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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  August 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> now on newscenter 5 -- diane: a stray bullet flies inside a local home. the injuries to two women who were just sitting inside. and search for the gunman right now. reid: closed to cars, but filled with foot traffic. the reaction to a new experiment on newbury street. a.j.: i'm tracking heat for the week. and our next chance for wet -- thunderstorms. boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. diane: right now, the search for a shooter after two women were shot by a stray bullet that came flying into a home. good evening. i'm diane cho. reid: and i'm reid lamberty. nicole as the fun joins us live. nicole? nicole: if you pan up to where these women were sitting there is a second floor and if you
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will it hold. >> i was watching television. three shots and that was it. nicole: multiple shots fired, the violence missing its intended target, but traveling straight through this home where the women were gathered. it hit one woman in the back of the leg, grazing the other. >> it was a gunshot. nicole: scary, but it could have been much worse. neighbors say that shots were fired here at the intersection of suffield avenue and parry avenue. police continue to canvas the area, searching for the person responsible. police are telling us tonight the investigation is ongoing. no suspects in custody. live in worcester, nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5.
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right now, several families are burned-out of their house in abington. flames broke out at 36 harrison avenue just after noon today and quickly rose to two alarms. abington's fire chief says the fire likely started on the front porch. crews were forced to fight the fire from outside until they had enough man power to go inside. firefighters from six neighboring towns helped. crews worked quickly to cut the fire off from heavy wind and high heat. >> if any small firesrt possimle that happened in this case. diane: no one was injured in the fire. the home did sustain extensive damage, but is structurally sound and able to be rebuilt. tewksbury police are investing graffiti at a skate park, threatening police. you can see it here, it says "kill cops." police say it appeared at a skate part on livingston street last week. they are working to find any surveillance video from the area. reid: let's head outside. taking a live look over the
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a beautiful day, but what was noticeable, a date -- aj, lower humidity. a.j. i think when all is said and done, we will say, man, it turned hot, man, it turned humid, and then thunderstorms. 86 in boston, 85 bedford. across the border into nashua, 85. we have near 90 temperatures and you have 82 degrees for the cape and the islands. if you live north of town, especially route two, you may have noticed a couple renegade light showers up toward littleton, moving down for burlington as well. i know it dropped a couple of raindrops on my windshield. a few clouds in northern new england. showers and thunderstorms up
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in terms of temperatures this evening and tonight, by 11:00, we are falling through the 60's and i think it will be a very pleasant outdoors as humidity remains low your it however, we will talk about the threat for thunderstorms in the forecast coming up momentarily. diane, to you. diane: no cars allowed. walkers are taking over newbury street. shaun chaiyabhat newbury street with the reaction. shaun: diane, this is a scene you would rarely see, newbury street packed with the dust but not a single car. this car free day started and they have been packed all day. they are looking hopefully for the chance to get more
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newbury, and he enjoyed it. this may spill over to boylston street and beyond. some businesses were worried that customers would not find parking. >> most of the people are not driving though. they are taking public transportation are getting dropped off. i think walking is great. it's a great thing for the city, too, to showcase our city. that is really what happened here today. shaun: last week we talked with some businesses that were cone business has been great today. after this event today, the city is going to take a survey all of these local businesses to see whether or not they fared well and whether this event should happen in the future. live on newbury street, shaun chaiyabhat, wcvb newscenter 5. reid: turning our attention to commitment 2016. a new poll shows a hillary
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she leads donald trump eight points international bowl. but these numbers can spell out trouble for both candidates. reporter: down in the polls, tom of drop debuting a new line of attack. mr. trump: the people of this country do not want somebody who is going to short circuit up here. reporter: the republican nominee trying to use clinton's on words against her. ms. clinton: what i told the fbi, is consistent with what i have said publicly. i may have short-circuited. reporter: clinton up eight points with gains among women and consolidating reports among democrats. trump on the other hand struggles to win over some republicans like ohio governor john kasich. governor kasich: i wish i could be fully enthusiastic. i can't be. reporter: and facing trouble from his troubles with the
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american fallen soldier. a gold star mother talking about her outrage at how the donald trump attack to the khan family. >> i felt such outrage. i would like to tell donald trump what it feels like -- the sense of emptiness that only losing a child can bring. reporter: trustworthiness still a problem for both nominees. clinton's running mate trying to assure the american people there ir administration would be more transparent. >> she has said over and over again, i have made a mistake. diane: a red sox nemesis is calling it quits. a-rod's last day will be on
