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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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i really love tennis watching tennis. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> emily: good morning. i'm emily riemer. stories the eyeopener is following right now. at 4:30, a bitter cold morning could mean trouble for the mbta. the steps the agency took overnight to prepare. emily: a violent attack in what police say really sent a woman to the hospital. randy: early voting, less than two weeks away. the fiery comments from candidates as they try to pull ahead. stories. first we want to check in with cindy and the wind chill. cindy: it is below zero unfortunately across a good portion of the area. it feels like one below in boston. seven below is what it feels like now in worcester. the winds so gusty, gusting over
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and this wind is going to be with us all day long. we do have a wind advisory up until 7:00 this evening with the potential for a few gusts to 50 miles per hour. obviously that come binnation of the wind and this cold with temperatures in the teens going to make it rough all day long with the wind chill. skies though going to feature some sunshine as high pressure noses in from the west. it's just giving us that cold air out of canada so the temperatures today slowly climb out of the teens. by noontime, it's only in the lower 20's. and that's where we hold into the afternoon but that wind chill going to stay below zero through 8:00 this morning. it will slowly creep up out of the sub zero reading into the single digits getting no higher than about 10 today. cold stuff with us the entire day. we're going to talk more about a storm threat this weekend coming up in just a bit. right now let's get out to the roads and see how we're looking out there. olessa: good morning, everyone. a live look outside here starting things off with the zakim bridge. so far it's a quiet ride in both directions. the leverett connector no problems. let's go to the maps and see the rest of your ride as you travel around.
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boston. south of town there is roadwork as you travel 128 south right over by route 2. the two left lanes are closed for another 15-20 minutes. no issues north of town. so far we're expecting the trains and the buss to start the randy, emily. randy: all right. right now commuters are bracing for what could be a tough ride on the mbta. emily: the "t" and bitter cold the eyeopener's sera congi is place to prevent problems this morning. sera: he emily and randy, and problems during weather like this are nothing new for commuters. the mbta hoping some plans put in place for this winter will minimize those concerns. overnight we saw empty red line trains running through stations in an effort to prevent problems later this morning. this comes just weeks after cracks in red line tracks-- likely because of the cold--
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problem-plagued line. on the same day an empty the haverhill line causing a ripple effect of delayed and cancelled trips. the state said then this does not mean the new winter resiliency plan put into place for this year isn't working. that includes more than $83 million to fix infrastructure, upgrade snow removal and de-icing equipment, and improve storm operations. improved communication when bad weather hits. we'll keep you posted on any problems we see today. live this morning at the quincy t-stop, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: thank you. other stories we're following right now. a chelsea woman is facing charges accused of making up the story that she was violently attacked in the street. police say 25-year-old denissa perez was actually trying to break up a fight between several men inside a home when she was slashed. she had claimed she was beaten
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night. perez is expected in court later this month. randy: a double-murder case against aaron hernandez heads back to court today. a date is expected to be set for his second murder trial. hernandez is accused of shooting two men to death outside a boston nightclub in 2012. he's already serving life for the 2013 murder of odin lloyd. emily: right now we are learning new details, as a hingham man spends his first days home with his family. including new insight into his life in a notorious prison. the eye's doug meehan is live in hingham with the questions still left unanswered. doug? matthew trevithick returned home sunday after spending 40 days in but his family still doesn't know why he was taken in the first place. the 30-year-old declined comment as he arrived home last night. but his family tells "the herald" he lost 12 to 13 pounds in captivity. they knew something was wrong when they hadn't heard from him in 24 hours. once a day because, as an
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monitored. he's not ready to talk about it yet, but he's getting a lot of support. >> we are happy that he's home, yes. we're very happy for them. they've been very private about it. we also want to respect that. doug: his family was encouraged not to talk about trevithick's imprisonment to ensure the safest possible outcome. the family says he's doing well after getting some much-needed u-burger and dunkin' donuts. live in hingham, doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: doug, thank you. commitment 2016. the campaign trail is getting crowded as candidates make a last-ditch effort to secure votes in new hampshire and iowa. and that also means things are getting very heated. the eye's erika tarantal is here with the new skirmishes. erika: oh, it is, randy. it's less than two weeks now until the iowa caucuses so all the candidates are in a sprint for support.
