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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  January 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the whole question for us, how far north is the snow shield going to get? especially the heavy snow shield before it gets shunted east. the trends have been more to the south with time so i'm gaining confidence that at least boston and points north will probably not be involved in the heavy snow from this storm. it's not a definite thing but i do want to say within our area the highest amounts are likely across connecticut, rhode island, southeastern mass, closer to the south coast but even there, i'm not talking about anything resembling what's likely to fall much further south around washington and baltimore. the smallest amount of snow would be north of the pike. very little or close to nothing. there are also winds and tides to be concerned with. >> another wild day trading the dow dropping 249 points after all the turmoil. at one point it was done more than 500 points following
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markets. >> an alarming scene this morning. student backpacks laid out and examined after a threat was made at the high school. investigators say they made the call to evacuate the school out of an abundance of caution. rhondella richardson is live. rhondella? reporter: nothing dangerous found. the bomb threat a hoax and a whole lot of adults and students hope this is the last time. >> we had to leave our backpacks and we found on twitter that they laid them out and dogs sniffed them. >> dogs checked nearly 2,000 backpacks after a 9:30 a.m. mailed bomb threat received by a high school staffer. >> there are multiple pipe bombs. i have weapons, i'll be coming into the school, so there was some specifics as to the threat, but related in a general manner. >> high schoolers evacuated to other schools in the district while police searched the high school.
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wait for the all clear difficult. >> kind of scary. >> it was like right before lunch time so we were -- we just -- >> we made the decision to send the kids over to the other two skills thinking, yes, we'll have them back by lunch, which, of course, we weren't able to do so we made the decision about 12:15, that we would dismiss. >> a nearly identical email threat to another school led to an internal lockdown there. the threats came after unfounded threats yesterday at more than a dozen schools. it's all time consuming and frustrating. >> it's really annoying how it interrupted the day. >> we missed a lot of classes. >> the chief wants everyone to snow a bomb scare is a felony and through email it's a federal crime. rhondella richardson, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> the patriots prepare for the next stop on the road to the super bowl we're learning a linebacker for the team made a
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>> john atwater is live with the details. john? >> police here responded to that crash. darius fleming said he saw that woman inside that car struggling. she could not get out of her car so he says he had to act. on route 1 just after practice. fleming was headquartered home crash right in front of him. afternoon. he jumped out of his car and said there was no other option. he had to break a window to help the woman. in the process he got a pretty good gash on his leg eventually needing the 22 stitches, a big injury before the game. >> i -- they broke and i pulled her out. she was jumping out the car before the window even broke. >> thankfully police say that woman was not seriously injured but she did tell officers, "a male party kicked in my window.
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patriot." apparently that woman was trying to do some research online to figure out who it was. now she knows it was darius fleming who came to her rescue. there was a thought that maybe the car was on fire, fleming seeing smoke. police say there was no real evidence of a fire. maybe it looked like that airbag produced some sort of smoke inside that vehicle. we're live, john atwater, wcvb. >> thanks, the patriots are still trying to rise above a war of words with the denver broncos. instead, focusing on a huge match-up with a familiar rival. mike? mike: good afternoon. by the time we'll all be -- by the time this game kicks off we'll be well versed in every facet of the head-to-head meetings between brady and peyton manning. we'll know more than we need to know and more than we want to know but we do know both guys are winners. think about how many ordinary quarterbacks there are in the national football league and how many there have been since these
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dominating the league. two great players, two class guys. pretty cool, especially someone as great as him to play against you've got to play 60 minutes. >> all i can say about, you he plays the position the way it's supposed to be played. he's extremely talented. he's a very hard worker. >> for a minute i thought he was describing bob hallerren who is standing by. bob, all the accolades for you, take it away. reporter: it was just about eight weeks ago that the patriot nation watched gronkowski writhing on the brown in denver after stewart tackled him low at the knees and this week several bronco players have been talking
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gronkowski down is to tackle him and hit him at his knees. the hit was legal but it's concerning when a team talks about taking a guy down at his knees because that's often how you take a guy out. it today, but tom brady did. >> yeah. got to deal with. so -- they are going to try to get him down however they can. some guys have different techniques and styles to doing it. how they are going to tackle him if they are going to tackle him. >> gronkowski talks to the media on thursday so we'll get his response to all of this at that point. reporting live from gillette stadium, wcvb, sport center five. >> stay with us for complete coverage of the completes road to the super bowl. mike lynch and bob will be reporting live from denver beginning saturday night. of course, all day sunday. >> the search for 12 missing marines has been suspended. the community is praying for
