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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  January 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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wcvb newscenter 5 at 11:00 starts right now. >> our next chance for snow in the forecast. >> the break news tonight on the boston officer shot during a traffic stop. >> and new details about two young boys pulled from a pond. >> sean penn may have some explaining to do. what could be next for the actor after he turns up with a fugitive drug lord? a live look at boston's copley square as we wrap up a ror-break is -- record-breaking sunday. 58 degrees on this january 10. but hong -- hang on, winter is not done. >> a soaker, the south coast took quite a hit. >> storm team 5's mike wankum is here with the big changes on
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mike: yeah, in boston we hit a record high temperature but didn't get that until 7:00 tonight. just about everywhere you went today, record heat. still wild -- mild out there but big changes are going to be happening. boston still 50 degrees. most of the south shore nicely into the 50's at this hour but those strong winds out of southeast, gusts close to 60 in a few locations. now the winds are starting to change direction. system has passed by us and we're starting to get a west wind bringing in cold, dry a lot of the rain out there has pretty much evaporated or will but icy pockets may develop especially if pondy water. temperatures will drop into the 30's and then tomorrow these temperatures go nowhere. p check out the wind chill indexes tomorrow when you taking off for work, in the
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a cold, dramatic change from what we had today. i'll have all the details the j.c.? j.c.: break news, a police officer shot in the street in dorchester friday is home, and resting comfortably grant headley is suspected of getting out of the car, pulling the trigger and he will be arraigned tomorrow. reid: right now an arrest in that deadly hit and run in maledon. it happened on christmas weekend. 71-year-old yaai chen was struck in a crosswalk in -- on pleasant street. j.c.: new at 11, hearing for the first time from a women's hockey player who suffered a severe spinal injury during the winter classic. denna laing posted this picture on facebook.
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boards during the first period. she writes, for a long time i have been looking for a new challenge. even though i was not expecting it be this, here we go. i don't want you to feel bad for they. i would never take those moments backing laing has limited movement in her arms and no feeling in her legs and doctors are not sure about her long-term prognosis. reid: right now a 12-year-old remains hospitalized with serious injuries and tomorrow the school children will get special support. >> reid, the brockton public schools are already anticipating that students could be upset when they arrive tomorrow the superintendent of schools kathleen smith notified newscenter 5 that will -- there will be counselors and other support staff available to talk to the kids.
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has melted but those who witnessed two young boys fall into the water yesterday evening and the efforts to rescue they will are still shaken tonight. carlos and alberto baez had been playing with the boys moments about. she said once they fell under, they were trapped. >> there was just ice in the water. they were under. under the water. >> the young group ran for help, new yorking on doors and waving down passion cars. this man and his friend were driving when she -- they saw the kids crying. >> i ran over, hopped over the fence, started break the ice to try to make a path to the kids. one was bob -- bobbing out of the water. i didn't know there was another kid in there. >> they pulled the 9-year-old out. he was talking and appeared to be ok. but the older boy was under the
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are it's that image that is still on the mivendse many in this neighborhood tonight. >> i honestly still feel like i wish i could have done more. >> listen to this, benoit, who you just heard from, told newscenter 5 he doesn't even know how to swim himself! he said there was no time to think when he heard the boys needed help. the older boy did have to be transferred from a local hospital to a medical center. everyone is praying for his quick recovery. j.c.: right now boston police investigating the city's first homicide of 2016. the shooting happened early this morning on falcon street in east boston the voim -- victim's identity has not been released and no arrest are reported. >> the man accused of killing the baby once known as baby dough will be arraigned
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the body of bella bond was found in a plastic bag on deer island in june. j.c.: a suspect is under east in a deadly hit and run in worcester. accused of plowing to into a 56-year-old man on west boylston street early yesterday and taking off. he was caught a few hours later. and a split-finger recovering from this head-on crash. 25-year-old kalen kaiser of weemouth will be arraigned tomorrow. she and a passenger were treated for injuries. ok. new polls show tight polls in the opening rounds of the presidential sweepstakes. the latest developments from iowa and new hampshire. >> rm hillary clinton picked up endorsements in new hampshire
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with bernie sanders. >> as your president -- >> she trails bernie sanders in the granite state, her campaign sending panicked emails that the race is seriously tight. >> we are gaining steam here in iowa. i think we have an excellent chance. >> the race is tight in iowa, too. in a new tv ad, clinton suggests she's the more electable candidate but in the latest poll hillary is tied with trump in new hampshire and loses to ted cruz and marco rubio. sanders beats all three republicans. >> these polls go up, they go down. . >> also under pressure in iowa tonight, republican front runner donald trump. >> we're sort of like tied with ted cruz. >> today cruz knocked trump's signature plan to deport millions of immigrants.
