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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 31, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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randy: this morning, the eyeopener tracking every angle of your commute right now. emily: breaking overnight, a person hit by a car in quincy, the information just coming in from the scene. randy: losing her lead? the hit for hillary clinton's campaign ashe another email scandal on the eye for this monday morning.
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roads and olessa stepanova, new traffic patterns are in place, around the former toll plazas like this one, and this is weston. olessa: we'll get to the impact but first a check with cindy and a look at the forecast. >> good morning. the weather is pretty quiet. just some wind as you are stepping out. you are going to notice it at 10 to 15 miles per hour out of the north and west bringing us chillier air. we're in the 30s through worcester county. notice boston 43. we have mid 40s down to the cape but feel colder. it's a bit chilly. getting off the bus this afternoon, bright sunshine, but it is going to be a cooler day than yesterday. we have our storm pulling away. you can see the last of the rain exiting. the high pressure is nosing in, so in between the winds kind of active this morning, and the winds settle down slowly over the course of the day, we'll have a lot of sunshine but notice by noontime, it's only about 49 degrees, sun up at 7:17.
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the 40s when the kids step out for trick-or-treating olessa: we are seeing delays going into boston. this is towards the bottom of the screen. let's go to the map and see your ride as you travel south. we are watching volume out of brockton. still clearing a crash as you travel from braintree into boston. your ride is 25 minutes t expressway. eastbound 15, 495 to 128 and volume building out of methuen, word of a crash on route 1 by the jug handle, and you can see a bit of volume as you approach that incident. stop and go 93 south to the spot pond. trains and buses doing ok. >> thanks. right now drivers are bracing for what could be a rough commute as crews tear down toll plazas. >> and today, of course, the first realties of open polling on the massachusetts turnpike, the eyeopener's doug meehan is
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doug, how does it look? >> good morning. >> it is amazing, when you see what is happening to the tollbooths and how far they are along, although this is going to be a lengthy process. it's still encouraging to see. this is the destruction of the tollbooth in the middle. off to the left-hand side are the folks going eastbound into the city. the key here, if you are about to head out the approach these tollbooths, stay in your lane. it's easier than you think. as we start to pull out, you will see the volume is starting to build out through the allston-brighton stretch and newton and watertown, and the headlights jam up as folks go headed east from the weston tolls. that's a good idea of what it looks like. so the key is, they have not
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they have only taken away the tollbooth, so just slow down as you approach them, and stay in your lane, and you will be in good shape. as a matter of fact i am starting to receive some tweets up here in sky 5 that people are, actually, seeking out alternative routes, so that will help, at least on this monday morning. that's the latest from sky 5. i'm doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you. we want to go down on the roads. sera congi is on the pike this morning, and the area of allston-brighton, as well? >> we are. we're on the mass pike inbound, and we're about to go through the allston-brighton tolls. and as you are on the pike, if you are a creature of habit like i am, you are going to notice that a lot of the signs are different, as well. so you really need to be alert, even in these early hours, so everything is different. there is going to be a 15 miles per hour speed limit. there are police details as you
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of construction underway. they began demolition of the toll plazas over the weekend, and in most of the structures, the center has already been demolished so they are diverting us to the outside of those toll plazas, and they are whittling down three, four lanes into one or two lanes, and again, they are asking drivers and reminding them that there is a 15 miles per hour speed limit. as you can see here, everything is just slowed down as we have -- allston-brighton tolls. you can see ahead of us, lots of flashing blue lights, please details are out there, trying to make sure that everyone stays safe, not only the drivers, but as well as the construction, the construction workers who have been working overnight to not only demolish these toll plazas but eventually get the roads repaired so this will be open and we can just freely travel through it. take a look at what has been
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crews working to get ready for the commute this morning. officials warning drivers that they should consider leaving early or delaying their commute if they can. or possibly taking alternative routes, maybe the mbta. the end goal is a lot more than just traffic. >> the long-term benefit of this project is improved air quality, improved congestion, and improved safety. congestion and safety are intertwined, so when there are backups, there is the likelihood of cra adds to the congestion. >> the tollbooth demolition is expected to be completed on november 22nd, so you can expect these new traffic patterns on all of the plaza constructions, and some confusion to continue until then, we'll be driving on the pike all morning and bring you real-time conditions. live along the pike, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> breaking overnight, a
