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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  November 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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treatment of special needs children. they are back out here today, a meeting. according to the group, this has not been confirmed by police or the office, that they were having a meeting with her when she abruptly left the meeting, showed up with three state police troopers, and the meeting ended. 10 to 20 people upstairs on the 11th floor doing the same thing they are doing here in the leave the building, blocking the entrances and exits. another 50-60 folks protesting many different issues the community with disabilities has that they believe are not being dealt with by legislators, congresspeople, or even the state in any capacity. they're simply asking for fair and equitable treatment. we'll have much more information. we have a couple cruise together
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5. anchor: more breaking news, police searching for three masked men who broke into a home and tied of the 70-year-old woman. anchor: before stealing her money and her car. chennai police are releasing information that they hope will track down the suspect. let's get to juli mcdonald. rerter: the police chief was very clear today in saying investigators do nel lived here or have stoked up his neighborhood before. in broad daylight on a quiet men broke into this home. they found the 70-year-old homeowner in her bedroom and tied her with duct tape. >> they held a knife to her throat, demanding money and the location of the safe.
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black 2004 cadillac seville. the car was found but the suspects are still on the loose. >> all approximately the same height, two a little slimme one wore a skeleton mask, the others with ski masks. reporter: police are looking into whether or not they are familiar with a couple. meanwhile, neighbors are stunned by the violent details. >> i have two they wait for the bus. not something out expect to deal with. reporter: the neighbors in the police chief say this community is still recovering from deadly violence the summer just one town over. >> you think that it's not going to happen here, it hits way too close to home. reporter: those three suspects were also wearing gloves, the local policeetectis spent
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investigation. juli mcdonald, wcvb newscenter 5. anchor: sky 5 over brockton where police pulled a car out of the water. divers did go into the water but didn't find anyone in the car. crews cleaned up a small oil spill. it's not clear how the car ended up in the water. anchor: not when you expect to find in the trick-or-treat bag. police say a alcohol mixed in with their halloween candy. rhondella richardson as live where police are asking other parents to take a close look at your kid's k candy haul. reporter: the grandmother took the children trick-or-treating when the six-year-old found an apple on a bottle. the grandmother went straight to police when she realized it was alcohol.
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trick-or-treating last night. >> they were upset. it's very unnerving, and what they are really happy about is that they checked it. reporter: the scary find is potentially criminal. >> distributing liquor to a minor. reporter: police have a few leads. >> we are looking at people who could be around the neighborhood. it's upsetting, disturbing that somebody would have ill intent. reporter: schools about the danger and urged parents to check the bag. >> particularly the street, that neighborhood where kids may have had this type of thing in their candy bag. >> lots of nice neighbors around here. >> totally shocked. reporter: neighbors here on
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litigation. police say they have not found any other alcohol and about to children, but if you know otherwise give police a call. rhondella richardson, wcvb newscenter 5. anchor: new at 6:00, the driver of an suv involved in a crash with a boston fire truck has been cited by police for failing to stop for an emergency vehicle. five people four of them firefighters were hurt yesterday when the suv and fire truck collided at the intersection of comm ave. and dartmouth street. the fire truck also crashed into several parked cars. anchor: a federal court judge says he is open to the idea of the compassionate release for the former massachusetts speaker of the house but he has not made a decision. arguments for possible early release today for the man serving five years of an eight year prison sentence. the 71-year-old has battled cancer behind bars, losing more than 70 pounds, struggling with nutrition problems. the judge says he has never
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expressed concerns of an early release. command in 2016. we are now exactly one week away, can you believe it? anchor: the race is tighter than ever. the latest national tracking poll shows donald trump with a one-point lead over hillary clinton, the first time that has happened since may. trump trying to capitalize on latebreaking political ammunition, campaigning in pennsylvania with his running mate. he renewed examination of the clinton e-mail practices and on the rising premiums for obamacare. >> obamacare has to be replaced, and we will do it and we will do it very, very quickly. anchor: secretary clinton focuses on florida today, where she is again denouncing the treatment of women by trump. helping her do so, the former miss universe, who has been
