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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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bypass mode which required him leaving the cad and flipping this switch under the front of the train. investigators recommend moving the switch to a safer spot inside the train but they point the finger squarely at him for wrapping the cord around the controls and not setting a brake. you did see that the cord was around the throttle? >> it was a different situation. john: the brake apparently was not engaged. >> i cannot talk about that. john: the t has made some changes since this happened in december. a second person will now have to be present when the trains are put into this emergency bypass mode. john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: let' s take you live to west roxbury. two hours of voting left this super tuesday and that is a very active polling place. massachusetts could set some records, especially among republicans. heather: right now, there are seven candidates left.
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rubio and donald trump on the republican side, and hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the democratic side. ed: residents in 12 states and one territory are voting today. this is a delicate -- delegates game. 1460 delegates up for grabs. 865 for democrats, 595 for republicans. after today, 30% of gop delegates will be awarded. 24% for democrats. heather: that might not get any one candidate to the magic number needed to secure the nomination, but it usually pushes under-performers out. we have live team coverage beginning with newscenter 5' s janet wu in west roxbury. janet: secretary of state bill galvin is predicting a new record here in massachusetts. here in word 20, theris a nice healthy line of voters getting ready to vote. 1.8 million was a number of voters who voted in 2008. could we see 2 million? one factor will be the number of
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communities. this is ward 21, brighton allston. by noon, 1000 more people had voted here than in 2008. college campuses are full and young voters were streaming in through the jackson mann school polling station. >> bernie. because i compared him in great detail against hillary clinton because i' m a registered democrat. i think he speaks for more change. >> i' m a young graduate. i' m not struggling to make ends meet, but i' m working really hard and i' m really impressed by everything he is doing to help young people. janet: even those here in ward 21 predicting clinton will win the nomination are going with sanders today. >> i will vote for hillary if she gets the nomination, but i would like to push hillary further left. and i think bernie sanders has effectively done that. janet: in other heavily democratic wards however, clinton is getting out the vote like here in west roxbury where her husband paid a visit early this morning. >> i like the way my life is right now. i like the way my government is.
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t want a political revolution. i think that is what hillary has. >> i' m very encouraged we' re going to break the record. it' s been overwhelming, not just boston, but all over the state. janet: galv people picked up republican ballots in 2008. he is predicting it could be as much as 700,000. factor. janet wu, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: donald trump going into super tuesday with a big lead in s reid lamberty is race. reid: super tuesday could prove big for donald trump. he is comfortably leading his gop candidates, but with 12 states voting today, there is hope among his rivals that trump' s lead will diminish. nearly a quarter of the delegates up for grabs on this super tuesday, ted cruz and marco rubio spent time in states voting today. front-runner donald trump, positioned well among gop
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still faces criticism. mr. trump: get him out. reid: briefly interrupted by three states not even voting clinton. mr. trump: hillary clinton does not have the strength or the stamina to become president. reid: it will take both to eclipse trump in the gop field. marco rubio told minnesota what it' s like to elect a celebrity, calling out jesse ventura, former pro wrestler, actor and minnesota senator. mr. rubio: i want to talk about a different direction for our country, not electing a con-artist. reid: ted cruz voting in texas, his home state, where he hopes voters will send him the hometown delegates, but the longhorn senator says what' s fracturing the gop field is the logjam of candidates. mr. trump: if you want to beat donald trump, we' ve got to get to a head-to-head, a one-on-one race. one on one, not only do i beat donald trump, i beat him resoundingly by 16 points. reid: post-super tuesday tends to trim down the field. it'
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s results, then again candidates who have money could elect to stay in the race regardless of the results. heather. heather: former president bill clinton campaigning for his wife in massachusetts both last night and today, underscoring just how close hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in the polls. newscenter 5' s rhondella richardson is live in new bedford, one of the president' s stops. rhondella: voters coming and going here sorry they missed the former president. clinton supporters hoping the retail politics pays off. while democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton campaigns in minneapolis on their day of caucuses, her husband, the former president greeted voters on the grounds of the button wood park zoo. president clinton: we can all rise together. hillary says the way to do it is to build ladders of opportunity
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>> she is someone who is always impressed me in a variety of ways. rhondella: officials hope the enthusiasm means turnout in the polls. bill clinton visited a polling place in west roxbury and made a stop in taunton. >> i got to shake the president' s hand. it was fun. >> she is bought and paid for. bernie sanders is not. he has never accepted any major contributions from any big bank, corporation. have seemed to forgotten about issues and outrunning their campaigns based on insults. rhondella: senator sanders cast his own ballot back home. mr. sanders: we are very proud this is a campaign that is going to the philadelphia convention. s mayor says the bill clinton visit was put together in about a day and a half very quickly. even the campaign was surprised
