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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  September 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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clues to a heartless crime. maria: an american flag torched. donald trump backing away trillion the conspir racy that he created and what he said tonight about hillary clinton and guns. ed: that is sparking a new controversy. maria: the problem down south that could have all of us paying more. humidity on in the klaes weekend and i am track much-needed rain, ahead. ed: the secret fortune the former worker left the unh and the co! controversial way the schola maria: we begin with breaking news. a young man is dead after he was hit by a commuter rail train in newton. it happened near the west newton station. ed: the victim appears to be in his teens. police don't know why he was on the tracks. there are delays along the framingham/worcester line as the investigation unfolds. we'll keep an eye on it, and bring you more when we know it.
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race for president tonight donald trump again making comments that some are saying are veiled threats against hillary clinton. good evening, i'm maria stephanos. ed: i'm ed harding. trump calling for clinton's secret service agents to be stripped of their guns. commitment 2016 coverage begins with our john atwater. john: and this controversy comes after he dominated the news all day for dismissing another controversial position he's held for years. >> take their guns away, she doesn't want guns. let's see what happens to her. >> donald trump calling for hillary clinton's secret service agents to be stripped of their weapons. she wants to destroy your second amendment. trump was criticizing clinton's plans to reform gun laws during a rally in miami. his comments come hours after an abrupt reversal on another controversy he's perpetuated for years. trump: president barack obama was born in the united states period.
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career and democratic analyst mary anne marsh says the about-face is a strategic move. >> trump said obama was born in us not because he believes it. he believes he'll lose race if white college educated women think he's a racist, and they do. >> but mass republican chair kirsten hughes says addressing the lingering controversy now allows trump to move on. >> i think it talk about it, he can get back to talk about real issues. clinton says trump has distorted the truth on the issue for years and says he didn't go far enough in his announcement . obama was born in america plain and simple and donald trump owes him and the american people an apology. >> no apology tonight from trump. and he's even blaming clinton for starting the birther movement. politifact says that is not true. as for the "birther" issue, both president obama and the first lady are also responding to trump's turnaround . >> i was confident about where i was born.
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my hope would be that the presidential election reflects more serious issues than that. >> during his time in office, i think barack has answered those questions about the examples he has set by going high when they go low. [cheering and applauding] maria: michelle obama made her comments while campaigning for hillary clinton in virginia. one other bit of political news tonight, we're learning that libertarian party nominee gary johnson and green part will not be on stage for the first presidential debate on september 26th. neither has reached the required 15 percent in national polls. ed: new at 11:00, community support in an everett neighborhood after an act of vandalism. an american flag replaced after one was burned. it happened at a convenience store, security cameras capturing images of the suspects. our mary saladna is live in everett with the latest on the
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mary: corner store owner donna desalvo is disgusted by the lack of respect and the very real risk. she just reopened her corner market two weeks ago, after a destructive fire last year. when she saw fire trucks pull up thursday night around 11:30. she feared the worst. >> the first fire, the awning caught on fire, you saw those sparks had my awning been back up it could have happened again. >> what really happened, three young men torched the america flag that used to hang on this
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>> store s shows the moment a man climbed up on a trash barrel and set the flag on fire seconds later pieces of the burning cloth can be seen raining down. from another camera, video of the trio fleeing the scene; look at the bottom of your screen, at one point, one of the men looks directly at the camera before he runs away. >> really awful that they would target a flag. you can't do that, it's just not right. maria: look at that. a live picture of the full harvest moon as we head to weekend. 3:00 that is gorgeous. beautiful. we had an awesome night. we have an awesome day tomorrow. maria: but? >> i was waiting for the but.
