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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  February 9, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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t about it, the hillary clton is looking at a very tough numbers. if she can close the gap between her and bernie sanders to single digits, you' re sure to hear that clinton catch phrase, the comeback kid. today, she was up early visiting polling areas, shaking hands , telling potential supporters she is trying to avoid the political attack machine, but yesterday she was hitting back at sanders, pointing out he' s received money from wall street. $200,000 through a democratic fundraising committee. all of this may be just noise at this point. unlike potential republican voters, nearly all democratic voters here are thought to have made up their minds a while ago. ed and heather? heather: thank you. bernie sanders has been calling his campaign a revolution. ed: newscenter 5' s reid lamberty is live in concord covering that campaign for us tonight.
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sanders in concord earlier today, shaking hands with voters. he is a senator from nearby vermont. sander hoping that lead in the polls becomes a reality tonight. a sizable leave him a lead he is built on and expanded ever since he is come from a close finish in iowa. reid lamberty, take it from here. >> i apologize for that. bernie sanders came into this primary with a very comfortable lead. he fully anticipates walking away with that primary victory. for his part we does sanders out early today and concord. greeting supporters, shaking hands. his strong support was not always the case. it was not just a few months back when he trailed clinton by more than 40 points. but his message has resonated with young voters.
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voters and undecided voters. they account for about 15% of new hampshire' s voters. expect a record turnout tonight for the primary in the granite state. you will be joining the supporters later tonight for a watch rally. back to you. ed: on the republican side, the final wmur cnn poll showed donald trump holding strong to his lead. heather: take a look at that. trump heading into the primary election the clear favorite on the republican side. and that' s the closest thing you' ll find to a sure thing. marco rubio, ted cruz, and john kasich round out the top 4. ed: the bottom tier of jeb bush, carly fiorina, chris christie, and ben carson are all bunched together within the poll' s margin of error. but there are even more undecideds here. 54% of likely republican were still on the fence heading to the polls. heather: let' s start with the gop frontrunner tonight. ed: newscenter 5' s phil lipof is covering the trump campaign for
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phil: we are at control headquarters, or what would be trump headquarters tonight. the candidate will be here later, but they are setting up behind me. take a look, this is where the media is right now. this is literally how close is everybody that everybody is today. the candidate himself did not have any events, but daughter eve ivanka was out campaigning with the rest of the family. donald trump has joked that she gives birth and in him should will definitely win this state. we will be here for the rest of the night, although the secret service takes this room at about 30 minutes, so we will see it from outside. heather: coming off his win in iowa, ted cruz is looking to make it two in a row tonight. ed: j.c. monahan is covering the
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hollis, new hampshire. j.c.: we are at his watch party headquarters here in hollis, new hampshire. just likelihood of the trump headquarters, we are just in set up stage here. he is coming off a win in iowa, and he does not have the same support here in new hampshire. trump is the favorite so far, but he is trying to grab the libertarian and unenrolled about, which there are many in new hampshire. donald trump is still on his radar. take a listen to what he had to say about him at a campaign stop today in manchester. >> nothing donald says surprises anyone. you know donald doesn' t handle losing very well. he didn' t like that he lost in iowa. and his response is often to simply yell and insult and engage in profanity. definitely on his radar.
