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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 21, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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approved this message. doug: breaking news overnight. a deadly shooting spree in michigan. the suspect under arrest now accused of randomly killing several people. mr. bush: tonight i am suspending my campaign sera: and then there were 5. jeb bush no longer a republican candidate for the white house. the voting results in two key states changing the presidential race. danielle: another very warm day on the way. but i' m tracking two storm threats for the week ahead. >> you are watching wcvb. good morning, this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. doug: it is sunday february 21st good morning i'
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sera: and i' m sera congi in for the eyeopener' s frank holland morning' a minute. but first we check in with danielle and she' s got another beautiful day on tap for us . doug: --danielle: 53 in nantucket. today will be another mild day. it is 43 in worcester. as we go through the next couple of hours in boston, we warm up to the mid-50' s, i think. upper 40' s. more clouds enter the forecast later this evening ahead of our next system. you notice the high temperatures range from 40 to 50 in nashua to 52 or 53 degrees in boston terrier look at satellite and radar, pretty quiet right now. mostly any skies. we' re watching a disturbance to the north.
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this will graze our to -- our coastline. rain is turning to snow and we also talk about another chance for heavy rain in the forecast. sera: breaking overnight. a frightening situation unfolding in michigan. doug: a series of random the eyeopener' s frank holland is tracking developments. franks: six people were killed and two were injured. they also identify the person they say is responsible for these cold-blooded killings. he is expected to face murder charges. he was driving around the city and opening fire on random people. a man and his son were shot and killed at the kia dealership and another were shot and killed at a cracker barrel restaurant. the shooting spree began at a parking complex saturday night. a woman was shot multiple times while standing outside with her
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>> we have multiple people dead. in summary, it looks like we had somebody just driving around and finding people and shooting them dead in their tracks. frank: investigators say they love was found in his car. police have not been able to figure out any motive for the murder spree. he is ready to appear in court -- in court on monday. the victim is not yet been identified. sera: lawyers for bill cosby' s wife filed an emergency motion to stop tomorrow' s deposition in a defamation case against her husband here in massachusetts. the motion comes after a federal judge on friday denied her latest effort to postpone the deposition. a federal court judge has ruled that camille cosby must answer questions under oath about the alleged sexual assault of seven women decades ago. she can claim marital privilege and refuse to answer questions
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doug: the people of iowa and south -- mr. bush: the people have spoken. i respect their decision. sera: jeb bush getting emotional. for presidency. the former florida governor coming in fourth in the south carolina primary. the big winners in this process. marco rubio narrowly edging out south carolina gop primary. mr. rubio: this has become a three-person race and we will win the nomination. mr. cruz: we are the only campaign that has been and can beat donald trump. doug: hillary clinton taking the gold she thanked nevada voters saying the fight for a better future goes on. news clinton: everyone of us has a role to by building the future
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washington will never have all the answers but for every problem we face, where, and when in america is solving it. mr. sanders: i believe when democrats assemble in philadelphia, in july, at the convention, we will either result of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united dates. doug: democrats and republicans will be swapping locations. in nevada on tuesday while democrats face of it south carolina' morning. a train slams into a car at a crossing in andover smashing its front end. the driver was alone in the car when she says she got caught between the gates, police say the downeaster was roaring down the tracks at 60 miles per hour when it struck the car. fortunately no one was hurt
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officers found heroin and cocaine and $1000 cash. 27-year-old -- of dorchester were arrested on drug trafficking and gun charges. doug: right now, a new move from health officials in boston to protect the city' s homeless. newscenter 5' s nicole estaphan with the the shelter offering a vaccination to prevent the spread of this potentially fatal infection. nicole, -- nicole: a rare infection affected people in the span of a month. channel 5 received this statement from the boston public health commission saturday. "the general public is not at risk."
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with the person for several hours to spread. the city has been supplied with thousands of doses at no cost. the -- several hundred individuals have already been in back waited this week. local hospitals have been put on alert for a sign of infection. >> a new report highlights a staggering number of jug overdoses in new hampshire this month. february has been a record month. there have been 42 overdoses, four them happening yesterday within a half hour of each other. 12 more fable -- the main culprit is still -- heroin.
