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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  November 19, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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make them miss. he's a slippery runner. a guy to me who can do it all. the complete package and when you talk about next level, he fits the definition perfectly for the guy to play in the league. >> beth: syracuse is able to get it right back. another record was set today as well in the acc. james connor. coming back from his battle with cancer at pittsburgh, has set the new acc career he added a couple today. and then of course cook, one of the nice things too when a guy breaks a record, you also pay homage to the guy who had it before him. and no better guy really ever in a florida state uniform than warrick dunn, the guy he passed today. a record that has been around for 20 years. >> anthony: and jimbo fish erp, we asked him, tell us something about cook. he said this kid was one of the
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they brought in and he came in as if he is in a position to earn it. he kept his mouth closed. he a team guy. he has put everything in his career with the team in front of him and then everything else that he has earned and accomplished on the field. and they are embraced that. and he has been one of the best florida state seminole players that jimbo fisher has coached in his >> beth: very first 100 yard rushing game was here at the dome two years a i go. we revisit the career of warrick dunn at florida state. >> anthony: i me warrickdown's proud of him. that record stood for 20 years and there is is a reason why he stood it.
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like dalvin cook. >> beth: they have so far made it a november to remember as jimbo talked about. they pick up the win today at syracuse. cook in the record books and now, the other things that jimbo talked about. leave a legacy and the young guys set the tone for the future and what better way to do it than to finish off the regular seasonit >> anthony: it's going to be a monster game, and you know, i tell you, it's going to be a calling card move for the team moving forward. a lot of young talent that we talked about and i'm sure he wants to remember one 067 his few games and why not in state against a team that is one of your rooifivals in the florida gators. >> beth: and syracuse, they will
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around campus throughout the week, 5-7 would look a lot better than 4-8 as you're working hard throughout the off season and in spring ball next year. >> anthony: it's funny. the funnest offensive play ever is the kneel down. the victory play. you don't see that much any more in college. they continue to hand one guy that is enjoying the win is jimbo fisher and huge victory for them on the road. taking care of business and syracuse, dino babers, a young team, they have shown flashes today, beth, and great to see. in time, dino babers shows confidence they are going to be a difference maker. >> beth: coaches have the
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45-14, florida state gets the win over syracuse. and a season-high 654 yards of total offense for the seminoles. led by dalvin cook. 28 carries, 226 yards. he ties his career high with four touchdown runs. he breaks the school career rushing record. he ties the school career touchdown record. don't forget, oklahoma/west virginia tonight at 8:00 eastern
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mike: we have got a major shift in our weather pattern. a timeline for snow, wind, and rain that is on the way. nichole: the trump transition. is he looking to build a team of rivals with mitt romney? what the former bay state governor had to say after his meeting. reid: a deadly mystery on the south shore. no word on an i.d. after the body of a kayaker is found. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscen this deadly storm system that dumped plenty of snow on the midwest is now moving east. reid: and we've got a winter storm warning for part of the state. there could be sprinkles overnight. mike: especially around 4:00 or 5:00. we do have some snow in the forecast. let me show you what is going on
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some of you got to enjoy sunshine. look what is coming at us. there is a storm system that has really cold air behind it. we are seeing some snow. we are seeing a mix going on. we will see some mix, perhaps some snow. you know where it will snow. it will be elevation. the national weather service has issued this winter storm warning. you have got to be above 1000 feet. tomorrow. that is where you will see accumulations. outside of 495, just a dusting. with that elevation and colder temperatures, there are pockets that could get a-six inches of snow. otherwise, 1-3. we have rain tomorrow and the snow is through the afternoon tomorrow. we will talk about how much you
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the windchill you will have to deal with monday morning. reid: following breaking news at this hour. an arrest has been made in a hit and run in chelsea. police say it was a tip that helped lead to the arrest of 25-year-old arnold hernandez of lynn today. police say hernandez was driving a white minivan that hit a 72-year-old woman who crossed the street on thursday. the minivan was found today near hernandez's home and police impounded it as evidence. the woman is expected to fully recover. from ducks bury. a construction worker critically injured by a power saw. this happened at a work-site on newtown way. paramedics responding to the scene. the injured man taken to beth israel plymouth with an injury to the throat. the 28-year-old said to be in critical condition. osha now part of the investigation. nichole: an unlikely pair holding a high-level meeting today. president-elect donald trump
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romney. as trump continues to mull over critical cabinet positions, he's also dealing with a fresh controversy. abcs daria albinger has the latest. daria: donald trump and mike pence arriving at trump's new jersey golf club for a full day of meetings. hours earlier, the president-elect lashing out on twitter about this. video showing cheering and booing as pence arrived at the hit musical "hamilton." at the end of the show, the cast delivered a message for >> we are the diverse americans who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, but we truly hope this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. daria: donald trump was not a
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brandon dixon delivered the speech. >> the only way we can find a common ground is if we have a dialogue. i'm glad that he stayed and he listened. >> i wasitely surprised. >> i was disappointed in the boeing. >> i am very proud to have been a part of boeing mike pence -- booing mike pence. daria: state, even though he and trump have publicly attacked each other. >> i appreciate the chance to speak with the president-elect and look forward to the coming administration. >> do you repudiate the comments you made prior? daria: just the beginning of a weekend of work. reid: close to home a deadly , mystery on the south shore. police investigating tonight
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beach this morning and an overturned kayak found not far away. nicole: a lot of questions tonight. this kayaker had no identification on him and now police say they need your help. >> there is a family missing him and we cannot identify him. nicole: the search for answers, for identity after a kayaker's body is found off the shores collects it looks like he got separated from his kayak. nicole: they tell us the man they believe to be in his mid-40's or early 50's was wearing a wetsuit but no life jacket. his body in the water for at least a few hours before they arrived. no identification on the kayak or the body with no ids, no empty car found by.
