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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  November 7, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> business, family and community, we are a strong and resilient people. >> we are going to stand up for them and fight for them. >> it is one of the most closely watched in the country and one of the most expensive. more than 100 million spent. money focused on the independents who make up the greatest state electorat. they are focusing on the people. >> where are we going to meet them and talk to them and listen to them and find out what >> it is long pastime for washington to take the same approach. reporter: so it is a coin flip. they will clear the air for what has been a murky finish line that's why the senator made 27 campaign stops in 24 hours including several here in littleton.
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reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. >> ben: the new hampshire governor's race is coming down to the wire. it is a small and steady lead. both candidates crisscrossed the state and both are confident. >> we have been doing a lot of door-to-door talking to people one on one over the past maybe week or so. dozens examine does -- state. >> i am looking forward to the vote on tuesday. a lot of people in new hampshire are excited to get out and vote and we are all looking forward to wednesday morning when we can move together as a state and country. >> ben: both serve on the new hampshire executive council. we have all of the races and the presidential candidates tomorrow night on election night. both presidential candidates will be in new york city and so will newscenter 5. i am headed for clinton campaign headquarters and jc
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at 4:00. a special hour of coverage at 7:00 and abc has the results at 8:00 and we will be here on newscenter 5 at 11:00. jc: a warm up is on the way. >> ben: just in time to go to new york. harvey: no real weather headaches, that's for sure. the rest of the clouds are exiting and all of us are sharing in a clear night. it will be very still course it has already cleared and the clocks have changed. already it has dropped into the upper 30s to the mid40s. we know we have a chilly night coming up. remember that's the urban area. widespread frost and the low-lying areas all have frost. if you wanted to wait until late morning and in the early evening to vote the
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i may have to scrape it off the windshield. we'll talk about the changes coming up this weekend. >> ben: this week marks six months since the deadly stabbing rampage. julie mcdonald sat down with a widow to find out how honoring him is helping her feel. >> he had a personality. you heard him yelling down the hall every morning. >> tomorrow is rosemary's birthday and the most precious gift in the world is one she can't have. the sound of her husband george's voice, and his laughter. >> we laughed so much and that was the best part of us was laughing. you couldn't be around george and not laugh. >> this week marks six months since the night her best friend, her hero lost his life saving others.
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she is surviving by making sure every day has a piece of him. >> wear his clothes and putting his fleece on and wearing his baseball cap. it may look like i rolled out of bed, but i planned it. i need to feel him. reporter: george always made her birthday special, but this year it is about him. >> this is now my labor of love. reporter: she is hosting a funneled razor to benefit george's beloved >> he touched every area in that school and every area in the school touched him. reporter: every raffle and detail of the event holds special significance in their love story. >> we went for my birthday every year. >> the fundraiser will happen at the scene of her husband's bravest and most self-less act. it is the place she returns to once a week to raise a glass to the love of her life. >> he would laugh at me in
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memories and not the things i will never have again. >> experts hope to educate the public about the dangers. according to triple-a, 20% of fatal crashes involve drowsey drivers. most admit to falling asleep behind the wheel at some point. they warn people to be careful on the roads and they say in drowsey driving accidents when the clocks are turned back. let's look at first alert traffic and it looks to be moving well. going eastbound is unusual and let's find out how things are. it is your typical drive time. northbound a few problems, but not a slow ride. it is under a half hour.
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both sides of 495 is looking just fine. >> remembering the life and the legacy of former attorney general janet reno. we will look back at her time of service. plus -- >> it was a terrifying experience. >> a local family victimized through a phone scam. tonight ben has your back with
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jc: it is the trial of a
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unarmed black man. they gave him an account that wags different than cell phone video of the shootings. walter scott pulled out the service weapon. he was shot eight times after he was pulled over for a traffic stop. >> ben: tonight we remember janet reno. she was at the epicenter of serving as u.s. attorney general. we look back at her life. >> shy was the first womb is serve sas -- serve as attorney general. appointed by president bill clinton she served for nearly eight years. she was one of the administration's most
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figures. >> i tell people if they don't like what is going on in the government they shouldn't stand on the sidelines, but get involved. it is important. reporter: earlier in her tenure she faced criticism for the deadly raid on the branch tau individual reasont compound in waco, texas where a sect leader and 80 others died. then reno figured into several controversies. in the in the spring of 2000 she angered her community when she authorized elian gonzalez. he was taken from the home of his miami relatives to be returned to his father in cuba. >> mr. gonzalez and i do not share the same political beliefs, about -- but it is not our place to punish a father for his political leaves. >> after leaving washington she returned to florida where she ran for goarcher in -- governor in 2002. it brought her public career to an end.
