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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  February 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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game, held in the90s twice. >> hubie: that would be the 13th time this year that they've been doing, really putting up some nice numbers, cleveland. that's what you always like about it, because you have to defend in order to win the championship. and you have to be able to take care of the defensive boards. >> mike: foye rattles out the three. the cavs have the monday game against the pistons, going to toronto on friday. and great job from toronto on all-star weekend. a basketball-loving city. and that's the old barkley rule. back it out for five seconds, dribble there. mozgov, called for that at the end of the game. the worst home losses for the
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it will be interesting to see what happens after a couple days' practice. guys, what are we doing. there's 26 seconds left. the local news is waiting on many of these abc stations. they'll bring mcgary, former michigan wolverine to the line. and he played there for two years, the national championship game. game. thanks for carrying me, fighting through my cold here today. much appreciate it. >> hubie: listen, we appreciate the fact you showed up today. because you're a gamer. like when you look at michael jordan, 82, 82, 82. that's you. >> mike: got to show up for work.
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so well. 115-92, thunder will inbound it here after the 24-second violation. love with 29 and 11. lebron, 25, 11 assists, 7 boards. durant, 26, westbrook, 20. but the cavaliers sweep the season series from the thunder. so long from oklahoma city. remember the lakers and bulls tonight. for many of you, local news or world news coming up on abc. ot chicken. r only available for a limited time by me... ahhhhhhh!!! same dream? r some fake colonel, pretending to be, but i'm me! rso only i can introduce kfc's delicious, new nashville hot chicken. with a spicy, smoky flavor, onlyp available for a limited time, by me, colonel sanders. i know dear. [gasp] [ominous music]
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>> a neighborhood evacuated
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>> now on newscenter 5. reid: a call for he lp sparks an explosive discovery. the neighborhood evacuated. >> way. the chance for wet weather later in the week. j.c.: a driver walks away from iraq after getting hit by a speeding train. >> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6 :00. antoinette: we are following breaking news right now. reid: one person was sure. nicole joining us live at the scene in dorchester. nicole: what we know is one man has been shot. police searching for a suspect. i will give you a live look at the scene.
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-- at devon columbia. shots rang out after 4:00. witnesses say the suspect was driving in a tv at the time. what we know is that shots were fired. one man injured, taken to the hospital. police are not commenting on which hospital the victim was taken to. or the condition of the victim. but you can see a heavy police presence here. they do have police dogs out searching vehicles and the area, searching for any kind of clue as to the suspect. witnesses say the suspect in this case was driving an atv. that is what police are looking for at this hour. one victim here. one man shot transported to the hospital. the condition at this hour not known. we are going to stay on the scene. continue to gather information and bring you the latest. antoinette: we are also following breaking news. police responded to an overdose
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todd: the meth lab is in the building behind me. you see the flashing lights. first responders stumbled upon this this afternoon when they rushed here for a medical emergency that we now know was directly connected to this meth lab. take a look at the video you can see what was going on all afternoon. the hazmat crews coming out of the house with items connected to the meth lab which was set up in the center unit on 9th avenue. residents from the units on the left and right were evacuated. as you can see, there was a massive response. in addition to the hazmat team, the dea was called in along with the bomb squad. again, there was no explosion here but this whole incident started at about 12:40 p.m. with a call to 911 for a medical emergency. >> there was one person who was experiencing overdose directly related to the meth lab. he was transported to sterling
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todd: there is no update on the man' s condition and -- no word on criminal charges. knight avenue is still shot down. but it does look like things are winding down here in attleboro. antoinette: breaking news in new hampshire where crews are battling this. flames sparking inside a local business. this is late this afternoon. it was empty at the time but a restaurant next door was full. they made it out safely. no injuries reported. reid: another beautiful night in boston. dave, temperatures in the 50' s but changes on the way. we are talking colder air. wet weather in some spots tonight. harve y: what a fantasy weekend this has been an federal. 53 today. it is starting to cool back but not radically or sharply. i' m following the area of rain. notice how most of it is south of us.
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that is going to clip the cape as the storm moves eastward overnight. a chilly rain will double up along the south coast. once we get past midnight, just enough cold air making it in for a little bit of wet snow, but i' m not anticipating any accumulation. that should be off the coast perhaps as a few snowflakes tomorrow morning. clouds linger on the coast for a few hours tomorrow before sunshine takes over. it will be somewhat colder as you head out tomorrow morning close to the freezing mark in boston. and a little bit below in some of the suburbs heard a much bigger storm, more moisture on the way. i will time that out for you in a little while. antoinette: to bridgewater a dozens of people face charges for an under age drinking party. the house involved was trash. julie mcdonald is live in bridgewater tonight. julie: i spoke to neighbors by this home. they say they are used to the live music and a lot of guests
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something was up when they saw cruisers from two departments, a police van and a riot shields. >> i did not know what was going on but there were a lot of cruisers. julie: more than 40 people arrested at a bridgewater party. the charges including underage drinking, disturbing the peace. bridgewater police were called to 141 mb abel avenue. >> the noise is terrible. it is like they are trying to take over the neighborhood. julie: the y called campus police for backup of people started climbing up for story windows. inside, officers found a large amount of alcohol, stolen street and highway signs and safety hazards. >> the place is always a mess. there are beer cans and bottles. what you are looking at right there right now is that norm. juli: e: the building commission was called to respect the property and deemed the house unsafe because of the lack of smoke and carmen monoxide detectors. our calls to the owners were not returned.
