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tv   ABC World News  ABC  January 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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welcome to "world news tonight" the secret interview with the most wanted drug lord. el chapo telling his story to sean penn. did the interview lead to his downfall? the actor's clandestine trip to a jungle hideout. also, we take you inside the sewer el chapo used to try to escape. what we found. $1 billion jackpot. the world's biggest lottery prize ballooning after no winner in last night's drawing. why the chances that someone will win may be growing. >> i feel lucky. >> clinton in trouble? bernie sanders closing the gap. could she lose the first two contests? and donald trump doubling down on ted cruz's birther dilemma. and a young woman accused of
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now under arrest. a string of jewelry stores she hit. how the fbi tracked her down. >> good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. first up, the secret meeting in the jungle with a notorious drug lord. here he is, sean pen shaking hands with el chapo. he escaped from a maximum security prison just six months ago. tonight, he is behind yards and he may be sent to the u.s. to face justice. more from the city where it came to an end. >> reporter: that staged handshake, documenting sean dpen penn's credit meeting with the world's most wanted drug lord. and then this stunning video posted to "rolling stones" website.
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one of his lieutenants, penn and espn's co-star and pen pal, who he hoped would make a biopic about his life. amidst the squawking of roosters, el chapo was unrepent tant about narcotics trafficking. person quoting el chapo, acknowledging he has a fleet of submarines, airplanes, trucks and boats. two of those planes, penn writes, were used to ferry the academy award winner to el chapo's hideout. he said the seven-hour conversation was consummated by tequila and facilitated by clandestine blackberry messages between the actress and el el chapo. but on friday, a very different photo op. el chapo arrested. his face twisted towards the cameras. but the narco who twice busted out of mexican super maxes, nearly esquaped ed ed ed ed again, squeezing into a drainage pipe as marines closed in on him, emerging hundreds of yards away, pulling up in this manhole.
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rocket launcher the two of them apparently used. it's a little less than chest high in here. it is extremely claustrophobic in here. and you can see down there how far it goes. when they were about to pop-up through this manhole, they apparently left this, it looks like an m-4 rifle with a grenade launcher here and then carjacked a car right above and tried to get out to the highway. el chapo finally corralled on this road and spirited to a hotel for this iconic photo. they hope to keep him incarcerated by beefing up security at the prison he broke out of last year. and it's the fear of a third escape in his career which is one of the reasons mexican authorities are now agreeing to begin the process of extraditing him to the u.s. tom? >> making sure he doesn't slip away again. okay, matt, thank you. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas joins us now. pierre, did authorities you're talking to say the sean penn interview led to el chapo's arrest? >> mexican authorities have suggested as much, the meeting
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el chapo's location. and perhaps equally as important, sean penn's interview, in which el chapo allegedly admits that he shipped cocaine and heroin worldwide. that's precisely the case that prosecutors have laid out >> is sean penn in any legal trouble for interviewing an >> mexican authorities say they're investigating, but u.s. officials have not commented. role of journalist. none of the law enforcement officials i spoke to are suggesting that penn is in their crosshairs. they want el chapo. next to that extraordinary other development, the powerball drawing and no winning ticket in the $949 million jackpot. everyone, including myself, checking their tickets with the winning numbers. but no dice. so the millions now rollover. the new jackpot, too big to even show on the signs. >> reporter: with no winner saturday night. >> the powerball is $1.3 billion.
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are already lining up again. >> definitely a house in malibu. >> the $1.3 billion estimated jackpot is a new world record, making powerball, a powerful draw. >> people who don't usually play are picking up tickets. >> in places like texas, tickets were selling as much as 25,000 per minute. >> i drove three hours to get here. >> reporter: the jackpot is so big, thanks to last year's new rule that makes it harder to win. odds jumped from 1 in 175 million to 1 in 292 million. the odds of getting killed by an asteroid are a lot better. the massive jackpot is even bigger than the economic output of 18 countries, money that could make a big difference. >> $1.3 billion could build 9,000 apartment units for people who are homeless in los angeles. >> and, of course, many people have told us they would give a lot of money to charity. you can see the line here in
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lucky. have enough space there to list a $1 billion payout. they're going to need a bigger sign. tom? >> so much money. all right, clayton, thank you so to politics now, and the race for the white house, it's tightening. the latest poll showing cruz edging past trump, but still tied within that margin of error. but the bigger surprise right here, sanders closing in on hillary clinton in the hawk eye state. and that has her campaign admitting they are nervous. devin dwyer at the white house. >> reporter: tonight in new hampshire, hillary clinton is playing catch-up. trailing bernie sanders in the granite state, clinton's campaign is sending panicked e-mails that the race is seriously tight. >> i think we're gaining steam here in iowa. i think we have an excellent chance to win here. with sanders in iowa, too, clinton is sharpening her attacks. >> to stop them, stand with her. >> reporter: in a new tv ad,
