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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  January 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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a train falling onto the platform of the maverick t station. phil: newscenter 5' s john atwater is live at the scene. trains just started running again? john: one of those men was shot on the train and the other man on the platform. police are still looking for the suspect. this happen on the blueline train as it was traveling inbound. two men got into an argument on the train and it turned very violent. when the train pulled in, the suspect shot the 29-year-old man he was arguing with and then another 43-year-old man who was waiting on the platform. this all started on a train full of people. >> at some point in time, a verbal confrontation turned physical. as the train stopped and the doors opened, the suspect removed the firearm and fired two to three rounds at the
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the platform and the victim was inside the train. >> as soon as i saw the doors open, that is when i heard the gunshots. people were trying to run back and inside. john: blue line service was shut down for about two hours between the airport and the bowdain. it is up and running right now. as for the men that were shot, police say they are expected to survive. john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: breaking news in the trial centered on that 2013 crash on the arborway that left two people paralyzed. j.c.: the jury has reached a newscenter 5' s jack harper is breaking details. jack? was a terrible accident. two people were paralyzed and one of them was a father of three who was in a coma for weeks. his life ruined forever by the effects of that crash.
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jury trial and a little while ago after about three hours, the jury reached its verdict. 18-year-old nikolas papadopoulos guilty. for the first time, she brought her husband, one of the crash victims to the courthouse. he cannot eat, walk or talk and will need constant medical care for the rest of his life. >> he requires around-the-clock care and it' s an awful situation. he does have three young boys. jack: earlier, nikolas papadopoulos was prepared to take responsibility but after the judge decided he would have to take a year in jail, he decided to take his chance with the jury and he lost the gamble today. he left without commenting. sentencing is still two weeks away. the family wants to see what happens. it is now scheduled for 10 a.m. on february 3. i' m jack harper, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: thank you.
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bitter cold. single-digit temperatures making it into the 20' s today. j.c.: anybody outside tonight knows it is another bone-chilling day and this weekend we could get hit with more snow. harvey is tracking the details carefully. harvey: focusing on the cold and the potential storm. the wind advisory is in effect until 7 p.m. but it will still be windy. the gusting to 44 in worcester. the windchill is only one and worcester and seven in boston. bundle up tonight. the winds around 20 miles per hour overnight in boston which will keep the windchill in the single digits or near or below zero in wister. orcester. the storm is just emerging from the west coast. it has quite a trip across the
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if we are to be affected in the boston area, the timeframe will be between midday and saturday afternoon into sunday morning. the track is critical. more to the south. could be connecticut, rhode island might be more affected than boston and points north. that is an early estimate. there is the potential for some snow, wind, coastal impacts and high tide. we will talk about that in a little while. j.c.: right now, federal and state investigators are working to determine who is behind a series of school bomb threats. the threats were all made via telephone to more than a dozen schools across the state. that includes arlington where todd kazakiewich is live in tonight. todd: arlington is one of the schools that made the decision to evacuate. they did not know how widespread the threat epidemic was in the morning. they were able to get some afterschool activities today. that is one of the few things
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threat came in this morning. >> the threat threatened for backpacks to explode in the school, and that any surviving students exiting the building would be shot. high school was made by phone at 8:55 this morning. even before a thorough search of the building could begin, the school administrators and the police had to make a quick decision about how to keep the students and staff safe. they made the call to evacuate. >> it' s a very difficult decision because it involves a lot of students -- very young students for that matter -- that have to be moved. we moved our preschool program to an elementary school, and our daycare program to another preschool. todd: a search of arlington high found nothing suspicious. it' s the second threat in a week. friday, arlington catholic received a threat. the dilemma of whether to evacuate and the disruption either way is something more
