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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  January 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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we did hit0. this 49 is for the hourly reports that came in. we still have a southwest wind and will well into the night. if you plan to be out this evening around town, not that. 40 is this evening in boston. even overnight tonight, even into tomorrow, we will be above freezing. there is a cold front to come through later tonight, early tomorrow. down toward the cape there might be enough moisture for a shower early tomorrow morning. otherwise, that moves away. tomorrow, i am keeping my eye on an ocean storm threat. we will talk about that in a minute. phil: the nation' s capital still getting back on track following the massive snowstorm this past weekend. the federal government shut down again today. newscenter 5' s sally kidd shows
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to see a plow. sally: dan and his neighbors are still snowed in. t been plowed. so, they are taking matters -- or shovels -- into their own hands. >> we are making progress. sally: a couple blocks over, more cars buried in snow. the d.c. mayor is sending strike teams to identify roads still him passable. maher: that we are still recovering from -- still impassable. >> we are still recovering from a blizzard. we are working hard to get things done. sally: in new york, mass transit is up and running, but some roads still need clearing. devon or chris christie is on the defensive in new jersey --
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the defensive in new jersey, responding to criticism that he returned to the campaign trail so soon after the storm. one resident is not complaining. is this guy can' t get enough of the snow. the mayor of d.c. is requesting federal assistance to help pick up the tab. in washington, sally kidd, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: investigators are looking at whether a medical episode could have caused a crash into a building. a public transport bus hit a utility pole and swerved across four lanes before hitting an auto-parts store. it happened just after 7:00 last night in warwick. no one was seriously hurt, but several riders were trapped inside the bus for a short time. heather: a north andover swim coach charged with giving prescription medications to a student on the team wants the case thrown out of court. elizabeth backler' s attorney
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warrant to look at beckler' s list of prescriptions from the pharmacy. prosecutors say backler befriended the 16-year-old girl, texted her and sent her cards and gifts. there are no allegations of sexual misconduct. most massachusetts teachers are making the grade according to the state. data just released found about 86% earned a proficient rating for the 2014-2015 school year. that' s roughly the same as last year. about 10% earned the highest rating and 4.5% were found to be in need of improvement. this is the third year of the state' s teacher evaluation system. s a plus takes us to fitchburg high school. you have to stick around for this story. coming up next the story of one sights set on the ivy league. t be watching the super bowl for the teams, but we will for the ads. a preview tonight of some of the most anticipated. heather: plus, the new concerns here in the u.s. regarding the zika virus. the warning issued and the
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make it easier for travelers. >> let' s take a look at first alert traffic. this is the bunker hill bridge. let' s take a look at the maps to see if there are any heavy drive times. on route three, we do have problems in and around the city due to either construction or accidents. out west of the pike, 13 minutes from i-93 to newton corner. 128 backed up heading southbound across the pike. 21 minutes from the western tolls to 495. once you get off for 95, it looks ok. every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it.
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p our fortunes together i've got some real estate here in my bag r counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike t they've all come to look for america all come to look for america v all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] phil: from making sure homework gets done to teacher conferences parents are typically the driving force behind a student' s success. heather: but this week' s a plus didn' t always have that encouragement, bouncing around to more than a dozen foster homes. newscenter 5' s antoinette antonio introduces us to skyler robinson of fitchburg high school. >> i am taking ap government, ap spanish, ap statistics, ap literature. >> with statistics like that, you would think his parents were pushing him every step of the way. but he lived in 13 different foster homes and ended up being
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you could not tell from the enthusiasm and optimism he radiated. >> you can always find a silver lining. >> he likes to show that on stage as part of the theater program. while he loves acting, teaching is what he really wants to do, inspired by people like english teacher julie alexander. she finds even more inspiration in skyler, remembering the first day she met him. >> he shook my hand and said are i am skyler. school. >> a student wise beyond his years. >> everything i have been through has made me who i am. if i hadn' t gone through everything i have faced, i wouldn' t be who i am today.
