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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 15, 2016 6:00am-6:59am EST

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>> a crash involving a state police cruiser, the information just in on the trooper. >> concerns about gronk, after this hit, the potential injury that could side lineup the tight end. >> a major meeting for the president-elect and his v.p., the job that they are filling and the men who could already be onboard. >> a new idea to stop work site tragedies like this trench collapse proposal that could save lives, on the eye for this tuesday morning. >> good morning, there is a potential for some coastal flooding this morning. good morning. i'm emily rieme randy: and i'm randy price with cindy fitzgibbon. cindy: remember yesterday morning we were in awe of the super moon, well, that super moon made the highest tide of
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but the rest of us dealing with wet weather. get to the bus stop. nothing more than a spot shower. getting off the bus, it is going to be wet. look at the temperatures in the low 50s so a raw, wet day ahead. showers now. you can see the rain approaching. but the storm is still down the coast, and as it lifts, the winds are going to pick up a bit, and that onshore wind could gust 20 to 30 miles per hour right at the coast. you can see there is a coastal flood advisory for that 2:00, some of the shore roads could experience some flooding. temperatures in the 40s, and notice by lunchtime, rain is coming down. it's only in the lower 50s, and we'll hold close to 50 here through the afternoon. here's the time line. again the morning commute, not all that bad, with a few showers around but by lunchtime there is that steadier rain and that rain intensity picks up mid afternoon. you see the yellows and oranges right with us.
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thunder so ponding of water expected for that evening commute. not looking so nice. weather-wise let's go out there, the door right now for the morning commute and see how we're dealing with things, there is wet weather he. >> not just yet but we're watching a few problem spots, thank you, cindy, a live look outside here, a check of the pike by austin brighten, eastbound heading to the top of the screen, normal delays but let's get to the maps because west of here we have a few problem spots, hopkins and first, 495 by west main street, an accident, and we're also watching a crash along theik beyond 495, from there to 128, about 20 minutes. and north side of town, 93 south, stop and go, and also a crash on 495 south on the ramp. to 93 south, and then more delays as you travel down towards the spot pond. 24 now heavy out of brockton, route 3 looks ok and your ride on the expressway, 20, braintree into boston, trains and buses doing all right. emily. >> thank you, breaking overnight, police are investigating after a cab driver crashes into a massachusetts
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newsroom from the scene. at commonwealth avenue and berkeley street. it happened at 2:30 this morning. nobody was seriously hurt, but the cruiser and a light pole were damaged. right now patriots' fans on edge, rob gronkowski could be out for a while after that blow there. gronk, himself, calling it the hardest hit he's taken on the field. this morning we're learning more about that possible injury. >> and hearing from quarterback tom brady. let's head to gillette stadium and doug meehan is there with doug? >> randy and emily, good morning, the first report was that gronk suffered a punctured lung. we have learned it may just be a bad bruised chest. either way this morning, he canceled an appearance in new york city, part of a media tour, for madden 17. let's take a look at that hit once again. it was a hard one by seattle's earl thomas sunday night. after the hit gronk sat out only five plays and returned for the rest of the game.
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tom brady asked about the injury last night. >> i still haven't heard anything. that was the first, i just heard of it. if it is the case i hope he's doing well. >> it was a good, can hit, nothing against it. just took it. and just knocked the wind out of me a bit. >> the gronk was seen walking through the locker-room yesterday as is the case on most mondays. he just may miss one game but there is some uncertainty this we're live outside of gillette stadium, doug meen, newscenter 5. randy: thank you. six boston families are without a home right now. after a fire ripped through their building. flames broke out on the first floor of this building just before 8:00 last night. the boston fire department telling us no one was injured, but one person was sent to the hospital as a precautions. there was a cat that died in the fire.
