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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  March 1, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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s nomination. heather: bernie sanders in his home state of vermont tonight. the democrat in burlington earlier today, encouraging voters to come out and support him on super tuesday. sanders says he is very proud of his campaign and the accomplishments like winning the new hampshire primary and coming very close to winning the iowa caucus. ed: let' s go to kentucky and donald trump is that the podium behind the mic and speaking right now. chris christie is with him. trump is the front runner in the republican party. kentucky has its first-ever weekend. heather: ted cruz talking to reporters this afternoon in his home state of texas. he is expected to do very well in the lone star state tonight. cruz gained momentum when he came out on top in the iowa caucus, but has fallen to trump in the latest contests. ed: marco rubio spending the day in minnesota. the florida republican senator talking to a voters at a
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along with him, former louisiana governor bobby jindal. heather: former president bill campaign stops today in ed: newscenter 5' s rhondella richardson is live in new bedford tonight with his message. rhondella: we heard stories about how hillary clinton was right over there at the west end for the children' s defense fund. bill clinton reminisced and is really looking forward. there was a lot of crowds here. the former president excited voters on the ropeline at the buttonwoods zoo area poll. even the campaign said it didn' t expect this big a crowd for the former president super tuesday, , stumping for wife hillary. president clinton: we can all rise together. hillary says the way to do it is to build letters of opportunity -- ladders of opportunity.
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a campaign worker says he is off to join hillary clinton to watch the returns. we will have a wrapup on all of the candidates later at 5:00 and 6:00. back to you. heather: donald trump, the heavy favorite in many super tuesday contests tonight. ed: newscenter 5' s reid lamberty focusing on the gop front runner and the rest of the republican field. reid: this first day of multiple-state voting will come to a close within hours, and when the smoke clears, it will more than likely be a big day for donald trump and will tighten his grip on the party' s nomination. the brash billionaire spending super tuesday in columbus, ohio. that state votes in two weeks but it is an important battleground state that, in trump' s words, "will send a signal like nothing else." ted cruz facing a make or break in his home state in texas where he voted today along with his wife. marco rubio was hoping to win at least something today. post-super tuesday known for trimming down the field of candidates, and while the front-runner spent time bashing his gop rivals, trump focused most of his message on hillary
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mr. trump: hillary clinton cannot do the job, number one. number two, she shouldn' t be allowed to do the job because what she did was a criminal act. she shouldn' t be allowed to run. reid: john kasich and ben carson, the remaining gop candidates that are fishing for more support today, it is likely that one or more gop candidates could drop out after tonight due to low voter turnout. ed: this hotly-contested presidential season has the potential to trigger records this super tuesday. heather: newscenter 5' s janet wu is live in west roxbury with the voter turnout numbers so far. janet: we could definitely see a new record in massachusetts. here, they are seeing numbers not quite as high as obama in 2008 but definitely equal, if not surpassing 2012. this is a traditionally democratic area and they get
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as republican ballots. the secretary of state is predicting a record high turnout for republican statewide today. as high as 700,000 in massachusetts which would be 200,000 more. that would mean a lot of independents picking up gop ballots. we picked up several poll locations and one of the biggest was in brighton in boston where every young voter we spoke with said they voted for bernie sanders. ward 21, which is where we were in brighton, they had 1000 more voters by noontime than they did in 2008. we will have more on this at 5:00. janet wu, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: despite the number of voters that turnout tonight, it' s all about the delegates. heather: 13 states are voting today. that' s 1460 delegates up for grabs. 865 for democrats, 595 for republicans. after today, 30% of gop delegates will be awarded.
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that might not get any one candidate to the magic number needed to secure the nomination, but it usually pushes under-performers out. ed: governor charlie baker casting his vote in swampscott this morning. demand that he endorsed chris , christie, is out. the governor has said he will not vote for trump or ted cruz. so, who did he vote for? gov. baker: i was looking for the person who i thought had a demonstrated track record of being able to work with others and find a way to get stuff done, working with people you don' t always agree with. recognizing that the big problem we have in washington is that nobody can accomplish anything. ed: he did not reveal who it was. as for whether he will support the republican nominee, the governor says he will wait to see how it plays out, saying there is still a long way to go in this race. heather: the "new hampshire union leader" is taking back its endorsement of chris christie tonight.
