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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  February 22, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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and we could get a bur of snow two hours on tuesday evening that could lead to accumulations before the warmer air at high levels takes over. in terms of snow accumulation, it will be anywhere from a coating to an inch or two just to the south of boston and i-95, but to the north and west, 1 to 3 inches. in this area then there will be sleet and especially treeing rain and drizzle on top. we have something to follow and a lot more weather after that. we'll cover it in awhile. ed and heather? heather:bill cosby's wife, camille, is in massachusetts and deposed in the defamation lawsuit against the comedian. ed: several women claimed cosby sexually assaulted them decades ago. jack harper is there now. jack? reporter: as you know, ed, this is the day camille cosby's lawyers hoped would never happen, but it did happen. it started midmorning, the deposing of mrs. cosby, and it is happening in absolute secrecy.
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up to the 6th floor there are black curtains across the room. the an attorney representing seven women in alleged sexual misconduct cases with and involving mr. cosby requested to stay. he wanted a chance to talk to mrs. cosby. whether or not she has to answer a lot of questions depends on marital privilege too. they have been up there all day and we don't know how much they have accomplished and whether they are going to tell us when it is over. ed and heather, back to you. ed: no bail for a teenager accused of stabbing another teen in dorchester. heather:now new information to what lead to the violence. todd? reporter: heather, the victim's uncle calls it a tragedy to both families. the victim is just 15 years old and he is deion hopkins. the defendant in this case is just 16 years old.
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this booking photo. he was allowed to hide. the prosecutors say the incident happened on sunday afternoon when pope's girlfriend got into an argument with the victim. pope then went into his home on columbia road and grabbed a kitchen might have and came back outside and stabbed him in the heart. hopkins was announced dead a short time later. in addition to pope's confession there is surveillance video of the killing. a judge ordered he beheld without bail. ed and heather? heather:right now we are hearing of a fright -- frightening moment of a carjackinged ed the family spoke as the suspect faced a judge and rhondella richardson is live with that story. rhondella? reporter: it happened right across the street. the prosecutor saying they believe the accused was under the influence of crack cocaine
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the victims are okay, but determined to make sure he is not carjacked at gunpoint. jose row -- robles is in court. he threatened the mother and baby when he carjacked the car from the macy's parking lot. >> every time she leaves school and every time she pops the trunk and puts lucy in the back of the car sara will have to relive that day. reporter: the victims have a lot of anxiety. she did get the baby out of the car before the carjacking. live at 6:00, we'll tell you why the defense believes the carjacker is wrongly charged. live in brockton, back to you. heather:a crash at a starbucks. a car slammed into the building at mnight and the driver ran off.
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brockton woman showed up at the police station and she admitted it was her. police say she overcompensated and lost control of her car. alcohol was apparently not involved. the driver will be charged with leaving the scene of an accident and negligent operation. you can see the starbucks has a huge hole in the side, but it is open for business. ed: one person had minor injuries after the car slammed into the house at 10:30 on washington street near the foresthills t stop. heather:and a warning from police in add del bore -- attleborough. two skimmers were found on county street and pleasant street. police put out this picture saying the devices are green and stuck on with double-sided tape. police have surveillance video of the suspects. a man and woman they believe are acting together. heather:no bail for the man in the kalamazoo killing.
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the shootings. he was arrested after he went on a shooting rampage that started on saturday night. police say his victims were chosen randomly and they were all in different locations. heather:the race for president comes to massachusetts. ed: bernie sanders spoke giving backers a pep talk after the narrow loss at the caucuses. >> we were behind 30 points in new hampshire and we were behind 25 points a month ago in nevada. well we ended up doing a lot better than people thought we could do and we will continue to do a lot better than people think we will do. ed: massachusetts votes a week from tomorrow and it is part of the super tuesday caucus. they will beholding a rally and we will have more on that at 6:00 on newscenter 5.
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celebrity support. heather:wahlberg saying he has changed his opinion. >> i will throw my support behind marco rubio and i will be honest. i have never, ever voted for a republican presidential candidate. that is until this year thanks to marco rubio. heather:rubio is still in nevada and speaking in the city of elco today. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio and carson are campaigning in nevada. this is ahead of the republican caucuses there. while in nevada cruz asked his spokesman to resign for tweeting a story that is falsely alleged marco rubio insulted the bible. cruz told reporters we are not a campaign that wants to question the faith of another candidate for president. ed: and it is the end of an era.
