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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 22, 2016 2:30am-4:01am EDT

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good morning. >> here are some of the top headlines on this monday. campaign reboot, donald trump stepping up efforts to win over african americans. but many black voters aren't buying his new pitch. still, his campaign says it was his best week yet. a full report coming up. the soon. health officials now believe it could stick around in the u.s. for up to two years. and they believe the gulf coast states are most vulnerable to the spread of the disease. crews are battling three out of control wildfires in eastern washington state. several homes have been destroyed and hundreds in the spokane area were evacuated. winds are in the forecast again today. the fire is out in rio.
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athletes looking ahead to tokyo in 2020. those are some of the top stories on this monday, august 22nd. from abc news, this is "world news now." counting down to the games in tokyo. only 14 00 days to go, plus. we begin with politics, and donald trump. his latest effort to reset his campaign. >> with only 77 days to go before election, trump is head republican leaders are calling a great week. trump has used his last few rallies to reach out to african americans, but his choice of words not really sitting well with many black voters. it's your voice, your vote. here's mary bruce. >> reporter: donald trump refining his message to minority voters. >> i want our party to be the
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>> reporter: after this pitch to african americans sparked outrage. >> you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. 58% of your youth is unemployed. what the hell dioo you have to lose? >> reporter: making the case before a predominantly white crowd. our analysts question who he's talking to. >> i think he's been white people. >> reporter: the new campaign manager coming to his defense. >> those comments are for all americans, and i live in a white -- i'm white. i was very moved by his comments. >> reporter: on the job five days conway changing course on trump's taxes after once saying this. his tax returns aren't transparent. i'd like it. >> reporter: now backing his decision not to release the tax returns. >> i've learned that the audit
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he'll release the tax returns. >> reporter: the clinton campaign questioning trump's financial ties to russia. >> there are questions about whether trump himself is just a pickup truck for the kremlin in this race. >> reporter: mayor giuliani talking about clinton's health. >> she has an entire media empire that demeanizes donald trump and fails to point out several signs of illness by her. >> reporter: clinton is outraising and outstanding her republican rival. joe bide season heading to lawsuit via today. on wednesday he will meet with turkey's president and they're expect dch. >> it is over.
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one event will live on for a while. the u.s. olympics committee is deciding what if anything to do with ryan lochte and three of his fellow swimmers. lochte is speaking out about last sunday's incident at a gas station. he spoke with a tv station about his initial claims that he and his teammates were victims of a gunpoint robbery. he acknowledged his first story wasn't accurate, but he stopped short of saying he lied. >> why did you version of the story so many times? >> i overexaggerated. part of it, the very first part i was intoxicated. i was a little frightened. i mean, having a gun pointed to you. >> the head of the usoc promised further action against the swimmers. he says the committee understands the men let down both their fellow athletes and americans. the four could also face
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olympics committee. breaking news in ohio. at least nine people are injured. two seriously after a car slammed into a crowd at an outdoor concert. the 7 4-year-old driver accidentally slammed into the crowd. the victims were all in their 50s, 60s and 70s. they were attending a dean martin tribute band concert. so far no charges have been filed. and five people including three members of killed in a racrash in long island. one driver crossed into the oncoming lane and hit a car. one person died in each of the two cars that were hit as well. overseas now, a and the u.s. and south korea began military drills. the north said it would launch a preemptive nuclear strike if
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during the drills. israel fired back launches a series of air strikes in retaliation for a palestinian rocket attack. they said the rocket that hit a border town yesterday was meant to inflect pain an fear. two palestinians were injured in the retaliatory attacks. in the middle east the deadliest attacks this year in turkey. dozens of people were attending a wedding and killed by a the president of turkey now blames isis. >> reporter: carnage on the streets. a nighttime wedding celebration in turkey turning tragic. a decide bomber attacking as guests danced outside. ambulances ferrying the injured revelers of the 50 deaths, 29 children. an eyewitness calling the scene a war zone. the president saying the bomber was just a boy, 12 or 14 years
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it's the deadliest attack this year in a nation still reeling from a terror attack on its largest airport. the failed coup, and just last week another wedding rattled by violence. funerals for the victims from this latest tragedy, crowds heard chantingered juan, murder. the president unpopular in this part of the this terror attack days before biden's visit to turkey. the white house issuing a strong condemnation of the bombing calling it barbaric. back in the u.s. another round of severe weather for southern louisiana. forecasters say the area was hit with two to three inches of rain. 3,000 people are still living in shelters in the baton rouge area. $30 million has been approved in
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up a temporary bus system. in texas torrential rains in san antonio area with nine inches in four areas. 30 to 40 people were rescued. several roads were forced to close because of the flooding but no serious injuries or fatalities reported. a pharmaceutical company getting backlash for they're a must have for those suffering from life threatening allergies. the price of the drug has soared more than 400% since 2009. >> every six minutes life threatening food allergies send someone to the hospital. >> reporter: the rising cost of epipen forcing many families to make tough choices. >> to watch her face become red and blotchy and her throat and
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the drug. >> reporter: the cost of epipens have gone up about 480% from about $100 in 2009 to more than $600 this year. for most who need them, they have to get more than one. >> it's not uncommon for somebody who requires an epipen for a child to have them in many different places. >> reporter: epipen manufactured 87% of all epinephrine auto injectors prescribed last year. the cost of the medicine, about $1 per dose. mylan saying an increasing number of families are in bearing more of the cost because of insurance. >> this is life or death. we've had to use the epipen f. if he had been without, she may not be sits next to me.
