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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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mountains of maine. we have a warming trend in the forecast next week, but sunshine lurns late in the week and we're breaking it down right now as the eyeopener continues. announcer: now, on newscenter 5's eyeopener -- emily: breaking overnight, saying goodbye to a tv legend. remembering the late florence henderson. randy: the holiday shopping season starts now. three ways to get the best deals this black friday. emily: getting ready to face a judge, the case against a man accused of police officers. it's on the eye for this friday morning. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. emily: we are inside the toys 'r' us in framingham this morning. that store has been open since 12:30 for those black friday shoppers. we'll see if the early hours were worth it for the customers there. randy: a woman's got her cart full already. cindy says there might be slick
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visibility not an issue around the boston area, but as you get into the interior, notice it's running near just over a mile in a few spots, and we also have some patches of mist and drizzle. steadier showers right now up toward the new hampshire sea coast. as you get into northern worcester county around the worcester area, especially some of the higher elevations, it's fairly close to the freezing mark, so there might be just a few slippery spots. boston 40 degrees, running in the mid 40's if you're heading out on the capehi rain around haverhill. this extends toward portsmouth and new hampshire, sitting along the coastline. otherwise, a lot of clouds and an onshore wind today, and shows going to keep us locked in with the cloud cover. so through sunrise, temperatures holding in the upper 30's to near 40 degrees. lunchtime temperatures in the mid 40's, and we will sneak into the upper 40's this afternoon. drizzle and a few showers over the course of the day. they are going to be with us. if you have plans to head on out today, especially during the afternoon, showers may become a
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have that wet weather gear with you. let's get you out to the roads right now, see how we're doing. kevin in for olessa. kevin: thank you very much. lighter than normal volume. we expect that throughout the day. today shoppers out, though, in full force throughout the day for those black friday specials. certainly take it easy on those secondary roadways around area malls and shopping plazas. the expressway wide open northbound by columbia road. pretty much wide open wherever you of braintree. 11 minutes to get into the o'neill tunnel. 495 looking good in both directions. no troubles on 93, the lower end of 128. up to the north, much of the same. 93 a good ride from methuen to the city. if you're taking the trains, red, orange, blue lines running on a regular schedule. green lines and mattapan trolley on a weekend schedule.
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this is video of henderson taking part in the best years expo less than a month ago along with newscenter 5's maria stephanos and ben simmoneau. henderson, of course, best known as carol brady, the beloved mom of the emily: thousands of braving the cold and crowds for those randy: sera congi is at toys 'r' us in framingham. sera: let the games begin. as santa yoda says, bargain hunt you will. this toys 'r' us opened at 1:00 this morning. and this is one of the popular toys selling this year. the entire line is very popular this year, but the real souvenir, i have to tell you, all the moms and parents who
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'r' us. a lot of other stores in massachusetts that opened up around midnight. 136 million are expected to shop this thanksgiving weekend. that's online and in stores. now, black friday has lost a little bit of its luster with retailers starting sales earlier, but still this weekend will set the tone for the holiday shopping season. and many of the toys that are drawing people in are on sale, and a lot of the stores are trying to black friday. a lot of deals in toys 'r' us will be able until 7:00 a.m. you have to get here early. live in framingham, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: a similar story at the wrentham outlets. stores didn't open until midnight, but crowds started lining up hours before that. shoppers say they're out for the deals, but they're also continuing an annual tradition. >> we do it every year. it's fun. even when i moved, the first
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ticket to come back for thanksgiving, because i love thanksgiving, but also because i wanted to do this. this is my best day. emily: once shoppers have made it through the sales in wrentham, they plan to move on to the next best sale. one shopper will head to new hampshire to get the most for his dollar by not paying sales tax. if you're planning on shopping today, here are three steps that experts say you should try to apply to your black friday experience. first, always check the specific model of the electronics you are about to purchase. experts say ev t models that you're better off avoiding. next, try to price-check in the store. use your phone to see if if the product is cheaper at another store or maybe online. and leave your credit cards at home and use cash. experts say this will help you think more about every purchase you make. randy: five minutes after 5:00. other stories we're following -- the suspect accused on the attack of four police officers will be facing a judge in a