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rhondella richardson, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: stay with us as super tuesday results come in and an abc news special starts today at 10:00 which is followed by us at 11:00. ed: a great way to start march. i assume it will stay this way for the rest of the month. harvey: sure. what a sense of humor. pittsburgh, 65 right now. toronto is 18. we have action on the way. mostly, it will be rain for us but you can see this makes in the northern wes importance of the area. we might be just cold enough to support that. and little bit of pink showing up towards midnight but that gets pushed to the north. we get downpours tomorrow morning. most of it is gone by the time we' re done with tomorrow morning' s commute. 1:00 a.m. things are getting started, worcester in orange,
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southern new hampshire could be borderline, but it should warm by tomorrow morning, especially in eastern and southeastern mass. also, there will be gusty winds so we might have some wind issues. we also have a winter weather advisory north and west for a. of time later tonight. major changes coming up. ed: two brothers accused of ransacking a home while a dead body was inside. let' s get the jack harper who is live at the police station. joke. they investigated and found out sick. >> we got information that a was a body inside. our officers checked it out and there was. main street. these other suspects -- two brothers charged of breaking
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t believe at first it didn' t make sense, but sure enough, this was a first for us. jack: the first tip came from a with. she said to the police and they told her they broke into the house of a dead man, taken his checks, rob the place. why would they tell her? because they wanted her to check -- cached some of the checks to pay the rent. stephen and mark landry held on $100,000 cash bail each. they told their landlord the initially went into the house looking for copper piping. they didn' t stop there, allegedly grabbing tvs, prescriptions, checkbooks. the brothers wrote themselves checks. the amount missing from mr. gibson' s account, $7,000 and $8,000. bellingham police say the brothers were in and out of this house several times even though they literally had to walk around and over the dead body.
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us the most. not even to notify anybody that there is a body inside. jack: police believe mr. gibson died late last summer. they are still investigating this. they believe the cause of death was natural causes. jack harper, wcvb newscenter 5. auto shop workers armed robber. heather: the movie about the boston church sex abuse won an oscar and cardinal o' malley is speaking out. harvey: we will hear from the tomorrow. there could be a second storm by the end of the week. well. all of that adds up to something
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ed: the new england native
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thousands of law enforcement officers from across the country attended the funeral today. she and two fellow officers were killed when they responded to a domestic violence call on saturday. she grew up in merrimack, new hampshire. she will be laid to rest in west springfield, massachusetts. heather: boston cardinal sean o' malley speaking out after a movie about the church sex abuse scandal in boston takes home the oscar for best picture. the cardinal saying "spotlight" is an important film and he praised the media for leading the church to acknowledge its failings. he went on to say that protecting children and providing support for survivors and their families must be a priority in all aspects of the life of the church. ed: it was a good day today but things could get a little slippery on the roads tonight. heather: after the polls close. harvey' s tracking some freezing rain and keeping a close eye on a storm for the end of the week. plus, the sign says it all -- no ballot selfies. what kind of trouble you' re
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heather: workers at a sandwich armed robber. police say craig scott of plymouth attempted to rob cape auto repair using this gun that police recovered at the scene. three workers there tackled down until police arrived. scott allegedly assaulted the three before they were able to restrain him. he' ed: new at 6:00, it' s something thinking about it. that is taking a selfie to mark a special occasion or celebration. just don' t do it at the polls. newscenter 5' s pam cross live in dennis with more on a quirky law and the consequences. pam: candidates do it all the time -- grab your phone for a photo. here in dennis in the polling place, it is illegal. >> i was thinking about it on the way here, though. i wonder if people do that take pictures of their ballot. i never knew it was illegal.
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of us. you can take a selfie to mark occasions or places, but not of your ballot. the dennis town clerk can give you chapter and verse. >> mass general law, chapter 56, pam: once it' you' re proud or not, no photos allowed. >> it could one, invalidate the ballot or it can also put , the person in jail for six months or be punishable by $100 fine. pam: who knew? >> that was news to me so no more selfie photos for me. pam they put up signs at the : dennis polling places just to enforce the rules, but this is the law statewide. at least one selfie taker says he' s noticed ballots on line. >> selfies of people i don' t think they were filled out but they were definitely selfies. >> i don' t think there is any harm. pam not malicious, but against
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of course for some voters, every day is one without camera photos. >> i have never taken a selfie. this is where i come from. the selfie is not in the picture. pam: if you do take photos, get out and vote but leave your phone at home. this law has been on the books for decades, long before selfies were even invented. i' m pam cross, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: i just learned something. heather: you know who will have ed: who? heather: the first-time voters. my son is 18. they do that snapchat thing. ed: harvey, i thought we would go vote and take a selfie but i guess not. harvey: we have a talk about the weather because it will be eventful. not during the voting hours. lots of changes for the balance of the week. 37 in boston now.
