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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 11, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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>> breaking news, anti-trump protests pushing the limits in oregon. outbursts turning this rally into a riot. >> also breaking, a serious crash. new information from that scene on 495. unresponsive. on the eye for this friday morning. emily: more images in from portland, oregon. police there say that anti-trump protests got out of hand overnight. good morning, i'm emily riemer.
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cindy fitzgibbon, and a windy day on the way. but. >> yeah, on this veteran's day, a lot of activities planned, outside the lunch hour is when things will change dramatically. winds are going to pick up and colder air will pour in, so tranquil this morning, take a look. the sun is up just before 6:30, we have a light there on the horizon, and mainly clear skies in boston, but wow, do you want to be prepared for what's coming up later on? because notice the wind chill, dropping into the 30s by 5:00, 6:00 this evening. we're going to have a good ou passing mid-day clouds but the winds really crank, and sustained around 20, gusting higher during lunch hour, and afternoon, and that's going to bring in colder air, right now 44 in worcester, and 50 on cape cod, so take a jacket, winds as they are getting off the bus this afternoon. you can see the clouds approaching from the north and west, and a couple of showers up near the canadian border, this is the frontal boundary, as it drops in, a lot of that moisture dries up, so you can see how the clouds increase.
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temperatures, peak in the mid 50s before lunchtime, and we're falling down into the 40s this afternoon, and notice the wind chills by 4:00, 5:00, they are going to be dropping, as well, look at the gusts over 30 miles per hour, there is a wind advisory on cape cod. so a lot of wind on the way, out to the roads right now. it is veteran's day, a holiday, quiet out there. good morning. >> the volume is light but we are watching this one problem here. this is where cambridge street is closed now in boston. flashing lights and crews on and let you know when that reopens, over to the maps, watching a disabled car, northbound side of the bridge, right lane is blocked, not impacting your southbound ride into boston which so far looks great and back into methuen, 93 south, nice and light, along the pike, so far not seeing any volume, 15 minutes, 495 to 128, and if your commute takes you south, 95 looks good, from brockton and the expressway, light, 10 to 15, braintree into boston, the trains and buses are running on schedule but the needham line service is
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that started last night, and it's going to stay suspended through sunday and we will resume on monday morning all because of a bridge project and there is no alternatives. >> a woman hurt in this car crash on 495 and marlborough. she was the scene in the southbound lane. police say only one car was involved, and it rolled over, that woman was flown to umass medical center for treatment. and the cause of the crash remains under investigation. also breaking overnight, protests crossed the filled the streets of portland, oregon, right now, several people are under arrest, and it marks the second night of demonstrations since the election of donald trump. >> and the president-elect has some poignant words about that. the eye's erika tarantal is, tracking all of the overnight developments for you. >> many of these protests were mostly peaceful, but that did change in portland overnight. this is video of the massive crowds from the air. we want to show you the scene from the ground.
