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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  November 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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let's show you some of the rain that's around right now. some of the heaviest is right in the boston area. up through the north shore, as you can see there, and on up through northern massachusetts as well. here's a closer look. you can see boston is getting some heavy rain right now. the initial band of very heavy rain has now moved to manchester, new hampshire, and beyond. also getting even to the north and west. there are still some elements at the south shore and cape that still have to come through moving northward norwood, heavy rain there. also still some bands very close to plymouth at this time. there is a dry slot that's now working up from new bedford so the rain is pretty much done there as that drier air is trying to work northward but we still have some downpours around falmouth and just between falmouth and the vineyard. also near hyannis and that still has to move northward along the coast. as we take you through the evening here you see now everything will shift to eastern massachusetts, where a few more
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rumble of thunder, will move flew over the next few hours. late tonight channel 11 at midnight, tall rain will be north. tomorrow morning's commute, clouds, a bit of fog, maybe a touch of mist but there won't be heavy rain around at that time. winds are picking up as well so there is another coastal flood advisory for tonight's high tide from 10:00 to 2:00 a.m. much more about that in a little while. >> breaking that was 59:30. riders are dealing with major delays on the red line right now. all due to a small fire that's near jfk. the fire is out but service needs to be shut down so there are big back-ups, again, this is on the entire red line. >> compounding a tough ride home. immigrant families from our area speaking out tonight. sharing their fears after last week's election. todd is at the statehouse tonight with their story. >> good evening. >> good evening, ben. immigrants from across the state came to the statehouse and they
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concern about their future in this country. >> the american dream is bigger than any election. >> today, an early thanksgiving meal at the statehouse honoring members of the state's immigrant community. these immigrants say they are grateful for the opportunities they have had in america, but fearful of what the incoming trump administration will mean for immigrants. >> illegal and even legal. >> very scary. the thing that people, you know, who are my term friends, who i have known. >> thomas hodson says legal immigrants should have nothing to worry about. his concern is illegal immigrants, particularly those who are criminals. >> by having these sanctuary cities you're actually creating this concealment for people who want to come here illegally that includes drug gangs, it includes being cartel members. importantly for all of us, we have to be very concerned about
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boston. >> attorney general healy told the luncheon sponsored -- by the massachusetts immigrant and refugee advocacy coalition that her office has been seeing an increase in reports of harassment inflicted on racial and religious minorities. >> i stand with immigrants and immigrant communities and my office does, too. >> one of the legislators at the luncheon today is renewing his push for something called the trust act, which would local and state police from detaining or arresting someone based solely on immigration status. governor baker has previously said he would veto such a bill because he thinks it's up to local leaders to make that call. reporting live from the statehouse, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> if you plan on traveling for thanksgiving next week you're going to have a lot of company as you usually do. triple-a says 48.7 million americans will take to the reds and skies. the most since 2007.
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lower gas prices cited as the main factors. triple-a expects one million more americans will travel 50 miles or more than they did last year. >> another airline getting in on the trend to offer a fare that's even lower than economy. united airlines will be offering what's called -- starting next year. you'll not be able to pick your seats ahead of time and baggage will be limited to one carry on that must fit under the seat. you will not have overhead storage space. will also be the last people to board that flight. this next story perfect. delta airlines is rolling out the first baggage tracking the app today. the it will allow them to track their bags with their smartphone using a chip that's embedded into luggage tags. scanners on each side will read the chip and indicate whether the luggage is loaded on the correct plane. >> you can find out before you take off. delta hopes the new system will
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you'll just sit on a five hour fly knowing your bags aren't on-board. >> and maybe you're stressed out if you know somebody in this traffic. this is never fun. the bunker hill bridge. everything coming to a halt with heavy rain that's moving through. let's go to the map. as we go to 93 southbound. you can see it's jammed. a little longer than usual at 35 minutes. go mass ab to route three. you can see how many city. on the pike, 23 minutes. look at what's happening, 128 southbound. just to get from route three to route nine can take you an hour at this time of night. that's a big back-up. weston toll to i-495 is half-hour and lots of problems on the southbound side of 495 just to get to 290 is taking about a half an hour. >> just stay home. a brain tumor at any age, awful
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relearning how to walk and use his hands was just part of life's challenges. >> a look at the dangerous toys experts say that have no place
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>> a brain tumor at any age would be devastating news. >> for this week's a plus relearning how to walk and use his hands as an -year-old was just part of life's challenges.
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11-year-old. >> just like any high school senior, he's busy with college applications, while keeping his grades up. but unlike most kids, he's recovered from brain surgery. >> i was at children's hospital to remove a brain surgery in the right half of my cerebellum. it was in 2012 when he was in seventh. >> i had to learn how to walk again. in shock. when i first found out. >> that laid back attitude carried into his recovery. >> it's like i was out with a stomach virus and i'll be in tomorrow and i'll do a full day and i'll be up and downstairs. i might put gym off for a weak or two. >> side lined for several months but thanks to his perseverance and amazing neurology team, he entered high school with a clear goal. to one day become a pediatric
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>> i can give them heart to heart, advice on how to conquer it, and how to live out their life without being upset the whole time. >> his unwavering optimism which will one day help in aleng othe. >> he's already giving back by helping seventh and eighth graders with their homework as a mb wcvb, newscenter 5. >> know an exceptional student worthy of an a plus. submit a nomination right now. just click on "as seen on." >> urgent care for drug addiction. how a local hospital is changing the way it treats patients. >> a top 10 you need to hear before you work on that holiday shopping list. the toys that experts say you should avoid. >> this very wet evening commute continues, as you can clearly
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>> a new strategy for helping people fight addiction. in boston alone, addicts make more than 200 emergency trips per month. >> often those people are discharged without intervention or path to treatment.
