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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  February 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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phil: also breaking tonight, donald trump is taking on pope francis. the front runner is saying it is disgraceful for the pope to question a person' s faith. today the pope said trump is not a christian because of his immigration views. >> 29 right now in needham. >> and still not ridiculously cold. also, when you have a day that is sunny, and we are into the second half of february, sun are getting longer, so it kind of mutes the cold a bit. night. starting out cold, skies are clear. s s. these are the temperatures to expect, roughly in the teens. but there is a change coming. precipitation in the upper midwest could change. if you want to hear it we can warm up, i forgot. we will take a look.
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new at 5:30, federal investigators are determining that a tent in this summer' s fatal collapse was not properly built. jc: newscenter 5' s ed harding has the story. ed: jc, federal safety officials are proposing more than $30,000 in fines in the collapse that killed two and injured dozens more in lancaster. osha' s inspection found that the tent operator, walker international events, failed to heed repeated severe thunderstorm warnings the day of the collapse. tent' s stakes were not properly anchored in the ground. with warnings of 60 mile-per-hour winds, the tent should have come down. >> we need to understand going forward how they will prevent this kind of incident from occurring in the future. ed: osha will meet with company officials next week to discuss a settlement. jc: right now, one of two men charged with stealing bones from a graveyard in worcester is being held on $100,000 bail. felix delgado jr. pleaded not
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police arrested him earlier this month during a drug investigation in bridgeport, connecticut. they say they found skeletal remains there that delgado and another suspect are accused of stealing from hope cemetery. phil: a fairhaven man is in critical condition tonight after a pickup truck he was driving plunged into icy water. 61-year-old david cardin' s truck veered off the road yesterday afternoon snapping a light pole before crashing into seven feet of water. two police officers were first on the scene. heroically, they immediately jumped in and pulled the man out. because of the frigid water temperatures, rescue teams took turns going in and checking for any passengers. >> we are told the temperature was about 39 degrees. there was some saltwater rice floating. the day was completely frozen. -- bay was completely frozen. phil: a crane was brought in to remove the truck from the water. the accident remains under investigation tonight. jc: testimony continued today in the trial of a former b.p. rig supervisor charged in that
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he faces a misdemeanor charge for his alleged role in the 2010 spill. donald vidrine took the stand today. he testified that kaluza never told him information that would have forced vidrine to re-do a test. the test determined whether equipment would stand up to the pressure of oil and gas below it. phil: president obama now confirming he will make an historic trip to cuba. jc: still to come, the issues he' s promising to bring up when he meets with president raul castro. phil: plus, the altered image of president obama being used in an ad in russia that' s sparking a lot of controversy tonight. and later -- >> i think there is a lot of pressure on him going into spring training. shayna: -- j.c.: what is jerry remy talking about? find out when he sits down for a one-on-one chat with heather unruh. harvey: this is the bridge getting backed up in both directions. late -- let' s take a look at the
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north of the city, 24 minutes. minutes. corner, 28 looks across the pike. 33 minutes on the weston tolls to 495. if you get on 495, that stretch
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lets you handle pyour financial needs... right here. that's banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? j.c.: we continue to follow tonight' s breaking news. a nightmare ride home on the commuter rail. amtrak cannot figure out how to
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south station, so riders need to catch their trains from other stations. you can see, completely packed. we are over the station right now. as we look below, one person is trying to fix the problem. it is said there is no guarantee it will be fixed for the morning commute. phil: president obama will become the first sitting u.s. president to visit cuba in 88 years. the trip is part of an administration effort to normalize relations with cuba, a process that began in 2014. newscenter 5' s sally kidd is live in washington, sally? sally: phil, the white house says the president will raise human rights issues and other concerns during the visit, scheduled for march 21. president obama will spend two days in cuba, meeting with raul castro and interacting with cuban activists and entrepreneurs.
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is, how can we take the changes we made in our policies and regulations and try to connect them to changes and reforms that the cubans are making? sally: secretary of state john kerry visited during the opening of the u.s. embassy last summer. since then, travel restrictions and barriers for conducting business have been eased. the cuban government is still pushing for the u.s. to meet two major conditions. >> the blockade has to be lifted, and the territory occupied by the naval base in guantanamo has to be returned. we are -- >> we are keeping guantanamo. you are not getting it back. sally: some presidential candidates say they will continue guantanamo. -- continue the embargo. analysts say that lifting the sanctions are not likely, especially in an election year.
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chipped away at, creating loopholes and certain kinds of trade and travel, and then over time we will see it gutted. sally: republican congresswoman ileana ros-lehtinen called the quote -- called the trip "absolutely shameful," and democratic senator bob menendez says it is totally unacceptable. live in washington, sally kidd. jc: a new anti-smoking ad in russia sparking controversy tonight. it uses president obama' s image. here it is, and if the imagery is not controversial enough, it features the tagline "smoking kills more people than obama." no one has claimed responsibility for putting up the ad. russian authorities claim they didn' t do it. the opposition in russia' s parliament is calling the ad "disgusting and embarrassing." phil: it' s a video going viral tonight. authorities in louisiana calling out the state' s hardest criminals.
