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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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randy: we're at 4:30. good morning. monday, november 7. i'm randy price. emily: i'm emily riemer. a deadly shooting under investigation in everett. the search this morning for those responsible. randy: down to the wire in the presidential election. the new boost for hillary clinton ahead of the emily: and donald trump in the state of virginia overnight. his new attacks on the latest decision in clinton's email investigation. randy: cold start on this monday morning, cindy. good morning. cindy: good morning to you. yeah, it is chilly out there now. things are changing, though. we've got 38 degrees in boston. just a couple of patchy clouds. skies overall are mainly clear across a good portion of the area. look at the 20's showing up back in worcester county. orange just 26. it's 34 in worcester.
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you can see a patch of cloudiness hugging the cape up to plymouth associated with a storm offshore, which is moving away. high pressure is nosing in. so in between a little bit of a breeze especially on the south coast and the cape and that is going to keep clouds around for you. look at the boston area. we'll come out of the 30's to around 40 degrees by 8:00 a.m. and hold in the 40's despite the sunshine right through the afternoon, struggling to a high of around 50 degrees in town. clouds will break eventually on the cape, and today's a coming. we'll let you know what to expect coming up. let's get you out to the roads this morning. good morning, olessa. olessa: a live look outside, a check of the zakim bridge and the leverett connector. let's go to the maps and see the rest of your ride. so far fairly quiet heading into boston. south, construction wrapping up on 93 northbound by route 24. 128, the weekend project that
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traveling the pipe, so far so good. construction clearing by 128 and north of town no problems. we're expecting trains and buses to start on schedule. emily: just coming in. janet reno has died. reno was involved in several high-profile cases during the clinton administration including the armed seizure of a 5-year-old in miami so he could be returned to complications from parkinson's disease. doug: commitment 2016 on this monday morning. and right now both presidential candidates are making their final moves. today the last full day on the campaign trail after a bitter election battle. in 24 hours, it will be in the hands of the voters. emily: tonight donald trump will be in new hampshire and overnight he rallied supporters
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randy: he seized on the new f.b.i. findings. >> right now she is being protected by a rigged system. it's a totally rigged system. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the f.b.i. knows it. unbelievable. randy: trump had praised f.b.i. director james comey after he renewed the inquiry in clinton, but last night he blasted the agency for moving too quickly. in the coming hours between trump and pence. the candidates are set to make stops in florida and in north carolina, pennsylvania, michigan, minnesota, and, of course, in new hampshire. emily: hillary clinton and tim kaine pushing just as hard today. they'll get big help in new england. the eyeopener's erika tarantal is tracking the democrats this morning. erika. erika: the clinton camp getting a boost from the
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hampshire. the democrats zeroing in on battleground states in these final hours, pennsylvania, michigan, north carolina, florida, virginia all on their list. clinton urged supporters not just to cheer but to vote. >> when your kids and grandkids ask you what you did in 2016, when everything was on the line, i hope you're able to say you voted, you voted stronger, fairer america. erika: she was joined by gold star father khizr khan whose son was killed in iraq and has become a fierce clinton supporter. recent polls have shown clinton inching ahead of trump but the only polls that matter will be open tomorrow. randy: thank you. this is what the abc news electoral map projection looks
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least 275 electoral votes. that's more than the 270 needed to win. new hampshire is one of the few states up for grabs. trump looks to turn it red. our special extended coverage beginning today on election eve. newscenter 5 starts at 4:00 this afternoon. and at 7:00 this evening, a special edition of "on the record." and then tomorrow on election night, newscenter 5's ben simmoneau and be in new york city with the clinton and trump campaigns, and our coverage starts at 4:00 p.m. emily: breaking overnight, a car pulled from the charles river. investigators say there was a two-car accident at memorial driver at river streets. the driver did not put the vehicle in park and it went right into the water. no one was in that car at the time. one person was taken to the hospital expected to be okay. randy: a 70-year-old man is dead
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tewksbury last night on shawsheen street. no charges have been filed against the driver. investigators say it does not appear that the victim was in a crosswalk. emily: a salem, new hampshire woman is expected in court today after her 7-year-old daughter accidentally ran over her 2-year-old daughter. amylynn boehm is facing criminal charges. police say she gave her car keys to her 7-year-old to start the car back in september, and that's when the girl backed over the toddler. the toddler was hurt but is doing okay. endangerment charges. a deadly shooting under investigation. witnesses describe a frantic scene. the eyeopener's nicole estaphan live in everett where police are not releasing a lot of information, nicole. nicole: emily, police only confirming that someone was killed here yesterday. this morning we know that a manhunt is underway for a gunman. police say it happened around 2:00 on sunday here on ferry street. investigators on-scene for hours.