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today. donald trump and democrat bernie sanders are stumping in iowa. as for the republican frontrunners, the war of words between trump and cruz is at an all time high. at liberty university monday trump made an appeal to evangelical voters calling for christian unity. meantime cruz responded to trump calling him a nasty guy who nobody likes. trump: two corinthians, right? two corinthians 3:17. that's the whole ball game. where the spirit of the lord, right? cruz: donald seems to be a little rattled. as for the democrats, bernie sanders and hillary clinton now appear destined for a long primary fight. on the campaign trail monday, sanders blasted clinton for getting speaking fees from big banks, clinton, not attacking sanders, continued to argue her experience sets her apart. emily: erika, thank you. protesters are expected to gather tonight as boston mayor marty walsh gives his state of the city speech. some parents are unhappy with the job walsh has done for the public school system. you can watch the mayor's speech
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coverage begins at 7:30 right after newscenter 5 at 7:00. it is 4:36 this morning. gas prices plummeting at the pump. randy: what that means for your bottom line. plus-- brady: a new hampshire man survives an avalanche. and the warning he wants emily: a boycott over a lack of diversity at the oscars. the big stars bowing out, and the proposal for changes next year. cindy: we have got the bitter cold temperatures in place today. the wind, of course, going to make it feel much worse. the advisory in place throughout the v cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. r people don't have access
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because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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>> i managed to yell out, "avalanche" and it threw me backwards. randy: a new hampshire man surviving an avalanche on mount washington. corey swartz is a skilled climber, but he and five others found themselves in a tight spot. emily: and they had no time to react. corey and two of his friends were climbing tuckerman ravine when he says his friends went ahead. he believes they may have gone too far and triggered the avalanche. the trio and two others were dragged a couple hundred feet in just 20 seconds.
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the others. he's glad everyone is okay but disappointed with himself for not being more careful. corey: it's a dangerous place. even with the experience, things emily: corey says he hopes other climbers learn from his story. the average value of your home or condo is going up in massachusetts. randy: and there is something else that is going up that could be costing you. access denied. the fight put up against a canadian widow trying to access
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emily: after a warm december forced a delay, the ice castles in lincoln, new hampshire, will finally open. the icy attraction on the property of the hobo railroad will open friday. initially, the company behind it thought it was unlikely the castle would open before february. so i guess, you know, this is good. randy: is it cold enough? it's definitely cold enough now. the castle looks great this morning. cindy: it's cold. you just don't want your house to feel like an ice castle. we're going to go the next several days not even getting to the freezing mark.
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part of the winter season. we're where we should but so cold out there. all this talk about a storm coming up this weekend. let me give you some thoughts here. it is a storm for the weekend. the question mark we have is the actual track of the storm. will we get fringed by it? will we take more of a direct hit? there will be a nor'easter developing on saturday. this will impact a large portion of the eastern seaboard with some snow and some wind. the question, of course, how close does it come? over the next couple of days of that. once we know how close it will come, we'll know how much snow and wind we will be dealing with around here. we know we'll be dealing with a lot of wind today. separate from that storm. we do have a wind advisory up until 7:00 this evening. the potential for wind gusts to get close to 50 miles per hour. sustained winds are going going to be 20-30 miles per hour all day long. these are the gusts right now. we're already gusting close to 40 in boston. gusting close to 30 in worcester. the wind is noticeable.
