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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  November 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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wes cottage street. >> a man died aboard a flight bound for logan airport. sources say the man appeared to have died from natural causes on the jetblue flight from florida to boston. >> police say 18-year-old john allen grabbed a 14-year-old and nearly strangled her one week ago. he is set for arraignment tomorrow. >> were going to do even better tomorrow. in the ocean that for most of us will stay just far enough out not to be a big layer. the skies have been clearing and even on parts of cape cod, which is good news. we will chill down to the 30's in most places, a few low 40's in the urban centers and on cape cod. there is a lot of warmth in the middle of the country.
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of that. i will time an all out and the big changes occurring this weekend, coming up. >> three suspects accused of passing date money face a judge in berlin. >> police say this was a group of men passing all fake cash at this store and no telling how many others. >> disbelief over the call the scene in burlington wednesday as police tracked down men wanted for passing off fate wheels. first at this red bath and beyond and again at another store. clark's spotted the counterfeit $100 bills and called police. police found a large number of bills laying in the back seat.
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additional $360 in that vehicle and $100 and $20 bills all found to be counterfeit. >> the man off in new york also came with a fourth man who remained on the rhine, but defense attorneys say the state will have a hard time proving they knew the money was fake. >> they found individuals that they have the ability to make counterfeit hills. when people receive money they don't go and check the watermark and serial numbers. >> there being -- the judge decided on $10,000, $500, and just $200. defense attorneys say that just
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innocent. >> to school districts in new hampshire go to court to try to prevent a bust robber strike. the teamsters union is negotiating with the student busing company right now. nonunion drivers have threatened to join a defensive strike. that's what prompted today's court action. a warning tonight in rhode island after a sewing need was found in some halloween candy. in the child had gone trick or treating on several streets in portsmouth and also attended a town gathering there. police are encouraging all parents to thoroughly double check all their remaining candy that their children received. >> traffic is moving along pretty well at this dark hour. let's look at the map and go around the region. 93 south down looks pretty backed up, more than a
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pretty well at 24 minutes along the pike. 128 usually a mess and even more so tonight. that will take you a half-hour. farther west on the pike, you're looking at a half-hour, the weston tolls little slow from an accident on i for a 95 southbound. that will take you about 25 minutes. so we do have some slowd o search for a missing connecticut man now a homicide investigation. j.c.: two suspects arrested in connection. his grieving family's plea for answers. >> with no let-up from the opioid crisis, 5 investigates visits the front lines of the epidemic. one community's response. in the fight against addiction. j.c.: adele sent into a frenzy on stage in mexico city.
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>> it was a party weekend in manhattan that turned into a gruesome murder. a connecticut family never made it home. right now two men are in custody. they are charged in connection with his death. >> it's a total loss. he touched everybody. everybody that came in contact with this kid loved him. he was one-of-a-kind. >> joseph's father is inconsolable, shocked by the brutal killing of his 26 year
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he got separated from his friends at the club and was last seen entering this luxury apartment building on the upper east side. police say they found his bloody close inside and more bloody evidence in a garbage bag outside the building. charged with murder are two men, the son of wealthy and prominent new york city jeweler. additional charges ilu police say he was stabbed 15 times in his body was found buried in a shallow grave in this wooded area. >> collecting a lot of evidence as we go around the city, speaking with people who were there that night at the club. >> police say a motive for comunale's murder is unknown. j.c.: former heisman trophy winner johnny manziel dismiss a charge of beating upd
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and threatening colleen crowley last january. if convicted, he could have gone to jail for a year. but today, prosecutors and manziel's defense said they'd reached a conditional deal to dismiss the charge. details haven't been released; manziel is due back in court next month to finalize the agreement. >> 5 investigates. with exclusive access on the front lines of the opioid crisis. >> up next, the struggle first responders are facing is overdose deaths grow. mild november and continues that way. important changes are on the way. c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday!
