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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  January 9, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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good morning, america. el chapo captured. back behind bars caught after a bloody shoot-out. but why are they hauling him back to the exact same prison from which he escaped just six months ago and will he face justice here in america? our live report from mexico city. officer ambushed. the gunman who took aim at a philadelphia cop is pledging allegiance to isis. >> shots fired. 6-0 and spruce. >> a gun stolen from another officer. this morning the latest on the investigation and the suspect's trips to the middle east. on the attack. donald trump declaring himself
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>> killing everybody nationally. trump, 35 -- >> but the new poll numbers showing plus it's handshake after handshake. will it pay off with the voters? and record jackpot. powerball fever at a boiling point. will it reach a billion dollars? the long lines across the nation. >> i drove three hours to get here. >> what to do if you have the winning ticket? it's money on the mind this morning on "gma." hey, good morning. we are a nation in the grips of powerball fever. millions of us buying tickets an act that is a triumph of hope over math. >> your chances of cashing in, 1 in 292.2 million which is about
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flipping a quarter and getting heads 28 times in a row. >> i believe you did it 27 times. >> when i was 8 years old. notwithstanding the bad math when we heard sara was heading out to a convenience store we gave her 40 bucks to buy us tickets. how is it looking out will. >> thanks, first of all, for being debbie downers, there are a lot of zeros on the end of this powerball jackpot and i'm in one of the many stores across the country that will be selling these things faster than hotcakes but you got to be in it to win it. check it out. it's the largest jackpot in history. $800 million. and it has people across the country lining up. here in prim, nevada, hundreds and hundreds standing in line for their shot at beating the odds. >> just play, man. you got to play. >> reporter: and at this georgia truck stop poor souls from alabama, one of six states that
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their tickets. >> i drove three hours to get here. >> reporter: according to the florida lottery, more than 16,000 tickets were being sold every minute friday afternoon. which equates to 271 every second or nearly 1 million tickets every hour. at a rate like that it's no wonder some statisticians say the jackpot could grow to $1 billion. next. >> reporter: there have been a record 19 drawings since the last powerball jackpot winner so how did this happen? because believe it or not, winning got harder. the month of october saw the number of white balls go up from 59 to 69. while the amount of red balls went down from 35 to 26. that changed the odds of winning the jackpot from 1 in 175 million to 1 in 292 million. if you bought 50 powerball tickets a week you'll win the
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112,000 years. according to this statistics professor who says it's still worth a shot. >> with a jackpot this high it's the first time that even superficially the powerball bet is a good bet. so, i would say go out and buy a ticket. >> reporter: okay, you heard it from the professor. we've got to get in on this game. you no longer have $40 worth of tickets because you're buying me ice cream, pregnancy girl problems. no whammies, okay. i'm going to be back in a minute with winning tickets. >> bring mine, okay. >> sara, you'd rather have ice cream than $900 million? >> because my chances of getting the ice cream are higher than you getting your millions of dollars. >> very good point. >> thank you so much. >> bring us all back -- bring me a ticket, sara. >> dan. >> thank you. we're joined now from austin, texas, about i the multistate lottery association chair and
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texas lottery commission. gary grief. gary, good morning to you. so here's the big question, do you think we have any chance of dollars? >> gee, dan, you're hitting me with that pretty early. i just barely had my coffee. bleary eye after watching all these sales yesterday and sales expectations. we'll make a decision on whether jackpot. i'd say the likelihood is very good that we will do that. how much we'll do that, though, dan, that's still to be determined. >> okay, so you won't commit to a billion. what about $900 million? >> i can't commit to anything until i see those number, dan. i can just tell you it's going to go up. our players are responding like we have never seen before. i'm seeing lines at retail stores, so everybody needs to just buckle up their seat belt and see what happens. >> i appreciate it. i don't want to press you too
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one last question, if one of our viewers happens to win, what do you do once you realize you've got the winning ticket? >> sign the back of that ticket and put it in a safe place. you've got at least 180 days, no matter where you live in the country to claim that prize. legal advice. get a financial adviser. >> gary, we wish you a fully ahead. thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> thank you, daen. thanks to gary. on his advice we're buckling our seat belts. the other big story, el chapo has been captured again. the notorious drug lord apprehended in mexico six months after he tunneled his way out and now he's going back to the same prison from which he escaped. matt gutman has the latest from mexico city. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, paula. he has already been charged in multiple u.s. districts but
