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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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we should be ba to near 50 degrees here with a few showers by early next week. snow is the focus today. that messy weather coming on in. we'll have the full timeline for you right now as the "eyeopener" continues. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: charred pieces of a hoverboard serving as a warning this morning. the dangerous situation unfolding in a chelmsford living room. emily: "5 investigates" with a major step forward in a boston cold case. the discovery two decades in the making and the one piece still missing. randy: a new timetable for "t" fare hikes as an audit reveals some jarring statistics. how taxpayer money is being used on the eye for this tuesday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: 5:00 a.m. also on the eye this morning. a new take on running. erika shows us the treadmill workout getting those miles in rain or shine. good morning. i'm emily riemer.
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cindy fitzgibbon. working it out changes on the way. cindy: rain or shine. how about or snow or sleet or freezing rain? emily: all the above. cindy: we have messy weather coming in this evening. it's starting out okay this morning but that evening commute may show a little bit of wintery weather moving on in. a winter weather advisory. along 128 starting at 4:00 this afternoon through noontime tomorrow for that snow beginning and then changing over to sleet and freezing rain overnight. you can see the temperatures this morning are running in the teens. orange to keene. otherwise 22 worcester. 27 in boston. we've got mid 20's down on the cape this morning as well. and just a few clouds out there now. but the clouds are going to be thickening up here through the morning hours. you can see what is sitting to our south. rain south of washington d.c. that is going to lift north ward and bump in to the colder air and produce some snow across our area. you can see over the next 12 hours, it will come out of the 20's only into the 30's today as
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in the upper 30's today with thickening clouds through noontime. there you see by 5:00 this afternoon snow starting out of connecticut right on in to greater boston here by 8:00 this evening. and then it continues to lift north ward. but by midnight, we're starting to see that change to rain here to the south. so the snow arrives between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. i would say near or just after midnight we're going to start to see that change over to sleet and freezing rain. freezing rain may linger over the interior and makes things slippery for tomorrow morning's commute. not a lot of snow just one to three inches but enough to make things slippery overnight and early tomorrow. all right. let's get you out to the roads right now. at least they're dry for now. olessa: dry and quiet. a live look outside to start things off. here's the expressway by the gas tank. northbound side head to go the top of the screen. we're looking good in both directions. let's go to the maps and see the rest of your ride. just a little bit of overnight construction. final stages 93 south at the zakim and the expressway northbound by mass avenue. same story here south of there as you travel the expressway by east milton square and on 24 north at 128.
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construction picking up as well to route 2. so far the trains and the buses are starting the morning on schedule. emily: thank you. after a popular toy causes a fiery close call in a randy: the eyeopener's kelley tuthill is live in chelmsford with a look at the damage. kelley: randy and emily, all of this happening just as a right in the living room of this home on monmouth street. this is what's left of that toy. chelmsford's fire chief says it suddenly sparked and caught fire catching the living room on fire. you can see the damage. a rug and the wall of the room charred. the child wasn't hurt. this is just the latest incident with one of the devices which have been increasingly linked to fires caused by overheating batteries. just last week, the federal government warned that the toys do not meet safety standards. an investigation by the consumer
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underway. several colleges in massachusetts have already banned hoverboards from campus because of safety concerns. live in chelmsford, kelley tuthill, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: right now a 76-year-old man is in the hospital with serious injuries after he was hit by a car in natick. it happened at mill street and ranger road. police say the 19-year-old driver did stay on the scene and has not been charged. the victim was airlifted to umass memorial medical center in worcester. he was crossing the street when he was hit. right now the woman arrested in a wild chase is preparing to head to court. this morning police are still searching for her alleged partner in crime. police arrested jacqueline murphy yesterday after a stolen car chase led to a crash in saugus. the man with her, michael gouthro, took off. both were already wanted for attacking a revere police officer with a hypodermic needle