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and in one case smashing a woman's car windshield, with a baseball bat. there were a number of protests in several states, some shut down highways, for example, in colorado and california, and president-elect donald trump taking it twitter to take on the protesters, tweeting, just had a very open and successful presidential election, now professional protesters are protesting very unfair. this coming hour after mr. trump sat down with pick obama for the first time. >> the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half. and it could have, as far as i am concerned, it could have gone for longer. >> there were no signs of the frequent animosity that we have seen between these two, for years. the president-elect calling the meeting a great honor. mr. trump also met with house speaker paul ryan, and senate
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and attorneys for trump say they will enter settlement talks in the upcoming trial involving his now defunct trump university. this fraud lawsuit filed in 2010 alleges the university failed to keep its promise to teach real estate success. thousands say they spend thousands. they asked the trial be delayed until after inauguration day in january, and the judge suggested that both sides try to settle the case. investigation is underway after the death of an infant. antoinette antonio is there with the new information obtained in the overnight hours. >> and this morning, there are still several unanswered questions surrounding the death of this five week old baby, and at this point in the investigation no criminal charges have been filed. sources telling 5 investigates that a drug overdose may be to
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found unconscious inside of a home here on harrison place. investigates were called at noon yesterday. they stayed here on the scene into the night. we saw them leaving with bags of evidence. sources also telling 5 investigates that five week old was in bed with the unconscious adult. a 19-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man. >> i have seen them walking up and down the street and they seem very nice and quiet, and not disruptive to anybody. honestly i didn't think that it could be >> sources say that investigates are looking into the possibility that while in bed, one of the adults rolled over onto the infant killing the baby. overnight, they released this statement saying the department received a report and is investigating in collaboration with law enforcement. dcf says due to the ongoing criminal investigation no further information will be released at this time. those two adults are still being treated at the hospital. >> we're live in marlborough,
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>> thank you, a judge awards 4 million to the cambridge couple who successfully sued their irish nanny over the death of their baby. one-year-old rehma sabir, died back in 2013. aisling brady mccarthy was initially accused of murder but the changes were dropped -- the charges were dropped. they say that examiner changed the baby's cause of death to undetermined. >> an mbta bus driver facing charges accused of hitting a vehicle with passengers onboard. the eyeopener's sera congi is live in stoneham where they captured the end of this wild ride. >> this all ended on main street after passengers knew something was wrong and took action. surveillance video from nearby businesses here captured the moment.
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the old dairy dome. the crash actually happened in melrose after 5:00. the route 132 bus struck a parked van. witnesses tell us that the t operator did get out to look at the damage, but then drove off. that's when passengers called 9-1-1. investigates are now looking into whether the driver was under the influence of prescription medication. he's been summoned to court for leaving the scene of a crash that caused the property damage. no one was injured ahead in our next half-hour, we will hear from those passengers who took action. live in stoneham, sera congi, newscenter 5. >> thank you. imagine the pay for a job skyrocketing. 600% overnight. 5 investigates found that's the deal the state gave bridge workers a publicly funded job, the bridge in gloucester is one of the busiest draw bridges on the east coast. 5 investigates discovered state contracted bridge operators are
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120 an hour. that's at least 156,000 taxpayer dollars a year for a 40-hour workweek, and it's a bigger paycheck than the governor of our state gets. and that's a job that used to pay only 13 an hour. the massive increase in pay for the bridge tenders kicked in thanks to a state contract for maintenance on the bridge, which triggered the state's prevailing wage law. >> the bridge is supposed to be an example of why the state's prevailing wage law is control. >> 32 states have prevailing wage laws, but massachusetts is one of only four states in the country that sets the prevailing wage rates, solely on union contracts. >> police are stepping up patrols as they search for a man wanted for the attack on a 14-year-old girl. police say that the man jumped on the teen and attempted to strangle here as she walked to her bus stop. that was on puritan road yesterday, and that's when a witness stepped in. the suspect took off, the
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light colored sedan. rit now a new hampshire man is being held without bail. accused of posing as an fbi agent. but at police say they found on that mit employee suggests he may have had a violent plan. prosecutors say the 23-year-old gammon la blanc showed up at a couple's arlington home on wednesday night wearing an fbi cap and asking about a fugitive. when he asked to come inside the couple got suspicious and called po >> that's what they said alerted them to the fact that it was strange, like why would an fbi person show up and ask to use the bathroom? >> they searched his backpack and found a loaded pistol, a stun gun and ski mask and some rope. they also found posted notes with names and addresses of people with ties to mitt. >> 6:10, american bald eagles in need of rescue.
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and a woman finds herself face-to-face with an armed robbery. the fast reaction when she had nowhere to turn. >> new this morning, improve your sleep by changing what you eat. the foods to avoid,. >> breaking overnight, several people in portland, oregon under arrest after violent anti-trump protests. and you can see here one woman had her windshield smashed by the crowd, police calling the demonstrations a riot. cindy. >> and we have get and how cold it will feel and the warmup on the way for the weekend. first a beautiful shot looking live over boston. you can see we're at 47 degrees in town. it's a mild start.