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but looking to grab those rand paul votes, now that rand paul has dropped out of the race. ed: let' s go to nashua, new hampshire. heather: that where our jack harper is following the chris christie campaign tonight. jack? >> we are. chris christie had a couple of stops this morning. this one at a fully pac that polling place in manchester. he talked to would be reporters voters and reporters. over here, and he told reporters he knows how -- he has no idea how this will come out. he was asked what he took on marco rubio so vigorously in the >> we need someone who' s prepared to be president of the united states, someone who' s been tested, someone who' s ready to get on the stage with hillary clinton and i just don' t believe
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kristi was talking about the people who did not know what was talk about trump. back to you. heather: republican marco rubio shaking hands of a lot of people. placing third in the iowa caucus now hoping to be the top guy for his party in new hampshire. s john atwater is live in nashua. jeb bush was targeting donald trump while talking to voters heather: newscenter 5' s todd with the candidate' todd. >> jeb bush targeting donald trump today. take a listen. >> he can not hijack our party. our party will not win if we are we' ll win if we embrace the
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>> in an one-on-one with our sister station wmur bush says he' s proud of his campaign in new hampshire. tonight he and his supporters will be gathering here at manchester community college. he is excited to take the stage sometime after 9:00 p.m. heather: thank you. ohio governor john kasich is banking on success in new hampshire tonight after winning the first votes cast at midnight. ed: newscenter 5' s mary saladna is with the kasich campaign tonight in concord. >> john kasich needs a strong showing here in new hampshire to stay in this race. the ohio governor started his day pouring coffee for voters at a diner in manchester. john kasich got a couple of symbolic votes this morning. he got votes in the tiny town of dixville notch, which has a good
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the bottom line is about an massive ground game in new hampshire. they have held over 100 town halls. he needs that to pay off tonight. he has talked about cutting taxes, growing jobs. congress. he has a track record for getting things done. we will see if he has an impact on undecided voters here in new hampshire with all those town case against hoping to be the granite state surprise. ed: still in the race dr. ben carson and carly fiorina. both have seen their poll numbers take a dive but are optimistic about tonight' s primary. we' ll be watching to see how they perform. heather: the primary is the focus of tonight' s now poll. we' re asking will the new hampshire primary results affect your vote in the massachusetts primary? weigh in on facebook, twitter and ed: newscenter 5 is your source
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primary night our team of reporters and analysts will have the candidates covered as results come in, our coverage goes until midnight. and don' t forget to download the wcvb app now for complete new hampshire primary results including live streaming coverage and updates as they happen. heather: new at 4:30 the mbta police officer injured in the aftermath of the marathon bombings announcing today he is retiring. dic donohue was critically hurt in the shootout in watertown days after the bombing. he says he is not 100% and must do what is right for himself, his co-workers and his department. donohue tweeting this message to his followers, the day has come, but the future is bright. thank you to everyone who has supported me over the last 3 years. the 36-year-old and his wife kim are expecting a baby girl in april. you will actually hear from him tonight at 6:00 p.m. the 12-year-old brockton boy who fell through thin ice last month has died. charles cj thompson was a sixth grade student at plouffe academy in brockton. he died yesterday from the
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falling through the ice on a pond behind the school last month. thompson had been trapped under the ice for several minutes before passers-by and firefighters pulled him free. a 9-year-old boy who also fell through the ice survived. ed: right now a deadly train crash in germany is under investigation. at least nine people are dead after two trains collided head-on early this morning. officials say the two trains were on a curve and it seems that neither had time to brake before the crash. about 150 people were hurt, at least 50 of them seriously. the black boxes have been recovered from the trains and should provide more answers into what happened. the investigation continues tonight into that bus crash on 95 in connecticut. 22 people were injured four of them suffering critical injuries. about 70 people were traveling from new york city to mohegan sun casino. heather: new at 4:30 p.m., the man convicted and sentenced to life for the murder of a unh
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denied parole. seth mazzaglia went before the today. he was asking for parole on a lesser charge however if it was granted he would still spend the rest of his life behind bars. mazzaglia killed 19-year-old lizzie marriott in 2012. track down this man wanted for a bank robbery. it happened monday morning at a bank of america on branch street. police hope the clear image helps identify the man. s snow, there are some more flakes in forecast. ahead. ed: newscenter 5 is your source coverage. our team of reporters and analysts will have the candidates covered as results come in. heather: we'
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 4:30 p.m. heather: right now this justice department is investigating after contact information for 20,000 employees was released. private information like social security numbers does not appear to have been accessed.
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appeals court will allow the family of a man to move ahead with a lawsuit against the officer who killed the 58-year-old. he was face down on the ground when he was shot. the officer claims it was an accident. heather: new video tonight of a gas station awning collapse. this was in california. two maintenance workers were on the roof at the time. one of those workers suffered minor injuries. both say they noticed cracks in the awning moments before the collapse. that awning landed on a car. there was a passenger inside but that person was able to get out. earlier this morning crews were on the scene of a truck crash in saugus. you are looking at it now. an oil truck slid on ice and hit a home on austin street this morning. no one was hurt. ed: watch this. this is a pile of space savers picked up by boston' s department of public works. crews did a sweep through the
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all kinds of items from chairs , to tricycles, to luggage. the city did not determine there was enough snow to warrant space savers. what is the threshold, you should establish it, harvey. harvey: we still have some left tide. we saw some splash over and water come onto the streets near the shoreline. it was yesterday' s daytime high kind that was the most eventful in nantucket last night. somewhat, but a little bit less so today. there is a look at boston. we had a glimpse of the sun today, but a good deal of cloudiness around you do see the snow cover. storm.