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police on a chase there. >> she was this big, beautiful woman, with a big, gold heart. emily: "5 investigates" uncovering a major break in a 22-year-old cold case. a mother found murdered in boston now has a name. this morning, we're hearing from that woman's daughter who has waited decades for answers. but there are still questions. milagros "millie" alvarado was last seen walking in fitchburg in june, 1994. her body found buried at the stony brook reservation in hyde park that august. in december, millie's daughter cynthia and her family gave d.n.a. samples to the lab at the university of north texas. two months later, they got a match. >> it's a big deal. i mean, she's been unidentified for 22 years. >> i never had her in my life before so it's nice to have her now. emily: a team of boston, state, and fitchburg police are now working together to get justice for millie. randy: new this morning. a newly released audit shows a former mbta worker who racked up
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approving his own o.t. "the herald" reports the maintenance worker logged more than 2,600 hours of o.t. in 2015. that inflated his salary to nearly $330,000 a year. the audit concluded there was no inappropriate conduct by employees but did call for more formal policies on overtime. the new report as the "t" announces new details on looming the eye's doug meehan is live in boston with what commuters need to know. doug: good morning, randy. this morning we have a better timeline on when we'll learn how much more it will cost to take the "t." the mbta's finance board will debate the fare hikes at a meeting next monday with a vote planned for march 7. the "t" says some 8,000 riders have participated in public forums on the hike proposals and that most say they don't support raising fares because the
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it. among the proposals, one that would hike fares nearly 10% while another caps increases at closer to 7%. the "t" also announced its operating budget deficit has been trimmed to $95 million. live in boston this morning, doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: right now we're learning what happened behind closed doors as bill cosby's wife testified about her husband. the eye's erika tarantal is here. and erika, it's not over yet? camille cosby will have to return for a second deposition. she spent seven hours under oath in springfield yesterday and only 2.5 of those hours were actual testimony. lawyers want to know what camille cosby knows about her husband's interactions with seven women who filed a defamation lawsuit against the comedian. that's after all seven accused him of sexual assault. much of the day was spent arguing about spousal privilege, and the judge had to be called in twice. but lawyers say justice will be served.
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will determine who has more credibility. is it the seven women that we represent or is it bill cosby? erika: camille cosby will be deposed again on march 14. no details of her testimony have been released. emily: commitment 2016. a big day for republicans. the white house hopefuls trying their luck in nevada where voters will caucus. right now donald trump is leading in the polls there amidst the fray. ted cruz asking his campaign spokesman to step down after he posted a video wrongly accusing marco rubio of dismissing the bible. rubio picking up endorsements from more than a dozen republican party leaders. and here at home "the boston herald" has endorsed rubio as well. meanwhile, the democrats setting their sights on the south carolina primary this weekend. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders will hold events there today. yesterday, sanders wound his campaign trail through massachusetts with a rally in amherst. the vermont senator targeting young voters and college students.
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competitive race with clinton. sanders: the campaign has been gaining phenomenal momentum because we are actually listening to the american people, not the one percent. emily: we are just one week from super tuesday when 12 states including massachusetts will hold primaries. randy: anticipation is building for red sox fans as david ortiz arrives for his final spring training. sportscenter5's mike lynch reports from fort myers, with what we can expect from big papi mike: hi, everybody. big papi david ortiz will give his final spring training address later on this morning, one day after arriving at red sox camp. season with his final spring training at fenway south. head into the locker room and seek out and embrace david price thought he was bigger than game then it was out to the field to hit in the batting cage with his teammates.
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he has three world series rings. when big papi arrives in camp, people take notice. he is revered and respected by his teammates as he now heads down the stretch. >> yeah, he looks great. he's ready. right after the season with me and my wife went to italy and he went. we overlapped. we were sitting at dinner and talking about a lot of things. mike: big papi david ortiz speaks later today. with the sox in fort myers, i'm mike lynch, sportscenter 5. randy: lynchie will be at spring training through thursday. don't miss his his reports every night on newscenter 5 at 4:30 and each morning right here on the eyeopener. emily: 5:10 this morning. a picture is worth a thousand words and whatever you have in your credit line. randy: how mastercard is making selfies part of banking. plus new information on the uber driver accused in a deadly rampage. his courtroom confession and the question one passenger dared to ask. emily: new this morning.