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jack harper is live with more on all of that. >> as you know over the past few days as the search continued obviously hope was waning but at least there was hope and now that's gone. >> this is a very sad time for this town. and for the military families in this town. to witness this. a young man, in the prime of his life. >> marine corporal christopher orlando, one of 12 who went down when two helicopters collided off hawaii. away from combat but not danger. >> i think it highlights the fact serving in the military, it's a very dangerous job. >> his memory will be honored with flags. >> everybody takes it personally. not to mention that we all have children. i was hoping that we would get
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but we didn't, so far. reporter: the search was hindered by powerful seas which wiped away a lot of hope many had held in the beginning. >> nice family and very unfortunate for any of the guys to be lost, but when it hits home it makes it that much more difficult. >> to be living with the unknown and not knowing where he is must be -- i can't even imagine their grief. >> obviously, family has not yet finalized plans. they have a long way to go. however, they are making it clear when and if they want some sort of celebration of this young man's life. the town will be obviously a big part of that. jack harper, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> presidential candidates getting some heavy hitter support on the campaign trail. >> propaganda for isis recruiting. >> you're seeing diane foley, the murder of murdered james foley who says her family was "delighted with the prisoner swap that gained the freedom of
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mrs. federal government will make freeing hostages more of a priority. james foley, a new hampshire native, was kidnapped in syria in 2012 and beheaded two years later in one of the first brutal videos released by isis. >> we'll take you back out to the campaign trail where candidates are getting some hitting support. >> we take you to the nation's capitol for a look at who is backing who and difference. >> and new 59:30, the search for a suspect in a violent home invasion in new hampshire. the victims have fought back. >> what's the story with that indycar race over labor day? well, they have found a new enemy. >> taking a life look at first alert traffic, life on the southeast expressway. quiet night weather-wise. that helps. 93 southbound. on this wednesday, we're looking at a typical ride, mass ab, 27 minutes, northbound, 25 minutes,
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deck to route 128. on the pike, 13 minutes, western tolls i-495 just under a half an hour. looks great on both sides of 495 at this there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. rone says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. vmy plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, tand make them pay their fair share. p then we can expand health care to all,
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>> you're watching newscenter 5 at 5:00. >> the death toll has risen to 20 in an attack on a university campus in pakistan. more than 23 others wounded. gunmen stormed the school in the northwestern region of the country just as classes were beginning. students and teachers are among the dead. police an army troops eventually were able to stop the attack. a breakaway taliban faction has claimed responsibility but tonight a spokesman for the main taliban faction has disowned the group behind the killing calling the attack unislamic. >> donald trump is getting help from conservative sarah palin. the two hit the campaign circuit after trump announced the coveted endorsement yesterday. here's more from our washington bureau. sally? >> it's the trump-palin show in
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between the front-runners in iowa. >> wow! reporter: giving donald trump a boost. >> are you ready to stump for trump? reporter: sarah palin rallied evangelicals. >> he's beholden to no one but we, the people. >> including one from goldman, sachs. >> goldman, sachs owns him. remember that, folks. they own him. what he did was wrong. >> the campus said it was a mistake >> we're not willing to go quietly into the night. >> cruz took aim at trump in the granite state. >> just yesterday trump promised to protect but to expand it. >> there is star power on the democratic side, too. hillary clinton is sending out big guns in new hampshire, where a poll has bernie sanders leading by 27 points.
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i trust you. and three weeks is an eternity in politics. [applause] >> in new hampshire, it's an eternity. >> not far from clinton's event -- >> government has become an industry in washington. >> contenders address state lawmakers. >> we're changing the course of history. >> there are less than two weeks left until the iowa caucuses on february 1 followed by new hampshire on the ninth. live in washington, sally kidd,
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>> it would never be before saturday afternoon if we're impacted. that's the window that we'll watch for us locally. in other parts of the country, a different story. >> the storm we're following is not the one showing this band of snow that's going through pennsylvania close to the nation's capitol. this is actually a very fast moving weak disturbance. moment. the one that's eventually going to become the impressive storm is the one that's throwing a little shield of snow close to the denver area. what happens to that is as it dives southeast. it's a chunk of energy in the atmosphere, it then interacts with moisture coming out of the gulf of mexico. blossom but as that moves northeastward it gets into the colder air in the northeast, then it becomes an
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especially raleigh, and a lot of snow in portions of virginia. a lot of virginia will have a big snow as it moves north. notice as it continues to move north it has a big easterly component to it so for us, this time we're near the northern edge. the easier forecast in a general sense is washington and baltimore. they are going to have a major snowstorm. there is no two ways about it but will it be connecticut and rhode island and southeastern mass and not boston or will the heaviest snow stay south of the entire southern new england coast? those options are still open at this time. in terms of actual official watches and warnings, check this out. this is actually a blizzard watch which includes the nation's capitol and baltimore, and that's going to go into effect not now, of course, as the storm approaches and will stay until 6:00 a.m. on sunday. otherwise, we have this purple area here or pink. that's a winter storm warning but the blue area is a winter storm watch which probably will
