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tv   Newscenter 5 at 730  ABC  November 8, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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>> about half an hour left to cast a ballot. in the big battleground states, ohio, polls are closing right now as well. we don't have a call on ohio yet. we're live in new york city with both donald trump and hillary clinton's campaigns right now. let's start with monahan >> west virginia just called for donald trump he also picked up earlier tonight kentucky and indiana, no surprise he got those, but certainly we're off to a start. earlier today donald trump voted in midtown manhattan. >> he's right now back at trump power watching and waiting as the election results come in. he says he's joined by family and friends.
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at the hilton midtown for an intimate gathering considering this kind of night. of course, hoping to deliver a victory speech. if and when he does, we'll be here. wcvb, newscenter 5. >> from donald trump to hillary clinton also preparing for this big night in new york city. >> we're live with more. >> it's been a very long time since like this. both candidates a mile and a half from each other. both candidates are only about 250 feet apart. donald trump watching the results at trump tower. hillary clinton one short block away. she was put into a hotel with her close aides and family. >> it's filling up on the west side of manhattan. you can see the stage where later on this evening hillary clinton will appear.
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the crowd broke out in cheers when she was awarded that first state by projection. the new england state of vermont, three electoral votes. a lot of people here waited hours today on what was a pretty warm november day in new york city. the line stretching several avenue blocks to get a chance to get in here. they believe they will be witnessing history here tonight. hillary clinton being elected the first female president and she's doing it, guys, under a very large glass ceiling here at a lot about breaking that final proverbial glass ceiling. of course, she went from her house into the city earlier this evening where she's watching, again, those results at the peninsula hotel and we'll have it all for you tonight here from the javitz center throughout the evening. wcvb, newscenter 5. >> thank you. so we're starting to get those results. quick look at where the electoral college stands now. abc news just calling west
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donald trump. in addition to kentucky and indiana. vermont right now has gone to hillary clinton. again, it takes 270 electoral votes to win it all. >> at 7:30, just a number of states closed. ohio and west virginia, north carolina as well. so these states are closing here just about every half an hour. ours closes a half an hour from now. there are minutes left to cast a ballot in massachusetts. the polls are set to close at 8:00. the long lines could singal record turnout with more than a million people who have already cast their ballots. there could be two million people actually showing up to vote today. that total would break the record for voting in the bear state. the polls are still open in many spots in. new hampshire, that state could swing the outcome of the presidential race. >> there has been record turnout in some towns in new hampshire.
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>> maria, less than half an hour before the polls here close, things are finally winding down, like so many other polling places in new hampshire. the broad street elementary has been busy all day long. 83% of all registered voters in this ward have already voted and that's a near record turnout. >> with early voting in the granite state polling were jammed. >> probably an hour. >> it was really something. >> you're earning your vote. >> by rush-hour 70% of all registered voters in this ward had their voices heard. >> there is a lot on the line here. >> a lot. >> a little bit nervous. >> i'm nervous for our country, but we'll see what happens. >> a battleground state heavily courted by both trump and clinton. this section, a microcosm of the
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a good change for america. i'm ex-military, i went for trump. >> 19 years old. >> i chose to vote for hillary clinton. i'm very proud to be voting for her in my first election. >> a contentious election attracting many first-time voters. new hampshire allows same day registration. nearly s voters doing so today at this polling station alone. >> who better than just hillary absolutely -- i'm with her. >> she wasn't alone, as part of a new demographic in new hampshire, several other first-time voters i spoke with also recent immigrants, also said they had voted for clinton. whether that's a deciding trend in a close election, that remains to be seen. live in nashua, new hampshire, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> more of our special election night coverage to come. four ballot questions, as you
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>> one that's put the state's most powerful politicians in question. you'll hear from both supporters and critics just ahead. >> big senate battle in new hampshire. the democrat governor trying to take over the seat held by g.o.p. senator kelly ayotte.
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polls. 20 minutes left. we're about to hit 20 minutes. 4-3-2-1. look at all the people in line. congratulations and thank you for voting, thank you for voting. you've got under 20 minutes to go here in massachusetts. actually the polls close in 16 states at 8:00. obviously massachusetts is one of them. new hampshire is one of them as well and new hampshire is always in the conversation as an important state to watch. our special election coverage continues right now with a ballotve would allow the state to expand the number of charter schools. we're live with both campaigns pushing for change. sean? >> people are starting to file in. folks are hoping this turns into a victory party tonight.
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approve up to 12 new schools or increase enrollment in existing charters. it's a fight mostly run by parents. 32,000 kids are waiting to get into charter schools. recent polling has support for the measure slipping. >> we're very pleased with the feedback we're getting from people as they are walking in. i think people are very receptive to our messaging and we've seen over the last 10 days that voters information, they seem to be inclined to support two. >> it been a hard fought and expensive one. $125 million has been raised to expand charter here in the commonwealth. supporters tell me they are expecting a long night tonight. >> here's the other side.
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the mayor of boston and the entire democratic party pushing for a no vote on question two and they are predicting victory tonight. opponents of more charter schools has also included the mass teacher's union. it will draw resources away from traditional public schools. >> it's disappointing that this has become urban versus suburban. it's about making sure every student gets that we all have that opportunity and that's about traditional public schools making sure what makes every student succeed is available in every school. >> both sides went door-to-door pushing for their side of the vote. recent polls show a strong showing on the no side for question two. by the way, it's not only the headquarters for the no vote on
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reaction from a number of top people on this race and other races as the evening wears on. we're live in boston, wcvb, newscenter 5. . >> our special election night coverage continues next from new hampshire where there is that fierce battle for the senate. >> our analysts will be here to break down new developments that we're seeing as polls across the country close the next big closing period is at 8:00. >> the mobile app election night. town by town updated electoral college counts.