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about finding your stride. cindy? cindy: we do have messy wintery weather moving in for the evening commute. when to expect snow, sleet, freezing rain ahead. that would be followed by some heavy downpours. the full timeline is coming up. take a look at the temperatures as you're heading out the the door this morning. all is quiet for now but chilly-only in the 20's as
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>> this is your wake-up call, boston, good morning, "eyeopener." randy: all right. we love a wake-up call that comes with pom poms. great job, kids. thank you so much. emily: we'd love to see your wake-up call. get your friends, your coworkers, or your classmates and record your own eyeopener wake-up call. just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. olessa: it's been a couple days without any big weather issues. it's about time. cindy: 50's and 60's the past few days. winter making a comeback but before it gets in here check out the moon right now. emily: looking good. cindy: you know what the full moon of february is called? emily: no. cindy: the full snow moon. typically we get a good amount of snow in february. haven't seen a ton this month. we have a little bit more on the way. winter weather advisory up for that reason starting at 4:00 this afternoon through noontime tomorrow. not a lot of snow. it will then change over to sleet and freezing rain. just enough to make things
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i think once you get outside of 128, a one- to three-inch snowfall. a coating to an inch of snow closer to the coastline. this all gets started late in the day. you can see that colder air sitting to our north. it is draining down with a light northerly wind. out the door this morning, colder than the past few mornings. some of our coldest suburbs right now are sitting in the teens from places like orange on up to jaffrey. 24 in beverly. boston is 27 degrees. we're in the 20's all the way down to the cape this morning. look at worcester sitting at 22 degrees right now. any sunshine this morning is short-lived. we are qulowd clouding over through the afternoon. also notice those temperatures stuck in the 30's pretty much all day long. looking for highs today struggling to hit 40 degrees from the south shore down to the cape. it's a colder day but quiet through the first half of the day. it's raining from d.c. on south ward. this right here is what is going to come at us late in the day and tonight. but there is another system behind it. and this one will be right on
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the second system will have a much warmer air associated wit. it will bring in heavy downpours here by thursday morning. so a complex set-up headed through the next couple of days. let me step you through the timeline today because by noontime just cloud cover out there. by 5:00 this afternoon, notice we've got snow coming out of connecticut. this is going to be lifting into the greater boston area through about 8:00 this evening. continuing to lift up into new hampshire there after. notice what's happening by midnight. we are changing i over to rain south of the city. and then everywhere after midnight, we are changing the snow on over to rain but there will likely be a period of some sleet and freezing rain that may linger into early tomorrow morning here. that's because the temperatures are going to hover very close to that freezing mark, not just early tomorrow morning but they may linger through about lunchtime near freezing so there could be some pockets of freezing drizzle lingering through the merrimack valley and northern worcester county much of the day tomorrow. then we watch the second system approach us.
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so it floods our area with very warm air. that is going to lead to heavy downpours. can't rule out some thunder. poor drainage flooding is a possibility here as we get toward the early part of thursdayment all the while those winds will be screaming out of the south-southeast with gusts over 50 miles per hour. so very similar set-up the rainstorm we had last week. let me step you through the timeline tomorrow because we start with that little bit of icing early in the morning. that lulls before heavier rain starts to come in late in the day tomorrow. it's tomorrow night right around downpours. these will cross the area so by the thursday morning commute, i downpours. a lot of ponding of the water on the roadways. we'll dry things out after noontime and drying things out in general late in the day on week. take a look at some of the rain totals here. anywhere from an inch to two inches of rain. that's why i'm concerned with the threat for some of that poor drainage flooding. behind this system we get toward friday we're dlying it out. the weekend itself looking pretty dry as well with temperatures back to near 50 by
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olessa: looks good. you have to get past the next couple days. so far a quiet start on the roads for you this morning. a live look outside at the pike by allston/brighton eastbound moving to the top of the screen. let's get to the maps and see the rest of your ride. good news all the overnight construction is now out of your way. 93 south at the zakim, the expressway, as you travel by mass avenue and then a little bit farther south of there by east milton square. construction cleared on 24 at 128 as well. as well as ol 128 by route 2 where we had three lanes closed for the overnight hours. so far the trains and the bus s are still running on schedule. randy: thank you. police say the uber driver charged with murdering six people in michigan is telling police he did it. the killer confessing as he faced a judge' his motive still a mystery. jason dalton said very little in court yesterday. he's charged with shooting and killing a father and son at a car dealership saturday, then killing four women outside a cracker barrel. in between the murders,
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up uber fares around kalamazoo. several passengers had complained about him in that time. uber says dalton passed a background check and became a driver less than a month ago. the company does not plan on making any changes to the way they screen drivers. emily: your economy this morning asian stocks were mostly weaker eye on the price of crude oil. the price per barrel dropping which lifted energy stocks. the dow jumped more than 200 points, but u.s. stock futures are down right now. master card trying out a pretty unique fraud prevention aroach. the company is launching technology so you can use selfies and fingerprint scans to approve online purchases. they say passwords are too easy for scammers to guess. you do have to download the master card identity check app to use your pictures to be able to way. new this morning. when it comes to working out, running can be pretty basic.