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extradition. so as you mentioned, el chapo, the man who escaped from two mexican prisons in his career wakes up in the same supermax he busted out of just last year. overnight, mexican military officials muscling el chapo towards a helicopter and a flight to mexico city. hours after mexican special forces captured the drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman. that last showdown playing out in the drug kingpin's home state on friday. mexican marines raiding this compound, exchanging fire with el chapo's men killing five of them seizing these weapons including 50-caliber sniper rifles and grenade launchers. but, not their suspect. mexican officials say guzman slipped into the city's sewer tunnels. he and a bodyguard spotted emerging from the sewers and
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finally being nabbed. seen handcuffed in that filthy shirt where these pictures were taken. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> reporter: the mexican president declaring it a triumph friday night announcing the news to the world with this tweet. mission accomplished." the u.s. department of justice calling his capture a victory for the citizens of both mexico and the united states. el chapo, one of the most wanted criminals responsible for nearly a quarter of the drugs trafficked across the border. often through tunnels, abc news getting unprecedented access to one of them. >> okay, so right i just walk right here. >> gentably through here, don't touch the walls or anything. >> reporter: it ends the biggest manhunt when he escaped from july. in a straight out of holwood escape surveillance cameras showed el chapo ducking and then
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tunnel dug by his engineers right under the prison. the motorcycle zipping him to freedom in that million dollar tunnel to this remote farm. and apparently he had hollywood on his mind. shortly after he broke out of that prison the attorney general says that he contacted producers and local actors about making a biopic about his life. those communications helped lead authorities right to him. dan. >> you couldn't make it up. matt gutman, we appreciate it. here at home meanwhile, we have new video of the shooter who says he was inspired by isis ambushing a police officer on the streets of philadelphia. that officer somehow managing to get out of the vehicle and return fire. we're learning more now about this gunman and abc's eva pilgrim is on the story from philadelphia. eva, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. a chilling attack, a police officer ambushed driving down this very street this morning.
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against the man allegedly at the center of it all. police say that alleged gunman claims he's pledged his allegiance to the islamic state. surveillance video shows this terrifying attack. according to police, the man dressed in a white robe is 30-year-old edward archer seen here rushing towards a marked police cruiser firing a dozen rounds and even reaching into the car before running away. >> shots fired. 6-0 and spruce. i'm shot. i'm bleeding heavily. >> reporter: this morning archer who police say he confessed to carrying out the unsuccessful assassination attempt in the name of islam is being investigated by the fbi. abc news learned the 30-year-old was not on any watch lists but officials are now examining two trips to the middle east. one to saudi arabia in 2011 for the muslim pilgrimage hajj and another to egypt in 2012. >> this is absolutely one of the scariest things i've ever seen. i mean this guy tried to execute the police officer. the police officer had no idea
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it's amazing he's alive. >> reporter: despite being seriously injured, the video shows officer jesse hartnett getting out of his patrol car and chasing after his attacker firing back hitting him in the backside. other officers picked up archer a short distance away. >> three gunshot wounds to the left arm is all we have. absolutely amazing that that is all he sustained. i cannot explain how he escaped that nothing short of miraculous and we're thankful for that. >> reporter: speaking to philadelphia abc station wpvi hartnett's father says he rushed to the hospital where his son was able to talk with him after waking up from surgery. >> it's going to be a tough road. he's a tough guy. i love him and very proud of him and he's an excellent person. >> reporter: now, edward archer was treated and released from the hospital this morning waking up inside a philadelphia jail cell. as for the gun used in that attack police tell us it was
