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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it gets ev warmer this weekend. we could have an ic mix -- icy mix the north or west of town on saturday. we are going to time it all out for you as the eye-opener continues. randy: commuters hoping to avoid a repeat of this -- the nightmare rail conditions getting state police involved. emily: an emergency response to kim jong-un' s claims that north korea has a hydrogen bomb. randy: a baby left alone in a freezing car. what the mother admitted to police. >> you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning, this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. emily: cereal, cake, obvious sources of sugar.
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options that could pose problems, too. good morning. i' m emily riemer. randy: i' m randy price. [laughter] randy: it is a little bit better this morning. cindy: we started here yesterday. so anything is a little better. but look at this. out the door, it is noticeable. it is 15 degrees less cold in worcester than it was yesterday. that puts us in the upper teens in worcester and 20 degrees in boston. look at plymouth down to hyannis. you have a fresh no pack -- snow pack. just three degrees out in orange. not those below zero wind chill' s that we were dealing with yesterday. the wind is going to be like today.
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you have to go beyond the canadian border to get into any clouds. we are talking about wall-to-wall sunshine. temperatures coming up to around the freezing mark. we will spend the afternoon in the upper 30' s to around 40 degrees. lower 40' s, marsh bill to the cape. -- marshvull ille to the cape. let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: good morning, everyone. we are watching that final stage of construction. let' s go to the maps and see the rest of your ride into town. construction clearing on 93 south. your last project, northbound -- also picking up, as we speak. as you travel southbound, passing by route 2. no problems from new hampshire.
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rails. emily: broken, canceled, and delayed trains all live in their memories. doug: the problems were so severe and on the commuter rail that the state police were helping the mbta investigate. what a problem it was yesterday. passengers say people were packed into trains like sardines last night. t employees handing out rider updates. there was a derailment on the hail line that affected other lines. there were track failures on the red line, which the state attributed to the bitterly cold temperatures. with looming fare hikes, they are not taking a lightly. >> if you can' t make the trains work, i don'
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doug: federal investigators are on the haverhill line. those tracks are expected -- precaution. long. i' , live at the jfk-umass station. emily: united nations is getting ready for an emergency meeting after a startling announcement from north korea. the rogue nation claiming they detonated their first hydrogen bomb. erika: u.s. officials are working to confirm those claims. it all started with reports of seismic activity in an area known to be a north korean nuclear test site. about an hour later, north korea announced they had tested a
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in recent weeks, kim jong-un has posted his country finally had the technology to build a claims have been notoriously hard to confirm -- and his experts are skeptical due to the estimated size of the explosion. in a statement overnight, a un security council representatives said, "we condemn any violation of obligations and commitments." we will bring you new information as soon as we get it. emily: thank you. right now, we are expecting new information after a grisly discovery on the side of a massachusetts highway. a man' s body found in auburn is suspicious. skype y 5 was over the scene yesterday. an identity has not been released.
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"boston -- the "boston globe" tries to deal with its home delivery debacle. they are going to be working with a new company that has struggled to get papers to thousands of subscribers for more than a week. the new arrangement starts on monday. the "globe" owner, john henry, apologize. >> it is no good. it is no fair. they are not going to screw around with the second amendment. emily: gop front-runner donald trump slamming president obama' s new executive order on gun control. he took on the president again during a rally in claremont, new hampshire.