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television this -- to talk about this problem. we need to work to solve this problem because it is not getting any better. >> the record number of overdoses are taking its toll on emergency staff who are dealing with the problem. doug: hundreds of family and friends attending a memorial for a young child who died last month. cj thompson was remember for his million dollars. -- smile. in january, he fell through an icy pond. people shared their memories. his mother says she was stunned by the turnout. >> it is overwhelming. i did not know he had so many friends. i knew he was special to us but i did not know he was special to the community. doug: organizers wanted to give classmates a chance to talk about their feelings and what they would miss about their friend. a new probe into the sinking of
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-- hurricane joaquin. sera: the captain' s warning before the el faro went down. the calls he made for help . doug: two new york city police officers injured in a shootout are expected to be ok. but the police force is on high alert right now. the agency now getting involved with the investigation. danielle: our warmer trend continues but not for long. the next storm i' m watching. doug: a deadly shooting spree in michigan. the suspect under arrest now
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doug: right now fire investigators are searching for the cause of this massive mill fire. it started around 3am saturday morning in the sagamore mill in fall river. the building collapsed under the intense flames. investigators say the mill was vacant and are looking for clues as to how the fire started. >> the clock is ticking. doug: tears and many questions as a call for help from the el faro was played publicly. the call made on the day the ship sank in hurricane joaquin. sera: the eye' s frank holland has been following the hearing.
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frank: played in a coast guard probe in the sinking of the ship. >> we had a whole breach. it blew up and during the storm. frank: the captain was looking for a qualified individual to help crews make repairs during hurricane walking -- hurricane. >> the engineers cannot get it going. can i speak with a q i, please? frank: people died including three people with ties to massachusetts. the coast guard will decide if negligence went into the ship sinking. the hearing is inspected to run through thursday. >> now, your forecast. danielle: it will be a great day
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taking a run, walk in a dog, just get outside. a great way to do it, i am just saying. what a difference a week makes. last sunday, i am sure you cannot forget, we are in for another mild day on tap. not as warm as yesterday, low-to-mid 50' s in most locations. notice the air temperature goes down monday and tuesday. we are watching the system to the south. this is going to quit the south coast and islands overnight tonight into first thing tomorrow morning. some snow, very low impact and may be a dusting at best. sunshine
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degrees currently. wind out of the west northwest at 15 miles an hour and i pointed out he does the wind will be strong all day long. clouds turning mostly cloudy if not cloudy by the evening on that approaching system. s to s down on the south shore. tonight, we job down into the 20' rain chance. let' you. by 2:00, a lot more clouds building in. night, the rain starts along the south plymouth. by 2:00, because we are pulling down cooler air, we could slip and it should wrap morning. through the day, we will see a will be 10 to 15 degrees cooler
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maybe 40 degrees in some locations. the system will pull away and high pressure dominates the weather for monday, giving us sunshine, and we are washing two thumbs down to the south. this will be a colder one tuesday first thing wednesday. we will introduce a chance for snow on wednesday. a quick time of rain or ice if you live here. the first wave run -- comes through wednesday afternoon and then wednesday night. warm air surges in and we will see that turnover quickly and then all rain for everybody and we have heavy and steady rain coming in. the timing for the second wave is wednesday night into thursday afternoon. a quick changeover to rain. the only exception may be inland on day, which may have ice. other than that, it will all get washed away with the rain.
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embedded thunderstorms thursday morning. tides are astronomically high. sera: thank you. the other big stories we are following now. doug: the fbi' s joint terrorist task force was alerted after the shooting of two police officers. investigators say when they confronted the suspect, he pointed the gun at them before jumping in a car, sparking a chase. the suspect draft the car into the police cruiser. they are expected to make a full recovery. sera: antonin scalia is remembered as a man who loved god, country, and family. two days of mourning cap. -- capped. humor and rev -- residents for
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in the last weekend. among those in attendance is vice president joe biden and eight supreme justices of the supreme court. doug: new information for an fbi' s' s attempt to hack in to an iphone. the obama administration says it would be allowing tool -- allowing apple to obtain information from software -- designed to find and destroy. the software was told -- they said it was too dangerous to create because it would threaten the information of millions of customers. >> the final game of a six-game road trip. head coach said it would be a huge win and it was. i did not like the call. just did not like it. knox the net off the boat. they called it a goal.