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home several years ago. dan. >> extraordinary story. i want to switch gears quickly, eva, to point out this is your first story for abc news, you spent many years reporting for our powerhousetation in philadelphia, wpvi now joining us here at abc news and want to extend a warm welcome to you. delighted to have you as part of our family. >> thank you for having me. i'm excited to be here. >> welcome to the family, eva. we want to move to politics and the first big battle, the iowa caucuses roughly three weeks away. hillary clinton's campaign sent some panicked e-mails this week and things are tightening up on the republican side. here's abc's devin dwyer. >> isn't a trump rally more fun than all these other stiffs? >> reporter: in south carolina donald trump touts the latest poll that has him on top. >> killing everybody nationally. that. >> reporter: he's ahead by
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fox national poll but in iowa he's at 23% in a much closer raise race. he heads to the hawkeye state where cruz is on top logging hundreds of miles and handshakes this week. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: pointing out trump likes to swoop into iowa on his plane to campaign and then go home. >> labor intensive. you don't do it from a tv studio in manhattan. >> reporter: hillary clinton was at a studio friday in l.a. to play charades with ellen degeneres and president fit fitzpatrick from "scandal." panicked clinton e-mails warn donors that polls in new hampshire and iowa are seriously tight and after months of mostly ignoring the vermont senator clinton is going on the attack. >> senator sanders voted with the gun lobby and i voted against the gun lobby. maybe it's time for senator sanders to stand up and say, i
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>> reporter: sanders fired back calling clinton a flip-flopper on guns after hours earlier coming to her defense over questions about her personal life. >> what bill clinton did, i think we can all acknowledge was totally, totally, totally disgraceful and unacceptable but i am running against hillary clinton, i'm not running against bill clinton. >> reporter: and with so much on the line the candidates are swarming iowa today, donald trump and ted cruz hold dueling events in the state. bernie sanders will be there too. one person not on the trail today, hillary clinton. dan and paula. >> it was a busy place this morning. thank you, devin. a remind abc news will broadcast president obama's state of the union address and the republican response which will be by south carolina governor nikki haley eastern. all right, a lot of other headlines to get to and for that claiborne. good morning, sir. >> good morning to you, dan and paula. strangely silent around here this morning. >> sara is gone. that's it.
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we begin with the mother of the so-called affluenza teen spending the weekend if jail after being unable to post $1 million bail. tonya couch appeared before a texas judge for arraignment friday. the judge having some harsh complained about the conditions in her jail cell reminding her that she's in jail and not at a resort. couch told the judge she understood and faces up to ten years in jail for allegedly hindering the apprehension of her son ethan who fled with her allegedly to mexico. rising tensions in the armed showing no signs of ending. the local harnny county sheriff asking for 36 other counties, neighboring counties to dispatch deputies as backup. the group of militia men seized the quarters of a wildlife refuge one week ago. blue bell creamery reporting it found list teary in one of its production facilities again. last year blue bell was forced to all all of its ice cream from
7:16 am
this morning they're stressing none of its food has tested positive for listeria, only at that facility. take a look at this. freak accident in pennsylvania. julie bailey was driving her kids to school wednesday, wednesday morning when a wickup truck in the opposite lane lost its wheel and part of its axle sending them flying straight at her vehicle. bailey says she's alive because of something that her son did the night before in the driver's seat which may have saved her life. >> my son was driving the car the night before and he has longer legs than i. i adjusted it a little bit but didn't go up as far as i normally do. >> wow, that extra room may have given her just enough distance to keep that axle from actually hitting her. amazing, huh. two texas tornadoes survivors are living large thanks to a generous millionaire businessman ron sturgeon offering his mansion for a dollar a month in rent to a family left homeless in last
7:17 am
friday was move-in day for amber jenkins and her mom katherine. she feels so lucky, she said, she may buy a powerball ticket now. yeah, good luck with that. >> good luck. >> yeah. now we know ron's view on the odds of powerball. thank you, ron, appreciate it. >> if you're not going to buy a powerball ticket i think it's a good weekend to sit on your couch and watch the nfl. here's why, the playoffs begin, wild card weekend, four big games that starts with the houston texans hosting the kansas city chiefs. you can watch it on both abc and espn and joining us from espn studios right now is nfl analyst former player and coach herm edwards. good morning, coach. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. have nice conditions in houston, but not so much in minnesota >> that's right. you know what, before we talk about today's texans/chiefs game. it's all about tomorrow. seattle. the ice bowl and freezer bowl. the prediction right now for the weather.
