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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> good morning. i'm emily riemer. >> i'm randy price. following breaking news on the eyeopener. protests around the country over the new president-elect. >> a fierce trump critic now welcoming him to the white house. the presidential meeting >> a mysterious crime in easton. the clue for police in finding a suspect. >> first a look at your forecast. not a bad morning. >> a little chilly. 41 degrees right now in boston, which isn't bad. but the wind is out of the north-northwest at 13. stronger on the cape. temperatures are in the 30s away from the city. worcester is 35.
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upper 40s in the cape where there's lingering cloud cover. these clouds will exit as the storm moves out. high pressure noses in. it's going to be a nice day. we'll see the clouds through about 8:00 this morning on the cape. then we brighten up everywhere. a lot of sunshine through mid nine with clouds in the afternoon. the sun is up at 6:29. by noontime, it is near 50 degrees. we're actually going into the 50s this afternoon. temperatures pretty close to overall. we have colder air on the way. let's get to the roads. good morning, olessa. >> a live look. a check of the pike by allston/brighton eastbound heading to the top of the screen. so far, no problems here. overnight construction in place. in boston as you travel south there's road work 93 northbound by route 124.
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connector. >> breaking news. there were protests coast to coast overnight. thousands of people in cities around the country taking to the streets following the election of donald trump. demonstrations a clear display of division after a call from the president-elect for unity. >> the eyeopener's sera congi with the election day fallout. president." these protests happening in all major cities, including in boston. an estimated 4,000 people walked to the house and on to copely square. parts of beacon and boylston streets shut down by the demonstration. chants of "we will not be silenced"erupted from the crowd. >> it hurts my heart that people
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>> these protests in boston were peaceful. police say they did not experience any violence and did not make a single arrest. live on the common, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> thank you. in hours the president-elect will take a critical step toward assuming the oval office. this morning he's going to meet with a man who has been a fierce critic of him -- president obama. the eye's erika tarantal is here to set the stage. >> there's been a lot t but there's no question this meeting could be awkward. here's what to watch for today. president obama will welcome president-elect trump at the white house at 11:00 this morning at the same time first lady michelle obama will meet with melania trump. also today, vice president joe biden and house speaker paul
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president-elect mike pence. cabinets for including alabama senator jeff sessions, rudy giuliani, and chris christie, newt gingrich. abc news will have a special report when the president-elect arrives at the white house today. you can see that right here on channel 5 >> it appearses donald trump dialling back from his proposal to ban muslims from entering the u.s. if you go to his campaign website, the issue month ago disappeared. it called a ban for muslims from entering the country until lawmakers figure out what's going again. is up and running this morning. you'll find trump's ideas for national security, as well as the economy. >> election day, lines were out the door in many massachusetts communities. worcester saw the largest turnout in 40 years. preliminarily numbers show that
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residents voted tuesday. those people account for nearly 63% of registered voters in that city. despite the turnout, nationally turnout fell this election year. >> one student is recovering, another facing charges after a stabbing at brighton high school in boston. the school department says two ninth grade boys got into a fight in the cafeteria yesterday morning. one stabbed the other in the leg with a knife. it i brought that knife into the school. the victim is expected to be ok. >> a medical center in portland, maine, is postponing surgical procedures today. the doctors try to diagnose a patient they believe may have a rare and fatal disease. they are trying to figure out if the patient has prion disease. it affects the brain and nervous system similar to mad cow disease. right now the center is sterilizing all of its surgical processing area and equipment. experts say there is no ongoing
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searching for suspects after a man was found shot in a wooded area of easton. this morning they have a new clue. the eyeopener's antoinette antonio live in that community with their plea for help. antoinette? >> police in easton are searching for a vehicle that could be connected after a woman reported her two young sons found a man who was shot. that man, 35-year-old daniel smith, is still life this morning. the two boys found the victim in the woods tuesday afternoon. police say he suffereded from gunshot wounds and the two boys potentially saved that man's life. smith, the man who was shot, is a former resident of easton now living in florida. and here's the car that police are looking for. it's described as a red 2016 mazda 3 sedan.
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372qqk. it's unclear at this point what connection that vehicle has to the shooting or how exactly that man was shot. but, once again, he is in critical condition this morning and police are looking for suspects. we'll keep you posted on the investigation. we're live in easton this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. >> a blow for a legal team. a judge ruling evidence on michelle laptop can be used in case against her. the judge ruling statements she made to police can also be used in her upcoming trial. her boyfriend, 18-year-old conrad roy, killed himself by filling his truck with carbon monoxide in 2014. >> police officers facing trouble cutting secret deals. 5 investigates how often it's happening and the cases that never prosecuted. dream come true for a baseball fan with a debilitating illness.