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think of what i accomplished that is most satisfying. i prefer to think of what i have yet to do in whatever time i have. >> she died from complications of parkinson's disease having spent her final days in miami surrounded by family and friends. janet reno was 78. wcvb newscenter 5. jc: phone scams seem real and target you and your family. >> ben: up next, one woman's terrifying story and i will tell you jc: and getting answers from the governor after our investigation found environmental police officers on duty, but at home. >> and we know it is chilly around our area for tonight, but it is not indicative the way it is around the rest of
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>> ben: the feds in tighted 50 people in india for running a officials they billinged thousands of -- bilke thousands of americans. these phone scams are nearly impossible to completely shutdown because there are so many variations. it was a phone call she never expected. >> she told me not to take the phone from my ear or they would shoot my daughter. reporter: the scenario is her daughter in a car accident hitting a boy and now being
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cash. >> they were frightening before they talked and i needed to do what they said or they would kill us. >> she heard screams in the background. >> they knew what town you lived in and they knew what circumstances were about the community. it was very convincing. >> it was so convincing she went to a bank and sent them a $1200 money order. but it was all a scam. her daughter was safe. at the same time she wasls in money orders and gift cards. >> i thought it was a scam from the get go, but was afraid it wasn't. >> do you see this a lot? >> we see it quite often. reporter: they say these scams are on the rides with technology criminals can be halfway around the world, but spoof a phone number and make it look like it comes from 617 or 781. here is another scam. >> the irs has issue had an arrest warrant against you.
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physical property is being monitored. reporter: it says it is the irs owing money and face imprisonment. the irs will never call call you and never ask you to pay by reading a gift card number or sending a money order. if you hang up they will likely move on to the next number on their list. >> they may make 100 calls and succeed with one. but that one is worth $5,000 and that's a pretty lieu -- be a scam, but maybe not, pause, call police. >> the lasting damage goes far beyond the $5,000 they lost. >> maybe each day we feel a little safer, but we don't feel safe. reporter: another scam involves callers trying to get remote access to your computers. never give access to your computer over the phone and never give out bank account information. being asked to pay with a money order or gift card is a
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tracible. and one more thing, they call you on the cell phone and block the number. that way they can't call you back. e-mail the address at jc: i don't know how they live with themselves with the things they say. harvey: yes. jc: and a better one for election night. harvey: and milder, but not tonight. you can see the temperatures warmer in the midwest. we are all starting to adjust to the earlier sunset, but at least for awhile we get the benefit in the morning. that's changing over time is a the days get shorter. earlier this morning we were once in the 20s and a lot of
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we are definitely set for a chelly night. for one thing the temperatures are down to the upper 30s to 40s across the region. and as you check it out the winds are light and the skies are clear. you add that together and we are set for a cold night. the elevation won't be as cold. most other areas will be below freezing and i expect widespread to start the day tomorrow. once the sun is up for a couple hours, the mild air finally moves in here and we will have spectacular weather from midmorning on. look at these temperatures around lunchtime. upper 50s to low 60s across the region and winds will be light so extremely
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heading out about 9:00 in the morning, about 40 degrees or so. getting to about noontime and 1:00, then we are approaching 60 degrees and we could top off a little above 60. and then coasting down into the evening for the final hours for voting tomorrow. light winds and no real weather problems. we have moisture in the country. certainly lots of clouds. there are a few more showers ineb major, major rains over a significant part of the country. a little moisture out of the gulf, but the mild temperatures continue across the united states. no real cold air to be found. it will be a little different and i expect it to be cloudy. there is a front that could cause a couple showers the low pressure will form on that
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southeastern massachusetts as we go to wednesday we will clear after that to thursday. that's how the systems look. once again the average temperature tomorrow afternoon is 60 degrees. wednesday is a cloudier day and it will clear by thursday. it looks like a bright day, but longer in the afternoon. a stronger cold front comes through on friday night to make it cold on saturday, but quick likely for sunday afternoon into monday. ben? >> ben: harvey, thank you very much. toys r us is getting ready for a shopping marathon, but some are raising eyebrows. they plan to open doors at 5:00 p.m. on thanksgiving and then stay open for 30 hours straight until 11:00 p.m. on black friday. in massachusetts the stores cannot be open on the holidays so most locations will open at 1:00 a.m. on black friday. more and more stores are adding hours on thanksgiving
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prove they want to start early by showing up at the store. >> she is partnering with the company marley's food and the turkey comes frozen with all of the portioned out ingredients for stuffing and even apple pie. >> this sell bearing -- this sell bearing. i am trying to get into my office and there is a huge turkey that is >> i can't go anywhere. i am literally stuck between two. >> turkeys are terror terror -- terrorizing people in a northern california town. the turkeys eventually walked away.