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dedicated to making it fun. randy: erika is back with how they're kicking things up. erika: for many running, especially at the gym, is synonymous with, well, boring; but a brand new all-running studio in the north end, one of only a couple in the country, is challenging that idea. erika: smiling on a treadmill? >> let's go! erika: miracles do happen. turns out pounding out miles without actually moving can be fun when you're at mystryde. >> it's 45 minutes just for you. >> i've had people describe it as a runner's dream. erika: owner rebecca skudder says imagine a spin studio but replace the bikes with treadmills-- a concept she came up with when one day she opted to spin instead of run. >> afterwards i was like, this has to exist for running. this doesn't make any sense. >> we did a lot of intervals, some hills, so it was pretty challenging. erika: in a forgiving dim-lit room, expect, yes, sprint intervals hills but also lots of encouragement. >> push, push, push, push. erika: all set to a pretty pumping playlist.
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as far as pushing our bodies. erika: in the end i found myself running farther and faster than ever. >> almost there. that's it. that's it. >> everyone walks out of here being like, "i would never do that on my own." erika: the trick is since it's fun, you might even do it again. out. erika: did i mention we're on hanover street? i'm getting a canoli! erika: it was fun. it kind of still looks painful but the music is distracting. this is for all levels, people who jog, elite runners. sprinting. you can change it up. randy: a little bit like being in a marathon. erika: you guys love watching me be tortured. randy: that was fun. erika: tomorrow morning on the eye, getting rid of the winter blahs with a little romance. the new boston-based app helping singles find love through fitness. emily: sounds good. erika, thanks. slamming into a house from the driver's perspective.
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survive the moment of impact. randy: then new at 5:30. a new move to protect passengers. the safety rule just implemented in boston cabs. emily: an armed robbery inside a chipotle. how one employee escaped after being forced into the freezer. randy: special tributes at the bruins' game. the first responders getting a the new caramel macchiato r let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk,
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emily: 5:24 on your tuesday morning. we've had a stretch of pretty nice weather the past few days. that will be changing through midweek. we have two areas i'm watching that will be moving on in. that first one alifes late in day. we're starting out dry with temperatures running in the 20's this morning. we are going to come up into the 30's today but by day's end, we're going to watch some snow spread into the area. it is going to change to sleet, freezing rain overnight. because of that we do have a winter weather advisory in effect. so snow arrives this evening. it will change to some sleet, freezing rain and a little icy tomorrow morning north and west of town. then we have heavy rain downpours early thursday with temperatures climbing into the 50's. emily. emily: cindy, thank you. it is 5:25. olessa is back with your tuesday eyepoppers. olessa: first up video that puts you right in the driver's seat. an out-of-control dump truck is knocked off the road by another car that clipped its back tires. the truck barrels right into a home in north carolina. the impact caught on a dashboard
5:26 am
the truck driver wasn't seriously hurt. i don't know about the house though. he says he survived by lying across the seats just before he slammed into the house. it takes a state of mind to figure out to lie down. unbelievable. >> it's just too cute for me to eat! olessa: whatever you do, don't arrange this kid's dinner to look like smiley faces. despite being hungry, this little boy can't eat his meal because it just "too cute" for him. so naturally the mom asks if he wants her to make it a sad face so he can eat. he refuses, saying he wants it to stay with a smile. >> don't ever make those again. emily: i mean, you know. there's a lesson for you. a cute diet. emily: it would work for me. i don't care what it's shaped like. randy: never had that problem.
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randy: of being too cute. a snake island up for discussion in the bay state. the action today that could move the idea forward. and a sensitive discussion in watertown. how a movie production company is trying to recreate the 2013 the third generation nest learning thermostat. it's proven to save energy. even better? if you live in massachusetts, you can get a $100 rebate from your energy provider. get your nest thermostat at best buy today. we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. r we should be making
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tuition-free. vwith a tax p the taxpayers of this country it is time for them the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." a scorched living room. and a near disaster. kelley: the warning after a local family becomes part of a frightening trend. doug: a new move to keep taxi passengers safe in boston. but police say the crackdown shouldn't stop there. emily: and mark wahlberg has a controversial request for a how it's tied to the marathon bombing. on the eye. we are following breaking news right now in boston. police are investigating after a four-year-old boy was wandering along blue hill avenue in dorchester. this happened around 3:00 a.m. that boy was taken to the hospital to be checked out. we will bring you updates as we get them. randy: 5:30 on this tuesday morning. looking at traffic moving on the south east expressway at this hour. good' morning. thank you so much for joining us this morning. i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer along with cindy and olessa. things are moving along nicely now.
