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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 20, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> showers this morning. >> a deadly accident in duxbury. the construction worker killed by a power saw. >> and the tip that led to an arrest of a hit and run. that incident caught on camera. announcer: a . boston's news leader. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. >> it's sunday, november 20. good morning. i'm doug meehan. >> and i'm antoinette antonio. it is now down to 42 degrees. we were warmer earlier this morning. kelley: those temperatures we saw earlier this morning in the upper 40's and near 50, now we are gradually cooling.
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it is the winds that are really remarkable. much of the region. we are getting some reports of light snow right now. most of that is staying west of us. wind gusts are very strong. 30 miles per hour heading into boston. wind gusts of near 40 miles per hour. 30's through much of today. those wind gusts staying strong through tomorrow which is why a wind advisory has been issued. there is our forecast over the next several hours. we are gradually falling into the lower 40's as afternoon. we will see some dry opportunities. with the temperatures falling, those snowflakes will try to move eastward. antoinette: thank you. right now, state police searching for two people after a
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northborough. this started just before 1:00 this morning on route 290 when police tried to stop the speeding driver. their pursuit ended when the car got off the highway. troopers then found the car on hudson street crashed into a home there. the two people inside the car ran from the scene. there were no injuries to anyone inside the home. police are now working to identify the suspects. right now, osha is investigating a deadly construction site accident in duxbury. accident in duxbury. doug: this one is awful. one worker was killed while working with a power saw. it happened saturday afternoon on newtown way. police say the 28-year-old man was hit in the throat. firefighters requested a helicopter transport, but they were told one wasn't available at the time. >> we decided to transport to the hospital with significant injuries. we had to call osha to investigate the accident. they are currently investigating that now. doug: firefighters tell us the
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antoinette: right now, a teenager is under arrest after dragging a man from a moving truck. police found the 17-year-old driving erratically on hooper street in worcester. the victim, who is the owner of the truck, was hanging outside the driver's door by his arm. the 45-year-old rutland man was eventually freed and ended up with serious injuries. no word on how he ended up being dragged. the teenager meanwhile, sped off while police followed. officers arrested him after a brief struggle. doug: an arrest has been made in this hit and run in chelsea. you may remember that one. police say it was a tip that helped lead to the arrest of 25-year-old arnold hernandez of lynn saturday. police say hernandez was driving that white minivan that hit a 72-year-old woman who was crossing the street friday morning. the minivan was found saturday, and police impounded it as evidence. the woman is expected to recover. we are also learning more about the victim hit by a car while walking in dorchester friday
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was a woman in her 50's. she was seriously hurt in the incident on quincy street. police say the driver stayed at the scene. no charges at this time. antoinette: boston police asking for your help to track down whoever is responsible for a deadly shooting in dorchester. this happened near franklin park on normandy street saturday morning. police say they were called out just before 3:00 a.m. the victim, a man in his late 20's, died at the scene. no other details about the shooting have been released. lawyers for gary sampson are sentencing re-trial. they'll begin their case tomorrow. sampson was sentenced to death for a murder spree in 2001 that left three people dead in massachusetts and new hampshire. he was granted a new sentencing trial on appeal. federal prosecutors rested their case on thursday after family members of those killed took the stand. doug: an unlikely pair holding a high-level meeting saturday. president-elect donald trump sitting down with one of his toughest critics, former
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the meeting comes as trump works to fill out his cabinet. romney is reportedly in the running for secretary of state. the pair met at trump's private golf course in new jersey, joined by vice president-elect mike pence. the meeting lasted nearly 90 minutes, but no sign of a done deal. mr. romney: we had a far-reaching conversation with regards to the various significance, and look forward to the coming administration. doug: trump also met with retired marine corps general james mattis. he's considered a top prospect for defense secretary. the president-elect has more meetings on deck today and possibly more job announcements. meanwhile another local , connection to trump's presidency. manchester, new hampshire, police chief nick willard could be in line for a law enforcement position within trump's team. "the union leader" reporting willard and trump have engaged in conversation. the newspaper says willard could be asked to fill roles at the
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justice. antoinette: the president-elect also lashing out after friday night's hamilton performance. mike pence attended the show. video shows the v.p. elect arriving to a crowd cheering and booing. at the end of the show, the cast addressed pence directly, saying they hoped the show inspired him to uphold our american values. donald trump was not a fan of those words tweeting again this producers of hamilton, which i hear is highly overrated, should immediately apologize to mike pence for their terrible behavior." actor brandon dixon has a different view. >> i am so glad that he stated. he listened. i appreciate him doing that. antoinette: trump tweeted yesterday that the cast harrassed pence. somerville mayor joe curtatone making his thoughts on trump's reaction known.