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really good news this weekend. i apologize i didn't have my know crow phone on. you can probably hear me at home a little bit better now. today was an awesome. tomorrow is going to be awesome as well. i think sunday we get some rainfall, so we'll make everybody happy one way or another. 74 in orange for the high today. 72 in plymouth. 70 in hyannis. not too many clouds right now. we're look at mostly clear skies sh. there is a batch of rain. a couple of is moving in later on sunday. so temperatures, bottoming hit to mid 50's in boston tonight. a couple of upper 46 answer the suburbs? much then, we fast few clouds toward morning. think tomorrow is a blend of sun and clouds. the humidity is to tolerable now but starts to turn uncomfortable as we go through the day tomorrow especially to sunday. it starts to feel a little bit more uncomfortable. we talk about the rain chances
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up in a few minutes. maria? maria: see you then. thank you. right now, police are egg having a disturbing attack. right now police in easton investigating a disturbing attack. a woman, blind-sided from behind while out for a walk. the victim knocked unconscious, raising concerns of a possible sexual assault. our diane cho is live in easton with more on the investigation. diane. diane: that it's scary and it's not something you would think about in a quiet neighborhood veronica sayles says she wasn't aware of what happened until we told her. >> hopefully, it's not going to happen again, and they catch whoever did it. >> police say a woman told police she was out walking a dog early thursday morning just after 6 a-m here off foundry street in easton when she says she was kicked from behind. the victim also told police she lost consciousness for a brief
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sexual assault may have occurred. >> it is very shocking hopefully they catch whoever did this. >> right now, police say they don't have any witnesses authorities are urging walkers and joggers to use caution if they're alone and to be aware of their surroundings. >> definitely makes me want to doublecheck over my back especially that early in the morning you don't really think >> police do not have description of the suspect tat time. if if you have any information, you are asked to call the eastston today police department. wcvb newscenter 5. ed: a bridgewater state student has taken back her claim that someone tried to rape her. the unidentified woman claimed she was attacked on summer street near campus. she said a man wearing a ski mask put a bag over her head, then tried to tear her clothes
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the claim put the college on high alert most of the day, but eventually said the attack never happened. >> we will not be finding out how much taxpayer money was used for marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev's defense. a federal judge ruled today the release of the defense costs should not be made public yet. the boston globe filed a motion to see the the information. federal law requires the release of the information when the case is over. but the judge says the case will not be over until tsarnaev's appeal is decided. the young man and woman who snapchat are going to prison. rashad deihim and kailyn bonia were sentenced to four-to-five years in prison plus three years of probation. the two were convicted in july for the assault behind a saugus elementary school two years ago. a third person pleaded guilty to videotaping the attack. in court today, prosecutors said the two had no remorse. relatives of kailyn bonia said
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>> she is very sorry. i don't think she realizes how she got here eth her. >> was he remorseful at all? i have no comment. that was rashad deihims not much to say as their family left after the sentencing both will also have to register as sex offenders. ed: a second person has died as a result of a collision during a boat race on a taunton pond on saturday. our partners at the brockton enterprise reporting 67-year-old stephen joy of bangor, maine, died at rhode island hospital. 39-year-old mark greene from moultonborough, new hampshire a third boat driver suffered minor injuries. the crash is still under investigation. the new york city police officer attacked by a man with a cleaver is out of the hospital tonight. detective brian o'donnell was given a thunderous ovation from fellow officers as he left the hospital, sporting a six-inch scar on his cheek. o'donnell was attacked by a man who was trying to remove a boot
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he pulled out an 11-inch cleaver when police approached him. >> as we were pursuing him, he had cleaver in his han. you can clearly see it. he was waving it around. maria: police eventually opened fire on the man. tonight he's in critical condition. ed: four people are in custody in miami after men with guns were spotted on the roof of a condo complex. for two armed men. police shut down the area around the condos as they moved in to investigate and took the four people in to be questioned. police say they did recover a rifle at the scene. maria: rescue crews hard at work on cape cod. >> the second fortune the former worker left the unh and the way
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dolphins over the past two days. rescuers say there were so many dolphins they asked people watching from the beach to help out. >> when they are in a difficult to navigate area like the harbor could be. the tide starts going out and they are getting stuck. they all stay together as group. maria: the team says they use acoustics to get the dolphins to swim out of the harbor, a pinging sound the animalfi ed: a wild find in a forest in western mass. take a look at all the pot plants! last night, massachusetts environmental police officers located a large marijuana grow site within the daughters of the american revolution state forest in goshen. officers seized a total of 47 marijuana plants. no word on any arrests. trouble with a pipeline in alabama may drive our gas prices sharply higher. the pipeline, which runs refined gasoline from houston all the
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a leak this week. part of the pipeline has been shut down for repairs, which could raise the price at the pump by as much as 20 cents a gallon. the good news, any price spike shouldn't last too long, once the pipeline is repaired, which should happen within a week. ed: it was the gift of a lifetime, but how the university of new hampshire is spending it is raising eyebrows ben: a quiet librarian at unh giving his entire life savings are 4 million to the university. most of the money not going to the library, but that's not the issue. it's what the school wants to buy for one million dollars. for nearly half a century, robert morin worked at the university of new hampshire
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which he gave entirely to unh. >> he did leave a small portion to the library, but beyond that it was totally unrestricted. ben: the university says two and a half million will go to a new, larger student career center. and one million toward a giant video board at the newly >> but some are crying foul over that million-dollar stadium scoreboard especially because the university is asking the state for millions. >> that money could go towards lowering the cost of education or maybe toward their capitol drive for new stem buildings. >> sometimes i think the university system loses perspective of how much a million dollars is to most of us
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the university says it's heard from critics, but is standing firm. issuing a statement, saying in part "a facility like wildcat stadium is transformative to our campus experience in helping unh to recruit the best and brightest students. the university says it has historically invested very little money in athletics. it says even the brand new wildcat stadium is modest when you look at the athletic complexes of most other state universities across the country. the empire. >> nine miles per hour, nice evening. nice night out there. material in boston does get down one or two more 0-gree temperatures tonight. the humidity is still nice, comfortable outside as well. 51 in plymouth. more than likely, 59 in orange. 55 in worcester to name few. mostly clear skies overhead now. we look to the west. we got some wet weather, thankfully, this is not a bad thing, folks this. the shower and thunderstorm activity out ahead of a cold front which is tough the west. we have a tropical system down the south as well.
