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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  November 27, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> now on newscenter 5 -- nichole: a four-alarm fire, forces a family from a dorchester home. the injuries to a boston firefighter. mike: it's cool and breezy right now. i'm tracking how low the temperature will drop for the morning. and the next round of wet weather headed our way. questions, about the election he won. why he says he should have won the popular vote too. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. nichole: right now at 5:00, a four alarm fire tearing through a home in dorchester. good evening. i'm nichole berlie. reid: and i'm reid lamberty. two families forced from their homes. and we are now learning new information about how it started. newscenter five's diane cho is live in dorchester.
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diane: reid, nicole, you can see the victims after a fire broke out at a home here on harlem street. firefighters say the fire apepars to have started in the back of the home because that's where the heavy damage is from the flames. they say the fire went from the first floor and made its way all the way up to the attic. we're told this is a 2-family home, it took about 30 minutes before firefighters were able to knock down the bulk of the fire. firefighters are now learning the fire was caused by a short circuit in a first floor power strip in the back of the home. >> is confusing. we had to send some of our forces to the right and to the left to make sure we got a good search for anyone in the building. diane we're told one firefighter : was taken to a local hospital for a minor burn on the leg. firefighters estimate the damage be around three to $50,000 from his home. diane cho, wcvb newscenter 5. reid: right now, president-elect donald trump continues his criticism of recount efforts.
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newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich is here with what kellyanne conway had to say. todd: secretary of state is the highest profile position yet to be filled by the president-elect, and it seems clear trump's advisors disagree over who he should nominate. top of his agenda tonight, though is fighting a recount effort that he says is led by "crybabies." kellyanne conway: governor romney the last 4 years, i mean, has he been around the globe doing something on behalf of the united states of which we're unaware? : president-elect questioning the qualifications of former governor mitt romney, who is being considered for secretary of state. the harsh criticism seems to show dissension within the trump transition team. trump's incoming chief of staff says the president-elect will pick the most qualified candidate. >> i think what president-elect trump has said is that, as he's said the entire campaign, he's going to hire the best people possible. so he's going through this process, he's interviewed and talked to governor romney.
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party unity, but i'm not sure that we have to pay for that with the secretary of state position. but again, let me repeat, what donald trump decides, kellyanne conway and everybody else will respect. todd no word today from the : president-elect on cabinet posts, but trump has plenty to say on a recount effort in pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin. the green party has been pushing for the recount. hillary clinton's campaign will participate. trump calls it a scam, tweeting, in addition to winning the electoral college in a landslide, i won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. trump has also been tweeting pieces of hillary clinton's concession speech, in which she said she accepts the results of the election. trump also initially said he accepts the results. thus far, there is no evidence whatsoever that millions of people voted illegally. nichole. nichole: all right, thank you, todd. the sun finally out. mike: and another cloud came
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and with that cloud cover, we had a few snow flurries. the skies were clear about three hours ago, 10:00, it worked its way into boston. as we travel to the west, look at this. a little bit of snow, a little bit of rain. more sprinkles than a couple of flurries. and now the sun is down. we are going to lose that. through the evening hours, the skies will be clearan going to get chilly. tomorrow morning you will start your day off with nothing but sunshine, but make sure you have a jacket. it is going to be cold. the clouds clear away after 11:00 tonight. the temperature dropping down to 32 degrees. but you know what happens. you get away from the city, temperatures will drop down to 20 and many spots. also i am tracking rain for your tuesday. i will have a timeline coming up.
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caught on camera. police say the surveillance video shows the driver didn't even slow down. newscenter 5's rhondella richardson is live with new details on the victim. rhondella: finally a break on this horrific story. police have someone in for questioning at this time. we have also been able to confirm the name of between five-year-old victim. he is sergio david before 1:30 am friday this scene. the victim, the man in the middle with his friends, is critically injured leaving the spot bar and lounge on brockton's north main street -- north main street. a group of men had just stepped into the street and that's when a car appears to barrel right through them, the moment of impact so disturbing we stopped , the video just before impact. once the victim is hit you can , see his friends react in shock and that's the reaction across brockton today.