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antonio is in dorchester to set the stage for this hearing. antoinette: randy, that suspect, vincent weaks, is due in court later today, facing charges of assault and battery with a weapon. police say weaks dragged two of the officers with his car and hit the other two with his car, knocking them to the ground. this all happened early wednesday morning outside the dublin house bar on stoughton street in dorchester. the officers were responding to a call o and while questioning weaks in his car, police say he put the vehicle in gear and hit the accelerator. while trying to take the keys out of the ignition, those officers were dragged about 20 feet. the other two officers were hurt when they were hit by the car during that getaway. none of them were seriously hurt. all four officers were taken to the hospital and treated. they were released later on in the day. as for weaks, he initially got away, but police caught up with
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live outside dorchester district court this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: thank you. the suspect in the fatal shooting of a police officer at michigan's wayne state university is going to be in court today to be facing those charges. 29-year-old officer collin rose died a day after he was shot on that detroit campus. investigators say that he was shot in the head while investigating car break-ins tuesday night. officer rose was a five-year veteran of the service member killed in syria. the pentagon has yet to release that information. the service member died when a bomb exploded in the northern part of the country. about 300 elite u.s. troops are in syria, training and advising local groups fighting isis. president-elect donald trump spent thanksgiving in florida, but it was no holiday from conflict. trump faces a divided inner circle with tension over his pick for secretary of state now
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conway tweeting out this message. quote, receiving deluge of social media and private comments regarding mitt romney. some trump loyalists warn against romney as secretary of state. conway says she's only tweeting what she has discussed with trump in private. no comment on the in-fighting from the president-elect, but he was talking on social media. trump tweeted he's trying to keep the air conditioning company carrier from moving jobs from indiana to mexico.ra schools is reviewing its internal communications. this move follows fallout over alleged sex acts performed on a school bus with young children. the spokesman tells "the herald" a comprehensive internal review is underway and, quote, as a result, we expect the superintendent will consider whether any changes are necessary to ensure proper communication is followed internally and with our partners. b.p.s. says the incident
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renaissance charter school. parents were notified on monday. b.p.s. acknowledges that safety staff knew about this on the day of the alleged attack. mayor walsh tells "the herald" the communication breakdown needs to be immediately addressed. the massachusetts lawmakers may be looking to delay portions of a new law legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. several state leaders expressed concern about the timeline for implementing the law. "the globe" is now this morning that some legislators have been holding backroom discussions. if they succeed, it could mean retail shops telling marijuana will not be opening until sometime in 2018. emily: a thanksgiving day tribute to a fallen massachusetts state police trooper and it derived from a more than 100-year-old tradition. marlborough and hudson used their holiday football game to remember state trooper thomas clardy, who was hit and killed during a traffic stop in march.
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clardys youngest son, noah, did the pre-game coin toss. >> i thought of my husband, you know. it was snowing. i thought maybe that was a sign that he was maybe looking down, wishing that, obviously, he was here to see the support from everybody. emily: trooper clardy was from hudson. his widow says thanksgiving was one of his favorite holidays, and he always made a point to spend it with family. randy: a woman missing for weeks has been found alive in california. launching a manhunt this morning. inmates escaping from a prison on the west coast and how they used their sheets for this jail break. and a marathon bombing survivor making the difference for others. the medical breakthrough getting a boost from a mother and daughter. breaking news this morning. "the brady bunch" actress florence henderson has died at 82 years old. cindy: watching patches of drizzle, fog this morning. could be black ice in spots.
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as you're heading out the door this morning. we're 40 degrees in boston. notice in the worcester area, just 35 degrees. some drizzle around.
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>> here we are from boston's bridge to excellence where you can build a better community for children and their families.