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quincy. this was the scene in east squantum and hancock streets. the victim was taken to the hospital, and an accident reconstruction team stayed on the scene for much of the night, and at this point, no word on any charges. right now a driver is facing charges accused in a drunken hit and run in salem. three people hurt, two children, and the eyeopener's antoinette antonio is live at the scene with new details. antoinette: that driver is expected in court today to face those awaiting to find out how serious those injuries were to those three victims. here's a look at the car police say was involved in this hit and run that happened just around 8:00 last night. a woman and two children were hit while they were crossing the street near washington and bridge. a lot of people were out and about with their halloween costumes at the time, and it was pouring rain, limiting the visibility out here. police say the driver left the scene but they arrested
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one young girl was taken to mass general hospital and the other child, the woman were taken to salem hospital, and at this point in the investigation is, the extent of their injuries is unclear. we will keep you posted on the new information we learned. we're live in salem this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: thank you, a warning right now for students at boston college after a report of a sexual assault. state police say a student was attacked while she walked around the victim tells investigates that she was grabbed by a man who followed her to the area near chestnut hill avenue. she was able to get away. so far, no arrests. >> commitment 2016 with just eight days now until election day. hillary clinton and donald trump are going after every vote possible. there is a focus this morning on clinton's latest email scandal and erika, tracking those overnight developments. >> and randy with the race tighter than ever, both sides
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his running mate, mike pence in florida and hillary clinton has events in ohio. her running mate, tim kaine will be in north carolina. the fbi has a warrant to review newly found emails belonging to one of clinton's aides, huma abedin. the emails were found on her estranged husband anthony wiener's computer as he was investigated in a related case. many could have been sent to or from the private server used while secretary of state. trump sounding off las scandal since watergate. my contract with the american voter begins with a plan to end the rampant government corruption. >> there have been ups and downs in all that we have gone through over the years and even in this campaign but i want you to know that i am focused on one thing, you. your lives. your futures. >> the new review which could
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any of these emails were work related and contained classified information. if so whether it was handled properly. the latest washington post poll shows clinton has a loss for double-digit lead, and ahead of trump by just one point. randy price. randy: new figures on the millions spent by groups in support and in opposition of the massachusetts ballot questions. much of that money coming from out of state. nearly 50 million has been spent this year, and that figure election day. the globe is reporting 30 million was set in 2014. >> the cubs hold off the indians for at least one more game. chatman managed eight outs in the longest relief appearance of his chief including the strikeout to end game five. the cubs win 3-2. they head back to cleveland tomorrow night. they are hoping for a game seven
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over. still ahead, phones ringing off the hook in a 9-1-1 call center and all because of hackers. randy: the trick that they used to take over people's phones and cause chaos, a new video of a machete attack at airport security lines. the moments before police had to take action. >> and fantasy sports going under the microscope today, the task ahead of a new commission. olessa. >> and checking out the conditions over on the pike by the weston tolls, this is the first commute using open on the pike. if you don't have an e-z pass that's ok you will get a bill in the mail. cindy: and clouds breaking up and sunshine in more stud but cooler temperatures for now. when we could flirt with 70 degrees. that's ahead. first take a look at the readings as you are heading outside on this monday morning. partly cloudy skies. boston right now in the 40s. look at worcester and nashua only in the mid to upper 30s as you are heading out the door
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ready to head out when others head home. r ugly weather all year long... upgrading technology, managing vegetation, improving how we get information to you because we know you're counting on us. we're ready for winter, and we want to make sure you're ready, too. visit to learn more and sign up for storm updates. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter.