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need to be better than this or our nation is in serious trouble. people are going to speak out, and your job is to listen." doug: two senior officials are asking president obama to replace the chief of the national security agency. defense secretary ash carter and director of national intelligence james clapper believe admiral michael rogers is not working fast enough on the reorganization dealing with cyber attacks. the president wants to separate the nsa's traditional intelligence gathering from its cyber-command. pl unprecedented move. trump is reportedly considering rogers to take over clapper's job. antoinette: this is when we start thinking about what we would buy with our big winnings. the powerball jackpot will continue to grow. doug: yes. there were no jackpot winners in yesterday's drawing. the winning numbers if you got a smaller prize -- 16-24-28-43-61 and a powerball of 21. last night's jackpot was $320 million.
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the jackpot was last hit on september 17. the next drawing is on wednesday , 359 large. you can get your ticket up until just before 10:00 at night. don't throw it away just yet. what if you won like $10? >> i did not win anything. antoinette: a stunning discovery at a crash scene in texas. doug: what a tow-truck driver found that everyone else missed. antoinette: a recall of a popular snack. the concern over a brand of hummus that's getting it pulled from store shelves. erika: i'm tracking cool rain and snow for some and the gusty
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doug: thank goodness you are not a turkey because thanksgiving just four days away, one local turkey farmer says business is good. in the first year, the owners of lilac hedge farm in berlin sold just over 40 turkeys for the holiday. now five years later, they' area. even though they've had signups open for a couple months for birds, there are always customers who wait until the last week to order. >> the kids at our farmers market selling army are also bailing hay and loading homes with us. they know what they're doing. they can tell you how the animal is raised. that is key. people want to know where their
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personal, doesn't it? and the good news, mackay says they still have a good supply left of turkeys between 14 to 20 pounds. antoinette: some people like knowing that. doug: name them yourself. antoinette: the salvation army making sure everyone has a turkey on the table this thanksgiving. the organization handed out nearly 2100 thanksgiving meal baskets saturday at centers like this. they include turkey, a roasting pan, vegetables, and pumpkin pie. despite the economic recovery, the salvation army says it's giving away 75% more baskets this year than five years ago. poverty, folks who are working a couple part-time are working a couple part-time jobs to make ends meet are not experiencing the same economic recovery that everybody is. antoinette: the salvation army says thanks to generous donations, it will likely have enough thanksgiving baskets for everyone who needs one. speaking of thanksgiving celebrations, look at this. it is a beautiful day for
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parade a huge success. the floats honor the history of plymouth, including, of course, the pilgrims and the mayflower. doug: are those the original settlers? antoinette: they are. it is an annual tradition for thousands of people, including the newscenter 5 eyeopener team. they love yelling randy's name out there. doug: he is a lovable guy. antoinette: i took part in the parade along with randy, emily, cindy, and olessa. what a great time that was. doug: thank goodness that was yesterday and not today. this is worcester right now. antoinette: people reporting the flakes are flying. erika: we -- kelly ann: we are starting to see some of those snowflakes flying right now. we will not see much around here, especially in boston. a few tonight, but mainly
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you know what we may not be able to handle, the winds. we have wind advisories that have been issued. when gusts of 30 miles per hour and today you cannot rule out wind gusts of 42 even 50 miles per hour we see more dry opportunities. the coastline could bring some drizzle this morning and afternoon. we saw that live camera sh starting to fall. it is spotty and not widespread. it is moving northward and into southern portions of new hampshire. we are seeing temperatures very cool out there. we're not going to see much of a warm up this afternoon. if you had out right now, that is where it is going to stay throughout the day. 38 degrees heading towards springville.