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>> i guess the bottom line is he things the little link women makes him a bigger man, and i don't think there's a woman anywhere who doesn't know what that feels like. he doesn't see us as full human beings. he has shown us who he is. let us on tuesday show him who we are. anchor: bernie sanders campaigned for her today. he was in the state of new hampshire. anchor: teaming up to take a stand against ballot question 4. janet wu shows us why they all agree that the legalization of marijuana in massachusetts is what they call a bad idea. >> when you have seen all the clergy, all the faiths in our city in this state on one stage? reporter: their mission, stopping the legalization of marijuana. but are they here too late? many already have vote, election day is now only a week away. they said question 4 won't
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>> the gangsters who have come into the state to get in on the gravy train to see how much money they can make. this legalization that we're facing is not about decriminalization, it is about commercialization, there's still an enormous black market in colorado and some people would say the black market is bigger than then it was before it was legalized. >> we will see more broken families, wasted lives, chemical dependencies arrest and even death. >> if it passes in massachusetts, immediately 48 pot shops come to the city of boston that will have a very difficult time stopping in neighborhoods where there is no zoning in place. reporter: proponents argue they will be subject to zoning laws. and at least one former judge said the uneven enforcement of drug possession in neighborhoods of color would evaporate if question 4 passes. >> people talk about no one's been arrested for possession of marijuana, no. they get arrested for possession
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>> even when they have less than then an ounce? >> yes, ma'am. >> you don't respond to one problem by creating more probms that are more sious. reporter: opponents argue 96% of the money being spent to pass question 4 comes from out of ate. proponents argue it will bring $100 million in new taxes to the state a number governor baker said is highly unlikely. anchor: the wcvb mobile app has you covered wherever you are on election night, including real-time town by town results, updated electoral college download it free right now in your app store. anchor: of very unhappy halloween for one new hampshire teacher. why is video of her daur cked out of class. plus -- >> it's probably the biggest punch in the gut i have ever seen. anchor: christmas gifts for local military families up in flames. the pressure place them in time.
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back into the 40's it's in the, 70's from ptsburgh to cincinnati. how much of that warmth we will share, coming up. reporter: i'm back and ready for football. a bye week. we'll talk about tom brady's
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protests near the statehouse. organizers say there are nearly 200 people at the building. some are inside right now. they are trying to call attention to the need for more funding for the disabled. anchor: a teacher is off the job after a halloween performance was caught on camera new hampshire. a portsmouth high school teacher dressed up as donald trump for halloween. the teacher was seen on a student's cell phone video dancing to a song that had inappropri offensive. i don't think a student should hear that kind of language. >> the kids have all heard the words in school. it was halloween. let's put it in context. anchor: the superintendent says the teacher was removed from the classroom during the investigation. the teacher was not identified. anchor: as we continue, christmas hopes burned. anchor: new at 6:00, a
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ng late. man 1: lines -- i hate long lines. woman 2: no babysitter. william f. galvin: for the first time ever we have early voting. if you're registered, you can vote any day between october 24th and november 4th. avoid election day lines -- vote on your schedule. man 1: wow, that helps! william f galvin: early voting is easy voting. interviewer: so what do you think? woman 2: it' a timesaver. i love it. william f. galvin: it's easier than ever for you to vote. learn more at anchor: thousands of donated toys and gifts up in flames, meant for military families on cape cod. anchor: new at 6:00, todd kazakiewich tells us the race is
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>> it's probably the biggest punch in the gut i've ever taken. 41 days from today, i got 800 kids across the street in the gym and we got stugots for them right now. reporter: this is all that's left of a large amount of toys and school supplies for the children of military members and civilians who serve on joint base cape cod. this photo shows fire tearing through storage trailers on the base late friday night, intense flames reaching the treetops. all those gifts burning up. probably 50 people, the most important one was the cooperative bank of cape cod. they've agreed to set up a fund for us in all their branches, and also be a collection point for new, unwrapped toys in each of their branches here on the cape. reporter: the annual christmas party is sponsored by the cape cod military support foundation. this year, it's scheduled for december 11 a special benefit for the military families who live in one of the most expensive parts of the state. >> this is cape cod, it's the most expensive place to live in
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increase for the military out here. reporter: the demolition has already begun. this fire destroyed not just toys, but also the storage for the toys, and that is creating its own logistical challenge. the foundation is determined that this fire will not destroy the holiday. >> come hell or high water, there will be a christmas party for these kids, and there will be toys in that gymnasium. reporter: todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. it. anchor: and maybe all of us. because we do have information on how you can help on our mobile app. anchor: 49 degrees, not too bad. meteorologist: this is the first day of november -- how did we do? a little colder than average. boston at 34, a lot colder elsewhere october wrapped up