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here with the details. mike: a-rod will play his final game friday night then the yankees will release him. he will head home to miami and next spring will be a special adviser and instructor of the yankees. >> thought i could play for 22 years. a no athlete ever ends hi s career or her career the way you want it to. we all want to keep on playing forever, but it does not work that way. accepting the end gracefully is part of being a professional athlete. mike: his final games will be at fenway park, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday of this week. reid: thank you, mike. right now, a warning to parents
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slipper road in bridgewater around 6:30 last night. those girls are safe this morning, but police are going door to door in that neighborhood, asking if anyone saw anything. diane: tonight there will be a vigil to honor bella bond on deer island. the group justice for bella is organizing the candlelight vigil to honor what would have been her 4th birthday. for months, bond was known only as baby doe as investigators worked to identify her body after she washed-up on deer island last year. her mother's boyfriend is charged with murder. her mother is charged as an accessory. up at disney world after an alligator killed a little boy. the wall is going to be placed along the beaches at the 7 seas lagoon. a two-year-old nebraska boy was dragged into the lake by an alligator while vacationing with his family in june. his body was found 16 hours later. diane: iran has executed a nuclear scientist who previously defected to the u.s. shahram amiri was convicted on spying charges. iran says he provided information to the u.s. about
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kidnapped by american spies and was welcomed home to iran as a hero. u.s. officials then revealed amiri was to receive millions of dollars for the information about the nuclear program. isis is claiming responsibility for yesterday's machete attack in belgium. a statement by the i.s. news agency says the attack was carried out by an islamic state soldier. the 33-year-old algerian suspect was shot and killed by police. the machete attack injured two female police officers. belgian police say it's likely terrorism, but are still investigating the suspect's possible links. reid: quinnipiac university will honor a milford teen killed in a car crash. friends have raised twenty-four -- $2400 to buy a bench in honor of jackie gray. it will be placed in a park on the connecticut campus. any leftover money will go toward a scholarship in gray's name. the 19-year-old was killed when the suv in which she was a passenger hit a utility pole last month. milford police are still investigating the driver's claims that the brakes stopped working.
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nightclub fire is almost complete. the site is being converted to an outdoor park, in memory of the one hundred people who died there in 2003. the fire started when a rock band's pyrotechnics ignited sound insulation foam in the venue. the park is expected to be finished in october. still ahead -- turning carrots into a cure. diane: how a local researcher says mush like this could help prevent type 2 diabetes. reid: tonight's 5 for good community. how they're helping local people with disabilities. diane: coming up at 5:30, treatment that appears to reverse some of the effects of alzehimer's.
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diane: if you have ever made carrot juice before, there's the liquid you drink, and the gooshy mush left in the machine that you probably toss. reid: yeah, reports, scientists at brandeis university now say that could be the best part of the carrot. heather the ingredients are : simple. carrots straight out of the ground, tossed into a juicer. >> you end up with a pomace that is left over. heather professor k.c. hayes : believes this carrom pulor mud revolutionize the food industry as a better source of fiber. >> in order to make it usable in products, you have to dry it. heather: dry pomace acts kind of like a flour. researchers here at brandeis university carefully blended it
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provides all of the benefits of fiber, but with few of the uncomfortable side effects.g, nl problems. and if you have early diabetes, take it and stabilize your gut and watch your blood glucose come down. brandeis just got funding for human studies, but already they're getting calls from food manufacturers. >> the cereal folks are very there are some little tricks of the trade in how you have to dry it and process it but we're not adding any other chemicals to it. it's a pretty pure product. heather and far superior to : other plants professor hayes tested like red beets and sugar beets. carrot pomace worked best in the intestine. >> it's almost as though this product is bringing its solubility and in solubility and its own package of goodies, in these special sugars, to our bacteria that are waiting there
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product, until now. >> i mean, the carrot growers are estatic. everybody that starts talking about this can think of all the different wonderful ways in which you could incorporate the carrot fiber into something. heather for professor hayes, : it's a researcher's dream come true. science behind smart balance products. >> this basic nutritional game that i play, chasing all of the details and seeing it end up in , the public hlt diane: that was heather unruh reporting. professor hayes hopes to start those human studies right away. of course, preventing type 2 diabetes would be huge, and the fda requires science to support that. still, professor hayes expects to see carrot pomace for sale as a dietary supplement or food additive within a year. as well.ready, as aj said, bugs right? i was talking about the weather.
