. ed: how old is he? bob: 69. heather: that was a brisk walk. bob: wasn't it? that was an icy walk behind. heather: yes, it was. yes, it was. tomorrow morning. harvey: yeah.
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