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snow in november, can it happen? usually we only average one point three inches but many months you get almost nothing at all in boston but a couple years ago we had almost three inches. these were the early morning low temperatures, pretty we had a respectable come back today -- here we are with another beautiful looking sky, a light breeze off the water, temperature starting to fall back into the 40's in most places. we have a light southerly wind now and the air mass is moderate , so tonight but cool spots will be the upper 30's and much of
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aren't going to have a really strong southwest wind but we will certainly import some of it, even if it is somewhat modified. that to take us into the 50's. 70 degrees could be possible. you could see some clouds off to the west. there will also be brakes at times but overall wednesday is the pick of the week in terms of feeling mild, being comfortable being outdoors. eventually later thursday we will have a round of showers and thunderstorms that will probably come through which will give a sharp cold front -- behind us it will turn noticeably colder for friday. and when we check out the next seven days, mild on wednesday, a light ocean breeze that will be
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because that cold front comes through and the wind will be gusting through the day on friday with a high temperature of only 49 degrees. also, this is the weekend where we fall back, technically it's 2:00 a.m. on sunday and then the sunrise will be somewhat earlier and the sunsets will be very early starting at 4:31 p.m. the weekend looks chilly, and you have to keep an eye on the chance of an ocean storm developing pretty far out. >> now, here's mike lynch with sportscenter 5, powered by xfinity. >> ? ? welcome back ? reporter: welcome back.
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for more than three months. his first assignment today is where his last assignment was, foxboro. fanfare, please. >> ? [trumpets] reporter: it's been three months since i was here last. in that time, the red sox season ended, the bruins and ces and put himself right smack dab in the middle of the mvp conversation. reporter: look no further than the patriots two games against the bills to judge brady's value zero points without him. 41 points with him, case closed. sure, there are others to consider, but brady's on pace for a career high 73% completion percentage and a career low zero interceptions. if he continues with that and the patriots go 15-1, you're
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coming off that ridiculous four-game suspension, the only thing sweeter would be super bowl mvp. for additional perspective, let's go to one of brady's favorite targets, julian edelman whose lips don't lie or even move. >> me and tom go way back, best friends that's why he gets me the rock when it matters. reporter: wait a minute. that's not edelman that's actually defensive lineman chris long wearing an edelman mask the trick was a real treat especially when the real edelman >> you can see it when i am blocking. i do everything. >> excuse me. [laughter] >> what a clown. reporter: lots of bye week levity chris long looking like edelman and tom brady still looking like superman. bob halloran wcvb sportscenter
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those 2 words together game six conjure up so many memories. there was game six in 1986 which we try to forget and game six in 1975 which extends to infinity and beyond. >> i was watching with my dad in the living room, and when the ball hit the foul pole, i jumped up and went bananas. i remember my dad was like, i didn't know you were a red sox fan. i'm not. i had the square at school. [laughter] anchor: you can win a lot more than that tonight. if the indians when they get the series. new sports team, assemble! anchor: what you going to do tomorrow? this was pretty grand. anchor: welcome back. [laughter]
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-- we are following breaking news from boston where activists are protesting. reporter: on "chronicle," small businesses still thrive on cambridge. coexistence.
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i'm maggie hassan, and new hampshire has a very clear choice: do we keep going with a senator who repeatedly votes with the corporate special interests... or a new senator who sides with the people of new hampshire? my focus has always been on creating opportunity for working families: making college and job training more affordable. lowering prescription drug costs. and always protecting a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. these are my priorities, why i approve this message...
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anchor: how cool was terry francona to talk about that on the evil of winning the world series? reporter: he sat in his massachusetts has many great public schools, and we took it for granted that our kids would go to great public schools. but some kids aren't so lucky. where they live, they don't go to a great school, and they have no choice.
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tonight, breaking news. the new poll. with just one week left, donald trump, hillary clinton, where this race stands right now. clinton, president obama, vice president biden, all turning back to trump. trump revealing a change in tone, his closing argument tonight. tonight, the latest on the e-mails, and the $20,000 bought with money from his own charity. the deadly collision during rush hour. two buses, a kashgs at least six people killed. we're on the scene tonight. the new and chilling images just released. the killer cornered by police. he unloads his ak-47 on the officers. the state of emergency at this hour. the deadly gas pipeline explosion right here in america. that line reaching from new york all the way to texas. neighbors warned. and what now for gas prices?


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