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randy: good morning to you. good friday morning to our friends at boston's bridge to excellence, a group to empower young people to become leaders in their community. emily: we would love to see your wake-up call. get everybody together. shoot it on your phone and upload it to ulocal using our wcvb app. randy: happy thanksgiving. emily: right. cindy: ate a little too much. emily: you don't need to button those randy: let it all flow. cindy: a lot of folks probably going to -- if they're brave enough -- get out there this morning. if you are, just a heads-up. we have a little fog away from the coastline. so the fog may slow you down and the radar is picking up on some patchy areas of mist and drizzle. steadier showers right now up through parts of the merrimack valley, the new hampshire sea coast. as you get near and outside of 495, it is close to the freezing mark in spots, especially some of the higher elevations.
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there. worcester is 35 degrees. we're running about 36 nashua over to lawrence. boston, though, is 40. we're already in the lower 40's here and mid 40's on the cape. look at the temperatures coming up into the low 50's down this way. but we are locked in tight with the clouds all day long, and there will be some rain at times today. it's on the lighter side but have your wet weather gear with you if you're going to be out and about today. to the north it is snowing lightly, but it's up there up across western and northern maine. we've got a storm sitting offshore. this is w rain yesterday. around it we're getting this onshore wind flow. even though we're not going to have organized rain, that east-southeasterly rain will keep the clouds locked in tight. also bring in warmer temperatures. upper 40's near the coast, 50 and low 50's on the cape. you get over the interior, low to mid 40's. so just a little bit milder than it was yesterday. here on futurecast, 8:00 this morning, clouds, a couple of spots of drizzle, some showers around. that's the case through noontime and even into the afternoon,
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umbrella with you. we get deeper into the overnight, a lot of showers wind down, but clouds are with us. they will blanket us. mid 30's to 40 degrees for overnight lows. we get into the day tomorrow, some energy is going to develop a storm to our south. then it's going to stay offshore as it begins to intensify. it may throw rain into coastal areas saturday. and look at this thing winding up on sunday to the north. we'll get in on breezy, drier conditions. but through parts of northern maine, look at the snow that's going to 6 to 12 inches possible in far northern maine. showers on saturday in southeastern massachusetts in the morning hours, in the afternoon, the coastline, a couple of showers. away from the coast, it's mainly dry. we have to wait until sunday to brighten up our skies. early next week starts out dry. we've got a nice warming trend coming. back in the 50's, could be 60 by thursday. let's get you out to the roads.
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despite the wet roadways. nice ride into downtown. go to the maps. much of the same. clean and green all around. some buzzing around the shopping centers for black friday holiday deals. so be careful out there, especially around route 37. no troubles on the expressway. pretty much wide open as is route 3 and 24. much of the same out to the west of the mass pike. that's a nice ride for you 495 into that a lot of activity on route 9 with all those shopping centers in the natick stretch. no trouble on 128 getting by 114. north shore mall. looking good by the burlington mall. 93, 495 down in the city, only a 23-minute ride for you. emily: a manhunt underway after a mother missing for weeks is reunited with her family. sherri papini vanished while jogging and turned up on the
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papini had gone jogging within a mile of her home but was found thursday morning nearly 150 miles away and nearly three weeks later. she is being treated for injuries. police say her captors are still on the run. >> the investigation is far from over. in fact, it has only begun a new chapter. we are confident that with the public's help, we'll make an arrest on this case. emily: police have not revealed a motive but say they're looking for a with a gun. a manhunt in california after two inmates escape from prison. police say four inmates tied clothes and bed sheets together and rappelled down from their second floor window. two of them were caught by police but the others managed to run. they're both facing various charges including firearms violations. investigators now looking into whether the inmates had help from the outside. randy: your economy for this friday morning --
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longer. politicians and business leaders are asking the state to expand the project to the cape cod canal using cape flyer tracks and adjust the route moving to the cape is in the works with hopes of saving money. that adjustment prompted lawmakers ta make their proposal. but an mbta spokesperson says that the state is not currently considering expanding this rail project. a look at the markets now. asian stocks advancing overnight as the thanksgiving holiday in the united states helped s that took capital out of the most emerging markets. stock futures here are higher. wall street is open today, but will close at 1:00 rather than the normal 4:00. emily: a roller-coaster of emotions in the last seconds of a high school football game. randy: and a nativity set aimed at hipsters in eyepoppers this
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maura healey raising speculation. emily: a new hampshire couple rescued from the fires. it wasn't just the flames. the tough situation in manchester. randy: a dog missing for days is found in an unlikely place.