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clip shaming alleged gang members and promising to catch them. phil: and how about this one? an epic run for that morning cup of joe. the lengths a woman went to in the middle of a snowstorm. harvey: and in the weather center, you see warming temperatures to our west, but for now it is pretty cold.
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after the department releases a video shaming members of an alleged gang. >> you will be hunted. you will be tracked. if you ways -- if you raise your weapon to a man like me, we will return fire with superior fire. you think people like these are afraid of an uneducated, 120 found -- 125 pound punk like you? young man, i will meet you on solid ground anytime, anywhere. makes no difference to me. you won' t walk away. phil: not mincing words. so far, this video has been viewed more than 7 million times. and captain higgins, a regular on local tv down there, says 17 alleged gang members have been arrested in connection with the case. a california hospital takes unusual action to get its computer system up and running. it paid $17,000 in ransom to
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hollywood presbyterian medical center says it was in the best interest, and the most efficient way to end the problem, which started about two weeks ago. the fbi is now investigating. j.c.: new at 5:30, we' ve seen plenty of high-speed chases, but very few of these. this video from florida shows a slow-speed chase involving a back-hoe. it started when the driver jumped on board, dumping boulders near a bridge. he spend the next hour and a half driving up and down the bridge, damaging the road. police eventually gave chase but had to back off for safety reasons before finally stopping the driver with spike strips. also, camera -- caught on camera in florida, a convenience store take down. a trained fighter just happened to be visiting his girlfriend at this walgreens pharmacy when a man climbed the counter, demanding oxycodone. the suspect reached into his pants for a gun, and that' s when david west pounced, wrestling him in the aisle until he
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s glad no employees got hurt, but he says he does feel badly for the 26-year-old who is battling drug addiction. phil: a woman in canada goes to extreme lengths to get her coffee in the middle of a snow storm. she strapped her border collies to a sled, and they pulled her to the nearest tim hortons. the dogs carefully maneuvered through the slick roads and brought her safely to the drive-thru. can you imagine working the drive through when this happens? she later said she often takes the dogs on trail hikes to navigate rough conditions. not only did she get her coffee, but the dogs got some bite-sized donuts. j.c.: i would hope so! but you can' t give dogs chocolate, so give them the honey glazed. phil: i am glad to hear the end of that story, because i was hoping the dogs got something out of it. everybody benefited, that' s really nice. we are benefiting from later sunsets. the earlier sunset -- earliest
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11th, but we gained one hour in six minutes. since it is nice and clear out, there is still a little brightness on the western horizon. of course, the sunsets will continue to link them, and will be turn the clocks back, look at that, we will go to daylight savings time, and 6:49 will be the sunset on march 13, only about four weeks away. good stuff. here' s what i meant, even though we are past sunset, we still have brightness in the western sky, which is where the sun did indeed set. 32 degrees in boston. this will be a cold night. the wind is out of the north-northwest. we are already starting out in the upper 20' s in worcester, orange, king, and concord, new hampshire. the skies are mostly clear. it sets the stage for that cold wind that will set the stage to good. if you' boston, 17 in orange.
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boston is likely to be in the upper teens. when the wind is completely calm, single digits will be around. very cold start. temperatures will recover to the 30' s tomorrow and winds will be fairly light, but there is a weather change that is coming. you can expect milder weather over the weekend, because this form care around st. louis is headed our way. we won' t hit 60, but we have a shot at reaching 50 saturday and/or sunday in boston, and the 40' s are basically a lot for high temperatures. there is moisture in the upper midwest. that will pass through tonight and make it a great period of snow. let me break down the seven day for you. tomorrow at night, not really until after 7:00, in western mass, ahead of the leading edge of the mild air, a little strip of snow.
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might be enough to coat the ground or coat to an inch. nothing big, but maybe some slipperiness. behind that front, it does not turn that cold, so that is the good news. saturday should be 40' s for a lock, and 50 is reachable for a high temperature, even though it is not quite depicted here, except throughout hartford, connecticut. saturday will be mild awell. what we have to watch his later sunday night and early monday. we will have an area of precipitation. it may stay south or clipped us. if it clips us, it could be a rain-changing-to-snow situation. we will have to watch carefully the middle of next week. there are borderline temperatures at different levels in the atmosphere, so the stage
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wednesday night into thursday. it looks like a wintry mix overall in the region. if the track is along the coast, it will be a warmer solution, then there will be more rain along the coast and mixed inland. that is something we will have to watch. j.c.: we will know you are all over it. new numbers show more people visited our national parks last year than ever before. in 2015, parks across the country hosted a record-breaking 307 million visits. the most popular spot was the great smoky mountains, with more than 10 million visits, followed by the grand canyon, yellowstone, and the rocky mountains. this august, the national park services will celebrate its centennial anniversary. phil: why drink caffeine when you can eat it? that from two local college students, now successful s anthony everett says their product, selling across the country, is an innovative morning jumpstart. anthony: a great idea percolated
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their freshman year at northeastern university. >> we had morning classes, didn' t have time for breakfast and coffee. we had to turn on healthy alternatives, so we thought we would just eat our coffee. anthony: that was the beginning of the coffee bar. >> it is a 100% organic energy bar made with a cup of fair trade coffee. >> we went to the grocery store, got some ingredients, went to our dorm room kitchen started mixing thing up together. -- dorm room kitchen and started mixing things up together. we started getting better batches and cut up samples, gave it to our friends, so what they thought. anthony: the bars come in three flavors, mocha latte, coconut mocha, and caramel maki otto. the final products made it to store shelves through kickstarter and the university' s venture accelerator program.