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at the time. she heard the gunshots and called 9-1-1. >> it's sad, because it's nonsense that this violence is still going on. you know? it's tough. i pray for the family. i pray that this doesn't happen again. this violence has to stop. nicole: the victim, a man, was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. his identity this morning being withheld. randy: a toddler demands his family is making. twitter shutting down overnight. the questions this morning. and the other site that claims it was hacked. emily: black friday backlash against toys 'r' us. the company's shopping marathon drawing krcriticism. cindy: a quiet start to the workweek. when warmer temperatures arrive and the next chance of showers.
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attorney general, has died at the age of 78. reno was involved in several high-profile cases during the clinton administration. she died of ? our neighborhood public schools. they are the bedrock of our communities. the place where 96% of our kids are educated. but even now, these local schools are losing more than 400 million dollars a year to privately-run charter schools. and if question 2 passes,
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to protect our public schools and the right of all our kids to a quality education,
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emily: right now a toddler is recovering after being hit by a bullet insi siside a brockton h. he was playing with siblings while grazed. the shots were fired outside his grandmother's home on bartlett street. family members found him bleeding for his leg and his mother is calling for the violence to end. >> they need to stop because innocent people are being hurt. emily: police are still searching for suspects. randy: a fake political flyer
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college campus. the accusations it may keep some people from voting. a new push today to end the transit workers strike in philadelphia. ? our neighborhood public schools. the place where 96% of our kids are educated. but even now, these local schools are losing more than 400 million dollars a year to privately-run charter schools. and if question 2 passes, it will only get worse. we can't let that happen. to protect our public schools and the right of all our kids to a quality education, vote no on question 2. what's kelly ayotte costing you?
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you're paying high interest rates on college loans. ayotte voted against letting you refinance at lower rates. and you're paying higher bank fees while ayotte voted for special breaks to wall street executives. kelly ayotte. she's siding with corporate special interests and that's costing you. she's not working for new hampshire. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. mp: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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emily: all right. monday, monday. randy: here we go. another week. emily: it is another week. randy: a big week. voting tomorrow. cindy: weather's pretty quiet, which is a good thing. you don't want the weather to interfere with that. obviously, we had the clock change over the weekend. emily: right. cindy: you're going to notice an earlier sunrise heading back to work. it may impact you a little bi we're still losing daylight each day. by december the 7th, sun is up at 7:00 a.m. by the early part of january, those are our latest sunrises, around 7:13 or so by then. we're going to enjoy the brighter mornings overall. chilly weekend. temperatures way below average yesterday. 52 degrees at ground level. up above, so much colder.