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georgia's roastbeef and pizza shop. i impact he flew in the air, , landing the street several car lengths away. three women run to help. the driver of the car, just flees the scene taking off down the street. witnesses were unable to get a plate number. everyone on brockton very disturbed by the story. those cameras outside capturing that hit and run right here on the street and the victim tonight in very critical condition at a b live in brockton, rhondella richardson, wcvb newscenter 5. nichole: also in brockton, a investigation is underway after a woman was attacked this morning. our media partners at the brockton enterprise report the victim called for help, saying she was stabbed just after 8:00. police say she was assaulted, but not stabbed and will be ok. they are searching for whoever is responsible. reid: attleboro police are investigating if a pair of robberies is linked. someone held-up the honey dew
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morning. he claimed to have a weapon, but never showed one. police are looking into whether it's the same person behind a similar robbery on friday at the cumberland farms next door. nobody was hurt in either hold-up. new details are being released in a deadly crash overnight on morrissey boulevard. police say a car went over the guardrail on i-93 north and landed on an suv below on morrissey boulevard. police say the driver of the car that rolled over the guardrail died at the scene. the driver of the suv was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries. his passenger was not hurt. ch the killing of a woman in lowell last weekend. the autopsy has been finished on the victim. the autopsy shows that she died of a ruptured aorta. it is consistent with being run over by a car. a woman has been a less -- arrested for the beating,
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full bottle of liquor twice. reid: powerful reactions are still coming in from around the world following the death of former cuban leader fidel castro. as abc's elizabeth hur reports, in cuba, there will be nine days of mourning for the 90-year-old who ruled the country with an iron fist for decades. elizabeth a sea of flags from : the air celebrating the death of fidel castro. >> it's like a new beginning. elizabeth on the ground at the : shrine our lady of charity, cubans in exile praying for a free cuba -- vivian urbieta came to florida as a chil 1 >> i never grew up with a grandmother or grandfather. my cousins, and, and uncles, my brothers, that was it. elizabeth: and cuba, a much different mood. elian gonzalez became a symbol of troubled relations between the two countries after he was rescued off the coast of florida, before a legal battle ended with his forced return to his homeland.
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state television -- >> fidel was that friend who was with my family, with my father at the most difficult moment, and who made it possible that i came back to my father and back to cuba. elizabeth feelings not shared by : senator ted cruz whose father fled cuba decades ago. though no u.s. officials said they plan to attend castro's funeral, the former presidential candidate lashed out. senator cruz i hope we don't see : barack obama and joe biden and hillary clinton and the democrats lining up to lionize a murderous tyrant and thug. president-elect donald trump, who has said he might undo america's renewed ties with cuba released a statement that said board ministrations will do all we can to make sure the cuban people continue toward liberty and prosperity. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. reid: a special right after
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veterans rallying, making sure that there voices are heard on a divisive issue. nichole: a woman devastated by the death of her mother. reid: a major medical
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>> you are watching wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00.
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protesting at hampshire college in western mass demanding that the college resume flying the american flag. they hundreds of students carry the flags. they say that they welcome a peaceful discussion about the decision. a deadly shooting at a popular tourist destination. nichole: 10 people were shot in new orleans' french quarter early this morning, one man has died. it happened around 1:30 a.m. so far, poli s two men were arrested on firearms charges, including one of the shooting victims. a north dakota sheriff not apologizing for this. you can see protesters being hit with large water roses. police it used rubber bullets and tear gas last week. hundreds are rallying around a proposed pipeline. they roam us to stand the ground even if the government closes off the area december 5.
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but for some it means remembering who we've lost. nichole: newscenter 5's rhondella richardson has the story of a woman who has turned her grief into a path to success. >> housekeeping? hello? rhondella: making the rounds with mildred gonzalez is a snapshot of her remarkable life journey. >> i can speak with them, i can help them, i can guide them. i know how frustrating it is to won i can go outside and clean garbage. rhondella: that lack of arrogance for the boss, refreshing says her stuff. she moved to the united states from the dominican republic for an american dream that was literally almost shot down. gang violence nearly killed -- gang violence killed her teen
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my mom was intensive care for three days. we were at the hospital for almost three months. i became the head of the household. rhondella: that bullet paralyzed her mother, who worked three jobs. the shooting heartbreaking to this day. >> my mom wanted to have a full life. rhondella: she became a community leader, mentor, and management. >> she gave me all of that inspiration to go for what i wanted. hola. it's hard, but it's amazing. rhondella: a single mother, gonzalez has two suns in college. her example and example to others of one thing. >> i share my story with everybody because they do not inc. it is possible. rhondella: and she makes the
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newscenter 5. reid: let's head outside on this sunday night. that is the state house. beautiful shot. 42 degrees in new york. mike, putting christmas lights out on the trees. mike: already. [laughter] mike: you know what, you need the lights. look how dark it is getting already. we keep losing more an sunlight. we are still losing about a minute, 35 seconds every single day. you remember back in october we were losing almost in three minutes a day. we are rapidly approaching our earliest sunset, next week. the between december 6 and december 10, it will be 4:11 in the afternoon. then it is a slow climb up until groundhog day in february, it will be 5:00.
