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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  August 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> from boston post news leader, this is the ecb be newscenter 5 at noon. commuter trains -- the mbta telling us a truck driver drove around the lower gates at the crossing. no one on the train was hurt but medical helicopter was called in for the driver. shuttle buses are being brought in for trained passengers. >> a uber driver under arrest accused of raping a teenager. police arresting the man last night in everett.
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-- expected to get new results. antoinette: dangerous heat and humidity now gripping the state. a heat advisory posted for boston and cooling centers now open to the public. this is the hottest weather we have seen. i don't want to call it perfect but we have hit 100 what comes to feel like temperatures. cindy: in some communities already and it is just noon. it's it is the temperatures and humidity combined that is so oppressive. 98 degrees in boston back of -- back at the end of july. when you factor in the humidity this is what it feels like outside right now. last hour the heat index was 100 in marshfield. it feels like 97 in lawrence. that heat index or feels like temperature is going to flirt
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is why we have this heat advisory in place. take it easy with this much moisture in the air. humidity is off the charts. it is oppressive and with this much moisture it is difficult for your body to cool off and evaporate the moisture. the actual temperatures, lots of upper 80's. we will keep climbing. a good amount of sunshine. thunderstorms that skirted the coast of connecticut earlier this morning. these may hold together in the form of showers on the later this afternoon there is an isolated shower popping up in southeastern massachusetts. otherwise the story will be the heat as high temperatures soar into the 90's. feeling close to 100 for the rest of the afternoon. antoinette: boston is taking no chances with this extreme heat. mayor walsh has declared a heat advisory. right now cooling stations are open in the city and there is free admission to city pools.
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>> a lot of families and people do not have air conditioning in their houses. a lot of seniors sit in the house and they will not drink water and the like can happen. we are asking people to check on people around you. you might not think it is affecting your body but it is. antoinette: the heat emergency is in effect now through saturday. erika: the state taking a hard look at the drought conditions today. the state drought task force raising the drought l there is already a drought watch in place for the central and northeast regions are you the task force will get results of a survey of new conditions around the state. antoinette: and uber driver is under arrest in everett accused of rape area todd kazakiewich's live outside malden district court where the suspect collapsed in the courtroom today. todd: he did.
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court. the first time he was brought up for arraignment evidently distraught by these allegations according to his defense attorney. several minutes later he was back in the dock being arraigned for rape. the victim is a 15-year-old -- a 16-year-old girl. driving her home to everett. prosecutors say the two connected on snapchat after that date and on july 5, she apparently missed her busin sent her a message asking if she needed a ride and she said yes and that is when he allegedly raped her. according to the district -- the assistant district attorney dna evidence indicates booth in this crime. the defense attorney told the judge he is only hearing half of the story or less. she says her client and eyes these charges. he was with his girlfriend and their children. he is now being held without bail until a dangerousness
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police are back at the scene of a vicious murder in princeton. cruise returning to the woods where an out-of-state jogger was found dead. sera congi is live with new details in this investigation. sera: we just got an update. state police having received 300 calls on the dedicated tip line for information about this case. state police troopers were back at the scene where the jogger was found. scouring the den police troopers beat through thick brush to search for clues near where the body of vanessa marcotte was found. the 27-year-old who lived in new york city was off for a run near her mother's home in princeton sunday afternoon when she was murdered. >> thank you god for the gift of her life. sera: a special service in leominster honored the woman who grew up in a town. her father still lives there.