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>> happy williams arena where we not only love black cats but loving and helping cats of all types all across greater boston. it's the fur ball. good morning eyeopener! randy: good morning, fur ball.
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great work. >> keep the great wakeup calls coming. you can record it on your phone, right, that's all you did, record it on your phone and upload it using our wcvb app. >> good trick-or-treating weather. cindy: comparatively so. we have had some years with pouring rain. we had the snow. nothing like that this year. a little chilly. when you are growing up it was, i want to wear the coat over the costume so layer up underneath. >> right. >> and parents you can wear your coats. >> i recommend that, yeah. clear and cool at sunset. 5:38, in the upper 40s. enough wind to talk about the wind chill. winds at 10 miles an hour. but wind chills down in the 30s, lower 40s by 9:00 p.m. so bundle up. we have colder haloweens but chill. 37 in worcester, and notice low 40s from the north shore through boston, down to plymouth plymouth. mid 40s on the cape.
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that is generated here in the last few minutes, some ocean effect rain showers, we're seeing them through the mid cape with light rain falling in hyannis. and outside of this area the clouds are actually starting to break up, and we will see these ocean effect rain showers come to an end for you on cape cod but that wind is being generated by the storm moving out and the high pressure nosing in and pulling down a lot of cold air from canada, so the winds will subside gradually here throughout the day, and you can after lunchtime, winds come down to 10 miles per hour. and enough wind to make it feel cooler. we were at 65 yesterday. going to feel chillier, too. lower 50s the best we are doing, from the merrimack valley down to the cape, mid to upper 40s out through worcester. and tonight overnight low temperatures in the 20s and 30s. mid 30s in boston. and it's a chilly start tomorrow but a beautiful day with the high pressure in control. lots of sunshine. watching this warm front come in with the passing clouds on tuesday night into wednesday
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temperatures for the middle of the week. mid 60s on wednesday. we make a run towards 70 here on thursday. the clouds build, and during the afternoon we're going to watch this wave of low pressure shift in with the frontal boundary so that is the next chance for rain thursday, thursday night and behind that front, blustery and turning colder by the upcoming weekend, and look at that, cold enough for a few flurries here on sunday, and a reminder, we do turn the clocks back one hour this weekend. all right, let's go out to the roads right now on this monday mornin >> sky5 over the weston tolls, and you can see the pictures taken from overnight when the demolition was taking place and that is the case this morning. about 23 work zones in progress getting rid of those old tolls. over to the maps and check out what else is going on if you are heading out the door. we have got the volume building on 24 northbound, slow ride over avon there and as you travel over by the braintree split, route 3, an accident, blocking one lane, expressway, about 25 minutes, and now braintree into boston, and along the pike eastbound, a bit of volume,
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now, 495 out to 128. 93 looks ok, volume out of methuen into andover and more delays as you approach spot pond, watching a crash on route 1 south by the jug handle lights. trains and buses running on schedule. >> a new video of an attack at new orleans' airport. at one of the term -- terminals. kevin white here seen charging at a tsa agent with a machete. it happened in march of 2015. the video being released white was shot and killed by police. nobody else was hurt. an internet attack is blamed on flooding 9-1-1 call centers with fake calls, and investigates warning that the attack is spreading across the country. our partners in washington say their phones began ringing off the hook. there was no emergencies. the calls were a hoax caused by a hack. the hack took over people's phones, and when they clicked on a link, spread through twitter,
6:19 am
phones. >> i started calling 9-1-1 like crazy, and i kept pushing the end button is nothing was happening. just recalling, recalling, recalling. >> the only way to stop it is to turn off your phone. an 18-year-old state man is now under arrest accused of data service interference. >> your economy, we are expecting to learn more details about a multi-billion dollar deal between general electric and baker hug g.e.'s oil and gas businesses with baker hughes and spin it off as a publicly traded company. the deal also helped g.e. cut costs allowing them to compete with their rival. the commission on daily online fantasy sports will hold the first meeting today. and that commission was created as a part of this summer's economic development law. the group will look into online gaming issues and complete a report by next july. the treasurer and lottery
6:20 am
file legislation allowing the lottery to offer online gaming but that is not expected to be part of today's meeting. >> a check of the markets, asian shares, overnight as the fbi's probe into the emails related to hillary clinton, raises uncertainty, stock futures here are higher right now. this week investors will be watching for the october jobs report, which is due out on friday. a little girl does her best bill belichick impression. >> it is cute, and you will see it in e erika. >> new at 6:30 a car vanishes from a woman's home only to be returned with cash, and a note. the message for the owner there. also a new idea for late night bus service is, the proposal that could take the job away from the mbta. and sky 5 live there over the natick tolls. give yourself plenty of time. this is the first morning commute, major commute with open tolling underway.