7:18 am
like 20 degrees below or colder, coach. how dangerous are those conditions? >> well, i don't know about dangerous so much. who can withstand the elms. both playing in a big game. you think about games of this nature, the first thing you're concerned with as a coach for the players is their feet and hands, keeping those things warm and then the balls. the balls have to be warm for the kickers obviously and the quarterback so you can't heat them with any heaters but that becomes a part of the process. along with the wind conditions. is it wet and is it windy or just windy or just dry and cold? so these are the conditions you have to play in, especially in playoff atmosphere and it's outside, both teams. no one gets any edge on that. it's just mental toughness and obviously ball security. >> yeah, no one gets the advantage. we have to start thinking of names. we've seen the freezer bowl and ice bowl. let's go back today. you once coached the chiefs playing the texans. who do you like in the gamy. >> i like the chiefs. i like the roll they're on. both these teams are built the same way.
7:19 am
but found a way chiefs being, what, with two wins, houston with two wins and find a way winning the division, the chiefs have won ten in a row now so i think the key is alex smith. he is actually the only quarterback in the playoffs with all the quarterbacks that has not turned the ball over. he's been in three playoff games. interceptions. this defense of the chiefs takes off takeaways. i think the chiefs find a way to win the game. i think it will be a fabulous football game. both built the same way with good defenses and it's not going all. >> enjoy the games from inside that the warm studios, coach. particularly tomorrow's game. morning. reminder you can watch them starting at 4:20 in afternoon on both abc and espn and this is pretty big because it's our first nfl game in ten years. >> it's awesome, man. speaking of the weather over to indra petersons, good morning, indra. >> have you ever seen golf
7:20 am
hail. >> no manage you. >> it's dangerous. that's when they saw outside houston. you know when the national weather service says take cover there. downright dangerous coming through the windshields completely wiping them out and there. the good news it has calmed down around the gulf but it's going to be ramping up again and making its way all the way into the northeast so, yes, chicago, you'll look at to 3 inches of snow then this guy is going to make its way into the northeast. rainy day out there but this is the story you want to see. this is the yowzer, guys. 20 below. that's what it will feel like. no just not minnesota and out towards iowa. this is moving to the east. look at these temperatures. yes, by monday morning we're talking a whopping zero, that's what it feels like out towards detroit. pittsburgh, you're like a hint
7:21 am
york city, 19 degrees. i'm already cold. mike: good morning. i'm meteorologist mike wankum. even though we're seeing temperatures in lower 30 and because of that there's a little bit of spotty precipitation following in the form of a little bit of freezing drizzle be cautious along 495. may be an icy spot here or there. not a widespread problem. by afternoon this with 44 the threat will be gone. tomorrow it's a wind-driven rain by 56 degrees for a high temperature. don't get used to it. here comes the cold weather next week. temperatures into the 30's maybe a slight chance of seeing snow >> just trying to imagine tennis ball-size hail. unbelievable yesterday. >> and that's a meteorological term. >> we should point out sara is back and she got our tickets. >> she got your tickets. >> ice cream, as well. ron, where were you preshow? >> unbelievable. >> unbelievable.
7:22 am
what's coming up on "gma" new revelations to tell you about in mystery. the motive think the pair may husband. >> plus, lottery winners who lost it all. the important lessons to know if your numbers come in tonight. so we need to pay attention, dan. because we're going to win. >> of course, ron, you can space off right here. let's drink to coffee. an expert tells us about the many benefits of the bean. can it really add years to your life. "good morning america" is
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>> now your storm team 5 forecast with meteorologist mike wankum. mike: good morning. well, we're picking up a little bit of light precipitation along 495 some of it in the form of drizzle. some of it in the form of light snow. both of those are creating a little bit of a slippery condition on untreated surfaces.
