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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  August 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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cape. >> the unexpected lure. why some beaches could be closed a whole weekend. ed: trump looks to the big tent. unexpected endorsements tonight. >> i also fully support snorkelly ayotte. meteorologist: this cold front will trigger a run off thunderstorms on saturday. i will show you are how strong they will get. >> i am excited to be back when i am back. tom brady opens up. what he will do when he is away from the team. ed: no cars will a sunday experiment catch on? maria: right now, three popular beaches closed after shark sightings. at least six great white sharks spotted feasting on a whale carcus off of cape cod near truro. good evening, i'm maria stephanos. ed: and i'm ed harding. newscenter 5's john atwater is live on cape cod with the warning for swimmers from officials tonight. john? john: ed, there is enough
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warning, tonight, if you are thinking about going in the water at other beaches. lurking in the waters off truro, hungry great white sharks. >> any time a dead whale turns up, unfort fat i willing, e they do die. they are targeting the whale and enjoy scaff and ging the blubber off the bodies then they move on. reporter: as many as six white sharks were spotted has since washed a shore. it prompted warnings to be alert in cape cod buy and the closure of beach point and the landing beaches. >> give in the sharks were on the whale and the whale was a mile or two from land, the whales did wash ashore, so certainly makes sense that folks would, you know, take precautionary chance for at least day or so, too.
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watching closely and urges swimmers to be constantly vigilant. >> it is a common thing where they adhere if you go to the beaches, pay attention to where you are, where you are going and whether there are deals in the area. they are here. you don't want to place yourself in any risk by being next to the seals. reporter: because of these shark, the beaches are expected to be closed through sunday. live on the cape tonight, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. >> i also fully support and endorse, sen. kelly ayotte, a state i truly love. i love new hampshire. ju just heard it. donald trump with an unexpected endorsement tonight. the gop presidential nominee
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is here to explain. >> hillary clinton didn't really set the record straight she made those remarks while taking questions from a few pre-selected journalists. >> i love new hampshire. >> he she isst is a rising star and will continue to rep isn't the great people of new hampshire. >> trying to end a disastrous week, trump endorsing new house speaker paul ryan days after starting a gop feud by saying he may not. >> i support, and endorse, our speaker of the house, paul ryan. [cheering and applauding] i hope hold in the highest esteem senator john mccain. reporter: trump has been trying to get back on messaging, folk seng attacks on hillary clinton
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points, and again on friday, trump's temperament question by former obama cia head in "the new york times" trump is unqualified and may well pose a threat national security. >> mark is better than donald trump. reporter: but hillaryin to corrt the record and claimed she never received classified e-mails on the personal server and that fbi director james comey said she told the tth said she did then classified info. >> director comey had said that my answers in my fbi interview were truthful. that is really the bottom line here. >> so hillary clinton not really setting the record straight there. she made remarks while taking questionquestions from a few prd journalist. there is a rarity for her. she has not had a full blown press conference since last december.
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a live look out over the city of boston tonight, clear skies for now. meat cold front coming through. shower, thunderstorms. maria: cold front? meteorologist: well, cold is a relative term this time of year. may drop four degrees but the humidity will drop. that is where you will notice the difference. but before you to that, we got the thunderstorms. if you lack here to the west. now wow, not much throughout. you have to have the heating of the day. we talk about the evening hours. these are falling apart. the cold front is going to be running o heating where you get the humidity going. that is why we have the threat of stronger thunderstorms. now in boston overnight tonight, it is as cold as it will get. muggy night tonight. humidity is coming up. we start the day with sunshine. once the temperatures start to get to the low 80's. we talk about the threat of thunderstorms out there. so tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., they wake up in a bit of sunshine out there. are going what thunderstorms? but you will feel it. you will feel the humidity in the air. along at this by moon, we're
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east ward. as we take about 2:00 or 3:00 in the area of foon, that is when the thunderstorms start to move through. remember, the nature of these, a thunderstorm here, a thunderstorm there, then in between, you may not get any rain out of it at all. we talk the timeline of this as well as what kind of severe weather may be on the horizon, all of that coming up. ed? ed: evacuations at battleship cove in fall river today over a suspicious package that turned out to be a forgotten prop. fall river police say it was from a star wars-themed event. sky five s hours ago as police searched the ships that are part of the museum. at least one person wearing the protective suit of a bomb-squad technician was involved. the area was evacuated during the search. battleship cove will be open for business tomorrow. cmaria: ities and towns across the state, certainly hoping we'll see some rain soon. that's the case in scituate, where the drought has forced a total water ban.