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i am the executive director of the sylvan in. good morning eyeopener! >> good morning randy: good morning, it's rate to see them raise money for the shelter for families. lots of enthusiasm and generosity in this crowd. on this halloween day, it is busy. >> we have rain overnight, the last of that pushing off the shore. the exception, mid cape, some ocean effect rain showers that are lingering but these should be winding down. a little chilly as you are stepping out. these are the wind chills so dress for the temperatures that feel like they are running in the 30s in a lot of spots. we're starting out in the 40s this morning. sun is up at 7:17. we're going to see a lot of it today but the temperatures do struggle, low 50s today, and into tomorrow but the winds do die down, and then look at that,
6:25 am
mid 60s midweek. emily. >> thank you. the patriots cruising into a bye week after yesterday's win over the buffalo bills. tom brady through four touchdowns, including that one to danny. he followed up with a 15-yard touchdown to chris hogan and then just another 53-yard to gronk earning the tight end a team record for career touchdowns. final score is 41-25, and the pats take on seattle at home in two weeks. 6:25 right now. eyepoppers. appropriately we are all about halloween today. >> a little theme going on. this one here dedicated to new england's favorite. anberry here wanted to be a coach, who better than to imitate him. it looks like there is other competition this season. some cute competition. >> i like the hoodie. >> i know. it's awesome. >> and a baby's first halloween didn't go quite as planned. this little one here terrified
6:26 am
is your husband going to do this to your kids? >> i don't think so although my kids would probably enjoy it. >> that child is like get me out of here! randy. randy: i answered the door to a viking a couple of years ago. a cricket player is getting a lot of attention for making a play after his artificial leg fell off on the field. the moments showing serious perseverance. and a man heads to court today accused of a crime at brockton high school parking lot. we are in weston this morning, as the drivers head out on the massachusetts turnpike, for the first time since the tolls
6:28 am
6:29 am
>> it's easier than you think, and we have you covered, olessa is watching all the roads with doug in sky5 and sera driving the mass pike to keep you ahead of the traffic. >> breaking overnight a person hit by an suv in quincy. what welsh about the crash right now. >> halloween off to a dangerous start in salem. the near tragedy that has a man due in court on the eye. randy: 6:30 on monday morning. we are live over the
6:30 am
decently as this location, and we are checking out the area, this is the weston tolls, the drivers who were warned to expect delays today, domestic -o the new traffic patterns around the tollbooths in the process of coming down. >> i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price. we're keeping you on top of the rush hour this morning, but first over to cindy and the fiscal. cindy: it is halloween and so dark out there. the sunrise keeps getting la irrelevant and later. up this morning at 7:17. saturday morning 7:23, and then look at that on sunday morning the sun is up at 6:24, we fall back this weekend as daylight savings time comes to an end. the winds are sustained, a wind chill effect. temperatures in the 30s. 40s along the coastline, the kids will want a jacket or layers this morning.