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the kayake described as a red top white bottom pelican recreational, about 10 feet in length. not a kayake typically used in in rough waters. >> they are out year-round. i think this is just a tragic accident. nicole: make sure someone knows your plan and bring a phone in case of emergency. investigators say no one in this area has come forward with a missing persons report tonight. nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5. nichole: boston police asking for your help to track down whoever is responsible for a deadly shooting in dorchester. it happened near franklin park on normandy street. police say they were called out just before 3:00 a.m. the victim, a man in his late 20's, died at the scene. no other details about the shooting have been released. reid: a teenager in serious condition and facing a list of charges after police chase in
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off the chase that the 17-year-olds car skidded off the road and he was thrown from the car. he is now facing a list of charges including operating with a suspended license and speeding. police say the chase started just before 4:30 this morning when another driver was sideswiped by the teen. nichole: boston mayor marty walsh looking to heal scars in boston as he takes steps to address racism. he says it's time for the city to start talking about it. as newscenter 5's david bienick reports, he's kicking off a year-long series of town hall discussions. david: inside the cutler majestic theater, the talk on stage with often personal. >> i learned to be afraid to be back. david: the reaction from the audience was often emotional. >> people that look like me did not have the courage or the will. david: several hundred people from boston and surrounding towns turned out for mayor marty walsh first town hall on race.
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racism. [applause] david: the mayor drew applause for that acknowledgement. still, not everyone was satisfied. >> one of the things going forward would be a change in your rhetoric, instead of no hostility. i want to hear your emotions. david: boston's history with bussing, police relations and equality of opportunity all came up as problems. afterwards, people said they plan to hold the mayor and other city officials accountable for solutions. >> are equal. >> i think it is a job that will take a very long time. >> we will see how many people come up with dialogues in the city. david: the mayor did not come up with a goal for the number of people he would like to see attendees town halls. reid: as we continue tonight, giving back this holiday season. the local organization making
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table this thanksgiving. mike: the cold and wind will have the biggest impact on your weekend ahead. nichole: near whiteout conditions blanketing the midwest. a deadly blizzard leaving behind a trail of the structure and. reid: the patriots traveled out to san francisco last night. one healthy player was at the
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astra zeneca may be able to help. >> monday morning on the eyeopener, smarter toy choices for the holiday. >> the expert picks that will make the kids happy and help them to learn at thme plus the chance for a holiday rain on monday at 4:30 reid: with thanksgiving around the corner, one local turkey farmer says business is good. not surprising, i guess. in the first year, the owners of lilac hedge farm started their
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mackay says they're close to selling 700 with 12 pickup locations throughout the area. mackay says even though they've had signups open for a couple months for birds, there are always customers who wait until the last week to order their turkeys. >> the kids that are at our farmers market are also the ones bailing hay and loading hogs. they know what they are doing. they can tell you how the animal was raised, what you fed it. people want to know where their food is coming from. reid: good idea. in case you're wondering, he says they still have a good nichole: the salvation army making sure everyone has a turkey on the table this thanksgiving. the organization handed out nearly 2100 thanksgiving meal baskets today at centers like this, including turkey, a roasting pan, vegetables and pumpkin pie. despite the economic recovery, the salvation army says it's giving away 75% more baskets
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a couple of part-time jobs to make ends meet are not experiencing the same economic recovery that everybody is. nichole: the salvation army says thanks to generous donations, it will likely have enough thanksgiving baskets for everyone who needs one. reid: mike wankum just ahead with a quick changing forecast
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nichole: a deadly blizzard slamming the upper midwest. whiteout conditions causing hundreds of crashes. drivers being warned to stay off the roads, as all that weather moves east. near whiteout conditions blanketing the upper midwest. clouds working to clear the roads. blizzard conditions making it nearly impossible to see. big rigs struggling to gain traction, overturning.