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savings card. other companies are trying to develop alternatives. at this time there's no competitors on the market. now to a case down under caught on video. take a look. in the middle of the screen, those are some crocodiles being released into a high school office on the nation's north coast. then the four men who released the reptiles ransacked the place. wildli why? high school prank? >> i don't know. someone is getting detention. >> and then some. >> i'll bet you don't get a 100 pound cake for your birthday. but you're not a panda. >> it was a big bear type of celebration at washington's national zoo this weekend for bei bei, the zoo's youngest
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birthday. his cake was made from apples, sweet potatoes, pears. two other pandas at the zoo celebrate their birthdays this week. >> i think he liked it. >> not a bad way to celebrate your birthday. >> no candles? >> no. i'm not sure this is the birthday song either. >> does bei bei get to make a wish with no candles? >> candle. coming up next, president obama getting back to work after vacation. we'll tell you what's on his agenda. and later the no hands revolution. self-driving cars will soon become accessible to more drivers. we'll take a look at how safe the technology really is. >> it's a lightly different way of getting around and probably not all that safe. but it sure looks like fun for
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cloud surfing. first, a look at today's temperatures. >> "world news now" weather brought to you by leesa
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>> it will be a comfortable 83 degrees later on today in the nation's capitol. for the first time the president is while. >> he's back to work. no more golf? >> no more golf for now. after 16 days after rest and relaxation, president obama is getting back to work and he's already facing criticism from republicans. >> reporter: president obama is packing up his golf clubs and getting back to business. a recharged president arriving
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louisiana. the trip comes just days after donald trump visited the state and slammed the president for not cutting his vacation short. >> obama ought to get off the golf course and get down there. >> reporter: as louisiana residents clean up the damage, health officials warn zika virus could spread. >> i'm not surprised if we have cases, especially with the flooding in louisiana. there's going to be a lot of problems water. >> reporter: that warning adds new urgency to the push to congress to approve funding to prevent the spread of the virus. as he prepares to tangle over zika virus money, he's facing heat over the cash payment to iran. the state department admitted the money was used as leverage for the release of prisoners.
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comparing it to a drug deal. the republican of illinois saying we can't have the president of the united states acting like the drug dealer in chief. democrats are defending the decision insisting the payment was not a ransom. >> it's not paying ransom. we don't do that, but we made it clear we understand we owed the money, but we want to make sure our people are protected. >> reporter: congress is out in the summer recess for two weeks. the president will be gone when he'll make his final visit to asia. one of the few monttrips in his final months in office. >> what's on the agenda for his road trip with hillary clinton. >> october he'll hit the road for hillary clinton and the house and senate. he'll tape ads. one thing he's said he's tired
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trump. >> there will be a lot of donald trump until november at least. >> the told donors that he feels that donald trump is always making the case against donald trump, and so he's over talking about it. >> the president is a little biassed on that too. >> yes. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up, more about driverless cars about to hit the road. auto makers and tech companies are racing to get the vehicles going. is it safe?
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cc1 test message cc1 test message
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? ? >> drive my car, or not so much. if you live in pittsburgh it won't be long until you can order up a driverless car from uber. it's a pilot program that could eventually expand to about 100 vehicles across the also getting in on the driverless car game. >> reporter: the multimillion dollar race to turn your car into a ro bait accelerating. uber weeks away from releasing this fleet in pittsburgh. these ford fusions with high-tech trappings bringing self-driving technology to the average consumer. a trained human will be ready to take over the wheel.
