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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  February 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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s live in woburn. john: the victim is still in a lot of pain tonight but when we delivered the news the suspect had been caught he praised the police effort. >> i' m glad they caught him. reporter: fred pica is relieved the man accused of running him down is now behind bars a day after the painful, and near-fatal encounter. >> why didn' t he just stop and let me out of the car? don' t you have a conscience a person has to beg for his life. reporter: 29-year-old tyson delgado was brought to the woburn police station after officers found him in boston hiding in a relative' s home under a bed. >> this was a very disturbing incident who showed reckless disregard for the safety of those around him. reporter: police say delgado returned to his former employer yesterday after illegally charging thousands of dollars to a company gas card they say he
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investigate, and as he fled, they say he hit fred pica, whose wife says he clearly showed no regard for her husband' >> he was a coward from the get-go. maybe he would have done time for hitting the officer, but don' t go and destroy someone else. reporter: a long road ahead for fred but of course he and his wife very thankful he survived. heather: also breaking, a federal judge in massachusetts rules that bill cosby' s wife must answer questions under oath in a defamation lawsuit filed by seven women who claim cosby sexually assaulted them decades ago. but camille cosby can also claim marital privilege and refuse to answer some questions about their private conversations. anchor: it' s difficult to show but temperatures are dropping and they could be dangerously low.
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the first is here already. we drop to the teens in boston. it is 11 now. this is a bitter cold night. this isn' t the most severe portion of the cold. we can' t emphasize enough it is cold out. to above in boston. the air temperature dropping 29-10:00 -- 9-10. here is the thing. this is the air we are concerned with murder -- moving in. into sunday, already a wind chill. the odds are high boston is going to drop low zero. much more about that and snow for us in a little while. heather: five heroin overdoses in just 5 hours in new bedford. the wave happened yesterday between 11am and 4pm. everyone survived. the patients were treated with the anti-overdose drug narcan
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for treatment. this was the fifth treatment for one of the patients. ed: a worker at a homeless shelter is facing charges accused of assaulting a 4-year-old autistic boy who lives at the shelter with his family. newscenter 5' s sera congi is live in lawrence with more on how the alleged attack unfolded. reporter: this assault took place at the shelter. the boy was dragged and his -- hit hard enough he had a welt on his back. rafael abreu-prado is accused of assaulting an autistic boy in his care at a shelter in lawrence. it all happened saturday evening, police say the 4 yr old had been dragged and struck in the back, the boy' s mother in the group kitchen first heard the screams. his older brother witnessing the attack. >> it looks like he was struck in the lower back area by this adult male. reporter: the responding officers say the child' s back had a welt the perfect shape of a large man' s hand print, court papers say the suspect took off,
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lawrence police station, claiming the incident was an accident. >> the person seemed to be remorseful during the interview but again, still doesn' t undo the deed. reporter: abreu-prado was arrested on several charges, lawrence' s police chief says the incident is troubling given the suspect was a shelter worker. that is a little shocking that something would happen in a place that was there to provide security and safety for the families in transition. reporter: the suspect was released on cash bail. the director at the shelter declined to speak on camera but told me a man is no longer working there. new at 6:00: the irish nanny once charged in connection with the death of a cambridge baby, faces a new court case. the parents of 1-year-old rehma sabir have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against aisling brady mccarthy. the action comes 5-months after prosecutors dropped murder
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and she returned to ireland. the lawsuit accuses the nanny of negligent, malicious, and reckless acts. the baby died in january 2013. after originally calling the case a homicide, the state medical examiner changed the cause of death to undetermined. heather: police are warning parents to monitor social media use by their children after several middle school students were contacted by an instagram user whose account displays pornographic pictures. newscenter 5' s jack harper is live in northborough with more on how these students were tricked. s another clear indication you i on their screens. >> middle school students have received friend requests. >> the unknown instagram user has been reaching out, sending .