7:28 am
as we head through the afternoon, it will be changing over to lies rain drizzle out there. what about tomorrow? tomorrow is whole other story. this is flat-out rain we're talking about. no mix with this one. by 3:00 heavy downpours across the area. 5:00 we could have a rumble of thunder in boston. and then it winds down as we head to tomorrow night and ushering in colder temperatures behind that rain. here's is way it looks over the next several days. today 44 degrees. tomorrow near record heat. 56 degrees but a wind-driven rain out there. monday is colder, about 36 degrees. tuesday night there is a slight chance that we could see a little bit of snow out there, but i think the main storm system is developing too far off to the east and therefore it
7:29 am
and we do want to welcome you back. live look at university of phoenix stadium. the site of monday's huge college football playoff championship game between clemson and alabama. only on espn. and now we want to turn to big stories happening right now. captured ed d joaquin "el chapo" guzman captured. special forces storming the house where the world's most notorious drug lord was. steve avery, the subject of the wildly popular netflix documentary "making a murderer," he's got a new attorney on his side and avery represented by
7:30 am
convictions she works. the remarkable recovery for lamar odom out of the hospital now moved to a private facility nearly four months after he was found unconscious at a brothel in nevada. coming up on the show this morning, millions are fantasizing right now about being the next powerball multi multimillionaire including many of us at this very table. what could possibly go wrong? turns out plenty. coming up, the lottery winners who lost everything, ron is going to tell us all about that. that won't happen to -- >> just take a look at our winning tickets right there. we'll look at those -- >> share. >> share, everybody. but first the new information this morning in a case of a woman and her father, curious case, he is a former fbi agent both now accused of murdering her husband from ireland. >> it's a bizarre story and say it was self-defense but newly released police search warrants reveal why officers think molly martens corbett may have had a motive to kill. abc's linzie janis is in studio
7:31 am
hi. >> according to investigators molly martens corbett's husband may have been planning to return to his native 50ir8d with his children from a previous marriage leaving her behind. >> my daughter's husband, my son-in-law, got in a fight with my daughter. i intervened and i think he's in bad shape. >> reporter: this morning, newly released court documents revealing tom martens and his daughter molly martens corbett's possible motive for the alleged murder of her husband jason. >> he's bleeding all over and i may have killed him. >> reporter: in affidavits to a north carolina court, detectives writing, jason corbett's friends and family say he may have been planning a trip to ireland without his wife. allegedly for the purpose of moving him and his children back to his native homeland permanently. but attorneys for his wife molly deny the 39-year-old father of two was trying to leave.
7:32 am
stay in the united states, had gotten permanent residency status. he had married her and wanted her to be their mother. >> reporter: tom says they were in the midst of a 3 a.m. donnybrook, irish slang for a wild fight when he intervened with a baseball bat which allegedly told police he had given his grandson as a gift. >> he was choking my daughter. he said i'm going to kill her. >> reporter: but according to the responding officer neither tom nour molly suffered any injuries and that in his opinion the struggle described was not consistent with the evidence at the scene. tom and molly's attorneys denying that account. in a statement to abc news, writing, that the allegations made in the affidavits are largely based on conjecture, speculation and hearsay. adding, anything that suggests that tom and molly acted with any motive other than self-defense and defense of each other cannot be based in fact.
7:33 am
plead not guilty. molly is also fighting for custody of corbett's two children. they have been handed over to relatives in ireland but molly raised them for most of their lives and says these she's their mother and wants them back with >> thank you. let's send things back to indra petersons. you say there is a threat of ice in the northeast. >> oh, gosh, it's winter officially, right? it has to be winter right now where temperatures are hovering right around the freezing mark. those 30s a hint of ice. you'll notice right around upstate new york and also out through maz, here is the big story we're all going to be talking about all week long, notice that little sliver of warmth we have left and all the cold air that's going to be making its way through. let's look at the temperature change. start off with maybe 60s along the eastern seaboard for like a day or so. now let's talk about what temperatures will feel like. 30-degree temperature drop. guy, here it comes. look at this cold air pushing on through.
7:34 am
ah, i really need the temperatures to go back up. showers, cold and it's going to be wet. not a lot of rain but just enough, yep, it's going to feel mike: good morning. i'm meteorologist mike wankum. today a lot of gray skies. spotty drizzle and 44. tomorrow near record heat but a wind-driven rain. then we clear things off, but the temperatures drop. highs only into the 30's as we finish off the >> this weather brought to you by carmax. i'm already cold, guys. i like i don't even know what to do. >> wow like some ice cream? >> no. >> i will take a lottery ticket. >> that will warm you up as opposed to the battery operated socks he never sent you. >> i'm sure they're in my mailbox somewhere. >> empty promises. >> get used to it. could winning the lottery actually be the worst thing that ever happened to you? the lottery winners who went from millionaires to flat broke. ron has the story after a quick break.