2:51 am
global push to get a self-driving car. this volvo has some of the most advanced features. it can gas are brake and steer on its own. it's suggested to keep your hands on the wheel. getting a test drive inside google's driverless type. >> there's no controls. >> reporter: and ford promising fully aton mouse in five years. this year the first deadly accident with a car in self-driving mode. and so far legislation has only been introduced in 16 state. >> they haven't been tested sufficient sufficiently. and for uber, no plans to put the test cars anywhere outside of pittsburgh. >> if you order one of those cars in pittsburgh, you'll get
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than one. flonase changes everything. ? ? ? >> literally jump. >> i'm sorry. i'm busy playing the synt maybe the key tar? >> all your skills would be working perfectly with this song. getting us ready to wrap up the half hour with one of the greatest daredevils on the planet doing something called crowd surfing. >> he convinced one of our very own to take the trip with him. >> reporter: there is sky diving, and then there is what this man does, jumping.
2:56 am
feels like a bike. >> reporter: this may be his most dangerous mission yet. >> it's an adventure. a flier in the elite red bull air force at 41 years old, he's out to sky surf a thunderstorm. >> everybody likes to say you can't right up until you do it. >> reporter: for extreme athletes like coordinated stunts like these are also about the bragging rights, getting that perfect video. not easy, especially when lightning is involved. what do you think is going to be going through your head? >> i think a lot of focus on the moment. it's all pretty quick. i think you'd be amazed at how al cue lated the mission. in he repeatedly challenged me
2:57 am
of pressure. how often do you get to do something like this? it's a category three hurricane wind in my face. >> stand up. stand up. stand up. >> reporter: but then sean and the team get what they've been waiting for. a true thunderstorm. a massive cloud. the perfect backdrop. >> it's the opportunity to show a place on this earth that anybody could daydream about. and no one can get to go see. >> now, that is storm chasing. ? >> now, i have been sky diving, and i love storms, but that made me want to hold onto the desk.
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z237yz zknz >> monday morning on the eyeopener, saving money by keeping foods fresher longer. >> the tricks in the kitchen to stop wasting groceries. >> and the humidity is back, so, too, the chance for needed rain
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this morning on "world news now," ryan lochte tries for another time to explain himself. >> the swimmer says he was intoxicated when he gave his first account of being held up at gunpoint. he's refusing to say he lied. here's what he says really happened. and also attempting to clarify statts on a big push for voters this week. the big question are his efforts causing more harm than good. a miracle on the water after a boat capsized with a family on board. see how they found their missing toddler and how she survived despite being trapped under the boat. and the olympics are over. the count down to tokyo 2020 is officially on with japan's prime
3:01 am
ceremonies. will video games be the newest olympics sport? we hope not. it's monday, august 22nd. from abc news, this is "world news now." i don't know. if tetris was an olympics sport, i might be able to medal. just saying. >> well, never know until then. >> old school super mario brotrs ? >> that's like an olympics sport that we can get behind and belize could probably medal. welcome. >> we are talking about the olympics and the 2016 -- the flag has been passed to tokyo. >> in exactly 1435 days they
3:02 am
the united states flag bearer during the closing ceremony. the four-time gold medalist is only the second gymnast to get that honor. >> president obama sent his congratulations to the u.s. with a tweet. you carried the flag high tonight, simone biles. >> one olympian is in the spotlight. the usoc is deciding on a possible punishment for ryan lochte and three other matt gutman with the latest. >> reporter: the second most decorated swimmer in history back pedaling. lochte telling a brazilian tv station j. >> why did you change the version of the story so many times? >> i overexaggerated. the very first part i was intoxicated. i was a little frightened. having a gun pointed to you. >> reporter: his story having
3:03 am
account. >> we got pulled over in our taxi. these guys came out with a badge, a police badge, the guy pulled out his gun. he cocked it. w put it to my forehead. >> reporter: saying he should have had been more careful. he was seen her confronting security guards when they said they'd call the police. he still doesn't quite admit to lying. >> i overexaggerated the my mistake was overexaggerating what happened. >> you don't think you were lying? >> i wasn't lying to a certain extent. i overexaggerated what was happened. like i said, i can't say if it was a robbery or anything. >> i was still intoxicated when it happened. >> reporter: and for a swimmer with a million dollars in
3:04 am
he acknowledged he might lose endorsements. >> would you endorse someone who lied to his mother, first of all? two, lied to the u.s. olympics committee and then goes on national television and makes up a total lie about what happened that night, and then as it's unraveling, he keeps lying. when you take the narsicissism coupled with stupidity, why would someone endorse he faces any prosecution here in brazil, a furious ceo of the u.s. olympics committee upping the ante saying there will be disciplinary in the u.s. that could mean a lengthy suspension. southern louisiana dealing with another round of thunderstorms and heavy rain. that region is already facing a massive recovery from the deadly and historic flooding.