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this, that will be it for me. nichole: the minnesota state patrol responding to crashes. winds gusting to 50-70 miles per hour from minnesota to michigan. on lake superior, a lone surfer trying to catch a perfect wave. >> if you are wearing the right gear, it is totally comfortable. nichole: minnesota. residents are now digging out. >> it is what it is. i am used to it. i call this place minne-snow-ta. reid: president-elect trump can build a wall and keep that stuff out. no, it is headed here. mike: i think the things that
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-- look at the temperatures this week, in the 50's and 60's. temperatures in the 30's and 40's is why it feel so cold. right now it is not bad. it is 47 degrees. the wind does not ramp up until tomorrow. it was gray if you were near the coast. temperatures warming nicely into the 50's. it represents the beginning of really cold air. with it there is rain and snow elevation. that is why there is a winter storm warning out. we see above a thousand feet we are talking about. it will hang out through monday. with that strong wind, there will be blowing and drifting going on. if you are driving, to be cautious. this is one computer model that is in agreement with most of
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this is interesting. look what it wants to do to berkshire. that is not going to happen. there is a love variety as far as what is going on as computer models are concerned. maybe a slushy coding on grassy areas. here is what i think will happen. this will be the dusting area. 1-3 inches at berkshire and above 1000t rain showers. it is still warm out. as we head towards 5:00 in the morning, a nice downpour coming through but now it is cold enough in berkshire that we put snow into the forecast. the rain lets up except in these two areas. at 9:00 a.m. you see a little bit of snow. as you head to the day, the snow
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that is why i say berkshires will get all that snow. rain showers tonight. 40-46. that temperature is going nowhere tomorrow. a westerly wind picking up at 10-15 miles per hour. worcester in the morning will start with the 30, get maybe 240, and drop off in the afternoon. anywhere this afternoon. tomorrow we will be calling it the mix off to the west. we mention this is a high impact whether day because of the wind and cold. check out the wind chill at nexis -- chill indexes monday morning. in the teens and 20's. they will not improve much during the day. cold sunshine this week tuesday into wednesday. unsettled weather for thursday.
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rain showers. i am meteorologist mike wankum. >> now here is bob halloran with sportscenter 5 power by infinity. bob: patriots defensive end jabaal sheard was left behind as the team traveled to san francisco and he will be a healthy scratch tomorrow. for the rest of us a healthy , scratch is usually a good thing, but it would appear sheard is being punished for either poor play or poor performance. sheard who practiced all week didn't seem to sue broken up about the punishment as he instagrammed from last night's celtics game. that was the first indication to us that sheard did not fly out with the team. sheard has no sacks and only two tackles in the last two games but this decision still comes as a surprise. maybe bill belichick is trying to create a new identity for his defense. maybe not. >> the identity i would like to have is a team that wins a lot of games.
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being known as this kind of timor that kind of team. we are a smart, tough football game that wins teams. that is what we want to be. bob: al horford and jae crowder have both returned to the starting lineup as the celtics play at detroit tonight. meanwhile, david pastrnak is not playing as the bruins host winnipeg tonight. harvard and yale playing for the 133rd time. crimson alum mike lynch has been grandpa lynchie. in cambridge with the beautiful ryan. charlie booker bounces off the wall of players and gets to the outside. that is a 27-yard touchdown run. harvard looking for it straight
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over the bulldogs but they would not get it. alan lamar ties it up with a short touchdown run. later, yale's kurt rawlings tosses the td pass to reed club next. klubnik had the ball knocked out of his hands, but the touchdown stands. yale wins, 21-14. matt ryan is uconn's highest draft pick in any sport. he went fourth overall in 2008. patrick tolls to pass to michael walker. the eagles wind 30-0. bc can become bowl eligible with a win at wake forest next week. ohio state's national title hopes almost came to an end in spartan ville. they are not playing for a tie. they go for the two-point
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in the end zone. state holds on to win 17-16. we want to congratulate the watertown field hockey team having won their eighth straight state title today. reid: it was a beautiful day out there today, especially for america's hometown thanksgiving celebration in plymouth. it is an annual tradition for thousands of people, including the newscenter 5 eyeopener team. randy price, emily reimer, antoinette antonio, cindy fitzgibbon and olessa stepanova all participating in the parade. volunteers work rd parade a huge success. the floats honor the history of plymouth, including the pilgrims and the mayflower. nichole: it looks like a great time out there. reid: a great parade. mike wankum coming up with another check of the fast-changing forecast. nichole: after college football, a stunning discovery at the
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