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>> heated senate battle that could actually impact the balance of power in washington happening right now in new hampshire. >> the new hampshire governor is trying to unseat kelly ayotte. we're live with both campaigns tonight. david? david: the supporters for kelly ayotte have started to fill into the ballroom. just below the kelly ayotte sign they have added a sign for her fellow republican who is running for governor. the one thing you won't see are any donald trump signs. ayotte voted this morning in nashua. she confirmed she did not vote for trump. instead she wrote in trump's running mate mike pence at the top of her ballot.
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trump, then said she would not. in august trump told the "washington post" that ayotte was giving him "zero support." now the question tonight will be who will be hurt most by that? will it be trump or ayotte or will new hampshire voters simply decide it's okay for them to split their ballot? the answer can start to come at any time. live in concord, new hampshire, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> could indeed and they are waiting anxiously to hear the results in manchester, new hampir where we find lamberty. reid? >> maria, this is one of new hampshire's most well known restaurants known for their mudslides and chicken tenders. had the enders, fantastic. i'll tell you about the mudslide afterwards. the governor is hoping to make her acceptance speech as new hampshire's next senator. she's running a very tough campaign against republican incumbent shelley ayotte. doors open at 7:00. about almost an hour ago.
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people are now settling in, sitting down watching some of those numbers come in. some of the polls here in new hampshire are far too close to call and they do close in about 20 minutes. we may be here very late. that's because this has been an exceptionally close race between two very well known and very well liked candidates. both veterans of new hampshire politics. right now it's an effective coin toss. the governor is nearby with families watching those numbers. we'll until then supporters keeping a very close eye on the numbers and their fingers on those free and very delicious chicken tenders. >> see the things you learn here, that the chicken fingers are spectacular. >> we're about, what, 12 minutes or so from 8:00. by 8:00, all the polls here in new england will be closed. there are other states where voters are casting ballots in tight senate race that is could
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quick look at some of the other races we're watching. >> the polls have already closed in two of the races we're watching. let's head to indy. former senator evan bayh, a democrat in a tight race with republican congressman todd young. democrats are hoping to pick that up. polls just closed in north carolina. richard burr, a 20-year republican veteran of congress. locked in a very tight deborah ross. another seat democrats are hoping to pick up. now, to florida, rubio looking to headlined on to his senate seat. he entered the race late, you will remember, after his president presidential campaign ended. he's facing congressman patrick murphy. polls close in florida at the top of the hour. control of the senate really hanging in the balance. of course, we'll be watching the results come in all night.
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one of those states that's in two time zones so that's why they are two closing times. we're down to fewer than 15 minutes until pose close. some states have already closed and we'll start to see those results as they roll in especially by 8:00 when the greater numbers come in. >> janet is back with a democratic analyst and republican analyst rob gray. >> my first question is, abc news did exit polling. 24% of the people who up their minds in the last month. does that tell you anything, maryanne? >> the big events that moved polls happened in the last month the three debates. access hollywood tape. the comey letter, in the last four or five weeks. that late in an election everyone moves against the incumbent. some would say that would be hillary clinton. but from what we're seeing it looks like they split and that's bad news for trump.
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trump than hillary? >> on balance, yes. he had a good few days, in the last week. but on balance -- >> when the f.b.i. first came out? >> sure, it was short-lived until a couple of days ago. i look at it like 76 voters made up their minds. it was chiseled in stone more than a month ago. that's why it's gotten so nasty. it's hard to move those voters who are off of their person. >> as you heard a few minutes ago the, all the polling places in new hampshire will be close nag couple of minutes. everyone is paying close attention to new hampshire. not only in the presidential race but also the u.s. senate race. so my question is, is what happens up there going to tell us everything about who wins the presidency and who wins the u.s. senate? control of the u.s. senate? >> it may well. it's definitely a weather vain. if trump were to win new
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return state you would think he might have some hope in michigan and other northern states that he needs to get to the number of 270 electoral votes. if it's a sweep of the democrats it looks like a bad night for trump. >> is he right about that? >> i think what you're seeing is, record turnout in new hampshire. and that's good for the entire democratic ticket. if that's replicated in these other battleground states, big turnout that always benefits the democrats. a good nigh democratic candidates running. >> i know we're still waiting for numbers but how confident are you that republicans will keep control of the senate? >> tight, tight, late. i'm not real confident right now the way it's looking. >> are you feeling confident? >> the democrats have a great chance at least of being even in the senate and breaking the tie
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and winning it. >> do you believe that the alleged belichick and brady endorsement of trump will be helpful or hurtful. let's start with you. >> it should help in new hampshire, okay? i'm not sure that they help in philadelphia. >> help who, trump? >> trump in new hampshire. but, you know, those eagle stands in penn state that trump desperately needs may not help there. it might have been trump's hail mary though, right? >> i have a little different all the patriots fans myself included hung in there with tom brady during deflate gate, stood by him and then we found out voted for trump and the wrath just came down on social media because of that and his wife had to come out today and say no, no, no trump. >> i think it hurt tom brady. >> as soon as he throws a five touchdown game he'll be back with us. >> i can separate my sports and politics, except politics is like sports but tom, come on. >> i i have a feeling maryanne
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the time has finally come. they've made their case. >> we will make america great again. >> we're going to prove to the world we are stronger together. >> so, who will be your next president? right now, live from times square, the crossroads of america, with our country at the croa night 2016. now reporting, from abc news election headquarters, george stephanopoulos. >> and welcome back to election night 2016. 8:00 p.m. here in the east. and the polls have just closed in 16 states, plus the district of columbia. let's look at where things stand right now. you see there, 68 electoral votes for hillary clinton, 37 for donald trump. the magic number is 270. here are the states that have closed. we can say now that hillary


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