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the low to mid 40's today. the windchill as is concerned. those wins will strengthen. we are seeing windchill factors in the 20's and 30's. that is the case this afternoon. futurecast looking relatively dry as we moved to the afternoon. along the coast we will see some colder weather, and moving westward into worcester and those mountaith tonight and tomorrow will futurecast picking up on that. more snow as we get to the mountains where we could see upwards of six inches of snow, especially in some of the highest elevations. moving through vermont and upstate new york. you can see pittsfield is closer
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outlook. there is about half an inch out there. some grass coding out there. we are talking about a few snowflakes at most in the eastern locations. it is mainly the cool rain and gusty winds we are watching today and tomorrow. temperatures topping out in the 40's this afternoon. tomorrow, we get to 40. it because of those winds. we are down into the teens and 20's tomorrow afternoon. that is the case into the evening. tuesday and wednesday are big travel days. he will stay dry. thanksgiving day we are tracking another system into our area. with that approaching, we will see rainfall coming through bringing cool conditions from things given day and into the weekend.
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concerned. thanksgiving morning we are near freezing. that means rain could bring slick conditions as well. doug: perfect. antoinette: we are a look at some of the other stories we're following right now. doug: two people are under arrest in connection with the killing of a chicago congressman's grandson. the two teenagers are facing first degree murder charges. 15-year-old jovan wilson, the grandson of representative danny davis, was shot friday after an argument that may have started over sneakers. davis says he's grieving for his family, but says better education may have prevented the incident. antoinette: listeria concerns forcing sabra dipping company to issue a voluntary recall. the company pulling hummus and spreads with a best before date through january 23, 2017 off the shelves. the fda says the products were manufactured before november 8 at a plant where listeria monocytogenes were found. listeria symptoms can include
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consumers are urged to discard the product immediately. toys r us is pulling a toy off its shelves after reports one burst into flames. a family in washington says a toy dump truck made by tonka caught fire while they were driving home. toys r us says it appears to be an isolated incident, but that it won't sell the truck to anyone while it investigates the incident. doug: this next oneha first responders somehow missed a toddler on the floor of a crashed suv. the three-year-old girl apparently thrown to the floor in that accident. a local fire chief says responders saw a car seat in the back. they made sure it was empty but could not open the back doors. a tow truck driver found her after taking the car to a junkyard. she was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. >> now here is sportscenter 5.
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later this afternoon. without defensive and the ball shared due to the coaches decision. we could have gone to the bruins and jets game last night, but not much of a hockey fan i guess. breaking out of there many slot. the bruins go on to beat winnipeg 4-1. 92. the celtics did not call timeout. it is a good look from the corner. mrs., smart rebound. the celtics take the lead. when asked james. 94-92 win.
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sneakers to helmets and electronics contain a material that absorbs energy from an impact. >> and now, work by researchers at m.i.t. is changing the way that material works. it's something you really have to see to understand. mike wankum has this morning's cutting edge. mike: this is not your average classroom experience. researchers testing this material that is essentially a shock observer found inside all zones of products. itself products -- all sorts of products. robert mccurdy helped to create a new process to create that absorbing material using 3-d printers. >> the robot on the left uses much less. >> they customize stiffness and
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they have a special skin that prevents bounce. >> we added liquid to it. that helped absorb the energy. >> the researcher says the key to their design process is using drops of liquid throughout the material. >> here is our augmented material. it does not bounce. >> the work in the lab is focused on robo phones. the material could help a space rover land on target. >> we are still dreaming about the applications for this. antoinette: where would we be without the geniuses at m.i.t.? doug: it is unbelievable what they can do over there. antoinette: patriots quarterback tom brady is in san francisco, near his hometown.
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prove it. antoinette: and imagine re-learning how to do things like walking and writing when you are just 11 years old. why this week's a+ says it has made him the outstanding student he is today. doug: a little dry in the mass pike. that is what you are looking at right now. not a pretty sight. we are seeing some snowflakes as far east as worcester.