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>> right now president-elect donald trump is set to take action, set to meetith mike pence and outline positions of power in hissed administration. we have a familiar name, erika? >> that is rudi guiliani, the former new york city mayors a front runner for secretary of state. and continued criticism of a major post already filled, steve strategist. there are calls for trump to dump bannon for his connection to the so-called at right movement which is criticized for being racist, sexist and anti-semitic. the trump campaign standing by its choice. >> people should look at the full resume. he is a naval officer. he has success in entertainment,
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technician. >> massachusetts senator elizabeth warren voicing her opposition. tweeting the president of the united states should condemn bigots. donald trump, not give them a west wing office. the anti-defamation league is also voicing concerns over the pick saying the former breitbart executive is hostile to core american values. emily. >> thank you. civil rhts gups weary of a the trump administration say they plan to monitor the president-elect. groups like the naa and the and human rights, say they will oppose any proposal that wil back civil rights. some have criticized trump's appointment of steven bannon as senior councilor saying that will not help to unify the country. >> and right now the state of massachusetts is taking action in the wake of recent hate crimes since the election. at least one case is being investigated in nadick. one of the letters says, "do not
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neighborhood. we will kill them. it is strictly white." the state's attorney general has announced the hotline is up and running for victims to report any harassment. >> in massachusetts there are civil rights' laws, laws about public safety and i will enforce those laws. >> police investigating that case tell newscenter 5 that this type of behavior will not be tolerated there. vice president president elect pence meeting with the republican governors from around the country including massachusetts governor charlie yesterday at the republican governor'sssociation, the meetings in orlando, florida, pence twting this photo saying, it was a great meeting, discussing trump's plans to work with the state. president-elect trump is working to get top security clearance the trump team has asked the white house to explore the possibility, according to a cnn report, and right now the trump children would need to be
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advisors to their father to get thislearance. once trump is president, he could be putting in that request himself. >> right now boston's mayor calling for changes weeks after this deadly tragedy. two workers killed in a trench collapse. the eyeopener's sera congi is live with the new action moore walsh is proposing. >> the two men killed were working here on dartmouth street in a trench. now the mayor is for work must be in good standing before the city can issue those permits. take a look at this scene, october 21, when calvin maddox and robert higgins were killed after the trench that they were working in flooded. those men were working for atlantic drain service, and five investigates uncovered previous safety issues with that company including ago different violations earlier this year,
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allow the agencies to reject or modify theppcation based on safety records. companies would be required to tell the city of all osha violations, no matter if they are pending or resolved. this proposal needs approval by boston city council, at this point, no charges were filed in the incident, but the d.a.'s office is investigating. live in the sou end, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. >> right now, four workers arein they were working in the house under construction on christmas tree lane yesterday. two of the victims had severe injuries, one of them flown to a boston hospital. the other two wkers are not hurt as badly. an investigation is underway in terms of why that collapsed. >> no school today after a fire at an elementary school.
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elementary school yesterday. there were no kids in the classroom at the time of the fire. and no one was hurt. a faulty power strip may have started the fire. >> chili's is becoming a target of growing outrage. the humiliaon one man endured on veteran's day and how other customers may have started it, and also passengers may be less likely to lose their bags. the new idea to ease that. and new this morning, stop the robo calls to your cell phone. three ways to end the erika. >> breaking overnight, a massachusetts state trooper is recovering after a crash in boston. police telling us a cruisernd taxi clided this morning near the coer of comm avenue and berkeley street. no injuries there. cindy. >> and rain is going to be moving in this morning. you can see a couple of showers out there but the rain gets heavier. the time line, and the flooding concerns at the high tide. that's ahead. first take a look at the temperatures as you are heading out the door.