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electable candidate. but in the latest poll, hillary is tied with trump in new hampshire and loses to trump and rubio. sanders beats all three. >> the polls go up and down. i stay pretty focused. s a under pressure in iowa tonight, republican front-runner, donald trump. >> we're sort of, like, tied with ted cruz. >> cruz spent a week barn storming iowa by bus, and today he knocked trump's signature plan to deport millions of immigrants. >> i don't intend to send jack boots to knock on your door and every door in america. >> trump fired back for cruz being born in canada. >> is he a natural-born citizen? i don't know. >> reporter: the first gop debate of the year is later this week in south carolina. clinton and sanders face off tomorrow night on our sister network fusion as the white house says president obama won't endorse a candidate in a primary. tom? >> devin, thank you. the philadelphia area man
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officer facing a judge this the incident caught on security cameras. edward archer confessing to the attack you see there in the name of islam, arraigned and held without bond. the officer harvick struck three times but giving chase and wounding the attacker. in an interview, archer's mother said he had been hearing voices and felt he was targeted by police. overseas now, to germany where some refugees are being blamed for widespread assaults on new year's eve. tonight, the number of attacks reported is growing and so is the anger. many were sexual offenses against women. the attacks fuelling the debate over welcoming immigrants. chief foreign correspondent terry moran reporting from cologne. >> reporter: turmoil and rage in germany as anti-refugee protests this weekend in the city of cologne turned ugly. germans are furious about the mass attacks that took place here on new year's eve. hundreds of young men, most described by victims and police as appearing to be of arab or
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them. >> they directly surrounded us and we couldn't move. >> my she, who doesn't want us to use her last name here, spoke to us in the very square where it happened., who doesn't want us to use her last name here, spoke to us in the very square where it happened., who doesn't want us to use her last name here, spoke to us in the very square where it happened., who doesn't want us to use her last name here, spoke to us in the very square where it happened.i, who doesn't want us to use her last name here, spoke to us in the very square where it happened.c, who doesn't want us to use her last name here, spoke to us in the very square where it happened.h, who doesn't want us to use her last name here, spoke to us in the very square where it happened.el, who doesn't want us to use her last name here, spoke to us in the very square where it happened.l, who doesn't want us to use her last name here, spoke to us in the very square where it happened.e, who doesn't want us to use her last name here, spoke to us in the very square where it happened. >> everywhere they could touch. >> reporter: more than 500 victims filed criminal complaints in cologne what happened here put chancellor angela merkel under tremendous pressure. many people are asking, after million migrants and refugees safe? consider toughening deportation crimes. so far, police in cologne have detained 34 suspects. seeking asylum in germany. terry moran, abc news, cologne, germany. terry, temperature to asia now.
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korean fighter jets. the flights aiming to send a message to north korea after they detonated a nuclear bomb last week. and from florence, italy tonight, a murder mystery. police investigating the death of an american woman there. popular in her neighborhood and active on social media, we have more tonight with the clues. >> reporter: tonight, a mystery in the heart of tuscany. the state department confirming the death of american ashley olsen, found in her studio apartment. investigators say she had bruises and scratches on her neck. police, scouring the building in this upscale florence neighborhood. italian media reported she had a fight with her boyfriend a few days ago. after not hearing from her, he asked the landlord to let him in and found the body. he and several of olsen's friends have been questioned. so far, authorities say they have no suspects. >> i can't imagine a person who would hurt her. she's a gentle, a kind, a
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girl. and it's an awful shock. we've got a great community here of people, and everyone loved her. >> reporter: the bubbly 35-year-old from florida seen here modeling arrived in florence in 2012, reportedly to join her father and work in fashion. olsen was known in her neighborhood with an american often seen with her beloved beagle scout. her grandmother telling abc news, our lives have changed forever. she was our loving, smart and precious girl. the ex-pat community here in florence is stunned by olsen's death. italy's chief of police said today, they would devote maximum attention to solving this murder. tom? alex, thank you. back here at home, to the weather tonight. an ef-2 tornado. take a look. in cape coral, florida, the neighborhood ripped apart. tens of thousands of people losing power. to the north, freezing cold. everyone talking about the vikings and seahawks game.