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>> we have a big salute for our veterans, we are working on our veteran's day special which is tonight at 7:00 on channel 5 through our special, and i think that some really compelling stories about our heroes, who
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and we're going to find out who can help them. but we better get back to our special now. >> hey, guys, give it to them. >> good morning eyeopener. boom! >> yeah. got it out of there. >> yeah. >> wcvb, proud to partner with home base for the veash's day special, and home base is an organization in the boston area doing tremendous work, shining a light on the invisible wounded warriors. helping you can watch an inspiring story tonight right here on channel 5, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. >> on this veteran's day. we thank you for your service, and we thank everyone else, as well. >> yes. >> exactly, so a lot of veteran's day events planned today, and wind could be an issue. >> the winds are really going to pick up around lunchtime, and then the temperatures are going to drop, too, so it is a changeable day, and you look out this morning, and it looks really nice, always quiet, and
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to pop up there over the horizon. it's a quiet start to the day, and a bit of wind, southwesterly breeze, kept the temperatures up, and winds 10 to 15 miles per hour, and look how the winds increase around lunchtime, these are sustained winds over the next 12 hours, and notice they are up over 20 miles per hour. mid-day, right through the afternoon, and they are shifting around to the northwest, and they are going to be gusting higher. we will likely see gusts around if not surpassing 30 miles per hour, even higher, down on the cape where there is a wind vi afternoon, and right to 1:00 tomorrow morning, so strong winds the story today, and they are going to bring in the cold, not terribly chilly at all this morning, and in fact, we're running at 44 in worcester. 47 inspect boston, 50 on the cape, but the cold is sitting just to our north, and once we chip that wind around, it's going to allow the air to pour in, the leading edge is this cold frontal boundary producing clouds and showers to the north, and all of this is dropping southward, but a lot of it is
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cloud cover, mid morning, especially route 2 on northward and as that front drops, we'll see some passing clouds around mid-day or so, and that's about it, and then it is back to bright sunshine here in the afternoon but a blustery feel as the temperatures drop. so we'll see the high temperatures today occur, late morning, around 10:00, 11:00, in the mid and upper 50s, and once those winds shifts the temperatures go the other way, by 5:00, we're down in the 40s, and the temperatures keep dropping here into the evening hours. wind chill by 80 30s so you get the idea, the overnight low temperatures in the 20s and lower 30s, and we'll come close to freezing in boston, a cold start on saturday, the high pressure building on in, so with that, the winds relax over the course of the day, and it's a really nice looking weekend, but very chilly on saturday. the temperatures recover here on sunday. back into the 50s, and we're going to mainly have clear skies. get a nice view of the super moon, with moderating temperatures, and the midweek
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weather, the storm is winding up as it comes up the coastline. there is the potential for some sic rain which would be a good thing. however we're also going to be watching that component of the whipped because of the high tides, and some coastal flooding to go around with this, so we'll keep you posted. >> thank you, cindy. we're watching problem spots. we have got this one issue here, this is cambridge street, and this is in boston, as you can see, we have part of the roadway shut down, this is in front of one center plaza for a water main break so happening right now, o c that clear skies, over to the maps and check your ride, and traveling into boston we just have this one disabled car across the span of the bridge but it was northbound so not impacting traffic. and heading south, so far, we're in great shape, no problems as you travel on 93, all the way out of methuen, and down to the lever connector. pike eastbound, so far, looks good, no problems here, 15 minutes, 495 to 128, and if your commute takes you south, so far, so good, not seeing any volume, even the expressway is light, 10 to 15, from braintree into