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joseph mcquaid says in endorsing trump, christie rejected the very principles of his campaign that attracted the newspaper' s support. mcquaid claims christie told the "union leader" he would never back trump. ed: a sources telling abc news that the odds of michael bloomberg running in 2016 are very, very low, almost zero. however, the source says the decision could come as early as this week. there has been speculation he would run as an independent. heather: we invite you to stay with us as the super tuesday results come in. an abc news special starts at 10:00 tonight right here followed by newscenter 5 at 11:00. you can also track the results live on the free wcvb mobile app. ed: off the campaign trail, a sigh of relief for hillary clinton. heather: the state department has finally published all non-classified e-mails from clinton' s private server during her time as secretary of state. it' s been an issue that' s dogged her this campaign.
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released in the final batch. the state department has reviewed and released most of the more than 52,000 e-mails on the server. ed: president obama face to face today with senate leaders who plan on blocking his supreme court nominee. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell among those attending the meeting in the oval office. you can see he is in the office with the president. obama is looking to fill the vacancy left on the bench after the sudden death of long-time conservative justice antonin scalia. heather: a live look at the boston skyline and clear skies this evening but changes are on the way. ed: harvey leonard is tracking the potential for those changes. i will not say it. harvey: the changes are coming. winter weather advisory in effect well north and west of boston later tonight. it will not last that long, only until 1 a.m., but a little longer in southern new hampshire. it is not for snow, but for possibly sleek
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wind will become a factor late tonight into tomorrow. out of the south, 20 to 30. here is the storm on the way -- snow is heading north of us. rain is heading for us. a bit of ice in between. here is the way it will break down -- clouds picking up tonight around 11:00. maybe a touch of freezing rain near worcester county. 1:00 in the morning, parts of worcester county could be a little icy borderline. the rest of us are rainy and then it will turn warmer with downpours during the morning commute. it is above freezing everywhere, but when the precipitation starts, it might be very close to freezing worcester north and west. look how much milder it will be by tomorrow morning. then we will talk about the wind gusts which could be impressive and the big temperature changes in a little while. ed: new at 4:30, boston police have arrested this man accused in several armed robberies near the chinatown t stop. he is 30-year-old jose lopez is accused of robbing people,
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kitchen knife. heather: a huge show of support today by law enforcement. hundreds waiting to get into this virginia church to honor a police officer killed in the line of duty. ed: ashley guindon was shot and killed on her first shift. newscenter 5' s maria stephanos is here with more on today' s tribute for the fallen officer. maria: a huge outpouring of support for the 28-year-old rookie police officer who was remembered today by family, friends and colleagues. both her viewing and funeral were open to the public. law enforcement from all over the country waited for hours to pay their respects. officer guindon was gunned down saturday, responding to a domestic violence call. it was her first day on the job. other officers were hurt. they are expected to survive. she graduated from merrimack high school. she will be buried in west springfield right next to her father. ed: major fallout for a roman catholic diocese in pennsylvania tied to an alleged child abuse cover-up.