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chance to play with a college team. >> it is going to be kind of cool and breezy today. but the big weather impact comes tomorrow. my timeline on gusty winds, cooler temperatures and when it will warm back up again. >> we're following breaking news. thousands hit the streets to protest a trump presidency. it happened overnight in boston and in other cities, including seattle, chicago, and washington, d.c.
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>> a local boy with a dream come true. this one is a home run.
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drafted to the assumption college baseball team. this event put on by the charity team impact, it matches children who are chronically ill with colleges. he has congestive heart failure. he had three open-heart surgeries, two before he was born. >> to understand how fragile life is and how amazing it can be, even when you don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. >> his parents say there is no telling how long he will wait for a transplant and they ar time. so thankful for this special moment. >> doctors warn about too much of a good thing. the don fusion surrounding just -- confusion surrounding how
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>> delightful this morning. >> not so bad. >> for this time of the year, yes. >> all the leaves were down on the roads as i was coming in. >> i didn't notice a [laughter] >> a little early. >> more about your drive than we wanted to know. >> [laughter] >> the winds are a little gusty this morning. nothing compared to what's coming our way tomorrow. wind in the forecast for tomorrow. this morning, we'll watch temperatures climb back close to average. so far, the month overall is running above the average. we made it to 61 yesterday
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we've got a quick shot -- not going to last long -- a shot of cold air friday night into saturday. that moves out and we're back to a warmer weather pattern sunday and a portion of next week. so a little up and down with the temperatures. 33 out the door right now. 41 in boston. upper 40s in the cape. we have a little bit of wind kicking up. this is what you want to dress for. it feels like it's just 30n a bit of a windchill this morning. cloud cover on the south shore and the cape. these may be a little stubborn, but eventually high pressure will give us sunshine. so sun and clouds today. the clouds through about mid morning on the cape, then they thin out and brighten up our skies. clouds from the north and west
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running about 50 to 55. typical high is 54. near 50 worcester hills. 50s on cape cod. we'll see cloud cover overnight. it will be chilly overnight. temperatures drop into the upper 30s and some lower 40s. tomorrow we'll see the front come through toward the afternoon hours. ahead of it starts winds pick up in the afternoon. the temperatures are going to fall over the course of the day, so by late morning ahead of the front, we'll be in the mid 50s. once that front goes by, look how we drop. by about 4:00 in the afternoon, we're got 40s and the temperatures keep falling as we get into the evening hours. blustery, colder on friday. it's accompanied by stronger winds. that's why friday, veterans' day, we have an impact weather
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hour. the strong winds will continue into the evening hours. temperatures begin to moderate an saturday evening after a chilly day -- on saturday evening. we've got a full moon. this is the closest full moon we have had in nearly 70 years. this is a supermoon. it comes with very high tide. it may lead to coastal flooding especially toward the middle of next week. that's something we'll be watching toward next week. >> when you say storm, you >> i mean [laughter] >> just checking. >> temperatures in the mid 50s. >> the roads are quiet, live look outside for you at the zakim bridge. lever connector southbound side toward the bottom of the screen. so far we're not seeing any problems. let's check out the rest of your ride as you travel around town. a little bit of overnight construction left over. so far traveling into boston no problems. south, just road work along 93. northbound side by route 24 will be gone in a couple of minutes. along 128, construction wrapped
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93 southbound looking as good as you head out of methuen towards the lever connector. trains and buses are expected to start on schedule as well. keep in mind the demolition of the toll plaza, the first phase has been completed on mass pike. massdot says the construction is moving quickly. demolition began open tolls. >> 5 investigates exposing secret deals for police officers accused of misconduct. they are called carney letter, an immunity agreement in which prosecutes agree not to prosecute. some of the allegations are serious, including leaving the scene of an accident,
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are alloweded to quietly leave the force and find work in other sensitive public positions. attorney general maura healy defends the carney letter deal. >> is this special treatment for officers? >> to the contrary. i think all of these situations that are taken very seriously -- carney is a way to hold police officers accountable for alleged wrongdoing when there isn't a way to against that officer. >> one expert says a new system in which the agreements are more accessible by the public would build confidence that officials are interested in transparency and not trying to give officers special treatment. >> to the economy. stocks rally in asia as the markets rebound from the lowest levels since the brexit vote. u.s. stock futures are higher. investors looking for the
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experts expect short-term volatility after the presidential election. boston-based new balance says it is endorsing president-elect donald trump. the statement from the sneaker company told the "wall street journal" it's feeling the new president will move in the right direction. new balance has been a critic of president obama's trans-pacific partnership, part of the tpp deal lifts the import tax on shoes made in vietnam, making them cheaper new >> while voters statewide appeared to have approved the new casino 55% to 44%, it still needs approval by voters. right now there are still about 800 mail-in ballots that must be counted in that community where
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twin rivers says it remains cautiously optimistic. >> you health. a new warning about vitamin d. some doctors say we may be getting too much of it. there have been misunderstanding about the recommended amount of vitamin d. less than 6% of americans ages 1 to 70 are vitamin d deficient. so most don't need supplements. 15 minutes of sun and vitamin d-rich foods like cheese, salmon and spinach >> nine minutes before 5:00. brad pitt is cleared of child abuse accusations. a source says the department of children and family in los angeles did not find evidence that brad pitt committed a child abuse situation during a flight on a private plane in september. the actor battling for joint custody of his children with his wife angelina jolie. >> today starbucks is releasing holiday cheer.