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>> voices of hope. >> good morning, eyeopener. emily: good morning to you, all those folks from voices of hope. they raise money for cancer research through song. randy: great wake-up calls. cindy: you're going to want an umbrella to coordinate with your outfit. you see the radar picking up on light areas of drizzle. a few more showers into southern new hampshire. i just want to caution you, near and o a little bit slippery in spots this morning as the temperatures are running in the low to mid 30's. worcester 36. boston, we're starting out at 40 degrees. look where we're headed. upper 40's in the afternoon. clouds are with us all day long. over the next 12 hours, we'll jump up with temperatures into the upper 40's but periodic damp conditions. have that umbrella with you. there might be some showers at the coast tomorrow.
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a breezy one coming up on sunday. emily and randy? emily: cindy, thank you. it is time for eyepoppers this morning. christmas just around the corner now. there's a new take on the nativity set. randy: a new decorative set that puts a modern spin on the rather traditional display. it's known as the hipster nativity set complete with wisemen on segues bearing gifts from amazon selling 500 sets a day. some might be offended. emily: a day of football means a great day of finishes. lynn english takes the lead. a flag is down. so classical gets another chance. and as the clock expires, the players pass the football off. they made it all the way down the field, scoring a touchdown.
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incredible! right? randy: a game to remember. emily: folks went home and were angry or elated. randy: everybody had some emotion. emily: happy thanksgiving. a big moment for the safe stations initiative in new hampshire. the milestone first responders are happy to have reached. randy: and we're back inside the black friday bargain hunt this morning. sera congi finding deals and gauging the crowds, and sera will have an emily: take a live look here at the zakim bridge this morning. pretty quiet out there, as you would expect. kevin is here in-studio keeping an eye on your roadways. he will have any updates on problem spots next. >> this is an editorial by wcvb channel 5's president and general manager, bill fine. >> after all the election turmoil, it's understandable that many people across the country are nervous about their family gatherings this
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clashing ideologies have proven to be very thorny subjects this fall. it's a recipe for difficulty around the dining room table and perhaps continuing over leftovers all weekend long. is your family among those declaring politics off-limits for discussion this weekend? if so, look at the bright side. that could mean extra helpings of football and time for so many other topics. favorite family stories, holiday movies, theater, and hit shows like "hamilton." okay, maybe not this turbulent autumn. maybe thanksgiving comes at just the right time this year. many voted for president-elect trump to express unease and anger over how they see the nation. others voted just as passionately against him because of his unprecedented style of leadership and how he may change the nation. neither side can predict the future. but amidst the angst, perhaps we are indeed fortunate to also have these few days where we can all take a collective breath and
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that still bind us all regardless of party and persuasion. whether or not your family chooses to engage in this steady stream of political dialogue currently engulfing america or take a break and find safer ground to share, we can all give thanks we live in a country where the freedom to choose our path is enshrined.
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announcer: now on newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: a hollywood legend passes away. the tributes to one of america's favorite tv moms. emily: the man accused of mowing down boston police officers set to face a judge. what to expect from his day in court. randy: black friday is finally here. >> the deals and crowds you'll find as you hit the stores. >> and a marathon bombing groundbreaking research on the eye. announcer: you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5's eyeopener. randy: 5:30 on this friday morning. we're live here in a toys 'r' us. and people, as you can see, are shopping. it is black friday. look out. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm randy price.