7:35 am
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>> but got to break it to you, it doesn't guarantee happiness. your life will certainly change and not always for the better, ron. >> that is true. if you think that money is a solution to all of your problems, think again. for some unlucky lottery winners it's the source of new problem not least the which is holding on to that money. >> that first number is 47. >> reporter: the moment most of us have dreamed of. >> powerball number tonight is 17. >> would-be winners fantasizing about how we'd spend that jackpot. >> this is my toy. >> reporter: but what happens when this dream turns into a nightmare? jack win kerr won the nearly $315 million powerball back in 2002. >> my wife had said she wished she'd turn the ticket up. i wish we had torn the ticket up too. >> at the time he said he wanted to use his $80 million take home to make a difference. >> i can take this much money and do a lot of good with this
7:40 am
>> but his entire fortune was gone within four years. while he ended up giving some to family members whitacre lost most to thieves, drugs and gambling. in the end he was left with a million and a half dollars worth of debt. and a drug addiction that forced him into rehab. >> it certainly had been a curse to me. >> reporter: it's happened to others. their stash of megacash squandered with stunning speed. michael carol back on unemployment after partying away his jackpot and evelyn adams left living in a trailer after winning the lotto not once, but twice. some winners have lost more than just their money. >> are you a murderer? >> nope. >> abe shakespeare hit it big in 2006 taking home $17 million using his winnings to pay off others' debts but greed getting the best of those close to him. dee-dee more taking advantage of the millionaire stealing what remained of his jackpot and then murdering him. >> okay, now here's some tips if you win that big jackpot, paula. take these down.
7:41 am
>> wait at least six months before making any huge purchases to pro-veepts going overboard with thing you interdo don't need. create a system for saying no using a trusted relative for the avalanche of requests from your friend, especially all the new ones you will soon have. and if and when you decide to go big keep in mind things like yachts and mansions, football teams, these all require a lot of upkeep. on the other hand with 800 million bucks you can probably afford it. >> we cut you out of it. the sure thing. >> you're not in it but dan and indra and a went in on it. what do you want from us if you win. >> could you loan me like 100,000 bucks? >> you can have it. >> that's nothing. >> paula, this has been recorded. >> let it be said we -- i did agreement. okay. >> paula, you put your name only
7:42 am
i'm wondering if you get cut out already. >> take a look at them. ron. coming up on "gma," perk up, people. what really happens to your body when you drink that cup of coffee in our "weekend download." >> random. >> random. introducing centrum vitamints. a brand new multivitamin you enjoy like a mint. with a full spectrum of essential nutrients... surprisingly smooth, refreshingly cool. i see you found the vitamints. new centrum vitamints. a delicious new way to get your multivitamins. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet served my country, carried the weight of a family, r and walked a daughter down the aisle. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he
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so, there's a new study released that shows drinking cover if i can help you live longer whether you drink caffeinated or decaf. benefits? let's bring in author of "zero belly diet." dave, good morning. >> great to see you. >> what does coffee dore for us. >> picks you up and drops you you're right. you have to be careful, you
7:46 am
there are rules, so start with your brain. i mean, it is -- it releases a soothing hormone dope men and has a calming effect. even if you just smell it will do that and boost your long-term memory. as it moves from your brain down to your heart it improves your blood flow at rest and harvard study found you're 10% less likely to die of a heart attack if you're a coffee drinker. so have a venti now maybe you won't need a venti later. and then finally, it goes in your belly, two things happen, it boosts your metabolism up to 15% and if you're going to work out and you have a cup, it's going to take your body from normally energy burning mode into fat burning mode. >> let me ask, how do you -- what are your rules for making sure your cup of coffee is maximally healthy. >> you want to make sure you don't drink too much. right.
7:47 am
you shouldn't go beyond five cups. then you get into sort of dangerous territory. and you can really affect the lining of your gut so if you have heartburn or ulcers, what you want to do don't drink on an empty stomach and can trigger the belly fat hormone they call it court sole so your body goes more into fat storing mode. >> go natural. don't put sugar in there and don't drink those like smoke chinos. >> if it has chocolate and caramel and whipped cream and name isn't just coffee it's really a milk shake. >> do you really have zero belly fat. >> i have an ab. >> not a six-pack. a one-pack. morning. coming up why we just can't seem to get enough of this epic lip-sync battle. you can see it right there. we'll be right back. i have asthma... so when my asthma symptoms kept on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece
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brought to you by the makers of tylenol for what matters most. >> sara haines powered by powerball and a pint of ice cream will bring us "pop news." >> no ice cream for you because you guys may be winners. we'll begin with katy perry making history amassing more than 80 million followers on twitter which dan is only slightly behind that. kat y kat. is no dark horse having surpassed justin bieber back in 2013 by even for her 80 million followers is huge. here's her most pop har tweet ever showing a whole lot of love for one direction which might contribute to her huge swell of support. if you can get in on one of those -- >> 70,000 likes. >> it's one direction. you go after a boy band with a tweet, we can all get up to 80 million. >> i'm tweeting them right now. >> let's get those out there. next up i hope everyone has their predictions in for the golden globes.