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from republicans yesterday. the proposal adds 230 new fbi examiners to process new background checks. it calls for smart gun technology to reduce accidental shootings and asks for $500 million to improve mental health care. 5 investigates. massachusetts does have tough gun laws. more than half of the guns linked to crimes were bought out of state, most from new hampshire. unlike massachusetts, most states have no requirement to document private gun sales. >> if you are in the business and you are not licensed, that is the problem. this executive action want those people to be licensed. emily: about 50% of all gun sales are done by private dealers who don'
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id. randy: there is a mystery connected to the san bernardino shooting massacre. investigators have been able to put together a timeline of the date of the attacks after the shooting of 11:00 a.m. the suspects made several stops, but there is no trace of them between 12:59 and 1:17 in the afternoon -- an 18-minute gap . investigators want to know what they were doing. two hours later, they were both dead in a shootout with police. a deadly battle involving u.s. special forces in afghanistan -- the details are still murky. one american soldier is dead, two others are hurt. rescue helicopters were forced out because of taliban fighters. u.s. and afghan forces have been
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taliban' s gains in the area. emily: a federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the government against the family of -- from the family of a victim of whitey bulger. a south boston gang leader was killed by whitey bulger in 1974. bill cosby' s wife will not be forced to testify against him in massachusetts -- at least for now. camille cosby was scheduled to be deposed today. a judge has postponed that hearing until camille cosby can appeal. last week, the judge rejected her ruling to throw out the subpoena. randy: members of a procedures rhode island boarding school are demanding an investigation. they say more than two dozen
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six employees and some students at saint george' s in newport in the 70' s and 1980' s. >> it is horrible. i became known as the slut of the school. >> the shame and the humiliation you feel, just to begin with. randy: there is no statute of limitations on rate in rhode island and state police -- rape in rhode island and state police are investigating. a warning for gem growers. emily: how some people are getting worked out -- ripped off during their workouts. and a baby left alone . randy: sugar where you least expect it. the things that are not as obvious as the cake and cookies. >> the un security council getting ready for an emergency
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claims from north korea. the government there claiming to have successfully tested a powerful hydrogen bomb. cindy: it is cold out there again this morning. sunshine and a southwesterly wind going to warm us up today. how long that lasts ahead. take a look at what you can expect this morning. single digits in nashua and
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>> good morning, eyeopener! randy: good morning to you. good morning to all of our friends in overlake -- silver lake and kingston. all right. good morning. emily: fantastic. we would love to see your school pride. go to the front page of and upload your video. cindy: you see 14 on our thermometer there. everything is so relative. even 40 degrees this afternoon is going to feel only. -- balmy. how time has changed from just a week ago. a milder finish today.
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we have more clouds overall. look at the clear skies and a fresh snow pack across southeastern massachusetts. 10, hyannis. you get the idea. massachusetts. in boston, we were 8 yesterday morning. we are 21 right now. fitchburg, 23. 16, beverly. winds are much lighter. we are not talking about the bitter wind chills today. the windchills are not going to be a big issue. it is going to feel like it is in the teens for a while this morning. it is going to feel quite nice. high pressure is building in with the lighter winds. clouds way up to our north and south. wall-to-wall sunshine today.
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we should make that 40-degree mark today in boston, nashua, totten -- stoughton , as well. 26 for an overnight low tonight in boston. skies are still mainly clear. high pressure begins to shift offshore and that is going to allow milder winds to start to take hold and eventually bring in more clouds. i think it is mostly sunny tomorrow with high clouds. look at friday. we are going to start out with a little sunshine and then the northeasterly wind is going to bring in more clouds. it turns into a cloudy one on friday. friday night into saturday, there is light precipitation that may be moving in. it may be just cold enough north and west of boston, especially beyond 495, that that could start off as light freezing rain or drizzle on saturday morning.