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suspended along the entire line, that happened last night, going to stay suspended and continuing through sunday because of a bridge project, and there is no alternative busing. emily. >> thank you. caught on camera, take a look, a north carolina woman fights back against a would be robber. that man seen in the surveillance video hiding in the back of a restaurant, armed with a gun in one hand and a knife in the other, and that woman, a worker, walks in and when she is confronted tries to grab that gun, forces the man out of the restaurant. he runs off and polic investigating similar robberies in that area. two american bald eagles stuck in a storm sewer. rescuers in orlando, florida gently pulled them out, and an expert from the audubon society says it looks like the symbols of our nation were fighting each other, likely because it's nesting season for bald eagles. a time when they settle into a new home. >> they get into a territory fight and they get lost, and
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and they hang on for dear life. >> one of the birds managed to fly away after an hour. the second bald eagle, a female, was rescued about two hours after it was found stuffed in the drain. randy: your economy on this friday morning, voters approved plans for a new casino. the board of elections confirms the measure has won by 350 votes. the twin rivers plans to open the casino, which will be located on the massachusetts border. they plan to open about 2018. a check of the m overnight, as investors are concerned about the possibility of higher interest rates under a donald trump presidency. the u.s. stock futures are lower. and the markets are open today, but most banks are closed for veteran's day. just ask us here. getting a good night's sleep is not easy. >> no. and there is some foods that help and others that really hurt your chances, so wine, dark chocolate, fatty meals like a
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sleep killers so what should you choose? how about cherries and bananas and fortified cereals like shredded wheat? they promote sleep, and by the way your mom was right, a warm glass of milk, that is a good idea, but interestingly, researcher are disagreeing about whether this is science or just comfort. >> i don't think it matters. >> i know. >> sometimes i will have a sedative. >> right. >> turkey. >> knocks you out. >> here we go. >> whar and well, just to call him gronk jovi. >> the tight end doing his best rock star impression, it is in eyepoppers. erika. >> emily, new at 6:30, support for a mother and son, targeted by racism, how a new hampshire community is making them feel welcomed. >> also only on 5, a carjacking victim talks about the moment that she fought back. the move that she thinks may have saved her life. >> and a warning about a drug linked to dozens of deaths.
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>> we are from the house of blues. >> good morning eyeopener! emily: an unforgettable experience for the pediatrics patients, singer and songwriter, eric paisley diagnosed with diabetes when he was ten, so he compared glucose numbers with some of those kids. >> absolutely. great event there, and we have got a potent cold front just to the north, kind of lurking this morning, and changeable day coming up dropping. so take a look at where we stand. lots of 40s, around 50 on the cape, and notice the temperatures up towards the merrimack valley climb up. around noontime, we top out in the lower 50s, and we're down in the 40s late this afternoon, and a similar story for you down on the south coast and the cape. looking for a high of lunchtime in the upper 50s, and you are down in the 40s by the time the sun goes down this evening. your weekend, features chilly temperatures on saturday. and a nice recovery here on
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the second half of the weekend. recognizing friday morning eyepoppers, sports edition. we're talking about an impressive save, take a look at this. canucks' keeper ryan miller depends off an attack with this spectacular board. first it appears he was caught off guard when he shifts and dives for the puck. unfortunately for vancouver, that's a save, not enough. they lost. >> he was great. ? you are halfway there ? ? but you need another player ? >> good work. the patriots' star channeling an inner bon jovi from madden nfl 17. do you think he has a rock career in front of him or what? >> a goof ball career. >> i wish our viewers could have seen your dance moves during that.
6:27 am
mother, having to dealing with those boys in the household. >> can you imagine? >> i want to see that wig underneath the helmet. >> it might not fit, i don't know. >> all right, still ahead, one clinton might still have political ambitions, the office, chelsea clinton might be sit -- setting her sights on, and an mbta bus driver accused of leaving the scene of an accident. what passengers onboard that bus are saying next. my gravy had an accident. follow me. i'm usually the gravy master. my guest list just tripled. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family deserves a new tradition... happier and healthier. everything for thanksgiving.