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>> good morning, channel 5, we are northern lights from plymouth north high school and we are practicing for our festivities this weekend. we hope to see you there, channel 5. >> let's join in. >> no, no, stop! we don't want to spoil this. that is awesome. thanks for the wakeup call. great musical number from northern lights. >> and we look forward to seeing you and you could join us at america's hometown thasgiving this friday and head to our facebo page and find out how. we hope to see you down there. >> yeah. >> we're all looking at this. >> yeah. >> and the nice weather. >> right. >> and looking ok. >> yeah. >> no pressure. >> saturday is the better of the two weekend days. >> that's good. >> stormy, it looks like, on sunday, so as long as the timing holds, we'll be ok. >> right. >> it will be a wet tuesday,
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you as you are heading out. overall, low impact this morning, just a few showe around, but steadier rain moves, in and i think the biggest impact comes this afternoon, ght on into that evening commute, we're going to have a good soaking rain and boy do we need it, it has been really dry here. looking for an inch of rain, some spots more, so this is going to be certainly welcomed rainfall but as the storm gets closer to us, the winds are going to pick up and that easterly sort of onshore wind is gointo be the super moon so that means at the mid-day, high tide, 10:00 to 2:00, there could be minor coastal flooding, for that reason, and from revere to boston, quincy, you can see the high tide times, also showing you the time of the high tide tomorrow. still going to be running high but at that point, we'll have an offshore westerly wind so i don't think that there will be as much of an issue coming up tomorrow but you can see here by 11:00, the winds are not strong, just yet, and getting gusts over
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evening hours, up and down the coastline, the winds are going to get stronger, so it turns windy, we're seeing a couple of showers on the radar. but notice how west of worcester therare a few showers around. horing close to the freezing mark, so there could be a touch of light freezing drizzle. 47, though, worcester. 47 in boston, and it's 50s on the cape where it may sneak closer to 50 it is 40s over the interior, so here's the timeline, through 8:00, again just a few showers. the steadier rain gets started around lunchtime, and you can see how it fills in by mid afternoon, 3:00 or so, yellows and oranges, these are indicating heavier downpours that will be with us for that evening commute. can't rule out a rumble of thunder so a lot of ponding. this all lifts so by midnight, the bulk of the rain is over, and lingering clouds and
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we'll get back into some sunshine as the high pressure moves in, and we'll have a light westerly wind, so average high is about 52, and notice tomorrow, we're going to pop up into the upper 50s, closer to 60, so reay mild for this time of year, not just tomorrow but thursday and friday, and we'll hang onto the mild conditions for the first half of the weekend with increasing clouds, and there you see it turns stormy on sunday, and turns colder, too, highs only in the 40s into early next week, so november, yes, there i have it. >> thank you. >> a bit busy on the roads, a few problem spots here, check of the pike, that's eastbound, heading away, delays here but west of here, a few issues. we're watching a crash in hopkins, and this is northbound by west main street, an overturned car involved, and then as you travel the pike, there is a disabled car blocking a lane by four-door and once you get past that, an accident involving a truck. so 495 to 128, a 20-minute ride,
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late running construction by route 2a was supposed to be cleared. still out there so expect delays. north avenue, one lane there is closed. north of town better news, a ramp accident from 495 to 93 is gone, and south, we have delays on 24 out of brockton, expressway, almost a half-hour, braintree to boston, trains and buses so far doing ok. emily. >> thank you. growing outrage this morning after an army veteran says his meal was taken away from him on veteran's day. this happened at ahi they were running a special for veterans, ging them a free meal, ernest walker says the manager told him other customers raised questions about his uniform. well, that's when he showed his i.d. and discharge papers but his meal was taken. an while many have supported walker, others raised suspicions about his uniform, and he says that he bought the uniform after he was wanting it for veteran's day.