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it -- couple of miniscule showers, but nothing to really busted the drought. i think your best bet for storms at least in the next 4 -- not tomorrow, not tuesday, but i will call it wednesday, a chance we will run into thunderstorms. we will keep our eye on thunderstorms. across new england. not exactly sure where they are going to be. the models a lot all over the place. there are those miniscule showers. especially along route. and they fizzle out pretty quickly. you can see one moving along clinton, princeton and out of new hampshire as well.
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hampshire. vermont, maine, northern parts of new york -- and sina, for example. for us, any cloud cover you see will go away pretty quickly once the sunset later this evening. we have a clear sky on tap for tonight. we have quiet weather, showers and thunderstorms to the southeast. typical for this time of year, but what is not dry weather all the way up through the great lakes 86 in boston. we every beautiful conditions down the cape and nantucket right now. mwah. 75 degrees. low humidity. for how you sleep tonight, very comfortable. open up those windows tonight. pittsburgh, appropriate for this time of year, all the way into
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nashville, we are close to 90 degrees. and again lifting northward -- what else is going to lift northward? the dry air of eventually will and that means the humidity as well. not tomorrow. tomorrow is a nice day. tuesday is fairly comfortable. but watch these at red sheets correlating with the heat -- that is when we start to get more comfortable -- uncomfortable. that will set thunderstorms, the fuel for the thunderstorms, if you will. nighttime lows around the city, low 60's. very comfortable. around the cranberry bogs, totten down through carver, 58 or so. and some 50's back down across the border. 80's, lots of sunshine, low
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northwesterly breezes. high pressure building in. that means gentle breezes like a little sea breeze of the coast line, but we will start to change things up on tuesday. still looks like a nice day, but the chance for humidity increases. comfortable day for tomorrow. very warm on tuesday. look where temperatures go. we are probably chasing 90 degrees for a good portion of the latter half of this on wednesday. they shift southward on thursday, but it could still be quite active for the friday, saturday, and early sunday timeframe. we will keep our eyes on that and i will keep you updated this evening. diane: all right. a local baseball team scoring
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diane: a local baseball team where inclusion is the winning game plan. reid: our erika tarantal shows us how the north shore navigators and a local non-profit are supporting workers with disabilities. erika: fraser field in lynn is home to the north shore navigators a summer collegiate baseball team. their stands, one of ariana morel's favorite places. >> i love it here. erika: ariana has worked here
5:24 pm
>> i enjoy cleaning, and i love the people. erika: ashley smallwood is a career specialist with the non-profit bridgewell which helps people with disabilities find housing and jobs. she thought this would be a good fit for ariana, who loves sports and being social. >> the best thing to do is find out what someone is passionate about. erika: ashley says bridgewell found a great partner in the navigators, who right now employ 3 of their clients. >> the folks see them and they're helping out, you know >> they're getting an opportunity to show people how well they can do in an environment that's really welcoming, that's really accepting, that's really excited to have them there. erika: ashley says over the years even when the budget's tight, the navigators always hire. g.m. bill terlecky would argue it's the team's good fortune. >> luck so to speak, we were looking for folks to work during the game, and at the same time we were approached by bridgewell , and we thought, that sounds like a good fit. 5 years later we're still here so it's working. erika: working so well
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>> it's encouraged other local businesses and employers to contact us. erika: ariana tells me when she got this job she felt her life was coming back and as for bill , no hiding feelings here. >> he calls me my angel. >> my angel? >> yeah, he loves me a lot. eriko come back season aftea to connect with bridgewell a person must be referred by the department of developmental services. diane: a possible breakthrough in treating patients with alzheimer's. reid: the hope it's giving for the first time in an exclusive report. diane: battery chargers you can check out. how one local company is turning our desperate search for an
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>> in boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. reid: right now, two women are recovering after being hit by a stray bullet. this was in worcester. police say the shooting happened at the intersection near perry ave. a bullet flew into a nearby home and hit two women. they are expected to be ok. police are still looking for the gunman. diane: boston's newbury street is closed to traffic for another
5:29 pm