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randy: breaking overnight, anti-trust protests. emily: the new video and the heated response from the president-elect. >> a bus driver in trouble, the moment passengers knew that they had to call 9-1-1. >> a heart-breaking mystery in marlborough, the new information after an infant is found dead. >> and a carjacking victim fights >> because saying i am going to stab you -- >> only on 5, the skills that may have saved her life, on the eye. >> 6:30 on friday morning, and sky 5 is live here over government center in boston, this is cambridge street, right in front of the boston city hall. there was a water main break,
6:31 am
and good morning and thanks for joining us, i'm randy price. >> i'm emily riemer, along with cindy, olessa. >> and so we have kind of an opposite thing happening today with the temperatures. >> we do, the temperatures are going to be going the wrong way. they are going to be going down instead of up and veteran's day, so you will be out and about, and we have a clear sky right now, been a beautiful sunrise this morning, and the winds are going to be picking up over the course of the day, and notice late morning, through the afternoon, they are sustained over 20 and t higher, and as they shift to the northwest, they are going to bring in colder air, we're in the low to mid 40s, worcester into boston, notice it is 50 on cape cod, and there are clouds approaching from the northwest, and a few showers up across the northern new england, and these showers are drying up but the cold front is going to be dropping south. so we will see some passing clouds here as we get towards lunchtime, and the gusty winds will start to kick in around lunchtime, and we'll see the high temperatures near or just before lunch in the mid and
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into the 40s, and the winds are going to be strong, notice the gusts over 30 miles per hour around lunchtime, and right through the evening hours, so on the cape, we have a wind advisory up for that reason. and you need to be dressed for wind chills, which will be down into the 30s by the end of the day, so big changes coming up. let's go out to the roads right now, a holiday, and lighter out there olessa. >> the volume is light, we're watching this one problem spot here, this is in boston in front of one center plaza, part of the roadway there, is blocked off, that's where is, so i will let you know when that reopens, we are in decent shape as far as the volume, we do have one other incident, that one out in hopkins and if you are traveling on 495, just distinguish a car fire there, so we should be ok there. 24 no problems. the expressway, 10 to 15 from braintree into boston. and along the pike, 15 minutes, 495 to 128. heading north, 93 south looks good, and it's a quiet ride all the way down to the lever
6:33 am
bridge. one reminder about the needham line service, suspended along the entire line, that started last night, going to stay suspended through sunday and resume monday morning. crews are continuing a planned bridge replacement project, and there is no alternative buses. >> thanks, we're following several stories right now on the eye. randy: and erika is tracking the new information as it comes in. erika: first to portland, oregon where protests turned violent. several people were arrested after breaking business windows, streets. there were a number of protests across the country for a second night. most of them were peaceful. also breaking overnight in marlborough, a serious crash on 495, state police say one car was involved, a woman hurt, and right now police and dcf are investigating after an infant was found unconscious in a marlborough home. two adults also found unconscious, and sources telling 5 investigates a drug overdose
6:34 am
is facing charges accused of leaving the scene of an accident. there were passengers onboard the bus. they were calling 9-1-1. the incident captured on surveillance video. >> sera congi is live with the action by those passengers leading to an arrest. sera. sera: emily and randy, police are trying to sort out how this happened. it was the passengers who could tell that set stoneham on main street in front of the old dairy dome. surveillance video from a nearby business show the route 132 bus being pulled over by police. the driver, accused of hitting a parked van in melrose, allegedly got out to look at the damage and then drove off. passengers called 9-1-1. he got out for a couple of minutes and just got back on the bus and kept driving. >> everyone was just like,
6:35 am
he's hitting cars. >> investigates are looking into whether the driver was under the influence of prescription medication. at this point, the driver has been summoned to court for leaving the scene of a crash that caused property damage. no one was hurt. live in stoneham, sera congi, newscenter 5. >> i was kicking madly and he said, he kept saying i am going to stab a knife wielding attacker, and this morning the victim is talking to newscenter 5 about how she fought back. ann mccoy says training in karate saved her life. this whole thing started in put unanimous, connecticut where police say a man and woman stole a car crashing it in thompson. that's when ann and her daughter came upon them and they got out to help. moments later she was fighting off that man trying to make his way into her vehicle.