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think about 36 hours ago. the wind was roaring. now, it is absolutely called. -- cvalm. alm. very uniform readings, across the region. is this guy should temporarily cleared within then the temperature pitfall in the teens and places. tomorrow into the 30' s. tomorrow night temperatures will drop back to the 20' s. it will get a little bit colder as we get later in the week. on thursday the temperatures will not climb out of the 20' s here in boston. that is the first of what will be a 12 punch of arctic air. as that arctic air approaches, there are a couple of little disturbances. what i' m showing you here in the last 48 hours of satellite imagery. the storm that brushed by our
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really winding up. and then another one formed late last night. that was too far south. there is still more energy off to the west. we have a chance for a couple of squalls, either today or thursday. that is what we will be following. let me give you an idea of how this will play out. because mcgreevey little bit tonight, but not much. tomorrow, a few flurries in the morning, and then a few snowstorms throughout the afternoon and evening as the in. on thursday. we will be close to a developing storm friday night and saturday. cool. it might even be below zero in boston. saturday afternoon, sunday
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over the next seven days if use that a few squalls -- a few squalls scattered throughout the area. wicked cold accompanied by wind on saturday night. we will talk more about this at 5:00 p.m. and beyond. heather: focusing on your health tonight. new concerns tonight centered around lyme disease. the cdc and the mayo clinic have found a new bacteria carried by deer ticks. in addition to the usual symptoms like fever, neck pain and arthritis this new bacteria can inflict nausea and vomiting. researchers also say the new bacteria species leaves a higher concentration of bacteria in the blood. new developments in the opioid crisis in massachusetts. ed: a new bill on beacon hill is aimed at helping addicts recover. it would make sure anyone who goes to a police station and asks for help with drug addiction is not charged with a crime. the plan is inspired by gloucester'
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which helps addicts get treatment instead of arresting them.
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includes launching a new war on cancer and a new mission to fight global warming. also money set aside to fight isis and other terror groups. the plan increases taxes by $2.6 trillion over the coming decade nearly double the $1.4 trillion in new taxes the president sought and failed to achieve in last year' s budget. this plan would begin just 3 months before president obama leaves office. harvard university seeing a record number of admission applications for its class of 2020. more than 39,000 applications have been submitted. that is roughly 2000 more than last year. harvard' s dean of admissions tells the crimson the increase is partly due to more recruitment of students who might not consider harvard due to financial hardships. ed: focusing on your economy, we have an ikea recall to tell you about tonight. the company recalling two ceiling lamps that pose a laceration risk. customers are being told to remove the lamps immediately and return them for a refund. the lamps were sold all the way back to 2002.
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to heather: we are getting some new insight tonight into that meeting that closed chipotles nationwide. ed: the company repeatedly told employees if they are sick they should stay home. other food safety procedures were also discussed. chipotle has been hit hard by an e. coli and norovirus outbreak. the latter sickening more than 100 people at the chipotle in cleveland circle. chipotle closed its stores for 4 hours yesterday. heather: a new york start-up gets a major boost from a free super bowl ad. death wish coffee won the big game slot in a competition with thousands of other start-ups. the company says its online and in-person business has been non-stop ever since with a team of just 13 people. they' re now hoping to expand globally. ed: still to come on newscenter 5 at 4:30, cockroaches. being used to save lives. heather: you heard that right.
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s unique qualities. what they will be able to do. as we head to break, a look at the programming changes due to our commitment 2016 coverage tonight. these little guys? they represent blood cells. and if you have afib-an irregular heartbeat that may put you at five
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a bleeding condition, or take certain medicines. side effects with pradaxa can include indigestion, stomach pain, upset or burning. don't just go with the flow. go with pradaxa, the only blood thinner that lowers your risk of stroke better than warfarin and has a specific reversal treatment. talk to your doctor about pradaxa today.
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cockroaches to save lives. a team from harvard university and the university of california at berkeley created this robot that can mimic the insect' s capabilities like cramming into tiny places, and holding 900 times its weight. researchers hope to create a swarm of the robots to send into disasters like collapsed buildings, and let rescuers know if there are survivors. imagine working in a drive through and then seeing an alligator come flying through the window. it is a stunt that has a man facing charges. his mother claims it was a prank. >> d think the people at wendy' s think it was a prank? >> have could you not think it was a prank? ed: he was charged with assault
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heather: everyone needs mom' s help from time to time, right? that includes bei bei, the panda cub at the national zoo. he' s been feeling adventurous, and recently tried to climb a tree. tree. getting down wasn' t so easy. never fear, mama bear was right there to help, and get him back to safety. ed: look at that. he is so happy. newscenter 5 at 5:00 p.m. is coming your way right now. turnout, traffic jams at polling places. live team coverage as new hampshire makes its choice. harvey: the next chance to see snow, and when the coldest arrives. ed: the new plan to fight the zika virus. heather: panic on board. a pilot' s split the
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decision that saved lives.
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