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short and are working to make it right. >> your economy for this tuesday morning, asian shares are lower as investors anticipate an interest rate hike here in the united states, and right now u.s. stock futures are higher. investors are looking out for the monthly retail sales report which is due out later today. delta airlines ruling out the first app today, it allows travelers to track their checked bags with tir luggage tags. scanners on the signs of each baggage belt also read each chip and indicate whether the luggage is loaded on the correct plane. they hope the system will ease at least one stress. now if you have noticed more telemarketers calls on the cell phone you are not alone. emily: complaints about robe over calls are up 50%. but there are some options. first there is an app for that. there are a number of blocking
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if you use voice over i.p., consumer reports recommends no mo robo, it compares them to a list of companies, and then decides if ithould go through. and if you are still struggling with your land line, consumer reports says the call blocker is the way to go. of course it's not cheap. it lists for $100. tomorrow morning, saving money, getting a bit eier, there are new apps designed to keep more money in your randy: now 20 minutes after 6:00, a dessert burger and a little boy with a big reason to love garbage day. >> it's sweet, that's ahead in eyepoppers. >> new at 6:30, a commuter rail crash goes unreported. while the caused i being compared to an amtrak disaster. also brock it. 's mayor accused of using taxpayer money on himself. the lesson that residents may have paid for, and bear sightings in kingsboro. why incidents like these will likely be more common.
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>> good morning to the memorial high football team from doherty and cheerleaders in worcester. >> thanks for that enthusiastic spirit and the wakeup call. >> i don think that they are cheering about that, although we do need the it. the storm just getting started so a few showers now, heavier rain towards the amp and the evening, as well, and also watching the easterly wind increase, so mid-day high tide, there could be some flooding at the vulnerable shore roads, and there is a coastal shore advisory out from 10:00 to 2:00 for that reason, and out the door, the temperatures are running in the 40s, and your 12-hour forecast brings us only into the low 50s this afternoon with that rain spreading in.
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to sunshine, and staying mild through thursday. emily. >> thanks, today we invite you to check out the new, the update is designed to deliver breaking news and weather not only faster but using new technology to give you a better experience every time. the latest weatherren cans and alerts will be front and center on every page, and a new navigation menu means whatever you want is two clicks or taps away. if you are using our app, there is nothing you need to do. the transition will be noon today. >> all right, 6:25 on this tuesday morning. let's get into eyepoppers. >> this one will make you hungry, i know it. >> especially if you love nutella. the new burger available at mcdonald's, italy, filled with nutella, the burger's name is sweety con nutella. it's the chocolate and hazelnut spread put on a bun but a dark brown stripe is baked into the brioche bun to make it look like a meaty patty.
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everything about it, it's disgusting. >> nutella on anything? >> no, come on. >> all right. >> this is a texas toddler making an unlikely friend a garbage truck driver. two-year-old lance has been fascinated with james since the child's family moved into the home. james gave lance a mini-trash barrel piggy bank and this year he dressed up as james for halloween. he's absolutelydorable. and i love the little vest. randy: his mom will get him work putting out the trash. olessa: i know, and he loves it, so why not. it's a win-win. the mbta giving riders a sneak peek of new orange line trains. those sleek cars hitting the rails in the future, and, and an ending to in maneuver. and we continue to follow breaking news in boston. the state police trooper is recovering after a hit and run crash in the back bay. a cab collided with a cruiser,
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state police now are working to identify the cab company and the driver who took off there. and a live look here from 128 south in wakefield. major backup there after an accident. that accident is clear at this point but clearly some residual delays there imagine a world where the holidays were about people again. where doorbusters referred to loved ones pouring through the front door. and the four-letter word that defined the season
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>> this hit putting gronk on the sideline. >> and what we're hearing from number 12. >> weeks after a deadly trench collapsed, the new focus on safety. >> and a low-speed accident involving a commuter rain train coming to life. the action being taken right now. >> and criticism over president-elect trump's cabinet fix. the new concern clashes erupt across the country. >> on the eye. >> 6:30 on tuesday morning, you are looking out across the skyline of boston, nice and bright this morning, and thank you very much for joining us, i'm randy price. >> and i'm emily riemer along with cindy and olessa, so you might want your rain gear with you today? >> yes, ok.