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critical gap between urgent care and recovery. >> that was my biggest fear. >> she knew she couldn't really day, of heraughter either. >> a former soldier in the army national guard, latoya's battle with heroin addiction had grown too big, too over whelming. >> trying to keep myself safe, my daughter safe, drugs all around, it was >> using needles, she developed a serious infection. she was secretly worried about withdrawal a nurse cght her crushing painkillers to stick in her i.v. >> they sent the addiction team up to talk to me. >> that kind of mode intervention is new. >> it's really critical. >> this doctor is the medical director for the bridge clinic at mgh. their goal, stabilize patients
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plan. >> >> this is actually meeting people where they are on demand treatment, just like we do for any other medical emergency. >> the clinic already has had more than 1,200 visits. patients come from the emergency room, a hospital bed or just walk in. >> if we have people who with us, we'll work with them. >> in the bridge clinic, people stay clean for 13 days or more. without it people relax in just five days. >> the hallmark of addiction is loss of control despite neglectsive consequences so if we don't treat that then we'll continue to see the cycle with potentially lethal outcomes. >> she's now living in a residential treatment program with her daughter and she knows now what she seeds. >> i'm proud of myself.
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programs, the bridge clinic doesn't -- the team believes relapsing part of the disease and just like diabetics who don't always take their medication people struggling with drug addiction will have setbacks. >> emily reamer, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> a rainy night. traffic is a mess. the weather, less of a cause of [laughter] >> okay. yeah, notes question. if you look at the darkest screen you can see where the action is. boston, south shore and areas north, where the worst areas are. you can see the end of the rain for southern connecticut, rhode island and even a portion of southeastern massachusetts while there are still elements of moderate to heavy rain rotating into boston and points north.
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places. it's pretty heavy rain. boston, gloucester, also, beverly, all getting moderate to heavy rain. right into boston, and the immediate boston metropolitan area, down to weymouth, scituate and marshfield. afr that we see that little dry slot now trying to move northward from new bedford. but we still have a few heavy downpours over southeastern mass and the cape. go through the evening. rain and downpours across the cape still have to live eastward along the coast. that's why we still have a few more hours here in boston. to the west it will become more sporadic. a little earlier than it will in easternmost massachusetts. by late tonight, say 10:00 or 11:00, all of the heavy-duty rain is lifted to the north. we still have a lot of clouds left over there. could be mist to start your day. maybe even some fog as well. the winds have picked up some.
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so remember, we still have these as vo no, ma'amally high tides. the one tonight in the as his as the one today but we didn't have the wind today. so it almost offsets and because of that a coastal flood advisory is in effect again for that high tide. anywhere from 10:00 to 2:00, be aware, there will be some inundation, some of those coastal roads will he to be closed. this time there could be a little wave action but it's not expected that we're going to be above flood could be some splash over with some of the wafers. keep annie on that. even tomorrow's daytime high tide around noon, even though the wind will be from the land, it's still so astro formally high thasome inundation will occur but not as much as occurred in today's high tide. 53 in boston. ere is that wind that's picked up out of the northeast as the storm comes up the coast. the storms right around here, here's the warm side of it. here's the cool side of it of
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precipitation will go with it. by tomorrow morning, 40's and low 50's. tomorrow is a pretty mild day. could be in the 50's to around 60 degrees. good stuff. there you have it. mild tomorrow. brighter on thursday and friday. mild into saturday. then the clouds increase, could be showery and cooler on sunday. that's the beginning of a change. the jet stream will shift around and put us in a colder weather pattern beginning sunday. especially early next week, so expect much, much colder weather compared to what we've been experiencing for thanksgiving week. it will be dry in the early part of the week but all bets are off after that. still a listening way to got. we'll keep you posted on the rain in our area. >> today we invite you to check out the new designed to deliver breaking news and weather not only faster but using new technology to give you a better experience every time. the webeople are relieved that it's actually out there live now. the latest weather conditions and alerts are front and center on every page.