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sub freer zero temperatures at kickoff. the coldest vikings game in history. the cold is sweeping across the east? >> actually, it's the system that brought the warm air and here's the key. the backside of the system, put it across the warm air across the lakes. 0 in indianapolis. not as bad in new york, 21. it's where we're supposed to be. it's january. >> so cold in the midwest. thanks so much. weather not a problem in arizona where the college football championship game is set for tomorrow night. this game between clemson-alabama. abc's jesse palmer with how the >> reporter: tonight, the epic number one clemson 15-0, going against alabama, hoping for their 16th national championship. the tigers star quarterback deshaun watson hoping to lead the way. >> deshaun watson, touchdown,
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>> reporter: but they will have to get past the crimson tide's heisman trophy winner, derrick henry. >> henry breaking free, heading to the end zone, touchdown! alabama. >> reporter: alabama, looking for redemption after just falling short of making it to the national title game last year. the coaches, two of the biggest personalities in college football -- clemson even dabo sweeney, known for those raucous post-game interviews. >> i can't give you guts. i can't give you heart and tonight it was byog, bring your own guts. >> and those moves. over in alabama, nick sabin. >> sabin with his third national championship at alabama. >> reporter: looking for his fifth national hit pl. >> and jesse joins us now from the university of phoenix stadium. and jesse, clemson is number one but they're not favored to win? >> that's right. not a lot of respect for the clemson tigers. they're the undefeated team here. it's actually alabama who's favored to win by seven points. that's a lot. but regardless of who the favorite is, i think this game
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one. se, thank you so much. game. college football's national championship tomorrow night, 8:30 eastern, only on espn. still ahead tonight, a crime spree targeting jewelry stores all across the south. this woman, a popular waitress taking whatever she wants. how police tracked her down. new details. was she living a double life? and later, a royal scandal. why a princess is about to go on trial.
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dollars of jewelry. tonight, the woman who didn't even broth bother to wear a mask is now behind bars. >> reporter: a brazen thief, this woman did little to hide her face. she hit six stores in five states, taking off with $4 million of jewelry. after a nationwide manhunt tonight, abigail lee kemp is behind bars. >> it's a real power rush for people who like to do this kind of thing. and it ultimately is their downfall. >> armed robbery just occurred. >> reporter: investigate sors say each heist played out much the same way. this video shows a hold-up. this man, her alleged lookout. court documents allege kemp held employees at gun point, zip tying them before emptying the display case. >> they've got them locked in the back. a white female with blondish brown hair, pony tail came in. she walked behind the corner. >> pings from cell phone towers near the stores along with tips
6:48 pm
led them to this smyrna, georgia, home. >> we were like wait, are you serious? all of us knew the picture. we were like no way. >> one classmate said she remembers kemp as a high school athlete who later waitressed at a local twin peaks restaurant. >> cocky is a really good word -- i feel like it's terrible, but it's a really good word to describe her. >> the fbi now saying they think kemp may be part of a larger ring funneling to larger cities and overseas. she is due in federal court in atlanta tomorrow. a very interesting case. >> very interesting. and eva, we would like to welcome you to abc news. >> thank you so much. when we come back, imagine if the biggest gas leak of its kind in u.s. history was happening in your bark yard. that's the reality in one california suburb. sickened residents demanding action, wondering when it will end. what one utility company is planning to do. now you just book a seat, right? not quite. psometimes those seats are out of reach, pcosting an outrageous number
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angeles. residents in porter ranch area demanding the gas facility be shut down. residents complain of headaches, bloody noses and asthma. it's said to be the largest leak of its kind in u.s. history. the utility company plans to install equipment to capture and burn up that methane gas. now a royal drama in spain. spain's princess christina is set to undergo trial for tax fraud allegations. the first time a member of the royal family has faced charges. king felipe's sister also considered to be complicit as her husband allegedly embedled millions in a nonprofit organization. they are denying the charges. now what surfers are calling the worst wipeout ever. check this out. mcnamara was troun from his board. he was treated for a broken arm. he was okay. he survived that, pretty hard to believe. another story that caught our
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birth turn to the internet hoping to find someone who might be a part of their past. in connecting the dots, the surprise of their lives. here's abc with their story. >> we have big noses, cheeks, dimples. >> two sisters who today can finish each other's sentences. >> and we smile a lot. >> we smile a lot and we laugh a lot. >> but not because they spent in fact, tammy was abandoned by their parents as an infant. a newspaper told the story at the time. >> inside the box wrapped in a blanket was found a baby girl only a few days old. >> remarkably, 4 years later, a second infant girl was born and abandoned by the same parents. >> abandoned baby found in good condition. he discovered the baby just inside the door of the laundry room. >> reporter: both girls were adopted by local families. 50 years and a lifetime goes by. and then the internet.
6:58 pm
testing service. tammy went on, and many connections later, they found each other. >> we just had had that connection almost like twins. >> reporter: but one other connection from that newspaper story, the night that liz was found. >> she was wrapped in two new receiving blankets, a new kymono and training pants, according to patrolman george jansen. >> well, now george jansen is back in the picture, too. >> you're a lot bigger than the last time i saw you. >> just the other day in the same dawnry room where he found liz. this time with flowers to celebrate. >> there are times we call each other and it was like did that really just happen? >> yes, it did. and it's just really starting. >> i do see a family resemblance. >> reporter: abc news, washington. they do look alike. we thank john for that story. meet us right back here tomorrow night. i'm tom llamas in new york. have a great night.
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