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kelly ann: many of us getting in on a nice little dry break this morning. snow moving into western massachusetts and new england as well. watch out for spotty rain out there. the winds will be a huge concern with wind gusts of 40 miles per hour possible. look in chester, massachusetts. you can see just enough that it barely coats the driveway at this point. don't get the shovels out just yet. we will mainly see this in higher elevations. doug: changing gears of little bit. a brain tumor at any age would be devastating news. antoinette: but for this week's a+ re-learning how to walk and use his hands as an 11-year-old was just part of life's
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memorial high school in west roxbury. ? antoinette: just like any high school senior, he is busy with college applications while keeping his grades up. unlike most kids he has recovered from brain surgery. >> i had surgery to remove a brain tumor in the right half of my cerebellum. antoinette: that was in 2012 when he was in seventh grade. my hands and how to walk. i switched from right to left. i was in shock when i first found out. antoinette: that laid-back attitude carried into his recovery. >> i will do a full day and be up and down stairs. a week or two. antoinette: sidelines for several months, but thanks to
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team he entered high school with a clear goal, to one day become a pediatric and oncologist, helping kids like himself. >> i can give them advice on how to conquer it and live their life without being upset. antoinette: his unwavering optimism will one day help others. he is this week's a+. do you know an exceptional student worthy of an a+? doug: talk about perspective. he goes through life with a completely different perspective now. he does not sweat the small stuff. antoinette: if we could all have that outlook on life it would be a different world. doug: yes it would. antoinette: a new tool for forecasting some tough to track storms. doug: the first round of an $11 billion upgrade to our weather satellite system. and 5 on the opioid crisis, firefighters helping drug users into recovery, the safe stations set up in one new hampshire
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kelly ann: some showers and snow this morning. how long before we are talking about wind chills. the outlook for your work week. doug: a mystery on the beach solved. adventurous heading out on the water this season.
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antoinette: protests of an alt-right conference turn violent. the clash caught on camera. announcer: good morning. this is newscenter 5's eye-opener. doug: a little look west as we approach the bridge. how about that. antoinette: some of those snowflakes are actually making their way east. are they going to get all the way here? kelly ann: snowflakes tonight. we cannot rule it all the way out. it is there. if you have the camera, get ready to take a picture or two tonight. antoinette: send it to us. kelly ann: we are cooling down at this point, but the winds are really impacting us. here's a look in boston. the winds are starting to strengthen. they are being sustained at 22 miles per hour.
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occasional wind gusts of 30 to 40 miles per hour. 41 degrees this morning. we were in the upper 40's earlier. right now we are seeing a nice dry opportunity for much of the region as this showers are moving north. we're seeing flurries in worcester county and through the hills. that is more the case in western massachuse are seeing the cool rain in place and snowfall in new york as well. temperatures will stay on the lower end of the scale. we are falling this afternoon. the winds will make it feel even colder as we see the windchill factor in the 30's. tonight, that is when temperatures get into the 30's. we will see a few snowflakes outside of the higher
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stories we are following right now. doug: state police searching for two people in the car that crashed into a home in northborough this morning. it happened around 1:00 a.m. on hudson street. no one inside the home was injured. police say two people inside the car ran from the scene. anyone with information should call police. a deadly construction site accident is being investigated by osha and duxbury police. a 28-year-old man was killed in an accident with a power saw. police say he was hit in the he died of his injuries at the hospital. his name has not been released. antoinette: president-elect donald trump and former massachusetts governor mitt romney holding a meeting together yesterday in new jersey. romney is reportedly being considered for secretary of state. the meeting lasted for nearly 90 minutes, but no sign of a done deal yet. doug: an arrest is made in connection with this hit and run in chelsea. police arrested 25-year-old arnold hernandez of lynn
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crossing the street friday. the woman is expected to recover. antoinette: right now answers on the south shore after the body of a kayaker washed up on the beach. newscenter 5's nicole estaphan reports on new details from hull. >> i think it is sad that this is just a tragedy accident during reporter: police searched for the body of a kayaker. by evening he was identified as douglas king. sometime in the early morning. >> it looks like he was separated from his kayak. reporter: he was wearing a wet suit a light jacket nearby. he was not wearing it at the time. his recreational kayak was not made for the rough waters. >> experienced kayakers, we see them on the beach and the day. -- bay.