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olessa. what do folks need, to bundle up? cindy: today's a day you want an umbrella with you. there's going to be showers at times today and some drizzle and some mist. just do the hood. emily: you need hands for that. cindy: you do, absolutely. look at the showers showing up. this is where we have the steadiest rain, in the merrimack valley. haverhill to lowell. we focus in on the lawrence area. this is where we are actually seeing a couple of areas where returns on the radar. that could indicate we could have a couple of ice pellets mixed in. mostly what we're dealing with this morning is the rain and outside of this area just some patches of mist and drizzle. the temperatures are running in the low to mid 30's. worcester is 36 degrees. 40 in boston. mid and upper 40's already on the cape. also a little fog out there this morning. so it's a gray kind of damp, murky day. the sun will be up at 6:47.
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persist. by noontime, mid to upper 40's with areas of mist and drizzle and a few showers that carry us in the afternoon as well. no real organized rain, but can't rule out a shower shifting to the coastline. let's get you out to the roads. i think it's the shopping malls that are busiest. kevin: you are seeing a lot of activity around a lot of those shopping malls. not really you get stuck on some of those ramps towards those malls. this is what most of the major highways look like. this is 93. normally we pick up volume. very nice ride heading into downtown. everybody downtown's in great shape. much of the same up to the north. looking good on the upper end of 128, 93, route 3, a great ride out of new hampshire down towards 128. looking good south of town, even the expressway wide open, 11
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128. may see some shopping volume here along route 1 especially through that dedham stretch. taking the trains, red, orange and blue lines on a regular schedule. grain green lines and mattapan trolley on a saturday schedule. randy: a little shopping volume. shoppers are out on this black friday looking for deals. emily: the eyeopener's sera cong l framingham for us. sera, good morning. sera: black friday is serious business. we're here in the toys 'r' us in framingham which opened at 1:00 a.m. this morning. i want to introduce you to some of the shoppers dedicated, i have to say, and having a lot of fun. i came over because you guys were laughing it up big time. having fun today. >> yes, we are. sera: why are you coming out so early? >> lots of kids, family, trying to beat the rush. good deals. >> people-watching. sera: interesting people?
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sera: so this is not your first stop. you ladies have already hit a few stores. >> we left at 11:00 tonight to start. we'll be out until 1:00 in the afternoon. >> if we're lucky. sera: some people will say why are you doing this? >> it's tradition. >> it is. it's not about the deals. it's about the tradition. >> even if we don't buy anything, we're still going to be here. then we get breakfast. good, any good deals, any good -- >> $3 a pop. sera: what does it say? >>. reporter: a lucky person on your santa's wish list maybe. you've been having a great time this morning. a lot of people come out for tradition. black friday is a big deal. we've seen a lot of people hugging and laughing and having
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lots and lots of deals. we'll keep you posted on how the morning goes. live in framingham, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: florence henderson passing away at the age of 82. henderson most notably known as carol brady, the loving mother on "the brady bunch." her manager says she died yesterday in los angeles surrounded by loved ones. randy: also breaking, a driver charged with oui after crashing into a massachusetts state 93, southeast expressway, the boston-milton line. the trooper was taken to the hospital. we're told that trooper has been treated and released. the man accused of running down four boston police officers will be in court today. vincent weaks faces charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, accused of mowing those officers down in dorchester. emily: a fire brokes out in a
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the calls to 9-1-1. this disabled couple was trapped in the bedroom of their second story apartment on elm street. crews moved through the smoke, found the couple and cleared the path to a backdoor to get them out. >> i was in the bedroom. i heard a loud sound in the living room. then all of a sudden all the alarms in the building went off. i went in to go check the living room, and i saw all this steam and water coming in there. em sparked the fire. randy: pope francis has a suggestion to stop the opioid crisis. emily: the tool he things could make a big difference a. marathon bombing survivor is helping other people overcome challenges. the medical breakthrough coming
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kevi we're watching a lot of shopping centers for black friday deal shoppers, and there's already a lot of buzz out there. cindy fitzgibbon, what can we expect in the weather department today? cindy: kind of a gray day. damp drizzle at times. watching an area of showers right now moving through parts of southern new hampshire, hampstead down to lawrence over to newburyport. we'll have periodic showers, drizzle and fog. temperatures upper 40's this afternoon. still some showers along the coast tomorrow, but we're
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half of the weekend. look at that warm-up. we are back into the 50's for the middle of next week. >> this is exactly what we wanted. emily: nearly four years after gillian reny was seriously injured in the marathon bombings, a medical breakthrough has her family feeling especially thankful this holiday weekend. that breakthrough made possible by a grant from the family foundation stepping strong. >> it's just our dream true. reporter: audrey and her daughter gillian are in ought of the advance announced at brigham and women's redefining how amputations are done funded through an award from their foundation established after the 2013 marathon bombing. >> we never could have imagined that in just two years, the idea would transform into reality and changing and helping someone else's life.