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28 percent and dropping at a rate of a half-inch a day. today a total outdoor water ban took effect. that means only watering cans are allowed to water gardens during restricted hours. hand-held hoses are completely banned. residents are asked to conserve anyway possible. >> we are trying to do minimal. maria: police are strictly enforcing the ban with cash fines for all violators. after this crash in beverly. it happened on route 128 north at essex street around r 5:00 p.m. police say a 30-year-old gloucester man crashed into a guardrail, and was killed. his passenger, a 29-year-old rockport woman was seriously hurt. new at 11:00, the coast guard pulling three people out of the water off the coast of cape cod today. the coast guard says two men and a woman were out when their boat capsized near provincetown. they were all in the water
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the boat had already sunk. the owner of the boat was on land, one of the people in the water contacted him and he called for help. maria: a new hampshire couple facing drug charges tonight two-month old baby. crews responded to this camper on monday and found the unconscious baby. the baby later died at the hospital. today, parents bradford ross and kayla austin went before a judge. they're not facing any charges in connection with their son's death. but they ar methamphetamine in the camper. during today's hearing, kayla austin's mother pleaded for her release. maria: police say there are no obvious signs of foul play. they're waiting for autopsy results to show how the baby died.
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day today. newscenter five's diane cho is live on newbury street. > michael selletto has been the owner of the fairy shop for 22 years. he's seen a lot of businesses come and go over the years. >> we don't advertise. word of mouth. >> it's why he says he welcomes the idea to only keep the street open to foot traffic for a day. >> it's a break from the normal with the cars, and it changes the atmosphere, and hopefully it brings more people down. >> on sunday from 10:00 a.m. to
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to vehicles from berkeley street to massachusetts avenue. sneaker junkies plans on opening its doors earlier that day hoping to draw in more people. but the idea isn't sitting well with some. >>we're very concerned about it as a service we take >> lisa hills is the client relations director at g20 spa and salon. she worries it might keep some of their customers away because she says many take advantage of free parking at metered spots on sunday's. hills hopes it's the last event on this street of its kind. tom brady calling his decision to move on from deflategate -- personal. brady spoke about his decision to move on for the first time today.
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example for his teammates as they prepare for the new season. last month, a federal appeals court rejected his request that they review his case, that meant the 4 game suspension would stand. after that decision, brady decided not to appeal to the u-s supreme court. >> like i said, i ex xid to be back when am back. i will be cheering our team on, hoping to go out to win every game. >> relying on family. >> my family has been here. obviously, you know, the support of my teammates and the coaches and, you know, jonathan, you know, the whole team, and you know, all the fans, i said the other night, we got the best fans in the really two. we do. hopefully, we have a lot of reason to cheer this year. maria: brady says he will deal with the four-game suspension when it happens. and be watching and rooting for the pats to win the games he
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ed: shots fired, caught on police body-cams. the controversy over a deadly takedown. and why a critical moment wasn't recorded. meteorologist: the latest did he details. ed: 5 investigates. 5 investigates: changes coming out of this man's death in a sheriff's van. >> monday morning on newscenter 5 eyeopener, cutting costs.