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told police. >> the student was receiving a friend request on her phone in which she accepted the request and went on the site there were pornographic images. >> the request looked like it could have been from a school group. the kids called the school mms. >> now every time -- it is scary. opposed to another school? we have no idea. >> they instagram. it will take a while but they this or at least behind the sites. >> three men accused of robbing
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a judge allowed the suspects to stay out of sight. the men wearing masks robbed a pleasant view friday store last night. the men working at the register said the man got physical before they grabbed cash and cigarettes. >> i open the register. >> one had a gps monitor on him. home. >> a report that an employee skipped a signed fire watches. the nuclear regulatory commission said its investigators found a security guard skipped more than 200 hourly fire watches from 20-12 to 20-14, then falsified records to make it appear as if they were completed. the owner of the plant could face civil fines up to $140,000
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pilgrim is slated to close by 2019. >> this is a huge deal for us. until this point we have not been able to hear anything. >> it was something that einstein addicted a century ago. a m.i.t. scientist help prove it was right. >> can you put a price on alive? heather: we hear from the family whose loved ones were victims of james whitey bulger. reporter: it' s becoming bitterly cold but we will go from that cold to even colder. the outbreak of this winter season is on the way. >> tonight the return of the
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>> family of the people murdered by james whitey bulger have been offered a settlement. heather: some are saying why they think they deserve more. reporter: mary callahan is taking her time reviewing the settlement offer from the us attorney. her husband businessman john callahan was murdered in 1982 by james whitey bulger' s hitman . >> i don' t have too many years left to live, it would be nice to have it a little easier. reporter: her share would be $51,000 if she agrees to split $822,000 found in bulger' s california apartment as well as proceeds from an auction of his belongings steven davis' sister debra was 26-years-old when she was murdered in 1981. >> i can' t say it' s a fair settlement. it' s the only settlement right now. will it ever be fair? can you put a price on a life? reporter: so far the offer has been sent to 16 families of murder victims who must agree
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once called the murderous mobster a top echelon informant. callahan will likely sign the deal and wait for the proceeds of an auction of bulger' s personal belongings excluding his stanley cup ring. 35 weapons found in his apartment will be destroyed a decision that' s proving controversial. >> if those guns can make money for us why not? >> i don' t care how much money they could bring. they could bring a lot of money to collectors. s hands. reporter: bulger is serving life sentences in florida. taking a snooze on a hammock is relaxing. one? not so much. who finally freed this frightening buck. ed: plus, einstein was right. how scientists at mit helped prove one of his predictions 100
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>> this guy was caught in a hammock in belmont. waltham and arlington animal control both coming to his rescue and cutting him loose. they remind people to bring in hammocks and netting when not using them because many animals end up getting tangled and injured in them. heather: wellesley college is getting its first black president. dr. paula johnson will be the 14th president of the women' s college. she' s on harvard' s faculty and serves as chief of the division of women' s health at the medical school and boston' s brigham and women' s hospital. johnson will replace president h. kim bottomly, who is stepping down next summer. congratulations. anchor: einstein was right. a prediction he made 100 years
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scientists call it historic. new technology made it possible. as one put it. they' ve got astronomy with ears. new at 6:00, pam cross say they are looking forward and back. >> you have to use a little imagination and a lot of animation to understand why scientists are so excited. they gathered at mit to celebrate and explain. it' s final confirmation of a part of albert einstein' s theory of relativity that masses in the universe collide, and send waves of energy at the speed of light. >> the power and explosion was brighter for that brief moment. it was brighter than all the shining stars in the universe. reporter: astronomers at mit and caltech set up twin observatories called ligo which for decades have listened. last fall, after 28 years, they heard something. >> it sounds like it sure --
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reporter: those waves slice right through matter and remain clean just like when they were created acting, -- >> as a messenger to carry information back to us here on earth. reporter: the next step, answering questions about how our world was formed. >> this signal is the first big bump in the night. reporter: scientists are over the moon, back at work on the next thing. ready to expect the unexpected. anchor: i can' t explain why my flashlight doesn' t work. can you bring us down to earth? harvey: there are different levels of intelligence and genius. on the screen in front of you is an example. i'
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we will have to take best precautions we can. we' re down to 19 in boston. this is phase one. the second punch is the severe one. this is cold enough to be sure, down at syracuse. this is the cold air that is not with us. saturday afternoon, first thing monday this is where our air is coming from. check it out now. 19 in boston. we have a 22 mile-per-hour wind. it is only 11 in worcester. look at the gust from worcester. wind chill nine below. that doesn' t take into account the gusts, the sustained wind. the actual temperatures starting
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tomorrow morning, six in worcester. less wind by tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow night will not be that bitter. just very cold. early saturday is livable. the temperatures suddenly dropping quickly. already below zero, it keeps as well. wind chill watch goes into effect, at least 1:00 sunday. this is just an estimate. worcester could be double digits below, challenging the record low temperature. before we get the second surge of arctic air a way waive is going to form pretty far out.