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>> ok. >> cindy: you saw the clouds around this morning, a couple of showers around here and there, but rain gear is going to be necessary at the bus stop as the kids are coming home today, absolutely, and the temperatures starting out mostly in the 40s. worcester on into boston, and even lower 50s on the cape. side of the freezing mark, andr there is a touch of light showers. you can see it lifting northward, so not out of the question. there the main event coming with our storm system that is down the coast, and as this approaches, the ra is going to get heavier and the winds will pick up, and that onshore wind combined with the astronomically high tides leading to a coastal flood advisory for the mid-day high tide, so either side of noontime, there could be flooding of vulnerable roads and spots near the coastline. temperatures come up into the lower 50s but notice how we get the steadier rain in here, d during the afternoon, notice
6:32 am
commute, yellows and oranges, indicating heavier downpours, can't rule out the thunder, a lot of popping on the roadways for that commute. fortunately we're not dealing with the wet conditions out there just yet. let's get you out there. a busy morning. >> a couple of problem spots, here along the expressway we have got that volume in place, and by the gas tank, you can see it here buff let's get to the maps, west of town its a busy right, northbound side of 495, a car in hopkins, still has one lane closed by west main street and as you travel north, another cras disabled car, pike eastbound, by 495, and once you get past that there is also a crash by route 9, as well as a disabled car, in that same area, 20 minutes, 495 to 128, and north of town delays on 128 into wakefield, this is because of a crash that just cleared, and that volume is back, and some late running construction by route 2a, southbound on 128, and 93 slow out of methuen, you have got more delays down to t spot pond, 24 heavy out of brockton, 95 from sharon and the ride on
6:33 am
aintree into boston. trains and buses ok. >> thank you. we are following breaking news on the eyeopener right now. >> and erika is tracking the overnight developments. >> and just getting new information on that breaking news, a taxi driver crashed into a cruiser on comm avenue and berkeley. two other vehicles hit, and rob gronkowski suffering a chest injury. it could be a bruised hit during sunday night's game against the seahawks. initial speculation was that gronk had a punctured lung, and donald trump and mike pence set to meet today to discuss the cabinet positions. it's being reported that former new york city mayor rudi guiliani is a top pick for secretary of state. emily. emily: the mbta is asking questions about a commuter rail accident that went unreported. >> and nicole estaphan is at the south station with the
6:34 am
investigation unfolds. nicole: good morning. that low-speed accident happened earlier this month. the big question this morning, the officials want to know why it was not reported. the commuter line train was approaching on november 4, when it hit a train described by the globe as a protective post. now the train was damaged as well as the rail tie, the train only going six mil per hour at the time. but the management control board compared it jersey. one person was killed and more than 100 others were hurt when a transit train was going at a high speed of 21 miles per hour, and crashed into the terminal. the crew members on that commuter rail have been placed on leave pending the outcome of this investigation. the good news, there were no passengers on the train at the time it arrived around midnight, we're live at south station this morning, nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you, and we could soon see this kind of rail car
6:35 am
the t hats this image of the new prototype. 152 new orange line cars will be coming in to service in january of 2019, replacing decades' rail cars and a pilot train will arrive next december with production beginning after that. the red line is also getting a facelift, as a pilot train is due in march of 2019. >> right now brockton's mayor is asked to explain why he went back to school on the taxpayer's dime. the city council voted last carpenter in front of the machines committee to answer questions about classes he took to learn cape verdean in creol the city paid 585 for it. >> it's the ethical implications officials can't simply decide that we want to take a course and the taxpayers should pay for it. >> the council also wants to hear from the city's fire chief about a 9,000 piece of granite bought with his budget that's now missing.