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maria: outrage after the release of body cam footage from the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old car theft suspect in chicago. protesters shutting down a police press conference this afternoon. the body cam video shows officers firing towards a car, then handcuffing paul o'neal last week.
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record the fatal shots. now, o'neal's family is suing for wrongful death. his sister is heartbroken remembering her brother. >> i really want people to know paul was loved. i want everybody to know, that paul had goals. mar said the officer who shot o'neal in the back violated protocol. the department has stripped three officers of their police powers. ed: new security measures in place right now, after 5 investigates exposed what happened the night a young man died in the back of a sheriff's department van. here's investigative reporter kathy curran. >> the cameras are up top there. these cameras in the transport van will provide extra set of eyes and ideational layer of security. to keep passengers then
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bought by the department in the wake of tragedy. >> do you think that this could have made difference? it may hae difference. i think it could have made. i think to me, the real question is. what was going on inside of the facility ridge water and waiting three or four hours? >> the move comes months after 29-year-old sam dunn was found unresponsive in the rear compartment of the van in jr. january while it sat parked for four massachusetts alcohol and substance abuse center in bridge water which was in lockdown. surveillance video investigates showed correction officers only checked the back of the van once while they waited according to the death certificf overdose after ingesting opiates the day before. at the time, none of the department's vans had surveillance cameras inside. essex county also changed the
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minutes there is any type of delay. >> you lack at that technologiment? you look at ways to im proef, so you try to ma k sure it doesn't happen again. >> 5 investigates with the sheriff's trans port security all across the state. and found norfolk county added frequent c and limited wait times. two other departments were considering adding cameras, three have no cameras at all. r sheriff's deps across the state either have cameras in the transport vehicles or in the process of adding them. here, all 16 transport vans have cameras, one in each compartment. well, the benefits protective custody of the inmates. make sure there is no medical issues are addressed and make sure there is no drug paraphernalia being passed and because the cameras.
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>> norfolk county has had cameras place for eight years. this side of the camera is behind us. i think about them every night. >> tony took his son's death to prompt the changes but hopes our lives will be saved. >> it means that he didn't die for ning. his life was important. there was were steps that could be take than would have changed the outcome. the head of the state's sheriff's association tells us they will take a deeper look a they are also hoping to come up with some in could of alternative plan with the department of correction for when a facilities in lockdown. kathy curran, 5 investigates. maria: new at 11:00, a nantucket non-profit is giving back to war veterans with the help of some adorable dogs. service dogs for heroes works with dog trainers to bring
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the program's director bj ganem lost part of his leg in iraq in 2004. he says his dog dozer helped him recover, when he came home. i believe that. the power of that. ed: you put the dongs v. all i do is smile. meteorologist: i know. dogs make you happy. well, the dog may be stirred up by lightning and thunder tomorrow afternoon. we have a chance of that coming in. the other thing we have is rain. we need the rain the best opportunity is midday and the afternoon hours, but short-lived because after this, skies will start to clear away as we head to tomorrow evening. speak of dollarsing skies, beautiful throughout tonight. 72 degrees. the humidity was quite low, quite comfortable today. now inching the way up. that is the beginning of the inching up process. we see it here now. tomorrow, it is up here in the oppressive rate. but look at what happens. thunderstorms come through. right behind it.
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low humidity. lots of sunshine. we got the storms. tonight, mostly dollars skies. the humidity coming up. it is setting up with the storms. lows tonight, 64-73f. not much colder than it is now. mostly cloud cry tomorrow. sunshine in the morning. muggy conditions and sets us up for the afternoon thunderstorms. now, it is going to be warm. 86-90. so it is ho. it is humid. the cold front on the way. perfect to get a thunderstorm going. not just here. that is the moderate risk anyway of severe storms. washington, d.c. so where these thunderstorms go, we may not know that until we start getting the return ares on radar tomorrow afternoon. so let me give you a rough idea. tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m., partly cloudy skies. wake up early. go for a walk the dog or going for a jog or bike ride. looks beautiful. a little bit warm and muggy. wait until the thunderstorms start firing off. about noon, you start to see these. then they will start to march their way eastward.