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it and we will get more daylight. a few spots got up to 46. a little bit better than yesterday, but still kind of a gray one as we finish off the day. that is the sunshine, at least a little bit. winds out of the west-northwest at 14. we have the cloud cover moving in and we had a few sprinkles and flurries. you see that winding down. we areot and it has almost dissipated. there is a storm system way up over nova scotia and it has been a bit brisk in the wind department. the sun will be back all day long. this is the way the map looks.
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mid-20's to upper 20's. as the day goes on, plenty of sunshine. you will see clouds from the west. that sets us up for rain on tuesday. i will time that out for you in a second. tomorrow, it is sunshine. chili start. high pressure is in control. tomorrow, ol this is going to drag a lot of mild air up ahead of it. you will see the showers off to the west. it looks like on wednesday we start with gray skies and another chance of rain. a damp week coming our direction. here is what we are expecting.
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there is another one after this. let me break it down for you, the next seven days. about 40 degrees for a high temperature. a chilly start. upper 40's, close to 50. inland, we will see temperatures in the lower 40's. then on tuesday, rain coming in. here is a breakdown of what will happen. also enough cool air in spots, there could be a little ice. this will be isolated and well off to the north and west. then the rain starts moving in here. then i think the rain is coming down. eventually the rain starts to move in an overnight tuesday it ends, which sets us up for a shower on wednesday. that rain will carry into
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closer to the holiday lights celebration, that will be thursday night. after that, sunshine is back. it is breezy, cool, sunny weather. we are about where we are supposed to be this time of year. tomorrow the sunshine will feel really nice. reid: all right, now that leftovers are more than likely gone, many families are picking out the perfect christmas tree. nichole: that's right. doug meehan met with a massachusetts man who's family's been in the christmas tree business for decades. doug: he is ready for olive center's helpers that will be descending on their 10 locations around the state. >> we love it, we look forward to it. doug: and they are prepared -- a seemingly endless amount of tree stand at the ready. just to give you an idea how
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canada. they are already, waste the in them. nearly a dozen trees sold before that thanksgiving turkey even hit the table. >> they come in with the santa hats and the reindeer antlers and they are all excited. it is fun. doug: getting that tree is not fun. he has tips for getting the perfect t >> you want to take the ranch and bend it. if it snaps, stay away. doug: and in just three hours, the step can seal this shot. >> even if you do not want to put it up, you want to edit in the corner of your garage and water. the first day it will so but a time of water, over a gallon. doug: as far as fake or real, is
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tree. doug: to keep christmas real, keep the tree real as well. doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. nichole: it's a process. reid: it is. i was even saying to my wife -- we may be nice to have a big tree that have the lights already on it. nichole: it looks nice. reid: it is, very nice. nichole: a big accomplishment for a boston marathon survivor on a mission to help others. stepping strong foundation, funding local doctors who've
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>> this is exactly what we wanted. reid: nearly four years after gillian reny was seriously injured in the marathon bombings a medical breakthrough has her , family feeling especially thankful this holiday season. that breakthrough made possible by a grant from the family's foundation. nichole: newscenter 5's emily riemer has the story. >> is just a dream come true. emily audrey epstein reny and : her daughter, gillian, are in awe of the incredible advance, announced at brigham and women's earlier this week, redefining the way amputations are done. that breakthrough, funded by an award through their foundation, stepping strong, established after the 2013 marathon bombings. >> we never could have imagined that in just two years that the idea would transform into reality and changing and helping someone else's life.