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they also have funding opportunities. anthony: now in their final year of college, the two preside over a company whose product is sold in more than 200 locations across the country. j.c.: more of what' s new on "chronicle" tonight, find a fresh take on mexican food in the suburbs, burn 800 calories with a new full body workout. that' s new at 7:30 on chronicle. >> all i ask is if j.c.: a dell speaking out performance. she revealed the technical glitch that caused it all and made her cry. she said she was so embarrassed, she spent the entire day sobbing after work, and then it was -- and then she said that she probably would have cried even if it were a standup
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j.c.: the teams like something was wrong with the microphone going into the piano. phil: i heard it live and was like, whoa. j.c.: still to come, one-on-one with jerry remy. phil: and heather on where he the fan favorite. j.c.: and coming up new at 6:00, another story you will see only on five. the parents of the little girl killed by a falling tree limb telling us how her memory lives on, and how the communities come together for them in an incredible show of support. also new at 6:00, a former sheriff' s deputy indicted today accused of sexually assaulting inmates. and they may look cute enough to hug, but tt2wlr=[hk@eo j# dtd tt2wlr=[hk@e!!*n 4t,
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phil: it is a site that makes every red sox fan excited. the players are reporting for spring training. but it is hard to be more exciting than color commentary are jerry remy. he sits down with our heather unruh. heather: i know you touched a lot of people when you talked about experiencing depression.
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are you in a happy place? jerry: i think so. i feel good. obviously, it was a couple of very difficult years. i think you reach a point with the illness and stuff like that where you become comfortable with what you have, and then you learn how to deal with it. it was not a pleasant time by any means, but i am as happy as i possibly can be right now. heather: are you cancer free? jerry: i can' t say i' m cancer free. i still get checked every three months. i try my best to take it as, this is part of my life now, and this is the way it is going to be the rest of my life, so that' s what i try to do. i don' t look forward to every scan, but i look forward to the end result of every scan. it is always good news when you get a clean bill of health. heather: all right, let' s talk baseball. david price. how do you think he' s going to handle the fan base at fenway and the media in boston? jerry: i think fine. he' s used to being the number one guy, the guy that the team relies on, and knows that every time he takes the mound he' s got
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s just what they needed, they needed a guy at the top that everybody could follow. heather: what about big papi? there' s been some bad blood there in the past. jerry: it' s a nonissue. when you put the uniform on, you' re out there for the same purpose, and that' s to win a world series. heather: it' s all over your face, you are so happy to talk about baseball! jerry: it' s in my blood. i just absolutely love the game. heather: 25 years. are you planning to go another five, 10 years? jerry: i' m 63 years old and i feel like there' s plenty of time left. so unless they tell me, jerry, it' s time to take it to the house, i have no intentions and no plans of stepping away. heather: isn' t that great news? i' m happy to share that jerry
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way to go remy. tonight at 7:00, he talks about don orsillo, why he thinks john farrell is on the hot seat, and he also reveals his favorite red sox player. you don' t want to miss that. j.c.: it' s great to see him, and he looks so healthy and tan. something the rest of us are not. phil: spring training will do that. newscenter 5 at 6:00 starts right now. >> live on newscenter 5 -- reporter: writers are being told to stay away, and when regular service will resume. heather: donald trump possibly to target -- donald trump' s new target. >> he' s using the pope as a pond. reporter: a little girl killed by a falling tree. her parents on the support they have received, and their daughters lasting life.
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heather: we begin off the top with breaking news, coming from the umass campus. maria: that' s right, guys. there is a partial lockdown as we speak on the campus at umass amherst. umass police have apparently security perimeter, at pierpont tall, in the southwest part of that campus. about 26,000 kids go to that school, very big campus. that' s right at the beginning when you first drive-in. the students have been told to shelter in place. the campus has put out an alert saying there might have been a hostile armed person who is on campus, and a handgun was reportedly shown, but not fired. amherst. police are on the scene at pierpont hall, in the southwest portion at umass amherst.
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the students in that area have been told to shelter in place. of course, umass is a very large campus. there are many other areas there as well. i don' t know if students in other areas have been told to at pierpont hall. a campus alert has been put out. we will continue to follow this story and bring you new updates. heather: and now to the other breaking news, live sky 5 over are trying to figure out how to get home. the same amtrak signal issue that made for a nightmare morning commute is affecting the evening ride home. ed: it is a rough one, and tomorrow' s morning commute could also be affected. for life team coverage begins with newscenter 5' s john atwater live at a crowded back bay station. john: we are at the platform. you can see a couple of people, but the train is a welcome sight. all these people filing on.


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