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>> 5 investigates. going right to the battleground in the opioid crisis. the state's first responders are the front lines. facing a growing struggle as overdose deaths climb even higher. j.c.: new drugs, stronger drugs, are putting more people in danger. 5 inveat chelsea. to show the reality of what's happening every day in nearly every community across the state. karen: a typical fall night in chelsea. engine to his headed out. it's one of the busiest engines in the country, but instead of fires, they are often fighting addiction. we're on board as first responders arrive at a rooming
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yelling and running naked through the halls. >> apparently he does a lot of cocaine or crack. >> the team returns to the station, but they don't stay there for long. the rain doesn't let up, and neither do the calls. on the steps of the church, they find a woman. they don't know after checking for needles, firefighters and paramedics get her into the ambulance. >> there's something going on there. she has a bad mix. >> everyone is desperate. they are at the edge. >> the suffering is not letting
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opioid overdoses in massachusetts, higher than at this point in 2015. overdose deaths from heroin have decreased, but fentanyl is taking its place. it's powerful effects much harder to reverse with the drug known as narcan. investigates was with engine to 2. firefighters prepare oxygen, grind their knuckles into his chest, trying to force his body to respond. cardiac arrest likely imminent. they gave him narcan. one does wasn't enough, so they give another. the narcan worked. in the ambulance, his chest was rising and he was breathing again. >> you see the devastation on parents faces.
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they keep having to deal with this situation. your heart goes out to them. >> are no question nor can help save lives of people in the throes of addiction, but the fire chief says that alone cannot win the war against opioid addiction. >> you still run into those same people over and over again. >> chelsea is taking a new approach to tackling all t contribute to addiction and drug use. at 7:00, we join a street team going door to door, fighting to get users help. we will hear from one woman who say the efforts in chelsea saved her life. >> give our tip line of call, 781 285 tips. or leave a message on the 5 investigates facebook page. grexit started off great, the sun came out, a pretty nice
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this is all due to the battle against pancreatic cancer and hopefully we can make great progress in that. when you head out tonight, where purple. a wonderful evening, the skies of cleared nicely during the afternoon and evening. mostly clear across the region right now. you can see the purple, 53 as the temperature in boston with a northwesterly wind we've had many chilly nights but this won't be one of the coldest. when you get far enough north and west of boston, even though it's pretty warm above us, it will get down into the 30's and maybe frost in a few areas. a little bit of praise will continue out of the north. this is the way it should look early tomorrow morning. the nice thing is tomorrow will be just an incredibly beautiful day.
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chicago but it will be mild and bright and really nice. there's a big change going on in the western part of the country. denver has gone from 80 to 30 in just one day. there is a snowstorm in ports of the best parts of the rockies going on right now. tomorrow, right around six day -- around 60. a little bit more to win down on the cake and some flirting with the outer cape and nantucket for a while. an ocean storm pretty far out is developing. there is rapid city, and there's a good deal of wind as it turns colder as well. that will influence our weather but not in the same way it is influencing this part of the country. i will explain in a moment. here's that ocean storm on talking about that will keep the winds a little gusty into the day tomorrow.
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control and most of the storm is staying out at sea. that's the storm causing the snow out west and will eventually bring colder air in here later this weekend and early next week. we pretty much squeeze saturday as well. we will notice some ocean clouds backing and saturday, first on the cape and later in the day on the coast. here you can see tomorrow, chat him and clouds. the rest of the area nice and clear. everybody should enjoy sunshine later tomorrow morning and afternoon. by late in the day, clouds getting close to boston. then we will be watching the system from the west. if you're watching us from the berkshires, there could be snow on sunday as the cold air first arrives and especially of across northern new england in the mountains.
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here you will notice a change to windy and colder conditions. check out the next seven days, i mention tomorrow the winds being a little gusty right along the coast. some of the gusts could be around for tomorrow morning. the winds will let up a little bit later tomorrow afternoon. down on the cake, another mild colder weather and monday will be windy and cold with the mix of sun and clouds. drive-through thanksgiving eve but thanksgiving day should be dampened cool around here. >> new details on the breaking details out of dorchester. we've learned the man shot inside a home on cottage street has tied. the victim and another man got into a fight when the shot was fired. boston police still on that busy
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coming up at 6:00. j.c.: a special honor for beverly's pete frates. he has been awarded the 2017 ncaa inspiration award. the former boston college baseball captain became the face of als after helping launch the ice bucket challenge in 2014. i think we all remember that. his work has raised millions for als research and frates has inspired people worldwide. he was diagnosed in march 2012. today he cannot breathe without a ventilator and relies on eye-tracking technology and an ipad to communicate. from working to find a cure. frates will receive the award at the ncaa honors celebration in january. >> lebron james is giving back to an idol who helped shape his life. the nba superstar is donating 2 -- $2.5 million to support a muhammad ali exhibit at the smithsonian national museum of african-american history. james says every pro athlete owes a debt to ali, who died 5 months ago. the ali exhibit honors the boxing champ's athletic legacy
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>> singer adele is getting a lot of attention tonight, all because of an unexpected visitor at her concert this week in mexico city. yes. a bat. it suddenly flew into the audience and then on stage, you can see she has a little panic there. after the bat took off, the show must go on so adele continued with the concert. >> good for her. i don't think it was anywhere close to her, but good for her. an inside tip, courtesy of our friends at chronicle. an off-the-menu item at the upscale cambridge restaurant, craigie on main. >> but, be warned. chronicle's anthony everett tells us only the early birds get the burger. anthony: the acclaimed chef came up with a hamburger to entice diners during the recession of 2008.