5:41 am
ewing, the maine man had his left foot amputated after a rock climbing fall. he's the first person to undergo a new technique to preserve nerves in his limb that will connect with this next-generation prosthesis developed at m.i.t. audrey there as the groundbreaking achievement was announced. >> we are cheering for you. we are here for you, and it touches our hearts deeply to know that you are once again the summer after they'd undergone procedures. she calls him an inspiration and is humbled by the part stepping strong played in his journey. >> i can't even express how meaningful it is. this is exactly what we've been waiting for. for me, i would hope in 10 years that we have a million more jims. emily: so mom audrey and jim are in touch by email and she hopes to continue that relationship for a long time. as for gillian, she is graduating from college next spring, and that's a milestone
5:42 am
randy: dramatic explosion recorded by a passerby. and tom brady missing practice again. the injury speculation this
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randy: randy: kicking off news to go with a welcome sight for many of us. good news for skiers and snowboarders. several new hampshire mountains
5:45 am
emily: the adventure park in sumner tubing attraction is open. cannon mountain set to open. and six trails open at waterville valley. randy: maine is probably not far behind. cindy: it is the season. there's a little snow in the state of maine. compared to what's coming this weekend, this is nothing. the state of maine will do very well with snow over the course of the weekend. if you are traveling to the north, look at this. by sunday at t 6:to 12 inches of snow in far northern maine. the mountains of western main going to do pretty well too. if you are traveling to new hampshire, vermont, a little bit of snow out that way. here in southern new england, not much of anything. we're talking about some rainfall around here. we can see it showing up now north of boston. a batch of showers just north of you in north reading toward newbury and manchester, new hampshire, as well. outside of that area of showers, we're seeing patches of mist and
5:46 am
concern are the temperatures. 40 around boston right now. mid 40's in the cape. north and west of the city, only in the mid 30's around worcester into southern new hampshire. there could be pockets where we're closer to that freezing mark. it could be slippery this morning. we go through a time and those temperatures warm. the area of concern with slippery conditions pretty much out of here by 8:00 this morning. we want to keep pushing those temperatures up. by midday, mid 40's. topping out in the upper 40's to around of town. we're looking at the temperatures a little warmer today. throughout the day, have that umbrella handy, because you can see we've got the cloud cover in place, and as we get deeper into the afternoon, i think the showers renew as we get into the boston area. by noontime, area of showers developing here on the worcester area. will start to shift eastward. closer to the coastline, more wet weather around. and showers shift offshore. we're left with the clouds and drizzle as well.
5:47 am
this is going to energize as it lifts up toward the state of maine. that brings snow. there could be showers near the coast on saturday. sunday is looking like the drier weekend day for us. let's get you out to the roads. a lot of folks headed shopping this morning, kevin. kevin: they are. that seems to be the case this morning, but the good news is the major roadways are looking pretty good out there this morning. clean and green for the most part on the major highways. no big troubles to mention. as you friday shoppers jamming up those parking lots in the mall area. 93, the expressway looking into braintree to boston. no troubles on that lower end of 93 or 128. we are picking up a spinout on 24 in that brockton stretch. light volume not causing any big delays at all. taking route 3, looking pretty good past route 53. that's where that hanover mall is. in fact, 11-minute ride from hanover toward the expressway.