3:05 am
more than 3,000 residents are still living in shelters. fema is opening for disaster recovery systems today. president obama will tour the area tomorrow. and tornadoes in the midwest. a twister in ohio appears right in front of this highway. check out that video. at least six tornadoes hit western michigan. the number of homes had ripped off. turning a focus overseas. dozens of people are dead after a suicide bombing at a wedding party in turkey. the president of that country blamed isis for the attack and said this bombing was carried out by a child between 12 and 14 years old. there has been no claim of responsibility. the attack late saturday was the deadliest this year in turkey, and was widely condemned from many governments including the u.s. and the vatican. in iraq security forces were
3:06 am
before he blew himself up. the boy, around 13 years old, was captured in the city of kirk kirkuk. they were able to carry out their missions in the city. donald trump is heading to the battle ground state of ohio this evening. despite a flood of criticism over his kreent comments about african americans, he is expected to continue his new appeal for the black vote. it's your voice, your vote, mary bruce has the latest. >> reporter: as far as the trump campaign says, >> i want a totally inclusive country. and i want an inclusive party. >> reporter: trump working on his pitch to minority voters this weekend. >> the outreach to the african american community is in an area where the republican party must do better and it will do better. >> reporter: despite that admission and a meeting with his
3:07 am
smooth for the campaign. from protests to outrage over this comment. >> what do you have to lose? you're living in poverty. you have no jobs. >> many in the african american community saw it as insulting. they say mr. trump was making the comments in communities that are more than 90% white. >> those comments are for all americans. s that we can do better. >> reporter: trump's new campaign manager hitting the sunday talk shows after a staffing shakeup which included the resignation of paul manafort. after his ties that clinton is are pouncing on. >> it doesn't mean the russians have been pushed out of this campaign.
3:08 am
supporting donald trump. former secretary of state colin powell is clarifying a report he claims he had advised hillary clinton to use a personal e-mail account. he said clinton's people have been trying to pin it on me. he said clinton was using her private e-mail server for a year before he sent her a memo telling her what he did. a new book about bill clinton says powell told hillary clinton he used a personal e-mail account on the classified information. the zika virus could hand around the u.s. far year or two. cases have been limited to miami dade county, but they say other gulf coast states are as a rulerable. they're concerned about texas and other areas. let's go back to the olympics.
3:09 am
false sense of security. >> kevin durant led the way with 30 points in a 96-56 round. the u.s. has taken three straight golds and 25 games in a way since winning the bronze in athens in 2004. >> clarissa shields beat the competition to win her second gold. the 21-year-old from the first u.s. boxer to be a two-time gold edleist. in london she was the first american woman to win a gold medal in boxing. and the final medal count. the united states brought home 121. that's 51 more than china. great britain was in third for overall medals. and the u.s. had 46 gold medals. >> it's a big finish. >> they were considered the
3:10 am
and the olympic flag was passed to tokyo. >> the one member of that city's delegation dressed for the occasion as super mario. that's the japanese prime minister. he 'rooifarrived by crawling tha pipe and dressed as mario. social media vi f far. >> the very cool moment there. during the london games you had the queen arriving by helicopter and this is the japanese trying to outdo them. >> those opening ceremonies should be something. we're looking forward to it. >> in four years. >> coming up, the nba star ma making headlines for his epic catch. >> and the latest round of wildfires burning in the west.
3:11 am
to smoldering rubble. others have been forced to evacuate. we'll tell you where, next. >> and the unbelievable survival story. a toddler stuck underneath a capsized boat feared to have browne drowned. we'll tell you how she managed to survive. our bacteria family's been on this cushion for generations. alright kiddos! everybody off the backpack, we made it to the ottoman. i like to watch them clean, but they'll never get me on the mattress! finally there's a disinfectant mist designed for sofas, mattresses and more. introducing new lysol max cover. its innovative cap has a 2x wider spray that kills 99.9% of bacteria.