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warning over time that would include philadelphia and possibly new york. now here's one of our computer models showing snowfall accumulation potential, as the storm is over by sunday evening for sure. but notice where the jackpot area is. a lot of virginia, a portion of west virginia, up to about maryland or so. notice there is still heavy snow around philadelphia. new york city gets a decent amount of snow but on the edge. gets into southern connecticut moderate amounts and tapers off rapidly to the north so north of the pike there may be next to nothing in terms of accumulation. that's probably what we'll be dealing with. a sharp cutoff in accumulation from south to north. this is a look at it closer up. this little area may just be some light snow or flurries that may occur in part as the wind increases saturday out of the northeast and into saturday night. but again, if you're talking about traveling, and you're planning on traveling toward the new york city, philadelphia, or washington area then you will run into potentially different
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significant there likely than here. that's the snow part of it. but there still will be some wind and some tides to be concerned with especially along the coast south of boston so places like scituate, plymouth, vineyard, chatham and nantucket, two high tides, one is saturday night roughly around midnight. the other one is sunday in the late morning. it could be the sunday tide that would be more problematic because it's higher astronomically. we'll watch the entire coastline as we go out in time. in the meantime, right now it's 30 degrees in boston. 24. we have a wind chill of 16. we want to show you the next seven days. it's breezy and cold tomorrow. about 30 and it's bright and dry on friday around 30. it is then saturday afternoon and saturday night, centered on saturday night and early sunday, it will make its closest us. there could be snow especially south of boston and it's even possible around the cape and
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component to the wind. we still have many factors but the leaning is that we'll be on the edge, instead of being in the heart of it. >> it will be very interesting to see how d.c. handles it because we know they shut down with an inch or two. >> it will be tough. it's never good to mess around on the job. >> unless you're allowed to but in this situation, the move a valet made that ended up with the lam be rgini. >> new at 6:00, donald trump continues his dominance in new hampshire but tedything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. shop with ease at use code: tv2016
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. >> more of hollywood's "a" liststers are stepping up and speaking out about
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spike lee says the problems goes deeper than just the oscars. >> movie director spike lee is taking a clear stance not attending next month's oscars but clarified on good morning america that he's not urging anyone to follow him. >> i have never used the word boycott. >> the two time nominee joins a growing list of stars speaking out about the lack of diversity. for the second consecutive year all 20 oscar nominees in the acting category are white. >> why is this a conversation we only have once a year. >> whoopi goldberg speaking out. >> we haven't done enough to nurture diverse talent. >> even george >> there have been rumbling about how white the oscars have been for quite some time but this year it's reached a fever pitch. there no way hollywood can ignore
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>> in a statement -- she promises the academy is taking dramatic steps to alter the make-up. >> you have to go back to the gatekeepers. >> studios. >> yes. we're new testament room. >> spike lee also wants hollywood studioes to start enforcing a quota system similar to the rooney rule in the nfl where infer positions are not filled until minority candidates are at least interviewed. >> what happened here is what you might call a very bad day at work. watch this. see those flames? a valet in miami took the keys to this $400,000 lamborghini, and, as you can see, it's ended up in flames. super star's engine while in park that sparked fire and let's just say the driver perhaps had a few monetarily. >> who is the guy with his hands on his head. >> $400,000 car,
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keys to anybody or are you parking it yourself? asking me? >> i wouldn't own a $400,000 -- ever. it's ridiculous. $400,000, ridiculous, but no. >> he wants to become famous all world. >> rhode island boy living with terminal cancer has pretty much achieved that. a very special honor held today. >> also, an alarming warning about the future of our oceans,
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>> this is an editorial by bill fine. >> any person may apply for a city of boston job. however, the applicant must be a resident of boston on the first day of requirement. so reads the requirement on the website. applications -- inconsistent at best, which has the mayor making another set of proposals to compel residency. his plan acknowledges the long time application of these procedures has provided so many loopholes and grandfather clauses ensuring living in boston was a more of a strong suggestion than a requirement. boston's population is stationary at the 600,000 level.
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jobs has thus greatly diminished while the skill requirements in a rapidly changing urban environment has dramatically increased. each week day those commuting to work from outside the city limits more than double the city's total inhabitants. limiting the applicant pool leaves too many qualified prospective employees on the sidelines. living in boston can also be prohibit actively expensee sieve. the current building boom includes new adequate, new, affordable housing mostly targeted to those who can afford staggering rents and condo prices. exceptions to residency requirements, perhaps the mandate should only apply to department heads and other key positions. when candidates are of equal strength residency could and perhaps should be the tiebreaker. the city of boston is world class in many respects and aspires to be even greater. eliminating the residency requirement altogether ensures that the quality of those employees who serve the city
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