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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 4, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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emily: good morning, it's thursday, august 3. i'm emily riemer. antoinette: i'm antoinette antonio, in for randy. stories we're following on the eyeopener right now, new details in a deadly stabbing spree in london. the suspect in custody amid a terror investigation. emily: a metal pole crashes through a windshield in woburn. the close call for the driver. and why she doesn't even remember it. antoinette: a controversial new program is scheduled to launch this month in boston. the plans today to review the police department's body camera plan. emily: but first, let's check in with cindy. a cool start. cindy: it is. second warning in a row we are dealing with these temperatures for august. 65 in boston and notice the wind is pretty light. we have a little bit of patchy
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widespread. you may encounter a little bit of fog reducing visibility but it won't be a big issue. lower 50's on taunton in the cape, 65 in boston, closer to 60 degrees up in southern new hampshire. the skies are clear this morning, it will be another beautiful day with wall-to-wall sunshine. this storm doesn't come inil around 80 degrees at noon, sea breeze holding is close to 80 of the coast with mid to upper 80's further inland. we will break down the threat of showers and storms coming up. let's get you out to the roads. olessa: good morning. a live look outside, starting off with a check of the pike by allston brighton, eastbound heading to the top of the screen. just a few construction projects
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128 two great plain avenue. one construction with two lanes closed. that's right 2 to 2a. trains and buses starting on schedule. emily: thank you. stories we're following right now, new developments in a potential terror attack in london. one woman is dead five other people wounded after a man with a knife attacked a group near the british museum. a 19-year-old suspect is in police say they are investigating both his mental health and possible ties to terrorism. security is beefed up around london today as a precaution. antoinette: right now, two people are hurt one seriously after a crash in lowell. police say a car struck the man and a woman last night on branch street just after 7pm. the woman was flown to a boston hospital. the driver tells newscenter 5 the pair ran out into the street without looking. no charges have been filed.
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that's a metal pole piercing her windshield. and this morning her family tells us she doesn't remember anything. internet the eyeopener's sera : congi is live at the scene with the driver's the close call. sera: that crash happened here yesterday afternoon on locust street. the woman was grazed by the pole but it could have been much worse. take another look, that 12-foot metal rod launched right through the windshield. before striking a parked car, a street-light pole, and then a fence, the pole just inches from her face. >> that far from her head. it went right through the middle. if you look where the head rest is, it was here. scary. sera: sawyer lives around the block her neighbors and family
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her family tells us they're just glad she's alive. she suffered nothing more than a bruised elbow. they plan to visit her in the hospital this morning. live in woburn, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: two umass lowell athletes survive a violent crash. now they're both determined to get back on the lacrosse field. noelle lambert and kelly moran both 19 and from new hampshire were seriously hurt saturday on martha's vineyard when their moped swiped a dump truck. moran's leg was severely injured. and lambert lost her left leg above the knee. their coach says both women want to stay on the college lacrosse team and hope to play again. >> certainly kelly has a bit of an easier road. no well is realistic but she is also very determined and the spirited young lady.
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american east all rookie team. antoinette: right now, boston police are preparing for a public hearing tonight on body cameras for officers. a city council committee is hosting the hearing to get community feedback on a plan expected to launch later this month. that pilot program would equip 100 boston police officers with body cameras for a six-month test. it's a win for civil rights advocates who have pushed for the policy for months especially in the wake of deadly police shootings around the country. but boston's police commissioner has expressed concern about the cameras. one big issue is privacy. how much content should be recorded and how long should it be stored? the other issue, money. "the globe" reports a 2014 review shows running 900 cameras would cost about $2 million a year, for audio and video storage. tonight's hearing is at the mildred community center in mattapan at 5:30. parents and community leaders
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racially charged cases were handled at boston latin school. investigators examined 115 complaints of racial inequity. 17 were found to have merit. but for city leaders and those impacted at the school any number is too high. rosalind wornum says the teacher who called her daughter a racial slur is still on the job. >> i said hey, what's up -- b [beep] a lot of the students were shocked. >> no apology, no written letter. antoinette: boston latin's headmaster and assistant headmaster resigned in june. a federal civil rights investigation is also underway at the school. emily: commitment 2016, republican donald trump takes his campaign to maine today, while running mate mike pence holds an early event in north carolina. yesterday, pence distanced himself from trump by endorsing house speaker paul ryan. trump has said he's not yet
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kept his focus on blasting rival hillary clinton. trump supporters say that's what he should be doing, trump denied -- doing. >> you have one person to attack, hillary clinton. >> he has got to find a way to slow down, really learn some lessons. it's a little bit like "the apprentice." emily: trump denied reports of chaos in his campaign, saying the efforts campaign to las vegas today. her running mate tim kaine will hold an event in maryland this morning. the two are expected to release a book on policy in september, two months before the election. both bill clinton and barack obama released policy books during election time. new york ends its battle over daily fantasy sports sites. antoinette: the new rules in that state, and the big issue they don't address. dramatic new video of a plane
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made that led to this disaster. emily: an animal rescue in upton. why crews are heading back into the house today. cindy? cindy: another beautiful day today as we flirt with 90 degrees. when the high humidity returns. and my timeline on the