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then it turns much wetter on sunday. very light precipitation on saturday. low-pressure strengthening to our west is going to throw in a slug of moisture. we could be up around 50 on sunday with heavier rain possible in the afternoon and then we are going to turn colder and dryer -- drier by next week. >> fantastic. we will take it. olessa: so far, it is a quiet start. you can see some of the brake lights already starting to build. let' s go to the maps and see the rest of the rides. good on the sake of bridge. construction cleared over on 128 by route 9. if you are heading to the trains and buses, you are running on schedule. emily: a mother is in trouble,
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another shopper noticed the eight-month-old crying in the parking lot. she called police. by the time they got there, the child' s mother was back outside. she admitted to going into the nike store for $10 -- 10 minutes. >> regardless of the weather. even in the perfect temperature, leaving an eight-month-old in the car is just not acceptable. emily: the mother is charged with child endangerment. she will be summoned to court at a later date. asian stocks slumped overnight over worries about renewed nuclear testing in north korea. wall street will be looking for clues from the federal reserve, when their latest minutes are released today. randy: apple is scaling back production of its iphones, as
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forecast with suppliers, as the company braces for lower sales. tech analysts warned that apple would struggle to grow demand for the iphone. several u.s. airlines are raising base round-trip prices on domestic rices -- prices. it is the first large increase since june. delta boosted prices on monday. experts say the increase could be rolled back, but that is unlikely, since so many airlines are on board. despite gains, women may be decades away from catching up to men in the u.s. corporate board rooms. the government accountability office found that 23% of open the -- seats at companies went to women in 2014. it is not expected to reach 50% until 2055.
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several towns. they are going into local gyms and stealing car keys. they then use the remotes to find an unlocked the cars and steal whatever it is inside. it is believed that they have been in stoughton, norwood and dedham. take a look. if you know who these guys are, call police. cutting out the sugar. s resolutions. even healthy options can be a secret trap. whole-grain bread -- too many sandwiches can still push your blood sugar higher. balsamic vinegar -- many american-made versions also contain caramello coloring and cornstarch. -- caramel coloring and cornstarch. those 100-calorie snack packs. a better option, a nice, sweet bowl of fruit. that is what you do. you are a fruitatarian. randy: sometimes i do have the snack packs.
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randy: a doughnut giving a new meaning to the phrase champagne taste. emily: packing a hefty price tag. erika: a robbery suspect calling 911 when a woman turns the tables on him. police say a man tried to luer a boy from the -- lure a boy from the streets, but the coast was not clear. a fast -paced look at all of the big news of the day at 4:30 in
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rannouncer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling
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which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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cindy: 5:24 on your wednesday morning and it is not as better out there as you step out. we have been holding on in the 20' s in boston. not the case everywhere. it is only 3 degrees in orange. we have a fresh snowpack in the skies are clear. wall-to-wall sunshine today. no bitter wind chills today. about 40 degrees tomorrow. clouds move in temperatures still near 40. randy: the federal trade commission has find a popular brain training company over
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lumosity claimed it could fire up academic performance, fight diseases like dementia, but the ftc says those claims are misleading and unfounded. the company has agreed to pay a $2 million settlement on this. there are a lot of people doing dreaming this morning. a $450 million powerball jackpot is certainly reason to dream. it is up for grabs tonight. strong sales have pushed the jackpot up by $50 million yesterday. your lump sum would be $275 million before taxes. you can see the winning numbers tonight on newscenter 5 tonight. emily: olessa has your morning i poppers. olessa: you think it is cold here? they are ice-skating in the streets in the netherlands. it looks like fun.