6:31 am
of rain showers, otherwise skies are clearing out as this storm moves away and the high pressure noses in, so it's going to be a bright one. we'll see a lot of sunshine but by lunchtime it's only 49, looking for a high temperature in the low 50s this afternoon. and boston, down to marshfield and mid and upper 40s out through worcester, so it is going to be chilly for the trick-or-treaters. they are going to want to bundle up as the temperatures fall but wind chills in the 30s. let's go out to the roads right now on this monday morning. olessa, good tolling. you can see so far this morning traffic seems to be flowing pretty freely. we'll have more on that coming up, but let's check out your ride as you go south, we have delays on 24 out of brockton and on the expressway, 30 to 35 braintree into boston, and accident just cleared at the braintree split, and as you travel the pike, 20 to 25, 49520128, 93 south, delays in place, stop and go ride all the way down to the lever connector
6:32 am
accident by the jug handle lights and red line delays southbound to harvard and we'll keep you posted. the rest of the lanes are on schedule. for more on open tolling we go to doug meehan. >> all right, we're in the fits disgibbon area here. they are down to one lane. what happens is they are alternating folks b a tollbooth. they are stopping traffic from one side of route 30, and then they will switch, so they are alternating trying to get onto the mass pike eastbound. so not only are you going to have delays on the main part of the mass pike but delays on folks from the access roads. so give yourself extra time, in the last half-hour we have seen the mass pike, go down to a
6:33 am
in framingham all the way out to the weston tolls. so plan accordingly, and as we like to say it, hey, it will help you out, not only on your commute but in general. i'm doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. back to you in the studio. randy: erika tracking the overnight developments. emily: the breaking news out of quincy. a pedestrian hit by an suv ovgh street. the pedestrian was taken to the hospital for treatment. and also other stories we're following right now. the driver of this red subaru is due in court today. police say he hit a woman and two children in salem last night. police arrested 52-year-old dexter mitchell about two hours later, the victims are recovering. and the fbi now has a warrant to review emails belonging to a top aide to hillary clinton. they were discovered during the
6:34 am
the review which could take weeks will determine if any were work related and if so whether information was handled properly. emily. >> prosecutors are investigating after a man was shot and killed by boston police. he pulled a knife on emergency crews. police spent much of the day going in and out of the apartment on shamut avenue. police say the man identified by family as terrence coleman was suffering from paranoia and schizophrenia. police say he tried to step the emts. sunday friends and family are very upset. >> it is sickening. >> my prayers go out to the family but in this case they left us no choice. >> newscenter 5 as learned of a similar incident with coleman ten years ago where he was armed with two knives in both incidents, his mother called 9-1-1 for help. and right now a man is preparing
6:35 am
charges. 44-year-old andy tau is accused of range a student in the school parking lot. it happened on thursday afternoon while school was going on. according to our media partners at the brockton enterprise. police say that town knew the victim not being identified. >> and the mbta is weighing a new approach to a late flight service. today the control board will hear a proposal from a private company about bringing late night shuttle service into boston, and already provides daytime shuttle service, the bridge's proposal mirrors the system in place, and bases the roots off of popular demand. the public will have a chance to weigh in before anything is final. and a favor for a friend turns into an accidental crime. the mishap making it look like a woman stole a car. and a cricket player proves nothing can take his mind off of the game. the distraction that would have stopped most players in their
6:36 am
in the weston tolls area. drivers will have to go 15 miles per hour through tollbooths no longer in operation. they will also have to follow any traffic patterns directing them around the plazas as the
6:37 am
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>> this is a time lapse of the toll plaza, it's happening all along the mass pike there, 23 active construction zones so if you are heading out the door expect delays, a live look outside here at the pike by allston-brighton. that's eastbound going to the top of the screen, and so far this stretch looks ok. we have you covered for the first rush hour. from the sky and from the ground, we'll have much more coming up. >> halloween. >> it sure is, it's going to be a little chilly for the trick-or-treaters tonight. 43 right now but the wind is so we're in store for alive sunshine for you on this monday. but the temperatures only in the lower 50s this afternoon, they will be dropping through the 40s for the trick-or-treaters tonight, and another cool day tomorrow, but we have got a warmup coming midweek. temperatures near 70 by thursday. emily. >> all right, cindy, thank you. it turns out that a recent car theft in oregon was just an honors mistake. when aaron walked out to her driveway her red subaru was missing and surveillance video