5:48 am
wrentham mall. you're looking good to the west on the mass pike. emily? emily: thank you so much, k.b. florence henderson has died at 82 years old. it was last month henderson took part in the best years expo with newscenter 5's maria stephanos and ben simmoneau. henderson best known as carol brady, the beloved mom on "the brady bunch." her manager says she died surrounded by family and friends. also breaking, a driver a state police cruiser. this was the scene on 93 on the boston-milton line overnight. the state trooper inside was taken to the hospital, and we are told that trooper has been treated and released. randy: the other big story of the morning, black friday is underway. emily: shoppers out in full force including the eye's sera congi. these in framingham. sera: bargain hunters not wasting time.
5:49 am
toys. this one's high on the wish list this holiday season. a lot of people are in their p.j.'s because they didn't get any rest. they were shopping in any massachusetts stores which opened at 1:00. a lot of people never went to bed. a lot of the best deals are happening in these hours. for example, toys 'r' us here offering sales that will go until 7:00 a.m. 136 million are expected to shop online and in stores around the country this thanksgiving weekend. and they do expect sales to be slightly better than last year. live in framingham, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: thank you. a fight over a parking spot at a reno, nevada, walmart takes a deadly turn. this morning, police are looking for the suspected shooter who drove off. police do have a description of the getaway car. >> the man accused of assaulting
5:50 am
dragging two officers with his car and knocking two officers to the ground. it happened early wednesday morning outside the dublin house bar on stoughton street in dorchester. those officers were responding to a call of a person with a gun. while questioning weaks in his car, police say he put the vehicle in gear and hit the gas. while trying to take the keys out of the ignition, those officers were dragged about 20 feet. the other two officers were hurt when they were hit by the car during the getaway. weaks faces charges of assault weapon. live outside dorchester district court this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: thank you. the suspect in the fatal shooting of a police officer at michigan's wayne state university will be officially charged today. 29-year-old officer collin rose died a day after he was shot on the detroit campus. investigators say he was shot in the head while investigating car break-ins tuesday night. officer rose was a five-year veteran of the university's police force.
5:51 am
attorney general of the commonwealth, maura healey, has marked her biggest fundraising month so far this year. "the herald" is reporting that she raised $82,000 in fundraising so far this month, nearly $50,000 raised in the week after donald trump's victory. healey has said she has no interest in running against charlie baker in 2018. emily: safe stations in new hampshire making a difference in the opioid cr saying 800 people have come in for help. those safe stations are open all day every day. anyone can come in to get help. no questions asked. the fire department started the program in may, and it has since spread to other cities in the state. randy: the death toll going up overnight after a car bombing south of baghdad. at least 73 people were killed in this attack carried out by isis. the attack happened yesterday at a gas station on a major highway.