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phil: he deserves every success coming his way. skyler is now waiting to hear back from harvard, bu, northeastern, columbia, nyu and ucla harvard being his number one choice. and as antoinette mentioned he wants to be a teacher. >> good for him. phil: do you know an exceptional student worthy of an a-plus? submit a a name right now at just click as seen on. heather: i don' t know any kid that would take all ap classes. an extraordinary kid. good luck. two former workers file a class-action suit against disney world. phil: still to come, disney' s response to the claims the workers were discriminated against. also high praise tonight for an , act of kindness. the store worker who went out of his way to comfort a little boy with autism. harvey: i am not sure if this is
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[mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. p [agent] hey brendan,you might like this room. p [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. heather: we are getting a number of how many recreational drones are in the sky. since the faa introduced a drone registration system, nearly 300,000 owners have signed up. the rules apply to drones used for recreational purposes. the faa says the rules are
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commercial flight paths. owners who fail to register could face civil fines and jail time. phil: entertainment giant disney faces a class-action lawsuit filed by two former employees. the lawsuit claims the employee were illegally replaced by foreign workers on high-skilled worker visas. two former employees say they were given 90-days to train they allege they would not have didn' t train the new employees. 300 other workers also lost their jobs. disney has not yet responded to the accusation. a proposed rule change could allow transgender athletes to s olympic games without having gender reassignment surgery. transgender athletes have been allowed to compete since 2004 but only after surgery and two years of hormone therapy. new rules would only look at hormone levels. male-born competitors would just need to prove their testosterone levels have been below a certain benchmark for a year to compete in female divisions. female-born competitors would be able to compete in male
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heather an act of kindness by an : apple store employee is getting extra attention after a thank you note went viral. lynn-marie rink was at a mall in tennessee to get a new i-pad for her son with special needs, when the little boy ran into a glass wall. it was a hard knock. rink says an employee named andrew ran over to help with her son james. and he ended up staying on the floor to help james set up his i-pad right there. >> when you' re a parent of a specials needs child you get lots of stares and you get, some people are kind but you don' t ever know what you are going to get. heather: james had a bump on the head but was otherwise ok. rink says she was so touched by the moment she wanted apple to know what a special employee they had. mission accomplished. phil: what a beautiful thing to do. heather: lovely indeed. it turned out to be a pretty nice day, harvey, i have to say. harvey: nice, mild, kind of a reprieve from the cold we had last week.
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for you and see how things might play out. this is the eastern united states, above average, kind of a throwback to december. while it is mild, it may also be moist as above average precipitation is likely. it looks like it will be mostly liquid around our area at this point. of course, that' s getting a little bit ahead of the game. let' s talk about the warmth of today. 50 big ones for boston. plymouth, 50 bomb in degrees. -- balmy degrees. that is certainly mild by late january standards. we will stay above freezing in a fair amount of our area. worcester could get to freezing
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we are going to have a cold friend come through late tonight. average. then you see it turns colder tomorrow night and just a touch chillier on thursday. that is the idea of the temperatures over the next let' s talk about the weather we may be experience. chillier. the question is, do we have any precipitation? enough moisture may pool to cause a couple of showers. then it tends to move away, and we should be clearing up after that. now let' s talk about late thursday into friday. another storm is developing. it will be an ocean storm. if this passes close to us or merges with another one, then we could have a significant storm. right now, it doesn' t look like
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cooler and breezy tomorrow. chillier on thursday. late thursday and friday, depending on how these two interact with each other -- you see, there is still the middle ground where they never come that close but they interact with the high level disturbance in the atmosphere. that could generate snow or snow showers around friday morning. we will keep an eye on that just in case. saturday, temperatures will be an average if not just a touch above. 2:00 p.m. flurries. best chance of that is remote, new hampshire, or maine. then look what happens. sunday and monday look like mild days. tuesday turns a little chillier. how much so will be important. beyond the seven day, we could get some precipitation. phil: the isu world figure skating championship is coming to boston.