6:36 am
said i will keep stabbing unless you get out, common sense came and i got out. >> surveillance video shows the stolen suv being chased by police in worcester, ann and her daughter, both out of the hospital, recovery, christopher harding and her female accomplice are in jail this morning. >> on the opioid crisis there is a warning about a new street drug linked to dozens of deaths across the country. the street name is pink. police describe it as a synthetic opioid, similar to fentanyl. it has shown up at least one time, drug tested at the state lab in new hampshire, and at least a one granite state death has been tied to this substance. the dea now taking emergency action to fight the drug. the new statewide grant program aimed at fighting opioid abuse
6:37 am
dollars to that effort. it comes from a first in the nation settlement with the cvs company over policies tied to the dispensing of opioids. healey says that the grant money will support school-based prevention initiatives. >> rabies found in a bay state town for the first time in 15 years. the pet getting quarantined, and gubernatorial hopes for a senate seat? the man who might challenge charlie baker. and righting a wrong in new hampsh how the group is making a family feel welcomed after a racially charged attack. >> a half-hour of news at the top of the hour.
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>> good morning, welcome back to the eyeopener, we're watching one problem spot in boston. this is part of cambridge street, shut down for a water main break and this is in front of 1 center plaza so if you are heading that way, plan accordingly, i will let you know when it reopens but we are in great shape, not seeing any delays, no accidents or -- road issues, and kind of a back wards day today.
6:41 am
lunchtime, and picking up the winds, passing clouds, but the temperatures drop this afternoon. so the high temperature you are seeing on the seven-day forecast, 57, and that happens before lunchtime, and we fall back into the 40s, and winds gust over 30 miles per hour. so a windy one today on this veteran's day, lots of sunshine this weekend, chilly on saturday, we warm up on sunday. >> thanks. support for a new mother and son targeted by racism, their unexpected friends rolling in on two wheels. in the last ezay obiora was the victim of racially fueled vandalism. but when his mom shared their story, support just poured in. the manchester motorcycle club welcoming ezay obiora to their ranks, they picked him up from school giving him a club jacket, and taking him out for frozen yogurt. >> we don't want him to learn that.
6:42 am
their community. >> updating breaking news in news to go, the overnight destruction turning a peaceful political protest into a riot, and we have new reaction from the president-elect and the city of boston, addressing race relations, the new effort to broaden understanding on this
6:43 am
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>> the eyeopener team ready with your news to go in marlborough and stoneham and erika is following anti-trust protests taking a violent turn. >> first cindy the forecast for veteran's day, and the weekend. >> yes, speaking of the weekend, you will want to look up, sunday night, monday morning, because the moon is going to appear bigger and brighter than it has in nearly 70 years, a super moon, it rises on sunday just after 4:00 p.m., and you can see it on sunday night until it sets on monday, 6:00 in the morning, and the thing about these close moons, they make the tides month, may happen again, so a heads up on that, and let's show you the temperatures this morning. you look at the readings and you are thinking it will be a warm day, and you know what, it will start that way, we're 50 on the cape, 47 in boston, but look to the north, there is some cold air just waiting to come on down. it's waiting for the winds to allow it to do so. we have a south wind, the winds shift, and that's going to pull down the cold, there are clouds, a couple of showers dropping southward, just north and west
6:46 am
showers dry up, but we will see the increasing clouds, and you can see that happening on the future cast through 9:00, especially along and north of the pike, and as the front drops, the skies brighten up around lunchtime but the winds really pick up and the gusty winds are going to bring in colder air, you can see the temperatures climb by 11:00 to mid and upper 50s, and once that front crosses the area, we get the other way, we're falling down through the 40s, and the temperatures keep falling overnight, and the winds are going to be not surpassing 30 miles per hour, and stronger on the cape where there is a wind advisory up through the overnight period, so strong winds, falling temperatures, and high pressure nosing in, so sunshine for the weekend and the temperatures do moderate on sunday, and we're going to be back into the 50s as we go into sunday, so bright but blustery on saturday. let's go out to the roads right now, how are we doing? >> we are watching one problem, we have breaking news here in boston, this is a water main break, so keep in mind part of cambridge street is closed right now because of this water main