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jackboots to knock on you -- your door and every dour -- door in america. >> is he a natural-born citizen? some people -- i don't know. >> and donald trump will be in wyndham, new hampshire tomorrow for a rally that starts at 11:00 a.m. fires at a well-known wedding spot in central massachusetts. you see flames racing through the popular publick house at sturbridge. >> all 16 guest rooms destroyed. members of yesterday's wedding party fled barefoot, some rescuing others before firefighters arrived. >> the bride's twin sister was leaning out on a balcony saying help me, help me. so one of the wedding patrons scaled the building and got her out somehow.
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, how she lived i don't know. i guess they 40 -- had to take her down on a ladder. i never want to stay in a hotel again. ever. the fact that the smoke detectors didn't go off -- >> others heard plaring fire alarms. >> the fire chief said he heard them going off. whether or not one particular room went off, i can't say yes or no to that 12k3w4r57k9 the fire broke out at the country motor lodge around 4:00 a.m. the nearby historic publick house didn't bush. a real estate leif for matt, marrying amanda in the same place. >> we ordered baby spider plants. >> i was shofpblgtd it's first thing in the morning. we had a bachelor party. i woke up on the floor and matt came in and said the publick house had a four-alarm fire. >> little bit of a hiccup but
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>> this particular place dates back to the early 1970's. it could be told -- totaled. now to the patriots and their preparations for quite a playoff challenge. the red-hot kansas city chiefs are coming to gill e789 mike? mike: reid, september 29, 2014, final score, chiefs are and -- and are patriots. you could say that was then and this is now. the patriots have lost four of their last six. the chiefs have won 11 in a row. >> pretty much dominated that game from the opening kickoff and all the way through the fourth quarter. so a lot of turnovers on defense, none on offense and mistakes. didn't make many. mike: we'll take a look at the games in sports. see you then. j.c.: now to that other big
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powerball. the jackpot now $1.3 billion. nobody got last night's big prize but the collar endon wine company on boylston did sell a $1 million winner. >> hopefully it's one of our regulars. when we do powerball, they're in there are every wednesday and saturday doing their tickets. >> it's the biggest jackpot ever in the u.s. and you can see the winning numbers went night right here during news -- newscenter 5 at 11:00. next on newscenter 5 -- >> a hollywood twist in the hunt for the world's most wanted drug lord. the trouble that could be cupping to sean penn after he gets caught up in the case. >> tracking some snow. how much you can expect.
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j.c.: italian police opened a murder investigation into the death of an american woman in florence, ashley olsen of florida. found dead in her apartment. authorities say she did have bruises and scratches on her neck. police have no suspects so far. >> i can't imagine a person who would hurt her. she is a gentle, kind, beautiful, friendly, lovely girl and it's an awful shock. we've got a great community here of people and everyone loved her. >> italy's expat community is hoping it won't turn into
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and there are mounting questions about the drug lord meeting with actor sean penn while on the run. just what role that played in the arrest of el chapo is not clear. >> there it is. a handshake with hollywood. rolling stone magazine documenting proof of the secret meeting between the world's most wanted drug lord, el chapo, and two-time oscar winner sean pen. that meeting three months before this photo op, the kingpin back in handcuffs, rearrested friday after months on the run. but perhaps more stunning is this -- a video of el chapo answering questions. the accused killer in a recording for penn and mexican actors -- actress shall decastillo, who he hoped would
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but what neither realized, their communications were not so secret. mexican officials saying they used those communicationes to help track the drug lord. authorities recaptured him after a gun battle. el chapo initially escaping but -- through a drainage 350eu789 for munns doctor hundreds of yards he crawled through here. extremely claustrophobic and you can tell why they came out of here looking so fill think. >> now el chapo is back behind bars and penn is under fire. >> if one of these american actors want to go fawn all over a drug lord, they have a execution -- constitutional right to do it. i find it grotesque. >> el chapo has demonstrated his ability to break out of two mexican super max prisons so he
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to face charges. reid: how about this? lava lighting up the night sky on the big island of hawaii. it happened weigh rock fall plunged into the lava lake. volcano watchers say explosions like this occur frequently when the lake level is relatively high. nearby communities were not threatened by any of the explosions. >> cool view. anything but cool today -- you had to love it in some ways but snow lovers missed out on feet of snow. >> but you know what? we've got cold weather coming back this week so will be able to make some of that snow again and maybe add to it tuesday. temperatures today, 58 degrees but we didn't get it until this evening. tonight, it was spectacular. the sky clear, the temperatures warm. did not feel like a january night. we broke the record by 22 degrees! our low temperature this morning was warmer than we are supposed to have for a daytime
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everything off. november and december were way bove normal. but this week ahead you are going to see more blue days showing up as we have cooler temperatures coming back in. rain fall total, an natch, natch and a half very common the nantucket as you might expect, 2 1/3 be inches of rain. brewster, haverhill, plainfield pick up over two inches. along with that we had the wind and it did create a little bit of damage here. mostly reports of tree limbs that fell on power lines. but that is settling down right now, at least that southeasterly wind. now the wind is going to start coming from the west. what is behind it? drawing that cold air straight across. out to the west there were a few snowflakes showing up, a