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check out this stunning video of a dust storm as it rolls across a phoenix area covering everything in its path. it caused delays at the sky harbor international airport there. it's pretty impressive, actually. clouds like this can stretch for miles and last for several hours with visibility near zero. >> breaking news now, three wildfires out of control in washington state. o spokane area. destroying homes and forcing residents to evacuate. the fires are zero percent conta contained. 40 miles west, a third fire destroyed several homes and is threatening about 60 more. better news for the blue cut fire in california. everyone is being allowed to return home, and that fire is about 85% contained. more than 100 homes were
3:16 am
through a weekend they probably would never wish on anyone else. they're all lucky to be together. >> and they're thanking this morning some local heros for their bravery and for saving one of their daughters. marci gonzalez with the details. >> reporter: these playful moments, a contrast of how the weekend bebeggan. their boat capsizing in escaping, but the only sign of kennedy, the baby, her cries coming from somewhere beneath the overturned boat. >> i need someone under water now. >> reporter: two officers diving into the pitch black hour. nearly an hour after the accident, their hope starting to fade. >> we were just getting ready to leave when we heard a light cry. >> reporter: finally finding
3:17 am
vest under the boat in an air pocket. >> we all just kept praying to god and we got lucky. and we're just -- it's a miracle. it's a miracle that everything worked like it did. >> reporter: their miracle daughter back in their arms. >> i love these girls. >> reporter: heading home from the hospital. >> we really just want to say our hearts -- >> thank you so much for all the prayers, and the es >> thank you. >> reporter: so much gratitude, especially now with doctors saying other than a few scratches and bruises, kennedy is in perfect health. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> and two people they were thinking particularly this morning, the police sergeant mike and his wife were out on a date when they got the call. they rushed in and he not only aided in the rescue, but his wife helped treat the little
3:18 am
you can telled fr from the vide. coming up in the next half hour, a suspect that didn't want to be in the back of a police car. wait until you see exactly how he got out. first a visit to the most famous house in cucuba.
3:19 am
ext1 italics all right. so we're going to head south of the border now. specifically 90 miles south of florida and to cuba. and east of havana. >> we find a house there that
3:20 am
now it's getting a facelift. >> reporter: pretty bad shape, the house? walking around the most famous house in cuba is a journey into the past. for the last ten years bob vee la has been helping save this old house outside of havana. >> all the windows needed to be replaced. >> reporter: where hemmingway lived and wrote some of his most famous works. >> his pap a his correspondence, everything in this house. >> reporter: he left cuba in 1960 fully intending to return, and resume living here with his wife. but he died before he could come back. six years ago it was cracks and failing plaster and stuff. very bad condition. villa is known from his television show where he
3:21 am
home. the team of americans and cubans has been refurbishing the house and building a repository for some of the treasures, including volumes of personal letters found in a basement. >> this is the oldest square in havana. >> this is personal. born in miami to cuban parents. his father and mother left after castro took power and never came back. >> i think it was a b opportunity to reconnect with this place. and it's been a good thing. >> reporter: villa's goal to make it feel like the home where hemmingway lived and created great american literature on cuban soil. he lived there for white a while, renting it at first. >> it's a modest town.
3:22 am
small town rather than in the
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these days. you are buying finish these days. i got a new dishwasher and they recommend finish. really? you should try it. unlike cascade gel, finish has active cleaning enzymes.
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time now for the mix. we start with an nba player who's getting a lot of kudos this morning for an amazing catch. >> really. >> not typical in the nba. check it out. not the kind of catch you're thinking of. this is chandler, a forward for the nuggets. if you're wondering whate in his off season, apparently fishing is on the list. he got a 350 pound grouper. this is part of an appearance on a youtube channel centered on fishing. how about that? >> that is pretty impressive. i guess he had the off season off and hadn't been playing last year. he had time to get something huge. >> i guess he got really good at fishing. look at that fish.
3:26 am
let's move to a celebrity couple that we're familiar with. they were on dancing with the stars. . they were popular on the show. they're currently on a baby moon on a cruise. they decided to do something that most parents don't necessarily do. they revealed the sex of the child and letting you know their name. they said who is ready to know the the name? ocean king. >> ocean king penavega. >> there are heads in the studio like what? i'm not really cool. it's a baby boy. ocean king. i kind of like it. >> okay. >> yeah. no? >> sure. >> okay. >> from babies to pets. we all miss them when we're away. our pets are home.