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rescuers urging others if you head out to see alone, nature people know what your plans and have a cell phone with you in case of emergency. also stressing to kayakers and other boaters to never underestimate the power of the sea during the winter months. antoinette: a teenager in serious condition and facing charges after a police chase in wareham ended with a crash. police say just after they broke off the chase saturday, the 17-year-old's car skidded off the road and he was thrown from charges, including operating with a suspended license and speeding. police say the chase started just before 4:30 a.m. when the teen sideswiped another driver. students at westfield state university sent home early for thanksgiving break. it is all because of water pressure issues in the city of westfield. the school will close today at 4:00. the school says cancelling classes will help the city work toward resolving the water issues. westfield has restricted water
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reminding everyone to conserve. doug: a quick-spreading fire in nashua, new hampshire, is under investigation this morning. firefighters say flames broke out in an apartment building on eleventh street saturday. the fire quickly spread to two alarms with flames shooting through the roof and attic. investigators say the fire appears to have started in a first floor wall. the cause seems to be accidental. one firefighter was treated for minor head and neck injuries. psalm, and i are peak some students of bruce school in , -- some, and i repeat some students of bruce school in lawrence are headed back to school tomorrow. the school was damaged when a fire ripped through a second-floor classroom last week. students in grades 3 through 5 will return monday, while students in grades 6 through 8 will have no school again this week. over 500 students were evacuated from the building when flames broke out monday. no one was hurt. investigators say the fire was likely caused by a failure or overload of a power strip. antoinette: five on the opioid crisis, an alarming message from
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five overdoses in 24 hours. three of those five were fatal the chief asks anyone who knows . someone in need of treatment to reach out. he says we can find them help. in nashua, new hampshire, overdoses prompting the creation of safe stations. each of the six firestations in nashua now a designated safe station where anyone looking to be connected to a recovery program can go for help. firefighters hope more people will reach out to them before the town is following in manchester's footsteps, where nearly 600 people have gotten help since may. >> they just don't know where to turn. that is when we want to catch these folks. that is the critical time when they are ready for help. antoinette: nashua has already seen 4 fatal overdoses this month. doug: a protest of an alt-right conference in washington, d.c., turns violent saturday. two people from the national policy institute approached
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that's when one protestors -- one of the protestors knocked the man's camera, leading to a fight. one man from npi ended up with a gash on his forehead. the two protestors were then detained by police. npi's leader is known for promoting white supremacist views. boston mayor marty walsh looking to heal scars in boston as he takes steps to address racism. he says it's time for the city to start talking about it. as newscenter 5's david bienick reports, he's kicking off a year-long series of town hall discussions. >> inside the majestic theater, the talk was often personal. >> from an early age, i learned to be afraid to be black. >> the reaction was emotional >> . >> people who look like me off and did not have the courage or the will. >> people turned out for the first town hall on race. >> boston has an issue with racism. [laughter] >> thank you.
