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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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emily: good morning. it's monday, february 8. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price. tracking another winter storm right now on the eyeopener. a look at our stormteam 5 radar. a blizzard warning in effect right now for much of the state. emily: the coast bracing for the worst of it. we're monitoring the concerns there as high tide rolls in. randy: and of course, power trouble for the south east. many communities are still dealing with the effects of friday's storm. how they're getting back on track this morning. emily: the eyeopener reporters and cameras are on the story this morning. let's start with stormteam 5's she's got the timing of conditions this morning. cindy? cindy: i do indeed. good morning to you both. you mentioned that blizzard warning for areas south of boston down to the cape and the
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it is is not just the snow but the strong winds and that combination with winds gusting to 65 miles per hour going to create near whiteout conditions. elsewhere, these are in effect until tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. heavy snow and strong winds. the farther west you go. the snow won't be as intense. so it's a winter weather advisory. the winds not as strong either. take a look at radar. that snow is starting to creep in to parts of the cape although not reaching the ground just yet. we do have snow on the islands at this point. the storm center, you can see it spinning way down here. it is still more than 500 miles away. it is so large the outer band is beginning to move on in. that trend of the north ward push of the snow is going to continue slowly here. if you're trying to head out the next couple of hours you'll be okay away from the south coast and the cape. after 8:00 this morning look how quickly the snow spreads in. once we get into it, see these darker blue colors, these are intense snow bands. once that snow starts falling,
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to two inches per hour. the roads will become very slippery. reduced visibility as well. this snow continues right through the evening commute. it will start to taper a little bit as we get into this evening. not shut off depletely until the overnight hours. we're talking about a widespread area, 6-10 inches of snow. enhanced bands off the ocean here south of boston up toward cape ann. likely we could see over 10 inkers of snow with a little bit less here on the cape. however, it is not just the snow. it is the strong winds. we are already gusting more than 40 miles per hour along the coastline so the temperatures right now are hovering near or even above freezing, but the temperatures are going to be dropping throughout the day. with those winds persisting, wind chills dropping into the single digits to around 10 degrees this afternoon. you really need to pay attention to the snow and the wind today. all right. we're going to send you back over to emily, randy. talk about the coast a little bit more now actually with danielle. danielle: good morning, cindy. that's correct. got to talk about the coastline
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winds are gusting upwards of 50 miles an hour. we are concerned with that northeast wind piling up that water. so from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. today, we're watching for minor flooding, pockets of even moderate flooding. i do want to show you some of these areas. that coastal flood advisory for boston and points north including the north shore, cape ann up to the seacoast of new hampshire. only expecting minor splashover there. you go to the south shore, the cape and nantucket you're under a coastal flood warning. remember two hours before, two hours after we're watching for some pockets of moderate flooding that could lead to road closures and also some flooded basements. something we're watching very carefully. the other big story, of course, is that wind today. the winds on the cape right now and all day long 30 miles an hour. the gusts will be 50-50-mile-per-hour plus. another area that is experiencing some winter right now is boston. kelley is driving around at this hour. what does it look like, kelley? kelley: danielle, i'm happy to
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that's for sure driving because it is windy out there. it feels like ground hog day again as we get ready for another snowstorm. we're in west roxbury driving along. things are good. the story at this hour is of course the pretreatment of the roads. the city is getting out there and trying to get everything ready to go so that they're not caught off guard. they're ready for this one. as for the state mass-dot also having lots of crews out there pretreating the roads with de-icer and salt starting a couple of hours ago. this is no surprise. the crews will be ready to go. it just is a matter of the snow starting here in a little bit. i think both the city and the one. we'll get it through it as we did on friday. live in west roxbury, i'm kjell kelley tuthill, wcvb, newscenter 5. olessa: and quiet across the rest of the area as well. this is by allston/brighton. that's eastbound moving to the top of the screen. a light ride in both directions. this morning.
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matter where you're heading traveling toward boston. looking good on the roadways. no problems south of town, 95, 24, route 3 all looking good. pike and route 9 as well. in good shame north of town 93 south out of methuen down to the leverett connector. of course as those conditions change we'll keep you posted throughout the day. trains and buses are expected to start the morning on schedule. randy randy: right now power crews trying to stay ahead of outages after friday's winter storm. some areas just getting power back in time for round 2. crews from as far away as quebec blanketed the south shore clearing fallen trees and trying to get the lights back on for thousands of people. schools are closed across that part of the state. many utility crews were supposed to go home last night. instead, they got the call to stay put ready for today. emily: the coast is expected to take a serious beating from this storm.