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simple red cup sparked outrage on twitter. this year the cups are designed by customers who submitted those designs. there will be 13 different cups focusing on traditional holiday themes like snowflakes, santa claus and reindeer. >> one of these twins was born first, but the other is older. that's thanks to dgh savings time. he was born. by the time his brother was born, official birth was 1:10:00 a.m. this is the first time she has seen this happen in 40 years. >> i guess they are brothers. [laughter] >> certainly a sweet teary victory for the cubs. >> the company making it even sweeter. we'll show you in "news to go." new on the eyeopener at 5:00,
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the new research designed to
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>> five minutes before 5:00. we're following breaking news in your early "news to go." >> protests across the country after believed to have taken part in last night's demonstrations in boston. parts of beacon and boylston streets shut down by the crowd. protests were held in other cities across the country. demonstrators chanting, "we will not be silenced." five people hurt at a shooting. police do not believe the shooting was related to the
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woman were hurt after an argument near a busy intersection. the five victims are said to be improving. >> a salem massachusetts police officer -- investigators say brian butler fondled the inmate and performed a sexual act on him in the police headquarters in a broom closet. butler is a father of three, married to the salem police chief, mary butler. butlers job. trooper convicted on drunk driving charges. massachusetts trooper john basler was found guilty of drunk driving and other charges in the 2013 crash in plymouth that killed 64-year-old susan macchi. her daughter, juliet, as well. john basler was acquitted on motor vehicular manslaughter charges. he remains suspended without pay. >> probation and fines for the
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framingham pharmacy involved in a deadly tainted steroid outbreak. the couple pleaded guilty to illegally hiding bank account withdrawals. they were sentenced to three years probation and about $60,000 in fines. carla was majority owner of the new england compounding center blamed for dozens of deaths linked to contaminated steroids. >> new fallout at this farm after hundreds of animals were removed from unsafe conditions. th ordered to stop housing animals he owns and remove them from the property. however, the order does not extend to animals the farm operator does not own. the town and legal experts are still reviewing the order ahead of a december 7 hearing. >> the celtics on a losing streak, giving up their third game in a row now. washington's auto porter jr. had a career night. he scored 23 points in the first
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the first. they lose 118-93. the cubs world series win was a victory for fans. now two cake artists are turning the success into a sugary high. 45 pounds of sugar, 25 pounds of chocolate, and 10 pounds of rice krispies. sounds amazing. next week it will be and the city council. the problem is it looks to eat. [laughter] >> this cake has been made. now they are going to present it next week? >> so maybe you don't want to eat it next week. >> i don't know. it doesn't seem like to be fresh. [laughter] >> we've got a quiet weather day coming up. there are lingering clouds this morning in southeastern
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so today will feature a blend of sun and clouds and temperatures pretty close to average. lower 50s. you head from new york to philadelphia, still in the 50s. d.c. in the lower 60s. you look across the country and temperatures aren't bad. this is pretty mild for the month of november. there are in big storms on the map. there's a little bit of cloudiness that will spill down from canada associated with a frontal change friday into saturday. so tomorrow morning we're ahead of that front. it's going to be mild in the morning. front comes in around lunchtime and the winds pick up and temperatures drop in the afternoon. tomorrow is an impact weather day. we'll see gusts close to 30 miles per hour. and look at this saturday morning. windchills in the 20s. they will hold mostly in the 30s most of the day. temperatures do moderate on sunday afternoon.
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the lower 60s monday into tuesday. it's a mild start to the week. storm looks like it could be heading our way toward the middle of the week. we'll have more details as the eyeopener continues. >> presidential protests sweeping the country. the show of frustration in boston and other major cities. >> a cordial moment between critics. what to expect today as the president welcomes donald trump to the white house. >> violence inside a b school. the weapon going undetected. on the eye for this thursday morning. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. >> nationwide, anti-trump protests erupts hours ago. good morning. i'm emily riemer. >> i'm randy price. this was the rally in chicago. we're going to take a closer look at the tension. >> first, i want to check in with cindy for a look at your forecast. a mild start.


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