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his final spring training as he enters the final season. heather:and he took care of a big piece of business. mike lynch is live at jetblue park. hi, lynchy. reporter: it is a big story when big papi arrives. the first order of business was to head to the locker room and mepped the -- mend the rift with the new teammate david price. reporter: papi made the rounds in the locker room and got a big hug from manager john farrell who of course went through chemotherapy last fall. he said to the manager you got more hair than me. looking good, bro. and then he broke out in the infectious chuckle. then he went out to the field with people chronicling his every move. there were hugs all-around. remember he is 40 years old
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season. he has three world series rings. this is the 2016 victory tour and it will happen every time he visits every city on the schedule. he looks to be in great shape. he yelled, hey, next year i am riding with you guys of the he said i will need a part-time job. david ortiz did not speak today. he will address the media tomorrow after the morning workout. we have comments about david ortiz at 5:00. see you then. heather and ed? heather:great to see you in florida. more bomb threats targeting massachusetts schools. ed: seven schools the lock downs. the school administrators and the police in each of the communities say the schools were checked out and nothing suspicious was found. an elementary school in millas will be shutdown because of air quality concerns. the superintendent alerted
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found in the two parts of the elementary school building. a safety people will meet with state officials to determine exactly what happens next. heather:naacp leaders want the boston headmaster fired. they say he did not do enough to protect students in a series of racially-charged incidents. there is a report that showed the administration handled them appropriately with the exception of a threat. one student calling another a racial slur and referencing lynching. the superintendent plans to meet with the naacp. ed: a puppy mill bill will come out. they want to stop pet stores from selling dogs, cats and other animals they purchase from breeders. heather:the vast majority of animals sold in pet stores come from large scale breeding facility and many do not care for the animals properly.
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break ins in and around the wellesley area. a man smashed into a car and stole a handbag and laptop. perhaps you recognize the way the person holds themselves please call wellesley police. heather:a man was stopped by store security -- a woman was stopped by store security. she is accused of trying to sneak out of the mall with $6,000 merchandise. she is out on bail now and on administrative leave from her job. heather:the u.n will help monitor the new cease-fire agreement set to go into affect. e ed it will not apply to isis and al-qaeda's organization in syria.
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send more troops to fight isis. they are starting a stronger offensive against the terror group. ed: a family of six was found dead in a home from carbon monoxide poisoning. a generator was turned on in the home. the area had lost power due to high winds. heather: a north carolina company that made the rifle used in the deadly sandy hook masacre is pushing to have a wrongful death lawsuit dismissed. 21st you had graders and -- 20 first graders and several educators were killed. family of the victims filed the lawsuit. heather: now it is time to flash forward to the 5:00 news. ed: the legal battle between apple and the families of san bernadino. heather:and a local police officer accused of sexual misconduct is allowed to resign and never face criminal charges. 5 on your side looks at an
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ed: and they give police and doctors a view like no other. a tiny scope packing big pow -- power and they are made here in massachusetts. harvey: tonight will be colder and then it will get interesting around here about this time tomorrow. lots of forms of
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5 at 4:30. ed: traffic on the bunker hill brynn, that's the traffic going through town and it is not going anywhere. cutting through is tough of the we can look at drive times and you can see red all over the place. we mentioned that at the beginning of the show. mass avenue to route 323 minutes. if you are going out of the north, 22 minutes the first leg of the pike of the you are talking 12 minutes. you can see how bad it is to the newton area. all lanes are open. you can see 495 in both directions. that doesn't look too bad. check the drive time, okay, seven minutes. that's what traffic looks like a quarter to 5. heather:i thought we were going to see boston. it was a beautiful day, wasn't it? harvey: we didn't show you the skyline because appropriately we are out of order.
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heather:there it is. see, i am not a liar. harvey: really nice skies. won't be blue this time tomorrow. it will be overcast. it will be close to starting precipitation. of course it was warm over the weekend and it was 60 in boston and 53 on sunday. pretty mild today although chillier than the weekend fnlt. 37 in boston. we look at the temperatures around. 46 in providence and 50 in new london. chillier off to the north. what i show you a wider view it is 23 in burlington, vermont. 17 in cariboo. cold air in ottawa and quebec. the cold air will be sliding southward and it will be cold enough when we get precipitation that we will be starting as snow. keep that in mind. there is a wider view of the temperatures.