6:36 am
committee next monday. >> and boston-based new balance is putting distance between itself and a white supremacist website as the daily stormer proclaimed new balance the official shoes of white people. this weekend after the company's vice president said that the election of donald trump was a move in the right direction on the trade issues. some people burned their shoes in protest of that remark. new balance says it does not tolerate bigotry or hate in any form. u.s. service members accused of committing war crimes. >> the claims getting slammed by the state department also bear sightings are on the rise in tyngsborough. why they are likely to box more common. randy: and a car fire, how the
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? dylan: i was un-athletic and very sedentary in my lifestyle. and then i found parkour and something about it clicked. g soda and eating sets and eating all the junk food. i was like if i eat these things i'm going to be heavier and i'm not going to be able to jump as far. my name is dylan polin
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>> good morning, welcome back to the eopener, is there something about your commute bugging you or a traffic mystery that you can't figure out? you can ask olessa,ost on my facebook page or email me at and i will get answers for you and share them right here. the ride is a bit busy, especially west of town, here's a look at the pike, but if you
6:40 am
we have a couple of issu a crash by route 9, a disabled car, and i will have detls coming up and cindy is watching the rain coming our way. >> i am. just a couple of showers around the next few hours, but that rainstorm, organizing to our south, will be lifting northward along the coastline, so easterly wind, means the high tide could have some coastal flooding in some of the vulnerable shor roads, rains -- rain will get heaviest in the afternoon and evening and wind down overnight, and some sunshine is back tomorrow, and it does look mild in the end of the week but a colder pattern looks t week. randy. randy: thank you, at least one bear is on the prowl, in a massachusetts town, and it's been spotted several times over the past few days. justin gigliotti followed the bear as it roamed around a tyngsborough neighborhood looking for food. he started to be concerned the bear would come after him but he ran off. >> i am like, are you all right?
6:41 am
>> it was not a grass fed bear, they think it is the same one roaming around chelmsford. police say sightings are not unusual. bears are getting ready for winter and hunting for food. if you want to keep them away, keep the food put away like the bird feeders. >> president-elect trump working on his transition team. the controversial names on the list. and an elite school's wrestling team suspended. the cme also a jarring end to this moment at a political protest. the confrontation making the
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randy: good morning, the eyeopener team ready with your news to go, it's 6:44. we're in boston, erika following possibly additions to the trump administering, as forecast for today, and we can see the rain kind of moving up towards the coast, taking its time. have the wet weather gear with you, you are going to be glad that you had it on luntime into the afteron. evening during the evening commute so once it gets in here it will rain a while, the biggest impact is during the afternoon and for that evening commute. we need this rain desperately. one of the driest novembers on record and we are so far behind by 10.5 inches, we're looking at a solid inch or so of rain.
6:45 am
in on downpours in many areas this afternoon. you can see the rain sneaking up, scattered in nature, a couple of showers filling in here across new hampshire, and where the temperatures are chilly, running in the upper 20s around keen, orange 34, and so can't rule out aouch of freezing drizzle in a few spots out this way, but by far most of us in the 40s and lower 50s on cape cod, and this moisture, just kind of getting started with the storm system. it's goi into a tropical feed from the bahamas, and this is working in, as the storm gets stronger the winds will increase. and that combined with the astronomical high tides has led to a flood advisory, and may see some minor coastal flooding along t low lying spots, and looking for temperatures in the 50s this afternoon along the coast but inland sections stay in the 40s, and so it's a cool, raw day with the steady rain breaking out around lunchtime, and during afternoon, 3:00 or so, look at the yellows and oranges showing up. these are downpours, and carries us through the evening commute,
6:46 am