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antoinette: animal rescue teams suit up to save several cats from an upton home. emily: and this morning, they're getting ready to go back in for more. wearing hazmat suits and masks, animal control officers searched the home yesterday, trying to find what they thought could be as many as 100 cats living
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eight. neighbors say the sisters who live here have had trouble with cats before. >> if you are keeping cats like that, the floor is not strong, the health conditions in the house are not good. >> it is a situation that the cats need to be removed from immediately. emily: the mspca says their biggest concern is the health of the cats. at this point, they don't expect to bring charges against the owners. a landmark ruling from the country's highest court. antoinette: the split decision impacting one transgender student in virginia. and who doesn't love balloons on their birthday? the significance of this high-flying celebration in
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antoinette: take a look at this image of hurricane earl. it made landfall overnight near belize city. sustained winds whipping near 80 miles per hour there. a hurricane warning is in place in belize and for parts of mexico. really strong. cindy: we saw that hurricane so it will weaken, but there's a whole lot of rain in that area. some spots may see more than that. now that it is on sure the wind will die down. this is moving westward 80 mile per hour's, so it is expected to weaken as a t-rex westward. here's the forecast track on hurricane earl.
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and continuing through parts of central mexico as a continues to bring rain there. something we will be watching with. skies are clear and we are starting out with comfortable temperatures in the mid-60's and the dew point in this 60's. a little bit of movement through the connecticut river most of you will be dealing with reduced visibility. already some reduced visibility up in the north counties. sunshine all day long, climbing out of the 50's and 60's and it will be another beautiful day weather-wise after a cool start.
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near 80's at the coast line but inland it is 87 at lawrence. certainly it is going to be a warm afternoon. high pressure is right on top of us and things are very quiet around it but if you shift off to the west and just west of minneapolis, this is what we are watching. this will come thr saturday and that is the next chance for showers and thunderstorms but look at what's cooling -- sticky air, dew point temperatures in the ohio valley, and that humidity will work in -- not today, but you will notice the sticky air and it gets near oppressive humidity levels on saturday. temperatures tonight still says
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. we will flirt with 90 degrees in boston but metrowest, merrimack valley making a run at 90. then showers and thunderstorms in the forecast, upper 80's, and did notice by midday there are some showers and storms around. afternoon he will push through the cape, a slow-moving front, hit or miss showers around, so plan accordingly. the humidity will be gone and the sun will be back. emily: short-lived. olessa: a quiet start on the roads. there is a look by allston brighton, eastbound heading to the top of the screen. let's check out the rest of your trip.
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no problems on 93, great on the expressway and the pike, and as you make your way south, 24 and 95. a little bit of construction on highland avenue, the hike is only 15 minutes. north of town, we are watching some construction on 128 south down to route 2a. so far we are expecting transit buses to start on schedule. that's a look at your traffic. emily: new details in a terrifying crash landing in dubai. the plane skids to a stop before erupting into flames. the investigation now turns to how it happened and what the pilots may have forgotten to do. passengers scrambled to grab their things after their emirates 777 skidded to a stop yesterday morning. while the cause of the accident is still not clear, officials say it appears the plane came in for a landing without its wheels down. the pilot never mentioned a problem to the tower or
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>> you have to physically put the gear down, the airplane won't to do it for you. i will give you warnings of all sorts. emily: the crash ripped off the plane's right engine, triggering an explosion. one firefighter was killed, about a dozen people were hurt. the crash shut down dubai's airport, the busiest in the third world. antoinette: american veterans are committing suicide at an alarmingly higher rate than 15 years ago. the department of veterans affairs found that an average of 20 veterans a day committed suicide in 2014. more than half of veteran suicides in 2014 were among vets 50 years and older. in that same time non-veteran suicides increased by 23%. emily: newscenter 5 on the opioid crisis, new data shows a sharp increase in the number of opioid-related deaths in massachusetts. experts point the finger at fentanyl. fentanyl is a highly potent drug, and once mixed with opioids, can be deadly. the department of health
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numbers show 66% of opioid overdose deaths tested positive for fentanyl. that's up from 57% from last year. the state says cutting down on over-prescribing is vital to preventing addiction and fatal overdoses. antoinette: boston first medical marijuana dispensary is now open. more than 200 people lined up outside the milk street facility, before it even opened yesterday. it's the state's seventh dispensary. construction will officially begin today on the stalled casino project in everett. wynn boston harbor secured its final license to begin work this week. neighboring somerville city leaders recently asked the state department of environmental protection to stop the project but lost that battle. the groundbreaking will take place this afternoon. emily: new york is ending its battle with daily fantasy sports sites. the governor has signed a bill legalizing the websites after
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as boston-based draft kings and fan duel to pay an annual fee of up to $50,000 with a 15% tax on revenue. but the new law does not settle a key question, whether the games are considered illegal gambling. a check of the markets now, asian stocks edged up overnight after a rebound for oil prices. on wall street stock futures are mixed at this investors are hour. keeping an eye out for friday's official jobs report. the data is expected to influence the federal reserve's monetary-policy plans. antoinette: trending stories, a transgender teenager in virginia can be banned from using the boy's bathroom at his high school. a divided supreme court made the decision yesterday. it puts on hold a lower court ruling that allowed gavin grimm to use the bathroom matching his gender identity. grimm will have access to three single-user bathrooms at his school. how's this for a birthday celebration?