10:39 am
knowledge meant. >> still not satisfied. >> i would like to see a change in your writer, instead of saying no hostility, but i really want to hear your emotions as clear as they are. >> boston's history with busing, police relations, and equality of opportunity came up as problems. people said they planned to hold the mayor and city officials accoun are equal. >> it is a job that will take a long time. >> one measure will be how many people come up to the dialogue in different areas of the city. >> the mayor's office has yet to release a schedule for when these town halls will begin. antoinette: the anti-defamation league will hold a rally tomorrow at the state house. the group says they'll speak out against hate after what they say is an alarming number of
10:40 am
state treasurer deborah goldberg is among the state and local leaders joining the adl. the rally kicks off at 11:00 a.m. doug: describing the 2016 elections as "an epic failure" for his democrat party, congressman steve lynch is taking a wait and see approach to the future of nancy pelosi's leadership in the house. on wcvb's on the record, lynch claims democrats talked more about free range chickens than the working man. the former south boston iron worker is demanding a new plan. >> election -- shotgun election. she wanted to be reelected right away without any discussion. i felt that was wrong. i thought the democratic party has to do some soul-searching going forward. the old plan did not work. i would like to hear her new plan. doug:
10:41 am
other democrats might lead the house. antoinette: breaking overnight in india. doug: a deadly derailment that caused several passenger train cars to crumple. a police officer under attack. the quick decision some witnesses made that led to an arrest. kelly ann: and snow in the midwest, the system that's moving through new england. and we are talking rain and then gusty winds in our area, the chilly outlook for your work
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antoinette: we're following breaking news from india. dozens of people are dead after a train derails. this happened near the industrial city kanpur. at least 116 people were killed. more than 150 people were injured en crumpled, trapping people inside. it's unclear what caused the train to go off track. doug: caught on camera, a citizen jumping into action to help a police officer under attack. this happened just outside seattle. the officer was investigating a smashed window at a fast food restaurant when the suspect attacked. the officer says his taser malfunctioned. that's when a good samaritan moved in to help. >> what i saw was somebody who
10:45 am
that is the most important thing life can give. doug: the officer and the chief of police say they are thankful to the witnesses for taking action. the suspect was arrested for assault. antoinette: the weather forecast is about to get even more accurate. nasa launched the goes-r satellite from cape canaveral last night. the satellite is the first of three being built to replace the aging united states weather satellite system. that upgrade is expected to cost about $11 billion. the launch was delayed for a short time because of technical ises without problems. doug: you have heard of big blue , how about big white? check this out. this was the scene last night in michigan. the university of michigan taking on indiana. snow started falling in the fourth quarter, did not affect the stormtroopers. the game did go on, and michigan walked away the w. antoinette: fun times. back closer to home. check this out.
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it is a winter wonderland are there. how much has fallen? kelly ann: we have seen reports of up to five inches in franklin county. the rest of us are saying what snow? doug: we won't complain. kelly ann: we now have the wind. that is something we will see throughout the day. seeing snow. we are seeing accumulations of two three to five inches heading towards the higher elevations. we could see 10 inches of snowfall of the highest mountains. not as much in the lower elevations. toward the western hills, we could see some grassy coating.
10:47 am
snowflakes is possible. this point we're looking mainly dry with spotty, cool rain. satellite and radar showing a nice little lull in the activity for the region right now. we were seeing small spots of rain developing toward the south shore. snow is confined to our west. in worcester we were seeing some reports of snowflakes earlier, and now that is diminishing. temperatures right now are in the 30's. 37 in orange. pittsfield had a chilly 31. the water temperature is 54 degrees. 41 in boston and plymouth. earlier this morning around 5:00 a.m., many locations where near 50 degrees. we are starting to gradually fall today.
10:48 am
gusts of near 40 miles per hour today and tomorrow, that will make it feel like it is in the 30's despite what the thermometer says. snowflakes moving out toward the western hills. -- worcester hills. we are seeing more dry opportunities. what is really strengthening is because of that storm system shifting north and east, those gusty winds stay in place today and tomorrow. tuesday we will finally get this storm out of the way. high-pressure settling in. that will be helpful because it will clear us out. much of the east coast is dry and clear heading into tuesday. that will be the case wednesday as well. so many of us hitting the roadways on tuesday and wednesday with that thanksgiving travel.
10:49 am
extremely cold. single-digit wind chills in the inner portions of new england, especially western massachusetts and along the coastline where we will see when chills in the 20's during the afternoon. next week and that -- weekend that rainfall will stick around. we will see overnight temperatures in the 30's. slick road conditions. doug: today's game against the san francisco 49ers. they'll square off in san francisco without tight end rob gronkowski. he's nursing a chest injury suffered in last week's game. whatever that chest injury is. pats also without defensive end jabaal sheard due to a coach's decision. kickoff is at 4:25 today. whatever the coach says, whatever they say. tom brady prepared for today's game, he took a walk down memory lane.