6:47 am
plaza, this video is coming in from the scene and we'll keep you posted and let you know when that situation is cleared, right now, the ride looks pretty good. dodging birds here, that's the only thing out here, not a lot going on, there's a live look at the expressway, northbound, and let's get to the maps and check out the travel times as you go around town, not seeing any issues, once again, there is the water main break you just saw pictures, from south of town, 10 to 15 on the expressway and south, no problems on 24, 95, and route 3 looks good, and the pike 128. and heading north of town 93 is quiet. a reminder about the needham line, keep in mind service is suspended right now, and it has been suspended since last night, and going to stay that way through sunday, and that's because of a bridge project, there is no alternative buses. >> 6:47. and overnight, breaking news, state police investigating a rollover crash on interstate 495, this is in marlborough, it
6:48 am
some time, and one woman being treated for life threatening injuries, and at the university in massachusetts medical center. >> and anti-trump protests turning violent, police in portland, oregon finding it so hard to control this crowd they are calling it a riot, damage to businesses and property there. >> the eye's erika tarantal is here with the new information, and reaction from the president-elect. >> and that's right, this all started peaceful but as you saw, just spun out of control, several were arrested as members of the fires and trapped streets, and smashed windows, and this is one of many demonstrations coast-to-coast which otherwise we're mostly peaceful. the president-elect initially blaming the media for inciting protests calling them unfair, but then tweeted this, love the fact the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud, of course, yesterday president barack obama met with trump on the transition saying
6:49 am
president-elect called a great honor. >> the air space around trump tower and mid town manhattan is now a no-fly zone. it's a two-mile zone, the faa enforcing until january 21st, the zone, the date, that will be the day after the president-elect is sworn into office. the trump family lives in that building. only aircraft operated by the secret service will enforce it. the emergency response agencies can operate in that area. warren says the former nominee is doing well after her stunning loss but says it is hard. in her first interview since the election warren had a suggestion that she would make a run in 2020 and denied that she wanted to chair the democratic national committee. she says that she is into the fight but doesn't need the title. the clintons may not be done with washington. the new york post reports that former first daughter chelsea clinton might make a run for congress.
6:50 am
make a place for the seat held by new york representative nina lowey when she retires, that district includes chappaqua where the clintons currently live. chelsea and her family live in manhattan, but they could move into the home her parents purchased right next door. >> an investigation is underway after the death of a baby here in marlborough, and sources tell 5 investigates that a drug overdose could be to blame for this tragedy. that five week old baby and two adults were found harrison place. investigates were called here around noon, and we saw them leaving with bags of evidence. sources also telling 5 investigates the infant was in bed with those unconscious adults, and investigates are now looking into the possibility that while in the bed one of the adults rolled over onto the infant, killing the baby. dcs is investigating but not releasing any other information. those adults are still being treated. live in marlborough this morning, antoinette antonio,
6:51 am
>> an mbta bus driver is off the job after being accused of leaving the scene of a crash. now investigates are looking into whether he was under the influence of prescription medication. surveillance video shows us the moment when state police caught up with the bus in stoneham, the crash happened in melrose after 5:00 last night. the mbta bus struck a parked van and then the driver allegedly took off. the passengers he 9-1-1. the driver has been summoned for leaving the scene of a crash that caused the property damage. live in stoneham this morning, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you, and right now the town of marshfield is tracking its first case of rabies in 15 years, two dogs under quarantine after they were fighting with a rabid skunk. one of her dogs bit the skunk and tossed it around. both dogs are up to date with their shots.