reid: tewksbury police are looking for the vandals who wrote this -- "kill cops." the graffiti was found at a skate park on livingston street. diane: sprinkles today. a.j.: a couple of sprinkles, very light. 99% of you did not see them. i wish they would keep newbury street closed for another three hours. reid: are a.j.: it's nice and warm, with the restaurants -- it would be nice if they could keep it open for a few more hours. three street days of 90 degrees is when you need an official heat wave, but almost a heap way. -- almost a heat wave. we started out the month below average, so we are right around
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of boston. not much of a sea breeze unless you were down at the cape. hyannis at 82. i hope your day began great and i hope it is winding up ok as well. except for these miniscule showers that came through and dried out -- not going to see much more for the remainder of this evening and it is starting to clear out the wider view shows the clouds to northern new england. however, you know the humidity is coming back and you know we are still in the summertime. i will let you know the best chances for running into storms in a few minutes. reid: thank you. new at 5:30, 19 people are without a home tonight after a suspicious three-alarm fire in new hampshire. fire broke out at an apartment building on spruce street in manchester. heavy fire could be seen coming from the back of the building
5:31 pm
people trapped on the 4th floor. crews were able to rescue them. the fire was so hot that residents and a firefighter came out with their clothes smoking. >> it looks like the fire initiated on the exterior, the porches. the porches are really dry this time of year. once they get going, they just spread. reid: no one was injured. the cause is still under investigation. diane: a new hampshire commu mourning a teen who died during a rodeo. 18-year-old cole wohle's funeral took place this afternoon. the francestown teen died last weekend after riding a horse in a vermont rodeo. he suffered an unknown medical emergency. friends and family say his passion was firefighting and that he was a volunteer firefighter in francestown. hundreds turned out today to pay their respects. reid: the governor's council iso fill the last open seat of the massachusetts supreme court.
5:32 pm
happen on budd is also a wednesday. superior court judge and the daughter of a former federal attorney. the council has already confirmed two of governor baker from nominees. a woman charged with defacing donald trump sign and assaulting a homeowner with her car will be in court tomorrow. 57-year-old susan bryant is charged with vandalizing peace sign and a most running over the homeowner when he confronted her. inundated with pokemon go players in recent weeks. they have left trash and damage behind. many players have been coming at night and apparently a rare pokemon has been sound of that right. it was destroyed by the british back in 1778 and rebuilt. at
5:33 pm
the fight against alzheimer's. a new treatment, still in the early stages of testing, appears to reverse some effects of the disease. heather unruh explains what it could mean for patients and their families. heather: the drug is completely different from anything else on the market or being investigated to treat alzheimer's disease. >> these are unique molecules. this is a unique drug designed to hit very early stages of the disease, before the memory heather: the brain is dependent on glucose as an energy source. here is a normal brain. read areas indicate higher glucose metabolism. now look at alzheimer's image. >> the cells in the brain, like we see cells in the body in diabetes, are not able to use
5:34 pm
enhance the ability of brain cells to use this fuel to enhance their metabolism. heather: the study involves 36 patients at two sites in north carolina and florida. there was no placebo. each patient that the real drug -- e3d959. the impact almost immediate -- significant memory improvement. caregivers were astonished. >> being more involved and engaged in activities to the day, felt they were sharper in terms of memory and language, more organized during the day. >> is phenomenal. heather: but jim wechsler, president of the alzheimer's association, cautions against celebrating too soon. >> we need to see if it holds up, moving from dozens to hundreds and hundreds of
5:35 pm
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diane: in our mobile world, the only thing that would definitely slow us down, low battery power. reid: my teenagers get stressed out just thinking about it. mike wankum explains how local entrepreneurs are changing our frantic search for a charger into a cutting-edge money-maker. >> it is oomf. are the same. it offers an energy service so customers keep moving. >> you activate in one location, travel with it all day. drop it off it anyway of the other 12 locations across campus. mike: northeastern university part of a pilot program testing the oomf service with 300 chargers. >> we manage all of the inventory and monitor battery wellness across all of our locations. mike: here is how it works. >> you just grab one of these. mike: you log on to the website
5:38 pm