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treating their roadways. i know a couple of driveways and streets that look like that here. no thank you. a special doughnut selling for $100. it is a flashy, 24 caret gold ring. they are made with champagne filling and dusted with gold. the chef has already sold five dozen since launching the doughnut last week. i didn' t know flakes of metal was good for your digestive system. emily: i don' t know if i would spend the money on that. randy: it is low-calorie, though. red sox getting a new mascot. the green monster' s new partner in crime. the special moment leaving a little boy speechless here. why a returning soldier wanted to surprise his son at school. p find your sweet spot today with dunkin's
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enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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p the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. t uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers r of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99 after 12:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. eyeopener -- >> new details expected today on and the world. >> delayed, stranded, stuck. >> it was beyond sardines. >> how state police are involved in this commuting nightmare. >> and a new hampshire woman
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>> i pulled the gun out and i shot him. >> the desperate move she said she had to make. emily: we are following breaking news right now in saugus. crews are on the scene of a three alarm fire. we are told the flames got so intense one firefighter was forced to jump out of a first floor window. we do have a crew on the way there. it is 5:30 on this wednesday morning as you take a look here. thanks moving along nicely. not as cold out there this morning. cindy: it is cold, don' t get me wrong. but compared yesterday, we are ok this morning. you do want to bundle up because we are going to see those temperatures hover in the single digits and the teens. keep in mind this is where we had a fresh snowpack, and with clear skies overnight you are
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you can see boston, though, sitting at 21 degrees. it was 8 yesterday morning. a couple single digits to the north here. we are not going to see those strong winds today like we had yesterday. they will get to know higher than about 10 miles per hour today. they will also be coming out of the saw -- southwest, so that will be warming us up. you can see how clear the skies are now. wall-to-wall sunshine today. headed to about 40. some upper 30' s through worcester county. south of town, some lower 40' s around to what her. on the cape, you should be in the low 40' s this afternoon as well. a good looking wednesday on the way weather-wise. olessa: so far, we are in pretty
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eastbound moving to the top of the screen. you just heard us mention a building fire in saugus. the exit ramp from route one onto essex street is closed. so far, you are in good shape along the pike. south of town, we are watching some of that volume on the expressway. trains and buses doing ok. emily: breaking overnight, and emergency united nations -- an emergency united nations security council meeting will be held this morning after north korea claims it tested its first hydrogen bomb. randy: state police and federal officials are helping with the investigation into a train derailment. the mbta says it is just a precaution. emily: we are expecting new highway. a man'
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interstate 290 in auburn yesterday. right now, the mother of a little girl found dead is prepared to go back to court. it is a case that has gained international attention. randy: the eye' s todd kazakiewich is live in boston with what we can expect today. todd? todd: randy, emily, good morning. rachelle bond is expected to be here later today. she will be arraigned in connection with the death of her daughter, bella bond. the charges are assessed week after the fact. bond is also facing -- excuse me -- larceny charges for allegedly continuing to use public assistance meant for bella after the girl' s death. she washed ashore on deer island in june last year. she was finally identified three months later. bond'
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mccarthy, is also charged in s murder. randy: right now, authorities are calling this barn fire in spencer suspicious. firefighters were able to stop the fire from spreading to the home. the cause is now under investigation. emily: a would-be kidnapper is behind bars in providence, allegedly caught in the act. officers were in an unmarked car when they say roy bautista drove up to a boy who just got off the school bus. police say bautista tried to lower the boy into his car -- lure the boy into his car. the boy said no and took off. been popular holiday gifts, but this morning, emerson says those controversial the campus. in an e-mail to student, the school said the devices present a number of safety risks.
5:32 am
commission launched an investigation into these products last month. emily: this morning, a new hampshire woman says she had no choice, she had to pull the trigger. the eye' s erika tarantal is here with her desperate decision. erika: the 65 your old says she was just fighting back -- your old -- the 65-year-old says she was just fighting back. >> it is the first time i have ever shot to that done. erika: she has owned the gun for more than 10 years, but never thought she would actually have to use it. >> but then when i saw him reach his left arm out to try to grab me, that is when i pulled the gun out and i shot him. erika: the 23-year-old suspect was arraigned on robbery charges from his hospital bed yesterday. the woman does have a valid concealed carry permit. emily: a college professor fired for what you thought was a simple statement.
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meant to show solidarity between religions. father and son reunited here. the homecoming leaving that little boy at a loss for words. emily: we are following breaking news, a massive fire in reps on
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so far, we are pretty quiet here on the pike. we are watching one closure, street. that is because of a building fire on essex street. cindy: cold out there, but not as cold as yesterday. 18 in worcester out of the door. not as cold, but still a chill in the air this morning. sunshine all day long. how about 40 degrees this afternoon? that is where we stayed the next couple of days. then clouds fill in on friday with some damp and wet weather this weekend. randy: talk about a christmas wish come true. take a look at this video. this is from the family of a boy at boston children' s hospital who only wanted cards for christmas. 10-year-old jack christianson couldn' t go home because he' s fighting his second battle with leukemia. cards then poured in from all around the world.