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his left foot amputated after a devastating rock climbing fall in 2014. he's the first person to successfully undergo a new amputation technique to preserve nerves in his limb, that will connect with this next generation prosthesis developed at mit. audrey, there as the groundbreaking achievement was announced. >> we are cheering for you, we are here for you and it touches , our hearts deeply to know that you are once again stepping strong. : the summer, after they'd both undergone procedures. she calls him an inspiration, and is humbled by the part stepping strong played in his journey. >> i can't even express how meaningful it is because this is exactly what we've been waiting for. >> for me, i that in ten years -- i hope that in ten years we have a million more jims. emily: audrey and jim are in
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long time. as for gillian, she's graduating from college next spring, a milestone they weren't sure would be possible just a few years ago. emily riemer, wcvb newscenter 5. reid: in the wake of dozens of criminal cases being tossed because of compromised evidence 5 investigates looks at police departments statewide. nichole: what they're doing to secure evidence and the integrity of investigations. reid: plus, the deals offered online on black friday have some experts worried about the impact on cyber monday. mike: cool sunshine to start
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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. nichole: right now at 5:30: five people are homeless from this 4-alarm fire in dorchester. flames broke-out in the harlem street home around 12:30 this afternoon. it's believed a faulty power strip is to blame. one firefighter is recovering from a leg injury. reid: personal interest is being questioned in a 35-year-old clinging to life tonight. the surveillance video to graphic to show you the entire incident. nichole: and donald trump sending new tweets criticizing a recount effort in three states. trump quoted illegal and in's concession speech when she said it was time to move on. recounts are likely in wisconsin, michigan, and
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and decent -- mike: it was a breezy day. the sun was out. i went for a walk. it was a great day out there. the breeze does make it feel a little bit chillier. let's show you the current temperatures. most of the day, because of that breeze, it made it feel a little bit cooler. still delightful to see the sunshine. it was so nice to see it earlier in the day. you see how the worked on top of us? we have a few flurries going on. there is that upper deck. eventually the skies will start to clear out to the west. don't worry about those flurries. they are winding down as we speak. so, overnight tonight, the skies are clear. that means chili temperatures. tomorrow morning, we start the day with lots of sunshine. a chilly start, but warming
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the shoreline -- but it will be chili, in the 20's. i will of the timeline for the arrival of rain coming up in just a morning. -- in just a moment. nichole: 5 investigates following up tonight -- more than 100 cases have been tossed so far in the wake of the braintree police department evidence room scandal. now, kathy curran digs into how evidence in criminal cases is handled atic reporter: 5 investigates takes you inside the secure rooms at the chelsea police department where they handle about 11,000 pieces of evidence he year. >> it is one case and it probably has eight or 10 different bags. reporter: they contain the key
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thousands neatly stacked from floor to ceiling. it is evidence that could put dangerous criminals behind bars and set the wrongly accused free. >> it goes to the integrity of the police department. there has to be a constant check and balance. reporter: that is why the proper handling of evidence has been made a priority. >> you need to have the proper individuals in charge of evidence. someone whose integrity is beyond reproach. reporter: recently, cases were dropped after an audit found that evidence was missing. at mean him pd, there's an ongoing investigation into missing money, and there are missing drugs and cash elsewhere.
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investigates to take a hard look at evidence room procedures across the state. we surveyed and collected data to find out if departments are doing regular audits of their evidence. here is what we found. there is no set standard across the state. 23 states have not done audits recently or at all. there are at least 120 audits once a year. >> the evidence room is at the heart of law enforcement. if you want prosecutions, a symbol arrest is not enough. reporter: the district attorney says what happen in braintree has been a wake-up in norfolk county and beyond. >> we had an unfortunate incident in braintree that i hope would not be peter. i'm sure everyone is
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logged electronically, labels, and audited three times the year. cameras monitor every move. >> it has to be computerized access. you know who is going in, who was going out, when they are going in, when they are going out. >> it is just as important as the first responding officer going as fast as they can to a 911 call. reporter: police commander. what is at risk? >> the whole credibility of the justice system is at risk. it has to be a priority. reporter: experts recommend audits annually, at the very least, combined with random outside an independent audits. a complete inventory and audit should be done when there is a change in the evidence officer. kathy curran, 5 investigates. reid: a new hampshire mother
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daughter who overdosed on fentanyl. 17-year-old eve tarney was found dead in a rochester, new hampshire motel room last year. police say tarney's mother, jazzmyn rood and her boyfriend mark ross were with eve in that motel room, gave her the drugs. ross has already been sentenced to 20 years in prison. jazzmyn rood reached a deal with prosecutors and is scheduled to be sentenced on thursday. nichole: checking your economy now -- a big slice of black friday sales, made online instead of in stores. shoppers spent over $3 billion on internet, that's up more than 21% from last year, according to adobe, which tracks online retail transactions. and shoppers used their mobile devices to dial up deals more than ever before, spending from smartphones surged 33% to 1.2 billion in sales. industry watchers say with all that early online shopping, cyber monday may be a bust this that might mean cyber monday may be a bust this -- on tomorrow. still ahead at 5:30, vets helping vets. reid: see how local veterans are
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plus -- >> winters have gotten more
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:30. reid: when veterans return home from war, sometimes the worst scars of the ones you can't see. nichole: newscenter 5's mary saladna shows us how some local veterans are helping each other
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>> there's nothing wrong with asking for help. it takes a stronger person to ask for help. mary: this former marine returned to massachusetts with spinal injuries as well as the invisible wounds of war. he got help with a collaboration between the red sox foundation and mass general hospital, dedicated to helping and healing post-9/11 veterans. home-based program is it is free. it doesn't cost anything, and our week, maybe two hours a week if you come from out of state. mary: they treat veterans and their families for the invisible wounds of war, everything from post-traumatic stress to substance abuse. >> nothing your broken, but if your sleep is off, your attitude is off, maybe you need a tuneup. maybe you need an adjustment.