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communities-- wind, heavy wet snow, and astronomically high tides. in scituate last night, plow trucks were fueled up and ready to roll. friday's snow storm took a big bite out of their salt pile, but they say they still have enough to handle today. along the coast, talk of blizzard conditions and coastal flooding has communities on alert. >> our concern now for the storm is certainly the tide cycle. the trees are breaking from the previous storm. emily: the tides aren't expected to be high enough to threaten sea walls. but communities are ready for more downed power lines. we've got you covered all day as this storm intensifies including extended weather coverage during "good morning america." we'll have updates every half hour. and a special edition of newscenter 5 will start at 4:00 p.m. and don't forget to download our wcvb mobile news update to watch us on the go or if your power goes out. randy: 4:36. commitment 2016. the clock is ticking for candidates in new hampshire ahead of tomorrow's first-in-the-nation primary. the eyeopener's erika tarantal is here following both sides of
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erika: good morning, randy. we start with the democrats. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will make a last-minute push today in the granite state. clinton returned to manchester last night after a campaign detour in michigan where she called on flint's mayor to end the water crisis. meantime, sanders, who holds a polls, held an event in portsmouth. their message, making a final plea to voters. clinton: i'm asking people to really consider that it's a job interview. who is ready to do the job on day one. snanders: the changes that the american people want, we need a political revolution. erika: new hampshire is a same-day registration state, giving candidates up until the last minute to get people to vote. on the republican side, candidates try to build momentum following their final debate before the primary. some taking aim at each other. chris christie, following up on his debate takedown of marco rubio. chris christie: the race is so unsettled now.
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be the nominee of this party. erika: ted cruz focused on policy in new hampshire yesterday, coming out against forcing women to enter the draft. front-runner donald trump talked poll numbers and stuck by some of his most controversial stances. trump: waterboarding is okay. and if we can get much worse than waterboarding, that's okay too. erika: polls show trump ahead in new hampshire but a four-way battle for second between rubio, cruz, john kasich, and jeb bush. randy? randy: newscenter 5 is your source for complete primary night coverage. our team of reporters and analysts will have the results as they come in. our coverage begins tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. all the way until midnight. you can also watch live on the wcvb mobile app. boston police under new scrutiny this morning. emily: the latest report on overtime practices. an explosion in london caught on camera. the movie stunt sparking outrage overseas. cindy: we are tracking this giant winter storm.
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up from the south. the complete timeline, the concerns across the state plus the active pattern that is ahead this week when the coldest air of the winter seas (group chatter) dude, dude, dude. this is bad. zi think we're stuck. p we're going to have to talk to each other or something. nooo. x i don't like this elevator. r (group surprised and laughter) how did that feel? was it fun being stuck? i do not like getting stuck! so, the nissan leaf s only gets 84 miles on a charge.
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estimated 400 miles or more r on a full charge and a full tank of gas. woah! how's that for not getting stuck? hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm p let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together
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here in my bag r counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike t they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] v all come to look for america v all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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randy: good morning. it's 4:41 on this monday morning. overtime costs continue to climb "the herald" reports payroll data shows the city spent $61.6 million on overtime in 2015. that's up from $57.9 million in 2014. the data shows 17 department members made more in overtime than they did in salary. an audit last month by public safety strategies group claims the department does not hold high accountability for overtime costs. emily: an unexpected end to the the big win for the broncos. and the superstar performance tom brady makes it to the super bowl. his big game appearance and the cold reception. and we continue to track another winter storm. cindy and danielle are in this morning tracking a blizzard warning for much of the state. they're going to time out the storm for you and which areas
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right now. a blizzard warning now in effect across much of eastern massachusetts. the cape as well. those winds howling out there. cindy: that's the difference between friday. weren't we just here doing this? and this storm. there's a lot more wind with this one. we've got a high tide coming up just before 11:00 so along the coast, those winds are going to be problematic. really everywhere they are too. on friday. we are going to see see heavy snow this time but it won't be as wet as it was on friday. danielle will be talking more about that. we are going to have the strong winds. we are concerned with the coastal flooding. and power outages could be a concern as well as we get dpeeper into this storm. so we talk about a blizzard. it has more to do with the wind and the snow combined reducing the visibility. more so than the amount of snow. we think the most vulnerable area for those blizzard conditions will be here across the south shore, the cape and the islands. we could see wind gusts to 65 miles per hour really blowing