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here's what's happening with the jet stream. that cold pocket aloft is going to shift out and warmth is going to work in as a big ridge of high pressure builds in the jet stream. it doesn't last too long. a little bum-up in temperatures coming. average temperature is 55 degrees or so. we're below that again today, but look at tomorrow. election day looks warm. we're going to be in the lower 60's and still running above the average in the mid to upper 60's on wednesday before we trend down again toward the end of the week. starting out very chilly this morning. orange at 26. 34 in worcester. even boston 38 degrees. north shore, merrimack valley running in the 30's. it is chilly. different as you head down to plymouth and the cape. at or above 40 degrees. we have a northerly wind. it is a little bit stronger on the cape. that wind is picking up moisture off the ocean. you can see there are some clouds. there have been a few showers through the overnight hours. this is all associated with a
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it's doing so pretty slowly as high pressure noses in. in between, a little stronger wind on the cape this morning. those winds will be dying down. on the back side of this high, we have a southerly flow feeding up more warmth. although it's chilly in the northeast, you can see signs that that warmth is coming our way. city island is running in the lower 50's. that's warm. that's what's coming our way for the middle of the week. we'll have bright sunshine today in the boston area. we should be up around 40 degrees by 8:00 a.m. and notice e either side of 50 today. so it's running a little bit cool but light winds overall. clouds may linger for you for a time on the cape through midmorning, and then the skies should brighten up for you as we get into the afternoon, so pretty quiet today. clear skies tonight. we'll see those temperatures fall back overnight into the 20's and 30's. so it's going to be a chilly start tomorrow for sure. boston even in the mid 30's coming up tomorrow. and then we'll watch that area of high pressure drop southward. so it's a milder southwesterly wind ahead of a frontal
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you can see the temperatures coming up into the 60's. norwood going to 64 degrees tomorrow. so very mild here for election day. and as we go through the next seven days, our only chance of wet weather comes in wednesday, a couple of spot showers with the front moving through. the morning hours could feature a few showers a wednesday. then behind it, cooler temperatures settling in. we trend down here through the end of the week. perhaps the coldest air of the season coming in this weekend. there could be a fe around on saturday. so we'll enjoy the bump-up. olessa: a live look at the pike by alston-brighton, eastbound at the top of the screen. not seeing any problems here. let's check the rest of your ride. just a little overnight roadwork. nothing in boston. a quiet start. as you travel south, construction wrapping up right here on 93 north by route 24. so far so good along 128. that overnight project is all wrapped up.
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there's construction by 128. as you head north, no problems. looking good on 93 out of methuen down into boston. trains and buses starting on schedule. randy: olessa, thank you. a bit of a pleasant surprise for drivers coming through needham on interstate 95. traffic on 95/128 got back to normal earlier than expected. work to demolish the old highland avenue bridge finished hours ahead of schedule. weekend detours were around noon yesterday after they were put in place friday night. emily: a court will hear arguments today after the city of philadelphia filed a motion to temporarily stop the city's transit strike. there's concern that voters won't be able to get to the polls tomorrow. a union representing the 4700 workers went on strike last monday unable to reach a contract agreement. outrage in maine after an alleged scam to keep some college students from voting. the maine democratic party says
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it says students must pay to reregister their driver's licenses in order to vote. that's not true. the democratic party chairman claims it's an attempt to quell the millennial vote. randy: 4:49. it seems this election has sparked a larger turnout of latino voters, especially in florida. in that coveted state, about one million of the nearly 6.2 million early votes were cast by hispanics, an increase of almost 75% over more than 1/3 of the early voters did not vote in that previous election. emily: your economy this monday morning. more troubles for embattled automaker volkswagen. the "wall street journal" reporting the company's emissions cheating scandal is widening. regulators in california have discovered the cheating software in some audi models. the software in these particular vehicles masked emissions in global warming instead of smog like in the vw scandal from last
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shares are higher overnight hours after the f.b.i. said it found no evidence warranting criminal charges against hillary clinton. right now u.s. stock futures are higher after the release of friday's jobs report showed solid job gains and a rise in wages. there is a hint that a federal reserve rate could happen next month. randy: toys 'r' us will be hosting a shopping marathon on thanksgiving despite public backlash. the chain will at 5:00 p.m. on that holiday and stay home for 30 hours straight. many malls and shops are staying closed all of thanksgiving. in massachusetts, stores are not allowed to open on thanksgiving because of the blue laws. in your health -- a new call to protect kids from digital marketing for unhealthy foods. the world health organization says the kids are being targeted more through smartphone and tablet. advertisers can track locations to offer specific deals.
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companies to make restaurants important stops in the game. the w.h.o. wants to increase regulations and parental supervision. emily: a brief shutdown for twitter as another major website announces a cyberattack. they went down early this morning but has yet to confirm the outage. that's after wikileaks posted to facebook that it suffered a cyberattack on its email publication servers. it's not known at this point randy: talk about getting off on the right foot. new bedford native jordan todman received the opening kickoff for the colts yesterday and took it 99 yards here for the touchdown. todman ran it to the end zone. he was given the game ball after the colts' win. emily: a little surprise for an
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police arrested the woman on an outstanding warrant. she told them she had rescued a baby koala. animal rescuers say the joey is in good health. he's just a little dehydrated. randy: cute as can be. emily: two dogs saved from a burning home in framingham. randy: tight spot and the technology firefighters are crediting with the rescue. new at 5:00 on this products you use every day. the concerns that have a local business making changes. >> a half hour of news at the top of the hour. newscenter 5 at 4:00, j.c. monahan, ed harding, newscenter 5 at 4:00, part of the new afternoon lineup starting wednesday, november 9,
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay?