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storm. cindy: this storm will be drawn out in two pieces. the first punch comes tonight and that's a wintery one. the second punch comes tomorrow night. that's when it will be warm with heavy downpours. first things first. we have a little snow with winter expected to make a comeback. the winter weather advise vee goes into effect at 4:00 this tomorrow. a little bit of snow and changeover to sleet and freezing morning. now. teens, orange to keene. otherwise we're running in the 20's. 27 out the door in boston right now. clouds beginning toed a vance already. we're going to cloud over pretty quickly this morning. there's the moisture to our south. rain right now from washington on south ward. as it runs into that colder air, any time sunshine fades away this morning. temperatures in the upper 30's under the clouds this afternoon. you can see that snow coming in to connecticut here by 5:00 this afternoon. and then as we get toward 8:00 p.m., it is moving in to greater boston so it moves in
5:32 am
during the overnight hours, from south to north, we're going to see a changeover of that snow to some areas of sleet, freezing rain and all rain. and it looks like that freezing rain could linger across the interior even into the early hours of tomorrow morning. so tomorrow morning's commute may be a little bit slippery. not expecting a lot of snow. 1-3 inches away from the coastline. just enough to make things slippery. let's get you out to the roads right now. no weather issues out the door this morning. olessa: we're not seeing any delays on the major roadways. a live look at the expressway by the gas tank northbound side still moving by at a good pace. let's get to the maps now. we're getting word of one accident route 9 east bound if street. an accident there involving a car that hit a utility pole. part of the roadway is blocked. south of town you're in good shape. all the overnight construction is gone. 24, route 3, 95 looking good. no issues to report right now on the pike or route 9. well. trains and buses starting the emily.
5:33 am
here's what we're following right now on the eye. a fire in this chelmsford living room is being blamed on a hoverboard. the fire chief says a child was riding the toy in the monmouth road home when it sparked and caught fire. no one was hurt. right now a 76-year-old man is in the hospital with serious injuries after he was hit by a car in natick. it happened at mill street and ranger road. police say the 19-year-old driver did stay on the scene and has not been charged. this morning we know the mbta will debate how much to hike fares at a meeting next monday. they could go up by as much as 10%. a final vote is slated for randy: right now boston police are taking new steps to keep passengers safe in city cabs. the eyeopener's doug meehan is live in boston with the changes for those drivers. police now want to fingerprint all cab drivers here in the city, and that process is already underway. fingerprinting started yesterday for boston's 6,000 cab drivers. to conduct more thorough background checks.
5:34 am
is to make sure riders are as safe as possible. mayor. i think, you know, we're not looking for people that might have a record and not be able to drive but people that might have serious records that are concerning to people. doug: the city's police commissioner is also calling for fingerprinting drivers of ride-share companies uber and lyft. legislation to require those changes is pending. we're live in boston, doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: terrifying moments for employees at a dartmouth chipotle robbed at gunpoint. watch as they're forced into the freezer. right now police are trying to find the gunmen before they strike again. the two masked men were waiting outside by a back door sunday night when employees went to take the trash out. surveillance video then shows them forcing the workers back into a walk-in cooler. then one suspect forces another employee into an office, struggling with the manager.