roads. rain really lifts out of the area after midnight and it's a slow process as we dry things out tonight and into the day tomoow back to sunshine tomorrow, and upper 50s, that's where we stay,ight into thursday. and out to the roads right now, it's a busy morning. >> yes, we're watching a few problem spots, if you are headinout the door, and we have got the delays tow you here, as we check on the bridge by the lever connector, heavy into boston, let's check your ride, a few accidents west of town, we're watching a crash, 495, a northbound accident west main street in hop kinson and we have an issue here on fo-door by route 9, another crash and as you travel the pike, there is a crhhere, and a truck accident from earlier this morning eastbound by route 9. it's about a 25-minute ride, 495 to 128, and a disabled car blocking a le as you travel the pike eastbound. delays back to 128, and then north of town 93vy out of andover, and stays slowown to the lever connector. moreelays south of town, as
6:47 am
boston. >> thanks, we're just getting new information on the breaking news we're following in boston. state police now confirming this crash involving a cruiser was a hit and run. they say a taxi crashed into that cruiser at comm avenue and berkeley street and took off. no one was hurt. t two other cars were hit, and a fence and light pole were damaged. investigates are trying to figure out which cab company was involved. >> rob gronkowski could miss time after taking the game. emily: doug meehan i live with what we know about that possible injury. doug. doug: emily and randy, all the patriot's nation holding its collective breath waiting on word on word. tom brady was asked about gronk's chest injury last night. >> if it is the case, he'll be doing well but i won't kno more until i go into the football facility. >> it was this hit by earl
6:48 am
suffered what is believed to be a serious chest injury. remarkably he only sat out for five plays, and was back out on the field. however this morning he has canceled an appearance in new york city and he is still questionab for next weekend's game. stay tuned. ve outside of gillette stadium, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. >> president-elect donald trump is focused squarely right now o key appointment he and vice president elec pence will be discussing picks at trump to our today former mayor rudi guiliani now considered a front runner for secretary state. although john bolten, a former ambassador to the u.n. under george h.w. -- george w. bush is said to be considered, as well. and there is criticism over steve bannon. have been critical of theicans oice. the anti-defamation league says
6:49 am
to core american values. >> an ohio state university student arrested after tackling a speer at an anti-trump rally inside the student union. that suspect quickly taken away by campus police. the school released a statement the stunt saying it protects first amendment rights, but also is concerned about verbal assaults on campus. >> a new focus on construction safety after a deadly of boston. o workers were killedhen the trench they were working in flooded and collapsed last month. the company they worked for, record of osha violations and fines. city reject or modify any workhe permits based on the company's fety records. and the companies will be required to list all osha violations, pending or resolved.
6:50 am
congi, wb newscenter 5. >> ainvestigation is uerway, and officials want to know why an accident earlier ts month was not reported, so worcester commuter line train was approaching the south station when it it a train bumper described by the globe as a protective post. now the speed low, six miles per hour at the time, but both the train and the rail tie were damaged. the good were onboard but again the crew members that were onbureau have be placed on lve pending the outcome of this investigation live at south station, nicole estaphan, wc newscenter 5. >> all right, thank you. and we now know the flame of the victim in a deadly shooting in boston. 28-year-old danley leonard of kingston was killed in saturday's shooting on ames street, a second person was also shot but is expected to survive. no arrests were made in connection with the shootg.
6:51 am
ifill lost her battle with cancer. she was an alum of the college and got her start writing for the boston herald american, which later became the boston herald. ifill was the moderator of vice presidential debates in 2004 and 2008. she had been battling endometrial cancer while covering this year's presidential election. >> a man jumps from his burning ca on a highway in houston on monday. several ople stoppe the man. the man was conscious but did not know how seriously. it is unclear what caused the car to burst into flames. >> forces may have committed war crimes in afghanistan. that's according to the international criminal court. thehief prosecutor says that american armed forces and cia may have tortured and raped dozens of detainees between 2003 and 24. most of it in the first year, americans could be indicted, although washington has not joined that global court.