6:40 am
driving away. turns out that that was the care-taker of her neighbor and that neighbor has a red subaru, she had asked the caretaker page to pick it up. >> i've been to the house before but haven't seen her car so red subaru. >> that's not my car. and so we just decided we would put it right back where we found it. >> and that, they did, they included a note with an explanation and gave them $30 for gas. >> breaking news in iraq this morning, the advce a manhunt in oklahoma. and the final moments of a man's life on the run. and plus a halloween treat that's way better than candy. the happy moment for one boy, and we're on the road this morning, checking out the changes on the massachusetts turnpike. the tolls come down, moving along pretty well here, we'll be
6:41 am
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>> 6:43, the eyeopener team ready with your news to go. doug and sera are watching the open tolling changes from the sky and the roads. and antoinette is in salem, and erika has new developments from the campaign trail. >> and on this trick-or-treat day, this was the trick five years ago, we were dealing with this, snow. 14 inches of it in the worcester area and western massachusetts
6:44 am
the kids. >> crippling storm, so many power outages, you know, we had this incredible snow for this time of year, and not this year. trick-or-treating was good and this month of october is wrapping up with above average rainfall. >> wow? an inch and a half above average, and i mean, you know it. we have had so many dry months. we're in the drought situation, and we have got above average rainfall for the first time since february here in the month of october. and the last time that we had this much rainfall in a month it's been a while signs -- since we've been this wet. some ocean effect rain showers are here, have developed on cape cod. the storm is pulling away, the high pressure is nosing in between we have the northerly wind bringing in the cooler temperatures, and we're in the 30s right now, out flew worcester, and low 40s down to the south shore. boston is 43. the temperatures are holding in the low 40s through 8:00 or 9:00, and then we climb but
6:45 am
highs this afternoon. it's a cooler day today, so when the kids go trick-or-treating tonight, it is going to be cool but clear skies, and sunsets at 5:38, should be about 49 degrees, and then we fall down through the lower 40s but the wind chills in the 30s this evening, and overnight, we're down in the 30s and 30s and as we head towards the next couple days, we start to recover, temperatures coming up in the low 50s tomorrow, with sunshine, and look at that by wednes w 70 degrees here by thursday. out to the roadways, olessa. olessa: a little busy. you can see that open tolling demolition started during the overnight hours, and that is video coming in from overnight. there is 23 active work zones where they have got that open tolling so keep that in mind, plan accordingly and budget in that travel time. over to the maps and the cameras and you can see the delays along the pike. that was a check by allston-brighton. as far as the rest of the ride
6:46 am
as well, and 30 to 35 from braintree into boston and as you travel the pike, right now, it's a 20 to 25-minute ride. 495 to 128. 93 south, slow out of andover as you make yourself southbound, and travel towards the spot pond, and more delays approaching the lever connector and as you travel along route 1 southbound by the jug handle lights we have an accident there, and one lane is closed. so far, most of the trains and buses are on schedule and we are watching delays, and southbound delays, and that's harvard, so plan accordingly. we're going to go and get a check of what's going on with the allston-brighton tolls and the rest of the tolls from sky5. doug meehan is out there for us. >> yes. we flew over the weston tolls, and you don't have to stop at the tollbooth but there is a bit of a trick here. and it's following your lanes. the tolls are ebbing and flowing. it is stopping traffic before
6:47 am
here. it's an easy flow, and in others, it goes to a stop but man accordingly as the morning gets going, and give yourself a little extra time, and keep things at an even pace, so it will get better as you get used to it, but keep the things, things to keep in mind, keep it in the lane, and things will move better. crossing our fingers, hopefully. that's the latest from sky 5, i'm doug meehan, newscenter 5. >> and this is sera congi, we are live along the pike giving you a driver's perspective. the driver's point of view this morning, we just went through the allston-brighton tolls and all seem to be going pretty smoothly, but there is a lot of different things there,
6:48 am