5:35 am
street. >> if they're capable of doing it once, they're capable of doing it again. >> it's scary because a lot of people apply to jobs like this at our age. emily: those gunmen did make off with cash. after finding the cash drawer along route 6, police are certain they had a car waiting. randy: salem new hampshire's finance director is off the job and facing criminal charges this morning. jane savastano was arrested for shoplifting friday during her lunch break. police say she left the macy's in salem with nearly $600 worth of items she didn't pay for. the town is launching an internal investigation to review its own accounts and has hired outside prosecutors to handle savastano's case. she's been on the job since 2005. 5 on the opioid crisis. the drug overdose epidemic taking center stage in washington. governors of all 50 states are endorsing a plan to boost prescription drug monitoring programs nationally. the national standards would naturally limit the supply of
5:36 am
the public. president obama has expressed skepticism about limiting opiate prescriptions. emily: a bill to legalize marijuana is moving forward in vermont. a senate committee approved the bill on monday, and it now heads for a vote in the full senate. the law would allow possession of up to an ounce of marijuana. it would also create a controlled system for growing and selling it. governor peter shumlin says he strongly supports the measure. saying "thank you" to first responders. randy: the big night at the garden for a pair of heroes. a watertown neighborhood faced with some tough memories. how movie producers are trying to capture a traumatic moment without causing an upset. emily: and ahead in news to go, a huge fire in california. dramatic video as firefighters try to stop those flames from
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olessa: good morning. welcome back to the "eyeopener." a live look outside route 1 in saugus. the southbound side heading for the bottom of the screen. you can see a little bit of volume starting to build. traffic still getting by at the speed limit. no major delays or issues to report. no weather woes either at least not for now. cindy: not for this commute, olessa. we're starting out dry. may see a little sunshine this morning. 20's now, upper 30's the best we do for highs today. right on the mark in terms of where we should be this time of year but snow is going to be developing between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. not talking about a lot of snow. it looks like about 1-3 inches but a changeover to some rain and freezing rain overnight. that could make tomorrow morning's commute a little bit slippery as well. the rest of your search-day
5:40 am
randy? randy: the film production the boston marathon attacks is hoping to recreate the watertown shootout. location managers have been in touch with watertown residents to discuss the filming of "patriots day" starring mark wahlberg. watertown residents have received fliers asking for their cooperation. the filming would require simulated gunshots late at night, and the crew would begin filming in late april. emily: a special night for first responders at the t.d. garden. the boston bruins paying tribute to some of boston's bravest. dic donohue, the retired mbta transit police officer wounded in the watertown shootout, dropped the ceremonial puck; but he and others being honored downplay any talk of heroism. arlington police officer mike hogan saved a man in cardiac arrest last year, and three years ago he rescued an elderly woman from her burning home. but he says he was just happy to be at last night's game for his son. >> it's nice for me because my son is a huge hockey fan so to be able to include him in
5:41 am
>> are you proud of him tonight? >> yeah, i'm very proud of him. emily: sean says he wants to play for the bruins; but if that's doesn't work out, he might just follow in dad's footsteps. randy: 19 before 6:00. a hoverboard blamed for a disaster in chelmsford. the warning this morning. and a safe place to shoot heroin. the idea causing an uproar in new york. plus a bold move to prevent breast cancer. the decision more and more women
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emily: it is 5:43 this morning. the eyeopener team ready with your news to go in chelmsford, boston, and following the fallout from the cosby deposition. randy: but first cindy has your forecast. off to a decent start today. snend the start is not the problemment it's the finish. we're going to be dealing with wave number one, but we also have number two waiting in the wings. kind of a stormy stretch through about noon on thursday. emily: oh, wow. cindy: but first things first. it is quiet but cold out the door. teens and 20's out there right now. patchy cloud cover but the clouds are going to thicken up here this morning. look at that rain waiting for us down to south. this is the first wave that is coming on in. as this moisture bumps into the colder air that is in place, it is going to produce some snow. that should break out between 4:00 and 8:00 this evening with temperatures coming up into the upper 30's to near 40 degrees today. winter weather advisory goes into effect at 4:00 this afternoon for an initial burst of snow, but it changes to sleet
5:45 am
we're not talking about a lot of snow. it's just 1-3 inches along and outside of 128. a little bit closer to the coastline but just enough to make things slippery overnight. you can see the clouds thickening up through lunchtime. watch the snow moving across connecticut by 5:00 p.m. close inning on greater boston between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m., reaching up into southern new hampshire thereafter. by midnight we're already seeing that changeover to rain along the coast especially south of boston and then overnight we're changing it on over to plain rain. the concern is this area in pink here from southern new hampshire down through northern worcester county. this is where the temperatures may stay cold enough to support freezing rain even through the late morning hours tomorrow. but i don't see too much happening until later on in the day on wednesday as that second wave moves on in. so as we're watching that second wave move on in, that next storm will track to our west. that will bring much warmer air on into the area and look at that line of storms coming through. right through the thursday