6:52 am
the investigation is warranted. >> guilty on all counts. that's the verdict of this guy, and georgia's hot car murder trial, acced of leaving his son, cooper in a hot vicle for nearly seven hours, a conviction that will likelyend him to jail for life. his defense maintained it was an accident, prosecutors say that was leading a double life and wanted a way out of his morning as the leaders say text messages a racist and homophobic, the messages described as appalling were sent by team messages. colombia says students will not compete until the investigation is complete but the members are still allowed to practice. >> and a new charity campaign is going to benefit first responders, medil tea and survivors of the boston marathon bombing. the chary is connected to mark
6:53 am
the campaign is open to nonprofits in and around boston that honor or service those affected by the bombing. the charity was ruled out yesterday, along with the new trailer for the film. >> the celtics boost one of the worst teams to a 2-9 record. the c's struggled to take the lead against the pelicans last isaiah thomas tied it up with seven sends go, but watch this, kel oly goes to the the pelicans make one of two free throws, 106-105 the final. >> we invite you to check out the all new andmproved wcvb, we have an upgrade designed to deliver breaking news and weather not only fter, but using new technology to give you a better experience every time, and the latest weather conditions and alerts will be front and center on every page, and a new navigation menu means that whatever you want is just two clicks or taps away, and if
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app there is nothing you need to do. the transition will be seamless. check out the you a new and improved starting at noon today. >> thanksgiving is coming, and that means the eyeopener team is going to plymouth. we're excited to take part in america's hometown thanksgiving parade down in plymouth, and you can be the special guest. just head to our facebook page to enter to win the vip tickets to all of the big weekend events, and of course spend a little time with all of us, which is always >> yeah. >> and olessa will be at the food tent. >> yes. >> randy will sing. >> and provide the weather. >> yeah. >> all right. thank you guys, a a live look outside here at the bridge. you can see the delays on the southbound side. the lever connector as wll, and let's get to the maps west of here, a few problem spots. a crash, this one on 495 northbound by west main street, and another accident by route 9, and if you are traveling the
6:55 am
25-minute ride, 495 to 128 and another accident over byoute 16 just clearing, and 93 south, heavy ride out of the road and andover, stays slow down to the lever connector, a couple of accidents just cleared on 128, and south of town heavy delays out of brockton, and the expressway, 30 to 35 braintree into boston. and so far, trains and buses we're going to need the rain. gear today? >> we are, a lot of clouds over the city temperature. 47 degrees. the winds are not terribly strong. they are out of the north, northeast at 7 and will stay light through late morning. but during the afternoon and evening hours look at the winds along the coastline gusting to 20 to 30 miles per hour, not as strong inland but a raw feel for the day as the storm approaches and will bring in heavierain but that whipped along with the high tides, means there could be some flooding of the shore roads, the low lying spots up and down the coastline right around that mid-day high tide, and that's why the coastal flood
6:56 am
of showers, especially here in the merrimack valley, and temperatures are running mostly in the 40s but a few cold pockets with the temperatures slow to climb today, we'll get only into the lower 50s around lunchtime, and with that rain coming down, could be a bit milder on the cape but staying in the 40s over the interior. so plan on the steadier rain filling in, and it gets heavier in the afternoon. this is 3:00, notice through 6:00 tonight, so during that evening commute yellows, the oranges, these are downpours, could be a rumble of thunder, and everything and we'll dry things out, could be a few patches of drizzle but overall it's drier, by the time you are wakg up tomorrow, in the 40s, and temperatures will rebound tomorrow. we're back in the 50s close to 60 degrees, and clouds and some sun tomorrow, brighter through the end of the week and it stays mild through saturday, and the weather takes a turn. rain moving in, and turning much colder in the 40s, so as long as that timing holds, we'll be ok on saturday in plymouth.
6:57 am
>>e believe in you. >> we believe in you. >> could you sign onto that? please. [laughter] >> thank you very much for joining us. we hope you have a fantastic day and if you are on the go you can watch us on the mobile app. >> doug, cindy and i are back at noon and all of us will see you
6:58 am
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good morning, america. anti-trump protests escalate. a trump supporter caught on camera attacking a fellow student on a college campus as president obama tries to peacefully pass t baton. >> i don't think he is ideological. i think ultimately he's pragmatic. >> his president-elt as donald trump builds his team, the new role rudy giuliani may play in his white house. breaking overnight a massive manht for this accused killer escaped from a county jail. now authorities warn he mayave stolen a truck with rifle inside. the search for this man who could be armed and dangerous. caught on camera, this hot air balloon goes haywire at a festival catching fire as fireworks explode. firefighters on the sce as the


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