heading into one of the 23 toll plaza demolition sites, you are going to want to slow down and look for the new lanes and, of course, follow the police as they direct you where you need to go. again there are 23 plazas undergoing demolition and road repair, and they have taken down most of the -- the centers of the structures, and so most of the time you are being diverted to outside lanes, and massdot is urging commuters to slow down, there is a 15 miles per hour speed limit around the construction. also if you can, change your commute time and take alternative routes to avoid the pike or public transportation. now this is really only the beginning. it's the first rush hour commute, but the demolition and the repair of the roads, that's going to be ongoing until november 22. live along mass pike, sera congi, moisturizing newscenter 5. >> breaking overnight, police are investigating after a person is hit by an suv in quincy. this was the scene early this
6:49 am
hancock street. the victim was taken 2409 hospital. no word on any charges. >> a driver is facing oui charges after a hit and run here in salem. three people were injured, including two young children. this all happened around 8:00 last night here near the intersection of washington and bridge street. a woman and the two children were hit while crossing the street. a lot of people were out and about with costumes on at the time, and it was pouring rain police say the driver left the scene, but they tracked down the vehicle that they say was involved, and they arrested 52-year-old dexter mitchell about two hours later. one girl was taken to mass general hospital and the other child and the woman were taken to salem hospital. the extent of their injuries is still unclear this morning. in salem, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> the fbi has a warrant to review newly discovered emails belonging to one of hillary
6:50 am
today. donald trump will be in michigan. the latest abc news washington post poll showing clinton now leading by just one point. >> there is a lot of noise and distraction, but it really comes down to what kind of future that we want. >> we're leading in the national polls. we're leading in ohio. we're leading in iowa. >> trump calling the email scandal the worst since watergate. huma abedin's emails were found on her estranged husband anthony investigated him. the review now is to determine whether any were work emails and whether information was handled properly. >> some breaking news from oklahoma. the suspect in a week long manhunt has been shot and killed by police. this is new video in overnight from that shootout with 38-year-old michael vance. vance wanted in connection with a string of violent crimes. police say he killed two of his relatives, shot two police
6:51 am
facebook live. >> and more breaking news, iraqi special forces are advancing on the islamic state city of mosul. the forces are under heavy fire as they move closer to the outer limits. officials say that car bombers are attempting to stop the advance but troops aim to enter mosul today. the operation is in its third week, and is expected to last for many more. randy: another frightening earthquake in central italy. yesterday's quake a magnitude 6.6. much stronger than the one that killed 300 people two months ago, there is the heavy damage to report in that region but no deaths were reported. officials say the earthquakes in the country were four shocks to this one. more powerful quakes can be expected. >> boston college students are on alert after a report of a sexual assault. state police say a student was attacked while she walked on comm avenue around 2:30 yesterday morning. the victim tells investigates
6:52 am
near chestnut hill avenue. she was able to get away, and so far no arrests. >> a teenager is getting ready to face a judge this morning accused of seriously beating another teenager at a party in lowell. the 18-year-old is charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon. police say he left a 15-year-old in grave condition after a fight in an underage drinking party on friday night. they say his head was slammed into a concrete floor. >> police are searching for the man they say attacked an mbt the worker was at the cedar grove station on the mattapan line on sunday morning and tells police the suspect claimed that he did not have money for the fare, and then punched the worker in the face and pulled him onto the platform. the attacker took off when two passengers called for help. and a new approach to birth control is cut short by side effects. researcher found a new birth control shot for men effectively prevented pregnancy in partners
6:53 am
study ended early after depression and mood disorders, similar to those found in women on birth control were discovered in the participants, after the shot stopped most men returned to fertility immediately. some took longer. randy: 6:53. halloween treats for this florida boy. four-year-old jayden hayes dressed up as an army soldier. his dad is stationed in iraq, but this happened. he did not realize his dad was there. the hayes surprised his son and now they can go trick-or-treating tonight together. >> the patriots cruising into a bye week after yesterday's win over the bills. tom brady threw four touchdowns, including that one to danny amendola, he followed it up with a 53-yard touchdown to chris hogan and then another 53-yarder to gronk earning the tight end a team record for career touchdowns. final score is 41-25.