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and the lady that moved out was really upset when it became what it became. julie: those 41 people arrested will be arraigned at brockton district court. those of them who are bridgewater state students will face disciplinary action from the school. reid: right now a 16-year-old has been charged with sexually assault in lawrence. police tell us he robbed then assaulted his victim on rose street early this morning. custody. to the campaign trail today for presidential hopefuls just hours gop primary in south carolina. mary bruce tells us there is new controversy brewing. mary: from victory rally. beautiful. are we going to win georgia? yes. on the trail today and flying high
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>> you think you have this nomination has? mary: but he is getting hints heat for a message he retreated suggesting that ted cruz and now marco rubio are both ineligible to be president. mr. trump: i have 14 million people between twitter and facebook and instagram. i retweet things. we start dialogue. mary: rubio responded. the florida senator went after the gop front runner on foreign policy. senator rubio: surround yourself with smart people alone is not enough. mary: ted cruz take aim and trumps tax strategy. center cruz: donald debose all of his money to attacking me. mary: jeb bush calling it quits. the john kasich and ben carson vowing to stay in. mrs. clinton: thank you, nevada. mary: hillary clinton hoping to gain ground after her big win in nevada gave her victory speech and fuji taxes.
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night or what? mary: bernie sanders went straight to south carolina. today he said he is looking to super tuesday. senator sanders: on super tuesday, for example, usc some major victories. mary: sanders touted his support among latinos in nevada by clinton won with african-american voters, a group that makes up a large portion of the electorate in south carolina where she holds a commanding lead. reid: the red sox, spring training in full swing. heavy hitter pablo sandoval did report today. his appearance is a surprise for many. mike lynch joins us live from fort myers, florida. mik: e: good evening. welcome to jetblue park, spring training 2016. when we last saw pablo sandoval, we were under the impression he
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but he arrived this morning, riding to camp very early. he was seen arm in arm with the manager and human out to the field and took some batting practice. he took some ground balls. he then had a media session in front of his locker room and was asked about his weight. he was very surprised. >> huh? i don' t weigh at all. i just o do my work. i don' t weigh in. all off-season. i try to get better. be in better position, be an athlete. >> did anybody from the team talk to you about weight or ask you to lose weight? >> no. >> there waw s the need for pablo to go back into camp and better overall condition. shape, you' lose weight. pounds to be lost, we did not
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mike: john farrell spoke to .5 hours after pablo spoke to the red sox are doing some scrambling. coming up, more from pablo sandoval and also, we talk with david price about his upcoming meeting with david ortiz. antoinette: investigator searching for answers in a shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan. the mystery surrounding the gun man. reid: the emergency last submitted emotion -- motion submitted by camille cosby hours before she is set to give a deposition. harvey: chilly air moves in. a storm for the midweek.
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reid: we are learning more about a deadly shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan. 60 people were killed. fire. police of uncovered about the
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elizabeth: tonight as families of the victims, including a 60-year-old retired teacher, seek answers. >> very relieved that we have someone in custody. >> shots fired, unit one. elizabeth: overnight, citigroup with fear after a man opened fire at three locations -- a ci ty gribbed with fear. ths e first, a parking lot where a woman walking to her car was shot. a few hours later, a father and son killed. the third, outside a cracker barrel restaurant. the husband taking the lives of three others in two the eagles, leaving a 14-year-old girl in critical condition. >> you don' t ever expect something like this to happen anywhere, let alone in kalamazoo. this is the most awful thing ever. elizabeth: jason dalton was
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the final shooting. the company said, our hearts on prayers are with the families of the victims of this devastating crime. it is a crime not just heartbreaking but baffling for police in dollars neighbors. >> very unexpected. he is a quiet guy. never really had any problems. cops have never been on to his house. elizabeth: uber says the suspect passed their background check. please confirmed he has no crumb the history. we are told he could be in court as early as tomorrow. antoinette: lawyers for bill cosby' s wife are making a last ditch effort to postpone her deposition. they filed an emergency motion to stop camille cosby from answering questions under both tomorrow in springfield. her lawyer say the 71-year-old has no involvement with the case. seven women are suing bill cosby claiming that he sexually assaulted them decades ago.