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the u.s. team were at the garden for the announcement. this is the first time the event has been held in the hub. it all begins march 28. heather: jetblue wants you to be more comfortable when you fly. i think you will like this. the airline says it will be redesigning all 130 of its airbus a-320 airplanes. jet-blue plans to include in-seat power outlets, turning each seat into a charging station. brilliant. there will also be free wi-fi, which passengers will be able to use even before the plane jet-blue plans to start remodeling the a-320 planes in 2017 and finish by 2019. business is booming for amazon prime, nearly half of all households in the u.s. now have the membership. new numbers show there are 54 million people signed up for the service. but because most families and couples share the membership that' s equal to 46% of homes. phil: it may be too soon for patriots nation, but the rest of
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super bowl 50. let' s not focus on the match-up but the commercials. newscenter 5' s erika tarantal takes a closer look at the highly-anticipated ads. >> from date nights and websites to bud light , candy bars and fancy cars, plus movie stars. the ads slated for super bowl 50 shape up to be another elite group, and they had better be with 30 second spots on the telecast said to be going for $5 million. >> there are very few places advertisers can go to get a lot of people in one shot, and the super bowl is it. last year, the super bowl had a record 114 million viewers. that sort of awkward unity doesn' t exist -- that sort of opportunity doesn' t exist in
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>> and liam neeson himself is representing for lg electronics. abby wambaugh sings the mini-cooper' s praises while christopher walken weighs in for kia. tj miller will have his modesty on tap. >> this is going to be the greatest super bowl commercial of all time. do you understand? >> three different shot by amateurs clips are competing forward to reading those spot. all of these are competing for your attention, though way the puppy did last year. heather: that one always wins. it' s always about the horses and the dog. you can' t make that up. going to be renamed in honor of the 7th place finisher, a the dog lives on a farm near the
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race. her owner says she thought the dog was just out sniffing around somewhere, but then a friend sent her a picture of the dog wearing a medal. and from now on the race will be called the elkmont hound dog half. a pair of new york city police officers go to great lengths to save a kitten. a woman flagged them down monday saying her kitten ran into the street and then climbed into the undercarriage of a car and got stuck. the officers found her, but were used a jack to left of the vehicle -- lift the vehicle and remove the tire. the kitten was cold and wet, but not hurt. growing concerns tonight the united states. phil: up next, the new warning from the world health organization and the specific section of our country
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breaking stories. a pickup truck strikes and kills a driver on the opposite side of the highway. also, key documents in these are native -- in the dzhokhar
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phil: the u.s. taking further steps to improve relations with cuba. the treasury department announced it is doing away with more of its restrictions concerning the country. starting tomorrow, financing restrictions on most exports will go away. the u.s. will also allow more cuban commodities to be exported. and while americans can still only travel to cuba under 12-specific guidelines they will now be allowed to do more while in the country. health officials are now taking drastic measures to stop the spread of the mosquito-borne zika virus. heather: in el salvador, women are urged to avoid getting pregnant for two years. also today, the cdc just issued
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evaluating and testing infants here in the united states. >> a new warning from the world health organization, the zeke of virus could spread to almost all countries in the americas. >> it exposes the spread to new areas with little population immunity. >> this mosquito is found in every western country except for canada and chile. >> brazil has been hit especially hard. the brazilian government posted this video on youtube, showing workers spraying mosquitoes carrying the virus. according to the cdc, only a handful of cases of the virus
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the virus is not known to spread from person to person, and the symptoms for most people are mild and pass without incident. at the virus -- but the virus could cause life-threatening brain damage in unborn babies. u.s. officials are urging expecting moms to stay away from countries where there are infections. >> if you go, use repellents to reduce the chances you will get bit. heather: there is no vaccine or drugs to prevent or treat the infection. phil: and this just in, united airlines says customers who already have tickets for travel to zika-impacted regions can postpone trips or get refunds. as we move on tonight, breaking news, previously sealed set to be revealed. jc: what we' ll see for the first time right now at 6:00. >> now on newscenter 5 -- ed: a driver killed in a freak accident on route 8 in
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>> shock over a space saver in boston. >> we will be chilling out in the days ahead. how much of a temperature drop to expect? >> y donald trump' s campaign is causing such heated reaction. >> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. ed: a driver killed in a freak accident on route 128 in lexington. heather: a tire flying off a pick-up truck hitting a man in a car on the opposite side of the highway. tonight, we' re learning more about that a victim and the teenage driver of the truck. ed: newscenter 5' s reid lamberty is live in lexington. >> police are still waiting to identify the family of the victim. this is a freak accident that had deadly results. oftentimes, as rare as it is, that is the result, and that is what happened today.
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and truck involved. just after 1:15 p.m., the two cars were traveling along. the car traveling northbound on 128. a pickup truck traveling southbound when the tire dislodged from the rear axle the drivers side. it hit one car before smashing into the second car. the second car was carrying the driver who has not yet been positively identified. he was killed. it was such a violent impact it peeled back the roof and the driver was killed on impact. he was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene. the driver of the pickup truck was a 19-year-old girl on her way to school. a miracle that she did not lose
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