>> inter-the code -- enter the code on the back of the charger. mike: northeastern covers the cost for 24 hours. students pay late fees, a big incentive to return them. >> we have seen 13,500 activations over four months. it is through the roof. blue our expectations out of the water, how much the bowlers starting to depend on these. mike: the cofounder and ceo used to be a student here, and remembers the pain of carrying >> and so, that helped flesh out the details behind the business model. everyone likes that this allows them to stay mobile and untethered. mike: this northeastern student made the switch. >> i think i lost a two or three like that. mike: his friends showed him the service. >> i take it around for two hours, and the phone is all ready. mike: that kind of plug is
5:39 pm
that people think about charging devices and keep them portable, if possible. we happen to do exactly that it northeastern. mike: more students could be online with oomf this fall. the cofounders say they are negotiating with at least five local colleges. oomf is also available at some terminals at logan airport or it mike wankum, wcvb newscenter 5. reid: incredible video from nafta -- surface of the sun. the rain you see in the video is actually plasma returning to the sun's surface. i think we need aj to explain this. scientists call this phenomenon coronal rain. according to nasa, coronal rain is often triggered by solar flares. back here on earth, a record opening for the movie "suicide squad." the movie raked in about $135 million its opening night, despite poor reviews. so far, it's one of the year's biggest openings and set a new record for an august film debut. however, audiences dropped sharply on saturday and could hint at further declines in the
5:40 pm
firefighters putting out a brush fire in new hampshire got a chance to help them out. the five-year-old saw the firefighters dousing flames and they all stem if you wanted to help run the o's, and as you can see, he did. the boy from other centers the video and wants to thank the nashua firefighters. reid: diane: maybe. we have a check of the wet
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reid: 45 degrees in needham. a lot less humid. which was nice. diane: yeah, but it looks like we will not get much of a break in the heat though. a.j.: have brief relaxation from the heat tomorrow. it will just boost the temperatures up as i will show you momentarily. this is the fifth straight day we have hit a benign, so i will call it an official almost a heat wave. 85 and hyannis. let's look at the trend. we relaxed temperatures little bit tomorrow, mid-80's, comfortable humidity levels, the system near 90 again.
5:44 pm
but after the storms get out of here, we will be right back to the 90's and that may be a stretch of the 90's. showers fizzling on out your it you see them across the pike. a couple scattered showers not richard now over scituate, but they are moving to the east. showers to the north fizzling out as well. we generally have a very why it weather pattern -- very quiet worcester, 86 boston, 87 lawrence. very comfortable outside. if you are stepping out this evening, no problems weather-wise area quiet weather through the twin cities and down toward raleigh, north carolina. you see a cold front was showers and forms over the carolinas. that is the boundary between our pleasant, dry air and real
5:45 pm
as i mentioned, changes will be coming. right now, very dry and comfortable. watch these red and orange these will continue lifting northward. tuesday night, certainly wednesday, oh, here comes that . that will be the fuel for thunderstorms wednesday as well. 60 to 65. there will be pockets dropping ck very comfortable. a good night to open up the windows. except in urban areas where you might want to have the air conditioner going as a failsafe. a sea breeze tomorrow right of the beaches. temperatures warming up into the low to mid 80's with a little bit of sunshine and high pressure moving right atop new england and keeps us dry. what else is new, right?
5:46 pm
increase tuesday night on into wednesday. a comfortable day for tomorrow. very warm on tuesday as we head toward 90 degrees. wednesday is a day i am going to watch carefully. we have a frontal boundary, and that may set the stage for active weather. the models are a little wishy-washy. i think we will be back near 90 degrees or surpassing that for week and a good bet for thunderstorms scattered across the area. not the whole time, but saturday, sunday, and lots to focus on as we head toward the tail end of the work week. in the meantime, very dry, comfortable, beautiful start to the work week. enjoy your sunday night, monday, and tuesday. i'm meteorologist burnett.
5:47 pm
mike: a-rod will play his final game friday night, then the yankees will release him. he will head home to miami and next spring will be a special advisor and instructor with the yankees. >> i never thought i could play for 22 years. at 18, i just wanted to make the team. no athlete ever in his career or her career the way you want it to. we all want to keep playing forever. but it doesn't work that way. accepting the end gracefully is part of being a professional athlete.
5:48 pm
athlete? manny machado of the baltimore orioles. 2-0, the orioles. second, another home run, three-run job. 6-0, orioles. many much auto in the third inning, another three-run homer. three home runs in three innings at -- and three at-bats. only the second player in history to pull that off. julian edelman is finally off the cut list. he is physically able to perform. he was in full pads at practice in foxboro. he had surgery on his foot as recently as may. he broke that it -- he broke that foot in a game last november. finally in pads. good news for him, good news for the patriots.