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get through the program. >> right off the bat, there is that here p --eer --peer connection. >> the treatment works. symptoms can be reduced to the point that folks no longer need the criteria for post-traumatic stress. i can be a totally different life. mary: helping veterans, giving them the tools to truly come home. >> i use the same things to get me to a better place. mary: in boston, i mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. nichole: a break from the cold in the forecast. mike wankum has what you need to know coming up in his forecast. reid: bruins took to the ice
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nichole: over the city of boston. a clear, chilly day. reid: sunshine. checking in with mike on what we can expect in the week ahead. we've got some rain coming, mike? mike: we have, but also mild temperatures. 50's, 60's or high -- for highs. but the month is still running above average. we have a good head start. it looks like the week ahead will be a little more on the
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us the wind chill index of 42 degrees. struggles and flurries. it's fading away. -- struggles and flurries. the clouds will be fading away as well. we have high clouds. beautiful sunshine coming in tomorrow. the winds we have today, a storm system way off to the north. around here, we just have that breeze coming in. not horrible, but it has a bit overnight. to our morning at 6 a.m., this is what is going to greet you. clear sky. downtown, 32 degrees. most of us will have breezy temperatures. tomorrow, lots of sunshine. tomorrow night, we have gray skies moving in and perhaps a chance of showers. we will start to talk about tuesday's forecast. we may get a little of this as early as the morning.
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temperatures -- lawrence checking in at 44 degrees. worcester should have a high temperature of 42 degrees. look at this. tuesday on wednesday, low 50's to around 50 degrees. both days future a lot of gray skies and a chance for rain. the south shore tomorrow, as we look over the next three days, a lot of gray skies. but look at the temperatures. temperatures climbing in the mid-50's. it's even warmer south of the pike the next two days. high temperatures on the cape in the mid 40's. there comes the cloud cover. this is the rain we are talking about.
5:47 pm
night. as far as rainfall totals, half inch of rain will be likely when this whole system goes through. so, enjoy. for your tuesday, about 50. this will be well off to the northwest. we could see mixing before it changes to rain. this is when you will start to see the downpours. wednesday, sunshine in the morning. by afternoon, we have the rain in the forecast and it certainly heavy through the evening hours. that threat of rain. after that, clear skies, sunny. it will be cool. and those of the temperatures we
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i meteorologist mike wankum. -- i am meteorologist mike wankum. >> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloran, powered by xfinity. bob twenty games into the nhl : season, the bruins are perfect when jimmy hayes scores a goal a perfect 1-0. going back fifty games, the bruins are a perfect 3-and-0 when jimmy hayes scores a goal -- the point here is jimmy hayes doesn't score a lot of goals. but he got one today at home against the tampa bay lightning , not as the bruins were just getting started. on the power play david krejci , spots torey krug coming down off the blue line. krug snaps one off and david backes gets the tip-in for his best of the year. now, hayes. >> blue line, scores.