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frigid air to develop. the light snowfall, let me show you. that snow for the cape for tomorrow night, we may get a few snow squalls. for that later friday night it could be anywhere from a coding to an inch or two of two may be hitting him -- hang -- let' s talk about this cold. single digits boston, below zero, but -- gusty wind. it is the other factor. let' s take a look at that. look at the wind chill' s early saturday. that is wicked stuff. that is why the wind chill watches in effect.
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they will change to rain as they rapidly warm. anchor: now sportscenter five with mike lynch. anchor: malcolm subban providence bruins goalie has been released from the hospital after surgery to repair a fractured larynx and will be on the shelf for at least 2 months. subban had the surgery at mass eye and ear he suffered the injury a week ago tuesday up in portland maine when he was hit in the throat with a puck during warm-ups before the game started. subban was called up to the bruins for one game when jonas goose-tuv-son was taken to the hospital with an irregular hearbeat. just when the celtics are peaking they have to hit the pause button all star break has them idle until a week from friday.
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>> there are a lot of conversations that go one around the league right now. some is just feeling out. a lot of it is trying to make the team better. we are trying to do something but we want to do something smart and good. anchor: and of course, the nba trade deadline is a hot topic on local sports radio and that includes wbob with your host bob halloran. >> welcome back. we are talking celtics today. should they are shouldn' t they make a deadline. let' s start with isaac and newton. >> he have to understand the gravity of the situation. if you don' t agree i will shout you down.
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enjoy the ride. s hear what doc rivers had to say. >> they are on a good place to take a huge next that. >> how do you like that? >> nothing is for certain except death and taxes. >> one last call before we take another commercial break. there is robert in palmer. >> it is isaac and newton again. for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. >> good point. first one all week. you have to screen these callers better. anchor:
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anchor: are you saying he is a human palindrome? very good. very gao od -- very good. anchor: time to flashforward to newscenter 5 at 7:00 and eleven good evening maria. reporter: it is being described as over for kids. opening up ridesharing to children as young as the age of eight years old. and drivers paid to stay home and sleep. 5 investigates exposes why it' s happening, and uncovers even more waste of your money on the t. we' ll see you then, but first abc' s world news tonight with david muir. anchor: donald trump' s bowl predictions and night and hillary clinton to face-off with bernie sanders. it will feel below zero from watch -- for much of the country. and breaking news regarding bill cosby' s wife. anchor: and a one-way trip to
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perfect pizza. want the secret?
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>> it is so cold. >> warm hearts will take care. >> there are so many things i want to say. >> we have 10 seconds. >> we are down to eight seconds. you still have time.
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tonight, the race for the white house and donald trump's bold prediction. the republican front-runner and what he said is coming, if he wins south carolina. just as his feud with jeb bush takes a new turn tonight. hillary clinton set to face off with bernie sanders, as they now battle for the south. get ready for the deep freeze. the arctic blast across more than 20 states. the dangerous commute already. it will feel well below zero across much of this country. tonight, the fbi ordering armed protesters to surrender. free man. >> the standoff taking a dramatic turn, and we're there. the deadly gas explosion and now the charges tonight. two people killed, three buildings leveled. and prosecutors this evening


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