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a career high 29. that snapshot, 35 seconds later, kevan miller pops into tiny game 3-3. he squats it with a backhand and that is also correctly called a goal. bruins are three in the second. the bruins hold on 7-3 and they finish 4-2. against columbus monday night and the celtics in denver tonight. have a great day. doug: taking an empty, troubled spot in dorchester and making it viable for the community. sera: ahead this morning, boston booming the vision for this massive piece of property. doug: as we had outside right now, a shot of downtown boston. it is 51 degrees and still february.
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sera: lack of snow is forcing the cancellation of an annual sled dog race in new hampshire. the race was scheduled for next weekend but the tamworth outing club and new england sled dog club say there' s not enough snow cover on trails and the lake for races. the race was originally set for january. doug: now they just have to take the bus because it is too
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>> if it were last year this a lot or snow. 98.7 inches of snow. this the normal averages 31 inches of snow. s in boston today , the mild air ahead. 28 days until' s ring officially starts. the red sox home opener is 57 days from now. today' s a great day to be outside. it was 120 days until summer. it was counting. we will see some rain. turning to ice for some, especially in the interior. rain chances really go up when tonight into thursday. it is gusty wind. there could be coastal concerns and also rumbles of thunder.
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dorchester but soon it could be transformed into affordable housing and retail space. sera: in this moring' s boston booming. phil lipof shows us the new vision for this massive piece of property. for almost 15 years, this a burned down house. neighbors say at night drugs and takeover. dorchester and so does his distance partner, both architects working to transform the area. >> the overall concept of the project is not isolation but knitting it into the neighborhood it self. >> we walked around for four acres. quite it is crying for redevelopment. >> partners sean and dmitry casco.
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>> we knew four acres, so close, underutilized. in between neighborhoods, that was going to be a great opportunity. >> their plan is 350 units of housing, studios, and apartments. rent is going up from 200. 40,000 square feet of retail spaces, most likely a grocery store. >> just time is a restaurant and the owner of this place says he has been looking long enough. >> residents will flock to the area and it will bring vibrance and real estate value. it is exciting all around. phil: they all think this will be a large-scale project. >> pride in having something that will look great and it says
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doug: it goes before the zoning board and if all goes well, a good reground as early as the fault. sera: a crash in boston almost screeching halt. firefighters make sure the bride on time. ll see only on sera: a natick woman killed in a fire in her home, the challenge firefighters faced trying to reach her. danielle: a live look outside at hampton beach. look at those folks taking a
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>> now, eye-opener. danielle: we' re in for a another treat today. how warm it' s going to get and when wet weather moves in. sera: a fire in tick takes a deadly turn, the big challenges for firefighters who tried to save the victim. doug: presidential picks.
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choices. >> you' re watching wcvb, fox' s news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eye-opener. doug: a race to the altar takes an unexpected detour one boston couple' s unforgettable wedding day. that' s also ahead. it is the story you will be talking about later. hang on for that one. >> anyone who planned winter weather today might get a spring bonus. i saw a lot of people in shorts and flip-flops. danielle: we are already in the low 50' s in some spots. 51 in norwood. 53 right now in nantucket. you go back and it is 43. still at 42.