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nighttime lows tonight, general in there low mid 50's. again, isolated 40-degree readings in some spots under a mostly clear sky. for tomorrow, 75 to as high as 0 degrees in some spots, nashua, lawrence, close to the 90-gree mark. otherwise, 76 in boston with onshore wind. now a couple of things you will start to notice this weekend. the humidity starting to come back a little bit. it is up aa bit tomorrow. higher on sunday and monday. a couple of rather uncomf officer to working with to then deposit back as some rain. >> i think as far as the rain goes, tomorrow is wall to wall cry. now from will be some clouds that feather up from the south as times, but for me thost mart, looking at dry day in 3:00 for saturday in its entirety. sunday morning should start out ok. the airs taken bit more juicy out there. we start to notice the humidity increasing steadily through the
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chance for showers will begin to increase steadily and more than likely by supper time or so as you will see some rainfall out there in through sunday night. again, stays humid through monday. here is an idea. saturday, looking at 6:30 now. mostly season m i skies with a few patches of clouds from time to time. the clouds will thicken up through saturday night and noon season kay. i think, mostly cloudy sky. but, showers, at least, in after 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon, then, they start moving in. some downpours are possible. that would be a good thing. the timing is not the greatest, you know, bergs cannot be cheerses here, right. we are talking about that n much of rain perhaps, through western massachusetts. maybe a half inch or so to the worcester area. wildcard is inside of 128. i think we may get up to half inch of rainfall, if we are lucky, the model, this
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think we may pick up a pew more if some of those downpours can mack it to the boston area. so fenway park fromme. 105 start. of course, the red sox playing the yankees. 72 degrees little bit warm warmer and dry throughout. shower risk will increase steadily through the game at gillette as they take on the dolphins. 76 degrees and a south wind. tracking the trop looks. julia down this the south. some of this moisture may get sucked up to the system as it this system itself will not
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ed: tonight, a show biz lawsuit pitting the old gains the new. maria: 24 century fox taking netflix to court. a lawsuit filed in l.a. fox says netflix is taking some of the workers to break the contract to fox. jump ship. that is what happened to two of
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against those charges. >> i am your father. >> the empire 2:00 is striking back. time, it is against liter bugs. not just bugs but litter bugs. the man dressed up as darth vader to clean up a stretch of hoo iway in virginia and agreed to take care of the highway as part of the adopt the highway program. according to the man underneath the mask. he dress up baits us fun and brings a still into the face of people driving bye. mostly baits is fun. >> mostly baits is >> yeah. >> empire. >> yeah. >> you will miss most. 37 home reasons. >> right. right. >> they are going to miss it. >> they are going to miss it. >> all right. >> look. look. look. >> no glob glob. yeah. now you can have it. >> all right. >> what a guy. sports is next. ? ? grocery shoppers of america! take your o organics baby carrots. take your eggs.
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usually bet the first time around, right? unless big papi hit a grand slam. it would be impossible to top. the red sox will have no problem settling for quality start from clay buckholz scoring started early. hanley hate 3-1 homer to win it last night. tonight it starts off with rbi in gel. mookie bets scores after one. then, not done. not close to done. hanley home run. deep to center. now 102 rbi's. it is 3-0. more than enough. his line. two earns runed. two hits. two walks. two k's. they will take for it sure. and jackie bradley.
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inning. very nice to take the services to the front row. thanks very much. socks hang on 7-4 in the four-game swet the yankees. or why it orioles win. sox still up two in the east. two days until the dolphins make the way though gillette for the patriots' home opener. to hear this team. you would never think they are 0-1 without a win tin foxboro since 2008. to the practice field. gronkas once again. no hightower. the third straight day without him. struggling with a knee injury. diocese captains now listed as doubtful for sunday's games against the dolphins. new defense back acquired from philly is out. meanwhile, the rookie defensive take tell vincent valentine. the third rounder told us way was he is at bic the first nflnfl game last week. the first nfl sack.
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main, it happened. i felt a little bit on the play. i got up. i made it. 3:00 buy mean, hopefully more to come. >> you get the first act there. >> i mean, that is it. we'll see how it work outs. who are you going to call? tom brady a good place to start is the guy who caught 34 touchdown passes from you. that would be wes. all you wanted to do is have this. >> i hit him up to do dner like saturday night. he is l flying in from ann arbor later, hey, how about that morning we go through? i am sitting there. i am like, i just was thinking about dinner. but yeah. sure. you know? i will get over there early and we can throw a little bit. you know? that is the only thing we really have planned. but pit fins ny. >> it is just funny, you no he? like i am sitting there trying
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let's bo through. all right. man. he will be running like two minutes. >> the backyard or something. >> yeah. yeah. that is going to do it for sport. >> stick with us. can we try? stick with us. >> monday on the eye trying to sellr the three traps to avoid the changes won't cost you a penny. and showers, and downpours, and the rain, who could see it and
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from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, andy samberg. dave salomoni and animals. music from desiigner. and now, prepare yourselves. here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you. i'm overwhelmed. that's very kind. i hope you had a good --


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