3:27 am
this is a pet chat, a two way audio and video communication device. you can chat with your dog. they can see you on the screen. you can see the dog and you can even click a button to give them a treat. >> that's kind of can cool. think that would work for frank, your rabbit? >> i don't think so. frank would probably try to eat the computer. >> we go from our lovable pets to an unusual one. a jam session for red hot peppers gu >> that doesn't look like flee. >> it's not. he post third down over the weekend. several images from an occasion. not sure why. >> cocoa is loving the ga tet a.
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
tonight on "world news now," severe weather making its way across the country. tornadoes have already damaged the midwest this weekend, and now those systems are heading east with more rain and flooding for hard hit areas of the deep south. >> ryan lochte in hot water over his accounts of being held at gunpoint. why he said he didn't ll and his possible punishment. >> a suspect makes a quick get away. not one he intended. >> the intoxicated young suspect giving police problems. even getting out of his handcuffs. but he got out another way. we're going to show you how. and he may be one of the greatest rappers of all time. sorry, jay-z, you're just another husband on instagram. he gets caught playing second
3:31 am
we'll have the glamour shots later for you to see in "the skinny" on this august 2nd. -- 22nd. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." let's get started with the storms that have made for a rough weekend. leaving a trail of damage in the midwest. now mooef moving east. >> at least six tornadoes reported from grand rapids. thousands left in the dark. rooftops were ripped off of trees shattered. >> the cleanup is underway in san antonio, texas after a round of downpours. nearly 9 inches of rain in four hours. 30 to 40 high water rescues were reported in texas. >> and baton rouge is reeling from deadly flooding, and now dealing with more rain. our senior meteorologist has the details.
3:32 am
michigan to kentucky reported. >> if that's not a tornado, i don't know what is. >> what looks like a twister in delaware, ohio, appearing right in front of this highway. >> in a confirmed tornado outside of grand rapids, michigan. the same system slamming trees into houses and ripping off this roof. >> i could hear the tree snap. and the trees around started snapping. in texas outsa raining nine inches in four hours. torrential rain wreaking havoc with a firefight rescued a man trapped in his car. >> he had water up to his neck. he'd been there for about 30 minutes. >> reporter: residents picking up damage a week after devastation. officials saying an estimated 60,000 homes are damaged. the system that brought the severe weather across the
3:33 am
dryer and cooler almost fall like weather to move in. abc news, new york. now to the olympics and the games are over. but the ryan lochte controversy lives on. he opened up last night about sunday morning's incident at a rio gas station. he told a brazilian tv station why he said they were robbed at gunpoint. however, he stopped short of saying the entire story was a lie. >> my mistake was overexaggerating what happened. >> you don't think you were lying? >> i wasn't lying to a certain extent. i overexaggerated what happened, and like i said, i can't say if it was a robbery or anything like that. >> lochte is the second most decorated swimmer in u.s. history. acknowledged it could cost him financially in terms of endorsements. the united states olympics
3:34 am
to the swimmers. drills underway despite the threat of a nuclear threat from north korea. the north's first strike units are ready to mount attacks on the forces involved in the drills. the north climbs the drills are an invasion dress rehearsal. in turkey funerals following a suicide bomb attack on a wedding party. the president of turkey blamed isis and said it was carried out by a child as young as 12 years old. the white house issued a strong condemnati condemnation. calling it barbaric. in the u.s., a man charged with six counts of murder. the suspect entered the home where his estranged girlfriend was staying and attacked the victims. the girlfriend had allegedly gone to the home to escape an abusive relationship with him. he was arrested in mississippi
3:35 am
alabama. >> a man hunt for two suspects after a gun violence in a house party in bridge port. one women was critically injured and 11 others injured. witnesses say the gunmen were hiding in the bushes when they opened fire. donald trump's new campaign manager says the republican
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making news in america this morning, extreme weather, fire, floods and tornadoes as new wildfires erupt and threaten homes and the severe storms on the move after spawning several tornadoes. ryan lochte says he's taking responsibility and admitting he exaggerated the story about being held at gunpoint in rio. what does it peen for his future and millions in endorsements? a new report details what may have caused prince's overdose and the pills found inside his home. the closing ceremony in rio. simone biles leads team usa and on the last day the bizarre moment when coaches stripped in


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