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gloves, the hat, the heaviest coat you have. you want it all. these are the wind chills right now. sub zero boston. even on the cape it feels like it's in the single digits. forget what the temperatures say today. it is running in the teens uniformly this morning but those wind chill s are running below zero. skies are mainly clear. we have a big area of high pressure to our west. our storm from yesterday still hanging around to our north. in between it is giving us the wind tunnel effect. it is pulling this air out of canada. it will be tough to warm up today. even though we will have sunshine with clouds from time to time. winds will be out of the west 15-30 sustained with those higher gusts. notice the temperatures just creeping into the low to mid 20's. in most areas. but out through the hilly terrain of worcester county i don't think you make 20 degrees today. i think you'll stay in the teens. cold today. wind chill going to be running below zero through at least 8:00 this morning. and notice by noontime, this is the way it still is going to feel like it's in the single digits above and even still below zero out through worcester
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right into the afternoon those digits. cold stuff today. tonight we're drop back into the teens to around 20 degrees. the weather is pretty quiet through the end of the week. with. temperatures sneak up to about 30 in the afternoon. we've got sunshine. temperatures still though struggle to about 30 degrees. as we head into friday, that's the time period that we're going to be watching our next storm setting up. it looks as though this area of low pressure coming up from the south going to be interacting with highs to the north. so we will have a presiftent easterly wind along the coastline so the concerns with a full moon coming up on saturday will be for some coastal flooding? beach erosion and again it is that track that is going to determine just how much snow we get. the timing on this looks like it will be a little later now saturday into sunday. i don't think we're going to get into this until probably starting on saturday morning. but the impact will be with us perhaps into sunday morning before that storm exits.
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all eyes on the weekend. olessa: all eyes on you. cindy: on the weekend. olessa: it's a fairly quiet start this morning. a live look outside at the zakim bridge which looks good in both dresses. let's check out the rest of your trip. so far no complaints. just a little bit of overnight construction and an accident-free morning to start things off. looking good getting into boston if you're heading south of town so farash uwe-free ride as well. we are watching roadwork on 128. this is the southbound project right over by route 2. the two left lanes are closed. no issues north of the town. so far we're expecting the trains and the buses to start the morning on schedule. i'm olessa stepanova. that's a look at your traffic. >> no justice, no peace! randy: protesters arrested at logan airport. about 110 peaceful demonstrators were pushing for higher pay for airport workers yesterday. currently, they make $10 to $11 per hour. the event was peaceful; but when state police ordered them to
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and were arrested. similar protests were held at nine other major airports around the country yesterday. emily: your economy now. a price plunge at the pump. the state average is down to $1.87 a gallon-- the cheapest since march 2009. heating oil prices are also taking a dive. the average home owner saving about a $1,000 for the year. from travel to shipping costs, there are some big savings. increased domestic production leaves the u.s. less dependent on foreign imports, pushing global supplies even higher. >> the savings over the course of 2015 was about $550 per licensed driver. the savings overall to the tune of $115 billion. emily: great for consumers but not for energy companies. gas prices are expected to drop another 10 to 20 cents. randy: saving money on gas but not on your home. property taxes are on the rise in massachusetts.
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single-family home is increasing by about $206 this year. that's 3.9% higher than last year bringing the average price to about 5400. but the average home value has risen by about the same percentage. experts blame the hike on years of declining state aid and tight community budgets. one of the world's most popular messaging services will soon become free. whats-app says it will drop its 99-cent subscription fee. the app had previously allowed one free year before it started charging. whats-app, owned by facebook, says it will start testing tools to let customers communicate with banks and businesses which in turn will fund the app. emily: modest gains for asian stocks this morning after economic growth in china met expectations. wall street will resume trading today after taking yesterday off for martin luther king, jr., day.