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everything is in the same place. if you're using app, no need to upgrade. the transition seamless tonight. >> excellent. >> we hope it's seamless. it will be. a newborn giraffe requires special care and was rushed to the hospital. >> chronicles everett checks up on the 4-year-old who is back at the zoo with her keeper. >> she was about 160 pounds, already >> over six feet tall when she was born. >> yes. >> that she's thriving now is no small miracle thanks to the zoo staff. she couldn't stanatth bir and was unable to nurse from her mom jana, so she was bottle fed around the clock for her first few weeks of life and for a long time, it was touch and go. >> right now she's drinking 12 liters a day, which is -- she
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pounds. she can grab mouthfuls at a time. >> a typical day for a giraffe keeper as i quickly found out is full of tons of cut work, hand feeding them squash. mucking out the stall, putting out dried out alfalfa hay. still, she views the daily routine as more enjoyable than burdensome. >> you form a very strong relationship with the animals and it's nice way to communicate with them, a give and take from both. >> that bonding takes time and enormous patience but it's so monitoring. >> with bo i can draw blood from his jugular and check his blood counts so that's very helpful for vets in assessing his health. i can't do that with these two yet but one day, it's a trust relationship you need to build with the anals. >> patience, dedication, a never ending sense of awe, all part of the work at franklin park zoo.
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day. in fact, the entire chronicles crew is invited. do my job. 7:30, tonight on "chronicles." >> including you. >> yet. i was there. keying your kids safe this holiday season. a look at the dangerous toys experts want you to necessity about before you start your holiday shopping. right now let's see what's coming up at 6:00 with maria and ed. >> we're hearing from one of the firefighters who rescued woman who spent the night trapped inside an overturned saved her life. also new at 6:00. >> we want buyers to be aware that their payments have changed now. >> talking about mortgage rates. they are on the rise since the election. how it's i am patting buyers and sellers. plus -- >> very focused, very driven. he makes up his mind and he does it. >> his parents knew he was special when he learned multiindication in 20 minutes.
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schooler is studying math and physics in college. that's him right there. all new at 6 my gravy had an accident. follow me.
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i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family deserves a new tradition... happier and healthier. everything for thanksgiving.
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>> a baby two toed sloth. check out how cute mom and baby are. >> if he can make it into a cartoon, adorable. the baby was born last week.
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native to south america. >> your economy now keeping your family safe during the holidays when it comes to presents under the tree. the consumer protection group watch has t out their nominees for worst toys and julie has the list you need to see before you shop. >> it may appear safe and snugly. >> what could be more innocent looking than a pink fluffy big elephant. >> but according to one watchdog group -- it and year are not. >> there are issues here. there certainly are. there are important safety issues, hazards to be aware of. hazards include this life like doll, puppy, slime ball slinger and even super man. experts say they present choking and suffocation hazards and
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disagrees and calls the findings factually inaccurate. >> all toys sold in the united states have to meet vict u.s. safety requirements, tested, and certified. >> but every year hundreds of thousands of toys are recalled. >> we certainly need to d better, and we need to have a dialogue about how we can make things better and make things >> a child is treated in the e.r. for a toy every three minutes. you'll find a full list of this year's worst toys on the wcvb mobil app. >> welcome, by the way. >> thank yo >> mortgage rates spiking after the election. the impact on buyers and sellers. >> news in us -- newscenter 5 a starts right now. >> what we're learning from the chaotic scene. >> a rollover.
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spot the wreck and how the driver braved the elements. >> a very wet tuesday evening. when the drying out process will begin. >> middle school genius. >> when he makes up his mind he does it. >> the local boy who is such a fast learner he's already studying math at harvard. >> wcvb newscenter 5, at 6:00. >> tracking rain. some of sit pretty heavy out there ait moves through just in the ride home. >> this after the highest tide of the year, made a mess in many coastal areas. >> pictures from the south coast, look at that, water creeping up on lawns right towards people's homes. that right there tells the story. hi, everybody. >> obviously harvey leonard is here. good to see any more trouble tonight. >> it will. probably a little bit less but there is a coastal flood advisory for tonight's high tide. we still have to get the rain
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boston, south shore. >> is that the back end? >> it is the back end but there is still along the coast, it will last longer but there are signs of improvement to the south and west. >> let's show you some of the rain we're talking about. you can see the darst green. notice it's basically boston, the immediate south shore and up the north shore. into southern new hampshire. that's where the heaviest rain is located. it's getting either more spotty to the south or in some cases has even diminished or ended. elements lifting north. but we still have some down toward the cape that will still lift along the coastline in the next few hours. as we go through the next few hours it's the coastline that will have the heaviest downpours. >> could be even a little lightning or thunder with one or two of these cells. so up around salisbury, right at the beach it's pouring all the way down to gloucester, into boston, west to at least cambridge and southward to scituate. we get south of there we have a
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plymouth but look, a dry slot has worked eastward at this time. improvements from south to north but downpours in eastern massachusetts for the next couple of hours. i want to mention that we do have that coastal flood advisory for the next high tide. we'll talk more about that as the winds are gusting to 31 miles per hour here in boston. >> we're also following some breaking news out of oklahoma city. the airport remaining shut down after a deadly shooting there. pretty dramatic police, guns drawn going car-to-car searching for a suspect and possibly a second victim here. newscenter 5 is here with the latest information. >> we now know the one victim has been identified, 52-year-old michael winchester. he's a southwest airlines employee. he's a former college football player for oklahoma. he's also the father of a member of the kansas city chiefs. the nfl team. still a very active investigation as police do not have a suspect in custody.


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