7:53 am
one thing we can count on on is jamie foxx's daughter doing a stellar job as miss golden globe because her dad has been putting her through the paces as this video from "vanity fair" after learning how to wave, air kiss for perfection one final calming word. >> what if i fall, trip, drop an ward. >> it won't be as bad as steve harvey. >> oh, no. >> so, a big good luck for her. it may be too soon -- >> never too soon. steve harvey poked fun at himself a few days later. >> there might be a meme floating around any day now. good luck. if you're like me and can't stop watching channing tatum's jaw-dropping performance on "lip sync battle" there is a very good reason for it. it's not just channing's amazing wigs, oh, and beyonce, they put it down to the show being what
7:54 am
a combination of stars doing embarrassing stuff combined with easily shareable clips and in a pop news investigation because occasionally we do those too. >> beyonce came. >> yeah. >> i found just how they get so many huge celebrities to say yes. casey patter sen revealing that in the first season everyone involved in the show gave up their famous friends and in the second season they got stars begging to jump on board. yes. >> but the most crucial component, allowing the celebs to choose their own songs. >> dan, if you could perform, what song would you -- >> something that didn't involve me singing or dancing. >> lip-sync battle. >> can i play drums? >> this is not your opportunity to look cool, sweetie. did you see channing tatum. he was elsa. >> channing tatum looks great doing whatever he does. >> you're so right. >> i feel like you could do roar or something. katy perry. >> oh, yes. >> aren't we almost out of time?
7:55 am
>> what about you, paula. >> we just want to say there is a good chance that dan and indra and i won't be here tomorrow so in that case, just our final good-bye. >> welcome to "good morning america" with sara haines and ron claiborne. whoo-whoo. >> bye, sara. >> see you next time. >> live from wcvb-tv, channel 5, this is a newscenter 5 "eyeopener" update. antoinette: good morning. thanks for joining us this saturday, january 9. i'm antoinette antonio. doug: i'm doug meehan. coming up on the eye at 8:00. a professional hockey player hurt at an historic event. an update to the serious injury at the women's winter classic.
7:56 am
why the suspect was well-known to police. doug: and fyi. a mega-jackpot up for grabs. where the powerball prize stands now. antoinette: mike wankum is is talking about a warm-up for tomorrow but it doesn't matter because we're all going to be power ball winners. mike: we'll all be at the caribbean anyway. rain out there right now. light stuff. on the fringes we're seeing just a little bit of snow mixing in with it. be cautious about that. it is falling on cold surfaces. may make things slippery out there. as you travel to the west we're start to go see light snow showing up around the worcester area. all this is really light and short lived. what will happen? 44 degrees today. lots of clouds around but tomorrow, oh, we have the wind and the rain moving in. and this rain is going to come at us with a vengeance. not so much in the morning. this is the way the map looks at 10:00 in the morning. watch this area. it lifts over the top of us. we're talking about early to late afternoon seeing some downpours perhaps even a rumble of thunder as this whole thing works its way through.
7:57 am
record heat for tomorrow for most of us. and then as it liflts its way north ward by 8:00 we're shutting things down and that's going to leave us with about an inch of rain on the ground. the other thing you'll notice about tomorrow is the winds will be very strong as well. we could see some of those winds out of the southeast gusting up to 50 miles per hour especially along the coast down through the cape and the south eastern part of the state where a high wind watch has already been issued. after that, the cold air comes recover roaring back at us. by the end of the we'll be lucky to hit 30 degrees and that wind will make it feel even colder out there. one other thing you may notice on this map. i have late snow showers coming in here tuesday night into wednesday morning. i'll have much more on the timeline of that coming up as
7:58 am
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