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it was part of a publicity stunt in ottawa to launch a countdown to canada's 150th birthday. of course the woman couldn't get too far she was tethered to the ground. she's also a professional skydiver. emily: a new twist on the ice bucket challenge. how about a baked beans challenge? that's larry kaplan, a long-time volunteer for the als association getting soaked with baked beans. challenge that will take him to all 50 states during august. kaplan will do a bucket challenge specific to each state. yesterday he was at faneuil hall to take a bath in boston baked beans. at least it is tasty. [laughter]
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seattle for big papi. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00, they're red flags that could cost you a job. four things to slash from your
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emily: time for your early news to go. antoinette: investigators are looking into a potential terror attack in london. one woman is dead five other people hurt after a man with a knife slashed at a group near the british museum. a 19-year-old suspect is in custody. police say they are investigating both his mental health and possible ties to terrorism. security is stepped up around london today as a precaution.
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the state says the fourth month old who was found unresponsive at a shelter last september died of natural causes. the globe reports the cases had been under investigation as possible child endangerment because of the child's previous involvement with dcf. antoinette: a transit police officer in washington d.c. is under arrest for allegedly helping isis. prosecutors say nicholas young gave advice on joining the islamic terror group to an fbi informant. young is also accused of sending the informant gift cards for mobile messaging accounts. investigators say he traveled to libya twice in 20-11. young is the first american law enforcement officer charged under the federal anti-terrorism law. emily: more than 200 federal prison inmates get commuted sentences from president obama. these are not pardons. commuting a sentence shortens it, but often leaves other conditions intact. most of the 214 inmates were convicted on low-level drug offenses. the longest, a kansas man sentenced to 40 years for
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he'll now be released december 1. antoinette: fenway might be our most beloved park. but it's not at the top for most baseball fans. usa today ranks fenway 8th in america based on things like design, food, and overall experience. the article does say when it comes to atmosphere, fenway can't be beat. but it gave the number 1 ranking to petco park in san diego. loss since may. the sox are trying to dump their hitting slump without much success. the latest loss puts the sox a half game behind the tigers for the second wild card spot in the a.l. east. and how about this for a big papi sendoff? the mariners gave david ortiz a 34-pound salmon from the famous pike place market in seattle. there were other gifts too including a watch, a painting,
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he signed with the mariners as an amateur free agent in 1992. i saw that fish in thought it was going straight for papi. [laughter] cindy: they knew better than to give them coffee, right? [laughter] cindy: here we are, fourth day of august in so far we are running cooler than boston. we were in the 70's the past few days and we should be up over 80 degrees soon. a lot of us in the mid-80's today in your 90 tomorrow. the average this time of year is 81 and notice that we will keep temperatures a little above average. we continue to watch how dry conditions are getting around, the drought monitor updates every thursday so we will have a new one later but right now we
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it improved a little bit in worcester that we are still talking about moderate to severe drought across a good portion of southern new england. no beneficial rain for the next couple days, so a lovely day today from new york and d.c. all the way up to northern new england. bangor today ran in the mid-80's, a nice one. very humid down toward if you can see there is a frontal boundary in minneapolis, a slight risk for severe storms in this direction, moving through our area coming up on saturday. we increase the heat and humidity as we make them run for 90 degrees, showers and thunderstorms coming up ahead of the slow-moving front. during the afternoon from west
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thunderstorms around, especially during the afternoon. it sets us up for really nice weather on the second half of the weekend with temperatures holding the 80's. we will break the forecast down as the eyeopener continues. >> now, on newscenter 5's eyeopener -- emily: a teenager arrested in a deadly knife attack in london. what police want to know about him before they call this an act of terror. antoinette: a metal pole goes through a windshield, nearly hitting a woman's face. the mishap seconds before this close call. donald trump heads to new england. the gap after a controversial week, on the eye for this thursday morning. >> you are watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter fives eyeopener. emily: also on the eye this morning, new information on this crash landing in dubai. the pilot's big mistake before the major scare. it's ahead. good morning, i'm emily riemer. antoinette: and i'm antoinette


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