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emily: a surprise homecoming in new hampshire. a soldier hugging his son for the first time in nearly a year. the national guardsmen is just back from his third two were of duty, and he wanted to surprise his son in class. dana osborne wasn' t expected home for another week. his son, declan, and the boy' s classmates were told there would be a surprise reading guest. he never realized it was his father, who waited for the right time to show up. >> the school here has been very , so idea to do it here. emily: the two skipped out of the half-mast. home deliveries back on track, world. sox.
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there is one problem, the ramp to essex street is closed because of the fire on which we have been reporting this morning. we will have updates on the
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randy: good morning. we are following breaking news as we begin "news to go" on this wednesday morning. this is a video justin from
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battling a three alarm fire on a six street. -- on essex street. emily: we will bring you a live report as soon as he arrives. and some really cold temperatures. cindy: absolutely. fortunately, we do not have the strong winds we had yesterday. stepping out the door, you do not have those bitter wind chills that you had yesterday morning. not as cold in the city as you are stepping out, but it is morning. as we come up to around 40 degrees, lots of sunshine the next couple of days before some clouds return on friday. morning. all the way up to the canadian border, really not a cloud in the sky. underneath that high, we will keep the clear skies today and a light winds which will shift bring in some warmer temperatures.
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single digits in cotton. 18 in worcester. north of boston, single digits. notice boston is in the lower 20' s right now. but we will jump over the freezing mark your by mid to late morning. making a run toward 40 degrees this afternoon. in boston and up through the merrimack valley, some lower 40' s today. it gets even milder tomorrow. still a good amount of sunshine coming up tomorrow, but then the clouds move in on friday and temperatures will still be right around 40 degrees, but any sunshine in the morning will be short-lived. that is going to bring in some low level moisture. by day' s end. saturday is when we could get some light precipitation. early saturday, outside
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it may be just cold enough for freezing rain or freezing drizzle. we will talk about the rest of your weekend coming up. let' s you out to the roads. olessa: so far, we are in pretty good shape. here is a live look outside in saugus. let' s get over to the map because we do have a ramp closure, northbound route 1 at essex street. west of town, you are doing ok. the pike is about 15 minutes. just a few delays starting to build on the expressway. trains and buses for now on schedule. randy: after a string of breakdowns and delays, commuters are hoping the t will get them to work on time this morning. emily: the problems so severe state police are now helping the mbta investigate. t employee is handed out rider
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how derailments -- a derailment on the cover he' ll line affected -- on the haverhill line affected other lines. erika: the un security council will hold an emergency meeting today after a surprise -- alarming claim from north korea. the rogue nation says they successfully tested their first hydrogen bomb. some nuclear experts are expressing doubt due to the estimated size of the explosion. in response, a spokesperson saying, we condemn any violation of un security council resolutions, and again call on north korea to abide by its international obligations and commitments. todd, out to you. todd: the mother of the bella
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be arraigned on charges connected to the murder of the two-year-old girl. rachelle bond is accused of being an assessor he after-the-fact -- being an assessor he after -- being an accessory after the fact. rachelle bond' s boyfriend, michael mccarthy, is also charged in bella' s murder. emily: the death of a man -- sources tell 5 investigates the death of a man, whose body was found on the side of the highway, it' s suspicious. sky 5 over the scene yesterday on interstate 290. randy: new moves from the "boston globe," as the paper
5:43 am
the globe is now bringing back its former distribution company. the new arrangements start on monday. emily: police in several towns are searching for these these. -- theives. offices said the men are going into local gyms and stealing people' s car keys. anyone with information is asked to contact police. randy: a worcester toddler is in state custody now, after he was allegedly beaten by his mother' s boyfriend. police say it happened on december 30 or 31st. 23-year-old johnny sanchez is being held without bail. emily: a state trooper from boylston has been convicted -- from boylston has been convicted of assault and battery against his girlfriend. corey benoit was convicted yesterday of shoving the victim
5:44 am
he has been suspended without pay since august. randy: police are expecting a driver to be charged in a deadly hit-and-run in leominster. francis fortuna was killed in november after he was hit a long mechanic street. the next day, a man walked into the police station, saying he had been involved in an accident in that area. a everyone initially made it out, but the fire chief says someone went back inside. rescuers tried to find him. they could not. emily: activists occupying the national wildlife refuge in organ say they are not leaving says they are they want.