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reid: an amtrak train in a car collided. no one was seriously hurt. nicole has the driver side of the story on what went wrong. nicole: she was on her way to the gym before 7:00 this morning when a car became stuck on the tracks. the train coming right toward her. some of that debris on the ground. >> i was thinking what to do. i did not even have time to get out of the car. nicole: those moments that remind you how fragile life candy. this is what is left of her car after it was hit by a train in andover sunday morning. >> i looked at the signals, they were not flashing. i stopped, backed up but i hit the -- nicole: with no time to react, the train came at her car going 60 miles an hour. >> yes. and teh he car spun.
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i' m going to buy a lottery ticket. nicole: not a scratch. the car destroyed but she walked away unharmed. she tells newscenter 5 there was a problem with the gate. >> the gate was very late. it let me go past the first gate. nicole: something investigator spent hours looking into. investigator still trying to figure out exactly what caused this collation. -- collision. antoinette: i' m glad she was not hurt. reid: you can always get a new car. harvey, thing about to take a turn for the worse. sharvey: when you think about the contrast between last week in this, it is unreal. it was nine below early sunday morning. yesterday boston hit 60. worcester was 16 below. another much about the average day today. not quite as warm as yesterday but pleasant outside. austan hit 53. worcester 49.
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back into the plus side for this month. so, it is a little bit cooler tonight than it was last night. not much in boston. 18 degrees cooler in albany. let you know that she' ll your air is on the way. it is pleasant for now in boston. -- let you know that chillier air is on the way. all right. warm air stays to the south. it will get suppressed and start to come back at us during the week. first at high levels that will bring precipitation back. it is going to be an active middle of the week. let' s back up. overnight tonight, starting out tomorrow, arnd the freezing mark in boston. tomorrow' s high temperature is not the 60 of yesterday or the 53 of today. maybe 39 or 40. back to seasonable weather. we have one disservice to our self. the heavy-duty precipitation is
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islands overnight. as it' s pending, cold air works in. there could be a little wet snow mixing in but i' m not expecting accumulation. clouds linger on the coast tomorrow and then sunshine takes over the rest of the day. things get more interesting as we had deeper into the week heard we get some cold, dry air established for tomorrow and tomorrow night into tuesday. then one area of moisture starts to run at us later tuesday night. it could be snow or rain around boston i.e. land it might be an icy mix. especially over in land areas we will have to watch. this will be the more powerful storm. slated for later wednesday night and first thing thursday. that one will have heavy rains, strong winds, low chance of coastal flooding on the south coast and the low chance of a thunderstorm in there. wild changes coming. cooler tomorrow. watch out for later tuesday night and wednesday morning for
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and heavy rains coming wednesday night on into thursday. colder after that. >> now sportscenter 5 with mike lynch. mike: welcome back to fenway south spring training 2016. we played the interview with pablo sandoval and he said he never was instructed by members of the red sox to lose any weight. that raise an eyebrow or two. after his interview, he went out to one of the field with his practice. fielded some ground balls while at another diamond. about will be paid $17 million issue. last year he hit .245. not what the red sox had in mind. >> do you consider last year a your? >> it is not a disappointment. it is baseball.
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you do not want to have all season great. you will have some ups and downs. you have to prepare yourself to come. shake it off. keep working hard to do everything you can do to prove next to your are better than thatm. . mike: there was an awful lot of pressure. has that affected your performance last year? >> not at all. like i said, it is a tough year for me. now i have to bring myself to be better and be in a better position this year. mike: now to the david price. she has been the main attraction thus far. and will be until david ortiz shows up. what a meeting that should be. you may recall in may, 2014, david price came to fenway and
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he thought he had shown him up in the postseason. ortiz called prive a ce -- price a little girl. what about this meeting? >> everyone is anticipating the meeting with david ortiz. what is that going to be like? >>i don' t know. it is something i think about when i' m driving. is he going to be here today? coming off the field, -- i' m waiting for it. think it will go well. it will be a big steppingstone. mike: coming up tonight in sportscenter 5 ot, more of that one-on-one interview with david price. one of the questions i asked him -- which member of the red sox are you going to be happy to never have to face again? see if you can figure out which player he is talking about. more with pablo sandoval and jerry remy. a jampacked sunday sports overtime coming up tonight at 11:35.
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reid: thank you so much. antoinette: gas prices are down again. but will they go any lower? one expert for diction you might not like. coming up toni tt0w!t.*(=! %4@-,2( tt0w!t.*(=! el@-&5d tt0w!t.*(=! ed@- 7 tt0w!t.*(=% )8h-@i\ tt0w!t.*(=% kzh-]& tt0w!t.*(=% n-h-(o, tt0w!t.*(=% 0ph-6(4 tt0w!t.*(=% s"h-&zt tt0w!t.*(=% ueh-%8$
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