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elsewhere we have a winter storm warning up through 7:00 tomorrow morning. northerly winds 15-30 sustained will be gusting higher. there will be heavy snow across the this area. the farther north and west you get, the amount of snow will be lighter. the winds will be lighter. but you do have a winter weather advisory so it will be a tough day overall. strongest winds at the coastline gust 40-60 miles per hour. over 30 miles per hour over the interior. they're already up. you may have heard the wind banging at your window this morning. we're gusting over 40 miles per hour along the coastline and notice the temperatures are running in the low to mid 30's at the coast. it's already in the 20's over the interior. temperatures are actually going to be falling once we get into the snow. notice by this afternoon, we're down in the 20's so temperatures will be falling here over the course of the day. the leading edge of the snow looks like it is moving in over the cape right now. not reaching the ground just yet. it is snowing on the vineyard. it is snowing on nantucket. these are the outer most edges of this really intense storm
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imagery. this storm more than 500 miems away. typically a storm in this position would not be giving us snow. this one is so large that we're just starting to get into it. during the next couple of hours the morning commute if you're thinking of heading out you're okay in most areas. it's going to take a while for the snow to press on in. through 8:00 this morning it is just starting to creep up through areas south of boston. there might be scattered showers or flurries ahead of it but the main part of the storm really comes in, i think, after 8:00 this morning. but once it starts, it comes on very hard and fast. you can see these intense blue colors showing up late morning. they are with us through the midday hours. just like we saw on friday we're going to get into some of these bands where the snow may fall at a rate of 1-2 inches per hour. we're going to have the very strong winds as well. reduced visible. slipper erodes midday right on into the afternoon. this is 4:00 for your evening drive. still snowy in a good clip across the area. slowly that snow begins to wind overnight hours. when it's all said and doan
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of 6-10 inches of snow. boston. and then that north-northeastly snow. shore. and the plymouth area toward the upper cape, this is where we could find localized spots up over 10 inches and a little bit less snow on nantucket, about 4-8 inches there. lesser amounts, too, once you get north of the worcester area. unlike friday's cement, this snow won't be as heavy in most areas. we'll send it over to danielle. danielle: that's right, cindy. we're starting on the onset though with borderline temperatures so some areas will start out with heavy, wet snow. the greatest concern with this, notice this area you see in orange here. that is in southeastern mass where we could see wind gusts in excess of 50-60 miles an hour at the coastline. that could cause potential power outages and bring down tree limbs. here's the reason why. take a look north and west of boston. see how the temperatures are in the 20's. when it starts snowing there, it's powdery snow, the light
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notice plymouth at 36 degrees. the cape at 35. it is borderline right now. that's why it will come down as a heavy, wet snow. here's the thing. it's not going to do it all day long. as cindy mentioned, temperatures are going to drom. here's the south shore forecast. notice by about 1:00 we're in the 20's so that snow will then change over to a more powdery kind. the concern is earlier this morning of potentially seeing those power outages. as we go through the day the reason we'll drop in temperatures, we're going to have very strong wind gusts out of the north-northeast pulling down that cold air. you can see wind gusts, wow, at 10:00 in the morning on nantucket. at 52 miles an hour. that's going to continue. you can see wind gusts over 60 miles an hour i think on nantucket and the cape. this is a very, very powerful storm, as cindy mentioned. then it will be pulling away. later on this evening. that should allow those winds to back down as we head through the overnight hours. so here's the forecast. cindy: today will be the most potent day in terms of
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we're not done with the snow just yet. the snow tapers off through the overnight hours. notice by 5:00 tomorrow morning still scattered areas of light snow during the early part of the morning. there's a let-up during the day. you notice right here bands of snow, ocean-effect snow may hug the coastline during the afternoon. not expecting much additional accumulation on tuesday but there be off-and-on snow showers over the course of the day on tuesday and then again on wednesday we're going to be watching another system cutting by to our south interacting with upper-level energy to the left. this could spread some additional very light snow on in during the day on wednesday particularly areas south of boston. so it is very unsettled through wednesday. front coming in on thursday may produce some snow showers. behind it, look at the bitter cold temperatures by the weekend are going to be struggling to reach highs in the teens. by saturday morning we could be near or below zero. so we are going to have some very cold air. the coldest of the entire winter season here by the weekend.