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was school, athletic ability, landing the job at google. sera: a sadness is compounded by anxiety over the lack of answers . investigator still trying to determine if vanessa's death was a random attack. leominster's mayor urging anyone with information not to hesitate reporting to the police. >> let law enforcement decide whether or not this means anything are not. sera: that is the in on the tip line with information of matter how small you might think that information might be. about 25 to 30 members of law enforcement are local and state level who are working this case. antoinette: a wall for man is due in court following a vicious attack. a manual louis allegedly went to his west road -- this west road
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ended up stabbing his cousin and 83-year-old godmother. he is charged with armed assault and intent to murder. state police identified the victim in monday's wrong way crash in southborough. they say timothy auger was heading in the right direction on the mass pike before midnight when he pulled into the breakdown lane, pulled a u-turn and started driving the opposite direction. even sideswiped another car before colliding head-on with two more vehicles. auger erika: a manchester new hampshire woman faces charges accused of bringing her child on an alleged drug deal. police say annemarie martinez had crack cocaine and heroin in her car at a local park in the backseat her three-year-old daughter. martinez is charged with possession of a controlled drug and endangering the welfare of a child. they'll was set at $2000 cash. antoinette: in manchester, police are looking for this
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up heavens gas station at gunpoint. the suspect took off with cash and is still on the loose. a rough morning for a driver in new after this jeep slams into a home on tremont street. it is not clear what went wrong but the driver was later found at saint elizabeth's hospital with unknown injuries. he's charged with leaving the scene of a crash. erika: tomorrow marks the anniversary of a triple murder that shocked three young women killed, a fourth hurt as they drop one on -- drop one off at home after a cookout. relatives of charisse williams, kristin lartey and genevieve marie phillips are speaking out. >> people say so you can get closure. i'm not looking for closure. i'm looking for justice. >> if you could say something to the person that killed them what would you say? >> there is a reason for them to be here on this earth and that
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god loves them dearly. erika: new information about the investigation into the crime coming up tonight. antoinette: donald trump under fire again. this time for comments he made about president obama and hillary clinton. >> he founded isis. i would say the cofounder would be crooked hillary clinton. tracking the fallout. karen: donald trump not letting up on hillary clinton. >> a little bit concerned. karen: some say over the top attacks. >> the second amendment people, maybe there is. isis is honoring president obama. he founded isis. karen: as polls show clinton's
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>> he cannot stay disciplined long enough on one topic in order to break through and get the numbers back with hillary clinton karen:. in a bizarre campaign season the hits keep on coming. that man who climbed trump tower last night with suction cups. another animal rights protester trying to rush on stage at clinton's of it in iowa. >> some people get a little carried away. karen: more controversy over who is onge nightclub shooter sat right behind her. yesterday behind trump in florida former congressman mark foley who resigned in disgrace after sexual e-mails between him and teenage boys were made public. >> you sort of know the campaign. karen: hillary clinton is expected to soon release her 2015 tax returns. tim kaine will do the same for
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donald trump to do the same. erika: big papi takes a tough hit to his lower leg but fans breathing a sigh of relief after preliminary x-rays come back negative. last night in the ninth inning against the yankees. david ortiz fouling the 98.5 mile per hour fastball right off his shin. hobbling away from the plate, he was helped off the field by john farrell and a physical therapist. sox president saying he is doing much better. a-rod takes his last stand at fenway tonight. this letter will retire after friday's game at yankee stadium. ticket prices soared from $72 to $218 but prices have now dropped 31%. experts say that could be a reflection on his mixed legacy over the last few years, after admitting to doping. antoinette: turning to the olympics, another big day for some of our local athletes.
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go for gold in the individual all-around finals in rio. allie lost out on the all-around desk on the bronze in the all-around in london back in 2012 after a tough tie-breaker. judo champion kayla harrison competes today. the marblehead native won the gold medal in london. today she faces a longtime brazilian rival as she prepares to retire from the sport. erika: coming up him at two killed, dozens hurt after a powerful fire and explosion in maryland. the search underway for several others still missing. antoinette: new details about the operator at the helm when three girls fell off a ferris wheel. why he never should've been behind the controls in the first place. cindy: extreme drought declared up across parts of the state. oppressive humidity could give way to tropical downpours. erika: the federal government
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that could have big implications nationwide.
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antoinette: i desperate search is underway in maryland after a fire and explosion at this apartment building. dozens of people were hurt overnight, two killed and several others are still missing. marci gonzalez is tracking the efforts to find them. marci: flames tearing through a maryland apartment building. >> the fire going up and up. people from the smoke-filled top floor. parents forced to drop their children from windows. >> i was so scared. people jump another window screaming for help. marci: the massive fire starting late wednesday night and spill over spring, maryland after an explosion so powerful it sent debris including this door, flying across the street. >> some sort of explosion. marci: at least 30 people
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apartment building. search teams are on the scene looking for residents still unaccounted for. >> we are still in a search mode trying to identify those occupants. marci: three firefighters are among the injured. investigators are not saying what could've caused the explosion. erika: the man who admitted to fatally shooting three people at a colorado planned parenthood in november is back in court a judge will reconsider if robert dear is competent to stand trial. dear has been undergoing treatment after psychologist determined he suffers a delusional disorder. dear is charged with 179 counts including murder and attended murder. new details about the operator at the controls of this ferris wheel in tennessee were three girls fell. another high-profile carnival accident in another state that
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the owner's son to be jailed. private inspectors believe monday's accident was caused by a mechanical failure that caused the gondola to flip over sending the girls plummeting 30 to 45 feet to the ground. delta appears to be antoinette: back on track days after that global computer outage between monday and wednesday. the airline canceled nearly 2000 flights including a handful here in boston. delta had hoped to have the flights back to normal yesterday but most flights appeared to be operating on schedule today. lapse video from arizona shows a massive dust and lightning storm. this is in the phoenix area yesterday. forecasters say it is the result of tropical storm javier which hit mexico earlier this week. is that what they call a haboob? cindy: we have our own interesting weather happening.