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dealing with today. this morning, newton north high school also received a threat, but did not evacuate. >> based on this particular case, our judgment was that shelter in place was the right option. todd: some of the threats made today came in via live phone calls and others were recorded phone calls. local state and federal authorities are working together to determine if one person or a group is responsible for all of them, or if there is a contagion of copycat threats. reporting live in arlington, todd kazakiwich, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: the man behind the wheel of this car is recovering tonight after he lost control and flipped into a stream in easton. police say the 73-year-old crashed into a utility pole and then a tree before rolling over. they say he failed to safely negotiate a bend on bay road and went off the road down and embankment and into the water. leon rudman of easton, the driver of the camry, landed upside down, but luckily the car was suspended on the banks of
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submerged in water. among the first on scene and in the water to help, a retired firefighter who lives across the street. the tree. it jumped up like this and rolled into the water. phil: rescue crews used the jaws of life to free rudman. he was treated for a minor shoulder and leg injury, but is expected to be ok. at 6:00. j.c.: boston mayor marty walsh will deliver his state of the city address. he is expected to reiterate his commitment to improving boston schools, but many parents still newscenter 5' s janet wu is live in boston tonight. janet? janet: mayor marty walsh launches his third year as mayor tonight. he says the top priority will be me say they have a message for his leadership. last year at his state of the city address, mayor walsh
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schools. he hired a new superintendent, dr. tommy chang, but the school budget still has a $50 million budget gap. >> when is someone going to show their leadership and their vision because we' re not seeing the vision yet. janet: your patience is worn out? >> yes. janet: others see it differently. walsh today will announce a partnership with a group that' s launched a citywide campaign to make sure children aren' t behind before they enter school, teaching parents and caregivers how to interact with children the first three years of their life when 80% of the brain develops. wendell knox' s message to protesters -- >> my message to them is both patience and persistence. it' s important we all stay on this case, but they need to understand the mayor they' re directing their protest to this evening is already on board. janet: there are close to 100 protesters out here, including very young children. they say they will stay here until marty walsh arrives, but are several entrances into city
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mayor will show up when he arrives. reporting live from boston janet , wu, wcvb newscenter 5. j.c.: you can watch the mayor' s speech right here on channel 5. coverage begins at 7:30, right after newscenter 5 at 7:00. phil: a grim development in the search for missing marines off the coast of hawaii. heather joins us now with the latest. heather: christopher orlando was one of 12 marines onboard the helicopters that crash last week. the coast guard recovered the still no sign of any of the marines. there is no evidence that anyone used those life rafts. multiple agencies have been thursday when a civilian reported seeing the helicopter burst into flames. christopher orlando was a flight crew chief on board one of those helicopters. j.c.: the hingham native back home after being held captive in iran is keeping a low profile. mathew trevithick returned home
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in a written statement issued by his family, they say, "mathew is happy to be back in . he' s doing well, spending time with his family and catching up on boston sports." the supreme court upholds the $63 million judgment awarded to a local family whose daughter s motrin. samantha reckis was seven back in 2003 when a dose of the medicine blinded her. on tuesday, the justices ruled against manufacturer johnson & johnson. the highest court rejected the company' s arguments the family failed to prove the medicine caused the disease and damages were excessive. phil: a merger to tell you about. the berklee college of music and the boston conservatory have agreed to join forces and to one school. the schools said the merger will give students a chance to explore new art forms amid a convergence of music, movement
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j.c.: two weeks ahead of the iowa caucuses, the campaign trail is busy. phil: still to come tonight -- as the countdown clock moves forward, we look a the tight races at the top. j.c.: fenway park preparing to host another concert this summer. the groundbreaking band set to play the field in august. phil: have top tennis players been paid to lose? at 5:30, the new evidence of suspected match-fixing revealed. and taking a look at first alert traffic. this is the mass pike. this is to and from newton. coming out of boston looks ok but you are seeing a lot of taillights into boston. let' s take a look at the drive times. 27 minutes from mass avenue to route three. 16 minutes from the upper deck to route 128. west on the pipe, 14 minutes. 128 looks ok in both directions across the pike. 25 minutes on 495.
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and 290 looks ok. that is a look at first alert traffic. marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes.