6:52 am
city of boston and it's mayor mart walsh will launch the first in a year long series of discussion on race, this initiative is an effort to help the city heal from the history of racial climate here. and the recent racially fueled incidents in the city. first discussion will be held next saturday, november 19, other conversations are planned in neighborhoods throughout the city next year. >> new this morning, newton governor baker in 2018, yesterday warren announced he will not seek re-election. other challengers to baker include outgoing state senator dan wolf, u.s. rep kathryn clark and congressman seth molten. >> right now secretary of state john kerry is in antarctica. these are new pictures in overnight. he's expected to hear from climate experts on his two-day trip. kerry is the first secretary of state to visit all seven
6:53 am
antarctica. >> the man behind the widely recorded song, hallelujah, has died. canadian singer and songwriter leonard cohen was 82. his management team confirmed the news but no details of his death were provided. he remained popular into his 1980s touring as recently as this year releasing a new album last month. a memorial is being planned in los angeles. the bruins put on a show at home for members of the u.s. military. new hampshire's staff recipient, dropped the first puck. didn't look good for the b's. they were down 1-0 but went on to score five unanswered goals. 5-2 the final. >> i am so excited he's back. >> it started off as a normal
6:54 am
ended with a family reunion. air force master sergeant jeremy freeman had been deployed for almost seven months to afghanistan afghanistan. his oldest daughter thought that she was going to a pep rally. instead it turned into this. her dad surprising her. >> really sweet. >> all right. who is ready for the big thanksgiving celebration? it is coming up on the south shore. >> and thanksgiving just around the corner, and of course that means the eyeopener teams we are so excited to take part in america's hometown thanksgiving parade in plymouth. always such a great event. and you could be our special guest. come and join us, head to our facebook page to enter for a chance to win vip tickets to the big weekend event. of course spend some time with all of us, which was fun. >> we have your hotel room and have a great dinner and all kinds of fun things for you.
6:55 am
>> and olessa will be there leading you to the guide. >> yeah. >> there is not going to be much left for you. we're still watching this problem here, cambridge street in boston, still closed because of a water main break in front of one center plaza, this video in from the scene and we'll keep you posted, let you know when it reopens, in the meantime, expect a bit of a delay, and the roads look great. here's a look at route 1, take a look at this, we never see volume this light. especially on a friday or any rush hour. that's southbound. let's go to t your trip, there is the water main break we mentioned, right in front of city hall plaza and one other thing, a disabled car on route 1, southbound, not blocking any lanes by route 60, and north of there, no issues on 93, the pike looks great, 15 minutes, 495 to 128 and heading south, much of the same conditions, expressway, 10 to 15, braintree into boston, and just a reminder about the needham line. service is suspended, it will stay suspended along the entire line and that's going to last through sunday, and we will resume on monday morning, there
6:56 am
>> yeah, we have got the big changes coming up weather-wise today, temperatures running right now in the 40s, and you are looking at these readings, and you think this is not so bad. we're right around 50 on the cape. but the temperatures are going to be climbing before lunchtime, reaching highs in the mid 50s, and then falling. notice the period of clouds, the winds shift to the north and west, and they are going to be gusting over 30 miles per hour. you can see that lasting right through the evening so strong winds, wind advisory on the cape. the winds c 40. and this is the cold front through the north, and it will come in with passing clouds through lunchtime and that's about it, overall it's a bright day. just blustery as the temperatures drop. you can see them falling here after we hit a high in the mid 50s. before lunchtime, into the 40s, and your evening plans, we're down in the 30s, the temperatures fall overnight, so it's a cold start to the weekend, and a milder start to next week, we'll see the temperatures recover on sunday, and back into the 50s during
6:57 am
next chance of any wet weather comes towards the middle of the week but we'll watch the storm. the tides will be running so high. we have a super moon on sunday night. >> ok, get a picture and send it to us. take a salute to our veterans
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
with good morning, america. breaking overnight, riots in the streets. >> hey, hey, hey. >> violent anti-trump demonstrations break out again nationwide. as donald trump both praises and attacks the protesters on twitter calling them professionals and passionate. >> and makes peace with president obama at the white house. >> i had the opportunity to have an excellent conversation with president-elect trump. >> his wife melania sits down with the first lady and the transition underway and our first private look at hillary clinton after her loss. state of emergency. more than 30 wildfires burn through the southeast forcing evacuations, torching thousands of acres. firefighters battling the blaze from the ground and air. now the new warning about that


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