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we will see temperatures of up to the lower 50' s to the mid 50' s through the afternoon before dropping back off into the 40' s. also notice , bringing more clouds, a chance for rain beginning around 10:00 tonight. let' s talk right now. client on satellite and radar but things are about to change. we are watching a system down to the south have moisture with it. it will really graze the coast line. we will see rain beginning later this evening for the south coast, cayman islands, and it will get cold overnight to support the change and even light snow. we will have a complete timeline on that and also talk about better chances for snow and rain in the seven day forecast. sera: breaking overnight. the suspect in a series of
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identified. police say 45-year-old jason dalton of kalamazoo michigan drove around that city, opening fire on random people, killing six and injuring others. he was arrested overnight without incident. it is unclear how he chose his victims. doug: boston police found a s bassinet. tucked under a pink blanket. they also found heroin and cocaine in dorchester home. charges. mr. bush: the people have spoken and i respect their decision. tonight, i am suspending my campaign. sera: it is game over for jeb bush after disappointing results. the governor failed to inspire voters and donors. bush came in fourth with just over 7%, well behind donald trump, marco rubio, and ted cruz. doug: frank with all the results and a few surprises. frank: some crucial wins in the
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really heating up for republicans and democrats and the candidates jockey to be the front runner. and right now, they' ll trade places with republicans in nevada on tuesday and the democrats are holding their primary in south carolina next saturday. a lot of people are talking about jeb bush dropping out. candidates talking about that and several of them mentioned bush in their speeches. ted cruz said bush wrought on into the campaign and marco rubio called him the greatest governor in the history of florida. >> this is a special state. frank: donald trump earned his second big win. mr. trump: there is nothing easy running for president. it is tough and nasty and mean and vicious. it is beautiful. when you win. mr. rubio: this is a three person with -- race and we will
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mr. cruz: south carolina has given us another remarkable result. frank: jeb bush pouted -- bowed out of the race. mr. bush: i really respect their decision. tonight, i' m suspending my campaign. frank: hanging on now is mr. carson. mr. carson: i am not going anywhere. >> for all the people watching, you fasten your seatbelts. look was a lady named hillary clinton who beat back the search for bernie sanders. ms. clinton: some may have doubted us that we never doubted each other. mr. sanders: the wind is on or backs and we have the momentum.
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in the that on tuesday and democrats in south carolina next saturday. sera: investigators are tracking down the cause of a deadly fire. a woman who lived there died . rescuers were trying to save her. firefighters rushed to this house saturday morning. a smoky blaze reported by a fire lieutenant on his way to work. >> we have seen smoke coming out the roof. smoke. quickly. >> firefighters searched the home and found a woman unconscious in a badger him. one of the challenges firefighters faced in trying to reach the victim was a giant hole in the bedroom floor. >> close to the second floor window. >> ted cruz
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woman out the window. elderly or young, s relative. there is evidence smoke alarms are not working. >> a lack of working smoke alarms. sera: the identity of one of two victims killed in a fire in groton last month has been confirmed. 66-year-old douglas palmisano died january 28 when a fire broke out at his home on whiley road. another person was killed their identity has yet to be released. still no word on what caused the fire. an investigation is ongoing. doug: two unh students are in jail accused of stabbing another student near the campus. matthew gibbons and eric denning are charged in the attack of the 20-year-old early saturday. the victim was found on madbury road. he had to undergo surgery for two stab wounds. right now, a child is recovering after being hit by a car in taunton.
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paul bunker drive yesterday. the child suffered non-life threatening injuries. police say it appears to be an accident the driver did remain on scene. >> the flames were coming inside from under the firewall, right under the dash, they were shooting out and shooting under her legs. sera: only on 5 -- a groom talking about the crash moments before he and his new bride were set to walk down the aisle. it all played out yesterday afternoon in roxbury. doug: newscenter 5' s nicole estaphan has the incredible story this couple will never forget. >> i give you this ring as a symbol. nicole: by the time most couples say i do, they have overcome life' s hurdles. >> the flames were coming inside from under the firewall. >> it is a very scary situation.
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three years together, they thought they had seen it all until saturday, they were a few blocks from the altar. >> all the sudden, the car caught on fire in the brakes went, the flames started coming inside of the car. >> they were in shock. >> everyone said you get out of the car because the flames were just going all over the place. >> jumping to safety just in time. but the symbol of their union, still inside this now burned-out car. >> she reminded me, the rings, where are the rings? nicole: firefighters were able to save the rings and police were able to the wedding. quickly got here faster than if we were driving anyway. nicole: the first big purchase as a married union, you got it, a new car.