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i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. v cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. r people don't have access to healthcare v because they just can't afford it. bernie sanders understands how pharmaceutical companies and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, and he's been consistent. he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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newscenter 5 at 5:00. j.c.: pressure on isis is forcing the terror group to cut its fighters' the islamic state operates much like a government over parts of iraq and syria, handing out bi-weekly paychecks. soldiers earn between $400 and $1200 a month, plus stipends for wives and children. but recent u.s.-led attacks on isis, specifically its oil trucks, storage tanks and mobile refineries, mean the group can no longer afford to pay its soldiers as much. a belgian man is under arrest
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paris. investigators say gelel attar met with the suspected ringleader in syria in 2013. they say he traveled there with one of the bombers who blew himself up during this raid in france after the attacks. police are still looking for another man who they believe fled to belgium. they say the trail for him has gone cold. phil: commitment 2016 -- all eyes are on iowa where the first votes of the presidential campaign will be cast in less than two weeks. newscenter 5' s sally kidd is live in washington. sally, with the polls close, donald trump just picked up a pretty notable endorsement. locked in a dead heat with ted cruz in iowa. he has just received a coveted endorsement from sarah palin and that could shake things up. donald trump dropping hints and dropping names. sarah palin, but i' m not saying who it is. sally: sarah palin is expected to appear with trump at an
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a three-city swing in the hawkeye state. in winterset, he received an endorsement from the daughter of actor john wayne. mr. trump: don' t forget iowa hasn' t picked that winner for 16 years so if they pick someone other than me, they' re going to pick another loser. sally: iowa governor terry branstad is weighing in on the tight race, saying it would be a big mistake for iowans to support ted cruz because of his opposition to renewable fuels. gov. branstad: i think it would be very damaging to our state. mr. cruz: i want to ask everyone here to vote for me. sally: cruz is on a five-day bus tour in new hampshire, where he' s fighting for third place with senator marco rubio. mr. cruz: i have no interest in engaging in an insult fight. i don' t think the american people care about a bunch of politicians behaving like petulant children. sally: a new arg-granite state poll shows governor john kasich surging to second place behind trump. mr. kasich: we have, i think, one of the best ground games they' ve ever seen in this state. sally: the iowa race is also very close for democrats hillary
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mr. sanders: today, the inevitable candidate does not look quite so inevitable as she did 8.5 months ago. sally: clinton has picked up an endorsement from the human right' s campaign, the country' s oldest lgbt organization. live in washington, sally kidd, wcvb newscenter 5. j.c.: anybody outside today knows it is cold but it was the wind that made you step back a little bit. phil: harsh. j.c.: that is a good word. it was dry and sunny. m not complaining. phil: what she is trying to shovel. m ok with it. harvey: you can see it is cold behind us. the windchill is only seven in boston and around zero in worcester. it is always the wind.
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the sky looks nice. in boston, it is nice to see a little more daylight left as those afternoons stretch out. that is a steady 25 mile-per-hour wind. we have had gusts over 50 miles per hour. fall river, almost 50 miles per hour. boston, 47 miles per hour. the wind advisory still in effect until 7:00 tonight but it will just be windy after that, just not as severely windy. elevations help with the wind. worcester, 44 mile per hour winds. same thing in the berkshires, 40 mile-per-hour winds. any water component makes the wind unimpeded. 40 miles per hour in nantucket. it is still gusting 30 to 40 must for our every well else. the windchill is one degree. the temperatures will level off. i'
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mile-per-hour steady wind for early tonight because there will be some easing of the wind, but it does not quit altogether. when you consider that boston spent this afternoon in the low 20' s, 30 tomorrow with a little less wind will feel a little better. we are talking about the storm potential for the weekend and this is one of the issues when you start talking about a storm days ahead of time because a lot of stuff can happen. we know the potential, we know there will be heavy snow in the mid-atlantic, but it does not get all the way up to our area. when the storm is only coming inland on the west coast, that is not the easiest determination to make. this will eventually died southeastward. it will spawn a storm that we will find along the carolina coast come friday night. this will be the snow shield ahead of it. it really looks like it is more solid that washington and philadelphia will get heavy snow