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roads right now. if you're getting out there now, olessa, you're okay, but that's going to change. olessa: the pike wide open. no problems to report. allston/brighton eastbound moving to the top of the screen. night and light this morning. the rest of your triples issue-free so far if you're heading into boston no construction to contend with right now. south of town much of the same. 24, route 3, 95, they're doing okay. you're looking good as you travel the pike and route 9 this morning. heading north of town 93 south also delay free so cindy has been saying if you want to get to your destination now is the time to do it. later on conditions will change. of course we'll keep you posted. for now we're expecting the trains and the buses the start the morning on schedule. randy: imagine seeing this at a distance. caught on camera. bridge. but it was all a movie stunt, and this morning it's getting mixed reviews. the explosion of an iconic double-decker bus so realistic, many thought the worst. the stunt on a quiet sunday morning was for a new jackie
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the production team did send out a flyer, warning the public. but many say the city should have given an additional heads-up. emily: your trending stories this morning are all about super bowl 50 they're still partying in denver this morning. peyton manning is now the first quarterback to win super bowl rings with two different teams. but it was the broncos' von miller securing the m.v.p. title. he was all over the panthers' cam newton from start to finish. 24-10 the final. >> from super bowls 36, 38 and 49 for the new england patriots, tom brady. (crowd booing) emily: those are some boos during the super bowl as patriots q.b. tom brady made an appearance. but remember there were tens of thousands of bronco fans in the stands who have a storied
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randy: a star-studded half-time show was buzzing on social media. cold play headlined with guests beyonce and bruno mars both super bowl vets. the show, for the most part, getting great reviews. a lot of fun. but the performance getting the most attention was lady gaga's national anthem. she kicked off super bowl 50 with a rousing rendition of the "star-spangled banner." she brought the crowd to its feet in san francisco. emily: that was incredible. chills, like chills. i'm husband was getting snacks. i said you have to watch this right now. it's so good. randy: a big part of the super bowl-- watching the commercials. emily: the new ad some are calling creepy. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00, our storm coverage continues from sandwich. the main concern on the cape this morning as high tide rolls
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emily: just about 4:57. time for your early "news to randy: a teenager is in the hospital after a carbon monoxide scare in hamilton. the 15-year-old was taken to beverly hospital as a precaution. first responders say they found high levels of carbon monoxide in a home on bridge street. investigators believe something was wrong with the fireplace. emily: an easton man, injured in a deadly crane collapse in new york city, is now out of the hospital. the 73-year-old was one of three people hurt when the crane came down on friday. new york's mayor is now putting new safety requirements in place. fines will be doubled if crews fail to safeguard equipment. a funeral was held yesterday for harvard grad david wichs who was crushed by the crane. he was a math whiz who worked on wall street. a mistake costs some wisconsin festival-goers their cars. they parked on an icy lake
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they do every year. but this year was warmer. 15 vehicles plunged into the chilly water. ten cars were totaled. luckily, nobody was hurt. randy: chipotle is closing all of its chains for a few hours today to talk about food safety. the chain says they will thank employees for their efforts and talk about more changes to improve food safety. the company put into place new steps after an e-coli outbreak in 14 states. here in massachusetts, chipotle had a separate norovirus outbreak that sickened more than 100 people at the cleveland circle location. a bizarre super bowl ad is getting a lot of attention online. maybe you saw this the mountain dew "puppy-monkey-baby" commercial. many took to social media to call it creepy and weird which may have been the idea. the ad was a kickstarter to promote a new drink containing
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caffeine. emily: a good dose of bizarre. so mission accomplished, i suppose, cindy, right. cindy: if that's the goal. something else we're talking about? snow that is incoming. friday. that brought us up over 17 inches for the season in boston. we are nowhere near where we were last year at this point but normal. with today's storm we may actually see an additional 6-10 inches across a good portion of the area. right now we've got snow that is beginning to shift on toward cape cod. steadiest snow at this point is on the islands where nantucket has visibility down to a mile in some snow right now. the storm itself though very far away. the outer most edge of the storm just starting to work on in here. it's not just the snow. we have strong winds forecast. so blizzard warning is up south of boston. winds could gust to 65 miles per hour. and that strong wind particularly south of boston is
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