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that is important because just enough cold air is left from the colder air that came in overnight last night. before the warmer air takes over. there is a storm coming which will start around 11:00 or midnight tonight. there could be some sleet or freezing rain north and west of boston initially. eventually, it goes to the north and brings it to northern new england and brings the rain and warmer temperatures here. we do have a winter weather advisory in effect until 1 a.m. and longer until 6 a.m. toward southern new hampshire and far northern and western mass. those southerly winds will gust late tonight into tomorrow morning. the pink color could show a bit of sleet or freezing rain on the onset. it moves farther to the north as warm air takes over. into tomorrow morning' s commute with strong wind. i think the earlier incident
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later on, the activity will move offshore. the temperatures will then go down even though we partially clear. the wind will stay up all day long tomorrow. the strongest winds will be tomorrow. there could be some localized wind damage and it stays windy as the cold air returns midday, afternoon and tomorrow night. the temperatures early tomorrow, close to 32. that is why there is the winter weather advisory. tomorrow morning, it will feel very tropical for a few hours. it will be very cold and with the wind feeling even colder than this the high temperatures thursday may not get back to 30 were the freezing mark in much of the region. on friday , we will be brushed by an ocean storm to the south which could mean some light snow
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more in the way of snow towards the cave because there will be so much closer to the storm. that is the next day to watch in terms of any snow potential friday and friday night. we will have left over cold friday and saturday. somewhat warmer weather next week how much warmer remains to be seen but definitely warmer than the cold for the second half of the week. i will update this for you later in the hour. mike: the month of february is in the rearview mirror but it was a 29-day span that earned brad stevens of the celtics nba eastern conference coach of the month. during the leap month, the celtics won nine of 12 games and leaped into third place in the east. celtics arriving with an 11 game winning streak at home. it is the third longest home streak in the nba right now behind golden state and san antonio. the celtics are in the middle of
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won 20 and lost 10 at home this season. >> it is a blast playing in the garden. it is a great place to play, fun place to coach. when you win a couple of close ones like we have, you hope that you build the momentum of playing well in situations. >> we talk about the home winning streak. it just happens. with the help of the fans and the energy they give us, we happen to be on a winning streak and hopefully we can keep that going. mike: i like the celtics, the bruins are horrible at home. former bruin dougie hamilton is a member of the flames, traded away by the bruins last june. the bruins picked up a couple of players. one is a 33-year-old. he played for 19' s in the last 10 years in the nhl. he played at dartmouth. he had 16 goals for new jersey and now is a member of the bruins.
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playoff team. the family part of it is hard, but there are other lines of have to keep that in mind. coming back this summer, it is a i cannot be happier. >> there are no challenges. new faces and moving forward to what we have. i don' t see it as a challenge. i see it as an opportunity for those guys. i also see it as an opportunity for our team to be better. so, it is an opportunity versus challenges. mike: yesterday, the bruins -- the nhl suspended him for five games for the illegal hit against tampa bay. suspensions are nothing new. it seems to be rinaldo has been suspended nine times in his career. nfl free agency begins a week from tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. today, clubs were able to slap franchise tags on players. the most notable tag today --
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von miller. meanwhile, yankees left-handed pitcher ch apman suspended 30 games under its new domestic violence policy, a policy that was approved last august. the players association and chatman will not challenge it. salary. last october, he allegedly choked his girlfriend. the owner of the l.a. clippers, steve ballmer, a halftime was challenged to dunk a basketball by the new team mascot, the california condor. he said if i complete the dunk, everybody gets a brand-new pair of chuck taylor converse. that guy right there, steve ballmer, was the manager of our football team in college. if we knew he had that athletic ability, we would have put a helmet on him. heather: did he honor it?
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heather: everybody wins. maria: new tonight at 7:00, big love for some of the smallest patients. one woman' s labor of love. look at the bottom of your screen -- a desperate woman cannot get inside as a tornado came storming.
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heather: we still have 90 minutes left to vote. did everybody vote? we are all pretty religious about it. you have until 8:00 tonight and then when you are safely home, that is when it was dark. harvey: not until midnight. rain for most of us and a mix north and west.
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breaking news tonight. the first major clues coming in right now. the super tuesday showdown. as we come on the air, the first exit polls are in. what the voters are saying. what's driving them at the polls. can donald trump be stopped? the high stakes battle across a dozen states. trump and his 11th hour pitch. >> i can do practically anything. >> marco rubio and ted cruz, battling to take trump cown. >> donald trump will be an >> donald trump could be a disaster. and her pivot to the national race. how she would take on trump and the republicans. >> they're now running their campaigns based on insults. long lines at this hour. will there be record-setting turnout?


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