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crazy. it's hard to get, very limited quantities. >> want catch up with that? >> we do make our own catch up. we are going to make our own stuff. >> he was forced to limit the amount of berger served so only the lucky few get one each night. make with the quality we are proud of and we will let people do get out. -- duke it out. sometimes we have phone calls in the middle of service and ask if we have any left. it's pretty funny. >> chronicle is your destination
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towering toppings and creative sides. beef up on burgers, at 7:00 -- on chronicle. 7:30>> thanksgiving is just one week from today. >> a special tradition that's touching hearts. the special meaning behind this tablecloth. but first let's see what's coming up new at 6:00 with maria and ed. >> were following several breaking stories, baltimore police saying a homeowner has shot a man. >> i think i will just cry and hug him, i don't know. >> robbing three brian -- three banks in the past two weeks. why the fbi is calling this suspect the spelling bee bandit. >> a 5 investigates follow-up for boston grand prix ticket
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will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at >> if the thought of holiday shopping gets you down. you're not alone. scientists say the stress of shopping is just as stressful as running a marathon. a review of ebay shoppers shows heart rates can increase by a third leading to a spike in skin
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experts add, while most shoppers start off feeling happy and excited, that wears off after just 32 minutes. leaving them stressed and worried, instead. >> a family inissouri is cherishing a special event this thanksgiving. they came up with a you -- unique way to savor the family's memory. each person had to sign this white tablecloth. 16 years later, she has several ran children addto this year the family is missing one special person, mary passed away unexpectedly three years ago. she says tablecloth has taken on even more meaning, her signature proving she is still with the family. a deadly shooting inside a dorchester home.
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's health failing, the disgraced house leader now getting early release. his wife's emotional reaction. >> they call him the spelling bee bandit, but the evidence shows his a few letters short. >> the timeline on the big chill. >> running with a heavy heart. the cross-country team refusing to show down dice slow down as they honor their fallen coach. >> breaking news, an argument turns deadly in dorchester where police say a homeowner shot and killed a man. maria: let's go right to the scene right now where it's been pretty active for the past 20-30 minutes. police are there on the scene and apparently these people allegedly were friends. there was some kind of shooting right now and we can tell you
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and boston police are still there on the scene. ed: let's listen to the commissioner right now. >> we have one deceased. people will be impacted forever here. we're alway talking about the violence and how many guns are outhere. we got to get the guns off the street. ed: that shooting. maria: also breaking, an arrest after a teenager is attacked while walking to her bus stop in bourne. lice say the suspect grabbed the 14-year-old from behind and threw her to the ground. the victim was walking on puritan road in bourne lt thursday when it happened. police have just arrested 18-year-old john allen from buzzards bay. he'll be arigd torrow and faces attempted aggravated kidnapping and strangulation charges. ed: and more breaking news out of logan a passenger, dying on a jetblue
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myers, florida to boston. state police say the elderly man died of natural causes. home in time for thanksgiving. a judge today ruling former house speaker sal dimasi will be granted an early release from prison as he battles health problems. maria: dimasi's wife giving her only on camera interview to newscenter 5's janet wu janet? janet: 71-year-old sal dimasi will fly home next tuesday from north carolina where he is now incarcerated. his family had hoped for his rele b got the telephone call this morning. debbie dimasi has spent four years trying to get her husband, the former house speaker convicted of extortion and fraud, better medical care. today, judge mark wolf who sentenced dimasi said his fragile and unstable health warrants compassionate release. >> when i heard it was utter shock and disbelief. it's sinking in slightly.


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