5:46 am
we could see poor drainage flooding. the winds could gust over 50 miles per hour. that is going to send those temperatures into the 50's here by thursday. let's get you out to the roads right now. it's quiet before all this messy weather moves in. olessa: it is. we are watching one problem spot this morning along route 9 eastbound side by center street. the road is closed right now for a serious accident involving an overturned car. if you're heading in that direction plan accordingly. the rest of the major roadways are looking good this morning. south of town not seeing too much issues just yet. expressway 10-15 braintree to boston. the pike is quiet as well. as you travel southbound 93 you're good to go. a little bit of volume out of methuen. a quick live i don't care outside. route 1 in saugus, typical volume starting to build on the southbound side. other than that, we're in pretty good shape. trains and the buses are running on schedule. randy:thank you. news right now in boston. four-year-old boy was found avenue in dorchester. this happened around 3:00 a.m. boston e.m.s. brought the boy to the hospital to be checked out. we'll bring you updates as we
5:47 am
is now under investigation in chelmsford. randy: the eyeopener's kelley tuthill is there with the pictures of the damage. kelley: well, randy and emily, this all happened as the child was riding the hover board in living room at the house behind me mere on monmouth street. this is what's left of the toy. take a look. chelmsford's fire chief said it suddenly sparked and caught fire catching the living room on fire. you can see the damage for yourself. a rug and the wall, the room charred. fortunately the child was not hurt. this is just the latest incident with one of these devices which have been increasingly linked to fires caused by overheating batter ease. just last week the federal government warned the toys do not meet safety standards. an investigation by the consumer product safety commission is now underway. live in chelmsford, kelley tuthill, wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: if you're jumping in a cab in the city of boston, your
5:48 am
with fingerprinting. boston police announcing the process of fingerprinting all of the 6,000 licensed taxi drivers began yesterday. commissioner bill evens saying this is a bigger part of background checks and would increase passenger safety. cab drivers will be required to submit to fingerprinting as part of an annual license renewal process, according to the department. we're live in boston, doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. erika: bill cosby's wife is facing another day of being deposed after a seven-hour day yesterday answering questions about her famous husband. camille cosby was forced to testify. prosecutors want to know what, if anything, she knew about bill cosby's interactions with seven women who accused him of sexual assault, then filed a defamation suit against him here in massachusetts. details of what mrs. cosby said behind closed doors in springfield have not been released, but we do know much of the day was spent arguing about spousal privilege and the judge had to be called twice.
5:49 am
again march 14. emily: a cambridge police officer is on leave. a woman was hit while riding a bike on sunday night. police believe the driver was an off-duty officer who left the scene. no charges been filed. the officer's name has not been released. that woman was not seriously hurt. randy: president obama plans to shut down guantanamo bay will be submitted to congress today according to white house officials. the president has long vowed to close the facility. he says it is used as a recruiting tool by terrorists and is too costly to maintain. the current proposal involves transferring most of the detainees to other countries. congress had opposed plans to emily: a big day for the nevada caucuses are today. leading in the polls there. and a shake-up for the ted cruz campaign. he posted a video wrongly accusing marco rubio of
5:50 am
randy: a controversial suggestion. the mayor of ithaca, new york, wants his city to host the nation's first supervised injection facility. it would provide a safe space where addicts can inject illegal drugs like heroin safely. he says nurses or physicians could quickly administer an antidote if a user overdoses while addicts could get clean syringes and be directed to treatment and recovery programs. emily: a 76-year-old man is in the hospital with serious injuries after he was hit by a car in natick while crossing the street. it happened at mill street and ranger road. driver did stay on the scene and has not been charged. umass memorial medical center in worcester. court today as police search for her alleged partner in crime. police arrested jacqueline car chase led to a crash in saugus. the man with her, michael gouthro, took off. both were already wanted for attacking a revere police officer with a hypodermic needle
5:51 am
police on a chase there. emily: the superintendent of boston public schools says an investigation into the racial climate at boston latin school is closed. superintendent tommy chang met with the local naacp yesterday and reiterated support for headmaster lynne mooney teta. black community leaders have called for her resignation, claiming she mishandled several cases of racism involving students. a report claims she handled all but one incident appropriately. the state fire marshal is offering a $5,000 reward for information on this fire. it destroyed a mill in fall river on saturday morning. the building collapsing under massive flames. investigators say it was vacant and they are now searching for the cause. randy: right now firefighters in california are battling a massive blaze at a warehouse in rancho dominguez. dozens of firefighters trying to get the fire under control the area has several large warehouses and industrial buildings.