5:49 pm
he is going to have this extra weight on it, about seven pounds. it's good to get out here and run around with the pads, i just to catching the ball with the shoulder pads, the helmet, the facemask, trying to get as tired as possible. mike: and how about jim furyk , a pga record, the best round ever, 58. 10 birdies and a needle. seven straight birdies and he missed a pot -- missed day -- missed a putt on 18. he made one heck of a run. that is the best ever score in the history of a pga tournament. on sportscenter 5 o.t., more
5:50 pm
a-rod,. we will see you then. diane: all right, mike. a local company capital one believes your bank should work for you, not the other way around. so capital one reimagined banking... ? with a place that feels nothing like a bank. and helpful people that talk to you...not sell to you. with free checking accounts that are actually free...
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what's in your wallet? four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schoo four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes.
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ove public schools for all students, not just a select few. vote no on question 2. reid: back here with made in mass. healthy snacks that are flying off the shelves.
5:53 pm
diane: as newscenter 5's doug meehan shows us it was their own allergy scare that inspired them to cook up something different. doug inside the old pear hot dog : factory in dorchester is a collaboration of new food go getters. >> we're accidental entrepreneurs. doug nicole ledoux and her : husband rob dalton founded this healthy snack food company called 88 acres 2 years ago. but you have to go back to their 4th date together to learn why they started producing these goodies that are free of most food allergens. >> we ended up in the emergency room that night. i met his family there for the first time. doug: turns out, rob is highly allergic to peanuts and tree nuts and his dinner had been contaminated. >> when i got him on the road to recovery, we just started tinkering in the kitchen trying to find him a healthy, convenient, on the go snack. doug: not only did they come up with a healthy and safe treat for rob, but friends, both with and without food allergies, were starting to enjoy them as well. you could say they were cooking up a recipe for future success.
5:54 pm
on to something. >> this is the prebaked dough that's currently being formed. doug: soon the apartment kitchen needed to be replaced with this industrial sized one. now they can bake more than 3,000 bars a day. >> this is not a mass automated type of bakery. this is very much a hand crafted artisanal product. doug whole foods and 300 other : locations thought new england are now selling 88 acres. but rob and nicole have the bigger goal of making this made in mass bar a nationally k >> we have some unbelievable ideas for new products that millions of people will enjoy. so it's going to be an awesome adventure. doug going -- doug: getting back to the name -- nicole's parents lived and operated on a farm
5:55 pm
produce. name of the farm? you guessed it. 88 acres. a.j.: that is a lot of land though. [laughter] reid: it is. diane: thus the first thing you think. anchor: let -- a.j.: let me tell you about the start of the work week. i will hit the for you so you can see what is happening. there you go. there is the time. it was the coronal rain. wednesday may get active. it depends on the exact timing of the cold front and the humidity as well. we will keep our eyes on it. reid: thank you so much. keep it right here. much more news to come tonight. diane: we're live in worcester were police are looking for whoever fired a gun sending a stray bullet into a home, hitting two women. hitting two women. dear fellow citizen,
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>> now on newscenter 5 -- reid: bullet flies inside a local home. the injuries to two women who were just sitting inside. and the search for the gunman right now. diane: closed to cars, but filled with foot traffic. the reaction to a new experiment on newbury street. a.j.: heat and humidity -- i'm timing the next thunderstorm threat. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. diane: right they were hit by a stray bullet. good evening. i'm diane cho. reid: i'm reid lamberty. the victims were inside an apartment on perry avenue when a bullet flew in from outside. newscenter 5's nicole estaphan joins us live in worcester tonight with more information. nicole? nicole: a man describes frightening moments as he rushed to make sure that his little girl was ok. shortly afterward, he realized his neighbor was not.
5:59 pm
nicole: shots fired on perry avenue, be shots missing the intended target, but sending fee or through the quiet neighborhood. >> everybody goes down on the floor because nobody knows what is going on. nicole: residence inside this triple-decker rushed for cover after a bullet fired through the floor. >> she was doing her hair. and hit her leg. nicole: the bullet striking the hairdresser in the back of the like and grazing her customer. >> they said, what happened question mark it was a gunshot. that was scary. nicole: scary, but it could have been much worse. both women escaping injury and fears from nearbyhializ. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. it was a relief to my heart,


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