5:45 am
peaceful occupation. randy: the mother of the so-called affluenza teenager is being brought back to texas now to face charges. extradition hearing yesterday in california. tonya couch, and her 18-year-old son, ethan, were taken into custody in mexico last week. he was sentenced to probation in 2013 for a drunk driving crash that killed four people. emily: a christian college professor suspended for saying christians and muslims worship the same god could soon be fired. she made the comment to show solidarity for the two religions. college officials and hawkins have tried to work out the differences, but the school says those efforts have reached an impasse.
5:46 am
the al jazeera television network is facing defamation lawsuits over accusations is made against several professional athletes. several nfl players, including peyton manning, were also named in that report. emily: the annual list of the world' s safest airports -- airlines has been released. topping the list, australian carrier qantas. others include air new zealand, alaskan airlines, american airlines, and emirates. randy: the dash diet is topping the "u.s. news & world report" list for the sixth year in a row. it was designed to help cardiac patients lower their blood pressure. emily: the bruins dropped five of their last six games. they trailed throughout the
5:47 am
capscaps -- caps lead. they head out on a five-game road trip starting friday in new jersey. randy: in case you wondered if wally the green monster had any back story, here it is. the red sox have released a video that shows wally visiting his parents in florida. he even has a sister, named tessie. it will be good to havetessie here with -- have tessie here with wally. emily: the powerball jackpot as skype docketed -- has skyrocketed to $450 million. the new winning numbers will be drawn tonight. you can see them right here on newscenter 5 at 11:00. randy: if you are dreaming of
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emily: now is the time to buy a ticket. cindy: i think 4, maybe 9. [laughter] we have clear skies in boston and it is 21 degrees this morning. not as cold as yesterday when that wind chill was well below zero. a few of us are in the single digits outside the city. nine in plymouth. definitely cold out there this morning, but not as bitter as it was yesterday. skies are clear, and the winds are light. high-pressure settles on in. wall-to-wall sunshine. the sun is up at 7:13. temperatures climb out of the 20' s and into the 30' s this afternoon. highs should reach about 40 degrees. upper 30' s will do for us out in the worcester hills. tonight, we fall back down into
5:49 am
some of our coldest suburbs could be in the upper teens. mild air is working in on the backside of the high-pressure, and will eventually lead to more moisture. that will transition in our direction toward the weekend. first, we will bring in more clouds on friday. and eventually some very light precipitation late friday and early saturday. they could be just cold enough that north and west of 495, it could start out as some light freezing drizzle. the better of the two weekend days is sunday. that is going to flood milder air in out ahead of it. look at those temperatures, getting into the low 50' s here on sunday. but keep in mind, it could be a little icy in some areas early saturday. let' s you out to the roads. they are dry.
5:50 am
root 1 in saugus. -- route 1 in saugus. i will show you what is going on. those are some rubbernecking delays that just let to a next and -- on the southbound lead to an accident on the southbound side. 93 south, just some volume. eastbound on the pike, you are in good shape. 495 to 128. and then south of town, still doing ok. 20 minutes braintree into boston, the trains and buses running on schedule. randy: four minutes before the top of the hour, 5 investigates looking at the local impact of the president' s emily: gun order. emily:and new this morning, -- president ' s gun order. emily: new this morning, less
5:51 am
randy: and in less than one week, newscenter 5 launches two new newscasts. a fast-paced look at all the vagueness at 4:30 p.m. and more in-depth coverage at 7:00 p.m. it all starts right here next monday. emily: and we are in saugus following breaking news. firefighters battling those flames. doug is there. he will have a live report for us coming up at 6:00 a.m. olessa watching that, the impact
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