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doug: danielle is putting this in her -- just in case. a new move to protect pets and their owners. sera: a proposal to put an end to puppy mills. danielle: mild today. but i' m tracking a mid-week threat for some wintry weather. the changes on the way. frank: tracking breaking news overnight out of michigan. at least six people are dead after a shooting spree around kalamazoo. police calling the shootings random. they have just identified the suspect as 45-year-old jason dalton . he is in custody right now. no word yet on a possible motive. stay with us, much more coming
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doug: the man wanted for leaking details about eavesdropping program making a virtual appearance in new hampshire. edward snowden made an address at the liberty forum via skype. he spoke from russia, where he has been granted asylum to a rather supportive crowd in new hampshire. >> the government was spying on billions of people around the world and millions evil in america.
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doug: he says he would be willing to come back to the u.s. if the federal government would guarantee he would get a fair trial. sera: we are celebrating black history month. back at the african meetinghouse. >> you could describe it as the oldest black church in america but it has significance far beyond that. it' s dan' s as a landmark and a lesson. it is field is the oldest black church in the u.s. and so much more. >> it was a church, a school, and this was a community center. >> it is now a national >> it is a unique spot in america. >> the executive director of the museum of african american history. now, the meetinghouse is been restored -- restored to exactly s. >> these people understood beauty and they created it.
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important issues discussed, great ideas were born. >> this was a unique place where and grew. reminder. together. that point emphasized to students here to about the abolishment of slavery. >> lesson to young people is that black people and white people came together to change a bad law. >> with more on towards and exhibits, go to our website. >> now, your forecast with danielle. danielle: it was a warm day yesterday and get ready for another mild one today. yesterday, 61 in norwood, it' s the in boston, and 60 degrees in bedford. we are going to be pretty close in the low-to-mid 50' s. can see on the map at 50 in boston, 50 on november -- vineyard, 53 in nantucket, but still in the upper 40' s in
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the winds are pretty strong today like yesterday except for they are out of the west anywhere from 10 to 20 miles an hour. that is still a mild and warming wind. we warm up into the lower 50' s and the mid-50' s. the interior and a valley may stay in the upper 40' s. tonight, we introduce rain into the forecast. it is not for everybody, but really just for the south coast. the 30' s, and right around the freezing mark so the rain could change over to mixed precipitation before changing over to snow at dawn tomorrow morning. the cold front will bring in colder air, but this is the area of greater concern bringing that rain to the cayman -- cayman for you on the future cast. by 2:00, mostly cloudy skies.
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for the south coast, the cape, as well as the islands. watch what happens around 2:00 in the morning and we pull out colder air and get that turned to snow. i think it could go as far north as limit and that is the cutoff where everybody else is dried but still turning colder tonight. snow may continue until about 5:00 in the morning. could pick up a coding from this and that is about it and it is out of here from that. a low impact event. then we see a lot of sunshine for your monday. temperatures are 15 degrees cooler than today. upper 30' s as well as in austin and even the north shore and the south shore. the system pulls away monday. high pressure builds back in, bringing in colder air. colder air out ahead of our next system. a one-two punch. one system here and one back off to the west. this one, we will be on the colder side four.