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finds two bishops helped hide the abuse of hundreds of children allegedly at the hands of more than 50 priests. this happening over a span of 40 years. one of the bishops has died, the other retired in 2011. the state' s attorney general says none of the accused can be prosecuted due to statues of limitations and victims too traumatized to testify. the cardinal-archbishop of boston reacting to "spotlight" winning best picture at sunday' s academy awards. ed: cardinal sean o' malley releasing a statement saying in , part, "in a democracy such as ours, journalism is essential to our way of life. the media' s role in revealing the sexual abuse crisis opened a door through which the church has walked in responding to the needs of survivors." "spotlight" follows the "boston globe' s" investigative team as they work to expose abuse by priests throughout the boston archdiocese. "spotlight" also won for best original screenplay. heather: a private school in western massachusetts has been
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of an abuse scandal. the eagleton school in great barrington is for boys and young men with autism and other disorders. five employees at the school are facing charges for alleged abuse. the "berkshire eagle" reporting the school knew about it but initially didn' t report the extent of the allegations, trying to avoid an investigation. ed: two people are dead tonight after a crash in kensington, new hampshire. a third person has life-threatening injuries. investigators say the driver lost control on route 108 and rolled over twice. all three people inside were thrown from the suv. it is not clear tonight if speed, drugs, alcohol or a factor. heather: right now, a deadly crash in randolph is under investigation. it happened just after 1:30 this morning on route 24 south. one person is dead and another injured. the van veered off the highway and into the woods. it' s not clear what caused the driver to lose control. ed: let' s take you to leominster where right now investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fatal fire.
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home on main street before 9:00 this morning. you can see the aftermath here. so far, no other details about the victim or what caused the fire have been released. heather: time now to flashforward. ed: the weapon recovered from the scene. then, new at 6:00 -- pam: this is a selfie freezone. heather: and new at 7:00 -- 5 for good. meet a sherborn mother giving hundreds of hours of her time to help the tiniest patients. harvey: clearly, you can see this storm is on its way. i have the timeline and the incredible temperatures way that
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it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? announcer: you are watching ed: taking a look at first alert traffic. you' re looking live at the mass pike. it is moving great in both directions right now. the traffic in the middle of the screen. it is going through new ok ton ok. where it is red, it is slowing. upper deck, 128, 24 minutes.
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western tolls, still moving -- 21 minutes. 495 in both directions looks good. that is traffic right now. heather: after a year in space, u.s. astronaut scott kelly is on his way home. kelly and a russian cosmonaut served as test subjects on the international space station so scientists could study the effects of space travel on the human body. it' s part of nasa' s research on whether or not astronauts can handle a trip to mars. cumulative time in space of any he' s scheduled to land in kazakhstan just before midnight and will return to texas tomorrow. ed: harvey, what is this behind us? harvey: that is a meteorologist playing with graphics. i' m kidding. there are three of them right there. it is perfect. [laughter]
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out of this. harvey: most of my time is gone already. harrisburg, pennsylvania is like 59. there is a big contrast which means there is whether to go so let' s get into it. here is boston right now. we obviously don' t rehearse. it has been a lovely day. how about the wind? didn' t wake you up around 3 a.m.? it was ferocious. yesterday was record-breaking. 39 degrees right now. the wind is off the water at 18 miles per hour in boston. over the land, it has made it back in the low-to-mid 40' s in hartford and providence. only in the upper 30' s. when precipitation starts initially, the temperatures will drop and there could be a bit of
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we will go from the somewhat cool air today. by tomorrow morning, we are back into the warmth and later tomorrow, we are back into the cool. we have to go through a storm. here is the moisture on the way. downpours. snowing over all of michigan right now. for us, the snow area heads far north of our region. there can be the period of freezing rain or sleet when it begins late tonight into midnight. north and west of boston, you can expect a little bit of that but it is really worcester county and northwestern massachusetts that there could be a little bit of slippery going for a few hours in the morning. the temperature will start to rise because the wind will pick up out of the south, enough so we have another wind advisory in effect. it will be around cape cod. we may see
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tomorrow morning. the clouds will be thickening this evening. when precipitation starts around worcester, that pink color illustrates there could be some sleet or freezing rain perhaps as late as 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. after that, the mild air takes over and it will be rain with heavy downpours which should impact the first half of the morning commute tomorrow into eastern massachusetts. later on, it will slide offshore. the temperatures will be all over the place. the lowest readings will be around midnight or 1 a.m. that is for parts of worcester county towards the berkshires -- it will be at freezing temporarily, but then the temperature jumps up radically by morning. then it is an upside down day. the cold front goes through later in the morning and the temperatures plummet later in the day. it actually becomes overnight cold and a cold day coming up on thursday.