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higher. randy: a check of your trending stories. a canadian widow nearly takes tech giant apple to court over her deceased husband's password. despite giving the company her husband's will and a notarized death certificate, apple still told peggy bush she needed a court order. after bush got some legal help, apple finally caved. but lawyers say this could become a big problem as people bring their lives online. emily: the music world mourning the loss of a bright star this morning. glenn frey has died. frey is best known as a founding member of the eagles -- playing guitar and singing lead vocals on many of the band's hits. he died of complications from pneumonia and other illnesses. frey was 67. randy: a new push to bring more diversity to the oscars. the president of the academy says she is heartbroken by the
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nominations and that big changes need to be made. she plans to conduct a review of membership recruitment. actress jada pinkett smith and director spike lee say they are boycotting the ceremony. the oscars will air here on channel 5, february 28. the patriots talk a little trash ahead of their second playoff game. emily: but the target is not who you think. the fun some star players are having on facebook. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00. see sharper for longer. easy ways to keep your eyes
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. rone says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. vmy plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, tand make them pay their fair share. p then we can expand health care to all, r and provide universal college education. twill they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders
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randy: good morning. we're coming up on 4:55. time for your early "news to go." emily: police say a chelsea woman who claimed she was violently attacked was lying. investigators say denissa perez was actually trying to break up a fight inside a home when she was slashed and hit saturday night. she had claimed she was beaten and robbed by three men in the street. perez is charged with misleading a police investigation. she'll be in court later this month. randy: a quincy man is facing charges he impersonated a woman online to try and get people to attack her and her family. thomas sheehan was arrested last week after police say he used a woman's picture on an adult website asking for people to kidnap and rape her. police claim he also posted photos of her children saying they should be tortured. sheehan is expected in court today. emily: a lawsuit against this southborough school over its wi-fi heads to trial. the family of a 12-year-old who attended the fay school claims the boy suffers from a rare
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signals. it causes dizziness and headaches among other symptoms. the family says the school ignored their requests to make accommodations. the school says its radio emissions are well within standards. the case heads to trial in august. randy: the university of cincinnati has reached a settlement with the family of a black man shot and killed by a white university officer. the college will pay $4.85 million to the family of samuel dubose and give his 12 children free undergraduate tuition. for not having a front license plate. officer ray tensing says dubose tried to pull him into the car, so he fired. tensing has pleaded not guilty to murder. emily: a group of demonstrators shut down one side of the bay bridge in california in a police brutality protest tied to martin luther king, jr., day. members of the group chained themselves and their cars together to form a line across the bridge yesterday and laid
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traffic was blocked for about an hour. michigan over the city's water crisis. they're calling for the arrest of the state's governor, rick snyder. flint's mayor iseading to washington to discuss a disaster declaration caused by lead-contaminated water. that happened after the supply was switched to the flint river emily: the dallas mavericks on fire against the celtics. they drained 16 three-pointers as they served the c's a loss in overtime last night. the celtics had come back from a 17-point deficit early on in the game but made things exciting in the fourth quarter. but the mavs dirk nowitzki couldn't be stopped. celtics lose 118-113. a little trash talk from the patriots to the patriots. randy: it comes after saturday's win against the chiefs and centers around this play. tom brady was hit as he tried to
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brady fell just short. emily: he posted this to facebook, calling out julian edelman-- "how about a little less flexing and a little more blocking next time!!" edelman responded, saying, "my bad, tom. it's just that usually when i dive for the pylon, it counts as a touchdown. love you, bud." gronkowski wants to get in on it. "hey, tom, you know it's impossible to catch a gronk spike, right?" emily: having a little bit of fun with each other. cindy: too bad they don't get along. that's fan advertise tick but the temperatures are not so fantastic. i'm sure you've been hearing the wind howling all night long. the winds could gust to 50 by this afternoon. the wind chill below zero through 8:00 this morning and then it only comes up into the single digits this afternoon. so cold wind is the story across the entire northeast. it won't get out of the 20's for
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you can see across the rest of the country the cold is not gripping quite as tight. i'm actually watching energy that is not even on the map yet. it is this right here just coming into the pacific northwest. that energy is going to translate into what appears to be a pretty powerful nor'easter this weekend. we fast forward the clock. one of our computer models. 6:30 on saturday morning. we have got a big storm here based on that energy coming from the pacific northwest sitting to our south. at the same time we have a big area of high pressure to our north. in between there will be an easterly wind. we have astronomically high tide with a full moon coming up this weekend. at minimum we're looking at stronger winds and beach erosion along our coastline. the key is how close does this area of low pressure track because snow will be pulling out of the mid atlantic states and depending on how close this storm comes, it could bring us quite a bit of snow and stronger winds. but if it tracks a little farther south, there would be less snow as we'd be on the northern edge of this of the there would still be a little
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we're going to watch this storm
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