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you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!? kate: my mom and i love shooting hoops. but you know what - she could still learn a few things from me - just like i've learned a lot from her. mom helps with homework... she helped dad start his business... and she even fought to put bad guys in jail. now, mom helps make laws that help people - especially when they need it most. i'm really proud of her. and she's taught me that with hard work - i can do... anything.
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this message. randy: good morning. tracking breaking news in your early news to go. emily: close call in cambridge. a car was pulled from the charles river. investigators say there was a two-car accident at memorial drive at river street. the driver did not put the vehicle in park, sending it into the water. no one was in the car, though, at the time.
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they say appear to be gang-related. the first happened just after midnight saturday morning in dorchester on bentham road near mount ida. police say a man in his 20's walked into a hospital with gunshot wounds and later died. second victim was shot hours later around 10:00 in the morning while sitting in his car on nazing stree emily: 25-year-old cassandra camacho was killed when the car she was driving hit a median barrier early yesterday morning. it rolled over, throwing her out and injuring five passengers. those passengers are expected to survive. randy: officials in oklahoma are assessing the damage now from the 5.0 magnitude earthquake. the quake hit last night and this morning. there is concern that it might have damaged key infrastructure
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the state has had thousands of earthquakes in recent years, nearly all traced to the underground injection of wastewater left over from oil and gas production. emily: firefighters say technology was key in rescuing two dogs from a burning home in framingham. those dogs hid in a kitchen closet when the flames started on waverly street yesterday. firefighters used a thermal camera to find them. no one else was in the house at the time. the fire randy: more than a thousand people showed out for the pete frates 5k on the north shore to raise money for pete's park yesterday. frates is the former boston college baseball player who battled with a.l.s., helped inspire the ice bucket challenge. emily: the nuggets bury the celtics in an early hole.
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the nuggets going into the second half with 77 on the board. the celtics never came back. 123-107 is the final. randy: we're off to a pretty good start weatherwise, cindy? cindy: it's going to be a quiet week all and all. we have one chance for rain this week. that comes in on wednesday. we're down for the month already. it's only day seven, right? we've only had 2/10 of an inch of rain. overall it's pretty quiet. you see moisture streaming up here from the gulf of mexico. it's feeding all the way north into the dakotas and minneapolis. this is the moisture that's going to try to move through our area wednesday. ahead of it, we have high pressure nosing in. there is still a storm offshore, and that northerly wind has generated a lot of clouds for you on the cape, a little bit of a gusty wind, and it's going to take longer for you to clear on out. the rest of us already have clear skies this morning. today's going to be a bright sunny day.
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only near 50 degrees. we should be in the mid 50's this time of year. so a little cooler than average today. but you can away from the northeast, that warmth in chicago is coming our way before that batch of showers move in. election day tomorrow looks pretty quiet in most areas. there will be some rain and thunderstorms down through louisiana, texas, on northward. other than that, pretty quiet. the outside chance of a shower or two around the chicago area. and that's about it. so it looks good we'll have lots of sunshine, and it will be mild. temperatures coming up in the low 60's during the midday and afternoon hours. so if you're heading to the polls in the morning, it will be chilly, in the 30's. otherwise, sunshine, mild temperatures, and when the polls close, it should still be in the 40's across the area. so mild on tuesday, wednesday is our shot at showers this week, and then behind that, look at the trend in temperatures. cooling off till the end of the week and especially the weekend. we're breaking it down right now
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announcer: now on newscenter 5's eyeopener -- emily: breaking overnight, a car plunges into the charles river. the driver's big mistake after a crash. randy: also breaking, janet reno has died. emily: it's the last full day of presidential campaigning. what to watch today as the election comes up fast. randy: search for a gunman in everett. what a woman heard seconds before a deadly encounter on the eye for this monday morning. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. gorng. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. emily: commitment 2016 coming down to the wire. this morning we're getting a clearer look at what could happen in the battleground states tomorrow. cindy: a little chilly. temperature running about 37 degrees in boston.


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