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the gusts at 50 miles per hour into tomorrow morning. still strong out of the northwest as the colder air follows. the next seven days for you, we will be somewhat stormy tonight into tomorrow morning. the rest of the day is windy with falling temperatures. thursday will be bright but colder than average, starting up in the teens to around 20. we want you to focus on friday. there is a chance of some snow. the indications right now are it will be light snow. i would not rule out small accumulations, but possibly somewhat heavy downpours. the cape, clear out and hold on on saturday. it is something to look forward to down the road. ed: we are focusing on your health on newscenter 5. harvard university says there are two confirmed cases of the mumps on campus. both are students at the divinity school. the university says the scope of the infection is currently under investigation. meantime new hampshire health , officials are hoping spring break will help stop an outbreak of the mumps from spreading at st. anselm college.
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team have been diagnosed with the mumps and another three cases are suspected. spring break means students have gone home, but with a 25-day incubation period, health officials are keeping an eye out. heather: the first drug approved to target the female libido is facing new controversy. a review of studies on the drug marketed as addyl claim the benefits are only marginal. it has been nicknamed the female viagra. it was rejected twice by the fda over concerns about its effectiveness and side effects. ed: a new setback in the construction project on a bridge many of you drive on every day. heather: the new timeline to fix the comm avenue bridge. oprah is getting rid of some of her designer duds for a good cause. the partnership with ebay putting her high-end fashions up for auction. first, let'
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ed: right now, a setback for the project to rebuild parts of the comm avenue bridge in boston. heather: the department of transportation saying tonight design errors by the construction company have delayed plans by a year. the nearly $82 million project is now set to be complete by the fall of 2019. the goal is to replace concrete deck and steel beams that were constructed around 1965. tonight, google is changing its tune after one of its self-driving cars was involved in an accident. ed: the company now says it
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the crash. last month, its self-driving lexus rx-450 hybrid struck a municipal bus. nobody was hurt. google had previously said that its self-driving vehicles have never been at fault in any crashes. heather: oprah is cleaning out her closet and it' s benefiting a good cause. and maybe you. the media mogul is partnering with ebay to auction more than 200 pieces from high-end designers. proceeds will benefit her boarding school for girls in south africa. bidding began today and all the items started at $.99. ed: still ahead on newscenter 5 at 4:30 -- the rolling stones set to make history. heather: the new gig expected to
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switch to better.
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for the oscars. despite history being made in some of the major categories, this year' s academy awards were down roughly 8% from last year. about 34.3 million people tuned in, nearing a record low for the ceremony. industry analysts say the boycott over lack of diversity may have contributed. heather: the rolling stones are heading to cuba for an historic trip. the band has a show scheduled for march 25 in havana. that will make them the biggest band to play in cuba in over 50 years. the band says the concert will be free. it' s expected to draw record
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ed: we are following breaking news at 5:00. phil and heather have that for you right now. phil: breaking now -- another zika virus case in new england. how the patient contracted the bug. heather: record turnout predicted for super tuesday. the candidates nationwide push and the big-name support in boston. phil: local brothers accused of looting a home with a body inside. harvey: rain for most of us, ice for some and dramatic temperature swings. heather: your job and your heart. the research that shows yes, what you do affects your health. announcer: from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter five at 5:00. phil: we begin with breaking news -- an mbta train operator did rig a switch, allowing a red line train to operate on its own filled with passengers, according to a final report we' ve just obtained. heather: 5 investigates broke the news of that runaway train in december. karen anderson here now with some of the evidence investigators looked at. karen?
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investigators figure out ho that train took off without an operator. take a look. that' s a radio and cord from the mbta train wrapped around what' s known as the dead man' s switch. the operator needs to apply constant pressure to the switch or the train will not move. december 10 just after 6 a.m. when the train took off, the operator david vasquez got out of the train to fix a track problem. it went five miles before power was cut stopping the train. no passengers were hurt. the report includes a written statement from vazquez where he says, "i was putting on my gloves with the mic cord on top of the dead man switch. i forgot and misplaced what i had done after talking to the dispatcher." train operators are prohibited from reading those switches.


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