6:54 am
now in baseball the cubs hold off the indians for at least one more game. closer aroldis chapman managed eight outs in the longest relief appearance of his career, including this strikeout to end game five. the cubs win 3-2, and they head back to cleveland for game six tomorrow night hoping for a game seven. if the indians win it is all over. >> check out this inspirational play on the cricket field. english player liam thomas chases pakistan, when his artificial leg came unstrapped. that did not stop him. he gets the ball and finishes the play, and thomas is a member of the england's physical disabilities team and says that he hopes the attention his performance is receiving helps to raise the profile of the sport. >> you can hear the crowd cheering him on there. both sides. olessa, first day of open tolling and first commute. >> we are watching the delays building across the area. this is a live look at the pike at allston-brighton, and you can
6:55 am
the screen. let's check your ride if you are going south of town we have delays on 24 out of avon, and 95 in sharon and a crash on 24 north by 128. right now the expressway 30 to 35 braintree into boston and at this time the pike from 495 to 128 is a half-hour trip. keep in mind there are 23 active construction zones as they pair down those booths so plan accordingly and budget in that travel time if you are heading from 128 into boston, 20 minutes at this point, massdot is advising everyone to use the pike if you can. 93 south slow out of methuen, again down to the lever connector and still watching a crash on route 1. and also delays on the red line, those are southbound. cindy, everybody wants to trick-or-treat. how are we looking? >> chilly but look at this. the skies are clearing. and sun is finally getting closer to the horizon. the sun is up, and 7:17, and later sunrise here by saturday morning but look at sunday morning we turn the clocks back one hour this weekend, so it
6:56 am
43 in boston but the wind is active. the winds will be strongest to 10 to 15, close to 20 miles per hour, and then they will settle back into the afternoon closer to trick-or-treat time. lots of sunshine today. the northwesterly wind is bringing in the cooler air so low 50s the best that we do for the high temperatures in most areas. we have this storm moving out, and you can see the clouds are trying to break but some ocean effect rain showers here on the cape, they should wind down this morning, and we're looking clear for trick-or-treating but sunset at 5:38, about 49, and then we're down to the low 40s with wind chills in the 30s for trick-or-treat time later this evening. low temperatures tonight in the upper 20s and mid 30s. we'll warm things up towards the middle of the week. mid 60s on wednesday. upper 60's to near 70 on thursday, and the next chance of rain, we'll watch a frontal boundary approach, we could have showers and thunderstorms, and behind that front, yeah, cooler temperatures settling in as we head towards next weekend, and
6:57 am
lots of changes here in the next seven days. >> man. whiplash. >> thanks. >> thanks for joining us. if you are on the go you can watch us any time on the mobile app. >> and we'll see you back here at noon. good luck with the commute this morning. with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. one jar; so many delicious possibilities.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight. the fbi gets a warrant to examine thousands of e-mails from a top clinton aide, as leaders from both parties slam fbi director comey. >> it's pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election >> donald trump pounces on the announcement. >> this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. >> the poll shows the race neck and neck with just days to go. breaking news. deadly shootout. that dangerous suspect on the run for days. shooting three police officers after killing family members and live-streaming his escape. insipd the dramatic takedown overnight. back from the brink.


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