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that is winding down and what you will notice tomorrow is back to where we're supposed to be. a big change from today. some places dropping off into the 20's. not going to see a lot of icing in term of flash freeze because that wind is going to david wright ground out there but one of -- or two spots might drop below freezing. so if you have a puddle of water, be careful about that. all the salt chemicals an -- on the roadways, they've been washed away. the temperatures, 28 to 30 degrees and tomorrow the temperatures just hold flat. steady cold temperatures despite the fact you are going to see a lot of sunshine and westler -- westerly winds. tomorrow i'm saying temperatures in the 30's but if that wind is going to have a bite to it, we have a wind chill index that in the morning
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teens and 20's p advance the clock and they don't budge. in the teens and 20's all day long. you are you are going to have to have that winter coat out. tuesday, this system comes ripping through here very quickly. it may have a little moisture with it in the form of sprinkles but mostly light snow. the storm, by the way, really blows up once it's past us and out in the ocean. we're not going to see too much snow out of it. all the totals from tuesday night through wednesday morning, you can see one of our more reliable computer models is indicating less than an inch in most spots. windy and cold for friday as well. sunshine is back. saturday, if you are headed to gillette, i think the weather is halfway decent. as you look at sunday, here comes that other chance of snow. this one has more potential to
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just too far to the south of us and we're not going to get much snow out of it. for now, i would say pence -- wednesday morning watch out, may be a slippery spot here and there. and buppedle yourself up, it's back to the winter forecast. >> it's a terrible day to celebrate -- what, would you say it's a bad day to celebrate a birthday? who would have a birthday on a day like this? j.c.: happy birthday, mike! mike: thank you. j.c.: we just heard. for his birthday just to celebrate out in hollywood, the stars came out for the golden globes. >> they even gave out awards. always a raucous affair of course, delivering funny laughs. good news for local actor matt damon. he won for best actor for "the martian." actually nominated, believe it
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category and it won. "spotlight" came up shore. maura tierney, a boston native, won for best tact ress. adjust head, the wild card weekend truly living up to its name this year. j.c.: and i program reminder, starting tomorrow newscenter 5 launches two new news casts,
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rannouncer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan to destroy isis months before the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. in the middle of a time r when senior poverty is increasing. republicans and some democrats came up with a brilliant idea p for cutting cost-of-living adjustments for social security. r we said, "it will be over our dead bodies if you cut social security." t as president, i will do everything i can r to extend the solvency of social security p and expand benefits for people who desperately need them. i'm bernie sanders,
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now, spornte 5 with mike lynch. mike: hi, again, everybody. patriots and chiefs kick off the divisional playoffs next week. after the 30-0 drubbing of the houston texans. but they'll have a tall task
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tough team at gillette stadium in foxborough come postseason and everybody knows it. >> whatever, 25 games played since then and it's definitely a game to look at. but there are so many other -- i mean a couple thousand plays on either side of the ball. i think you look at it, there's definitely things we can take from it. there are things that are somewhat outdated. >> getting to play the best. they're the world champions. so that's -- what a great challenge and opportunity to play up there at foxborough. great atmosphere. might be a little snow. doesn't get any better than that. >> didn't have snow in minneapolis but the temperature was minus 4 at gametime and the vikings were up 9-0 until seattle began its comeback.
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high school put seattle up one. and then the vikings had this chance to put the game away and it is hooked wide left. loneliest feeling in the world. final. the packers down in landover, maryland. are aaron rodgers led the packers to five straight scores on five straight possessions. kirk cousins though will give the redskins an 18-17 lead and the place is going bonkers until the pack comes back. this time james starks from 14 out making the field goal. and how about this? one ryan in buffalo, now two. rex has hired his twin brother rob to be an assistant on his defensive staff much the last time they worked together was
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and look at this play just before the half. designed play. a pick right to halfcourt. pass all the way in and kelly 0 lynn ink -- olynyk dunked it. a designed play, folks. but some sloppy play and a couple of former celtics did them in. jeff green and tony allen. the celtics just throwing the ball away. another steal by memphis and you can just see the lead fizzling. now down to a three-point lead. later in the game, matt barnes will make it a one-point game with 50 seconds to go. celtics had a chance at the buzzer as thomas will put one up. watch. this will go in but the horn had already sounded. coming up, sportscenter 5 o.t., we'll talk about the patriots and chiefs and also look at the
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that coming up in just a couple moments. see you then. >> we will. coming up, another amazing weekend for star wexwex wars -- the force awakens". tt2w`t2n`qt" bt@q2;x
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v cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. r people don't have access to healthcare v because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands
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and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. j.c.: "the force awakens" tops the movie box office forr you afourth straight week, adding $40 million to its record-breaking run. overseas a $104 million weekend after opening in china. reid: and harrison ford is hitting a milestone himself. he's now grossed more an -- at u.s. box offices than any actor ever. ford's movies have raked in
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theaters, playing han solo in four "star wars" movies certainly helping that. >> well, that is someone who doesn't need to win the 30ur7b89 now your chance is one in 296 million -- >> hey, cold day tomorrow. >> thank you.
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