5:52 am
investigation. emily: there's an unusual plan up for discussion today. the division of fisheries and wildlife wants to start a colony of venomous timber rattlesnakes on an island in the quabbin reservoir. the endangered snakes are indigenous to the state but have been nearly wiped out by humans. some residents are worried the snakes would escape the island. but one state official says it's unlikely because there's plenty of food and places to hibernate. randy: logan airport will soon offer nonstop service from boston to lisbon, portugal. the airline "tap portugal" will launch the daily flights starting on june 11. the company hopes to tap massachusetts' large portuguese community as well as provide a quicker route to southern europe. emily: new research finds sea levels are rising faster now than they have in nearly 3,000 years. scientists came to the conclusion after reconstructing the earth's sea levels over the last 2,800 years. nasa reports the ocean is currently rising at a rate more than double that between 1900 and 2000 when the sea level rose
5:53 am
to blame. randy: a new report shows a dramatic increase in the number of mastectomies over the last decade. the u.s. department of health and human services reports a 36% increase from 2005 to 2013. the rate of women without cancer getting the procedure doubled over that time. experts say the report highlights a willingness to treat the procedure as a preventative measure to stop breast cancer. emily: a new initiative from in the city of new bedford. the police department announcing the a new bullying tip line. the city urging anyone who knows victims of bullying or are victims themselves to call the line and leave an anonymous tip. celtics on the road in minnesota. down most of the game, they stage a late rally against the timberwolves. avery bradley gets the c's within one with just nine seconds to go. but minnesota makes a clutch free-throw. the c's couldn't come up with it at the buzzer. they lose, 124-122. the bruins didn't fare much better at home.
5:54 am
jackets battling up hill all night. columbus scoring three goals in the second period. two more in the third. the b's cut the deficit down in the final period but couldn't keep up on defense. 6-4 blue jackets the final. randy: right behind cindy, a beautiful sunrise at this hour coming up. cindy: what i love is that the time here is not even 6:00 in the morning yet. we're seeing that on the horizon. pretty good stuff. any sunshine today though is going to be short-lived. we've got stormy weather coming in by this evening. we're setting the stage right now with a very light northerly wind. temperatures running in the 20's boston. some of our coldest suburbs in the teens this morning. look what happens. any sunshine today as we're clouding over late morning with afternoon. high temperatures today upper that's it. days. starting at 4:00 this afternoon, a winter weather advisory goes into effect away from the coastline for a period of snow
5:55 am
rain and eventually all rain. so that's going to hold back the amount. not a lot of snow. about 1-3 inches. less toward the coastline but slippery. you can see the moisture coming up through washington d.c. as rain but it will run into that colder air. that's why we're talking snow. this is just the first wave we're watching though. there is another one behind it. and this one is going to come in with some heavy downpours wednesday night into first thing on thursday morning. so a lot to watch the next couple of days. here you see the clouds filling in by lunchtime. by 5:00 this afternoon there is some snow coming out of connecticut and moving up toward boston through 8:00 this evening. and then notice after we get toward about midnight, rain is overspreading a good portion of the area. but this pink here is some icing that may linger into the early part of tomorrow for northern worcester county and up into southern new hampshire. probably until about noontime tomorrow but notice we're coming up into the 40's right along the coastline. we're watching this second wave approach during the day on
5:56 am
that is going to send some heavy rain through wednesday night into early thursday, downpours thunder, can't rule out poor drainage flooding and the winds could gust over 50 miles per hour. by 6:00 on thursday morning, we're going to be seeing the winds close to 50 miles per hour. when it's all said and done we're talking about widespread rainfall on the order of one to two inches. not out of the question as we get some of those thunderstorms. a wind-swept, soaking rain coming early thursday. behind it we're drying it out friday and on into the weekend. the next couple of days going to be slow going on the roads. let's see how we're doing out there. olessa: we're watching one problem early this morning in newton along the eastbound side of route 9. the road is closed by center street for an accident involving an overturned car. we're going to keep you posted on that. besides that just typical volume on 24, 95, route 3 stop-and-go into the braintree split. a disabled car on the expressway north by furnace brook. expect one lane to be closed in
5:57 am
pike still only about 15, 495 to 128. and then north of town you're in good shape on 93 south. stop-and-go to spot pond. once again approaching the leverett connector. trains and buses are running on schedule. a quick live look outside. here is route 1 for you in saugus. southbound side starting to build. those southbound delays as well. randy: thank you. the "t" could soon get more fare money. but a new audit might raise questions on how that money gets used. emily: the report raising eyebrows this morning. and take your run to the next level. the treadmill workout getting everyone from beginners to
5:58 am
your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients.
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and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like stop & shop's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. r eat well for less.
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: charred pieces of a hoverboard serving as a warning this morning. the dangerous situation unfolding in a chelmsford living room. emily: "5 investigates" with a major step forward in a boston cold case. the discovery two decades in the making and the one piece still missing. randy: a new timetable for "t" fare hikes as an audit reveals some jarring statistics. how taxpayer money is being used on the eye for this tuesday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: 6:00 a.m. also on the eye this morning. a new take on running.


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