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this is the feels like temperature. about as humid as it ever gets around here. erika: stay inside if you can. cindy: make sure you stay hydrated, the whole bit. you don't want to take it lightly. we have a heat advisory up through 7:00 this evening. that heat index will hover right around 100 degrees away from the south coast, the cape, and the islands. even see how hazy it is outside. 91 degrees in boston right now but this is the issue right . the humidity is high with a dewpoint temperature that is running in the 70's. it is feeling like 96 degrees in boston. a southwesterly wind bringing in all of that humidity. the humidity impact, you can see the scale in the oppressive rage with dew point in the 70's across the area. the soupy air is the issue make me feel so much hotter. the actual temperatures running in the mid to upper 80's along the south coast and the cape.
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once you had north of the city, north shore, merrimack valley, this is your hottest. 92, lawrence back to nashua. worcester, sitting at 84 degrees. the feels like temperature feeling hotter out there right now and the heat index will actually go up a little more as regards the afternoon. i 4:00 or so it will be feeling like it's 100 degrees especially after metrowest p.m., still feeling like it's over 90 degrees and once the sun goes down it's still going to feel like it's in the 80's by around midnight. very difficult for sleeping tonight. a good amount of sunshine with building clouds. we had a cluster of storms on the coast of -- the coast of connecticut. a batch of showers moving eastward. if it holds together we will see some of these raindrops making their way across martha's
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activity. as we get deeper into the afternoon more of these clouds may build. tapping into all of the humidity. there is a small chance that one or two isolated showers or downpours pop up here in southeastern massachusetts. notice the timeline at 6:00 if you're headed to gillette to do some tailgating for the preseason game there might be a brief isolated shower out this way. it should begun by the time the game gets started in things dry out this hot and humid for that game. around 90 degrees at kickoff at 7:30 and temperatures drop. the setup is about this area of high pressure pumping in humidity. either the front to the north, on the other side of the front notice how much comfortable it is -- how much more comfortable it is. that air is not getting in here until the front sags southward. the front begins to drop southward over the weekend and as it does so it's going to increase the chance for rain.
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that is a good thing. we still have severe drought across much of the state. right here in the northwestern side of a test suburbs of boston we have extreme drought conditions. we desperately need some rain. low temperatures tonight holding in the 70's. we had into the day tomorrow, still humid in the 90's that we're going to watch. showers and thunderstorms pop up in the afternoon. by 3:00 or so we willat get toward the evening's although those storms could press eastward toward the coast line. tomorrow evening the chance for shower thunderstorm and over the weekend later saturday and especially sunday we find numerous showers and thunderstorms. not a washout this we can but with this humidity of place you can bet we are going to see some rain. erika: i don't want to leave the air-conditioning right now. cindy: but the rain is a good
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erika: sky 5 over lake field commuter rail struck a pickup truck on broadway and north.
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around the lower gates at the crossing. luckily no one on the train was hurt but a medical helicopter was called in for the driver. shuttle buses are being brought in for the train passengers. antoinette: it is the end of an era at disney world. the resort is pulling the plug on its main street electrical parade. the event has dazzled visitors since 1977. the parade will be shipped to disneyland in california for a limited time. it' the parade which will officially end in october. erika: for the hundreds of dollars that he spent go to disneyland they are taking away the parade? cindy: it is like florida in the summertime if you close your eyes. [laughter] cindy: we got the heat and humidity after today feeling like 100 degrees. i wanted to focus on the weekend because saturday we will watch that front of the north. it'll will be the focus for showers and thunderstorms. still around 90 degrees on saturday. that front saturday evening it
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sunday it's basically right on top of us so it's going to be the focus for showers and thunderstorms over the course of the weekend. not raining all the time but look what happens with the temperatures by sunday. they start to slowly come down with that front. it's going to be until tuesday of next week before the humidity really goes away. antoinette: although spot.
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