5:52 am
mobile home. that fire leaving four people dead. this happened in central california. you can see the flames shooting through the roof earlier. neighbors say the couple was raising their two grandchildren. it is unclear what caused the explosion. the f.b.i.'s investigating a deadly thanksgiving day shooting at a flag football tournament in kentucky. police say two people are dead, four more injured. the louisville tournament is known as the juice bowl. a local tradition e well. just about 150 yards from the shooting. he was not hurt. and no word at this point on any arrests being made. emily: pope francis is calling for social programs to help people around the world fight drug addiction. the pope spoke at a narcotics conference in vatican city thursday calling addiction a new form of slavery and a wound to our society. he suggested that education is fundamental in the fight against drugs and spoke in favor of programs that offer family and
5:53 am
the bruins drop a thanksgiving day game to the senators. the b's score in the final seconds of the first period, but that would be all for the night. the senators, they tie it up in the third on this goal here, and they go on to score two more in that period. the final score senators 3-1. the browns take on the calgary flame tonight at home. there was someone missing from the patriots practice yesterday, and that has fans a little concerned. tom brady not practicing for the second day in a row. now, a knee iy but we know he's been undergoing treatment for a quad injury he received in the seattle game. brady is, however, expected to play sunday against the jets. randy: a dog in maine is reunited with its family after surviving underground for four days! moxie was the center of an all-out dog hunt last week when she got past the gate of her montville home. friends used a rescue dog to search the woods nearby. that's when they heard the miniature schnauzer underground
5:54 am
unharmed. her owner says that she's just thankful to have their best friend back. emily: good news for the holidays. cindy: yeah. randy: some extra treats. cindy: maybe a little turkey. there you go. 40 degrees right now in boston. not bad as you're stepping out the door this morning with a light north-northwesterly wind. but there is a little bit of fog reducing visibility on the north shore of beverly, the worcester area as well. heads-up for that. notice the temperatures. nortnd not 40 degrees. low to mid 30's. there might be one or two slippery spots outside of 495 where we've got patches of mist and drizzle this morning. but i want to take you inside here up toward the north shore where we've got a band of showers filling in out of southern new hampshire and dropping down toward danvers and gloucester as well. so this is our wettest area this morning, but we're going to keep these showers, some patches of drizzle in the forecast pretty much all day long. by noontime, you're heading out, there will be showers and drizzle around. temperatures in the mid 40's.
5:55 am
few showers around. but at least the temperatures today a little bit milder. we could touch 50 in southeastern massachusetts. cooler north and west. low to mid 40's for you. about 48 in boston this afternoon. notice as we get into lunchtime here, a couple of showers around. this band may try to shift toward the coast as we get deeper toward the afternoon and into the evening hours. and then during the overnight, the trend will be for us to dry out. we're left with a lot of clouds so temperatures don't drop much overnight. 30, 40 degrees overnight. tomorrow we'll watch a southeastern massachusetts and then this really ramps up saturday night into sunday and brings a lot of snow to the state of maine. notice the winds kick up on sunday, so it's going to be breezy. that will start to dry us out. we get brighter on sunday with sunshine. early next week looks dry. as we head toward the middle of next week, we're going to see the temperatures come up. we go back into the 50's, could be close to 60 degrees here on thursday, but that warm-up comes
5:56 am
middle of next week. let's get you out to those roads. i don't think a lot of folks headed to work today, kevin brennan. kevin: they're going out to shop. no too bad on the major highways. live shot of the expressway by columbia road. this time of the morning normally jammed up. looking good. 11-minute ride from braintree to the o'neill tunnel. 24 northbound, we're dealing with a spinout by route 27 in brockton. apparently, there's one lane any troubles. out to the west, route 2 eastbound dealing with a car that went over the guardrail in acton at piper road. no other major problems. looking good to the north. very quiet out there this morning. if you're taking the train, lowell out and about train out of north station running 10 to 15-minute delays due to an earlier problem.
5:57 am
opening a little bit later than many expect. emily: the concerns that could delay sales. and shop smart this black friday. three ways to get the best bargains. that is ahead. a live look here from framingham toys 'r' us, getting the best bargains there. sera congi is there having a little too much fun, i think. i don't know.
5:58 am
5:59 am
at fallon health we realize that no matter where you are in life you can always be moving forward. moving forward with compassion. moving forward with care when you need it. moving forward with laughter and a healthy heart. why move forward alone when we can move forward together.
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emily: breaking overnight. saying goodbye to a tv legend, remembering the late florence henderson. >> the holiday shopping season is underway at this hour. three ways to get the best deals this black friday. >> getting ready to face a judge. a man accused of running down four police officer morning. >> we are inside the toys 'r' us in framingham. that store has been opened since 12:30 for black friday shoppers. we'll see if the hours were worth it for those customers ahead. >> that's a lot. >> i know. >> cindy says there might be slick spots out there this morning, so be careful, right?


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