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early as wednesday morning, turning over quickly to rain up the coast and maybe farther inland. the second wave comes through rain and that heavy and steady rain will likely come an inch or two. is raining heavily. you have thunderstorms in their, 1-2 inches of rain. also, gusty wind. there could be coastal concerns and still a couple of days out. we have to fine-tune that part of forecast. it is mile that 54 degrees. much colder next weekend. doug: so some of the cold is not out of here just yet. you say you want to get outdoors this winter, but you' re not a skier. no problem. sera: chronicle' s jc monahan' s
10:48 am
fun, for adults and kids. >> the mountain resort is about three hours from boston. it i not the biggest or the flashiest in new england, but it is full of family fun. >> one thing it is all about and what jackson is all about is the family experience. >> the most recent addition, it opened in 2003 and is designed so everything you need is right outside your door. >> we will issue one of the green tubes. >> give the skis and grab a snow tube. far. up the hill to get to the top. >> it is steeper than i thought. race. a bumpy ride. but not the only
10:49 am
the thrill of a black diamond run without the risk of injury. head out. >> woo! >> a five-minute, 1600 foot climb all in your hands. controlling this beat with a handbrake, you can travel to 3100 feet up to 2500 miles per hour. it has plenty of twists and turns. this was a big hit with the whole family. >> it was awesome. >> ok. done some crazy snow to make -- tubing. on the mountain coaster, mommy
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doug: tomorrow, on chronicle. a birthday wake up at clark' s trading post. a better breakfast at polly' s pancake parlor. skiing up hill at cannon mountain. the main streets and back roads of new hampshire' s franconia notch, tomorrow at 7:30 on chronicle. your time is 8:50 here on a sunday morning. new for you, bill cosby' s life makes another attempt to postpone her deposition. sera: the motion that was just filed in the case. and breaking overnight, a terrifying night in michigan. six people are dead and several
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doug: police put an end to a deadly and random killing spree. the suspect, a 45-year-old, jove round the city and randomly opened fire, killing seven people and injuring three others. he is now in costs the. not known. sera: s wife filed a note -- emotion in deposition and -- in a case against her husband. the federal judge on friday a deposition. camille cosby must answer questions under oath about the alleged sexual assault of seven women decades ago.
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doug: it is game over for jeb bush after disappointing results. bush came with and forth with just over 7%, well behind the first lace finishers, donald trump, marco rubio, and ted cruz. sera: a loaded gun found in a s bassinet. the semiautomatic was found that under a blanket. they also found heroin and cocaine in the dorchester home. police made two arrests in gun charges. doug: the city council wants to stop pet stores from selling dogs and cats from commercial breeders. all malley, the boston globe this morning that the animals from pet stores come from large -- many do not care to take care of animals properly.
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outside and enjoying it. yesterday, 60 degrees in boston. sunshine to start. there will be rain tonight. it could turn over to some snow. a low impact event. thursday. mainly rain with that one. rain on thursday. >> thank you for joining us. >> have a great weekend. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> this is an editorial . bill: governor charlie baker spoke directly about -- >> the taxpayers may never ride the tea, but write a $1 billion check to the system every year. i say you deserve to know that your support is delivering a reliable and affordable,
10:56 am
>> kathy has uncovered a scheduling nightmare, loud 1800 drivers to handpick their work schedule. those with the least seniority end up with shifts that conflict with mandatory 10 hour rest intervals. the result is drivers are paid to stay home and rest while others are paid overtime to cover for them. the total cost in 2015 alone, almost $400,000 to stay home and spent another quarter million in overtime. for substitute drivers to pick up the shifts. this manual shift system contributes to the problem. the chief administrator says switching to an electronic scheduling system would eliminate the waste. jim o' brien says it is an issue of safety but he is willing to bargain. he would consent to a trial time to test electronic roster and, if management would consider a four-day work week.
10:57 am
paid time should not be an item for negotiation. it is in the interest of team management and the union to work together to fix the problem right now. concurrent with any discussion of rate hikes, we should demand reliable and transparent service envisioned by governor baker. while cutting this performance -- form of waste is a drop in the bucket. optics do matter. they may write that $1 billion
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ed: good morning everyone, it is time to go on the record. we have congressman michael capuano to weigh in on local issues from the t to gang issues . the supreme court stand up. we have advice on what the president and the senate should do. the race for the white house. our roundtable takes on the candidates, the political ups and downs for the weeks. >> from wcvb boston. the inside word from washington to beacon hill. today' s newsmakers are going on the record. ed: i' m ed harding -- harden. our guest is michael capuano. he is upsetting large sections of boston, cambridge and milton.


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