5:49 pm
drought. jimmy hayes with his second goal in 33 games. bob: a drought of biblical proportions. jimmy hayes gets off the proverbial schnide bruins score three times in the second period and that one from david pastrnak in the third bruins up 4-nothing -- 4-1 the final. so, the bruins are now 12-and-10 all 12 wins have come with tuukka rask in goal so, the bruins are 12-and-4 with rask and 0-and-6 without him. rob gronkowski, who missed last week's game with a chest injury, started against the jets, but left with a back injury. yes, he is tough, yet brittle, like the mighty oak tree with termite trouble. that's rob gronkowski. the patriots coming back from a 10-0 deficit, radiating malcolm mitchell with a 40-yard touchdown pass to tie the game, and moments ago, a 54-yard field
5:50 pm
gronk has not returned to the game since late in the first quarter. the the patriots host the l.a. sunday, rams so, let's look at the rams at new orleans. game number 2 for the number one overall pick, rams quarterback jared goff. he didn't have any of these in his debut last week but he had 3 touchdown passes today and two turnovers. it will be interesting to see what belichick has planned for him next week. rams defense struggling against the always creative, daring and talented saints offense. drew brees backward pass to willie sneed and sneed airs it a 50-yard touchdown pass to tim hightower. the rams lose they'll bring a , 49-21. 4-and-7 record to foxboro on the ravens may be a team to sunday. reckon with here they are beating the bengals and taking over first place in the afc north. joe flacco tipper shod perryman. late in the game, cincinnati driving and down by 5 and elvis is in the building. elvis dumervil with the strip
5:51 pm
when. the patriots host them in two weeks. we'll sean mccoy. 75 yards down the field. a would go on to be the jaguars 20 -- 21-20. we what highlights of the patriots game tonight at 11:00 and sports and her 502. that is sports. nichole: all right, thank you, bob. a summer with no rain.
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nichole: when it comes to the weather, there is one question everyone is asking -- how much snow to expect? reid: there is good news and there is bad news. harvey leonard and our winter weather guru, judah cohen break down the winter forecast. >> i think there is an area that gets heavier snow this winter, it will be in the northeast. harvey judah cohen already sees : the signals for severe winter weather. >> it does look like that's going to happen within the next few weeks. harvey he's the director of : seasonal forecasting at atmospheric and environmental research in lexington. these maps he brought, predicting a very challenging winter ahead. >> we're in this strong gradient, this large change between the warm and the cold temperatures. that is suggestive that there's a very active storm track in our area. harvey cohen uses a number of : factors to figure out his forecasts. but the extreme drought we've seen is not one of them. >> i don't think it'll be much of a player during the wintertime. harvey: instead, a big
5:55 pm
during the month of october. >> it was a big, big number, a big year. harvey this map shows the : average snow cover. and here's what it looked like on halloween. that area, the third-largest measured in the last 40 years. here's why that's important. more snow cover means more cold air can build over siberia, creating this dome of cold dense air. >> it's like a dam breaking and that cold air spills out to the lower latitudes and we get these arctic outbreaks. harvey you may remember one of : day. the temperature in boston plunged to minus 9, with a wind chill of minus 36. cohen thinks climate change could be a factor. >> the warm arctic, decreases sea ice, but also makes more moisture available and we get these kind of snow blitzes across siberia. and that's where we get these more severe winter weather episodes, so i think it's all connected. harvey for this winter, cohen's : model is predicting significant snowfall.
5:56 pm
normal. mike: how does that stack up? dr. cohen's prediction is on top. last winter, it was nice, especially compared to two years ago. we had a lot of ice on the roofs. keep an eye over that. nichole: keep an eye out for those 2011-2012 numbers. reid: i don't know if i don't believe them or i just want to. i hope he is wrong. i hope. mike: this week, i don't have snow. i have ring to talk about. showers as we head toward tuesday. and then late afternoon evening hours, that will linger and by
5:57 pm
we ended week with sunshine. reid: still to come, new information in a violent hit and
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>> now on newscenter 5 -- nichole: a major new development in a violent hit and run in brockton. the action police are taking right now. and new details on the victim who's clinging to life. mike: it's cool andez temperature will drop for the morning. and the next round of wet weather on the way. reid: donald trump raising new questions, about the election he won. why he says he should have won the popular vote too. >> from boston from news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. reid: at 6:00, police are questioning a person in a hit-and-run early friday morning brockton. good evening. i'm reid lamberty. nichole: i'm nichole berlie.
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whole thing sergio licona is still hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. our rhondella richardson is live with the ongoing investigation. rhondella: this is a break in the case. police have processed the vehicle and they believe the victim is three small children. police believe this gray jaguar with the damage to the front end is the vehicle in the brockton hit and run. just before this was scene. 1:30 a.m. friday,the victim sergio david licona vallecillo, , the man in the middle with his friends, was critically injured leaving the spot bar and lounge on brockton's north main street stepped into the street and that's when a car appears to barrel right through them at the moment of impact, it is so disturbing, we stopped the video just before impact. state police from the da's -- the april office, -- the da's office processed the jaguar at the brockton police dept saturday and returned it to the owner who was not the driver at the time of the hit and run. the victim is a 25-year-old father of 3 and works at georgio's roastbeef and pizza shop. at impact he flew in the air,


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