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none. >> a response on our investigation question. how environmental police officers are spend august lot of time. >> good evening, ben and jc. it is a battle for the battleground states. >> the candidates and their surrogates are focusing on election. and donald trump and hillary clinton are making i the states. >> this is about dreams and possibilities. >> much of the success -- suspense is coming from the ballot wees including one about charter school suspension. >> it has been an uphill battle. and then she lost all three sons to overdoses. what this mother says is making the opioid crisis worse.
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you're paying high interest rates on college loans. ayotte voted against letting you refinance at lower rates. and you're paying higher bank fees while ayotte voted for special breaks to wall street executives. kelly ayotte. she's siding with corporate special interests and that's costing you. she's not working for new hampshire. >> ben: following our investigation into massachusetts environmental police and how officers were spending their time on duty. >> governor charlie baker ordering an investigation into what we uncovered of the massachusetts environmental police. we discovered a troubling
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the taxpayer's dime. tear take home state truck is parked outside. others out on patrol and not doing much work at all. we are protecting the identity of this person who is familiar with how it works. >> there is no accountability and supervision whatsoever. >> do you think there needs to be moreover sight of the department at all? >> they need to look through some of the need to -- and if they are treating them with less than they deserve we will look into that. >> he was at home for between three and six hours on multiple days. we also found otherren -- other environmental officers driving the speed limit when there was no -- none at all.
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there is a barics or a station. >> an unconventional perk allows environmental cops to split their shift to work details at the state parks and pools getting paid time and a half. they sign off to work a detail and go back to their regular shift. we found officers enjoying poolside and guarding empty pools or sitting in their trucks taking advantage of the >> it depends on the facts of the case. >> and a spokesman says they will carefully look into any resources and we found new hampshire, maine and rhode island don't allow officers to switch their shift -- split their shift for paid detail.
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starts right now. ed: the final hours of a long campaign. >> this is it. >> vote for your families and vote for your futures. ed: battleground new hampshire. how they are focused on the key states. harvey: breaking down the forecasts and the temperatures that follow. >> it is killing our kid's generation. ed: a creative >> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. ed: commitment 2016 and tonight we are heading into the final hours of the most unpredict believe it, contentious and at teams downright ugly campaign. jc: the polls open in 13 hours and both are doing a battleground blitz if you will today. hillary chin done -- clinton hitting four events in three
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manchester, new hampshire where the republican candidate will be in a couple hours. >> we are leading big in ohio. we are leading in iowa. we are leading in new hampshire where i am going in a little while. reporter: trump making his way through five stops. in manchester he says they are leading. a poll puts trump and clinton in a dead heat in the granite state. but one leading trump 49% to 38%. that data taken november 3rd to 6th as controversy swirled over the fbi's probe of clinton's e-mails. >> hillary clinton is being protected by a totally rigged system. >> the fbi is ending that probe with no charges. trump and his supporters are
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>> nobody in this room would believe what is going on with the department of justice. >> if we win the corrupt politicians lose. >> if we win the american people lose big league. this is it. , folks, we will never have another opportunity. it will be over. >> and the rally is starting at 8:00. right n t another rally in pennsylvania. wcvb newscenter 5. ed: hillary clinton's final push is taking her to three battleground states. and it is a star-studded get out the rally vote. john? >> donald trump is leaving pennsylvania and hillary clinton is headed back there tonight. she is joined by bruce springsteen and bon jovi. >> the election could not be


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