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be a finite line as to how far north the heavy snow shield will get and it could be somewhere near southern new england. i think from uncommon new hampshire and maine has a very good chance. around boston, it is a toss up. the south coast gets a little stronger. just below new york city probably have the best chance as i see it now. we get into the snow shield in southern portions of new england saturday afternoon into sunday morning. it will be a strong storm out in the ocean so the track will be critical as to how much snow and when we get it. there is a full moon on saturday normal automatically. you add the strong north easterly wind and coastal flooding will be likely even if amounts. will be critical. it. the threat is saturday afternoon
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the track is critical because of a trend south. snow, wind, and coastal impacts -- all the potential with this storm. the next seven days, little less cold tomorrow. below average but dry for thursday and friday. we get the storm threat on saturday. i know you are wondering about the weather in denver. it should be around 40 or so around gametime but it might get colder. there is a chance there could be some snow before the game is over. we will find tune it. a lot of our attention is being placed on the storms here this weekend which could be a little of the area. i will keep you posted. see you again at 5:30 p.m. j.c.: linebacker jerod mayo has which means he is out for the rest of the season and will miss the afc championship game. mayo suffered a shoulder injury in the win over the chiefs. phil: another summer concert
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park. pearl jam will play two concerts at the ballpark august 5 and 7. no word yet on when tickets will go on sale. james taylor and billy joel will good concerts. i think jackson brown is coming with james taylor. j.c.: the pats player was jerrod mayo. phil: the list of 2015' s most stolen passwords is out. security applications company splashdata reviewed the list. once again taking the top spot the password "1-2-3-4-5-6." j.c.: the number two password? the word "password" itself. sports passwords were also popular with the words "football," "baseball" and the number 10 making the cut. and "star wars" was also a popular theme with "star wars", "solo" and "princess" also on the list. you have to be a little more
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phil: chewbacca would be pretty good. i' m not very creative but we know the numbers are not good. j.c.: what about chewy 1979? crucial a good night' s sleep is. connects those "z' s" to your risk of developing diabetes. children calm and teaching them about keeping emotions in check. local pre-school. j.c.: new at 6:00 -- construction on the field at fenway ahead of an event expected to attract some of the best winter athletes from around the world.
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stood strong... get the job done. hillary clinton. she stood up to china... r ...and spoke out on women's rights... r ...went toe to toe with russia on human rights. t the drug and insurance companies spent millions against her... ...but hillary didn't quit r until eight million children got health care. ti've never been called a quitter and i won't quit on you. she's got what it takes to do the toughest job in the world. i'm hillary clinton and
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j.c.: in your health tonight -- preventing and treating hiv. the medical community has made great strides, but new research finds young people at risk may
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whether parents like it or not, nearly half of their teenagers are sexually active which means they are at risk of hiv and today, troubling findings from a new cdc study shows less than one in four sexually active students have ever been tested by this virus. researchers found among high schoolers who have sex with more than one person in the past three months, only 24% were tested for hiv. among those who had sexual intercourse with more than four people, the rate was only slightly higher at 34%. this despite recommendations that routine hiv testing should start at age 15 at the latest. the picture is not better for young adults 18 to 24 -- only one in three sexually active young adults as ever been tested for hiv. sobering news, since we know teens and young adults are disproportionately affected by hiv and are more likely to be
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the message to young people and their parents is clear -- if you are sexually active, get tested. phil: a new study has concluded that catching up on sleep may reverse the risk of diabetes. researchers took a group of young, healthy men and let them sleep only four hours per night for a week. their risk of diabetes skyrocketed by 16%. the men were then allowed to catch up, sleeping 10 to 12 hours per night for two nights, like many of us do on the weekends. that risk then fell back to normal levels, but doctors say catching up every weekend won' t help in the long run. >> concentration, memory, reaction time, even the immune system is impacted by limited sleep. phil: bottom line? sleeping less will still cost you more overall. it makes me think of the four hours i got last night. j.c.: not enough. temperatures this morning in the single digits. phil: in the past, that has
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the trip on the rails in the bitter cold this morning and what the t is saying about it. j.c.: the backlash against the oscars continuing to grow. the academy responds to the hollywood heavyweights vowing to
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