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that's the best opportunity for rain may be close her to southeastern part of the state. the reason for that is that is where think most inache is going to be. 2:00 tomorrow. thunderstorms that start to march the way through the southeastern part of the state. this may no the strongest then pushing to the cape. but after 8:00 tomorrow night, once the sun guess done, it is gone. talking about nothing but clear skies across the area. what type of thunderstorms here? well, because of the wait is moving in, i think we have to be concerned about the heavy rains and downposser. n, not much her. they heavy rain down the road. hopefully you will get rain. the other thing is, they are coming in quickly. gusty wasted pos be. lightning always a big concern this time of year with the outdoor going on tomorrow. the skies start to look threatening go in schnide looking out willing, it is probably time we take you in side. tomorrow, i indicated the high impact day, but sunday, k la at that. less humid air moves in. 84 degrees and sunshine.
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wednesday, thursday, friday, weather gets unsettled throughout. what i mean by this. a chance of thunderstorms. not three days of rain but another opportunity we could see a rumble of thunder move through. ed, maria. get ready to sing because milestone birthday celebration for the oldest market basket he'll employee.
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bagger at a new hampshire store for 26 years. he used to be full time, but now works two days a week. arthur lives alone and takes care of his two dogs. he says he cherishes his job, and never wants to retire. >> it keeps me going. i walk with a cane. he says the secret to living a long life is to keep working and take a vitamin every day. ed: my father in law is 90. maria: 90. ed: that is impressive. tom brady almost 40 and played today very well. now going to practice. going against the patriots. wait until you har the numbers. maria: love.
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a 2-1 shot. a $10,000 check to the david ortiz foundation from the l.a. dodgers before the game, by the way, ortiz will play first base tomorrow! victor martinez, a 2-1 shot of his own. that puts the tigers back on top. this is all important. the wild-card race.
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they go on to win 4-3 and keeps pressure on the red sox and the playoff position in the american league. all right. reds in pittsburgh. reds and pirates here. make the call here. safe or out at first. maria: safe. reporter: what? i mean. that is like by five steps he is out. five steps he is out. great range and the strength. gets theren out at first. meanwhile, brett favre i know it is favre. he will be in ducked in canton, ohio. this is the jacket that guess with it. he was quarterback for the packers. 16 seasons. lead them to a super bowl victory and super bowl 31 over the patriots. for the end of the kay, hes with a quarterback for the jets and vikings as well. second in career touchdown passes behind in manning. manage broke the railroaded a few years back. here is what he had to say sentence.
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a perfect fit for me. with green bay fans. it just, you know, i don't know. i mean, smalltown atmosphere. but no one supports the team like them. they are all over the world. i have seen and withsed that. >> hall of fame quarterback tom brady was good today. back in the practice field this morning. the tam was split in two a for prayed yeah passing clinic today. we in a not show you the actual event because they don't let to shoot it. but during practice, he was beast. he went 25-25 on the scrimmage they won't allow to shoot it. man, it was precision down the field. two teams would split up. brady's team wore blue. brady was, as no i, 25-20. remember the suspension he is serving means he has to leave and can have no contact for four
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you know? i have been the same way for a long time. it is a way to he'll brate everybody he game and it is very come gettive competitive team. it is a competitive support. you got bring it mentally everyday. you know, with you got to have attitude but. we have a lot of gies on the team that bring that. you know, trying to push their buttons. love to do that. they push it back t. that gets the best out of everybody. it is fun. it is just everyday to come out everybody is chirping at each other and makes the game fun and makes it special, too. going at it. making everyone making plays and it is just really cool. >> he had little beard saying he had little beard, too. we should do that. >> think so? >> don't look at me.
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? ? one journey. two teams. united for over 35 years. jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thank you for


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