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how we drop into the 20s in boston. and as we get to tomorrow, yes it will be above freezing, but the air will be dry for awhile. it will be around freezing in worcester. when precipitation comes in there will be a lighter snow on the cost for sure. it will not stay snow that long, but there is a few hour window when the moisture bumps into the colder air to produce a round of snow here. clouds will be coming in during the course of the day tomorrow. now if you look around 1:00 in the afternoon, that is a mix of some snow around and north of the new york city area. that starts to spread northeastward. it gets to be about 5:00 and the leading edge is getting into our region. now especially to the west where it would be colder. the snow would have an easier time adhering to the surface. it might be a mix on down toward the cape. also the temperatures will be a little warmer. we do have a window of
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accumulating snow in here before the pink area starts to move up with the mix and eventually flip over to rain. but not that far north and west of us it is going to stay cold in the low levels. there may be an icing situation following the period of snow. that could continue into wednesday. eventually we are going to get heavy downpours later wednesday and wednesday night into thursday morning. then we will finally be in the warmer air. it is a long trip to that warmer air between now and then. looks like the downpours will come to an end by and around midday on thursday. in earlies it of the snow, i could see anywhere from a coating to a couple of inches just to the south of boston with one to three inches to the north and west. there will be sleet and ice on top of it. there is a winter weather advisory from 4:00 p.m. tomorrow all the way to noon on weapons for this area. the surface temperature will likely stay at or below 32 during that entire period of time. check it out the next seven
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tomorrow night. rain and drizzle along the coast. the heavy downpours. and very windy later wednesday night and into thursday. maybe some strong wind gusts and wind damage that we will have to deal with. we will be turning thursday night and friday and into the weekend. ed: hpv rates have dropped since the introduction of a vaccine in 2006. heather:the new numbers show the biggest drop among young women of who are 14 to 19-year-olds. there was a 7% drop in the infection rate. a slightly smaller drop 20 to 24 and no change for women older than 25. the cdc recommends the three-dose hpv vaccine for girls and boys 11 to 12 years old. heather: lumber liquidators say some people exposed to
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times as likely to get cancer as previously predicted. there was a flaw in the data. people taking steps to reduce exposure will remain the same. they strengthened the procedures . ed: charlie sheen's disclosure of his hiv status increased awareness ever a a decade decline in media coverage. there was a surge in google searches and public health information on symptoms and testing. heather:the federal government is ordering a clean up of the charles river. they will require the 260 communities to help remove some of the phosphorus that washes into it. they say it will help reduce flooding, drought and pollution. taxpayers are concerned they will foot much of the bill. still ahead the bounce back from the recession continues with more evidence of the
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ed: and a change to a popular rewards program making it all about the money you spend. as we go to break let's look at the numbers on this monday on wall street.
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ed: new criticism about the lack of diversity in hollywood. a study released by the university of south carolina says minorities and members of
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they found 67% of speaking roles go to men and 70% of those are white. this comes just days before the academy awards which you can watch on channel 5 this weekend which has been at the center of controversy over the lack of diversity in the nominations. ed: driving has hit a new record when it comes to a drop in people getting behind the wheel. americans drove 3.1 trillion miles. heather: that's a lot. it is higher than the previous record. experts say lower g's prices and more -- lower gas prices and more people working is the reason for the increase. ed: new numbers show they are down 3 cents this week. look at the screen. it is an average of $1.70 a gallon and it is the 11th straight week that prices are down. the national afternoon is $1.7 -- the national average is $1.71 a gallon. heather:starbucks is changing the rewards program to get a
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the ole system reward rewarded you every 12 transactions and now it is how much you spend. now it takes $52.50 to earn the 125 stars needed to get a freebie. based on spending most customers will get close to the same number of rewards. ed: samsung is showing off the latest phones. the galaxy s7 and s7 edge were shown off. and there is is a gear 360 which is a virtual reality headset. samsung is working on virtual reality gear. no word on how much it will cost. if you haven't seen this it is going viral. heather:you will hear from the special lady who has been waiting more than a century for this trip. and look how she made it worthwhile.
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speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. heather:labs are back on top for the annual kennel club breed rankings. golden retreaters and beagles filled up the top five. the list shows americans like easy to care for, fun family
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ed: just keep moving. president. how are you? i'm fine. she is 106 years old. the president and the first lady hosted her at the white house and she taught them a few things on the dance floor. she was invited to take part in celebrations. she was dancing at the white house. heather:and she was moving too. ed: jc and phil are ready to breng you newscenter 5 at 5:00. >> now on newscenter 5 -- phil: bill cosby's wife under oath. harvey: first the cold air and then a snow-sleet mix. jc: robbed at gunpoint and shoved into the freezer. >> the show of support david ortiz delivers right away.
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this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. jc: tracking big changes in the forecast. phil: stormteam 5 chief meteorologist harvey leonard track. harvey: hi, good afternoon and good evening. 24 hours from now i expect snow to be arriving. it is cooler today and still warm to the south. but here comes colder air down out of southern canada. some of that will get involved tomorrow. it is just cold enough. as this moisture gets in the area it can start as a period of snow. we'll probably have clouds coming in and around 2:00 tomorrow afternoon snow is breaking out across southern connecticut. and then it spreads northeast. around 6:00 it is in the boston area. there could be a period of steadier snow. that will lift to the north. and then the warmer air comes at a higher level. there is a several hour period where it can accumulate snow and probably will give a coating to a couple of inches and one to three inches on the


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