10:50 am
his childhood home and posting childhood pictures. on facebook yesterday, brady said. "san francisco seems nice, but i can't imagine growing up anywhere but boston." and then he photoshopped the pictures to put himself as a child at various boston landmarks. even made it into the movie, "goodwill hunting." although we don't quite remember him in that scene. doug: it is the extended remix. the alternate ending. that is the one. antoinette: donald trump is up and posting his thoughts on twitter this morning. doug: the issue he's targeting right now. and a reaction from mike pence. a deadly construction site accident under investigation. the worker killed at a site in duxbury. the fatal injuries the man
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doug: 44 degrees out there right now. state police searching for two people in the car that crashed into a home in northborough this morning. it happened around 1:00 a.m. on hudson street. nobody inside the home was car ran from the scene. antoinette: a deadly construction site accident is being investigated by osha and duxbury police. a 28-year-old man was killed in an accident with a power saw. police say he was hit in the throat and died of his injuries at the hospital. his name has not been released. doug: an arrest is made in connection with this hit and run in chelsea. police arrested 25-year-old arnold hernandez of lynn . he was arrested yesterday. they say he was driving a minivan that hit a woman
10:54 am
antoinette: donald trump is tweeting again this morning over the message the cast of the hit musical hamilton sent to vice president-elect mike pence. donald trump tweeting "the cast , and producers of hamilton, which i hear is highly overrated, should immediately apologize to mike pence for their terrible behavior." on fox news sunday, mike pence said he was not offended by the cast's message. doug: students at westfield state university getting an ex issues in the city of westfield. the school will close today at 4:00. westfield has restricted water use throughout the city, reminding people to conserve. that is at exit three. let's go to exit two. this is what it looks like out there. the roads are slick. this is what the roads look like from massdot's cameras in stockbridge. it is sticking on grassy surfaces and the roadway.
10:55 am
kelly ann: we're seeing snowfall totals out there, but it will likely not stay around much of today. we are not seeing much snow for the rest of us, but we have gusty winds. it will feel like the 30's today. that is the case tomorrow. sunshine wednesday. thanks giving day, rainfall moving in. antoinette: thinking about all of that moving in. [crosstalk] doug: that have already raked. antoinette: is that you? doug: that's me. >> this is an editorial by wcvb channel 5 president. >> the traditional benchmark for evaluating the president is after their first 100 days in office, but with donald trump we
10:56 am
scrutiny with no past track record to way. will he surround himself with more traditional confidants? or will he leaned towards political operatives like steve bannon, his new chief strategist? it is unclear. the transition team is already in transition. we should knows in. donald trump is reaffirming some of his campaign thomas is and already softening others. pledges, he will put pro-life judges on the spring court. the wall he says now might actually be offense in sections. -- a fence in some sections and impractical to build in others. he will only target the criminal immigrants.
10:57 am
in jail. will the drain the swamp or restock it? it depends on your point of view. with obamacare, he has moved away from repeal and replace. supporters and detractors are not quite sure what he will do. rethinking and moderating a large number of his campaign promises would be a welcome
10:58 am
a world where we celebrate thanksgiving like we used to. where instead of rushing to buy we gave thanks for what we already have. and the only thing open for business after dinner at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods we're closed on thanksgiving because family time comes first. let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays
10:59 am
11:00 am
ed: good morning, everyone. it is time to go "on the record." watching and waiting, as a flurry of possible names for the new trump administration swirl -- gov. baker: i will advocate that massachusetts continues to be treated fairly. ed: after sitting out the presidential election, republican governor charlie baker working on building a relationship with the new washington. looking for new leadip congressman steve lynch and some other democrats taking a hard look as they limp back to a gop-ruled d.c. and -- politically, what are you thankful for? [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: from wcvb washington, the inside news. ed: good morning. i'm ed harding along with newscenter 5's political reporter janet wu. days away from the thanksgiving and we're guessing this year there's going to be a lot of


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